Deceased grandmother trying to protect family members from fire My grandmother died recently and her brother had a dream that him and all his other sisters were surrounded by fire and my dead grandmother was trying to put it out and telling them all to stay away to avoid burning themselves. Dreaming of someone who has recently departed this life is often interpreted as a sign that that person is trying to communicate with you for some reason. The first image in this dream is a fire, a symbol which can have both a positive or a negative meaning depending on the circumstances. Because of your grandmother's insistence to stay away from the fire in the dream, it seems to point to a negative meaning. Therefore, your grandmother may be warning you to be more careful and cautious. It would be wise to be on the look out for danger, especially in regard to potential household accidents.
Deceased father at the unlocked house I was surprised when I found the house that used to belong to my parents not locked and the key was hanging. When I locked it, my father who passed on in April 2015 jumped and asked what is wrong. I was so happy to see he is still alive. When I tried to hug him he disappeared. Envisioning your recently deceased father in a dream predicts suddenly receiving unexpected news. This situation is made clearer by his confusion, which indicates that whatever you learn or hear is extremely unusual or coincidental. Seeing your father then vanish into thin air indicates forgetting to do something important, though it may or may not be related to the information you receive.
A deceased child not wanting to be dead I saw a child in a white coffin whose dead body was brought to my home by a boy who is my classmate. He kept that body just in front of me. Suddenly the dead child hold my hand and said "I don't want to go" and I replied to that child in anger that you have to. Seeing a child who has passed away, particularly one in a coffin, indicates a child close to you becoming seriously ill or getting in an accident in the near future. The image of the child suddenly waking up and wanting to stay with you may represent recent situations in which you have blown off or avoided hanging out with people close to you, especially family members and relatives who you have spent a lot of time with in the past. The anger you feel may reflect current feelings of wanting to be free of familial obligations. However, this dream seems to be a warning that ignoring your past in favor of your present is likely to cause feelings of regret in the future, particularly if some tragedy occurs.
Smelling perfume on mother's grave I dreamt of smelling odd perfume on my mother's grave who passed away about a year ago. Dreaming about smelling perfume means that your life has recently undergone some significant changes or personal transformations. Based on the context of this dream, this happened because of your mother's passing. Your subconscious mind is reflecting the image of her burial site because you perceive this place and this event as a turning point in your life.
Deceased friend wanting to have a family together I am so needing advice right now. I lost a dear friend in a car accident recently and cannot get past how guilty I feel and have been an emotional wreck. 13 years ago he said he loved me and he truly did, but I did not feel the same way. We last spoke in 2012 and he was happy with his life and had moved on. Why do I feel like I am being punished... When he passed, a gust of wind came from nowhere, it was a sign. I have dreamt of him 3 times, and the last one has upset me... He came and picked me and my children up and moved me to live with his mother, I felt so uncomfortable.. Please help me I am confused. Unfortunately, we do not provide spiritual guidance or psychic advice, but having a recurring dream where you envision this person wanting to live with you, but you felt uncomfortable with this idea, is a sign that you are hesitant if not fearful to have new encounters of romantic nature in your life for the fear that this new person could inadvertently or intentionally negatively affect your life or change its course for the worse. These feelings are most likely the result of the unfortunate events you are describing, so subconsciously you want to prevent them from happening again.
Recently deceased grandmother attacking My deceased grandma who recently passed, we just buried her five days ago and I dreamt she jumped on me aggressively and every time I got away she would jump on me again. This vision can have two meanings depending on your relationship with your grandmother. If you had a close, loving relationship with her, this vision suggests that she is trying to send you a very strong message. This message is likely related to some goal you have been pursuing. She has seen the outcome and is trying to prevent you from reaching it because the end result is likely not what you expect it will be. She is trying to protect you from disappointment. On the other hand, if you were not close or if you did not see her before she passed away, it may represent some subconscious guilt on your part for not taking care of her and spending time with her while she was still alive.
In a car crash with deceased grandmother I was with my grandmother in a car. I was driving and we crashed into a river. I remember saying "I love you" to her as we were about to hit the water. My grandmother has passed away. The symbolic vision of losing control of the car and driving into a river with your deceased grandmother could be a subconscious representation of a problem or issue you have been facing lately inside your family. You could be struggling to resolve it, but unsure which direction you need to take. Not being helped or saved by anyone in the dream could be suggestive of being left alone while trying to take steps needed to improve the situation affecting your life. Perhaps you are even looking for some external help or advice, as the image of your deceased grandmother implies.
Taking a relative to the hospital, but unable to save him I had a dream whereby my uncle (who is dead) was with us talking. After talking he left to go and bathe when he went to take a bath he wanted to look at something over the wall and his hand got cut from his body. I and my mom rushed him to the hospital, the first hospital couldn't take him, so we had to take him to the second one. We waited for several minutes, no taxi showed up. Finally I left to go. I got to my friends' place and my mom called and said he has passed away. I went home and it turned into an argument between his children and his siblings for not showing up. Dreams containing images of injured hand or hands signify existing or upcoming misunderstandings and arguments. There could be an altercation with someone close to you, particularly someone you are dating or a spouse. The result of this misunderstanding could begin with a small quarrel, but might result in break-up, separation or even divorce with this significant other. Loss of a hand could also be a sign of being taken advantage of or being double-crossed by someone you deal with on a regular basis. Re-living the death of an already deceased relative in a dream serves as a subconscious warning to be careful about your actions or behavior, which may provoke even more disastrous outcomes. This prediction is also supported by the last scenes of your relatives arguing within the dream you had.
A deceased relative dying again I watched a close already deceased family member die. Re-living the death of an already deceased relative in a dream serves as a subconscious warning to be careful about your actions or behavior towards other people, for they may provoke or serve as a catalyst to some unfavorable, if not disastrous outcomes. This prediction is magnified if the deceased person dying in this dream was perceived to be dying because of an accident or unnatural causes.
A dead person cleaning a fish tank A person who has already died, but in dream she is alive and jumping in a water tank to make it clean. Cleaning a fish or water tank in a dream vision suggests you are about to fall under the spell of some romantic partner. This person is likely to greatly influence you, but in a negative way. Your other relationships, such as with your family and friends, may suffer because of your involvement with this person. Seeing someone who has already died come back to life is a warning which means you should think very carefully about the decisions you make and rely on your past experience and knowledge to make a good decision. Acting wisely could help you to avoid becoming the puppet in this relationship and save your connection with those you love.
A deceased relative with an unborn baby Dead relative holding unborn baby. A dead relative in a dream vision suggests you have recently been stressing out over situations in your daily life, such as traffic, bills, or work. These little things are beginning to add up, making you feel exhausted and possibly at wits' end. This is further supported by the image of the unborn baby which indicates that your relationships are either the cause or a contributing factor to your sadness. Specifically, an unborn child points toward a significant other, partner, or spouse who is causing a disturbance within your life. You may need to take a step back and communicate what is really wrong with this person or take some time to rest and relax by yourself to relieve the fatigue.
Deceased people sharing food among themselves I dreamt for the first time of a deceased friend of my late father presenting 3 packets of pastry balls filled with meat inside, but some of the balls were burnt, to my late mother. It involved the delivery to our old childhood apartment address which is no longer in existence and has always been at the same address. Seeing someone you know who has already passed predicts receiving some unexpected, exciting news in the near future. Because this person is connected to your late parents, it may be related to some changes that are occurring in your life at the moment, be it a new job, a new city, or a new relationship. The food presented to you suggests that this is a positive change that could, if fully explored, greatly expand your opportunities in the future. The image of your previous home, however, indicates you might be comfortable where you are and may be unwilling to try something different. You should consider if the risk of change is worth the possible benefits of starting new and, if it is, make the best of this situation.
Someone attacking already deceased dad I dream about my deceased father, in the dream someone was trying to break his neck, and they did and all I did was hugged him. Dreaming about your deceased father indicates there is some unfinished task that the two of you started when he was alive. This dream begins as a reminder of this project or goal that has yet to be accomplished, suggesting either your father or your subconscious perception wish for it to be fulfilled. Additionally, seeing someone break his neck but not doing anything to intervene might represent some ambivalence on your part to this task. Perhaps it was something that he was more interested in than you. In this case, finishing the job could lead to some deeper understanding of his feelings and possibly give you some closure or peace of mind about the situation.
A dead woman coming to assault I am a female. A man told me he dreamed that a dead woman came to my house and gave me some beating and I was screaming out to him "You don't see the woman beating me up?" Dreaming of being visited by dead people, as envisioned in a dream by someone else, means that this person is preoccupied with worries in regards to you forgetting about their issues, helping them solve some problems or simply reaching out to them when they need you. It could be trivial and unimportant to you, but this man seems to think you could be giving much more than you presently do as far as your mutual relationship is concerned.
Deceased grandfather and surrounding nature My dream consisted of my deceased grandfather clearing off some land that I am in the process of purchasing. Then on the hill there was a tree where his white pickup truck was sitting and water began to flow from the tree... A soothing steady flow. It was so peaceful but confusing because he is deceased for many years and I haven't even closed on the land yet. Seeing your grandfather who passed away in a dream vision should be seen as a comforting sign which represents always having a safe, comforting place to return to even in the midst of a stressful situation. This may be directly related to the land you are trying to purchase, especially if you have had troubles with financing or other types of approval. This is further supported by the symbol of soothing water flowing forth from the tree, which suggests you are about to receive some long-awaited happy news.
Living a normal life with deceased fiance In my dreams, my deceased fiance and I are together as normal. We never discuss her passing, we are still working together, living everyday life, talking, joking, solving problems, it's like we're in a different place, but nothing has changed, I love it and sometimes wish I wouldn't wake up. Seeing your deceased fiance in a vision is a positive sign predicting you are soon to receive some pleasant, uplifting news. Because you were envisioning your life as being somewhat different (in a new place or trying new things), it suggests you may receive an opportunity that brings about a fresh start, such as a new job or a transfer to a different city. This could be a chance to grow and allow yourself some time and space to heal.
Driving with deceased family members I was driving with my late mother, late brother-in-law and late friend (all Scorpios). My late brother-in-law was driving very recklessly. I cannot remember the details of my dream, but it was just odd that I am the only one still alive and that we were all Scorpios. Driving together with specific people is often a sign that you are about to go through some event involving or concerning these people. Because they have all passed away, it seems that their influence, possibly a common personality trait given your shared horoscope sign, could affect your reaction to a life event you are about to experience. While there is no indication of this reaction being either positive or negative, it might be a good idea to assess your feelings before acting hastily in regards to any surprising or unexpected news.
Reuniting with deceased husband in a winter park In my dream I was was outside, it was cold, but the sun was shining so bright. I was just walking it what looked to be a park, but there was snow everywhere and I saw one couple there. I walked up behind a person, he had a RED shirt on. He turned around and it was my late husband. I immediately grab him and hold him close, we both held on so tight. I could feel him hugging me back! We began to cry and I woke up. What does this mean? Dreaming about a snow-covered scene on a bright, sunny day is indicative of an upcoming social gathering which you are either expected to host or attend. You may be unwilling to do so, most likely because of unresolved feelings or the lingering sadness of your late husband's passing. Seeing your husband in this vision may also indicate that your behavior at social functions may need to be examined more closely, depending on whom you are dealing with. This is supported by the red color of his shirt which indicates you tend to act on your emotions rather than taking time to consider the most logical course of action. Taking a few minutes to compose yourself may help you avoid saying or doing something you may later regret.
Deceased grandmother prophesying pregnancy My deceased grandmother, but I'm not sure which one because I don't remember her face, hugged me from the back and put her hands on my stomach and told me I was pregnant. I didn't want anyone to know, so after she told me, I closed the door to where everyone was. While it is unclear whether you are pregnant in real life or not, dreaming about being pregnant suggests an unhappy relationship with your boyfriend, husband, or significant other. This is also supported by the image of the closed door, which indicates a number of challenging or exhausting situations being present in your life. However, feeling the embrace of your departed grandmother is a sign that you always have a safe place to return to, whether that is your birth home, a friend's apartment, or a special place that only you know.
