Witnessing a girl on the street dying I saw a girl with an umbrella walking down the middle of the street I grew up on in the pouring rain and dying. This dream vision of someone walking in the pouring rain with an umbrella could be a representation of your attempts to suppress or completely remove some bad memory or unpleasant experience, either from distant or recent past. The image of the girl dying, however, is more likely a reflection of your inability to eliminate this aspect from your life, rather than success in doing so. The middle of the street in this same dream is also a sign that you are most likely left to deal with this issue on your own, without any help or advice from others.
Robbing a bank with a dead cousin My cousin is recently dead and I had a dream that we robbed a bank, but she was dead before I got the money from her. Robbing a bank in a dream is often interpreted as your desire to achieve some important goal in real life, usually something you have been working on for quite some time now. Considering your late cousin's appearance in this vision, it seems you may have had some plans together, or you wanted to help her achieve something she otherwise could not. Being unable to get the stolen money from her suggests that whatever you were working on may never be completed now despite your best efforts, meaning abandoning this cause in favor of something more realistic would give you more chances to succeed.
Entire family killed My son was dreaming about someone killing him and all of us, his family. Visions of family death, especially murder, are highly ominous and point to being in a dangerous or life-threatening situation in wake life. This could include a run-in with a dangerous person, such as a drunk driver or burglar, or a habit which has detrimental effects over time, like smoking or drug use. Because it was your son who saw this vision, it could be the manifestation of his fears about such a situation or something his subconscious is picking up about whatever presently preoccupies his mind.
Angry after death was announced on social media My son and his wife were killed in a car accident and I had no idea how to take care of burial and preparations. Then an in-law posts it to Facebook before I had a chance to let others know and I was angry. The imagery involving your family members dying in a car accident is a manifestation of some existing issues or conflicts plaguing your relationship with them. You seem to criticize ob be unhappy about particular aspects of their life, something that they want you to stay out of. You could also be spreading around too much information about them among those who do not really want to know or care about your opinion. You are also subconsciously sensing that your involvement in their matters does not serve you well, so your mind is painting images of physical detachment from them, in this case their departure.
Finding gold coins and someone dying because of that I was walking in a street and it was getting dark and I found a book. When I opened it, it had gold coins that I knew were collectable, I rubbed them in between my fingers and put them in my purse and kept walking. While I still had them in my purse, I found out someone I barely knew had died unexpectedly and it was being said that he may have been killed. I went to his house, saw many people crying and talking about his death. All while I still have the gold coins in my purse. Walking down a street as night draws near in a dream is symbolic of some unfinished business you have left behind. This outstanding task is more than likely something important that you forgot to do or have put off for as long as you possibly could. The result of your procrastination may be devastating and have far-reaching effects on your personal or social life if you do not take measures to make up the work you have missed. This is predicted by the image of the collectable gold coins you had come across, which represent the troubles you may face if you do not finish what you are supposed to get completed.
Being left to die in a combat by a loved one Female. I was enlisted into the army with a loved one who I had a romantic relationship with, but it ended because he hurt me deeply. In combat I was cornered and disarmed. An enemy soldier was attacking me while my loved one stood by watching. I kept pleading with him to help me, that I didn't want to die, but he allowed me to be killed brutally. The details of the dream were very gory. Being drafted into the army with a former flame suggests conflict. You might face confrontations in real life. Engaging in combat is a sign of built up aggression, perhaps you need to control your temper or release it, whichever will help alleviate inner turmoil. The recollection of your loved one being idle while you suffer and die in the dream indicates your yearning for him to take a definitive action. In the dream you want him to save you from death which in real life translates to your need for a closure or a proper explanation that will help you move on and heal. Dreaming of your own death has both positive and negative interpretations. On the one hand, death could mean destructive behavior, illness or growing desire to escape an undesirable situation. On the other hand, death also denotes self-discovery and personal transformation. Both could be true in your case, a resurgence following a devastation.
Lying between two coffins I saw a dream in which I was lying between two coffins. I was lying on a red cloth staring at the coffins. I saw the dream early morning around 6.30am. What does this mean? I am a 26 year old Indian female. The red cloth you lay upon symbolizes the strong emotions that run deep within you. This means you usually have a strong emotional response to unfolding situations though it is usually justified. The two coffins on either side of you could indicate watching others make mistakes while you remain untouched by their lack of success. While this is positive for your life and circumstances, you may feel guilty at achieving greatness while seeing others being less fortunate.
