Dying and looking for things and people I died and went to heaven, I was in my deceased grandma's home and I couldn't find her. Then I was frantically looking for my ring and I could not find it. Dying and going to heaven represents an unbelievable situation in wake life that has been making you feel happy and calm. Dreaming about your deceased grandmother's home symbolizes a comforting place, so perhaps this was once a location you felt safe in. It would seem you are linking this past feeling with the new place where you feel safe and at peace now. However, being unable to find your grandmother suggests you also feel sadness, as you are unsure if you should be feeling so good about your current situation. Your lack of certainty may cause turbulence and trouble in your relationships, which is why you also dreamed of losing your ring.
Skin peeling off after boyfriend's death A guy I am in love with and trying to get over had died in my dream at 3:27am, and my skin slowly starts peeling off to the flesh. Patch by patch. Your struggle to get over this guy could become a reality sooner than you thought possible. Dreaming of him and witnessing him die at such a specific time indicates you are ready to open a new chapter in your waking life and emerge freed from this relationship. Right now you may not feel it is possible yet, but you would pull through and get over him feeling refreshed and confident about yourself in the end.
Being convinced that husband is dead I'm a 41-yr old female who dreamt that my hubby died, but I was acting like he was still alive. I have seen and talked to him and carried on as if he was still alive and nothing changed. I had friends in the dream who fed into my delusion, they rearranged my bedroom and said my husband did it while I was making dinner. I argued with them saying my husband wouldn't do it that way, my oldest brother showed up with the obituary saying hubby died drunk driving, then said I was moving in with him. Then I woke up. I should also add that I didn't know he was dead until my brother showed up at the end of my dream. The death of your husband represents certain negativity radiating from someone close to you, not necessarily your spouse. However, dreaming about your friends misrepresenting information in front of you actually has a positive symbolic meaning, alluding to the fact that they admire and respect you. The imagery of your relatives using the information they have gathered to prove you wrong could mean they look forward to spending more time with you and they are proud of your accomplishments. The situation unfolding in this dream could be a sign that your love for your husband could reach a new high, as dreams about friends not telling you the truth are indicative of growing love between people who are in a relationship.
Someone else dying other than oneself I was ill and prayed that will it lead to death or not, but I dreamt that someone that I know died but not me. Becoming ill during a dream vision suggests your current efforts would have some minor success, but you would be unable to fully realize your goals. For example, if your true desire is to become a singer, you may have some success at small clubs or bars, but you would be unable to truly become famous or well-known. The idea that someone else died instead of you could mean that the source of your inability to get ahead may be in your interactions with others. Your networking abilities may not be up to the task, or the people who normally would help you may not like you enough to stick their necks out for you.
Learning about dying soon I got the news I was going to die but couldn't remember how. At night in an unknown city, I was driving with my mother following me to a fast food place. It was difficult to find the drive thru but when I do it's a long line of people. I ended up ordering a tattoo (?) inside I meet a stranger who has some weird things to say. And another stranger after that. After that I'm walking down a street at night, find an ex friend talking to my mother inside the place we're staying. Keep opening doors.. Dreaming that you are about to die or there is a threat to your life alludes to a possibility of falling seriously ill in reality. This outcome is connected with the strange and unknown city featured in your vision. You will soon face an unfamiliar situation or environment which would trigger both physical and mental stress. You need to be prepared to maintain a sound mind and body to help you get through this challenging phase. Similarly, the fast food place points to your tendency to neglect your well-being and expending all of your focus and energy on your work or other preoccupations. The tattoo could symbolize a negative consequence to your lack of self-care. Specifically, you might be blamed or put into a legal trial for other people's mistakes. This would happen if you put other people's problems and interests before your own. Finally, being among strangers in your dream vision is a foreshadowing of a major shake-up at your workplace or even at home. For instance, a potential financial crisis or a looming divorce or break up would lead you to a completely different path in life.
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