Dead grandparents offering a ride from work Both my grandmother and grandfather are no longer alive, but they were offering me a lift to take me home from work, but before I could enter the car I woke up. Dreaming about your deceased grandparents trying to communicate with you, especially if it is a recurring dream, means that you are about to receive surprising news or announcement. The information might bewilder or astonish you. They were offering you a ride from work. This could be a sign of some type of upcoming or present dangerous or threatening situation you could become involved in. It could also symbolize an approaching serious illness or health problem. The offered lift would be your subconscious way of translating your need of protection and help during the unfolding of this menacing situation. If you did not see yourself actually getting near your relatives or getting inside the car, chances are you would be able to successfully avoid or prevent these negative events from happening.
Deceased friend offering food and money My recently departed friend appears in my dream, he visited me bringing two pieces of large bun with meat inside (pau in Chinese) and money. I told him to give the money to her daughter. Can u interpret? Dreaming about being paid a visit by a dead friend is an indication of you focusing all your attention on something that has happened in the past to this person. It could also represent sadness, longing and grief consequent to their departure. By acting or speaking to you, they could be sending you a message, or your unconscious is expressing what it seeks to express. You may have been or might soon experience some minor hardships, professional, economical, or romantic in nature. The visions of food or money being offered by this deceased person in the same dream could represent a reassuring sign that such situation would soon change for better. These circumstances would result in positive outcomes and major improvements because you refused to accept the money offerings, and apparently kept the food. However, you should be careful and watchful. In the dream, you passed the money offerings onto the daughter. This could signify that people from your and this friend’s close family or social circle may soon find themselves in a difficult situation and will need help and support.
Deceased mother quarreling with father I saw my late mum quarreling with my dad. Although you did not specify whether your dad is presently alive or deceased, this dream vision could be indicative of some existing issues related to inheritance, property, items of sentimental value or money left after your mother's passing away. That is, it is possible that material and sentimental possessions have not been given or shared fairly among the family members. It could equally reflect your concerns or even fears that the path or direction in life you have chosen for yourself after her death is not what she actually wanted you to take. The argument with your father could also translate differences in opinions between your mother and your dad to which you have been exposed while she was alive. This would suggest that you might feel divided between accepting one of these conflicting pieces of parental advice or life paths bearing resemblance to those of your parents'. It is important to think for yourself what is it that you want for yourself and for your life, rather than feeling juggled or smashed in-between such disputes and contradictions. This could be an important decision-making moment, and having a clear mind about the direction you, as an independent human being, want to take, is very important. Finally, you could simply have been exposed to arguments that reminded you of those of your parents and this awoke traumatic memories that you may be trying to avoid in your daily life.
Deceased father rising from the coffin and talking My dad just died last march 10 2015, I dream that he was inside a coffin and he sat down and lie down again on his side. as if he is not comfortable, the gets down the coffin. I kept calling my dad, but he just walks towards me and he told me "Gloria in exelsis deo" and he lie back again. This dream reflects your current state of mind when you are being haunted by your father's departure and unable to reconcile the feelings of hurt and sudden loss associated with this event. The notion of him rising from the coffin could also be symbolic of soon to occur visit from a person or people whom you have not had a chance to meet or talk to for a long time. You would be surprised if not astonished by the reasons they need to see you. Another interpretation of this dream, which is especially true if you recently have started dating or seeing someone, is that the person you are trying to establish a lasting relationship with could be hiding something important from you, so you should be careful how you approach and deal with this person. Possible negative outcomes could even involve a potential breakup, so be careful and try to anticipate and prevent future conflicts or disagreements.
