Deceased grandmother being possessed Male. The other day I dreamt about my grandma who passed away three years ago. She was unlike anything I have ever seen. It's as if she was possessed. She had a green hue to her and she was levitating or hanging there in mid air. She said some horrible things and did some unspeakable things then made the comment "I might as well piss myself and die" and that's exactly what she did. Usually, dreaming about a deceased grandmother is an assuring sign, something to let you know that you will easily overcome any troubles which you may face in life and will always have a shelter during the worst times. Since you mentioned your grandmother being possessed and saying horrible things, it could mean that you could be feeling unhappy and so you see this symbol of stability and love transforming into something negative to illustrate how difficult your life could be at the moment, perhaps representing the exorcism of your own inner demons and not something directly related to the memory of your grandmother.
Deceased daughter playing with a cousin I'm 46 female, my daughter has died in a fatal car accident. I dreamt that I saw her playing at her car wash in black vs thermal pjs with white writing. She is 25. I saw her playing with her cousin who is also gone, he was wearing the same black pjs with white writing. I screamed because I didn't understand why she was with him, she was supposed to be with grandpa and my mom in law, very close to them and why in black. I woke up. Dream visions about those who have passed in the real world is often a reflection of the dreamer's sorrow related to their loss. Seeing your daughter being alive, then, suggests you are still in the grieving process and are not ready to let her go yet. The notion that she was with her cousin rather than other deceased family members you think you are closer to could be a reflection of your fear that she is not in the same place as they are. However, it is more likely that she is on the journey to find those people, meaning she is not stuck somewhere but rather just in the process of finding them and others you had lost throughout your life. Additionally, the black clothes represent your mourning while the white lettering could be the glimmer of hope that her soul would soon be at peace and you would finally attain some consolation and inner peace.
A deceased relative asking for black shoes I dreamed that my recently deceased nephew was asking for a pair of black shoes. He didn't ask for a specific type of shoe, just black. A pair of black shoes in dreams alludes to progress and social mobility. In the context of your dream, your deceased nephew's request for a pair of black shoes likely represents his discontent about the way he lived. Or perhaps this is merely your own projection of your unhappiness. Maybe his death uncovered your personal issues about improving your own situation or your overall lifestyle as a result of being overcome by feelings of mortality. Life can be snuffed out in an instant and this recent loss may have inspired your desire to live better and with purpose.
Deceased mother alive and beautiful I dreamt about my mother who recently died. I went to visit her body weeks after her death, but instead of being a rotten corpse she looked beautiful. I began to hold her in my arms and she began to smile and hug me back opening her eyes to look at me. I carried her through the streets trying to get people to help her telling them she was still alive but no one could see her. I was crying and struggling to hold her, but she continued to look up at me and smile. We were hugging each other tight. According to your dream, it seems you are still mourning the death of your mother in a very intense way. Your dream could mean that, wherever she may be now, she is happy and at peace, still looking out for you, while your attempts to prove everyone else she is still alive could mean that you should accept her passing even though you try to bring her back to life in your subconscious states. What your dream could be trying to tell you is to move on with your life and keep in mind that your mother is in a better place while you still have a future full of opportunities ahead of you. You obviously miss your mother but you must agree with the fact that she is no longer here, although she will always remain with you through the memories you cherish so much.
Deceased mother needing to go to hospital I dreamt that my mother who has passed was with me in her house. She kept telling me she was going to faint and needed to go to the hospital. I kept getting flashes of her saying faint, hospital, and a doctor saying nothing was wrong. I then woke up calculating months in my head, and a feeling that she was trying to tell me something. Seeing your deceased mother in a dream often gives significant insight into how to resolve an issue you may be dealing with in reality. The symbol of fainting could be an indication of future health issues or injuries due to some behavior you are currently engaged in. This is supported by the idea that you suddenly woke up and began counting the months. Rather than a specific day or season, this seems to suggest that it is only a matter of time before your current lifestyle catches up with you and wreaks havoc on your body. Therefore, you could be right in your feeling that your dearly departed mother was trying to tell you something. You may need to be more proactive rather than reactive with how you deal with your health, including such behavior as eating right, seeing a doctor regularly and avoiding habits that may have a negative impact on your well-being in the future.
