Hugging and crying together with a sister-in-law I have seen another dream early hours of morning I see my sister in law (my bro's wife ) who is upset and gone to her parents place that she is home and i am hugging her many times and crying also hugging her. Finding yourself in your dream crying together with somebody signifies soon-to-come celebration as well as a possibility of receiving greetings with gifts. Dreaming about exchanging hugs or embracing your immediate family member with the purpose of consoling them is a sign of a very joyful and happy event or occasion you are about to become a part of.
Drowning in a forest lake, pulled down by a close friend I was in the middle of the black water lake surrounded by the trees, I heard the voice of my close friend she called me "come here", I answered her "No, I cannot leave him". Someone is pulling my two feet down deep into the water. I tried to swim because I felt like I am drowning. Then I woke up exhausted. Dreaming about swimming in dark murky waters is a negatively charged sign. It could mean that you would soon receive distressing and prejudicial news. You might come across this unexpected message while traveling or on a journey. The friend who is calling you and the person who is pulling you down both seem to serve as a warning. You should be careful about someone, or a group of people. Someone might be trying to harm you or prevent you from achieving your current goals. Alternatively, you might consider this individual a potential threat. However, for some reason, you remain unable to stop relating with this person. For example, you may be emotionally attached or you may feel ethically obliged to stand by that person’s side. If it is in your workplace, maybe they will try to sabotage a project that you are working on. If it is in your business, this person might steal your ideas in order to compete with you. Whatever it is, they are planning against you, you need to be more careful and watch your back.
Signs of affection from someone liked in the past The guy I liked (we don't talk much anymore), but I had a dream that he sneaked on me and surprised me at my house before I walked in to say he missed me and that he wanted to start spending time with me again. Dreaming about the person you used to like in the past showing signs of love and affection could be indicative of the fact that you might soon be astounded and perplexed by some unexpected or surprising events or developments, which could turn out to be negative or unpleasant in their nature, rather than something you were hoping could benefit you. The notion of not communicating with this person in wake life could also reflect your subconscious desire to re-unite or even re-establish the relationship with this person.
Naked and ashamed at church What does it mean to be naked and ashamed at church? The dream vision about feeling ashamed of your naked body while at church could symbolize your timidness and perhaps even insecurity. That is, you could be someone who lacks the confidence needed to face the world, deal with unexpected and intimidating situations, and accept shortcomings. It also could symbolize your inability to bring out your best and positive attributes when interacting with others. You tend to disguise, suppress or look down upon your true potentials and strengths. The vision of church in itself speaks of the possibility of going through a spiritual cleansing or personal renewal process. In this sense, the dream could reveal your need to be honest with your own self as well as with others. It could be beneficial to look into the mirror (in a metaphorical sense) and reflect upon what you are and how others perceive you. Finally, you could be longing for humility, modesty, openness, straightforwardness and patience. You genuinely want relationships in your waking life to have these qualities.
Ex-boyfriend comparing hands and looking happy I dreamt that me, my current 2 years and a half bf, my ex and some of our friends went on a road trip. When we arrived to the desired place my boyfriend went to do something and me and my ex and our friends were left alone. So as we were chatting about how each one of us has a different hand shape my ex which did not speak to me the whole trip told me "show me your hands" and he brought his hand closer to mine and held it and started smiling to me as if he's happy.. Then I woke up. This dream contains two distinct visions, specifically - going on a road trip with people who are important to you in your waking life and examining your hands. The first vision could be interpreted as your tendency to get involved in or try to accomplish plans or tasks which are more than you can handle. You could currently be going through a period in life when a lot of things need to be accomplish at the same time, but in order to succeed you need to set your priorities first or ask other people for help. The second vision of your ex-boyfriend examining your hand is indicating that you are about to experience a revelation or receive some new information which would affect your ex-boyfriend's as well as your own life. Most likely, it is a new person (not your current boyfriend) who might ignite new feelings and emotions in you. The notion of your ex-boyfriend feeling happy and telling you about it seems to be telling that your relationship with him has not found a proper closure yet, at least in your mind. You might be wanting him to be a part of your life, even though you are seeing someone else.
Visiting a friend at his workplace and having an argument My friend (or ex-friend) is a teacher at the university and I had a dream that I went to his workplace without informing him, he was in a meeting and after that he kept ignoring me as if I'm not even there, I called him in front of two guys and he had no choice but to come to me. He screamed at me saying that he doesn't want to hear me out and I screamed back at him, louder saying that why I'm here is not because of what happened between us but because of my future, and I held his arm making him listen to me... I don't remember the rest of the dream but can you please tell me what it means? This dream has two distinct visions, namely, visiting the school where your friend works and having a heated argument with him. The first vision signifies your desire to learn more about this individual, even if it might seem to you that you know a lot about his life, personal character and habits. You could be concerned about his well-being, but unsure how you can help him out. The notion of having a verbal disagreement which was on the verge of turning into a physical fight from what you have described, could mean that there is something important in your life you are trying to achieve or attain, but you feel that you would only be able to move forward if this person is affected to a great extent. This friend could be a major road block on your way to realize your plans or intentions and you are subconsciously projecting these fears or uncertainties in order to overcome or eliminate these impediments to your personal success.
