Son getting HIV Son contracted HIV and I was so upset. He is openly gay. This dream reflects your concerns and worries about your son’s well being and future. You might have been questioning his behavior and reluctant to accept his friends or disapprove his choices in romantic affairs. This is only an indication of how much you love and care for him.
Finding a sick father My father named Anthony Rozario 73yrs has left house in depression since 1 1/2 month and we could not find him, I had dream about my father who is suffering badly, the monkeys are troubling his sleep and he feels too sick and we find him and I scream to my mother that father is here. Seeing one of your parents affected by some kind of illness is an indication that you will have a chance to come very close to something you have been trying to accomplish or fulfill, but will not be able to achieve it because of some extraneous circumstances or interference from others.
Boyfriend smiling back I have a dream and I wore my boyfriend traditional women dress called lungi, I look at him and he looked at me and smiled, what does it mean? Seeing yourself having fun with your boyfriend in your dreams is a warning that you are too preoccupied with your romantic relationship right now, and this excessive focus on your relationship might cause some misunderstandings or troubles within your family. This means you will soon have to make a sound choice between your family circle and this relationship.
Mother bathing in the sea I saw that my mom is bathing in the sea and I am stopping her... My mom is a heart patient....And I saw this dream in the morning, about 6 to 7 am. Dreaming about your mom bathing in the sea symbolizes her ability to overcome troubles and problems she may be facing, when you saw yourself trying to stop her this may be an indication of your genuine concern about whether you are doing enough for her to help through difficult times or situations which may require your support.
Borther who looks older 2 similar dreams please interpret for me. Thanks a lot. First one I see my brother who is in his late 30's as much older person and not looking quite to my father face wise and not wearing a very ordinary shirt making him look like average person. And some person I see there thinks he is not well off and this makes me upset as why this person is thinking like that? Second one - I saw last night again I see my brother who is in his late 30's as much older person. This dream which you have about your brother has positive connotations. Though you might be feeling upset but however symbolically this dream indicates that events would soon turn in your favor and there is a whole lot of good luck coming your way. By seeing your brother looking much older than he is, this vision could represent a long and healthy life in store for him. It's an implication that you might become a recipient of unexpected news which might come as a pleasant surprise.
Family members rejecting Was awaken by my dream in tears, was dreaming about my five brothers and one sister we are all in my mum's house who recently passed away in November. They were all having a laugh and discussion who was going where with who. All I said was where's my invite? Only to be told by them all that they didn't want to know me. This dream most likely is an indication of your fear of losing connections with the family members, particularly the siblings (as experienced in this dream) after your mom had passed away. There could also be some tensions or disagreements which concern and worry you when you think that there is a possibility of family ties breaking apart or being unable to rely on and support each other like it used to be in the past.
Brother rejecting and being influenced by others in a negative way I was walking home from sixth form for dinner but turned around as a storm started. When I turned around, my brother was truanting and was sitting on some benches with his friends smoking cigarettes. And they were all telling me to get lost and go away. In my dream I was powerless and upset that my brother would do this and let his friends influence him like that. Dreaming that you are rejected by your brother and his friends often signifies the possibility of upcoming conflicts and disagreements. These arguments will not necessarily involve your brother. Rather, they may relate to anyone of your relatives. Moreover, your brother and his group were smoking while they cast you off. Such action usually amplifies the negativity of meaning. That is, the quarrel could somewhat reach an extremely intense and overextended peak. In this case, it would have a long-lasting negative impact upon you, and your kin relationship. Namely, it would be harder to resolve your issues and re-gain once had balance and peace.
Violent relationship, asking for advice I dreamed about my niece and in the dream she was exposed to being in a violent relationship and in my dream she is only 15 and the man turned out to be in his early 40's which she did not know about. Then she chose to confide in me instead of her mum ...There was also my brother and sister in law there and my dead dad and we were all staying there. Dreaming that you are the listening and supportive ear of a victim of violence usually is a negative sign. It could reveal that you or someone very close to you needs or would need to be offered a helping hand. This outside support would be fundamental for the resolution of existing or possibly upcoming abusive or confrontational situations. This would be a difficult and emotionally heavy situation. Without such intervention, the situation would remain the same, or deteriorate. Moreover the dream involved one of your family members. This could indicate that you or someone close to you is or would be involved in non-beneficial affairs. For example, a harmful and disadvantageous marriage or partnership that could bring nothing but trouble. It would be recommendable to seek external advice and take precautions before engaging in any serious commitment.
Arguments during an important event and family members involved I dreamt that my family and I were welcoming important guests, our country president and other government officials, but after some time there was confusion, people were asking were he was and the first will sleep and people begun to argue. Even my family members as well. The notion of important guests, including the president and other officials, could indicate that you presently are at a pivotal moment in your life. You might have to make an important decision or make the best use of what you have at your disposal. These actions could determine your future success, prosperity or achievement. The situation might hold the potential of having a rare chance to succeed. But the symbolism in your dream about people arguing carries a connotation of difficulties or obstacles you may be facing while trying to move towards your goals. These difficulties could be related to some specific details, such as logistic or organizational. Alternatively, the arguments could also represent your fear of failure, your fear of taking a risk or your hesitation to go through changes which might affect your life. Moreover, dreaming about family members who are arguing often is an indication that there are, or that you feel that there are aspects of your personal life holding you back, things like family obligations, habits or daily routines. These could prevent you from realizing your true potential and stand in the way toward a more fulfilled life.
Family breaking into ex's house Recurring theme, but different settings. My family breaks into my ex's house and I go in to make them get out before he sees. One time he caught mum on her way out and she chatted to him and his girlfriend. Last night he saw me as we were all sneaking out, he was looking at me from the front door. Having recurring dreams about your family trying to get into your ex’s house and spying on him reveals your subconscious focus on either tensions between your ex and the rest of the family (existing or in the past) or your constant attempts to compare his current life and relationships with others to your relationship with him before you broke up. The notion of him noticing you prying into his private life and personal matters in this dream is a sign that he is probably aware and bothered by the constant interference and invasion of his privacy both from you and your family members. It is not a wise thing to do on your part, especially if he is currently seeing someone else, as you mentioned in your dream recollection. The fact that this is a recurring dream is even more concerning because it shows that you cannot get over your obsession of trying to find out what he’s up to at any given moment.
Money disappearing from the hand and trying to scare away grandmother I was in a room. My brother who is in jail was there, who is also a drug addict. He was going to the couch and pulling money out. I was a little disturbed by it and confused at what was taking place. All of a sudden, but like in many of my dreams, my living grandpa was there and not really a threat. Then my living grandma was there. I looked at my hand and I was holding money. Suddenly the money was disappearing from my hand. Lately I have felt a hindrance in my finances. I was angered at the sight of her. I screamed. Its u!!! I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!! She said there you go again with that and retreated as before. The central figures in this dream were your family members, with a special focus on your grandmother when you became angry at her. This could predict possible challenges or difficulties you are about to encounter on your life's path soon. You would probably need to exert a lot of effort in order to overcome these. The symbolic image of the money slowly disappearing right in front of you is an indication that you are not happy with your current social status or position in life (for example your job or your place inside a relationship). This unease could be originating from people who seem to be disliking or shunning you, or your significant other not treating you the way you want to be treated. At the same time, even though you want to change this situation for the better, you, for some reason, are incapable of bringing the needed changes into your life. Therefore, you could be feeling frustrated, unappreciated and uncertain.
