Mistreated by own family I was being mistreated by my family. A dream about being mistreated or abused, whether physically or verbally, reveals feelings of inadequacy. Perhaps you feel powerless around your family. Maybe you feel that they do not listen to you or give you enough freedom you crave. Your mind could be encouraging you to be more assertive and more vocal in expressing your concerns, so your family would come to understand your personal needs, even though they might sometimes go against their beliefs or a set of norms.
Saving family members from an intruder It's happened multiple times where there's a "scary" or "dangerous" situation and I'm always putting others first and risking myself to make sure my loved ones or other people are safe. For example, there was an intruder in our home in my dream and he had a knife, I locked my family in a room while I tried to subdue the intruder by grabbing a hold of the knife by the blade and trying my best to lure him away from where my family was hidden at. Multiple dreams like this, but different situations. Dreaming about constantly risking your life in order to protect your loved ones could mean you have some kind of buried sense of guilt relating to your actions towards them in the waking world and you try to make up for it by helping them in the dream world. You could be feeling like you are not doing enough for them or being faced with some kind of uncertainty, so you play out a fantasy to make sure you will feel better about yourself. Either your perception is wrong and there is no danger or, if your worries are justified, these dreams remind you to improve as a family member.
Family members engulfed in fire A burning fire surrounding my family, not me. They were all quiet including my 2-year old family member. Dreaming that your family is surrounded by fire can be both a good thing and a bad thing. It is good in the sense that burning can be associated with renewal and transformation. Your loved ones may be on the cusp of a big change or a crossroad. This change would affect all members of the family. Perhaps you are moving somewhere new or your parents are taking on new responsibilities. The bad aspect of this is that this change may be happening to your family with you excluded. Maybe you feel left out or left behind during this crucial period or transition. It may be up to you to share your concerns with other members of the family so you can support each other during this time of change.
Family members turning into dead pugs We moved into a house, I go downstairs and see the floor covered in dead pugs, I go upstairs tell my mom, she followed me downstairs, she doesn’t see the dead pugs but I do. The next day she dies and there is a new dead pug on the floor downstairs. I tell my dad, he says the same, he says he doesn’t see them while I do. Next day he dies, and downstairs there is another dead pug. I tell my brother. He repeats the same, “I don’t see any pugs” while I do. Next day he dies and I’m left all alone. In dreams, a dead dog represents the end of a chapter or phase in the dreamer's life. In addition, since a dog is often referred to as man's best friend for their fierce loyalty, it can symbolize a close friend or family member. In this context, the dead pugs in your dream could allude to the loss of family members. This is why whenever a family member dies in your dream, another dead pug appears on the floor. Based on the dream scenario, the loss may be more figurative than literal. Since they could not see the dead pugs, it suggests a gap between you and your family. They likely do not understand your decisions, actions or beliefs and this may be causing a rift within your household. In the process, you would feel isolated, misunderstood and alone. You could decide to leave home and strike out on your own. So their death can be interpreted as your decision to sever your ties with them and treating them like they are dead to you because they cannot or would not support you in your choices.
Young niece rejecting other family members I'm a 19 year old female. I've had a dream where I was holding my niece and she was happy and cheerful and wanting to be held by others, strangers even, but when I turn around and show her mom to her and see if she wants to go back to her parents, she becomes scared. She cries, puts her hands to her chest and face area and kind of leans away from them as if she's shrinking into herself. I know I've had a dream with the same situation before. Can you tell me what it means? Your niece in the dream is actually a representation of a part of yourself. Because your niece is a child, she could be alluding to your youthful characteristics, a healthy curiosity and a playful side. It means you are trying to reconnect with your more innocent and carefree aspects because you are either scared of adult responsibilities or stressed out from grown-up activities. So in this sense, when she seemed distressed to go back to her parents, it is actually your own reluctance to face the harsh realities of life and deal with the expectations, which is likely weighing you down. You feel trapped by society's expectations and you just want to go back to your comfort zone. This type of dream scenario could recur during high-stress times or when you are facing a difficult decision that would significantly change you existing reality.
Family members pushing the car over the cliff I was tied up in the driver's seat as my mom, sisters, brother and son were pushing from the back of the car and my ex was pushing from the door and saying "I knew we could push you over the edge". In the background my best friend was sitting on the ground in a straight jacket and my other friend was watching from a lawn chair while drinking a mountain dew and smoking a cigarette with her husband standing behind her. All of them were laughing. I woke before the car went over the cliff. Dream scenarios in which people are laughing at you imply that you need to relax and not take everything too seriously. Your mind is stressed out at the moment because you tend to overthink even the tiniest issues or concerns. In addition, the presence of family members and close friends reveals ongoing discord in your household and you feel responsible for restoring peace and harmony. For instance, your ex's statement about pushing you to the edge indicates your role as the conscientious member of your family and social circle. However, the downside of being too responsible is the opportunity for others to slack off and depend too much on you. Being strapped and tied to the driver's seat suggests your role as a leader and peacemaker is against your will. Since you are being overburdened by problems, you need to pick your battles. Some situations do not need your intervention, so you need to prioritize wisely.
Family digging a grave I dreamt about my family digging my own grave. They invited a known person to me, to pray for the grave. I entered the grave to see if I would fit in the grave and later came out. I went and asked my mum why they had to dig for me a grave while I am alive and she said its a norm (in the dream). What's the interpretation of this dream? Dreaming that your family is digging a grave for you reveals your resentment towards your loved ones. You are starting to carve your own path in the world, yet you feel like your own family does not support you and this is affecting your self-esteem. The known or familiar personality tasked to pray for your burial represents some high expectations and strict standards you are struggling to reach. If you keep trying so hard to make your family proud and gain their approval or respect instead of doing what you love, you would just end up feeling miserable and resentful in the end.
Affection from a cousin Seeing a male cousin after 2 or 3 days daily and he is interested in me. What does it mean? Dreaming that your cousin is interested in you in the dream world is thought to represent upcoming conflicts and disagreements in reality. In a sense, the confusion and slight distaste you might find in such a situation in reality reflects how you would feel during this period. The arguments may arise out of nowhere from friends or family members you thought you were on very good terms with until now. Furthermore, you may be disgusted and hurt at the way someone who was once close to you is treating you now. No matter how you feel, however, you should not allow yourself to be drawn into their bad behavior. You should do your best to take the high ground, and they would hopefully see the error of their ways and reform.
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