Deceased grandfather appearing as another living person My grandfather passed away a little over a year ago and I have had 3 dreams prior to this one with him in it. I had a dream where my father and grandmother (his wife) were sitting next to me at a restaurant. There was a huge line for the restroom and in this line was an older man. He turned around and smirked at me and it was a grandfather. After that I desperately tried to show my dad and grandma, but he turned away quick. After they looked away he would face me and start laughing. This went on for a while until I woke up. This vision represents being toyed with in wake life, just as the man in your dream is taunting you while your father and grandmother are not looking. You may not know who exactly is pulling the strings, but someone is messing with your life and trying to make you upset by getting in your way or ruining things that are important to you. However, the image of your grandmother specifically points toward having a safe place to go when all else seems lost. It may be wise to spend some time there to recuperate and figure out how to deal with your troubles.
Deceased mother appearing in other people's dreams Mom died two months ago. Two people who knew her called me and told me they dreamed they were driving in a car with her and she as younger and laughing and joyful. Both dreamed about mom within one week of one another - essentially the same dream. One dream they were driving to get me, in the other I was driving but mom said "Step on it". When these people dreamed about driving together with you and your deceased mother, it is indicative that you are about to go through some event involving or concerning these people. Because the central figure in these visions was your mother who recently passed away, it seems that there is great deal of her influence, even though she is no longer around, leading up to this important life event you are about to experience. While there is no indication of this circumstance being positive or negative, it might be a good idea to be careful about your choices or decisions you make to avoid acting hastily in regards to any surprising or unexpected news. This is especially relevant, considering they envisioned your mother doing the same in one of their dreams.
A deceased friend bleeding heavily Hanging out with an old friend who have been dead for years. My friend walked through a door and when he got outside in front of the door it seemed like he coughed and staggered, then blood came out of him through his mouth and maybe nose. Dark rich clotty-looking blood. It was all over the door and everywhere. I saw from a glass window from inside. It scared me. I woke up. Loss of blood in a dream vision, even under these strange circumstances, is most commonly associated with the loss of money or material assets in wake life. However, because you were watching this take place from behind a window, it is more likely that you are going to be a witness to the financial downfall of someone close to you, as represented in the form of your departed friend. This vision gives no indication whether you can or should help, but you may want to exercise caution in your own financial decisions before getting involved in anyone else's problems.
Murdered son appearing in his younger years My son was murdered in a hotel, shot in the head, passed away there days later, still unsolved, all my dreams of him are good ones from when he was younger up till he became 30. Apart from the memories and recollections in your dreams you have been experiencing as a result of this tremendous loss, which your subconsciousness is projecting onto you while you dream to compensate the grief and lack of closure, the positive aspects of these dreams could be pointing to the uncertainty you may have in regards to his untimely departure. You could be blaming yourself for not giving enough attention and care when he was younger, or you may think that some aspects of the relationship between you and him have led to him taking unnecessary risks and becoming susceptible to danger. The positive recollections from the past in this case are your deepest regrets that somehow you could have prevented this tragedy from happening.
Deceased father by the fire in a field I had a dream of my father who died when I was six. In my dream we were in an open field. My father was sitting in front of the fire. In my dream he said "The great spirit in the sky walks with you". I was unable to speak. The thing is, my father looked exactly like me right now. I woke up in a cold sweat. Seeing your deceased father in your dreams suggests there is some unfinished business you have yet to complete, likely related to his life or passing. Because you were so young at the time of his death, you may not have been fully aware of the situation at the time, but now that you are older, it seems his spirit may be returning to you to remind you of this time. The connection is made stronger by the fact that your face and his face shared a striking resemblance, even though that may not be the case in real life. This means that you may be seeing aspects of him in yourself or that others are recognizing the similarities between you and your father more and more prompting you to act on his behalf.
Deceased grandmother washing a car My deceased grandmother was washing a black car in my dreams, but the black car was mine. Having a black car in your possession can be interpreted as a sign that misfortune could be headed your way in the near future. However, the fact that your deceased grandmother was washing it could indicate finding a proper resolution to the situation, as dreaming about your deceased grandmother is often considered a good portent, a sign that there is a safe place for you amidst all the difficulties that you may face in life.
Being in purgatory and meeting with a deceased uncle I had a dream that I was in a purgatory (like the film), then right In the middle of everything my uncle appeared (my uncle passed away about 3 years ago). He was hugging me really tight and it felt so real then he just went again and the purge carried on. Exchanging hugs with a deceased relative is not a very positive vision in terms of dream symbolism. Together with the rest of the imagery present in this dream, it could be a warning about an upcoming illness or deteriorating emotional well-being which may require a considerable amount of time to deal with and get through. Most likely, these circumstances could be attributed to being rejected by someone or some people, undermined self-esteem or anticipated breakup with someone special in your waking life.
Deceased boyfriend going to the cemetery with a candle I dreamed of my beloved boyfriend who recently died because of a cardiac arrest. He was riding a bike talking to me. I ask him why is he carrying a black candle? He said he is going to the cemetery to light them. I ask him why is he not going to the cemetery recently. He said no, just for today, he is going to the cemetery later. Talking with a loved one who has recently passed away in your dreams could point to a subconscious feeling of depression in your everyday life. Your behavior while interacting with other people might be a good indicator of this inner state. The black candle in the dream further symbolizes how the loss of someone close to you is affecting your waking life, even if you yourself haven't noticed it yet. In this case, you shouldn't be afraid to open up to friends or family about what you are really going through.
Deceased aunt helping to get ready for a wedding I had a dream, my aunt who passed away almost 2 years ago, was there in a white shirt, helping me get ready for my wedding day. I am not engaged or getting married anytime soon, but she was there clear as could be, helping me do my hair. Interacting with a relative who has passed away is usually a warning to use wisdom and be logical when making an important choice regarding the goals you are trying to achieve at the moment. Coincidentally, dreaming of your own wedding portends a situation arising in the near future that could force you to make a life-altering decision, one that could have long-term ramifications. Heed what the dream is trying to tell you and be sure that you know how to handle what is to happen, have all the information analyzed in detail before committing to making an important choice.
Being told of owing money by deceased relatives I saw my late father in a dream advising to ensure that I pay all the money owed to my aunt (also dead), because she is complaining. In the dream I agreed to pay my late aunt, but in real life I do not remember owing her any money before she died. What does this mean? Interestingly enough, seeing your departed father in a dream vision is often associated with unfinished business. In this case, he is even telling you what you need to do though it may not be exactly what it seems on the surface. Borrowing money symbolically represents the expectations and hopes others have for you, so while you may not owe your aunt cash, there might be a project or goal she hoped you would work on that would fulfill her expectations.
Deceased husband having an outside affair My dream was about my late husband married to my cousin's fiance, we were still married but in a dream he had disappeared for days and I found a ring in his jeans pocket. That's when I discovered he had a secret affair, but was still trying to hide it from me. Seeing your deceased husband having an affair symbolizes poor social behavior on your part as well as unfulfilled desires or goals that you have yet to achieve. Coming across a ring is symbolic of an unending circle, a circle of events and problems which may still be remaining unsolved or taken care of. You might need to take a step back and see if you are making people around you uncomfortable with your behavior. Re-examine the ways you go around in trying to accomplish your goals.
A deceased grandfather becoming alive again I dreamed about my grandfather who died on New Year's Eve. It was his 70th death day when I dreamed about this. I dreamed that he was on a couch, wearing a white shirt, he was lying and he was already dead, but after a few seconds, he became alive and I told my grandma that he was alive. Then, we go to a church with him and one of my relatives called us, but we ignored her. What does my dream mean sir/ma'am? Dreaming of a dead relative is typically a sign of coping with loss. These kinds of dreams usually appear during significant events that remind you of them. Alternatively, seeing a dead relative alive and well in your dream could mean that you are going through something important in your life and you need their wisdom in handling your issues. Going to church signifies your need for spiritual guidance from someone of higher power or who has significant influence in your life, such as your grandparents. Ignoring a relative on your way out of the church implies blocking out unnecessary noise or advice which could be impeding your decision-making process.
Having sex with a deceased coworker I keep dreaming that I have sex with a co-worker who died suddenly two years ago. In the dream he is happy and bubbly like always. To dream of engaging in sex with a long-deceased person, or someone who died a while back, symbolizes your nostalgic desire to go back to simpler times. You recognize that lives are ephemeral and perhaps that person represented an epoch in your life when it was much less complicated and carefree. It could be that something triggered a memory of that person, hence his manifestation in the dream. Either way, the vision brought up a remembrance of the past to recall fond memories as well as to glean lessons you can apply in your current existence.
Deceased parent giving advice My deceased father is telling my mother to give someone a white candle. Dreaming of deceased relatives can mean one of two things, either you are missing them or you require lessons and guidance from them. The white candle in your dream pertains to legal matters. Your family could get involved in a court case or some legal proceedings. The notion of your deceased father being the one advising your mother to give someone the candle, can be interpreted as filing a case against someone perhaps to find peace and justice.
Driving together with late mother and feeling sad I met up with my mother and father somewhere. I can't exactly remember. My deceased mother and I were driving and I can't help but remember distinctively that in my mind I knew she was no longer alive and I was crying, also thinking that I was with her spirit and that no one else could see her. A deceased parent that appears in dreams reflects feelings of nostalgia or coping with loss. If your mother has long passed, then it means you may be undergoing certain difficulties or issues and you are seeking her guidance on navigating your problems. Her manifestation in your dream vision also serves to comfort you during trying times, as well as a way to keep her memory alive. While you are yearning for her sage advice, you are actually channeling a part of your mind that has absorbed lessons and wisdom from her and from this chunk of collected information you will find your answer.
Two dead people chasing at night Two dead people my age, both missing one arm and one leg, but opposite were raising out of a creek in the night and tried to run after me, but I didn't run. I just got extremely mad and both of them got in my face and I woke up. Seeing dead peers or people who are close to your age in your dream is an indication of being disrespected or ridiculed by people around you, and their behavior could soon produce a negative effect on your self-esteem and cause you to have a poor perception of yourself. Considering the fact that their limbs were missing, it could also indicate that there are some weak sides or deficiencies these people can sense in the way you act or present yourself to others, which gives them an "upper hand" to be able to manipulate and possibly take advantage of you.
Deceased mother urinating on the face I dreamed that I was lying down at the foot of the bed, my mom who's dead urinated on my hair face and neck. I was shocked, upset and furious. This vision has two opposing symbols which disagree with each other in their interpretation. Seeing your deceased mother is often thought to indicate times of happiness and prosperity. However, envisioning being urinated on by her in the same dream can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to get into a major fight with someone close to you over something really small and insignificant. It seems that this vision is warning you that your upcoming happiness may not make others around you as happy and approving, particularly if they are your rivals or friends who tend to doubt your integrity or abilities.
Late father, white pigeons and women dressed in black I dreamt my late father was in the bedroom and there were three white pigeons on the wardrobe in the box and I am begging my late father to go out of the room and he refused to go out. And I dreamt about 3 women dressed in black and gold saris. Dreaming of your deceased father indicates feelings of longing. You may have been reminded of him in waking life, hence he manifested in your dream. You may also be receiving some news or gossip, as messengers often appear as pigeons in dreams. Pigeons likewise represent a yearning to come home. As such, you could be calling out to your dead father to return out of a need for guidance or his words of wisdom. Three is also a significant symbol because it is associated with signs that come in threes: the Trinity; past, present, and future; father, mother, and child; mind, body, and soul, among others. Find out whether there is a personal significance for the number three in your life. You may be looking to fill a void in your existence or something that will complete you or give you a sense of fulfillment.
