Meeting with long-gone ancestors from the past I was lost in a fog, yet it wasn't dark outside. It was very bright and the fog was dense, it was the brightest white that I had ever seen. When the fog cleared, a man approached me, he was my great uncle who had died during world war two on Iwo Jima. Yet he was only 18-20 years old. He was wearing his marine uniform. He asked me if I knew who he was, when I responded that I did know who he was, he hugged me and his father appeared out of nowhere, but I never saw his face. Fogs and other heavy mists are usually associated with troubling times and difficulties in your future. This is most likely related to a plan you have recently formed, as brightness could suggest success in business or investment. Together, these mean that you are probably destined to do well in these areas, but there are obstacles in your way, such as tedious paperwork or red tape. However, the image of your deceased great uncle coming to talk with you means you may receive help from the most unexpected places, such as relatives you have fallen out of touch with or a long lost friend.
Deceased father wanting his things back My father that passed away left me money and his car, in my dream he said he wants his things back and then turned his back on me. I never had a relationship with him, and did not see him until after he passed away. Visions of your deceased father, whether you had a close connection with him or not, are symbolic of tasks left unfinished or questions left unanswered, most likely in relation to your father's time on earth. There may be things you wished to know about him (either for your sake or just out of curiosity) that you did not get the chance to ask. Your vision, then, represents your subconscious fear that it is now impossible to learn the truth or finish what you have started.
Mother declaring she is not dead I dreamt of my mother who passed on back in my life telling me she is not dead, she was hiding somewhere, so my aunt won't kill her. This dream of your deceased mother reflects your need for closure. Perhaps you have not yet fully accepted her passing, which is why she appeared in you dream vision. Alternatively, this could be a message of enlightenment, challenging you to look into her death and delve deep into the past to look for lessons you could use in your current existence. Her message saying she is hiding from your aunt who tried to kill her could be a reference to problems she has left behind. Maybe there are unresolved aspects in her life or issues she encountered while she was alive that are coming back and causing you distress.
Deceased husband washing dishes I saw my deceased husband washing dishes. His hands and arms were wet when I touched him. Then he said that he couldn't talk to me right then and that he had to be away from me for a while, and I would see him again soon. Then I woke up. This dream about your deceased husband reflects your need to move on. You may still be having some trouble accepting his passing or perhaps something in reality triggered memories of him which made him manifest in this vision. Washing the dishes, quite literally as a symbol, alludes to letting things from the past go and welcoming whatever is in store for you in the next chapter of your personal journey. His appearance in this vision is telling you to rid yourself of sadness and accept what cannot be changed, so you can feel alive again.
Deceased parents morphing Dreams about my deceased dad walking through my deceased mother. Deceased fathers in dreams generally represent unfinished business, particularly in regards to some task or activity you did with him while he was alive. Your deceased mother, however, symbolizes future happiness and contentment. In this case, then, you need to complete whatever you may have started in order to find peace of mind and satisfaction.
Walking with a deceased grandmother Female. Me and my grandmother, who died just over 2 months ago, were walking together, holding hands tightly and she told me that she loved me. A dream in which you are having a bonding experience with your deceased grandmother could be considered a reassuring sign. It may represent the fact you always have a safe place to go when trouble begins and overwhelms you. This dream could also imply that you should not let your pride keep you from seeking help when you really need it.
Being own late grandmother and naked I was my late granny naked in my dream. What does it mean? Seeing yourself naked in the body of your late grandmother denotes a need for guidance. Maybe you are feeling vulnerable and you are looking for some words of wisdom which your grandmother used to represent for you. Depending on how you feel about the nudity in your dream, you are either self-conscious or beginning to become comfortable in your own skin. You feel you need more knowledge and experience to go far in life, but the first step is always self-acceptance.
Deceased uncle's coffin Last night I dreamed about a coffin for my late uncle. May I know what it means? Thanks. Dreaming about a coffin for a deceased family member, like your uncle, is an ill-omen. It symbolizes certain bad vibes that may surround you during your daily activities such as work or school. As long you let things that do not affect you directly get into your head, you will find it difficult to focus your attention on important tasks and function productively.
