Being shot while apologizing to a friend I was in a garden and I saw a friend that has passed away in my dream and I was apologizing to her for everything that I have done and she forgave me and while that was happening, shots were being fired at me. The setting of your dream bears positive meaning. Being at the garden with a deceased friend alludes to your readiness to confront your past and the things that are weighing you down. You are willing to analyze the parts that are holding you back. Being forgiven alludes to acceptance and letting go of guilt or shame, even with the mistakes you may have made. Only in doing so can you open yourself up to new opportunities and turn your attention towards improving your situation, as symbolized by the shots going in your direction.
Being warned about imminent death by a girl A girl named Sallie is standing in front of my bed with a slit stomach telling me to beware of him and she is pointing to a dark figure creeping towards me with a knife and a surgeon mask on. And Sallie is telling me that he will slit my stomach and leave me to die. Dreaming about a dark, shadowy figure which intends to harm you may represent some rift or disconnect between what you believe and what you actually say and do. For example, the prominent image of the slit stomach could point to concerns about health and wellness. You may tell your family and friends that you are relying on prayer or natural cures while, behind their back, still visit a regular doctor. Although nothing bad is predicted by this vision, there is a sense that you should try and make peace with yourself, either by revealing the truth to others or standing by the things you say you believe in.
Son dying as a result of a wasp attack I dreamed I was outside with my son and husband in the backyard and he was around the shed. I saw something come out and wasps were stinging him. He died, I was upset and terrified. No one else seemed to notice at first, then when it got bad they helped, but it was too late. What does that mean? A dream where you see your husband and son with you could be the manifestation of worries which you have in your waking life, particularly concerning their well-being. Wasps represent all things dark and dreary. They may point out that the problems surrounding your husband would overwhelm him and cause severe consequences. The fact that help arrives too late denotes that you have to rely on yourself and no one else to solve any issues which are related to your husband. Make sure to develop a mutual understanding with him and stand by him in these difficult times.
A girl burning inside an oven Saw a girl burning in my stove and she was writing down what body parts she lost when she was burning. Then I turned into her and woke up. The girl burning in a stove in your vision could symbolize self-destruction. In relation to you, it could be a warning against your harmful or unhealthy habits or activities. The notion about the same girl writing down the lost body parts reveals your strong desire to end some kind of suffering. Perhaps you are feeling stressed and pressured in reality, so you are developing vices which you know are bad for your health, but help you cope with your situation. It would be a good idea to identify the root of your anxieties, so you can find a long-lasting solution which would improve your overall well-being by putting a stop on this destructive phase.
Dying before own wedding I'm a girl. I had a dream that I was getting married and my cousins were helping me change into a strange pink dress. Once I was ready, we headed outside to a seating area. My entire family was at a picnic table looking up at the night sky. I looked up and saw a light. Then there was an explosion in the distance and my entire body felt painfully tingly (I actually felt it!). I blacked out and started seeing real memories from my past. It was scary because I woke up with a gasp thinking I had died. Getting married in a pink dress could be associated with falling in love. After all, pink signifies love, happiness and affection. As such, getting ready for this wedding ceremony indicates some concern or anxiety on your part about an upcoming important life event. Meanwhile, the picnic setting during the evening alludes to domesticity and the challenges that come with it. Perhaps you are thinking about settling down, hence your dream could be related to your current partner or someone you like, even if they do not know it, causing you some level of apprehension and anxiety. Finally, getting knocked out by a distant explosion means you could be blindsided by an unexpected turn of events about to unravel.
Uncle dying from an amputation I was going to my uncle's funeral, he died of a leg amputation (in my dream only) and on his casket there was a boy playing the cello and a frog on the middle of the case. In real life, my uncle had broken his leg, but he is fine. Dreaming about a loved one, in this case your uncle, undergoing an amputation could mean that you are hiding some secret from him to prevent him from being hurt or possibly offended by your words. His death due to this injury could represent the lengths you would go to in order to avoid this particular conversation. Furthermore, it may actually suggest the slow death of the relationship because you cannot be open and honest with him. It may be wise to find a time to have this difficult talk so that you can clear the air and give both of your souls some peace.
A funeral of a crush My crush died and I was the only one not crying out of all of his friends, and when the funeral was over, the person who hated him the most and even killed him was crying in a room alone next to her boyfriend which was my dead crush's best friend. Attending a funeral in the dream world usually carries positive connotations. It means that you would experience good fortune or acquire wealth in the near future. While this symbol is usually associated with physical wealth, your lack of tears may indicate that this is something of sentimental value instead. The death of your crush in the dream could translate to a stronger bond between the two of you in the waking world. In addition, the grief from his killer could be an allusion to their damaged friendship. Perhaps the weakening of their ties would result in the development of your connection with your crush.
Dying and driving around In my dream, I was dying and knew I didn't have long left. I was trying to find my children to say goodbye, so I kept driving around. My husband said not to worry and went to sleep in another car even though he was being chased by a group of mafia-type men. The only reason they didn't take him was because I was dying. I kept driving uphill, but was getting slower and more tired until I died. That is when I woke up literally gasping for breath and sobbing. Driving around in your dream usually reflects your personal journey. Since the path you were taking was an uphill route, you probably feel like you are constantly struggling and overcoming all sorts of obstacles in trying to find your true place in this world. As such, eventually dying in your effort to find your children reveals your awareness of your own mortality and your desire to connect with your children. Perhaps recently you find it increasingly difficult to understand your children, possibly even your husband, or they have difficulty communicating with you. Your journey towards enlightenment may be alienating your family or making you feel isolated. Hence, this dream vision probably serves to remind you about your priorities and how much your family means to you.