Deceased mother visiting and not wanting to let go of her My late mom visited me in my dream. Just for a few seconds. I was a kid playing on the floor and she came from behind and she leaned over and surprised me, I lifted my head up and saw her upside down and she kissed and hugged me and I said "Mom" in surprise and held on to her and told her not to let go of me and I held on tighter and she said "Gracias", and I didn't want to wake up, but I did. Coping with the loss of a loved one often manifests itself in dreams once in a while. Sometimes events in the waking life trigger memories of a deceased relative. On the other hand, you may also be seeking the guidance of your mother regarding an existing problem or concern. This dream is very much rooted in an idealized past. Perhaps your present is not up to par with your expectations, hence your subconscious is summoning scenes of comfort and contentment. Instead of dwelling on things that have come and gone, try to pick up lessons from your previous experiences instead. Gather up the courage to accept whatever happened, so you can begin to let go and move forward.
A deceased relative in a chair and crying My friend dreams about her dead relative whom she is working with. That dead one is crying and sitting in the chair where he last sat in the house of the person who was sponsoring her visa. Dead relatives in your friend's dream could point to messages that are linked to these people who have passed. Dreams like this one suggest recalling the wisdom she may have gained from that deceased person. Your friend could be in need of some good advice regarding something the person may have also experienced while he was alive. These lessons and bits of advice could be instrumental in her current pursuits. The vision of the dead relative crying could also mean that he could be disappointed with your friend's decisions in life or disapproves of her behavior or lifestyle. The kind of relationship he had with the dreamer will spell out the specifics of the dream's message.
A deceased classmate appearing at church My classmate who is deceased was in my dream and sat down in church. In my dream I got frightened and then when I looked up, she was sitting next to me. I got frightened once again, then I woke up. Seeing a deceased person in a dream signifies important news or announcements coming your way, whatever the message this person tries to convey to you, it should be considered true and relevant. The church in the dream pertains to your need for guidance and spiritual enlightenment. Are there aspects of your dead classmate's personality which stand out? Or maybe there is a lesson to be learned following her death. No matter what the case may be, this individual could hold the answer to whatever you may be going through.
Being visited by a deceased parent and long-gone pets Hello, my dream was about my three deceased pets who have been dead for 15yrs, and my mom who is bedridden was in my dream, my three fur babies came to visit, but only one greeted me with joy and happiness, while the other just ran to my mom's bed, and the youngest just sat down and stared at me. Suddenly I realized that I didn't have much time with them and this made me so sad, that I woke up crying. What does this mean? Thank you. Dreaming about the furry members of your family who have already passed away is likely the manifestation of some memory or recollection you were recently reminded of, and whether it was subconscious or not is not important. You may have seen a picture from your past, or saw a similar looking pet when out and about, which could have sparked this memory within you. The presence of your mother and the fact that your three pets divided evenly between you could suggest a balance in your relationships, particularly among family members.
In a house with deceased folks and noticing it is rotten I dreamed that I was with my deceased parents in our old home and it was fine on the outside, but was rotting on the inside. Dreams about deceased relatives reflect grief and longing. You could be missing your parents or seeking their guidance during a crucial period. Perhaps you are still grieving their death which is why they manifested in the dream world. The juxtaposition of the solid exterior and the crumbling interior represents your emotional state. Outwardly you may putting on a brave face whilst inside you are breaking down. This may be your subconscious showing you the effect of your parents departure to your well-being, whether you are aware of it or not. This vision shows that acceptance is crucial in the process of moving forward during difficult times.
Calling on dead parents and feeling uncomfortable I was 13 when my mom passed away. I am now 47. I can still see and picture my mom in her casket. I would like to know why this is going on with me. I have been seeing and picturing this for some years now. I would say close to 7 years now and this is the 1st time I have spoken about it. I also some times would catch myself when I am in my pool and look to the heavens and say "Mom, daddy, can you hear me? Can you see me??". I don't want to tell my family and friends about this because they may think I have flipped... Recurring dreams speak of unresolved issues. To see dead relatives in a dream usually alludes to grief and longing. However, in your case, since your mother's passing already occurred in the distant past, perhaps there are triggers in the waking world which bring up memories of the past. The image of her deceased self in the casket could represent her lingering influence in your decisions and personal beliefs. Perhaps you are latching on to the lessons you have learned while she was alive. Could you be following her footsteps? Or are you committing the same mistakes she has made in the past? These are some of the questions you may have to answer for yourself to understand this recurring aspect of your dreams.
Interacting with the deceased family members A brother of mine recently passed. Another brother who passed long ago was seen holding a baby and smiling while our dead parents looked on. Then he said that our father who had recently passed found the fish pot now. You, meaning me, need to go and find the thread bag. What could this mean? When I was younger, I repeatedly saw my grandfather showing me where to go look and dig for a fortune on land he left for my dad. His wife, my grandmother, loved me very very much. Seeing a brother who has passed away in a dream vision is indicative of troubles or disturbances occurring in wake life. These are completely outside of your control, although if you could find your way through this challenge, you may be all the better for it. This can be seen in the image of the baby your brother was holding and in the presence of your parents, symbols which suggest a need to search for a path that leads out of this predicament and a need to go to others for help in your time of hardship. The bag of threads, then, could be the manifestation of upcoming opportunities that could appear when you are in the clear.
Offering a pack of cigarettes to mother who died of cancer My mom died 7 months ago of lung cancer. So I had this dream that she came back to us and I gave her a pack of cigarettes, she looked okay and wanted the cigarettes that I gave her. P.S. I am sick with flu signs at the moment, but I was worried that it could be something worse. So after stressing about it a lot, I had this dream. Offering cigarettes to your deceased mother in a dream suggests passing on your burden to her. Perhaps you have been stressed out and exhausted, aggravated by grief, and you just want a break to rest and recover. If, however, you are a smoker, then the dream could allude to your dependence on cigarettes. On the other hand, this could just be a projection of your apprehension due to your current health condition. You may need to focus on getting better and healthier to avoid anxiety-ridden dream visions.
Meeting with long-gone ancestors from the past I was lost in a fog, yet it wasn't dark outside. It was very bright and the fog was dense, it was the brightest white that I had ever seen. When the fog cleared, a man approached me, he was my great uncle who had died during world war two on Iwo Jima. Yet he was only 18-20 years old. He was wearing his marine uniform. He asked me if I knew who he was, when I responded that I did know who he was, he hugged me and his father appeared out of nowhere, but I never saw his face. Fogs and other heavy mists are usually associated with troubling times and difficulties in your future. This is most likely related to a plan you have recently formed, as brightness could suggest success in business or investment. Together, these mean that you are probably destined to do well in these areas, but there are obstacles in your way, such as tedious paperwork or red tape. However, the image of your deceased great uncle coming to talk with you means you may receive help from the most unexpected places, such as relatives you have fallen out of touch with or a long lost friend.
Deceased father wanting his things back My father that passed away left me money and his car, in my dream he said he wants his things back and then turned his back on me. I never had a relationship with him, and did not see him until after he passed away. Visions of your deceased father, whether you had a close connection with him or not, are symbolic of tasks left unfinished or questions left unanswered, most likely in relation to your father's time on earth. There may be things you wished to know about him (either for your sake or just out of curiosity) that you did not get the chance to ask. Your vision, then, represents your subconscious fear that it is now impossible to learn the truth or finish what you have started.
Mother declaring she is not dead I dreamt of my mother who passed on back in my life telling me she is not dead, she was hiding somewhere, so my aunt won't kill her. This dream of your deceased mother reflects your need for closure. Perhaps you have not yet fully accepted her passing, which is why she appeared in you dream vision. Alternatively, this could be a message of enlightenment, challenging you to look into her death and delve deep into the past to look for lessons you could use in your current existence. Her message saying she is hiding from your aunt who tried to kill her could be a reference to problems she has left behind. Maybe there are unresolved aspects in her life or issues she encountered while she was alive that are coming back and causing you distress.
Deceased husband washing dishes I saw my deceased husband washing dishes. His hands and arms were wet when I touched him. Then he said that he couldn't talk to me right then and that he had to be away from me for a while, and I would see him again soon. Then I woke up. This dream about your deceased husband reflects your need to move on. You may still be having some trouble accepting his passing or perhaps something in reality triggered memories of him which made him manifest in this vision. Washing the dishes, quite literally as a symbol, alludes to letting things from the past go and welcoming whatever is in store for you in the next chapter of your personal journey. His appearance in this vision is telling you to rid yourself of sadness and accept what cannot be changed, so you can feel alive again.
Deceased parents morphing Dreams about my deceased dad walking through my deceased mother. Deceased fathers in dreams generally represent unfinished business, particularly in regards to some task or activity you did with him while he was alive. Your deceased mother, however, symbolizes future happiness and contentment. In this case, then, you need to complete whatever you may have started in order to find peace of mind and satisfaction.
Walking with a deceased grandmother Female. Me and my grandmother, who died just over 2 months ago, were walking together, holding hands tightly and she told me that she loved me. A dream in which you are having a bonding experience with your deceased grandmother could be considered a reassuring sign. It may represent the fact you always have a safe place to go when trouble begins and overwhelms you. This dream could also imply that you should not let your pride keep you from seeking help when you really need it.
Being own late grandmother and naked I was my late granny naked in my dream. What does it mean? Seeing yourself naked in the body of your late grandmother denotes a need for guidance. Maybe you are feeling vulnerable and you are looking for some words of wisdom which your grandmother used to represent for you. Depending on how you feel about the nudity in your dream, you are either self-conscious or beginning to become comfortable in your own skin. You feel you need more knowledge and experience to go far in life, but the first step is always self-acceptance.
Deceased uncle's coffin Last night I dreamed about a coffin for my late uncle. May I know what it means? Thanks. Dreaming about a coffin for a deceased family member, like your uncle, is an ill-omen. It symbolizes certain bad vibes that may surround you during your daily activities such as work or school. As long you let things that do not affect you directly get into your head, you will find it difficult to focus your attention on important tasks and function productively.
A deceased niece with an unborn baby I went upstairs to the nursery and my 3-year old niece who recently passed after drowning in a swimming pool was laying in the crib with my unborn son and was rubbing his back singing "This Little Light of Mine". Seeing a young, deceased relative as though they were still alive, is a reflection of the sadness and profound loss you feel over their passing. The lost future and potential of this young person are truly a tragedy which would have a serious impact on your heart and mind, which can be seen and felt in this imagery. Seeing your unborn son comfort this perished soul with a lullaby represents your personal guilt for not being there, either because you could not save the child or because you were too busy to grieve with the child's parents. It may ease your current state of mind to meet with them and help them in any way you can.
Deceased husband with a ring I saw my deceased husband holding and staring at a big ruby ring and when I asked him what he was doing he gave me the ring and left and I couldn't find him again. The presence of your deceased husband in your dream is a warning to watch your words and actions at any upcoming social gatherings because others are paying more attention to you than you may think. You may have enemies waiting to act on some secret information carelessly divulged or, more likely, trying to find some fault in your behavior or logic that can be used to embarrass you in front of family, friends or co-workers. The ruby ring represents your desire to fight these people head on, but your husband presenting it to you and disappearing suggests you should keep your feelings to yourself and let the situation sort itself out.
Paper in deceased father's eyes I have recurring dreams of me trying to pull or remove documents, letter or some type of paperwork from my dad's eyes. Dad is deceased. Dreaming about your departed father is a neutral symbol associated with the idea of unfinished business. There are likely some issues which have yet to be resolved concerning his passing. The paperwork coming from or being placed on his eyes could suggest there are some legal documents or personal letters that you have yet to see or find that would, if read, change some aspect of your life. It may be wise to go through some of his old things or ask around to try to locate these missing documents.
Deceased husband taken aboard a train I am in an unknown place where my dead husband and I are talking and are happy to be with each other.. Suddenly my husband gets very scared and starts to run around. A train comes of nowhere and he gets inside, extremely scared, asking me to chant the Gayatri Mantra. I run towards the engine and find a horrible-looking lady with millions of teeth. As I chant, I see my husband calm down and the train takes him. He keeps telling me to continue to chant. Dreaming about your deceased husband points to some unfinished business. Perhaps you are still in the process of mourning his passing and unable to accept the fact that he is gone. His fear could be a projection of your own fears. You may be worried about what is in store for you now that you no longer have your husband by your side. Alternatively, chanting the Gayatri Mantra denotes a yearning for some sort of enlightenment. You are searching for meaning and purpose behind his death. Perhaps you still have to contend with problems he has left behind and you are concerned about what happens to his soul, hoping he finds peace at last.