Deceased friend showing signs of life In my dream, I was attending a visitation for a friend Fred (who is deceased). I was looking at the body, and it was supposed to be Fred, but it didn't look like Fred. I was standing at the head of the coffin. Fred's feet furthest from me, and his head closest to me, but facing away from me. As I was standing there, the body contorted, the legs came up to the head of the coffin and his face turned toward me slowly. So, the body was scrunched up in the front half of the coffin. I froze. The eyes opened, and I was terrified. While the body didn't look like Fred's, the eyes felt like his. Others in the room didn't seem to notice, or it didn't seem out of place for them. I buried my head in to someone's shoulder and turned away. It was a mother figure, but I can't tell if it was my mother, or my mother in law (who also knew Fred very well). She ushered me back toward the coffin while comforting me, and the body began to groan, the eyes opened a bit more. The body seemed to be trying to get out of the coffin, as if to say, I am not really dead. And I just turned away and could not look, and walked away with my head buried and I refused to look up. I was saying something to the effect of "No, I can't do this, this is terrifying, I can't do this". I was walking away saying this, head buried, as the body was getting out of the coffin, but I wasn't looking because I was too afraid. No one else seemed bothered. Tiny bit of background: Fred is someone who I knew through my work at the Red Cross. He and his wife also attended church with my in-laws and they were very close. Fred was in his 80's and passed away on Thanksgiving from pancreatic cancer (from diagnosis to death it was only about 5 or 6 months max). Dreaming of a dead friend oftentimes points to the possibility of being ridiculed by friends or colleagues. However, in the context of your dream, attending the visitation for a deceased friend could reveal unresolved issues or a natural manifestation of grief. You may still be reeling over your friend's death, so your distress is being projected into dreams by your subconscious as an extension of the process of mourning. The fact that the body did not look like him may have something to do with new information you discover or learn about your friend after he died. These pieces of information may change your overall impression or perception of him. Since the tone of the dream seems to be scary and almost like a nightmare, perhaps those secrets are negative or damaging to his reputation. Specifically, the contorted corpse of your deceased friend means his real self may be completely different to how you know him or how others know him. This truth may be hard for you to accept. It is also possible that there are secrets you know about your friend that not a lot of people know and this is making you feel guilty or it is weighing heavily on you. In addition, the mother figure symbolizes your loved ones who are privy to the depth and dynamics of your friendship with Fred. Maybe you look to them for clarity and support whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by your grief. As such, your mind could be telling you to lean on your family and friends to help you cope with your sorrow. On the other hand, Fred may be a representation of your general past and secrets that refuse to be buried. You could be dwelling too much on past mistakes that this is keeping you from fully moving forward and focusing on your future. Finally, the quick progression of his disease leading to his eventual death may have made you more aware of your own mortality and this is making you feel anxious. This is especially true if you are not in your best physical and emotional state.
Dead relatives jumping off a building I dreamt of my departed relatives jumping off from building, one by one. Dreaming about your dearly departed relatives suggests your current endeavors require more serious consideration. You may need to rely on the experience and wisdom of those older and wiser than yourself. This could include older family members in reality, but it may also refer to respected experts and philosophers from ages past. The image of these individuals jumping off a building one at a time could mean your time to find a solution is limited or that waiting to act could diminish your overall success. Time is of the essence in this case, so you should gather the information you need as quickly as possible.
Late husband cooking a steak I dreamt my late husband cooked me a beautiful t-bone steak for breakfast and it was on the lounge of a house we used to live in. This vision may seem to be centered around your past, but it actually gives some insight into the present. The setting of this dream, a home you shared in the past, represents an internal desire to relive moments of the past. This is likely tied to the earlier times of your courtship and marriage. However, the presence of you late husband suggests that in focusing on the past you may be missing out on something more important in the present. Perhaps someone in your life feels you prefer your memories, leading to their feeling of being neglected or loneliness. You could even be the victim of your own recollections in this case. The steak that you ate points toward some upcoming opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and shake off some of the ghosts of the past so that you can move forward with a light heart.
Running after mother's death A few days after my mother's death, I woke up very tired. All I remembered was I kept on running as if something or somebody was chasing me. There is no clear picture of who or what was behind me, I just kept running without direction at the darkness until I woke up. I am female. Running is a common dream scenario which usually manifests during times of stress. In your case, dreaming of running away from an unidentified person means you are trying to escape your circumstances. You are probably reluctant to face the consequences of your mother's death and the responsibilities you have to carry after she has passed away. In part, you also have not fully absorbed and accepted the loss of your mother which is where the dream symbol of darkness comes in. Being surrounded by darkness as you keep on running symbolizes grief, depression as well as uncertainty. These are all part of the process of mourning and at the moment you cannot see the light. Soon enough you would have to stop, accept your mother's passing and have the courage to face your new reality.