A deceased niece with an unborn baby I went upstairs to the nursery and my 3-year old niece who recently passed after drowning in a swimming pool was laying in the crib with my unborn son and was rubbing his back singing "This Little Light of Mine". Seeing a young, deceased relative as though they were still alive, is a reflection of the sadness and profound loss you feel over their passing. The lost future and potential of this young person are truly a tragedy which would have a serious impact on your heart and mind, which can be seen and felt in this imagery. Seeing your unborn son comfort this perished soul with a lullaby represents your personal guilt for not being there, either because you could not save the child or because you were too busy to grieve with the child's parents. It may ease your current state of mind to meet with them and help them in any way you can.
Deceased husband with a ring I saw my deceased husband holding and staring at a big ruby ring and when I asked him what he was doing he gave me the ring and left and I couldn't find him again. The presence of your deceased husband in your dream is a warning to watch your words and actions at any upcoming social gatherings because others are paying more attention to you than you may think. You may have enemies waiting to act on some secret information carelessly divulged or, more likely, trying to find some fault in your behavior or logic that can be used to embarrass you in front of family, friends or co-workers. The ruby ring represents your desire to fight these people head on, but your husband presenting it to you and disappearing suggests you should keep your feelings to yourself and let the situation sort itself out.
Paper in deceased father's eyes I have recurring dreams of me trying to pull or remove documents, letter or some type of paperwork from my dad's eyes. Dad is deceased. Dreaming about your departed father is a neutral symbol associated with the idea of unfinished business. There are likely some issues which have yet to be resolved concerning his passing. The paperwork coming from or being placed on his eyes could suggest there are some legal documents or personal letters that you have yet to see or find that would, if read, change some aspect of your life. It may be wise to go through some of his old things or ask around to try to locate these missing documents.
Deceased husband taken aboard a train I am in an unknown place where my dead husband and I are talking and are happy to be with each other.. Suddenly my husband gets very scared and starts to run around. A train comes of nowhere and he gets inside, extremely scared, asking me to chant the Gayatri Mantra. I run towards the engine and find a horrible-looking lady with millions of teeth. As I chant, I see my husband calm down and the train takes him. He keeps telling me to continue to chant. Dreaming about your deceased husband points to some unfinished business. Perhaps you are still in the process of mourning his passing and unable to accept the fact that he is gone. His fear could be a projection of your own fears. You may be worried about what is in store for you now that you no longer have your husband by your side. Alternatively, chanting the Gayatri Mantra denotes a yearning for some sort of enlightenment. You are searching for meaning and purpose behind his death. Perhaps you still have to contend with problems he has left behind and you are concerned about what happens to his soul, hoping he finds peace at last.
Deceased relatives and animals I dreamed of a deceased sister telling me about how to do a chore and a deceased father telling me about a chore, becoming angry then discovering a sickly cat, with three other cats and two rats with one rat being big and the other small. You could be projecting yourself onto the image of a sick cat in the dream. Cats are cunning, independent and feisty creatures. As such, you could be feeling suffocated and deprived of freedom because of the community you live in. Your religion and religious leaders may be chastising you for your behavior and attitude. Due to your free-spirited, and possibly rebellious nature, you could become embroiled in conflict with your nosy neighbors, symbolized by the rats. Your independent thinking sends tongues wagging resulting in disapproval. This kind of pressure to conform is usually a consequence of being part of any community.
Looking back at the deceased mother My mother passed away 3 years ago of Alzheimer's, at 83 years old. Dream: I had taken her shopping, drove back to her home, waited till she was inside. Backing out and starting to drive away, looked to see mom in white sitting outside the house in arms of a large cactus. Seeing your dearly departed mother in a dream vision is often considered a positive sign. It is associated with the idea of success or fortune in whatever endeavor you are working on. White clothing, as in wake life, tends to represent marriage or a marital relationship, perhaps pointing toward a partnership you currently have or an upcoming engagement. Following this idea, the cactus behind your mother represents your ingenuity and intellect which you can rely on to create a solid foundation for your partnership or new life together.
Deceased mother upset about money My late mom crying about money. Crying about money alludes to failures and disappointments. Your family could have suffered from major setbacks lately and you are currently feeling the consequences of the losses incurred. Money symbolizes success and achievements, hence crying over it reveals hopelessness and feeling defeated. Perhaps your subconscious is showing you the reality of the situation, so you can step up and help your family overcome this setback.
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