Visiting grandfather's burial site, a skeleton and many empty coffins Hello. I need help interpreting a dream I had last night. So I dreamt I went to visit my grandfathers grave in an open sunny field, but for some reason it was above ground (slightly). So I open it (I am with someone?) And there is his skeleton inside. Upon further investigation I realize that his coffin is stacked upon hundreds of empty coffins as far as I could see. Anyone know what this may mean? Dreaming about seeing a skeleton is usually interpreted as upcoming period in life filled with hostility or conflict with someone who is very important to you in your life. These events may come as a surprise because it was a sunny lovely day when you visited your grandfather's grave. Discovering a number of empty coffins underneath is close to dream visions of apocalypses, which usually translate a possibility of unfortunate events or experiences. You might soon experience despair and hopelessness. These feelings would be brought about by the passing away of a loved one, a difficult divorce or separation from someone who is close to you, major life changes, such as relocation, changes in occupation. etc. Nevertheless, there is something about the quiet, luminous and pleasant atmosphere that surrounded your discoveries that may speak of an ability to cope with the difficult times ahead. This atmosphere seems to suggest that these unexpected negative events will not distress you much.
A friend who is now dead Having a dream about a man that I use too talk to, but now he is dead. But we weren't dating or in love just texting buddies but I liked him. The afterlife is beautiful but could also be foreboding depending on how you felt in this particular dream. Quite naturally, you could be feeling haunted by the memories from the time you communicated with this person. Overall, it sounds like a comforting dream, a reassurance that everything is exactly as it should be and as an advice not to worry about your friend or focus on him too much, but to be happy and mindful of the times you had shared together in the past.
Two Asian siblings killing themselves This might sound really weird. I had a dream of two Asian siblings sharing their last meal and using the utensils to kill themselves at the same time. I really have no influence, I'm just watching this happen. I'm really scared. The notion of Asian siblings observed in this dream is symbolic of being exposed to some empty promises or even lies. These deceptions could be related to and aimed at your current plans, professional or otherwise. Someone or some people could have been hampering your efforts to make progress by standing in your way and interfering with your plans and intentions. You seem to be incapable of preventing such interference. You mention that you could not help the siblings and stood there as a witness unable to offer any help. This could reveal your timid or perhaps indecisive nature. This personal trait may be preventing you from accomplishing more in life and fulfilling your dreams, especially when you are faced with serious obstacles and feel frustrated. Overall, this dream suggests that you would be more successful by being in control of, acting upon and managing adverse circumstances occasionally appearing on your life's path.
Receiving multi-colored candy from deceased father I have been dreaming that my father gives me a pack of multi-colored candy in my hand. My father passed away 15 years ago. Receiving food from a now-deceased person is a reflection of your existing or upcoming worries and concerns about your health. You could have just started noticing or have been diagnosed with some conditions which could be threatening your health and well-being. The multi-colored candy in the dream is symbolic of uncertainties you could be having in regards to either causes or potential severity of these issues. This vision therefore advises to seek medical advice and be examined if you indeed began to notice signs of worsening in your physical condition.
Former boyfriend sick and dying and meeting his ex So I had a dream about a person who I was romantically involved with and had developed strong feelings in a short amount of time but things ended very recently mostly because he disappointed me. In this dream, he was very sick and dying, and I found this out by meeting his father. Then I saw his parents crying and praying in a Church and I was debating going to see him or not. I eventually did go to see him and talk to him since he was dying and I remember seeing his ex girlfriend, for whom I have (mutual) feelings of dislike and she was completely indifferent towards him and seemed happy. Dying in dream interpretation is often related to upcoming or ongoing changes and renewal. In the context of this dream vision, it could probably symbolize your shifting views about whom you consider to be worthy of dating and establishing intimate relationships with after a string of unsuccessful of failed attempts to find the perfect date or lover. It could signify your current personal situation when you see opportunities knocking on your door in the form of other men with a good potential to become your intimate partners, at least the way you perceive it to be happening. The appearance of the dying former boyfriend's girlfriend in the same dream does not seem to be coincidental at all, because you perhaps subconsciously compare your romantic experiences, including failures, with those happening to your peers and this comparison serves you as a safety cushion in case something does not work out the way you planned. The proverbial "can happen to anyone" justification in life's "trial and error" cycles.
