Deceased grandma showing signs and images My grandmother who passed away in Feb 2016. I had a dream I need some thoughts on. So my grandmother was there. She had signs and was showing me things. One was the Declaration of Independence, the other was Brave Heart, one was a picture frame with me standing next to someone who I cannot see their face. Then I walk into a room with people who I cannot see their faces. Oftentimes, a dream involving a dead relative signifies nostalgia or a way of coping with the loss. In your case, your grandmother may have been someone you would turn to whenever you needed advice. Since her passing occurred in just under a year, you may still be mourning her death and anytime you are seeking guidance, it triggers memories you shared with her. The items and images she shows you in the vision are aspects of lessons she has taught you while she was still alive. Specifically, the declaration of independence as well as the brave heart may be allusions to her advice which encourages you to be more self-sufficient perhaps. You may be struggling to find your way and her presence in your dream reminds you about how much she believes in your skills and ability to succeed no matter the odds. Hence, the room full of people represents the next chapter in your journey which would test your mettle.
Deceased father drowning My father passed away in July. It has been the greatest pain and loss that I have ever had. In my dream last night, my father was alive, but someone was trying to drown him over and over. He did survive the attempted drowning, but in real life my father has passed. The manifestation of dead loved ones in dreams generally illustrates your grief. It is part of your coping mechanism as your mind is trying to hold on to the images of their presence from not so long ago. In your case, watching your deceased father drowning in the dream world suggests your inability to come to terms with the loss. You may still be upset about the tragedy and you continue to dwell on your sadness. The act of drowning suggests that there are certain circumstances that are still beyond your control. Hence, your subconscious is conjuring up a scenario in which he survives to lessen your suffering.
A deceased relative warning about holes in clothes A deceased relative told me in a serious form not to have holes in my clothes. Dreams about deceased relatives usually reveal grief or unresolved issues. It is possible that your deceased relative appeared in your dream because you have an important lesson to learn from him or her. Perhaps it is a lesson that has already been shared with you, but for some reason you may have forgotten or ignored its value. Specifically, holes in clothing could mean that there are trusted people in your social circle who would end up deceiving you. Thus, the vision warns you from being too trusting or forgiving of those who have the ability to betray or turn their backs on you.
Picking a toy for deceased daughter My friend had a dream she was trying to help me pick out the perfect pink stuffed unicorn for my daughter. My daughter was killed August 14th. What could her dream mean? The stuffed unicorn toy in your friend's dream is likely associated with hope and unanswered questions. The notion of your deceased daughter points to grief and unresolved issues. Perhaps your friend is concerned about you and wants to help you get over your grief in order for you to move on with your life. The act of choosing a stuffed unicorn illustrates your friend's efforts to cheer you up by finding a rationalization for such a tragic event. Maybe your friend is also grappling with finding reasons for the death. While it is a way of helping you overcome your sadness, it is also her coping mechanism. When certain events are out of control, she may have the tendency to seek out meaning or reason behind events which left her in a state of uncertainty.
Dead father warning about evil presence My dead dad telling me not to open the door for my dead grandmother telling me to keep the door locked, not to let her in, it's an evil spirit. The presence of your deceased dad probably means that you are undergoing challenges in the waking world and you are looking for the guidance of your elders. Your predicament has forced your subconscious to dig deep into your past for lessons you may be able to apply in your current situation. The past in this dream scenario is represented by your dad. On the other hand, the evil spirit masquerading as your dead grandmother could be a metaphor for your tendency to dwell on past mistakes. Perhaps prior failures and disappointments have prevented you from taking risks and going after your dreams. Sometimes too much nostalgia and sentimentality can cause stagnation.
A dead relative losing hair Dreaming of a dead relative who is losing her hair. The appearance of dead relatives in dreams usually reveals lessons to be learned from your past, but it could also be a reflection of your sense of mortality. The latter interpretation seems more relevant for your dream scenario because hair often represents health and vigor. In that sense, seeing your deceased relative losing her hair could indicate the deterioration of your own health and well-being or of someone close to you. You may be witnessing the downward spiral of a friend or family member due to unhealthy habits or self-destructive behavior. Ultimately, this is a wake-up call for a radical lifestyle change in order to avoid an early demise.
Deceased brother giving flowers Dead brother brings me flowers. Generally, flowers symbolize love, kindness and joy. The presence of your deceased brother could be an indication of grief and nostalgia. Recent events may have triggered memories of him, hence he manifested in your dream. Receiving flowers points to a sense of comfort you are longing to find while remembering him. Perhaps you are feeling low and unmotivated, which is why your subconscious mind conjured the appearance of your brother to find some solace. Whatever he represents to you could be the lesson you need to remember to help you in your present circumstance.