Deceased brother as a boy I am an adult female and would like to know what it means that when I dream of my adult brother he is always a young boy about 8yrs old. He died last June and I had one dream of him since and he was still that young boy I would so much appreciate it if you could explain this? Thank you. Dreaming of your deceased brother as a young boy could be a natural part of the grieving process. Perhaps you want to remember your brother during his happy and carefree younger years. Although sometimes dreaming of deceased relatives can also refer to a lesson you need to learn. In this case, visualizing your brother as a boy means a past experience or memory could help you deal with your current problems or issues. It could be specifically related to you and your brother's childhood or it could be your past in general. Once you figure out this valuable lesson, then you can set your mind at ease knowing that you are not repeating the same mistakes.
A deceased wife with a picture of the girlfriend My passed away wife whom I loved comes to me showing my girlfriend in a bold painting smiling and pointing to her. Dreaming of your dearly departed wife could shed some light on your current situation, namely the one between you and your girlfriend who was also present in the vision. Your wife is motioning toward a bold image of your girlfriend, a lucky type of image that is associated with achieving a goal or getting to another level. It could be a metaphor for your relationship status. Perhaps your dearly departed wife is letting you know that it is a good time to consider taking things a little more seriously. She may be subtly letting you know that loving someone else does not diminish your love for her, rather, it complements it as there is no limit to how much you can love. If you feel comfortable and ready, now may be a good time to test the waters with more commitment or a more formal relationship.
Deceased mother who now hates I am a 39 y.o. female. My mother died 17 years ago. Recently in the last two weeks I keep having dreams that my mother is still alive but she hates me. I know my mother loved me, so I don't understand the dreams and why I'm having them all of a sudden. The dream is in present day. The scenarios may differ but the concept is always the same - she hates me and I get very upset because I don't know why she hates me. Seeing your dead mother in a dream is an urgent message for you about how to find a solution to your current problems. Usually, the mother represents past experiences and situations that taught you valuable lessons. In effect, your subconscious is saying that to make your troubles go away, the key is to find wisdom from your past. However, since repeated dream visions portray your deceased mother as being angry at you, it means you are falling into your destructive patterns. Instead of learning from your bad experiences, you keep repeating your mistakes. So, your mother appears hateful because you are refusing to recognize the error of your ways. The only way for your mind to be at ease is if you finally recognize your failings and do something to break the pattern.
Dead husband and giant roaches I am a widow of nearly two years and since my husband died I dream about him a lot and in this dream he and I and our kids and grand kids were there and I was getting ready for bed, so I went into our bedroom and as I was changing I could see a lot of giant roaches crawling all over the wall and over everything. So I just stood there and never got around to changing. Dreaming of your deceased husband denotes unfinished business or unresolved issues. He could have left a lot issues or questions behind which you grapple with to this day. Meanwhile, the giant or monstrously sized roaches refer to self-deception and self-preservation. Something you discovered about your late husband could have huge and negative implications to your marriage and your family in general. So, to shield your children as well as yourself from all the pain that these uncovered secrets would cause, you have actively avoided confronting these issues or your mind has repressed them. Unfortunately, keeping this locked up inside you is such a burden, so your subconscious is manifesting your anxieties in dreams.
A deceased brother with a candle I am a girl. My brother passed away recently, I saw my brother in my dream where he was holding a candle in his hand and also pouring wax on his body. Seeing a recently departed loved one in the dream world is fairly common, as they are understandably on your mind a lot at present. Envisioning your brother holding a candle, however, speaks to the difficulty you are having accepting or getting over his passing. Such a symbol suggests you may think you have finished mourning only to find something else that reminds you of him, starting the process anew. The wax he poured on his body may symbolically represent the melting away of your current negative emotions with time. In a sense, your feelings will cool over time and you will be OK, even if it does not feel like it now. Your brother may furthermore be sending you this as a message of comfort, letting you know it's fine to be sad but you can also let him go when you are ready.
A dead baby resurrecting Baby in a white casket wearing all white coming back to life. A dead baby is generally associated with disappointment and, more specifically, with dealing with unwanted and troublesome individuals. Watching this baby in white come back to life is symbolic of having that bothersome individual or individuals come to visit. In order to appease them and make their tenure at your location as smooth as possible, you would need to do a lot of preparation. You may need to clean your place from top to bottom or buy a different type of food that they prefer. While this would be terribly inconvenient and perhaps expensive for you, the alternative is to deal with difficult guests for an undetermined amount of time.
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