Someone pregnant I dreamed that the girlfriend of my son is already four months pregnant. Depending on your current circumstances and existing family relations, this dream vision could have two possible meanings which we can think of. One of them, which is more positive, could mean that you are subconsciously wanting this couple to have a child, so you can become a grandparent. This interpretation is especially true if you have not become a grandparent yet. The second interpretation could bear both positive and negative connotations, and could relate to your son, his girlfriend or both of them trying to hide something from you. The secret could be either a big disappointment or a great news for you. Perhaps you are sensing something that they could soon surprise you with and your subconscious mind translates it to visions of possible pregnancy of your son's girlfriend.
Family gathered in a circle, artwork and love interest's remarks The living room in my old family home, my mother and I were putting her paintings up. She is not an artist but in the dream she was. I was very happy in the dream. There was a coffee table, sofas and my family were all sitting on the seats. A love interest of mine (who does not know I like him in real life) enters with a friend and they take a seat on chairs but behind the sofa. He then says, "See this is why I want to be engaged to her". At that point, my Jamaican grandma walks in and sits down on a seat in the circle where we all are. I saw stairs but the living room was the main room. Although there are a lot of elements in this dream you are sharing here, we would like to point out the two most prominent and interconnected parts which could perhaps help you figure out the true meaning of this dream. The vision of paintings, no matter how artistic or beautiful they looked, in dream interpretation is traditionally associated with existing and persistent lies, deception and possible threats to your reputation. They could be aimed both at you and your family members based on the context of the dream story you are describing. It could also mean that someone you are interested in romantically is actually insincere and pretentious and probably not worth your time and efforts. You have also experienced an image when you "sorted" your family members by generations and that, according to our interpretation sources, indicates that you could be concerned or frustrated with how things are going ("lining up") for you at the moment. Overall, these aspects of your dream could serve as a hint to pay more attention to those you tend to associate with or trust without getting to know them better first.
Meeting with the family of secret lover It was about the man I cheat on my husband with. The dream was that I met his family and it was happy and there was a guy we both knew from our families who made everything acceptable. In real life I haven't talked to him in a few days. This dream vision of connecting with your secret lover's family and learning that your behavior is justified and accepted could actually be a subconscious reflection of your fear of being caught at some point while committing adultery. You are displacing feelings of guilt or pity towards your husband with positive emotional confirmations which could only be possible when you dream. In reality, you could be walking a fine line between confessing about your behavior to either your husband or someone else close to you, and continuing to live this double life because it seems dangerous, yet convenient for everyone involved, for some time that is.
Former husband calling by name My husband called my name. We have recently separated. This dream about your husband calling your name in the light of your recent separation with him serves as a subconscious affirmation that you were not paying enough attention to his problems or did not do a lot to help HIM out or understand HIS needs before you became separated. Perhaps, you think that the main reason for the breakup was something on his part that led to this outcome, but your subconscious mind begs to differ. Analyzing your recent actions and mistakes could help you prevent and avoid similar unfortunate situations in the future. Some sources also refer to dream visions about someone close to you calling your name as a possibility that they could be not feeling well, either physically or emotionally.
Husband naked and drunk Dreaming about my husband being naked and drunk. The interpretation of this dream would depend on whether you have faced similar behavior exhibited by your husband in reality. If you have been exposed to similar kind of behavior by him in real life, this vision could mean that you are worried and concerned about that the fact that his escapades might be starting to cast a shadow on your own personal character and reputation. Therefore, this uncomfortable feeling is projected into your subconscious state as dream visions. If your husband is a complete opposite of what you have witnessed in this dream, this could mean that you are sensing the presence of some non-typical trends in his recent behavior and conduct (most likely when you are together) which are starting to bother or embarrass you, even though they could be benign and non-threatening to your relationship with him or with other people around.
Someone knocking on the door, green snake around mother's neck I had a dream that I heard someone knocking at the door but no one was there to open the door I saw my mom open the door and she caught a snake, a big green snake. I ran upstairs to tell my aunts about the snake. When I went back downstairs I saw the snake was around my mom's neck and she was fighting with it. I tried to help then I woke up. Hearing someone knock on a door in a dream can be taken a premonition of news to come. Because you were unable to intercept, this information is likely negative in nature, and because the door was answered your mother, this situation is probably concerning her or her actions. The image of her being strangled by a snake predicts risk and the possibility of grave danger. Running and trying to find help during the dream reflects feelings of helplessness, therefore it would be wise to warn your mother against taking chances or becoming involved with strange, unsavory people, as her words or actions may be a cause of conflict. If your mother lives alone or if you will be leaving her for a time, it might also be a good idea to ask someone to stay with her or to check in on her periodically. The green color of the serpent is symbolic of alcohol consumption, and therefore may be a key factor in any issues that arise, though whether it is your mother or the other party who is drinking is unclear.
Mother deciding to kill her classmates I had a dream that my mother decided to kill her classmates to put them out of their misery. I believe she claimed that they were going through rough times. I remember crying in the dream, wondering why she would do such a thing, but at the same time trying to prevent her from feeling bad and upset over the matter, as it had already happened. Perhaps your mother has been comparing her recent life milestones and finding out that someone has achieved more and with better outcomes If you know that she has had any contact with the people from the past recently, either in person or by other means, she could be overly nostalgic about the younger years when she was spending a lot more time with them. There is also a possibility she is going through a age-related crisis, but has no one to share these feelings with. You could be sensing her inner feelings by the way she talks, acts or even through physical changes she might be going through. Killing former classmates signifies before all, your own desire and readiness to change this situation for better.
Crush and family visiting sick father and unable to serve mineral water I'm a girl. In my dream we had guests who came to visit my sick dad. The guests were my crush and his family, he drove them to our house and I was standing by the door, so I saw them pull their car in front of me. I heard my crush tell his family that he won't come in, but then turned around and saw me and told his family that he changed his mind as he smiled at me. They came in and I welcomed them. Then my dad asked me to bring them mineral water. I looked all around the fridge and I couldn't find any mineral water, I found a few but they weren't enough since we had 10-12 guests. I was really embarrassed. Whether your dad is sick in real life or not, this dream may be pointing to some unresolved or ongoing conflicts with someone close to you, possibly a family member, relative or good friend. The sickness your father is experiencing indicates concern about physical well-being, specifically safety and health, although this may or may not be the cause of your issues with this person. Sharing water in a dream vision is symbolic of helping others, and seeing yourself spreading thin but not being able to provide water for all the guests, like what happened in your dream, suggests giving too much of your time and energy to others. Despite your generosity, they may not recognize or appreciate your efforts on their behalf. While this dream shows that you are caring and thoughtful, it warns that you should also consider your own well-being and existing needs.
Becoming pregnant and being told to visit a salon I am a female aged 22, dreamt that I am a pregnant (a surrogate for my friend Judith), then the next dream I was with my mother and my step brother came to visit (I had an affair with him few months ago), I realized he was engaged through his whatsapp profile picture, my mother then told me I need a little doing, so I should ask my step brother to drop me at the salon, then she told me "Did you think that your step brother was going to be your happy ending?" , I went to my room and busted into tears... Having a dream vision about becoming pregnant for your friend could be a sign that she is about to meet someone new and start a new relationship with this person. You could be the link or a point of connection for these two people. Being told to visit a salon in this same dream could predict starting to live a very busy and hectic life either because you would be meeting a lot of people or because someone will introduce you to such eventful life. Bursting into tears after hearing your mother’s words reveals your hidden emotions still remaining in you towards the person you were dating not so long ago, and you need to find a way to release these feelings by sharing them with someone.
