Father's grave filled with water I saw a dream today. I went to graveyard and I digged the grave of my father just to see him. After digging a bit from feet side I saw the grave is containing water. I cried a lot. I miss my dad. Then my uncle asked my cousin to close the grave back? Digging someone's grave usually means losing money or something that holds sentimental value. In your case, since it is the grave of your father, this signals your own guilt or sense of regret. You are slowly losing your connection to your own father and this makes you feel bad. If he has passed in reality, then perhaps a part of you feels responsible for his demise. It is also possible that you are trying to dig up past issues and refusing to move on. Unfortunately, the water filling up the grave means if you keep dwelling in the past, you would be overwhelmed by sorrow. It is essential for you to make peace with past mistakes and errors because those are only holding you back from building a better and brighter future.
Advising a friend against drowning I dreamed of advising my friend from not killing himself in water. Your vision about advising your friend to not commit suicide alludes to a rough patch or difficult period of time you yourself would go through in the future. In essence, the image of you consulting your friend is the reflection of your subconscious talking to you, encouraging you to keep trying and doing your best even when the future looks bleak. Saving your friend from suicide by drowning further implies serious troubles and reinforces the images seen in the first symbol. It would be wise to seek the help and support from those you can trust soon before things get worse.
Two skulls I see 2 big size skulls (female). The big skulls in your dream vision symbolize significant threats to your life. These are the kinds of threats more harmful to your mental state rather than the physical one. One of these threats point to a person manipulating and coercing you to commit morally reprehensible acts. This person appears charming and intelligent, but the intent is malevolent. The other threat is your own darkness. You have to fight your tendency to succumb to wickedness and misdeed just because you hold a lot of anger and resentment.
Ex unhappy about death My ex was sitting after my death unhappy after my death. Dreaming of your own death is actually a very positive dream symbol because it suggests a long and happy life ahead of you. You are going to enter a period of transition by closing a chapter and entering a new phase in your personal journey. So, what your ex was mourning in the dream is basically the end of this part of your life. This is you making peace with your past, tying loose ends and forging ahead into your future. This upcoming period will be your chance for personal growth and preparing yourself for what is ahead, whether that is starting your own family or moving to somewhere exciting.
Your own gravestone I dreamt I saw my own grave stone. The grave was all by itself as sort of a memorial. Envisioning your own gravestone in a dream could reveal that your enemies in reality are plotting against you or considering ways to make your life difficult. They may be planning to spread certain rumors that would ruin your reputation in order to snatch opportunities away from you or cause you heartache. Because the grave stood alone in this particular vision, it can be interpreted as a sign that you would feel disconnected from others during this time, meaning you would probably experience loneliness, isolation and despair.
Two coffins next to each other I dreamt about 2 coffins standing next to each other, that's all I could remember and I don't usually remember my dreams? The symbolic imagery of coffins in your dream is not necessarily negative. From a spiritual point of view, this vision indicates a rebirth after a difficult period or the next step towards your life path. In a more pragmatic sense, this vision can also mean that you may soon be getting a promotion or your work-related qualities are going to be recognized by your boss. Seeing two coffins positioned next to each other can be a sign of two closely related opportunities waiting for you.
Someone dead from suicide blocking the path I saw in dream a girl is hanging with a rope. She committed suicide. I am very much in fear and think how to avoid her because she is hanging in the middle of my way and I must cross the way. I feel very much painful emotionally for her and can feel the physical pain also she had experienced. Witnessing the suicide of another in the dream realm is an ominous symbol to behold. It suggests you would soon be involved in a terrible, horrible incident in reality. While you may like to think that your participation was an accident or at least not voluntary, this image portends your direct and cognizant understanding of what you are doing. The symbol of hanging in particular reveals a lot about the nature of this situation. It means there is a large amount of stress or pressure on someone else in reality. Perhaps you did not consider the weight of your actions, and someone you know is suffering because you are asking a lot of them or putting them in a difficult situation. It would be wise to consider how your actions affect others and try to treat others as you would like to be treated.
A family member resurrecting from death I am male. I dreamt I was about to bury a male in my family that I did not recognize the face, but he is older, and then suddenly he woke up from the grave as a young boy. Seeing someone resurrecting in your dream, regardless if it is your relative or just some random person, means that you are about to go through some surprising or extraordinary events or circumstances. The notion of the person being young could mean you have been waiting for this to occur or this is going to be some completely new and never experienced events you will be subjected to. On the cautionary note, this dream does not necessarily portends wealth, good fortune or luck, so be careful how you react to what is to come.
A dog and people having euthanasia I dreamed I saw a brown bear close to the house. I ran inside and locked the door. The brown bear ran to the house and tried to open the door, but it was locked. Then I dreamed, my son's dog was at vet's and was having euthanasia, but lived through it. I helped it escape outside, where it ran off, I don't think I was suppose to help it. There were 2 people that were near death, but pulled through, like they were having euthanasia too. I was happy for them, some family members not so happy. The brown bear close to your house that you escaped from may refer to an unusual romantic encounter in wake life. In many cases, this alludes to sexual experiences in places other than the bedroom, like an elevator or an airplane, however, it is sometimes associated with meeting a potential romantic partner somewhere unexpected, such as the grocery store or while waiting to meet someone else. Releasing the dog from the vet could mean your family members would initially turn away from you due to this development. This would also be supported by the other two individuals who survived in the dream and your family's reaction. Perhaps you would need to explain your feelings carefully so that others can understand where you are coming from and why you would want to pursue this connection.
A deceased person dying again I'm a female, I had a dream that my friend's child's father (already passed away due to a motorcycle accident 2 years ago) was dying again in a dream and told me to give his 3-year old daughter a piece of red clothing of his. Seeing a dead person in a dream depicts a persistent problem that requires your attention. Perhaps this person left some loose ends and your friend is now saddled with this problem. Red clothing refers to money or personal wealth. Your friend and her daughter could be having financial difficulties and she would need to borrow some money from you. It is also possible that they stand to inherit something valuable from the deceased father but they just do not know the value of this item.
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