Grandfather dying and becoming younger A dream of my grandfather dying, but appears to be getting younger. Seeing your grandfather die in the dream world illustrates your mixed feelings about his old age. You may have recently become aware of his mortality, and this awareness triggered the fears associated with eventually losing him. On the other hand, dying as he is aging backwards reflects the changes you may have noticed in your grandfather. Getting younger may be a reference to the regression of the human mind as one gets older.
Daughters dying Crying in my dream with heavy emotion. Having a funeral for both of my daughters and crying so hard. In my dream my daughter was a ghost coming to me. I could not cope with life after the lost of my daughters. This dream vision should not put you into great worry. Seeing yourself attending the funeral of your daughters indicates good luck in the family matters, which may be associated with your jobs, school or other aspects of waking life. However, crying with heavy emotions and one of your daughters appearing to you as a ghost depicts the need to release some concealed feelings. There could be matters within yourselves pending to be resolved, which could prevent success and fortune that is meant to come your way. It is wise for you to check on your family's current situation and offer possible assistance if anyone is under some unfavorable restraint.
Dying because of the falling moon I was standing in the the middle of the street looking at the sky. I saw something twinkle and then the moon "fell" and hit the earth. I didn't see the impact... But I just turned around and awaited death. Then I died and it felt like I was going to heaven or something, but I forced myself awake. I'm a male. Similar to falling stars, watching a celestial body fall from the sky and hit the earth, such as the moon, alludes to the fulfillment of your heart's desire. You are fortunate enough to look forward to the doors of opportunities opening up in the near future. As such, the process of dying in your dream represents enlightenment and a journey to happiness, as symbolized by heaven. Perhaps your present existence has been filled with self-doubt and insecurities, but soon you would undergo a shift in perspective that would allow you to make the most of the opportunities laid out in front you.
Drowning because of a big person I am in the deep greenish-looking water with a lot of big guys and one of them was drowning. I swim over to try and help but gasping for air, also trying to stay afloat. Then one pushes me under and never got enough air beforehand and went under to never make it back up, then I woke up to my chest pains and breathing really hard and fast. What does that mean? Thank you. Watching someone drown in the dream world often portends becoming sick in reality. In many cases, this type of vision specifically points toward lung issues, for example, asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia. The idea that these were large men drowning could reveal your fear of becoming weak and frail either due to this illness or aging in general. You enjoy your health and the freedom it gives you. Being pushed under suggests you would face many trials and difficulties should you fall ill. You would need to rely on the help and goodwill of others to live a relatively normal existence. This could be very frustrating, so you would also need to be careful not to treat those who help you poorly out of spite or jealousy.
Stranded and dying on a mountain top I was stranded on a mountain top, holding on, waiting for help. There were others who were holding on and some who fell to their death. I knew I couldn't hang on much longer. I saw that the ice and snow were melting and I was losing my grip. I screamed "I don't want to die". The part that bothers me is why would I make myself suffer a slow painful death by holding on when I knew that death was inevitable? In dreams, the mountain top or the summit represents the pinnacle of success, depending on what success means to you. For example, it could be becoming the boss of your company or having a comfortable life. Either way, the dream tells you that you would be able to reach the height of your aspirations with relative ease, possibly with a little bit of luck involved. Your dream vision also reveals your natural knack for holding positions of power and assuming serious responsibilities. However, once you realize your dreams, the trouble is maintaining your footing. Perhaps the latter part of your dream, involving the ice and snow, represents your anxieties and fears of failure or not reaching your full potential, yet your resolve and determination keep pushing you toward your dreams.
Dying from excessive bleeding I'm a female. My dream was where my brain was bleeding and the doctors tried to save me, then things started to go bad and it was majorly bleeding to where blood was coming out of my mouth. I was praying while I still could and died from a hemorrhage. Blood is often associated with negative feelings, emotions and situations in the dream world and as such should be regarded as a warning. In this case, the bleeding from your brain could point toward evil or unkind thoughts toward another person, specifically a family member or housemate. Furthermore, bleeding from the mouth later in this dream could reveal the emergence of conflict and discord between you and this person, likely the result of your lashing out at them and saying things you had only once thought about sharing. If you wish to avoid fighting, it may be wise to stay calm or bite your tongue if necessary.
Husband who does not exist dying I am unmarried. I had a dream that my husband was keeping a secret from me that he was dying. When I found out I told him that he should have told me so I could be there for him. We went home and were listening to some music and we were sitting on the couch and he laid his head on my chest and then he died in my arms. I would like to know what that means. This vision seems to reveal the presence of negative energy and bad vibes in wake life. There could be a growing darkness surrounding you, causing you to feel suffocated or extremely anxious. Being married when you are not in reality specifically points to some kind of grief or sadness you would experience as a result of this situation, while the death of your figurative husband suggests these sad emotions would be caused by disappointment in someone you consider a close companion. The music you heard in the background, however, reveals there may be a silver lining to this situation, although what kind of opportunity can be realized is unclear.
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