Fighting with family members, nose bleeding and turning into a man My sister was going through my phone and texting guys I talked to. I got mad and tried to beat her up. I remember stopping to go to the bathroom but the door was locked. I remember my head hurting really bad so I went outside to get my mom. She was smoking with her husband. Then she told me my nose was bleeding. Somehow mom and I got into an argument and I slapped her. Then I remember her turning into my neighbor and she was trying to slap me back. I remember lying on the bed trying to wake up, but I couldn't and I had turned into a man. Having a fight with a family member, both your sister and mother in this case, predicts that some goal you are pursuing is not likely to be finished or fulfilled as you desire, no matter how easy it looks or how much time and effort is spent. Your nose bleeding after the fighting indicates financial problems, such as unexpected expenses or difficulties sticking to a budget. These monetary issues may or may not be related to the unresolved or failed ambitions you are attempting. Turning into a man at the end of the dream represents being in a situation or forcing yourself to do things that are not appropriate or suited to your interests and abilities, which may be why your goal has so far been out of reach. This dream vision might inspire you to take a closer look at your strengths and weaknesses to find a course of action befitting your special talents.
Feeling motionless and seeing parents In my dream I was sleeping, suddenly my right hand got stuck, I couldn't move, I felt something pushing and holding on my hand. I felt the same thing on my right leg, I tried to make my voice heard, but i could not. I tried to get up from there, I did and tried to open the door. I was trying make scream, but only murmuring came out. Finally I opened my room door when I became free. My mother was coming to my room, and I asked her "where were you til now"? Father was simply siting outside of the room, he didn't hear my voice. Mom was slowly coming to my room. Suddenly I woke up from the dream. Dreaming about being unable to move parts of your body symbolizes two different and opposing ways of thinking or two paths that you must choose between. Specifically, envisioning hands that are prevented from moving points towards decisions that are ideological, spiritual or communicative in nature, but because there were no physical restraints, there may be a conflict between illogical or unreasonable desires and what is actually possible given the reality of the situation. Dreams about being unable to move could also be associated with close relationships, which is further enhanced by the entrance of your mother and father into the dream. The decision you must make may be regarding them, and either the decision itself or the result of making it may cause some rift or even physical separation between you and your parent(s).
Wife leaving and unable to open eyes I keep dreaming my wife leaves me, and that I can't open my eyes. The first one, multiple dreams different places and she is gone suddenly. The second one, think I am awake, but can't open my eyes. Having a dream about your wife leaving you may indicate that you are about to be surprised or shocked by someone's discreditable lack of thankfulness, particularly regarding something that you did as a favor for them. You may have provided financial assistance in the form of a loan, helped in some physical way such as with a move or a tricky tire change, or provided emotional support and a shoulder to lean on for a friend who needed to talk things out. Being unable to open your eyes in a dream vision represents being deeply in love with someone, most likely your wife who is the main subject of your dream. You may be concerned with or jealous of a new acquaintance in her life, or you might be showing your subconscious desire to spend more time with her.
Deceased mother coming alive, preparing breakfast table in a sailboat I had 2 short dreams and my grandma had 1 too, please help me, it's about my late mother who passed away suddenly 4 months ago, one dream was exactly when I found her on the sofa on that traumatic day but this time by shaking her she woke up and I hugged her. Yesterday, I saw her in the dream decorating the table adding also tea ceramic pourer we used to use to celebrate the Easter breakfast, she looked radiant, beautiful and happy. My grandmother dreamt of being on some steps and seeing my mother being on a sail boat looking more beautiful than ever, radiant and happy, she was asking my grandma to come down and take pictures, it was a short extreme vivid dream. We are in so much pain we pray there would be some sort of sign that my mum is ok. Would deeply appreciate if you can help us interpret those 3 short dreams? Seeing your late mother in your dreams is a very powerful, yet comforting message. The dreams you and your grandmother have had contain very positive images and represent both your deep sadness regarding this untimely loss and a promise of receiving solace and comfort after this personal tragic event. Seeing you mother setting the breakfast table and the images of hugging her represent your strong ties and deep connection between you and your mother, more so for you because you keep focusing on the days and times when you shared love with this woman, love that is still present in your heart and will never leave you. The image of her being in a sailboat has another positive and important message, even with her departure, she is asking you through subconscious channels to remember and cherish the memories of the past (represented by the notion of asking to take pictures) and to remain strong and hopeful no matter what challenges you and your family members may face in the future.
Husband having an affair Husband having an affair with someone I know in front of me. Dreams about your significant other having an extra-marital affair or falling in love with another person indicate not being satisfied with your current way of life, and therefore often serve as a push to look at your life from different perspectives and consider changing some aspects of it. As affairs are generally used as an escape for the monotony of daily life, it likely means you currently have a daily routine that needs sprucing up or you desire more meaningful experiences and interactions throughout your day. This is further illustrated by the other woman being someone you know, possibly because you envy her lifestyle or how she is able to spend her time.
Unable to hear another person's plea for help I had a dream that my brother-in-law was trying to tell me something but I couldn't hear him clearly. He was also asking me for help that only I can help him. And a friend of his by the name Andrea was holding him from being happy. Being unable to hear your brother-in-law clearly, either because something is preventing sound from entering your ears or because something is wrong with his voice, indicates putting off and eventually losing a chance to do something related to your family. Just as being unable to hear well causes problems in communication and delays in your ability to accomplish tasks so does this dream indicate the passing of a once in a lifetime opportunity because of using delay tactics to avoid doing a task. Because your brother-in-law was asking for your help specifically, it means this issue was likely connected to one of his relationships, possibly some help or a favor you meant to do, but did not get around to. While your procrastination may not affect you directly, it is likely to cause some friction between you and your brother-in-law in the near future.
Father giving advice My father told me I must go green. If your father appears in your dreams and offers a piece of advice to you, be sure that this advice merits a very serious consideration. This advice needs to be accepted and followed to prevent undesirable things from happening. It must be taken into account while making everyday decisions. Based on the context of his advice, it could be related to your inefficient or wasteful ways of doing things which are obvious to him.
Husband returning but more for a visit Had a dream my husband came back home, but it was like he wasn't there to stay but just to seem like he may move back soon. Felt more like a visit than and come back. These images you have experienced in this dream about being uncertain whether your husband was going to stay with you or just visit on a regular basis could serve as an indication that your relationship with your husband suffers minor setbacks caused by the influences of other people around you two. It could also mean that he is currently preoccupied with other things he deems important in his life, or he could be traveling for work a lot or is away from you most of the time. Making an effort to work out the details and arrangements of your relationship with him could greatly improve the quality of your relationship.
Seeing a pregnant woman and being pregnant in a dream I have seen a dream where I were in a place looking like a hospital, but not so much arranged with small rooms. I have seen one or two rooms then a girl who was pregnant lying on a bed and I think I know her, but in the dream I was communicating something with her. Then in next scene I saw myself also having a child birth and then I have seen my father holding my child and I was informing them about this. Later on I realized how they all would react as I am still unmarried and I was unable to understand even not after getting up in the morning. Perhaps you are very interested in learning more or communicate with other women, or even families, who are already parents and have children or who are about to give birth. Many rooms in this dream could represent that you have been in contact with several individuals or families, but the information they provided you with was either insufficient or unclear to you. You also have obvious inclinations to seek advice from your parents or older people in the family, and it is interesting that your mother somehow did not appear in this dream. There could be personal circumstances known only to you as to why she was not present in this dream.