Deceased relatives and animals I dreamed of a deceased sister telling me about how to do a chore and a deceased father telling me about a chore, becoming angry then discovering a sickly cat, with three other cats and two rats with one rat being big and the other small. You could be projecting yourself onto the image of a sick cat in the dream. Cats are cunning, independent and feisty creatures. As such, you could be feeling suffocated and deprived of freedom because of the community you live in. Your religion and religious leaders may be chastising you for your behavior and attitude. Due to your free-spirited, and possibly rebellious nature, you could become embroiled in conflict with your nosy neighbors, symbolized by the rats. Your independent thinking sends tongues wagging resulting in disapproval. This kind of pressure to conform is usually a consequence of being part of any community.
Looking back at the deceased mother My mother passed away 3 years ago of Alzheimer's, at 83 years old. Dream: I had taken her shopping, drove back to her home, waited till she was inside. Backing out and starting to drive away, looked to see mom in white sitting outside the house in arms of a large cactus. Seeing your dearly departed mother in a dream vision is often considered a positive sign. It is associated with the idea of success or fortune in whatever endeavor you are working on. White clothing, as in wake life, tends to represent marriage or a marital relationship, perhaps pointing toward a partnership you currently have or an upcoming engagement. Following this idea, the cactus behind your mother represents your ingenuity and intellect which you can rely on to create a solid foundation for your partnership or new life together.
Deceased mother upset about money My late mom crying about money. Crying about money alludes to failures and disappointments. Your family could have suffered from major setbacks lately and you are currently feeling the consequences of the losses incurred. Money symbolizes success and achievements, hence crying over it reveals hopelessness and feeling defeated. Perhaps your subconscious is showing you the reality of the situation, so you can step up and help your family overcome this setback.
Deceased wife coming back to life I always dream about my late wife. She passed on in 2014. In the dream it's like she's still alive and was away for a long time. I would ask her where she's been and tell her how much I've missed her. I would be so happy that she's back only to wake up in pain realizing it was just a dream. This dream is a powerful portent, this vivid vision of your deceased wife in the dream could point to the possibility that the choices you have been making so far are questionable at best. Certain decision that you have made as of late are not really beneficial for you and may have consequences and long-term ramifications in your life. This dream, therefore, advises you to be more careful with any important decision you are forced to take. There is no shame in asking for a second opinion before starting something that could end up requiring a lot of your time and effort.
Cooking for deceased parents I had cooked fried vegetables and was giving it to my father to eat. My mother was around, but you could not see her. They were surprised because I don't cook. My parents have passed away. Cooking fried vegetables in your dream reveals your yearning for nourishment. The kind of nourishment you may be looking for is not physical but more on the religious or spiritual side. The passing of your parents may have sparked a need for some guidance in terms of where you are headed in life and your purpose in the world. You are likely exploring or strengthening your belief system, including your faith in a higher power.
Traveling with a deceased friend I had a dream that my deceased friend and I were on our way to a vacation, but my daughter's father was also going with us, my friend and my daughter's dad were in a serious relationship, but broke up just before she died. Because of this, we ended our relationship, but before she died we reconciled. In my dream whilst we were traveling, the dream changed to the day of her funeral where I was crying uncontrollably for her to wake up and be OK. Dreaming of your deceased friend reveals unresolved issues. Even though you managed to settle your differences before she passed, you may still harbor feelings of regret, possibly even guilt, for not patching things up sooner. You may feel as if you let your pride and ego prevail over your friendship with her. It is also possible that despite the reconciliation, you have not fully forgiven her or your daughter's father. As such, the dream is showing you that in order to properly mourn and come to terms with her death, you may also need to let go of the hurt and the anger that have built up over the years. Perhaps it is time to forgive everyone including yourself.
Deceased relatives on a highway I have seen my father (late) in dream wearing orange clothes (like monks) on a wheelchair and my uncle(late) is holding his wheelchair and they are on the highway near to toll. I had a feeling they are in the Middle East. Seeing dead relatives in dreams point to nostalgia. You may be missing your father and uncle due to some thing or event that triggered memories of them in the real world. The orange garb your father wears in the dream symbolizes the wisdom and experience you attribute to him. The wheelchair he is sitting on means you and your family are keeping his memory alive by honoring the lessons you learned from him. The vision ultimately shows you how much value you place on the advice and knowledge you gained from your father.
Digging a grandparent out inside the house I was at my grandpa's house, me and a cousin that I really don't see that often began digging up my grandpa for some reason. He was buried inside the home. He looked normal, we were just dusting the dirt off of him, no shovels or anything like that and he began moving around changing positions, like he was just sleeping, but he was dead and we knew it, we were just crying the whole time. If you were dreaming about your now-deceased grandfather, it is a positive sign in a dream vision. It is meant to be a reminder, either from him, another departed family member or your subconscious, that you always have a safe, loving place to return to. This could be your childhood home or a friend who always made you feel welcome. Furthermore, removing the dirt and old dust from his body can be interpreted as a sign of peace, suggesting that you do not need to wait until things are overwhelming to seek help. Those who love you are happy to help you on your journey, not just when you are in dire need.
Deceased boyfriend living in the woods I found out from my dead boyfriend's mother that he wasn't really dead. He had left to live in the woods. So I went and found him and he said he was so sorry for leaving and if I would let him, he wanted to come home. Unexpected deaths of loved ones can often cause them to manifest in our dreams as a way of reliving their memories. It is a part of coping with their absence and mourning the loss of a life. This dream of seeing your dead boyfriend alive and well reveals your effort to make sense of his passing as a way to accept his death. There are probably unresolved issues between the two of you and your subconscious conjured him in your dream in order for you to get some closure.
Deceased parents working around the house My mother has passed away and in my dream we are at my sister's house. My mother is cutting all the electrical wires. Looked like they were doing an extension. My father was walking around the outside of the house. He has passed away as well. I have never dreamt of him before. My sister whose house it is said why is mum cutting the wires, I can see what you are doing on my phone. She has security cameras in the house. The symbols in this dream seem a bit mixed up and need to be sorted out in order to interpret meaningfully. With this in mind, we should first look at the symbol of your deceased father. This is often thought to represent the presence of unfinished business most likely related to your family or parents. The cut wires in this vision may be the manifestation of anger or frustration in your life, suggesting that if you finish what your parents started or wanted you to do, you may be happier in the end. This is supported by your mother's presence, a symbol often thought to portend a happy future.
Deceased father appearing while walls collapse Last night I had a dream that the walls and stairs inside my large home were crumbling, leaving my daughter and granddaughter stranded on the top floor. My daughter jumped and was going to have her daughter jump into her arms, and as that happened my deceased father appeared. He told me that he is OK and that he misses me as much as I miss him, and that he is not gone forever, he is watching over me and my loved ones. I am still in tears, I would love to know what this means. The appearance of your deceased father in this dream points to your possible contemplative state. You may have been reflecting on your personal journey, thus far. Being on different floors as your daughter and granddaughter suggests a certain gap that exists among the three of you. As you got older, you may have found it harder to connect with them. This familial concern may be the reason why you are also thinking about your bond with your parents, particularly your father. You want your children and grandchildren to treasure your words of wisdom and guidance even when they can already stand on their own two feet.
A deceased friend who has no time to reunite A very close friend who died 16 years ago comes back and he spends short time with each friend. But every time he comes to me, something happens and he has to leave me again. This dream happens frequently and gets more intense each time. He puts his arm around me to talk, then something interrupts us and he leaves with no word. This recurring dream about your deceased friend alludes to the strength of your attachment to this individual. The notion that your friend keeps trying to connect with you, but keeps failing for some reason, indicates a lack of closure between the two of you. Perhaps he died so suddenly that you still had unresolved issues with him. There could be some guilt or unanswered questions on your part and this is preventing you from accepting what had happened.
Deceased brother asking to dig deep I had I dream of my dead brother telling me to dig by a tree. He kept saying that I was going to find something there! He kept saying to dig deeper and I would be happy with what I was going to find! Dreaming about uprooting a tree means you have some doubts or uncertainties in regards to your brother's departure. In you mind, you keep admitting to yourself he perished because of ill-will or schemes purveyed by other people. Even if it was the result of negligence or omissions of other people's part, your subconsciousness is still haunting you. If your brother is older than you, you are to find salvation and relief soon, if he was younger - you are going to suffer emotional pain for some time before you find peace of mind and serenity.
Deceased father not showing up for wedding My deceased father did not turn up to bring me into the church on my wedding day. The groom was there and all the guests. Dreaming about your own wedding ceremony predicts you may soon encounter a situation which would require you to make an important choice, likely between two close options. Once this decision is made, it could significantly influence the course of future events. Your deceased father's absence during this special day in the dream may suggest that he wants you to choose the path which would fulfill something you had both looked forward to, for example visiting some special place, taking on a big project or even getting married. Fulfilling this unfinished business for him could bring you great happiness and peace of mind.
Deceased mother with a car full of apples My dead adopted mother drove into a garage I assumed to be mine, though I didn't recognize, in which she had entire car full of apples everywhere to give me. I told her why was she giving them to me then said they wouldn't jeep, so I felt it was close to Halloween. Dreaming about deceased members of your family, even if they are not biologically related to you, giving or offering something to you could point to some existing unresolved issues or matters that they have not had a chance to complete before they departed. The atmosphere of this dream, especially the notion of Halloween approaching, further contributes to this interpretation and could mean that you have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about the deceased (your relatives or in general) and how you could obtain peace of mind and internal balance by fulfilling their wishes or following through with their advice and legacy.
Deceased father being apologetic My father has passed. I dreamed him saying sorry to me over and over and over again. He just kept saying sorry. He had a woman next to him with an apologetic face rubbing my shoulder, she was wearing yellow and he was wearing a black cap and black bow tie. Dreaming about your deceased father being sorry could convey a warning message about things you are presently unaware about, but soon may discover as far as his passing is concerned. If you felt sympathetic and understanding in this situation unfolding in the dream, you can expect some information or facts revealed to you which will make you cope with this loss and feel better. If, however, you were frightened or felt uneasy in this vision, you may soon learn about things which could cast some shadows on your everyday existence. The combination of the black and yellow colors remembered from this dream may also contribute to rather negative outcomes of your discoveries.
Dead grandma fat and smelly Had a dream about my grandmother that is deceased and she was really fat, obese, but she smelled really bad and was sweating a lot. What does this mean? Seeing your deceased grandmother in your dream is an assuring sign. It tells you that in the midst of all the many troubles you face in life, you will always have a safe place to go to. This is opposed, however, with the bad smell and sweat you perceived in the dream. These symbols suggest you may be reticent to rely on those who could provide you with support. By not making yourself open and available, you may be subjecting yourself to more suffering than necessary.
Dead grandmother feeding with lizards My late granny gave me a dish of cooked meat only to find that it was lizards when I was eating one. Did not finish and threw that one lizard to the dog to eat. This dream seems to be a warning that not all that glitters is gold. The image of your dearly departed grandmother providing you with a dish of cooked meats symbolically represents being invited to an event or party which looks fun on the surface. You may expect to reminisce with old friends or do some potentially beneficial networking. However, realizing that the meat is actually lizards could be a sign that your enemies are present at this get-together, suggesting this could be a set-up to catch you off your guard and embarrass you in front of others. Take heed and do not fall victim to this trap.
A boil on dead husband's ankle A boil popping out of my dead husband's ankle. The ankle represents the path your husband took when he was still alive. On the other hand, the boil alludes to the obstacles and bumps along the way that prevented him from pursuing what he really wanted to do. So when the boil popped in the dream, perhaps it is an allusion to him finally being at peace and no longer worrying or stressing about things which once mattered to him. It is possible that he has been bearing some burden without your knowledge and his passing has freed him.
