Family perishing in fire Dreams started at age 4. I'm in a big house I've never seen before and it's on fire, inside it my family is surrounded by a ring of fire and I'm on the other side. They do not make it out alive but I however do. The dream is still recurring and I am now age 26. In general, seeing a ring of fire in the dream world points to changes and transitions about to occur in reality. It marks a significant moment or turning point in your personal journey. For instance, as a child, this dream may have manifested because of a change of residence, school, or perhaps there is a family-related event that affected everyone. It could also reveal your reluctance to embrace change. Perhaps you like comfort and familiarity. Until now, you may still be dwelling on your past which is preventing you from moving forward and becoming fully independent.
Sinking ground Dreaming of the earth cracking and sinking around me as I am saving people, a baby and my dogs from the wreckage. It felt as though I was in this dream forever. Dreaming of cracked earth and sinking ground, such as the devastation caused by an earthquake, alludes to threats lurking in the real world. News of problems and calamities from far-flung places may affect your existence in negative ways. Perhaps your community or social circle is on edge due to bad news from around the world and they are acting defensive and overly sensitive. Rescuing the dog and the baby from danger means that your loved ones may lean on you during this period of uncertainty and upheaval. Your yearning for stability and level-headed nature could save them not only from external harm, but also from their personal demons.
Inside a crashed plane moving down the street Witnessed a plane spiraling out of the air, front half of a plane minus wings, windows or tail. After impact there was only smoke rising from trees and an engine rolled down the street gaining momentum. Heavy traffic was then experienced, but it felt as if we were in a plane or ship with a vast open flat floor and at an angle as I had to pull myself toward the front on my belly and we speed "over" the traffic. New $550 shoes seen also. Immediate family there, felt and spoke but not seen. The first two symbols of this vision, the plane crash and resulting wreckage, are likely the effects of a strenuous period of work or other activity on your psyche and mental health. Both symbols suggest you are working toward a specific goal or purpose on your own. While the amount of time and effort to complete your tasks may be overwhelming, resulting in the imagery of impending doom and catastrophe in this vision, it is likely everything related to the project would go smoothly in the end. However, the traffic after the crash may reveal a shift in your priorities. You may realize how short life is and that spending it constantly working and being busy is not the way to live it. The expensive shoes at the end of your dream suggest your thoughts and feelings about this situation would be met with good news. You could find more time for yourself by getting someone to help or taking a break yourself.
Trying to save children and belongings from fire The house was on fire and I couldn't get my three girls out, then, once I had managed to do that I couldn't get the dogs or the lizard out and I ended up losing all girls' memorabilia that I have from when they were all babies and all my pictures of my eldest who doesn't live with me and lives with her grandparents who haven't let me see her since 2012. This dream has come having had a good day out with my other three children and best friend and her little girl. A fire at your house could symbolically refer to some urgent, time-sensitive matters you are dealing with in reality. You may have to shuffle your priorities in order to successfully finish whatever you are trying to do at the moment. Trying to save your daughters and pets from the fire and failing at first could indicate that your past negative experiences, perhaps related to the separation from your first daughter, are getting in the way of your daily life and activities. However, the notion that you were able to be safe again and enjoy the day at the end of the vision, even after the loss of sentimentally valuable possessions, suggests you would be able to turn your past tragedies and hardship into the fuel that drives your future victories.
Two ships colliding I had a dream that we were on a ship with my father and brother with my lady neighbor. It happened that there was a another ship coming towards us and I'm so nervous that I might be hit or get stuck, but I was climbing and climbing on a cargo van so that I might not die but I almost died. My father survived and alive and so did my lady neighbor, but my brother I didn't see him. We were on the top of the cargo van shaking and afraid that we may fall because it's too high. Dreaming of a ship on a collision course with another ship conveys a warning. This imagery is an allusion to flaring tempers and turbulent emotions. You may be reaching a boiling point with another close friend or family member. Perhaps the two of you have not been seeing each other eye-to-eye lately because of differing views and conflicting beliefs. A failure to reach an agreement could lead to bigger issues which could drag other individuals into the problem. In addition, the cargo van symbolizes problems and baggage you may be carrying which are causing a significant amount of stress. It may be wise to have someone who would be able to help you unload some of your burdens to stay rational and keep your emotions under control. Otherwise, an imminent breakdown could occur severely damaging your personal relationships.
Surviving a natural disaster I'm a female. I was part of a mass exodus from a natural disaster. I ended up living as a refugee with my sister in the home of an older couple. We'd been separated from the rest of the people who'd fled, including my husband. For some reason, I'd forgotten my wallet and spent much time panicking over that. Natural disasters in dreams often resemble the same kind of calamity or adversity you may be experiencing, or would experience, in reality. A storm could mean financial difficulties or an earthquake could mean the dissolution of a relationship. The magnitude of this natural calamity and the extent of its damage would indicate the seriousness of your actual problems and the subsequent suffering and pain you would experience. Perhaps the mass exodus represents your separation from your loved ones because of this crisis or setback and you would only have your sister to turn to for support. Being a refugee likewise refers to a sense of isolation and abandonment that you may have to confront because of this tragic turn of events.