Father asking to scratch his back I see in my father asking me to scratch his back. After experiencing a dream vision about your father asking you to scratch his back, try to postpone any major decisions, big projects or existing plans because there is a high likelihood that you have left something out or there is one more step before you can actually give it a green light. In other words, this dream suggests to give it some time if you want to succeed and prevent situations when you would feel regretful or disappointed because you rushed things or made them happen too quickly.
Sister moving to the neighborhood I saw my sister buying a room near my house. Having a dream vision of seeing your sister moving to live closer to you and if you felt bothered by this fact, it could serve as a prediction of upcoming period in your life which could be inundated with challenges, difficulties or inability to solve emerging issues. The same dream could portend betrayal or acts of deception originating from people whom you used to care about a lot. Sometimes, dreams of this nature mean that your sister has a tendency to pry into you private life or tell you what to do, which could bother you a great deal.
Having children who do not exist and neglecting them Frequently dream that I suddenly remember that I have 1 or 2 other kids besides my son, but that I have neglected them, their whole lives. Sometimes in the dream I realize that I never really liked them either. I feel bad about it in the dream and endeavor to be more attentive to them. Dreaming about children you did not know you have symbolizes people around you who normally support and help you, like your parents or close friends. While this seems like a positive sign, the realization that you do not like or necessarily want the children in your vision may indicate that you feel these helpful people are overstepping boundaries or putting too much pressure on you. Feeling bad in the dream is likely a reflection of your feelings in real life: You know they mean well, but you have your own life to live and do not need to be coddled.
Being naked and not ashamed My mother said she dreamed about me naked, and I was not ashamed. Seeing someone naked in a dream vision usually points to having a close relationship with said person. In this case, because you are parent and child, this indicates that your mother deeply cares for you and feels that the love is reciprocated. This can be understood more clearly through your mother perceiving that you were unashamed. Her dream vision is, therefore, reflective of the strong bond you two share.
Relatives in a forest My dream was about my grandfather and my two girl cousins were in a forest. My two cousins came out my grandfather never did. This vision contains two opposing symbols which are of great interest. On one hand, you have your two cousins entering and exiting a forest, which indicates successfully completing tasks or moving forward with your life. On the other hand, your grandfather enters the forest but does not emerge for the rest of the dream, which represents a large, insurmountable problem. This vision seems to suggest that someone in your life is going through a troubling time (not necessarily your grandfather), but their other friends and family either do not see their suffering or are too busy to help. Because you see their pain, you should probably offer them whatever support you can during this time. They may return the favor someday.
A family meeting with furniture around Me waiting in an upstairs lobby for my family to arrive for a play. The chairs are facing sideways and not the stage. Bed sheets are sloppily draped on the chairs. at the further end of this upstairs area a friend is very busy serving food from his canteen though there are not many people. He lives on the ground floor with his family. People begin filling in the seats and there aren't enough left when my family gets there. The stage performance doesn't happen but I find myself walking outside in the heat and looking for a rubbish bin for wrappers from the food I have just eaten. This vision is a bit complicated, but there are some important points which should be noted. The image of waiting alone usually represents feelings of being separated or different from others. This is further supported by your family not having seats when they arrive, indicating that they are possibly losing their place in your life due to differences in opinion or beliefs. The interior of this building is also very interesting. The image of the chairs facing each other and not the performance about to take place suggests waiting for someone you see eye to eye with or who shares a certain passion or hobby with you. This may be a want of romance but can represent friendship as well. Additionally, the messiness of the room reflects feelings of confusion or indecisiveness, possibly because you are unsure what to do or who to turn to.
Getting to know girlfriend better and kissing My mom met my girlfriend and her parents and me and my girlfriend almost kissed. She has never met my parents in real yet and we never kissed yet. What does it mean? Dreaming about your girlfriend meeting your mother can mean one of two things. On one hand, it may indicate you are currently experiencing some stress in connection with your relationship. On the other hand, it may represent the feelings of anticipation for this event (meeting each other's parents) in the future. It's not clear whether you and your girlfriend almost kissed in front of you mother or not, but, in general, this sign represents your feelings for her and your hesitation to rush things in the relationship. You may have some fears about scaring her away or getting in over your head.
Grandmother and a baby I pull my grandmother and a baby who isn't mine out of the bath and wrap them in towels, nan sits in her chair and has this injured bird which she is looking after and drip feeding. The baby you saw in your dream could represent fulfilling goals you have set out for yourself in the near future. These goals may be work-related, such as getting a promotion or asking for and receiving a raise, or they may be about your personal life, such as getting into a steady relationship or meeting some financial goals. Wrapping the baby and your grandmother in towels suggests you have been taking great care with these plans, indicating their importance to you. This means the reward you reap is likely to be especially sweet and appreciated. Finally, seeing your grandmother nursing a bird back to health is also a positive sign reflecting kindness and a nurturing nature.
Performing and father missing it In my dream I was on a stage acting and afterwards my dead father comes to me wraps his arms around me crying saying he is sorry he missed it. He wished he could have been there. Then I wake up. Acting on a stage suggests an internal desire to be recognized and admired. This may be through having a high-profile profession, like an actor, singer, or writer, or more local fame, like a community leader or a specialist in your school or company. In either case, the image of your father showing up suddenly and holding you close suggests he has a message for you from beyond the grave. If your interaction with him occurred on the stage in front of everyone, it may mean that he supports your moving into the spotlight and wishes he was there to see it. However, if this embrace took place somewhere off-stage, it more likely means he wishes to discourage you from getting too far ahead of yourself lest things turn out poorly.
An image disappearing from the picture My cousin had a dream about my sister, mum and me. I was looking down on a pic of me, my sister and my mum... The image of me faded from the picture. She thinks maybe I am feeling distant? Or I find that you are doing things for myself these days? Is something going on with my sister? She seemed very distant as well in the dream. Traditional dream interpretation sources reveal that looking at a picture of someone important in the dreamer's life means that he or she is seriously concerned about the person in question. You are correct when you point out that your cousin could be sensing some strong signals of growing distance or losing touch between you and other family members. To your cousin, as a side observer, these signs could be much more visible and apparent, possibly because she is not as immersed in more subtle family interactions happening on the inside as much as you, your mom and you sister are, individually and collectively.
Walking while holding hands and babysitting I was waking down a road, holding hands with a man that I have feel in love with. I was also holding hands with my husband and he was also holding hands with his wife! Later I dream I was at his mother's home. Keeping his grandchildren, while everyone was at a funeral. When everyone returned, his mother very rudely said to me it was time for me to leave and thanked me for babysitting. This is a rather complicated vision with multiple symbols, but a few major points stand out. You do not mention if your feelings for this other man persist in real life, but feeling love for someone other than your husband and who is already married suggests you are not as passionate about something in your life as you used to be. This might be a relationship, such as with your husband, but it could also be a hobby or a charitable cause. In addition, envisioning someone you love in a dream, whether it was your husband or the other man, indicates some concerns related to your family. This is also supported by the mother who acted rudely towards you, representing some internal fears about how your recent actions (or lack thereof) are perceived by other people you are close to. This dream does not end on a bad note, however. Both the children you take care of and the funeral imagery predict that luck and fate are on your side in the long run. You may experience some difficulty in regaining your interests or finding other appropriate ways to spend your time, but the eventual results are likely to satisfy you greatly.