Having a good time with deceased relatives I had a dream about my dead grandmother, with her were my other deceased relatives, my grandfather, aunt and uncle whom I have never met. They were all siting on top of their caskets, reading newspapers while having a conversation with me. I think my grandmother was the one who introduced me to my aunt, uncle and grandpa. Somehow I was not afraid of them, we were talking and having a good time. Does this mean I was actually talking to them, were they paying me a visit or was this all in my head? Dreaming of deceased relatives is often a part of mourning and coming to terms with their passing. However, if they have been dead for a while now, then something in the waking world may have triggered memories of them. Conversing and communicating with your dead grandparents, along with your deceased aunt and uncle, could be a warning to use wisdom when you act upon your decisions concerning the things you are trying to achieve. You may be grappling with a dilemma and you are looking towards the wisdom of elders to help you sort it out. Try to remember the types of problems you would often consult your older family members to find answers, maybe a similar conundrum is happening to you in the waking world.
A dead woman with coins stuck to a shoe I had a dream of a dead woman wearing sandals with coins stuck under one with a gum-like substance and helped her take them off. The dead woman in your dream probably refers to deceased personalities or historical figures whom you admire and respect. The sandals probably allude to their simple lifestyles and deeply-rooted beliefs. As such, the dream is a metaphor of wanting to follow their footsteps and finding wisdom in the process of reading and learning about their lives. The coins represent the knowledge you may have gained as you read about their triumphs despite the adversities they had to face.
Becoming pregnant by a deceased father Have been dreaming that my late father has been having sex with me, I went to my pastor and he prayed for me. Then two days later I dreamt that I gave birth to a baby boy. The labor pain was not painful, in fact I gave birth within seconds and he grew up almost immediately. Despite the disturbing nature of the dream, having sex with your father in the dream world actually does not refer to intercourse or intimacy in reality. It can often symbolize your tendency to make broad assumptions or ambiguous and unclear generalizations that confuse you and prevent you from developing a better personally. Maybe you want to tap into your late father's experiences and knowledge to help you grow. In that sense, the baby boy is a positive sign which predicts that you would have a fruitful future if you are guided properly. This vision foreshadows that wealth and prosperity would come to you and your kin in times yet to come.
A deceased friend singing with others I dreamed about someone very special to me who just passed away. I was outside at an event watching people sing, and suddenly she just appeared up in the stands were the people were singing. The appearance of a deceased friend in a crowd of people singing at an event in your dream may be telling you to listen to the advice of important people in your life when it comes to solving personal problems. Your friend who passed away represents past experiences and valuable lessons, as well as the wisdom you have accumulated over the years, which you may need to make use of before making choices which could ultimately impact your future.
Being told about death by dead son I dream my dead son told me am dying and I will be with him soon. Dreaming about being paid a visit by a deceased person, in your case your son, is an indication of you focusing all your attention on something that has happened in the past. You may be dwelling in the past and this is causing you significant distress. It could also represent the sadness and grief related to missing your son. Perhaps being with him soon is the silver lining, that after all the misery and challenges, life gives you reprieve at the end of it. Happiness is knowing you have made something of your life when it finally comes time to reunite with your son.
A deceased relative rising from the sea Dreamt of being on the beach with my sister and her grandchildren. Her deceased (of 11 years) husband came from the sea, perfectly normal. He explained he could only stay a little while and spend time with us. Then, he began swimming out to sea. We swam with him a little and then he dove under the waves and was gone. There were no tears or sadness in the dream. Only happiness that he spent some time with us and got to see his grandchildren. Seeing yourself walking along the seashore with your sister and her grandchildren in this dream predicts reuniting with friends who currently live far away from you. It is likely that these old companions are connected to both you and your sister, such as past neighbors or members of your community. Seeing your sister's husband rise from the sea in this vision may indicate that your behavior upon reuniting with them may need to be prepared ahead of time, as you could say something which would make someone uncomfortable. It would be wise to consider your words and actions carefully, so that this get-together can be beneficial and fulfilling to everyone involved.
Deceased mother attacking with claws I keep having this recurring dream of my mom, she passed away in 2011 of cancer. I'm lying there asleep and she tries waking me up, then brutally attacking me with large claws and sharp teeth. Dreaming of deceased relatives usually has something to do with an unfinished business, something related to your past. The violent encounter with your deceased mother in the dream world likely points to present decisions or circumstances which your mother may not approve of had she been alive. Perhaps the recurring aspect of this dream alludes to the likelihood that you have strayed from the path your mother put you on. In the process, you may be harboring some guilt or shame about certain actions or behavior, past or present.
Deceased parents needing candles My dream was about my dead mother who passed away 2 years ago, asking 2 purple candles for my father who also passed away 4 years ago. A dream wherein you see your deceased mother is symbolic of contentment and love. Since mothers represent security, seeing her in your dream could be a result of your innate desire to have this protection once again. Perhaps you are going through a difficult period and looking for solace from loved ones in your waking life. A candle can be symbolically associated with love, perhaps your mom asking you for purple candles for your dad is your subconscious way of remembering about their love which they had for each other and maybe you crave similar kind of love for yourself as well.
Looking down together with dead people The space around me is white, I look down and there is a girl lying dead in front of me. I look at my right and my dead friend and his dead parents are looking down with me. A dream wherein you see yourself surrounded by dead people has negative connotations. It symbolizes the presence of a difficult period in your life. You may have to face certain obstacles which could prove to be a hindrance in your path towards success. This is further reinforced by the image of the space around you which is completely white. The white represents worries and preoccupations with your current lifestyle. Perhaps paying attention to what actually makes you happy could help you overcome this difficult period in your life.
Deceased daughter in the crib My deceased daughter is in her crib and she is crying and I can't get to her. Seeing your deceased daughter in her crib crying is a representation of the tremendous feeling of loss, longing and sadness following her death. The sorrow and grief you feel towards your daughter passing remains very strong and you miss her presence in your life. Perhaps you have been thinking more and more about her lately in your waking world and this is now being manifested in your dreams. The vision of being unable to get to her further solidifies your deep feelings of tremendous loss. Try to find meaningful ways to alleviate your sadness and move on.
Dead grandma handing paper money I had a dream that my dead grandmother was sitting in a chair in the middle of the street calling me as I was at my cousin's place across the street. As I came close to her, she handed me papers and said I should sign them. After I signed them, she handed me stacks and stacks of paper money. As I took the money she said to me "Hold on, don't go. There is more." And she stacked the piles of money into my arms continuously. I had this dream 3 years ago, but nothing came of it. What does it mean? A dead relative who is trying to communicate with you in the dream world is usually a reminder for you to use wisdom when making decisions concerning the things you are trying to achieve. This is especially true if you normally turned to your grandmother, when she was still alive, for wisdom and advice whenever you had problems. In that case, the stacks of money you receive from her amount to the lessons you learned from your interactions with and memories of her. Perhaps this scenario showed up in your dream again because you could be currently facing a predicament and your subconscious is assuring you that you have the capacity and strength to figure out the best resolution to your dilemma.
Becoming a couple with a dead crush My high school crush passed away two years ago and I dream we are back in school and are a couple. Experiencing a dream in which a deceased high school crush and you are back to school and acting as a couple represents your memories. It has something to do with the experience you had with your high school relationship. Perhaps you are going through similar concerns and thoughts right now and your subconscious mind is trying to help you in your present situation. The past could be done and finished with, but bear in mind that it can reveal a large amount of wisdom to assist you under any circumstances.
A deceased brother and coins on the table My deceased brother was sitting in the family room. I was frying fish and chicken in the kitchen. There were three five cent coins on the table in a row. My brother mentioned something about the presence of the coins. Seeing your deceased brother in a dream vision could reflect the good health you enjoy in wake life or, if you are currently ill, it might also point to having a swift recovery. However, the stress and fatigue caused by this incident may last a little longer than you would expect, as frying fish and meat are symbolic of long-term discomfort. In a sense, the main issues would be resolved quickly, but you may not be completely healed for some time. The presence of the coins further highlights the financial pressure you would feel due to this situation. The three coins suggest you are generally frugal and conscious of your spending, but you may have to fork over some of your hard-earned savings unwillingly to deal with your medical expenses.
Near a water source with deceased mother I was with my dead mother, we were walking past dirty water on the ground and there was a crocodile and a big yellow snake trying to fight, but the crocodile was hiding in the ropes, so they didn't fight. There was a tap in this dirty water and I asked my mother if this water is clean if I can drink it and she said she doesn't know, she hasn't tried the water, then I went to the tap and woke up. Your dead mother likely appeared in your dream because you are seeking her advice on how to resolve a current problem. As indicated by the dirty water, it seems your mind has been entangled in confusion and turmoil. You may be too emotional to see things clearly and make decisions in a straightforward manner. It is possible that the crocodile represents your bad temper and tendency to have emotional outbursts. Alternatively, crocodiles can also symbolize insincere individuals possibly pushing you into making wrong decisions. Hence, you need to be careful during this vulnerable period because the big yellow snake refers to a jealous individual within your circle. This person may be determined to do everything in his or her ability to compete with you and possibly take your place.
Deceased grandma showing signs and images My grandmother who passed away in Feb 2016. I had a dream I need some thoughts on. So my grandmother was there. She had signs and was showing me things. One was the Declaration of Independence, the other was Brave Heart, one was a picture frame with me standing next to someone who I cannot see their face. Then I walk into a room with people who I cannot see their faces. Oftentimes, a dream involving a dead relative signifies nostalgia or a way of coping with the loss. In your case, your grandmother may have been someone you would turn to whenever you needed advice. Since her passing occurred in just under a year, you may still be mourning her death and anytime you are seeking guidance, it triggers memories you shared with her. The items and images she shows you in the vision are aspects of lessons she has taught you while she was still alive. Specifically, the declaration of independence as well as the brave heart may be allusions to her advice which encourages you to be more self-sufficient perhaps. You may be struggling to find your way and her presence in your dream reminds you about how much she believes in your skills and ability to succeed no matter the odds. Hence, the room full of people represents the next chapter in your journey which would test your mettle.
Deceased father drowning My father passed away in July. It has been the greatest pain and loss that I have ever had. In my dream last night, my father was alive, but someone was trying to drown him over and over. He did survive the attempted drowning, but in real life my father has passed. The manifestation of dead loved ones in dreams generally illustrates your grief. It is part of your coping mechanism as your mind is trying to hold on to the images of their presence from not so long ago. In your case, watching your deceased father drowning in the dream world suggests your inability to come to terms with the loss. You may still be upset about the tragedy and you continue to dwell on your sadness. The act of drowning suggests that there are certain circumstances that are still beyond your control. Hence, your subconscious is conjuring up a scenario in which he survives to lessen your suffering.
A deceased relative warning about holes in clothes A deceased relative told me in a serious form not to have holes in my clothes. Dreams about deceased relatives usually reveal grief or unresolved issues. It is possible that your deceased relative appeared in your dream because you have an important lesson to learn from him or her. Perhaps it is a lesson that has already been shared with you, but for some reason you may have forgotten or ignored its value. Specifically, holes in clothing could mean that there are trusted people in your social circle who would end up deceiving you. Thus, the vision warns you from being too trusting or forgiving of those who have the ability to betray or turn their backs on you.
Picking a toy for deceased daughter My friend had a dream she was trying to help me pick out the perfect pink stuffed unicorn for my daughter. My daughter was killed August 14th. What could her dream mean? The stuffed unicorn toy in your friend's dream is likely associated with hope and unanswered questions. The notion of your deceased daughter points to grief and unresolved issues. Perhaps your friend is concerned about you and wants to help you get over your grief in order for you to move on with your life. The act of choosing a stuffed unicorn illustrates your friend's efforts to cheer you up by finding a rationalization for such a tragic event. Maybe your friend is also grappling with finding reasons for the death. While it is a way of helping you overcome your sadness, it is also her coping mechanism. When certain events are out of control, she may have the tendency to seek out meaning or reason behind events which left her in a state of uncertainty.