Deceased brother begging to stay My baby brother passed away around 15 years ago. He came to me in my dream to my house begging to stay. I kept saying "He's coming, you have to go". He wanted to hide and my answer was the same. Dreaming about your dearly departed brother asking for help is a symbol often associated with guilt and shame. It may be directly related to his passing or, more likely, is connected with another family member you see often. Your brother's request seems to allude to your acceptance of your actions, while your denial seems to suggest you are not ready to fully admit your wrongdoing, despite your obvious guilt. You may need to think carefully about the situation and determine the best course of action to make amends for your behavior.
Being invited to a funeral of a deceased mother My wife dreamnt about being invited together with her sister to the burial ceremony of her late mother. But they didn't make it to the burial site. Your wife's dream may portend some troubles coming to your relationship or family life in the near future. Being late to the funeral of a loved one is commonly associated with experiencing difficulties, particularly the type of problems that get in the way of your shared dreams as husband and wife. The source of your issues could be related to money, suggesting either a loss of income or a decrease in assets. You may have to put some big plans, like a new house or vacation, on hold while the situation sorts itself out.
Bees attacking dead sister A swarm of bees was attacking my sister, who has passed away about 8 months ago. They were stinging her, and I was trying to get them off of her. I was throwing them down by the handful, and they were dead. Envisioning bees attacking your recently departed sister may be the manifestation of some issue she faced while being alive. Aggressive bees tend to represent a black mark against a person, so seeing them on her body may reflect some trouble she was going through. With this interpretation in mind, your efforts to get the bees away from her show your dedication to preserving the memory of your sister in such a way that she is faultless and without blame. However, the notion that the bees were already dead is a reminder that her time has passed and the essence of her past life is not your responsibility. You need to accept this and find peace so that you can live your life to the fullest without being haunted by hers.
Dead ancestors staring A group of dead ancestors staring at me saying nothing, just staring. I could not speak to them. My voice went out. Dreaming of dead ancestors usually bears a positive message. It means you are headed to a better and brighter future. The path ahead would be clearer and, as a result, your own well-being would improve. Perhaps their silence and the loss of your voice represent your insecurities and anxiety about your future. To attain your dreams, you may need to step out of the shadows of your ancestors, find your voice and blaze your own path.
Dead mother returning to the house I saw my mother who had passed away over 20 years ago sitting in the corner of the room, but she had her eyes closed and we were talking. Then she got up, went in the next room and returned to her coffin. This dream was very upsetting, when I woke up I could remember it exactly and when I went back to bed I picked the dream back up where I left off. Seeing your deceased mother in the dream world can give you significant insights into resolving an issue you may be dealing with in reality. In general, this is a positive vision pointing to a satisfying resolution to your problems, possibly through the generosity and aid from your peers and loved ones. Her presence also means that you already have the skill and capability to confront any obstacles, you just need to look within yourself to find the answers. Perhaps the key is in the life lessons you acquired from her or an enlightening experience you had in the past.
Dead husband in love with someone else Had a dream about my deceased husband, one was about him leaving me, then he said he was coming home and then he didn't come and I woke up. The second dream we were on a family trip and we had a good time, then he said he wanted to be with someone else, I cried and cried, got depressed because it was with someone I knew. Then I woke up. This dream involving your deceased husband means you probably need to reexamine your behavior in the real world. You may still be coping with the loss of your husband and this is affecting your interactions with the people around you. Specifically, both scenarios may reveal abandonment issues. Perhaps you are still struggling to find your footing after losing him. Your subconscious could be showing you the negative repercussions of his passing, especially in your psychological state, so that this awareness can help you accept what happened and eventually allow you to plan a better future for yourself.
Retrieving deceased person's clothes My mother passed away one year after my neighbor, on the same day with her anniversary. She had a green dress. Last night I dreamed my mother asked me to get the dress from my dead neighbor's family. One member of the family gave me the dress plus one extra crimson color velvet head shawl with Persian quilt design and many pieces of mirrors were attached to it. Items of clothing that are crimson red usually refer to a renewed determination and zest for life. Perhaps you have been stuck in a rut recently and still grieving for your dead mother or coping with the loss of loved ones. As such, obtaining the dress with the red velvet shawl marks the beginning of your concerted efforts to pick yourself up from depression and finally put forward a plan to pursue your dreams and personal goals. This is why there are pieces of mirror on the shawl to symbolize introspection and self-reflection.
Deceased mother in a shop window My mother passed away last month. Last night I dreamed I was walking in a dark place, but I saw a bright shop where my mother was sitting in its show case wearing white clothes with very big skirt. Almost the whole show case was covered with my mother's skirt. Light was radiating from my mother. I rushed toward her but the light was so strong that closed my eyes and pushed me back. Dreaming about your deceased mother means you may be feeling rudderless or aimless. Perhaps the loss of your mother made your outlook on life pessimistic and uninspired. This dream alludes to a period of enlightenment which would trigger a personal transformation. In addition, a shop window symbolizes aspirations. As such, seeing your mother in the window display reveals how much you want to emulate your mother. As indicated by the white clothes and bright light, you would find the strength you need from the memory and legacy your mother left behind.
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