Having to leave to flee and losing relatives My mother had a dream that my brother came into her house where she once lived years ago. He told both my mother and grandmother that they had to quickly pack their bags, that they had to go. Once at the bus or train station, my mother could no longer see my brother or her mother, yet she could hear her. She was left all alone at the station. If your mother dreamed about a house that was once familiar to her, it is a sign that she is currently in a comfortable place in her life. Having someone urge her to run away from that comforting place, however, indicates that there are troubles on the horizon. Specifically, leaving a house in a hurry portends sudden financial distress, possibly due to the loss of income or an unexpected expense. Arriving at a station, be it a bus or a train station, indicates going on a journey or through some major change, most likely due to the new financial situation your mother is about to find herself in. Finally, being left alone at the end of the vision represents feelings of isolation in her new position, either because no one is there to help or because she is too proud to reach out for help.
Son with green eyes I had a dream that my son had green eyes. Dream visions about your son having eyes of unusual color is an auspicious sign of some positive changes and transformations soon to take place in his life. He, or both of you, may soon receive a very lucrative offer or proposal which could significantly improve his life. At the same time, if you were unpleasantly surprised or even shocked by his appearance in this same dream, it could also mean he could be hiding some important information or news from you, that is if he is old enough to be able to so.
Being treated nicely by family members I was dreaming about my sister of aunt and that in this dream she acts good to me and we played together a truck game and then my neighbors came over and we had a party. Dreaming about being around or communicating with your close-knit family and being happy is a sign of good health and acquiring something special you always wanted to receive, either from the people you were interacting with in this dream or from other relatives. Similarly, being together with and happily coexisting with your family members is symbolic of peace and balance in your life, mainly due to loving atmosphere and support you receive from them. Quite likely, these visions are evoked by your anticipation of the next family gathering or celebration, such as Christmas holidays.
Having different kids from different fathers Dreamt of having a couple of children, but someone explaining that the beautiful ones are with a new different father. It was a segment, part of a long dream, but that was the only part about having children and the feeling that it was with a different person that mattered more than having children by itself. Someone had to explain to me that those are from a new father, than those old ones, but they all seem to get along. I don't have children in real life nor romantic partners and it was a bit odd to have this dream. In the context of this dream vision, the children you have symbolize your everyday small achievements and routines you have to go through. However, you could be feeling that they could be more meaningful and you would feel more accomplished if you had a person or people to share your aspirations with or simply be appreciated and valued for what you do. In general, children in dreams represent going through changes or making positive transformations in your waking life. You could be considering welcoming new people and experiences that come with that, and taking small steps to make it happen, with or without trying to make it a top priority.
Father having more children than in waking life My aunt had a dream that her brother (my father) was introducing her to his three sons. The dream is particularly weird because my father only has two children, my sister and myself (his only son). Envisioning unfamiliar male children is a negative sign associated with someone that you know and love acting in an unusual and disturbing manner. Because the focus of your aunt's dream is your father, it is likely related to him. She may subconsciously be picking up some small changes in his personality that are growing day by day. This could be related to a mid-life crisis or some other major event that is taking place in his life and may uproot his usual routines. You should be on the lookout for more serious differences in his behavior and, if things start getting worse, try to help him get through this difficult time.
Daughter having health issues and being helped I dreamed that my daughter had an abscess, but it is operated and is cleaned by the doctors. Imagining that your daughter has become ill enough to require hospitalization and surgery in a dream vision actually suggests the opposite in wake life. This symbol's interpretation means your daughter is likely to be and remain in good health for some time to come. This includes normal illness, such as colds or influenza, and also accidents. However, there may be some special points of interest in her life, such as friends, relationships, or hobbies, which may need your guidance for her to continue her life in a safe, well-balanced manner.
Grandfather lighting a candle I dream that my grandfather was lighting a candle that look like a light post. While you give no indication whether your grandfather is still living or not, seeing him, in general, symbolically represents always having a safe, warm environment to return to after dealing with the stress of everyday life. This is likely related to a relationship you have with a significant other, whom you may recently have been having issues with. Both candles and light posts point toward needing to clearly communicate your needs to your partner in order to get what you need out of the relationship. If you can do this, you may find more satisfaction and contentment while spending time with this person.
Being warned about a sickness and given money I have dreams of my uncle's wife on my father side. She warns me that there is sickness spreading around and then she gave me money. Then i just woke up because I am surprised. I am a female. To understand this dream, we should look at the symbols in reverse. Receiving money represents having a kind, generous nature. This means you are very happy to help others whenever you can, even at the expense of your own well-being at times. However, imaging the spread of some sickness through the warning of your aunt, a family member whom you love and trust, is a warning of being overwhelmed or facing difficulties, likely because you put others before yourself. You may need to create a safety net to protect yourself before spending time, effort, and resources on others, lest you find yourself reliant on the generosity of others when times are hard.
Giving birth to twins and interacting with people present at that moment I dream that I gave birth to two brown baby boys, they were large. One after the other. One born before midnight, then the other right after midnight. My mother who was the midwife said she is going to record them for the same time so that they can have the same birthday. Then the baby father came in and said to me he's ready for us to get married and live together. I told him to talk to my mother and to also pay her the delivery fees. This is a complicated dream with a number of interesting symbols. The first symbol, giving birth to twins, indicates a gathering of family and friends. While this may sound like a happy occasion, the next sign has a slightly darker connotation. Seeing your mother as a midwife suggests falling ill. Given the previous image's interpretation, it is likely genetic or a condition your bloodline is susceptible to. However, this unlucky situation is not likely to have a significant impact on your overall well-being, as being proposed to in the context of a dream predicts balance and changes which would influence your life in a positive way.
A new partner offering a pig My daughter dreamt about my new man in my life whom she does not like. She said he was giving me a shiny pig and when he gave it to me I kissed him ? Both the pig itself and its apparent shininess are positive symbols to behold in a dream vision. As pigs tend to represent happiness and prosperity, seeing your current lover present you with one suggests he is making you happy or providing for you. This is also supported by your reciprocation of the gift with a kiss. While your daughter may not like or get along with him, this vision indicates that at least on some level she sees and accepts the fact that he makes you happy.
Bathing together with a close relative I dreamt I bathed myself along with my sister's daughter who is her last born. What is the meaning? Taking a bath with your sister's daughter in a dream vision suggests either one or both of you may fall victim to vicious rumors or gossip. For example, others may suspect an unnatural interest between the two of you or there may be confusion over who the true parent is. It may be wise to be on guard against such ideas and squash the rumors before they have a chance to spread.
A living aunt perceived deceased and resurrecting I have an aunt who is living. In my dream she dies. Family is attending her funeral, all of a sudden she starts to move in her coffin. Then she comes back to life. In life this aunt has caused me a lot of grief as a result of her being extremely jealous of me. But in this dream she will not stay dead and keeps getting out of her coffin. What does this mean? Envisioning your relatives, in this case, your aunt, deceased or dying, means that you relationship with this person is gradually going downhill because of either your or her inability to reconcile the differences or reach an agreement on certain things. The second part of this dream, namely, her return to life and getting out of the coffin, is most likely a reflection of your irritation in regards to frequently crossing paths with her, despite your protests, and, based on this dream vision, this unwelcome presence is unlikely to go away, no matter how much you try to eliminate it from your life.
Family pictures as flashbacks I've been dreaming that pictures of my family coming at my face, it was like past memories. To see images resembling old family pictures in a dream is an indication that you might need to invest more time in your family matters. This is perhaps because there are negative energies present inside your family circle that demand you to shift your priorities to tend more to the people who are closest to you than anyone else and whose needs require much more attention at the moment than anything else that is going on in your life.