An earthquake on the beach We lived in a house on the beach. One day, a series of earthquakes started. One after the other. The house began a slide into the ocean. I rescued my phone (cognizant that I didn't get the charger) and my kitten. The rest of my friends and family had escaped, and were on the beach, house still slowly sliding into the ocean. I should note. The earthquakes didn't damage the house, just caused the slide. It was a slower, rather than a rapid slide. The multiple earthquakes suggest a barrage of changes that could potentially threaten the balance and stability of your life. They symbolize an upcoming rocky period in which you are likely going to adapt to a new environment or you would find yourself not fully prepared or equipped to handle the challenges because of the novelty of it all. The house may be a representation of your family or your own state of mind. Since your friends and family are safe on the beach, it is possible that what is happening to the house is a reference to your personal fears and insecurities during this period of transition. Maybe you are entering a new phase in your career or moving into a new neighborhood far from your friends and family. In addition, seeing the house sliding slowly into the ocean means you may not feel everything all at once and maybe the psychological or emotional impact of all the changes would start to affect you over time. The phone and the kitten are subtle references to being more open-minded and independent. Maybe both those attributes would become necessary as you go through this tumultuous time.
Saving others from flowing lava I have a recurring dream since childhood about flowing lava coming towards my loved ones while consuming everything and I'm trying to hurry and get them up onto my shoulders to protect them. Dreaming about lava flowing all around you symbolically represents negative changes taking place in you life. You may be about to go through a period filled with extreme discomfort and agitation, likely from an outside source. Considering the recurring nature of this vision, it is possible you subconsciously relate upcoming trials to the destruction caused by natural disasters, such as a volcanic eruption. Trying to protect your relatives by carrying them is a sign that suggests you literally shoulder a lot of responsibility and stress in reality. However, you cannot be at fault for all the evils around you. It would be better if you worked with friends and family to overcome obstacles rather than taking on everything by yourself.
With a brother during the Apocalypse I was in the middle of the apocalypse, and everything was on fire. I was the only living person I could see. I was running around looking for my little brother, screaming and crying for him. I kept screaming "My baby brother, my baby brother, where is he?". But I don't have a little brother. I don't remember ever finding him in the dream. I haven't had a dream this distressing in a long time. I woke up agitated and sweaty. What could this mean? I am a male. This vision represents a huge up and down you are about to experience in your life. In a sense, you are about to go through an emotional roller coaster filled with the lowest of the lows and the highest of the highs. The apocalyptic event you were going through in the vision represents a catastrophic change you would soon be faced with. This could be the death of a loved one or a separation from a friend or lover. Searching for a little brother who does not really exist, however, means you could find happiness in the most surprising places. For example, the death of one family member may bring you closer to another. While you would surely feel great emotional turmoil during this period, there would also be some sweetness to accompany the bitter.
Watching a factory explode Female. I dreamed I was on a big boat sailing down a calm river at night lit by a full moon, looked to the right and saw a factory lit with 3 smoke stacks at the top of a mountain. Something flies out of the factory and explodes, I didn't see the actual explosion. I hid to not be exposed to the aftermath. When I went out in the morning other people on the boat had small bugs around their noses and were sick. I didn't feel sick and seemed to not have the same effects. Sailing in a boat and finding that the river is calm and peaceful are two opposing symbols in dream interpretation. Travel by boat tends to indicate that you become bored easily, and it is a symbol that suggests you have a nature or personality that can be difficult to please at times. On the other hand, the calmness of the river suggests calm and contentment. Perhaps you put on a facade of peace and tranquility when you are really worried, upset, jealous or annoyed rather than showing your true feelings. The factory you saw and the explosion that followed refer to the end result of this behavior. While factories with smoke stacks usually refer to a positive resolution to issues, in this case the positive result comes from a negative outburst, an explosion in this case. Others may be shocked, hurt or surprised by your true feelings, but you would feel lighter than you have felt in a long time.
A railroad being built after a tornado Me and three other people heard what sounded like a tornado and then we got into a car to see it and then we witnessed everything being torn up and then we witnessed what appeared to be a railroad being built. And the people that had built it seem to bang on the new railroad with a chanting beat. Witnessing a tornado refers to catastrophic failure. Despite all the effort and hard work you put into your current undertaking, the plan is doomed to fail. Similarly, the new railroad represents hurdles and blocks in your path to success. Unfortunately, your inability to achieve your goals will severely affect your self-confidence and could turn into a personal crisis. During this difficult period of self-discovery, you would need the right people to guide you to the right path, otherwise you may continue this pattern of self-sabotage because of doubting yourself.
Evacuating during a tornado I am a female. I dreamt of a tornado of light blue color which changed into a smoky figure of maroon color of a running man. Meanwhile I was calm and just starting packing bags to leave the area with my family. This vision contains some very ominous symbolism, but the ultimate outcome is subject to change based on your own actions. The first part of your dream, the light blue tornado, represents some project or goal you have been working hard towards, like a college degree or a promotion at work. This is destined to blow up in your face, however, as the smokey maroon image of a running man reveals sudden illness, separation or financial circumstances may put these dreams on hold. Packing your bags, in this case, takes on a fairly literal interpretation. It means you need to be prepared for the hard times ahead. If you prepare well enough, you may be able to ride out the storm and could even find yourself in a better situation than you initially were expecting, but this is not guaranteed.
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