Dead father warning about evil presence My dead dad telling me not to open the door for my dead grandmother telling me to keep the door locked, not to let her in, it's an evil spirit. The presence of your deceased dad probably means that you are undergoing challenges in the waking world and you are looking for the guidance of your elders. Your predicament has forced your subconscious to dig deep into your past for lessons you may be able to apply in your current situation. The past in this dream scenario is represented by your dad. On the other hand, the evil spirit masquerading as your dead grandmother could be a metaphor for your tendency to dwell on past mistakes. Perhaps prior failures and disappointments have prevented you from taking risks and going after your dreams. Sometimes too much nostalgia and sentimentality can cause stagnation.
A dead relative losing hair Dreaming of a dead relative who is losing her hair. The appearance of dead relatives in dreams usually reveals lessons to be learned from your past, but it could also be a reflection of your sense of mortality. The latter interpretation seems more relevant for your dream scenario because hair often represents health and vigor. In that sense, seeing your deceased relative losing her hair could indicate the deterioration of your own health and well-being or of someone close to you. You may be witnessing the downward spiral of a friend or family member due to unhealthy habits or self-destructive behavior. Ultimately, this is a wake-up call for a radical lifestyle change in order to avoid an early demise.
Deceased brother giving flowers Dead brother brings me flowers. Generally, flowers symbolize love, kindness and joy. The presence of your deceased brother could be an indication of grief and nostalgia. Recent events may have triggered memories of him, hence he manifested in your dream. Receiving flowers points to a sense of comfort you are longing to find while remembering him. Perhaps you are feeling low and unmotivated, which is why your subconscious mind conjured the appearance of your brother to find some solace. Whatever he represents to you could be the lesson you need to remember to help you in your present circumstance.
Deceased brother begging to stay My baby brother passed away around 15 years ago. He came to me in my dream to my house begging to stay. I kept saying "He's coming, you have to go". He wanted to hide and my answer was the same. Dreaming about your dearly departed brother asking for help is a symbol often associated with guilt and shame. It may be directly related to his passing or, more likely, is connected with another family member you see often. Your brother's request seems to allude to your acceptance of your actions, while your denial seems to suggest you are not ready to fully admit your wrongdoing, despite your obvious guilt. You may need to think carefully about the situation and determine the best course of action to make amends for your behavior.
Being invited to a funeral of a deceased mother My wife dreamnt about being invited together with her sister to the burial ceremony of her late mother. But they didn't make it to the burial site. Your wife's dream may portend some troubles coming to your relationship or family life in the near future. Being late to the funeral of a loved one is commonly associated with experiencing difficulties, particularly the type of problems that get in the way of your shared dreams as husband and wife. The source of your issues could be related to money, suggesting either a loss of income or a decrease in assets. You may have to put some big plans, like a new house or vacation, on hold while the situation sorts itself out.
Bees attacking dead sister A swarm of bees was attacking my sister, who has passed away about 8 months ago. They were stinging her, and I was trying to get them off of her. I was throwing them down by the handful, and they were dead. Envisioning bees attacking your recently departed sister may be the manifestation of some issue she faced while being alive. Aggressive bees tend to represent a black mark against a person, so seeing them on her body may reflect some trouble she was going through. With this interpretation in mind, your efforts to get the bees away from her show your dedication to preserving the memory of your sister in such a way that she is faultless and without blame. However, the notion that the bees were already dead is a reminder that her time has passed and the essence of her past life is not your responsibility. You need to accept this and find peace so that you can live your life to the fullest without being haunted by hers.
Dead ancestors staring A group of dead ancestors staring at me saying nothing, just staring. I could not speak to them. My voice went out. Dreaming of dead ancestors usually bears a positive message. It means you are headed to a better and brighter future. The path ahead would be clearer and, as a result, your own well-being would improve. Perhaps their silence and the loss of your voice represent your insecurities and anxiety about your future. To attain your dreams, you may need to step out of the shadows of your ancestors, find your voice and blaze your own path.
Dead mother returning to the house I saw my mother who had passed away over 20 years ago sitting in the corner of the room, but she had her eyes closed and we were talking. Then she got up, went in the next room and returned to her coffin. This dream was very upsetting, when I woke up I could remember it exactly and when I went back to bed I picked the dream back up where I left off. Seeing your deceased mother in the dream world can give you significant insights into resolving an issue you may be dealing with in reality. In general, this is a positive vision pointing to a satisfying resolution to your problems, possibly through the generosity and aid from your peers and loved ones. Her presence also means that you already have the skill and capability to confront any obstacles, you just need to look within yourself to find the answers. Perhaps the key is in the life lessons you acquired from her or an enlightening experience you had in the past.
Dead husband in love with someone else Had a dream about my deceased husband, one was about him leaving me, then he said he was coming home and then he didn't come and I woke up. The second dream we were on a family trip and we had a good time, then he said he wanted to be with someone else, I cried and cried, got depressed because it was with someone I knew. Then I woke up. This dream involving your deceased husband means you probably need to reexamine your behavior in the real world. You may still be coping with the loss of your husband and this is affecting your interactions with the people around you. Specifically, both scenarios may reveal abandonment issues. Perhaps you are still struggling to find your footing after losing him. Your subconscious could be showing you the negative repercussions of his passing, especially in your psychological state, so that this awareness can help you accept what happened and eventually allow you to plan a better future for yourself.
Retrieving deceased person's clothes My mother passed away one year after my neighbor, on the same day with her anniversary. She had a green dress. Last night I dreamed my mother asked me to get the dress from my dead neighbor's family. One member of the family gave me the dress plus one extra crimson color velvet head shawl with Persian quilt design and many pieces of mirrors were attached to it. Items of clothing that are crimson red usually refer to a renewed determination and zest for life. Perhaps you have been stuck in a rut recently and still grieving for your dead mother or coping with the loss of loved ones. As such, obtaining the dress with the red velvet shawl marks the beginning of your concerted efforts to pick yourself up from depression and finally put forward a plan to pursue your dreams and personal goals. This is why there are pieces of mirror on the shawl to symbolize introspection and self-reflection.
Deceased mother in a shop window My mother passed away last month. Last night I dreamed I was walking in a dark place, but I saw a bright shop where my mother was sitting in its show case wearing white clothes with very big skirt. Almost the whole show case was covered with my mother's skirt. Light was radiating from my mother. I rushed toward her but the light was so strong that closed my eyes and pushed me back. Dreaming about your deceased mother means you may be feeling rudderless or aimless. Perhaps the loss of your mother made your outlook on life pessimistic and uninspired. This dream alludes to a period of enlightenment which would trigger a personal transformation. In addition, a shop window symbolizes aspirations. As such, seeing your mother in the window display reveals how much you want to emulate your mother. As indicated by the white clothes and bright light, you would find the strength you need from the memory and legacy your mother left behind.
Deceased grandmother making cakes My deceased grandmother frying fat cakes. They were laid on the kitchen table, most of them, and I ate one. It tasted nice and sweet. In general, tasty desserts such as cakes in the dream world symbolize indulgence, happiness and self-reward. A very happy occasion may be on your horizon. You could be celebrating an important milestone which would bring all of your loved ones together. Perhaps you or someone in your family is about to be celebrating a birthday, a wedding or a family reunion.
Barbecuing with deceased wife I dreamed I was barbecuing Kebab and my deceased wife was with me. Suddenly a bunch of bees attacked the Kebab and ate the whole thing. Dreaming that you are barbecuing alludes to the need for socialization and leisure activities. Meanwhile, the vision of your deceased wife could mean you are either missing her or longing for her comforting presence. Perhaps you are remembering her because of a current circumstance or predicament. Dreaming of deceased loved ones can often mean that there is a lesson you still have to learn from your shared experience with them which you can apply to your present situation. You may be focusing too much on work so that you are not taking good care of your health and wellness, as indicated by the bees.
Told of being ugly by a deceased cousin I dreamt that my deceased cousin came to tell me I am ugly and my sister who is still alive, and I went to view houses. Dreaming about your deceased cousin visiting you has negative connotations. It symbolizes upheavals and problems in your waking life. You could encounter circumstances which may put you in a great deal of trouble. The presence of your sister in the dream suggests that these obstacles might be related to her as well. Perhaps the two of you might eventually have a rift. In any case, make sure you remain vigilant of suspicious individuals or situations which might put you or your loved ones at risk.
A nice surprise by a deceased loved one Four months after the death of a loved one I dreamed that she, I, her father and a friend were all sitting on the bedroom floor watching TV. It was the happiest I've ever felt in my entire life. The doorbell rang and I asked her who it was. She smiled and said "I don't know, go see". I opened the door and it was a delivery, a gift of chocolate-covered honey bees. I brought them to her and showed her. We were so happy and then I woke up. When I woke up I still felt the happiest I've been in my life. In the dream world, the bedroom represents your personal space. Having people around you there means they are people you generally feel close to or tend to associate with. The presence of your deceased loved one could predict some important news coming your way and she may be guiding you to the answer. However, you may have to experience some troubles to get to the truth of the matter. The honey bees alone point toward good news and hope, so everything is likely to turn out right in the end, but the chocolate covering the bees may indicate you need to help others before you can take care of your own needs.
Deceased baby crying I am a female. My significant other and I have had 7 pregnancies, 2 births and we have 1 daughter. Our second daughter died 3 months ago of a genetic defect. I have reoccurring dreams about her. I wake up in my dream to her crying in her nursery and I put my ear to the door, so I can hear her soft cries. Not how a baby normally cries, but how she cried in the hospital. It sounds soft but painful and exhausting. I open the door to hold her. Her crib is empty. I cry next to it, it all goes dark, her cry stops and I fall in darkness. In general, a crying or fussing baby is an ominous symbol that predicts major health problems. They can also portend an unexpected event or tragedy. In your case, the tragedy being alluded to has already happened. Perhaps you are still reeling from the passing of your daughter, which suggests that the grief from her loss is now manifesting in your dreams. There may also be complications that seem to be beyond your control. Hence, the empty crib represents the void you may be experiencing due to this situation. Babies also represent hope and new beginnings, so there could be some internal conflict between your need to hold onto her memory and your desire to let go and move on. This could be your mind's way of allowing you to confront such tragic events as part of the natural healing process.
Dead uncle wanting to meet In my dream my dead uncle was saying "Let's meet in heaven and talk". I am female. The presence of your deceased uncle in the dream world may reveal a decline in either your physical or emotional wellness. Because you did not actually meet him in heaven, it is possible the effects of this period would not have lasting implications for you. The source of your troubles could be related to peer rejection or a sudden rift in your relationship with someone you thought you were close to.
Deceased grandma being thirsty My deceased grandma was asking me for water saying she was very thirsty while she was laughing. Thirst is an allusion to an unsatisfied need, while water symbolizes life and prosperity. Perhaps your grandma wants you to keep her memory alive and pay respects to her legacy. It may also be her way of reminding you of all the wisdom and advice she has given over the years. Maybe you are in a situation where you need some guidance and the lessons you learned from her could help you out. On the other hand, her laughter could also be telling you to lighten up and not worry too much about things that are out of your control.
Deceased mother rejecting I dreamed my deceased mother tells me she does not love me and does not want me to live near her. Dreaming about your deceased mother usually means there is a lesson you need to learn. Her pronouncement that she does not love you likely means you are harboring some guilt or regret. Maybe you have done something in the past that you have come to regret. Perhaps you are not proud of the way you handled things toward the end of your mother's life. Whatever the case may be, it seems you are still trying to run away or distance yourself from your past instead of dealing with those issues head on or letting them go.