Girlfriend being forced to marry other family members I had a dream that my girlfriend's sister has died and her parents ask my girlfriend to marry sister's husband. My girlfriend also has a small son, so her parents asked her to marry him and settle down as sister's husband is a wealthy man and she marries him and leaves me. Dreaming about an unusual situation in which people close to you get married involuntarily or against their will is usually seen as a sign that someone has been digging their nose into your business. This may be with your permission, such as after meeting a new friend who is getting to know you, but it can also indicate the presence of a stalker or friend who is incredibly nosy. While they could be looking into your life for their own enjoyment, they could put your reputation in jeopardy if they learn sensitive information about you and spread it around.
Attacked by a dog and family around I dreamt of opening our front door and a brown dog jumped on me and i ended up on my back, I could not move screaming and crying for help. The dog was just lying on top of me, no barking, no licking. My late grandma was in the dream, my mom and aunt. I woke up crying. What does that mean? Since the dog didn't seem to actually attack you, this scene could be interpreted as a sign of a pleasant surprise you might experience in the near future. Your deceased grandmother in the dream symbolizes a safe place or an emotional shelter from problems you may be experiencing in your day to day life. The surprise is quite likely related to something pleasantly unexpected which could help you take your mind off the things presently bothering you or making your life hectic.
Letting someone in to get from pouring rain I had a dream that the father of my son was standing outside in the pouring rain trying to come inside. I didn't let him, he left, came back again and stood outside in the pouring rain. I felt bad and let him in, then I woke up. Can you please tell me what this dream means? He is in jail now. Having a disagreement with a former lover is usually a good sign, one that symbolizes a new, romantic experience in your life. The rain, on the other hand, is most often associated with negative feelings that are plaguing your waking life, such as depression and feelings of inadequacy. The fact that you eventually let your son's father inside the house to escape the rain indicates that you might come to a crossroads point in your life. Unless you overcome the negative emotions that could be holding you back, you will prevent yourself from starting a new, passionate relationship that could greatly enrich your life.
Sister swimming in a canal I dreamed of being outside, beside water canal, and my older sister was swimming toward me with her head barely above water. The canal is known to have quicksand-like mud, but she was swimming, and seemed to be almost to the end. Dreaming of quicksand indicates existing feelings of helplessness. Since quicksand tends to suck you in the more you struggle, your subconscious may be telling you that you, or someone close to you, may be caught in a situation with no clear resolution and that any action could lead to more complications. Your sister is a possible representation of spiritual issues forcing their way into your consciousness amidst the dilemma you are confronting. Belief and faith are strong motivators that can get you out of the predicament you are in, even as your personal issues continue to drown them out.
A loved one turning into cardboard and looking for answers I snuck to where my man was living and found that he was in a small boat attached to his parents' house, laying in it on the dark floor surrounded by mess. When I went to lay with him, I found that he was made of cardboard, not his head or hands, but all of his body. I was very upset, so I ran to his parents asking why he has changed so much. His dad said he knew it all along and he was crying and sorry. A bus full of people in my past took me away. My man has been in prison for 3 years, he's out soon. This vision in which your love is made out of cardboard is a highly ominous sign in regards to his impending release from prison. It firstly reflects a subconscious fear that his time away from you has changed him in some unknown, frightening way. This is supported by the physical distance between him and his parents at the beginning of the vision. His change in appearance also suggests your subconscious mind is preparing for the worst, meaning you may have already received some indications (physical or supernatural) that something bad is about to happen. You should prepare yourself as best you can and be on the lookout for any more signs of trouble.
Having fun with the family Me and my family was going down this road with trees all around and then we come into this beautiful water park with people and children around, then over the waterfall there was this beautiful city. What does this mean? A water park is a positive sign indicating your positive disposition and optimism. Your dream shows that you are in a good place right now and the beautiful city that you see further validates your satisfaction. The city is indicative of the networks you have built and your social circle. However, your vision also bears a word of warning because beautiful landscapes can also be a symbol of the unraveling of secrets. All your hard work could be undone and your relationships tested if some confidential information gets in the wrong hands and becomes public knowledge. The beautiful is just that, a facade, should you become careless and complacent.
Interacting with boyfriend and husband at the same time I am home doing laundry, my boyfriend is keeping me company and we chat while I work. My ex-husband, who I have a great relationship with, and he played for my bf's pharmacy-sponsored soccer team (i.e. we all get along) is in the living room with my 3 kids. My bf starts acting silly, dancing, etc. won't stop. I try to leave and I can't because bf's grabbing my ankles, I'm getting frustrated, my ex says "It's ok, he's just being silly, but I'm here and I'll pull you away if you need me to..."??? Dreaming about the ex-husband while currently being in a relationship can often bring up feelings of guilt or uncertainty, especially when the ex is painted in a good light in your vision. However, this does not automatically mean that you want to get back together with him or that you are harboring residual romantic feelings for him. In your case, doing the laundry symbolizes the process of cleansing or purification. There could be aspects of your life or relationships that need to be sorted out or cleaned up in one way or another. Perhaps your ex-husband manifested in your dream to remind you of a period of time when you were still together and the lessons that relationship has taught you. Your past experiences may be called upon to help you with a current predicament. Also, while you may or may not have feelings for your ex, it is possible that you are fixating on certain desirable characteristics your ex possesses that are lacking in your current boyfriend. The hold on your ankle implies your desire to pursue something important to you and perhaps you are not getting enough support that you need and you are looking elsewhere for some assurance. This could likely be one of the sources of internal conflicts that is driving this dream.
Upset with sister after finding hidden condoms I was dreaming about my sister and she had hidden condoms under the bed. When I asked her about them she denied. I found them, then started crying. I woke up. Condoms in dreams could either mean frustration or self-preservation. In this case, the hidden condoms underneath your sister's bed may allude to your unwillingness to listen. This dream vision could be symbolic of your tendency to jump into conclusions without hearing out other people's side of the story. Perhaps there are unspoken issues within the family that are kept under wraps and instead of openly communicating this issue, you have chosen to come to your own conclusions. Alternatively, this dream could point to the possibility that someone close to you is in an intimate relationship and you are feeling protective to ensure your own life remains unperturbed because of it.
A family member on the floor and shaking Seeing my son-in-law on the floor wet, cold and shivering... And I went to make him hot tea, he was under a blanket when I returned. Seeing a family member in a poor state is an ominous sign indicative of being the receiver of bad, unfortunate news. Your desire to help him in this vision suggests that someone in your life needs your help and, though they might not be able to say it themselves, you are the one they need. You may need to go through some trials on behalf of this person, but they are likely to greatly appreciate your assistance and return the favor in the future.
Eating on the roof My dream was about eating food with some relatives while on the roof. A dream in which you are eating food with relatives on the roof of a building is a symbol of unexpected fortune. It is not entirely clear, but something good may happen to you in the nearest future. You could make a new best friend, start a new romance, find a new job or get a promotion. Whatever it could end up being, this circumstance would bring happiness and a sense of fulfillment to your existence.
Leaky ceiling because of relatives Clear rain falling through my ceiling in kitchen and bedroom of my 1bhk, but not in the hall. Also, the hall had no rain and no ceiling. My husband's mother in the hall, dry and had no ceiling, asking me to remember what was removed from the house. The areas where the ceiling was raining had almost knee-deep water. Also, a few days ago, my in-laws (husband's mother, father and brother) visited us and stayed in the hall, while we stayed in the bedroom. The interpretation of this vision depends to a great extent on your relationship with your in-laws and your mother-in-law in particular. Dreaming about rain that causes flooding in the house represents growing sorrow in your household, most likely related to your interactions with extended family. If your relationship with your husband's mother is good, it could suggest a fear of hurting or worrying her about issues that are on your mind. However, if your meetings with her are difficult or leave you feeling agitated, this vision could represent your apprehension to tell your husband what is wrong for fear he would take her side over yours.
