A boil on dead husband's ankle A boil popping out of my dead husband's ankle. The ankle represents the path your husband took when he was still alive. On the other hand, the boil alludes to the obstacles and bumps along the way that prevented him from pursuing what he really wanted to do. So when the boil popped in the dream, perhaps it is an allusion to him finally being at peace and no longer worrying or stressing about things which once mattered to him. It is possible that he has been bearing some burden without your knowledge and his passing has freed him.
Having a good time with deceased relatives I had a dream about my dead grandmother, with her were my other deceased relatives, my grandfather, aunt and uncle whom I have never met. They were all siting on top of their caskets, reading newspapers while having a conversation with me. I think my grandmother was the one who introduced me to my aunt, uncle and grandpa. Somehow I was not afraid of them, we were talking and having a good time. Does this mean I was actually talking to them, were they paying me a visit or was this all in my head? Dreaming of deceased relatives is often a part of mourning and coming to terms with their passing. However, if they have been dead for a while now, then something in the waking world may have triggered memories of them. Conversing and communicating with your dead grandparents, along with your deceased aunt and uncle, could be a warning to use wisdom when you act upon your decisions concerning the things you are trying to achieve. You may be grappling with a dilemma and you are looking towards the wisdom of elders to help you sort it out. Try to remember the types of problems you would often consult your older family members to find answers, maybe a similar conundrum is happening to you in the waking world.
A dead woman with coins stuck to a shoe I had a dream of a dead woman wearing sandals with coins stuck under one with a gum-like substance and helped her take them off. The dead woman in your dream probably refers to deceased personalities or historical figures whom you admire and respect. The sandals probably allude to their simple lifestyles and deeply-rooted beliefs. As such, the dream is a metaphor of wanting to follow their footsteps and finding wisdom in the process of reading and learning about their lives. The coins represent the knowledge you may have gained as you read about their triumphs despite the adversities they had to face.
Becoming pregnant by a deceased father Have been dreaming that my late father has been having sex with me, I went to my pastor and he prayed for me. Then two days later I dreamt that I gave birth to a baby boy. The labor pain was not painful, in fact I gave birth within seconds and he grew up almost immediately. Despite the disturbing nature of the dream, having sex with your father in the dream world actually does not refer to intercourse or intimacy in reality. It can often symbolize your tendency to make broad assumptions or ambiguous and unclear generalizations that confuse you and prevent you from developing a better personally. Maybe you want to tap into your late father's experiences and knowledge to help you grow. In that sense, the baby boy is a positive sign which predicts that you would have a fruitful future if you are guided properly. This vision foreshadows that wealth and prosperity would come to you and your kin in times yet to come.
A deceased friend singing with others I dreamed about someone very special to me who just passed away. I was outside at an event watching people sing, and suddenly she just appeared up in the stands were the people were singing. The appearance of a deceased friend in a crowd of people singing at an event in your dream may be telling you to listen to the advice of important people in your life when it comes to solving personal problems. Your friend who passed away represents past experiences and valuable lessons, as well as the wisdom you have accumulated over the years, which you may need to make use of before making choices which could ultimately impact your future.
Being told about death by dead son I dream my dead son told me am dying and I will be with him soon. Dreaming about being paid a visit by a deceased person, in your case your son, is an indication of you focusing all your attention on something that has happened in the past. You may be dwelling in the past and this is causing you significant distress. It could also represent the sadness and grief related to missing your son. Perhaps being with him soon is the silver lining, that after all the misery and challenges, life gives you reprieve at the end of it. Happiness is knowing you have made something of your life when it finally comes time to reunite with your son.
A deceased relative rising from the sea Dreamt of being on the beach with my sister and her grandchildren. Her deceased (of 11 years) husband came from the sea, perfectly normal. He explained he could only stay a little while and spend time with us. Then, he began swimming out to sea. We swam with him a little and then he dove under the waves and was gone. There were no tears or sadness in the dream. Only happiness that he spent some time with us and got to see his grandchildren. Seeing yourself walking along the seashore with your sister and her grandchildren in this dream predicts reuniting with friends who currently live far away from you. It is likely that these old companions are connected to both you and your sister, such as past neighbors or members of your community. Seeing your sister's husband rise from the sea in this vision may indicate that your behavior upon reuniting with them may need to be prepared ahead of time, as you could say something which would make someone uncomfortable. It would be wise to consider your words and actions carefully, so that this get-together can be beneficial and fulfilling to everyone involved.
Deceased mother attacking with claws I keep having this recurring dream of my mom, she passed away in 2011 of cancer. I'm lying there asleep and she tries waking me up, then brutally attacking me with large claws and sharp teeth. Dreaming of deceased relatives usually has something to do with an unfinished business, something related to your past. The violent encounter with your deceased mother in the dream world likely points to present decisions or circumstances which your mother may not approve of had she been alive. Perhaps the recurring aspect of this dream alludes to the likelihood that you have strayed from the path your mother put you on. In the process, you may be harboring some guilt or shame about certain actions or behavior, past or present.
