Deceased friend in a bath with men Naked men in bath, departed female friend jumped in the bath with them in a playful way. Dreaming about men and a woman in the bath is a negative sign representing exasperation, sadness or hopelessness in terms of relationships. This is opposed to the image of the naked men, which suggest that you have many admirers or friends of the opposite sex. Perhaps you feel your friends outshine you when in reality you should have more confidence in yourself.
A deceased friend having sex with someone else Dreamed my very close guy friend who has passed away was ignoring me and having sex with my friend who is still alive. I kept trying to get his attention and would get it for a moment then gone. The image of your deceased friend in the dream world suggests he is on your mind. You may have recently been reminded of him for some reason, or perhaps you visited a place you went together in reality. In a sense, his presence reaffirms the strength of your attachment before his passing. However, your inability to communicate with him during he dream vision could reveal there is still a lack of closure. Maybe you have met someone who reminds you of him, and you are afraid this new individual could replace your friend in your heart. However, watching your friend have sex means this perspective is not actually helping you let go and move on. Your fear of change could be putting you in a less than desirable position in reality. It would be wise, then, to consider opening yourself up to new people and possibilities. You can have new experiences and friendships without changing or forgetting the old ones.
Deceased brother's house I inherited my brother's house and presently selling it. My brother took his own life. I saw the house 8 times vividly in my dreams last night. Seeing a house you own in the dream world should be considered as a symbolic warning that there may be some very serious and difficult troubles headed your way, particularly if you are in the middle of a project or task. This symbol could also be indicative of coming face to face with a situation that may cause substantial loss in your life. So in a sense, this vision is two-fold. It represents the loss you are feeling from the passing of your brother and the difficulty and stress associated with selling a house. It would be wise to try not to overexert or overextend yourself during this time.
Deceased grandmother helping at work Deceased grandma helping me set up a coffee station at work. The vision of a deceased relative in your dream can be a sign of your affection for this person. It shows that your subconscious is still dealing with mourning the loss and your souls are still attached, so the notion of your grandmother helping you at work suggests your trustfulness and dependence on her. She was probably your refuge who helped you out when you were in trouble. Your dream can be interpreted to mean that you have been through some tough situation recently and could be seeking help from a reliable person.
Late sister with a message I dreamt about my late sister vividly talking to me like she was complaining that she worked hard but never got recognition. Then she told me she had a message for me and asked if I will be strong for that message and I replied yes and she laughed and I woke up. Dreaming about your dearly departed sister usually is considered a reflection of some problem you are dealing with or some confusion you are facing. In particular, this image is associated with loss. It possible that it may be related to your sister's passing, but it could also be that another more recent loss is being channeled through the emotions you felt at the time she moved beyond this realm. In any case, you are probably unsure how to handle this situation or where to even begin looking for answers. When she asked if you would be strong, it was probably referring directly to having the strength to persevere and overcome your current situation. Because you answered yes, it seems likely you would find a solution and come out on top.
Deceased husband holding a black baby My recently deceased husband was holding a black baby. Nothing was said, and I was awake and aware of him being there. I am female. Seeing your deceased husband while dreaming could mean that your presence in some social circumstances is becoming insufficient. You may be avoiding your family members and friends or not paying enough attention to them compared to how much they expect from you. However, the other crucial symbol of your vision, the black baby, is an extremely promising sign. It indicates that you will experience joy and good luck soon. The fact that your husband was holding the baby means you may soon learn some unexpected news which will encourage you to become more sociable or available to others. In case you have been expecting a response from someone, these signs indicate that you would receive a positive answer shortly.
Deceased mom on the phone My mom is dead for 17 years. My dream shows that I am on a call with her and she is crying because my dad died. He died 6 years after her. I started to reassure her that I will take care of her by sending her money. I woke up upset. Getting a call from your deceased mother may reveal some growing troubles surrounding your household. Because she called you for help, it seems you have either not noticed the problem or you have not recognized the extent of the issue. Promising to send money to your mother suggests your issues are related to your finances. It can be interpreted as a sign that you should be more careful with how you spend or invest your hard-earned cash.
A letter from a dead cousin In my dream my cousin who is dead was sick and I was holding her and told her that I loved her and then I left her and went home and checked my mail and there was a letter from her. Dreaming about your deceased cousin suffering from an illness may serve as a warning to think more carefully about your actions in your waking life. Perhaps you need to reexamine some recent behavior or consider how you would react to a certain situation in the future. This is because you are likely reacting irrationally, and failing to think about the outcome of your reaction could have disastrous results for you and those close to you. The letter you receive from her at the end of the vision suggests you do have the experience and knowledge to properly handle the situation if you do not react emotionally.
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