Finding out truth about family and leaving them I was moving out and I found out that when I was born I had four other twins and my mom had only wanted one. So she had my dad throw them into a giant fire, for some reason, it was only me who survived. I left as soon as I heard and many people tried to stop me, including my boyfriend. But he eventually decided to stay with me and leave with me. We took a train to the college I was going to and when we looked out everything was on fire. The whole town was bright-red and hot. Being unharmed by the flames that consumed your imaginary siblings represents your ability to remain unscathed as your enemies pass along lies and vicious rumors about you. While others you are close to and consider your family may be hurt or even ruined by such gossip (as depicted by your twins perishing in the flames), you seem to rise even higher despite the attempts made against you. In fact, the end of the vision continues along this same theme, as watching a fire burn bright before you is a highly auspicious symbol associated with success and prosperity. Every evil act made against you seems to only bring you closer to achieving your goals.
An imaginary family I have a husband and a high school freshman child, but in reality I'm not even married. I am a female. Dreaming that you have your own family despite being unmarried in real life connotes impending commitments or projects. Something may occur in which you would be required to give your best and stick it out for the long-term. Alternatively, the vision of being married portends negative vibes about to enter your life. It is possible that you could face disillusionment and frustration in certain matters, either at work or at home.
Family persecuted by the government I had a dream where me and my entire family moved to a different state and were living there. One day out of nowhere the government comes and begins getting ready to trap us (boarding up windows, etc.), but left the door, so we could go in and out. They were planning on killing everyone. Then I called my mom to say my last words and she told me she thought she was being followed and then she screamed and the line went dead, so I ran to her apartment complex to check on her and she wasn't there. Dreaming about moving to a new area is often considered a sign that you are about to receive important news or suddenly travel somewhere during wake life. You may even be aware that such changes could take place, as envisioning the government watching and preparing to attack you could be the manifestation of stress slowly making its way into your dreams. This is followed by the image of going to see your mother but finding out she is not there. Mothers tend to represent happiness and good tidings, so the absence of your mother in this dream vision could suggest things going awry for you in the future.
Wife and mother fighting I dreamed of a physical fight between my mother and wife while I was just standing there. Seeing your wife and mother fighting while you simply stand there could represent an actual improvement in their relationship. This means that while their altercation in the dream may have seemed violent, the way they get along with each other in reality may soon take a turn for the better. It may be wise on your part to let them work it out themselves in this case and try not to meddle and possibly get in their way.
Family members doing laundry and cleaning I had a dream that I was in an open place inside a tent washing my son's white shirts and hanging them on the line inside the tent. The tent was meant for my younger sister's wedding and she was sleeping somewhere and her boyfriend was washing all black clothes soon after me. My brother and my younger sister's boyfriends were cleaning this huge carpet and it looked like I was inside a kid's water pool and I poured powdered soap on it and I saw my baby sister waving from far to someone I know. The overarching theme of your dream seems to be purification. The idiom "airing your dirty laundry" may be connected to this dream vision. Washing the white shirt and the black clothes alludes to possible conflicts within the family that need resolution. Meanwhile, the carpet and the tent serve to contrast each other. The carpet alludes to luxury and the tent represents simplicity. As such, clashing priorities may be at the root of misunderstandings and conflicts between and among your loved ones. Perhaps you all need to revisit your priorities and go back to the core of what it means to be a family. The dream vision may be urging you not to lose sight of close kinship despite possible misunderstandings.
Beating up own cousin Beating up my aunty's son (cousin) in my dream with the boy shaking his head while beating him in the sense that I'm mistreating him. Today is the sixth times I will dream about this dream in the same way. Note the boy is a second born to my aunty and my aunty is a sister to my mom, the last born of their mother. Thanks. Violent dreams oftentimes reveal the dreamer's temperament or anger management issues. Perhaps you are known to be short-tempered and prone to emotional outbursts. In this recurring dream, beating up your cousin alludes to your penchant for forcing your views and opinions on others in order to establish dominance. Maybe you think you are helping him by insisting your values and principles upon his impressionable mind. On the other hand, it could be an indication of your own need for control and validation.
A rich and famous cousin My cousin, a very popular, respected and the head of the family, gave me a glistening glittering white stone but on the other side it was a seal stamp to keep. Then she bought a part of my former school building and put a casino and gave it to her son, the table in the casino had playing cards scattered on it, then she was called to get money from the government and I asked her to register me as well to get the money which she said was hard. Then she addressed a family gathering and called me. The white stone in your dream represents wealth and prestige. It is your key to ascending into a higher social status in the waking world. You may be aspiring to become rich and successful in the same way that your cousin is in a position of power and respect. In that sense, the casino becomes this symbol of gambling or risk-taking needed to become successful. Education, therefore, is not enough to reach your goals. Similarly, you may need to learn how to strike out on your own instead of piggybacking on successful peers or relatives. Alternatively, this could be a friendly reminder by your subconscious about the perils of being blinded by money. Perhaps you need to think long and hard about your motivations behind your dream of getting ahead. You may need to weigh your options, temper risks with rationality, and become fully informed about a venture before jumping head first into it with a fatalistic attitude.
Mother disappearing after a car accident My mother was driving her car and I was in the back seat. She was angry about something and decided to drive off the cliff ahead. I jumped out and survived. However she was nowhere to be found nor was the car. I assumed she died and waited for her return. While I waited, the guy that I love was there at my home taking care of me. He never left my side. I finally met up with my mom at a small restaurant but she was a ghost. Witnessing your mother drive the car off the cliff in this dream means she is about to reach her limits culminating in a possible emotional breakdown. You may have noticed her increasingly erratic behavior in the waking world likely due to the piling up of stress from her daily duties and responsibilities, at work or at home. She may end up projecting her frustrations onto you and other members of the family, causing disagreements and possible discord. To cope with the stressful environment, you may turn to your peers for some solace. However, the ghost of your mother manifesting at the end on this vision refers to persisting unresolved issues which you cannot escape. Some issues need to be confronted and properly resolved for you to have a more peaceful existence.
Family falling into holes with water I was in a dark atrium with many waterfalls with narrow walkways leading to each one over deep holes filled with water. I called my family in to see. My 1-yr old came first running immediately over a narrow walkway and slipped. I called my husband to get her. He slipped and fell in. I made my way across to the baby and saved her. I woke up just as I was frantically trying to help my husband. The dark atrium with narrow hallways represents the different paths you desire to take in life. Maybe you want to improve your social standing, increase your wealth or fame, or gain the admiration of those around you. No matter your desires, the water that surrounds you is the manifestation of the many pitfalls that could occur on your path to success. Seeing both your child and husband fall into these holes, however, suggests you would not suffer so greatly on the path to achieve your dreams. Rather, it would be your friends and loved ones who would feel the lack of your presence as you aim to achieve greatness.