Someone watching a dead body being devoured by maggots In my dream there were maggots eating away at a dead body and there was someone there sitting and watching, or waiting... Seeing maggots eating away the flesh of a corpse represents a subconscious interest in your own body. This could be something as superficial as the fear of hair loss or as relevant as concerns regarding a possible illness. Whatever the case, it may lead to some overthinking on your part which could be detrimental to your everyday activities.
A friend dying and a project delayed as a result Reoccurring dream that had a death announcement of a friend that also involved putting a project on hold in lieu of it? Despite the sadness that such an event would cause in wake life, receiving a death announcement for a friend in a dream vision is actually more commonly associated with success and happiness. The fact that a project was put on hold could indicate putting your priorities in order and only working on tasks that are most important to you or that are most likely to produce the biggest returns on your investment.
A coffin being placed into a hearse and someone's hair on the ground I see a hearse waiting on the coffin to be placed in it. And the driver pulled the hearse up closer to where I was sitting, so that I don't see the men bringing it to the hearse. It wasn't the trunk that was open, but the back door on the left. I also see some hair on the ground that I was thinking belonged to the person in the coffin, when I got up from where I sat under a palm tree, some of the hair was hooking into my high heel shoes. The hearse was black and inside of it had red finish. Seeing a hearse in your dream could be a sign that you are entering a new phase in your life. The hearse represents parts of yourself or your history that you need to put to rest or let go. The hair, presumably belonging to the deceased person, which got caught in your heels indicates a loss of balance and energy. Maybe the aspect of yourself that you want to get rid of is associated with depressive thoughts or negative feelings. It could also refer to your tendency to wear yourself out in your day-to-day activities. You may be yearning for a chance to recharge and regain your inner balance.
A child coffin being carried by people Dream meaning of seeing a coffin of a child being carried by people heading your way. Child-sized coffins are a highly ominous sign associated with oncoming hardship and distress, particularly given that it was being carried towards you. Your efforts to struggle and overcome these challenges are likely to be futile, leading only to more angst and frustration in your future.
A living brother dying and having horse's legs My living brother died. While in his coffin, we noticed that his legs were cut by the funeral service and they changed it into horse's legs without our permission. The death of relatives in dreams portends upcoming altercations or confrontations with a family member. Perhaps your brother has been distant lately or uncommunicative. The cause of this conflict may be the symbolic amputation of his legs replaced with horse's legs. Amputation could mean that you are hiding your weaknesses and keeping secrets from your brother in order to prevent hurting or possibly offending him. This may lead to misunderstandings between you and him. Alternatively, the horse's legs could mean that your brother has gained significant ground in his career or personal life and this is causing his lack of communication with the rest of the family and making him distant. Perhaps you need to strengthen your bond with him to keep him from being alienated from his loved ones.
Receiving advice from Grim Reaper Sitting around a table with Grim Reaper and lost loved ones. The Reaper said "Dreams are a gateway to communicate with the other side". This vision is symbolic of both the troubles you face and how those troubles can be overcome. Sitting face to face with death itself is a highly ominous sign associated with difficulties, particularly health-related ones. It could represent going through a period of time where your diagnosis is unclear or, if it is understood, going through a long, arduous treatment process. The presence of deceased family and friends, however, suggests you are to have support on this journey in the form of love and prayers from those who want the best for you, both living and already gone.
A deceased family member in a coffin A dream of a coffin in my house with my deceased brother-in-law decomposed. The coffin containing the decomposing corpse of your deceased brother-in-law symbolizes certain bad vibes that may be affecting your everyday life. The same vision could also portend the demise of someone you personally know, which could turn out to be rather surprising and unexpected.
A dead dog resurrecting I had a dream my dead dog came back to life. Seeing your cherished pet dog coming back from the dead is a warning. You may often ask for help or assistance with certain issues in your life but forget to thank the people who help you or refuse to reciprocate the favor and lend them a hand when they need it. This could come back to bite you in the rear since being labeled as an ungrateful individual could have long-term ramifications in your life.
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