Deceased parents needing candles My dream was about my dead mother who passed away 2 years ago, asking 2 purple candles for my father who also passed away 4 years ago. A dream wherein you see your deceased mother is symbolic of contentment and love. Since mothers represent security, seeing her in your dream could be a result of your innate desire to have this protection once again. Perhaps you are going through a difficult period and looking for solace from loved ones in your waking life. A candle can be symbolically associated with love, perhaps your mom asking you for purple candles for your dad is your subconscious way of remembering about their love which they had for each other and maybe you crave similar kind of love for yourself as well.
Looking down together with dead people The space around me is white, I look down and there is a girl lying dead in front of me. I look at my right and my dead friend and his dead parents are looking down with me. A dream wherein you see yourself surrounded by dead people has negative connotations. It symbolizes the presence of a difficult period in your life. You may have to face certain obstacles which could prove to be a hindrance in your path towards success. This is further reinforced by the image of the space around you which is completely white. The white represents worries and preoccupations with your current lifestyle. Perhaps paying attention to what actually makes you happy could help you overcome this difficult period in your life.
Deceased daughter in the crib My deceased daughter is in her crib and she is crying and I can't get to her. Seeing your deceased daughter in her crib crying is a representation of the tremendous feeling of loss, longing and sadness following her death. The sorrow and grief you feel towards your daughter passing remains very strong and you miss her presence in your life. Perhaps you have been thinking more and more about her lately in your waking world and this is now being manifested in your dreams. The vision of being unable to get to her further solidifies your deep feelings of tremendous loss. Try to find meaningful ways to alleviate your sadness and move on.
Dead grandma handing paper money I had a dream that my dead grandmother was sitting in a chair in the middle of the street calling me as I was at my cousin's place across the street. As I came close to her, she handed me papers and said I should sign them. After I signed them, she handed me stacks and stacks of paper money. As I took the money she said to me "Hold on, don't go. There is more." And she stacked the piles of money into my arms continuously. I had this dream 3 years ago, but nothing came of it. What does it mean? A dead relative who is trying to communicate with you in the dream world is usually a reminder for you to use wisdom when making decisions concerning the things you are trying to achieve. This is especially true if you normally turned to your grandmother, when she was still alive, for wisdom and advice whenever you had problems. In that case, the stacks of money you receive from her amount to the lessons you learned from your interactions with and memories of her. Perhaps this scenario showed up in your dream again because you could be currently facing a predicament and your subconscious is assuring you that you have the capacity and strength to figure out the best resolution to your dilemma.
Becoming a couple with a dead crush My high school crush passed away two years ago and I dream we are back in school and are a couple. Experiencing a dream in which a deceased high school crush and you are back to school and acting as a couple represents your memories. It has something to do with the experience you had with your high school relationship. Perhaps you are going through similar concerns and thoughts right now and your subconscious mind is trying to help you in your present situation. The past could be done and finished with, but bear in mind that it can reveal a large amount of wisdom to assist you under any circumstances.
A deceased brother and coins on the table My deceased brother was sitting in the family room. I was frying fish and chicken in the kitchen. There were three five cent coins on the table in a row. My brother mentioned something about the presence of the coins. Seeing your deceased brother in a dream vision could reflect the good health you enjoy in wake life or, if you are currently ill, it might also point to having a swift recovery. However, the stress and fatigue caused by this incident may last a little longer than you would expect, as frying fish and meat are symbolic of long-term discomfort. In a sense, the main issues would be resolved quickly, but you may not be completely healed for some time. The presence of the coins further highlights the financial pressure you would feel due to this situation. The three coins suggest you are generally frugal and conscious of your spending, but you may have to fork over some of your hard-earned savings unwillingly to deal with your medical expenses.
Near a water source with deceased mother I was with my dead mother, we were walking past dirty water on the ground and there was a crocodile and a big yellow snake trying to fight, but the crocodile was hiding in the ropes, so they didn't fight. There was a tap in this dirty water and I asked my mother if this water is clean if I can drink it and she said she doesn't know, she hasn't tried the water, then I went to the tap and woke up. Your dead mother likely appeared in your dream because you are seeking her advice on how to resolve a current problem. As indicated by the dirty water, it seems your mind has been entangled in confusion and turmoil. You may be too emotional to see things clearly and make decisions in a straightforward manner. It is possible that the crocodile represents your bad temper and tendency to have emotional outbursts. Alternatively, crocodiles can also symbolize insincere individuals possibly pushing you into making wrong decisions. Hence, you need to be careful during this vulnerable period because the big yellow snake refers to a jealous individual within your circle. This person may be determined to do everything in his or her ability to compete with you and possibly take your place.
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