Saving family in a ship accident A large ship was docking too fast. Many of my family members were on the dock including my mom, daughter and husband. The ship crashed into the dock. I grabbed my daughter out of the water where she was almost under the ship. The other family members ran or swam away. After crew members moved the ship and tied it up, I found my mom under the water. I pulled her out and got her breathing again. The sinking ship or the crash in your dream alludes to troubling times in your household. The water of the sea means that this period of difficulty would cause a lot of of emotional tension among the members of your family, probably resulting in confrontations or major disagreements. Perhaps the stress of different problems you need to attend to would add to the general atmosphere of hostility. Fortunately, the dock symbolizes the end of this tumultuous time for everyone, that is if you are able to keep your emotions in check and become an arbitrator of sorts to balance out any emotional outbursts.
Step daughter hosting a party Step daughter hosting a party in my house. Only fruit was served. I did not speak with her. All sorts of people family and coworkers were here. The meaning of this vision depends on your reaction to the party that was taking place. If you were excited about the party your step-daughter hosted, this vision of a family get-together could portend a happy event taking place in the near future, such as a wedding, birthday party, reunion or birth. On the other hand, if you were upset about the party in your house, it could mean something terrible is about to happen which would seriously hurt or sadden you. This could include the death of someone you are close to or the loss of wealth, property or opportunities. Additionally, the fruit takes on a special meaning in the second case, suggesting these unfortunate circumstances could lead to a decline in morals or a desire to take what you think belongs to you, even if it does not.
Mistreated by own family I was being mistreated by my family. A dream about being mistreated or abused, whether physically or verbally, reveals feelings of inadequacy. Perhaps you feel powerless around your family. Maybe you feel that they do not listen to you or give you enough freedom you crave. Your mind could be encouraging you to be more assertive and more vocal in expressing your concerns, so your family would come to understand your personal needs, even though they might sometimes go against their beliefs or a set of norms.
Saving family members from an intruder It's happened multiple times where there's a "scary" or "dangerous" situation and I'm always putting others first and risking myself to make sure my loved ones or other people are safe. For example, there was an intruder in our home in my dream and he had a knife, I locked my family in a room while I tried to subdue the intruder by grabbing a hold of the knife by the blade and trying my best to lure him away from where my family was hidden at. Multiple dreams like this, but different situations. Dreaming about constantly risking your life in order to protect your loved ones could mean you have some kind of buried sense of guilt relating to your actions towards them in the waking world and you try to make up for it by helping them in the dream world. You could be feeling like you are not doing enough for them or being faced with some kind of uncertainty, so you play out a fantasy to make sure you will feel better about yourself. Either your perception is wrong and there is no danger or, if your worries are justified, these dreams remind you to improve as a family member.
Family members engulfed in fire A burning fire surrounding my family, not me. They were all quiet including my 2-year old family member. Dreaming that your family is surrounded by fire can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good in the sense that burning can be associated with renewal and transformation. Your loved ones may be on the cusp of a big change or a crossroad. This change would affect all members of the family. Perhaps you are moving somewhere new or your parents are taking on new responsibilities. The bad aspect of this is that this change may be happening to your family with you excluded. Maybe you feel left out or left behind during this crucial period or transition. It may be up to you to share your concerns with other members of the family so you can support each other during this time of change.
Family members turning into dead pugs We moved into a house, I go downstairs and see the floor covered in dead pugs, I go upstairs tell my mom, she followed me downstairs, she doesn’t see the dead pugs but I do. The next day she dies and there is a new dead pug on the floor downstairs. I tell my dad, he says the same, he says he doesn’t see them while I do. Next day he dies, and downstairs there is another dead pug. I tell my brother. He repeats the same, “I don’t see any pugs” while I do. Next day he dies and I’m left all alone. In dreams, a dead dog represents the end of a chapter or phase in the dreamer's life. In addition, since a dog is often referred to as man's best friend for their fierce loyalty, it can symbolize a close friend or family member. In this context, the dead pugs in your dream could allude to the loss of family members. This is why whenever a family member dies in your dream, another dead pug appears on the floor. Based on the dream scenario, the loss may be more figurative than literal. Since they could not see the dead pugs, it suggests a gap between you and your family. They likely do not understand your decisions, actions or beliefs and this may be causing a rift within your household. In the process, you would feel isolated, misunderstood and alone. You could decide to leave home and strike out on your own. So their death can be interpreted as your decision to sever your ties with them and treating them like they are dead to you because they cannot or would not support you in your choices.
Young niece rejecting other family members I'm a 19 year old female. I've had a dream where I was holding my niece and she was happy and cheerful and wanting to be held by others, strangers even, but when I turn around and show her mom to her and see if she wants to go back to her parents, she becomes scared. She cries, puts her hands to her chest and face area and kind of leans away from them as if she's shrinking into herself. I know I've had a dream with the same situation before. Can you tell me what it means? Your niece in the dream is actually a representation of a part of yourself. Because your niece is a child, she could be alluding to your youthful characteristics, a healthy curiosity and a playful side. It means you are trying to reconnect with your more innocent and carefree aspects because you are either scared of adult responsibilities or stressed out from grown-up activities. So in this sense, when she seemed distressed to go back to her parents, it is actually your own reluctance to face the harsh realities of life and deal with the expectations, which is likely weighing you down. You feel trapped by society's expectations and you just want to go back to your comfort zone. This type of dream scenario could recur during high-stress times or when you are facing a difficult decision that would significantly change you existing reality.
Family members pushing the car over the cliff I was tied up in the driver's seat as my mom, sisters, brother and son were pushing from the back of the car and my ex was pushing from the door and saying "I knew we could push you over the edge". In the background my best friend was sitting on the ground in a straight jacket and my other friend was watching from a lawn chair while drinking a mountain dew and smoking a cigarette with her husband standing behind her. All of them were laughing. I woke before the car went over the cliff. Dream scenarios in which people are laughing at you imply that you need to relax and not take everything too seriously. Your mind is stressed out at the moment because you tend to overthink even the tiniest issues or concerns. In addition, the presence of family members and close friends reveals ongoing discord in your household and you feel responsible for restoring peace and harmony. For instance, your ex's statement about pushing you to the edge indicates your role as the conscientious member of your family and social circle. However, the downside of being too responsible is the opportunity for others to slack off and depend too much on you. Being strapped and tied to the driver's seat suggests your role as a leader and peacemaker is against your will. Since you are being overburdened by problems, you need to pick your battles. Some situations do not need your intervention, so you need to prioritize wisely.
Family digging a grave I dreamt about my family digging my own grave. They invited a known person to me, to pray for the grave. I entered the grave to see if I would fit in the grave and later came out. I went and asked my mum why they had to dig for me a grave while I am alive and she said its a norm (in the dream). What's the interpretation of this dream? Dreaming that your family is digging a grave for you reveals your resentment towards your loved ones. You are starting to carve your own path in the world, yet you feel like your own family does not support you and this is affecting your self-esteem. The known or familiar personality tasked to pray for your burial represents some high expectations and strict standards you are struggling to reach. If you keep trying so hard to make your family proud and gain their approval or respect instead of doing what you love, you would just end up feeling miserable and resentful in the end.
Affection from a cousin Seeing a male cousin after 2 or 3 days daily and he is interested in me. What does it mean? Dreaming that your cousin is interested in you in the dream world is thought to represent upcoming conflicts and disagreements in reality. In a sense, the confusion and slight distaste you might find in such a situation in reality reflects how you would feel during this period. The arguments may arise out of nowhere from friends or family members you thought you were on very good terms with until now. Furthermore, you may be disgusted and hurt at the way someone who was once close to you is treating you now. No matter how you feel, however, you should not allow yourself to be drawn into their bad behavior. You should do your best to take the high ground, and they would hopefully see the error of their ways and reform.
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