Deceased daughter coming to life, re-burying her My daughter passed away and I dreamt she was moved for her resting place and I dug her up and she was alive, but I had to keep getting her out of her coffin and then putting her back in and burying her again. She wanted the light on in her coffin when I put her in. I cried and told her that it was ripping my heart out by having to keep putting her in the coffin and I felt much better where she was before and I could visit her, which is untrue as if I could, I would dig her up .. Why did I say the exact opposite of what I am feeling? This dream about seeing your daughter who passed away coming to life and yourself trying to put her back in the coffin reflects your tremendous sense of loss and sadness following her departure and some unresolved issues or unanswered questions you still may have. The symbolic vision of her wanting more light inside the coffin also speaks of some plans or activities you have not had a chance to pursue or finalize together. Therefore, she comes back to you in dreams asking you to do it for her, for both of you really. This is a very powerful vision and you should tend to her plea in order to restore your own peace of mind and find closure.
Deceased wife holding keys I see my deceased wife holding some keys. Dreaming about your now deceased wife holding a bunch of keys is a sign that the personal choices you have been making recently are not what is beneficial for you. You could be struggling with making the right decision at the moment because you have several options and do not know which one to choose. The dream therefore advises to carefully consider your next moves and perhaps seek advice from others in order to avoid being placed in a questionable or unfortunate situation or circumstance.
Deceased mother lying on top and unable to scream I dreamt that my late mother was lying on top of me and I was trying to shout out, but no voice was coming out. I woke up screaming. Both the image of your deceased mother on top of you and being unable to scream are ill omens to see within a dream which could predict the possibility of developing a sickness in the future. Because it was your late mother lying atop you in this vision, it likely indicates a disease or illness that has been inherited from her. This dream may then be a warning to get checked or screened for illnesses she suffered from or may have had. The symbol of not having a voice or being unable to produce sound from your mouth may mean there are no signs or symptoms yet visible. In order to stop the growth or possible negative impact of this problem, prevention is the key.
Ex-boyfriend perceived dead I dreamed my ex, whom I love very dearly who fell out of love with me and I found out is now using heavy drugs, ran into a cabin with a killer. My friend wouldn't let me run in after him. Then my friend came back with his body and said, "this is reality" my ex was dead and blue...with his bottom jaw completely torn off. I was screaming and crying. Dying in dream interpretation is often related to upcoming or ongoing changes and renewal. In the context of this dream vision, it could probably symbolize your shifting views about whom you consider to be worthy of dating and establishing intimate relationships with after a string of unsuccessful of failed attempts to find the perfect date or lover. It could signify your current personal situation when you see opportunities knocking on your door in the form of other men with a good potential to become your intimate partner, at least the way you perceive it to be happening. The image of your ex-boyfriend's bottom jaw being completely torn off could mean that you blame other people's involvement and influence on how things had turned for the worse between you and him and eventually led to the dissociation with him.
Ex-boyfriend's wife dying and he is not upset In the morning today I dreamed that my ex-boyfriend's wife had died and he was in a pain, but was not showing this. But he was crying a little bit.... what does it mean, because I never thought like that about him... I wanna see him happy always... Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend's wife, and particularly envisioning her passing, may indicate feelings of jealousy or envy toward her or your ex's current life. Perhaps you desire to have that lifestyle with him or maybe you just wish for equal happiness and commitment in your own relationships. Seeing him try to hide his pain from you possibly represents a subconscious realization that he is better off now, even if this idea is just in your own mind. Seeing tears may symbolize some feelings of regret either over your prior relationship or over the fact that you cannot make new memories together with him.
Deceased mother giving black beads My late mum walking with me and holding my hand and before she leaves she puts black beads on my right hand. Seeing black beads indicates feelings of loneliness or depression, possibly brought on by some issue you have been battling for awhile. However, dreaming about your lately departed mother is a positive sign which symbolizes experiencing beneficial changes or periods joy and happiness. It may be that your mother is sending you a message that better times are coming. This is further illustrated by the specific placement of the beads in your right hand which predict overcoming difficulties or achieving victory over negative situations. This dream also represents being able to have faith in others, whether they are good friends you have known for a long time or new acquaintances you have just made.
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