Deceased mother calling for help I received a telephone call from my deceased mother saying "The house is rumbling. Could I please come over to check?". I said "Ok... I will be right there". The call from your deceased mother reveals problems brewing within your household. You may be unaware of issues happening around you or involving your loved ones. A rumbling house alludes to conflict and disagreements which could damage your relationships with certain family members. So the call to check on the house may be your mind's way of telling you to pay more attention to your personal connections to avoid complications and misunderstandings.
Deceased father resurrecting as a child Dreamt my father's grave falling in and him rising up alive as a child. I carried the child home and woke up. Interpret. Dreaming of a deceased parent coming alive usually means that the person is sending you a message. Perhaps your late father is reaching out from the other side to remind you to use your wisdom and previous experience while making important decisions. In addition, seeing your father as a child may be an allusion to his past. In that sense, in carrying the child version of your father, the dream is telling you that you would be taking on responsibilities he may have left behind. After his passing, it may be only up to you to keep his legacy alive and take over the duties and tasks he was in charge of while he was still alive.
Presence of deceased grandfather in the room I am a 15-year old boy, and in the dream I kept seeing a dark figure in the back, and it was a white-colored room with a bunch of random people wandering around, and in my mind I kept thinking that the figure was my grandpa who recently passed away. And I guess I don't know what if it meant something or not. Thanks. Dreaming about the presence of a dark figure near you should be considered a negative omen which is about to manifest itself in your waking state. You could be at risk of having some bad luck or misfortune, such as experience a significant loss, sickness or some other kind of unavoidable hardship or accident. Therefore, your dream vision should be taken as a warning for you to be more watchful of your surroundings, especially people you may encounter or become involved with after having this dream.
Deceased father with a grocery bag I was lying in my bed, front screen door opened and shut, dog barking, I got up, took three steps. My deceased father of 30 years walked into my bedroom, my eyes got big as golf balls, he walked five steps, turned around facing bedroom door (solemn look on his face never smiling or frowning). I yelled "Dad!", ran to him, he handed me a white grocery bag that looked like it had white papers in it, I threw the bag on the bed, hugged him, he never hugged me back, I woke up. Have dreamed of him before, always happy dreams. The return of your deceased father in the dream means that you are looking for guidance. Perhaps you can find it in the advice and words of wisdom you have gathered from your time spent together with your father. It is also possible that he is merely a representation of your general past. Somewhere in your previous experiences, there is a valuable lesson you have learned or have yet to learn that would help you navigate your current situation. In addition, the grocery bag denotes opportunity and reward from hard work. There is an open door waiting for you to enter a new chapter in your personal journey. The white papers symbolize blank slate and fresh start. You are given the chance to prove your worth or build the kind of life you want should you accept the challenges ahead.
A deceased boyfriend with big wings Boyfriend that passed away two weeks ago. Dreamed of seeing him with really big white, feathery wings. Seeing someone grow wings in a dream denotes freedom and independence. Perhaps in your mind your boyfriend is in a better place, free from the pressures and expectations that may have been weighing him down while he was still alive. Maybe this is your mind's way of helping you cope with his passing. In a sense, his white, feathery wings symbolize the purity of the memories you shared with him. You wish only to remember the good times and pay tribute to the kindness and generosity he showed towards you and your peers. This is your way of keeping his memory alive.
Deceased wife accusing of cheating and becoming a demon My friend had a dream about his late wife. In the dream he was asleep on the bed with his phone in his hand showing the last dialed number with his ex girlfriend's name on the screen. His late wife entered the room and could see the phone from a very far distance and was angry at him. She asked him if he is busy with his ex again. He walked up to her to hold and kiss her but she pulled away. After a while she kissed him back but turned into a demon. What does that mean please? While the sum of the parts of your friend's dream do not make sense, looking at them as a whole paints an interesting picture. First, the strongest symbol is clearly that of your friend's late wife. Her presence suggests your friend has been making questionable decisions lately, perhaps in regards to his relationships or interpersonal relations. While he may literally be involved with an ex, it is more likely that he is simply not treating some people in his life as well as he should be. Additionally, the ex herself may be the manifestation of negative feelings resulting from comparing two things. For example, your friend may be ready to move on and find a new romantic partner, but he might also have trouble separating his current interests from his previous experiences. Lastly, the location of the bedroom reveals that your friend should invest more time and energy into his relationships lest his friends and lovers turn against him.
Learning about brother's death I am female. Dreamt about my deceased brother who appeared to me and we were in my parents' house and I asked him "Did you know you were going to die?" and he said "Yes". I asked him "How?". He said "My hands changed, they became gooey". I responded "What do you mean?" He said "Touch them" and he put them on my face and then I woke up. Dreaming about communicating with a deceased brother could actually mean that you are in good health and will be able to enjoy your blessings for decades to come, so him mentioning in the dream that he knew he would die could predict experiencing a major change which would cause you to become a new, better version of yourself in the eyes of others. However, since your brother also mentioned that his hands had gone through some kind of transformation, it could be symbolic of temporary helplessness or loss of hope brought about by this change.
Deceased grandmother being possessed Male. The other day I dreamt about my grandma who passed away three years ago. She was unlike anything I have ever seen. It's as if she was possessed. She had a green hue to her and she was levitating or hanging there in mid air. She said some horrible things and did some unspeakable things then made the comment "I might as well piss myself and die" and that's exactly what she did. Usually, dreaming about a deceased grandmother is an assuring sign, something to let you know that you will easily overcome any troubles which you may face in life and will always have a shelter during the worst times. Since you mentioned your grandmother being possessed and saying horrible things, it could mean that you could be feeling unhappy and so you see this symbol of stability and love transforming into something negative to illustrate how difficult your life could be at the moment, perhaps representing the exorcism of your own inner demons and not something directly related to the memory of your grandmother.
Deceased daughter playing with a cousin I'm 46 female, my daughter has died in a fatal car accident. I dreamt that I saw her playing at her car wash in black vs thermal pjs with white writing. She is 25. I saw her playing with her cousin who is also gone, he was wearing the same black pjs with white writing. I screamed because I didn't understand why she was with him, she was supposed to be with grandpa and my mom in law, very close to them and why in black. I woke up. Dream visions about those who have passed in the real world is often a reflection of the dreamer's sorrow related to their loss. Seeing your daughter being alive, then, suggests you are still in the grieving process and are not ready to let her go yet. The notion that she was with her cousin rather than other deceased family members you think you are closer to could be a reflection of your fear that she is not in the same place as they are. However, it is more likely that she is on the journey to find those people, meaning she is not stuck somewhere but rather just in the process of finding them and others you had lost throughout your life. Additionally, the black clothes represent your mourning while the white lettering could be the glimmer of hope that her soul would soon be at peace and you would finally attain some consolation and inner peace.
A deceased relative asking for black shoes I dreamed that my recently deceased nephew was asking for a pair of black shoes. He didn't ask for a specific type of shoe, just black. A pair of black shoes in dreams alludes to progress and social mobility. In the context of your dream, your deceased nephew's request for a pair of black shoes likely represents his discontent about the way he lived. Or perhaps this is merely your own projection of your unhappiness. Maybe his death uncovered your personal issues about improving your own situation or your overall lifestyle as a result of being overcome by feelings of mortality. Life can be snuffed out in an instant and this recent loss may have inspired your desire to live better and with purpose.
Deceased mother alive and beautiful I dreamt about my mother who recently died. I went to visit her body weeks after her death, but instead of being a rotten corpse she looked beautiful. I began to hold her in my arms and she began to smile and hug me back opening her eyes to look at me. I carried her through the streets trying to get people to help her telling them she was still alive but no one could see her. I was crying and struggling to hold her, but she continued to look up at me and smile. We were hugging each other tight. According to your dream, it seems you are still mourning the death of your mother in a very intense way. Your dream could mean that, wherever she may be now, she is happy and at peace, still looking out for you, while your attempts to prove everyone else she is still alive could mean that you should accept her passing even though you try to bring her back to life in your subconscious states. What your dream could be trying to tell you is to move on with your life and keep in mind that your mother is in a better place while you still have a future full of opportunities ahead of you. You obviously miss your mother but you must agree with the fact that she is no longer here, although she will always remain with you through the memories you cherish so much.
Deceased mother needing to go to hospital I dreamt that my mother who has passed was with me in her house. She kept telling me she was going to faint and needed to go to the hospital. I kept getting flashes of her saying faint, hospital, and a doctor saying nothing was wrong. I then woke up calculating months in my head, and a feeling that she was trying to tell me something. Seeing your deceased mother in a dream often gives significant insight into how to resolve an issue you may be dealing with in reality. The symbol of fainting could be an indication of future health issues or injuries due to some behavior you are currently engaged in. This is supported by the idea that you suddenly woke up and began counting the months. Rather than a specific day or season, this seems to suggest that it is only a matter of time before your current lifestyle catches up with you and wreaks havoc on your body. Therefore, you could be right in your feeling that your dearly departed mother was trying to tell you something. You may need to be more proactive rather than reactive with how you deal with your health, including such behavior as eating right, seeing a doctor regularly and avoiding habits that may have a negative impact on your well-being in the future.
Deceased friend showing signs of life In my dream, I was attending a visitation for a friend Fred (who is deceased). I was looking at the body, and it was supposed to be Fred, but it didn’t look like Fred. I was standing at the head of the coffin. Fred’s feet furthest from me, and his head closest to me, but facing away from me. As I was standing there, the body contorted, the legs came up to the head of the coffin and his face turned toward me slowly. So, the body was scrunched up in the front half of the coffin. I froze. The eyes opened, and I was terrified. While the body didn’t look like Fred’s, the eyes felt like his. Others in the room didn’t seem to notice, or it didn’t seem out of place for them. I buried my head in to someone’s shoulder and turned away. It was a mother figure, but I can’t tell if it was my mother, or my mother in law (who also knew Fred very well). She ushered me back toward the coffin while comforting me, and the body began to groan, the eyes opened a bit more. The body seemed to be trying to get out of the coffin, as if to say, “I’m not really dead.” And I just turned away and could not look, and walked away with my head buried and I refused to look up. I was saying something to the effect of “No, I can’t do this, this is terrifying, I can’t do this”. I was walking away saying this, head buried, as the body was getting out of the coffin, but I wasn’t looking because I was too afraid. No one else seemed bothered. Tiny bit of background: Fred is someone who I knew through my work at the Red Cross. He and his wife also attended church with my in-laws and they were very close. Fred was in his 80's and passed away on Thanksgiving from pancreatic cancer (from diagnosis to death it was only about 5 or 6 months max). Dreaming of a dead friend oftentimes points to the possibility of being ridiculed by friends or colleagues. However, in the context of your dream, attending the visitation for a deceased friend could reveal unresolved issues or a natural manifestation of grief. You may still be reeling over your friend's death, so your distress is being projected into dreams by your subconscious as an extension of the process of mourning. The fact that the body did not look like him may have something to do with new information you discover or learn about your friend after he died. These pieces of information may change your overall impression or perception of him. Since the tone of the dream seems to be scary and almost like a nightmare, perhaps those secrets are negative or damaging to his reputation. Specifically, the contorted corpse of your deceased friend means his real self may be completely different to how you know him or how others know him. This truth may be hard for you to accept. It is also possible that there are secrets you know about your friend that not a lot of people know and this is making you feel guilty or it is weighing heavily on you. In addition, the mother figure symbolizes your loved ones who are privy to the depth and dynamics of your friendship with Fred. Maybe you look to them for clarity and support whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by your grief. As such, your mind could be telling you to lean on your family and friends to help you cope with your sorrow. On the other hand, Fred may be a representation of your general past and secrets that refuse to be buried. You could be dwelling too much on past mistakes that this is keeping you from fully moving forward and focusing on your future. Finally, the quick progression of his disease leading to his eventual death may have made you more aware of your own mortality and this is making you feel anxious. This is especially true if you are not in your best physical and emotional state.
Dead relatives jumping off a building I dreamt of my departed relatives jumping off from building, one by one. Dreaming about your dearly departed relatives suggests your current endeavors require more serious consideration. You may need to rely on the experience and wisdom of those older and wiser than yourself. This could include older family members in reality, but it may also refer to respected experts and philosophers from ages past. The image of these individuals jumping off a building one at a time could mean your time to find a solution is limited or that waiting to act could diminish your overall success. Time is of the essence in this case, so you should gather the information you need as quickly as possible.
Late husband cooking a steak I dreamt my late husband cooked me a beautiful t-bone steak for breakfast and it was on the lounge of a house we used to live in. This vision may seem to be centered around your past, but it actually gives some insight into the present. The setting of this dream, a home you shared in the past, represents an internal desire to relive moments of the past. This is likely tied to the earlier times of your courtship and marriage. However, the presence of you late husband suggests that in focusing on the past you may be missing out on something more important in the present. Perhaps someone in your life feels you prefer your memories, leading to their feeling of being neglected or loneliness. You could even be the victim of your own recollections in this case. The steak that you ate points toward some upcoming opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and shake off some of the ghosts of the past so that you can move forward with a light heart.
Running after mother's death A few days after my mother’s death, I woke up very tired. All I remembered was I kept on running as if something or somebody was chasing me. There’s no clear picture of who or what was behind me, I just kept running without direction at the darkness until I woke up. I’m female. Running is a common dream scenario which usually manifests during times of stress. In your case, dreaming of running away from an unidentified person means you are trying to escape your circumstances. You are probably reluctant to face the consequences of your mother's death and the responsibilities you have to carry after she has passed away. In part, you also have not fully absorbed and accepted the loss of your mother which is where the dream symbol of darkness comes in. Being surrounded by darkness as you keep on running symbolizes grief, depression as well as uncertainty. These are all part of the process of mourning and at the moment you cannot see the light. Soon enough you would have to stop, accept your mother's passing and have the courage to face your new reality.
Deceased brother as a boy I am an adult female and would like to know what it means that when I dream of my adult brother he is always a young boy about 8yrs old. He died last June and I had one dream of him since and he was still that young boy I would so much appreciate it if you could explain this? Thank you. Dreaming of your deceased brother as a young boy could be a natural part of the grieving process. Perhaps you want to remember your brother during his happy and carefree younger years. Although sometimes dreaming of deceased relatives can also refer to a lesson you need to learn. In this case, visualizing your brother as a boy means a past experience or memory could help you deal with your current problems or issues. It could be specifically related to you and your brother's childhood or it could be your past in general. Once you figure out this valuable lesson, then you can set your mind at ease knowing that you are not repeating the same mistakes.
A deceased wife with a picture of the girlfriend My passed away wife whom I loved comes to me showing my girlfriend in a bold painting smiling and pointing to her. Dreaming of your dearly departed wife could shed some light on your current situation, namely the one between you and your girlfriend who was also present in the vision. Your wife is motioning toward a bold image of your girlfriend, a lucky type of image that is associated with achieving a goal or getting to another level. It could be a metaphor for your relationship status. Perhaps your dearly departed wife is letting you know that it is a good time to consider taking things a little more seriously. She may be subtly letting you know that loving someone else does not diminish your love for her, rather, it complements it as there is no limit to how much you can love. If you feel comfortable and ready, now may be a good time to test the waters with more commitment or a more formal relationship.
Deceased mother who now hates I am a 39 y.o. female. My mother died 17 years ago. Recently in the last two weeks I keep having dreams that my mother is still alive but she hates me. I know my mother loved me, so I don't understand the dreams and why I'm having them all of a sudden. The dream is in present day. The scenarios may differ but the concept is always the same - she hates me and I get very upset because I don't know why she hates me. Seeing your dead mother in a dream is an urgent message for you about how to find a solution to your current problems. Usually, the mother represents past experiences and situations that taught you valuable lessons. In effect, your subconscious is saying that to make your troubles go away, the key is to find wisdom from your past. However, since repeated dream visions portray your deceased mother as being angry at you, it means you are falling into your destructive patterns. Instead of learning from your bad experiences, you keep repeating your mistakes. So, your mother appears hateful because you are refusing to recognize the error of your ways. The only way for your mind to be at ease is if you finally recognize your failings and do something to break the pattern.
Dead husband and giant roaches I am a widow of nearly two years and since my husband died I dream about him a lot and in this dream he and I and our kids and grand kids were there and I was getting ready for bed, so I went into our bedroom and as I was changing I could see a lot of giant roaches crawling all over the wall and over everything. So I just stood there and never got around to changing. Dreaming of your deceased husband denotes unfinished business or unresolved issues. He could have left a lot issues or questions behind which you grapple with to this day. Meanwhile, the giant or monstrously sized roaches refer to self-deception and self-preservation. Something you discovered about your late husband could have huge and negative implications to your marriage and your family in general. So, to shield your children as well as yourself from all the pain that these uncovered secrets would cause, you have actively avoided confronting these issues or your mind has repressed them. Unfortunately, keeping this locked up inside you is such a burden, so your subconscious is manifesting your anxieties in dreams.
A deceased brother with a candle I am a girl. My brother passed away recently, I saw my brother in my dream where he was holding a candle in his hand and also pouring wax on his body. Seeing a recently departed loved one in the dream world is fairly common, as they are understandably on your mind a lot at present. Envisioning your brother holding a candle, however, speaks to the difficulty you are having accepting or getting over his passing. Such a symbol suggests you may think you have finished mourning only to find something else that reminds you of him, starting the process anew. The wax he poured on his body may symbolically represent the melting away of your current negative emotions with time. In a sense, your feelings will cool over time and you will be ok, even if it does not feel like it now. Your brother may furthermore be sending you this as a message of comfort, letting you know it’s fine to be sad but you can also let him go when you are ready.
A dead baby resurrecting Baby in a white casket wearing all white coming back to life. A dead baby is generally associated with disappointment and, more specifically, with dealing with unwanted and troublesome individuals. Watching this baby in white come back to life is symbolic of having that bothersome individual or individuals come to visit. In order to appease them and make their tenure at your location as smooth as possible, you would need to do a lot of preparation. You may need to clean your place from top to bottom or buy a different type of food that they prefer. While this would be terribly inconvenient and perhaps expensive for you, the alternative is to deal with difficult guests for an undetermined amount of time.
Deceased husband in a black and white dream The dream was in black and white. My recently deceased husband was holding what appeared to be a child while going to board a boat. He told me he couldn't go yet because he had to wait for his niece or nephew. Dreaming in black and white means you need to analyze a problem objectively, instead of relying on your emotions. Emotions can cloud your judgment and obscure the answers to your questions. Although black and white can also signify depression. Both could be true in your case because the presence of your deceased husband means you are still mourning and have not yet made peace with his passing. Because of dwelling in the past, you are overlooking fresh opportunities to be happy and fulfilled. You are in fact allowing the ghost of your husband to rob you of a fresh start as symbolized by the child he held in his arms.
A deceased friend alive and playing with a child Female. I had a dream of being at a deceased friend's house, however he was alive. He did not speak to me, but he was playing with my child, riding scooters, wrestling, etc. Dreaming that your deceased friend is alive in the dream world can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon be on the receiving end of some very good news. You would learn something that would make you very happy and excited, perhaps something that would even change your life. Seeing your friend play with your child could shed a little more light on the type of good news you would get, as playing with children in the realm of dreams is often associated with setting and achieving goals. It is possible that a recent benchmark you set for yourself would be accomplished with ease or that one of your great ambitions would be realized much sooner than you expected.
Deceased father blessing Had a dream of my deceased father approving of my boyfriend, reminding me how I knew him. Approval from a deceased parent can oftentimes be wish fulfillment. As part of the process of moving forward and making peace with your past, your subconscious conjured your deceased father in your dream to reassure that you are making the right choices and following the right path. This could also reveal contentment overall, but specifically, you feel safe and secure in your current relationship.
Meeting with deceased in-laws I dreamed of my deceased mother in law, and father in law. I saw both of them, they looked just like I remember them. There were other people in the background. I sensed that maybe my mother in law's sister had died. As I was walking toward her, my father in law was there. We hugged each other, and he said to me "My son really loves you". I answered back "I know". It was so sweet, as they were both very good people, and I miss them both. Thank you. Seeing your deceased parents-in-law just as your remember them in the dream world represents the ups and downs that are a part of life. In particular, your father-in-law is the manifestation of the hard times that require perseverance and strength, such as when your spouse disappoints you or when times are difficult for you. On the other hand, your mother-in-law can be interpreted as a message of hope, predicting happy times and events that would bring you great joy and satisfaction. In a sense, their being together in the dream world is similar to the idea of yin and yang. There is a balance to all things, and hard times must also be followed by periods of goodness. This is also reflected in the message you received from your father-in-law, as you have a loving family member who would support you in the difficult periods and rejoice with you when all is well. Perhaps this vision is a reminder to rely on him and maybe show gratitude for his everyday presence in your life.
Parents' funeral I keep dreaming about when I enter the church and begin to walk down the aisle at my parents funeral. And they are deceased and I did attend both funerals. Dreams centering around the image of being at the funeral for your parents should not be taken lightly. This vision could be a sign that you may soon encounter great hardships and discomfort, particularly in relation to your family. Just as you suffered sadness and hurt at your parents' funerals in reality, so does this vision predict more troubles befalling your immediate family members. It would be wise to check in with family members whom you are not in daily contact with to make sure they are in good shape both physically and emotionally.
Deceased mother staring back My dream was about my mother who died recently. I hugged her corpse but to my surprise her eyes were bit open staring at me. I tried to close them but they would not. The eyes as the windows to the soul is a saying with significant dream associations. In your case, the recent passing of your mother has stirred up your thirst for truth. Specifically, the circumstances behind her death which may be vague or perhaps even suspicious are the questions keeping you up at night, and subsequently causing disturbances in your dream world. This can also be your mind telling you to open your own eyes and accept the truth that is right in front of you. Living in denial would not help you live a good and meaningful life.
Deceased cousin giving a steak I dreamt my cousin who died recently who is giving me a steak that was wrapped with black and white and I was standing on the sand with bare feet. The steak represents your instincts in this dream scenario. As such, receiving a steak wrapped in black and white points to your desire to uncover the truth behind your cousin's death. You need to temper your instincts with objectivity if you really want to get to the bottom of it. Your instinct could get you in trouble if you do not have enough facts to back it up. Meanwhile, the image of you being barefoot on the sand alludes to frailty and fallibility. This death has made you realize how fleeting and fragile life can be, so perhaps this has inspired you to live your life in the best possible way.
A deceased daughter of the same age I’m a 39 year old female, I lost my 18-year old daughter in a wreck last year 2 weeks before her senior year of high school and she had reached out to a community about her faith in God. I dreamt I was sitting in a car looking at myself or her as she would have been at 39. I remember asking her age and conversations but do not remember the talk. I’ve had a strong feeling about this dream but the longer it passes I forget it more each day. In the dream world, conversations with those who have already passed take on special significance, and their meaning is closely tied to the life and story of the dreamer. In this case, you envisioned your dearly departed daughter who passed on last year. Talking to her in your vision is first and foremost a reflection of your feelings of loss. You have been robbed of the opportunity to see her grow into adulthood and lead her own life, which is partially why you saw yourself and how she would have looked when she was older. Furthermore, the conversation itself points toward developments in your own life, as things must go on even if she is not here. This dream is, in essence, a reminder that it is fine to consider the possibilities that were lost, but not to lose yourself in what ifs. Moving forward, even when it is difficult, is very important at this time for you.
A vandalized baby's grave Someone's baby grave is vandalized and I myself and the mother of the child confronted who we led to believe did it. A desecrated or vandalized grave denotes humility. While this can be seen as a positive trait, it also has its downside. For instance, crooked people could take advantage of you by taking credit for your work or undermining you so they can bolster their own image. Since the desecrated grave belongs to a child, it means you also have a tendency to be naive. This innocence combined with your down-to-earth personality makes you an easy target. The confrontation at the end is telling you to be more assertive. You can be humble without being a pushover.
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