Ex-fiance and ex-husband perceived to be homosexuals I dreamt that my ex fiance and my ex husband were both homosexual. In this dream I was not surprised about ex fiance, but a little surprised about ex husband. After thinking about I thought (in the dream) that my ex husbands friends seemed secretive and gay. The meaning of this dream about perceiving both of your ex's as homosexuals would actually depend on your attitude and level of tolerance toward people with this sexual orientation in waking life. If you harbor resentment and detest these individuals in reality, the dream vision is telling you about upcoming conflicts and disagreements with the person whom you are currently in a relationship with or planning on dating. The primary reason for such face-offs would be you tendency to say things before thinking or revealing too much information from inside of the relationship or about your man's private business to others. The more aggressive and hostile you were toward the people you thought were homosexual in your dream, the more serious troubles you are about to immerse yourself in. If, in real life, you are tolerant and accepting toward homosexuals, for example if one of your close friends or co-workers has this kind of sexual orientation, you can expect to go through a break-up with the person you are romantically involved with, but in this case it would happen because of reasons and motivations beyond your control, such as the other half in this romantic equation being uncomfortable with the way it is progressing.
Being cold at a bar and cuddling with an older woman to warm up Hi, I dreamt that I (a young woman) was in a bar with friends and I was cold as I had a blanket around me and I was cuddling into an older woman who I used to be friends with... What does this mean???? Dreaming about sitting at a bar contains prediction of the need to soon contact social services or a government agency for some reason. This urgency could be caused by your inability to handle things on your own or because of the magnitude of the issue you would be facing. Most likely, these proceeding could take some time before getting resolved. Being cold in a dream means that you can always count on help and support of people whom you know closely. However, the image of an older woman you were clinging to in order to warm up is somewhat concerning because it could mean that, if there is indeed an issue you are struggling with at the moment, it could be deeply rooted in your past and therefore difficult to solve or overcome, even with the help of others.
Being taken over by something and breathless It was like something was taking over my body and I couldn't breathe. Dreaming about or experiencing a feeling of being unable to breathe is related to being limited in abilities, feeling overwhelmed or depressed in waking life, which could result from a particular situation or a relationship with someone. If you could not breathe or felt breathless while dreaming, it could also mean that you are lacking something or someone important or in a great need of its or their presence.
Frightened by unfamiliar men I was laying down and a guy came up to me and asked me why I had my fist under my chin. Before I could answer, he moved closer and closer, I became scared and tried to move away from him and another guy suddenly appeared behind me. I was so scared, when I woke up I was still scared. Dreaming of strange men who seem to have a threatening air to them may indicate being in a precarious or dangerous situation, though not necessarily physically (though that is a possibility). Being confronted by one man and ambushed by another could mean you are about to be taken by surprise in a negative way in regard to something you are working on or by people who dislike or are jealous of you. Being scared is normal, and in this case may predict this situation coming to a rapid head. This dream may therefore be a warning to be careful and on the lookout for trouble.
Seeing a likeable person and his friends I usually see the same person in my dream whom I like, but always he moves around me with no expression. I remember full dream always when I wake up... even can recall all such dreams I have seen years ago, 2 to 3 years. When he was unmarried I used to see the same girl to whom he is married now. Her attitude is always soft in my dreams, but mine is harsh. On the other side, his attitude is always expressionless, but he used to sit or stand around me. Almost all the dreams related to such situations and have similar nature. Consistently seeing a person you like and have feelings for when dreaming shows that he is still on your mind, even though he has gone off and married someone else. You do not mention whether or not you had a relationship with this man previously, but, in general, his lack of expression throughout the dream indicates that, while he may find you good company or see you as a friend, he does not have any deeper emotions for you. Similarly, his current wife's soft, gentle nature may indicate that she also does not have strong feelings for you, positive or negative. This dream may be, therefore, a sign that you should try to put your feelings behind you and do things which empower you before seeking a new romantic partner, if you are interested in pursuing a relationship at that time.
Having feelings for a female professor I had an affair with a female professor, no sex, I am also female, but I was reluctant to start it or touch her, but eventually I did. You do not mention whether you are attracted to women or not, but, in general, both having an affair and partaking in a same-sex relationship in a dream vision point toward not feeling fully satisfied with certain aspects of your current sex life. This may be an indication of wanting to try something different or something out of the ordinary. You may feel shy or timid to admit or try this, particularly if you are currently seeing someone, but in order to fully enjoy your sexuality, you should come to terms with your own wants and needs and try to figure out why these images and scenarios keep appearing in your dreams.
Feeling threatened while riding in a car I was rolling around with some people I was cool with. The driver started arguing with the person about something me did before you know it the start shooting the car up. I open my passenger up start praying and fake did. Guess I pass out I then feel someone pulling me by my feet I wait to hear their conversation then open my eyes when I know it was safe. Dreaming about driving around with people you know or are friends with often indicates that you are about to initiate some interaction with or involving those people. You may purposely act with the intention of causing some mischief, or you may accidentally cause a chain of events to occur through your individual actions. The shooting you see in this vision points toward the latter, meaning this event is coincidental but nevertheless the result of your carelessness or naivety. Finally, both praying and your feeling of safety at the end of the dream represent the situation coming to a close with little long-term damage, though others may be more wary of you in the future.
A stranger interested in romantically A man I don't know was interested in me, even though I said I was married, my ex husband was there, he watched me do chores as I struggled to get a glass pitcher off a shelf he jumped to help me... I got the impression he valued my character as a wife, he had a kind, gentle way about him.. what does this mean? Having a dream where someone you do not know is interested in or has feelings for you may be a subconscious representation of feeling lonely or undervalued in real life. This is further indicated by being watched as you work and in getting help when you need it. You may consider expressing your needs to your partner (if you are seeing someone currently or are married) or spending more quality time with your family and friends to improve your mood and to strengthen your bonds with those who care about you.
Feeling weight on top and pushed off the bed I had a dream two nights in a row where I had a physical feeling of a weight on top of me, and then being pushed to the edge of the bed.. What does this mean? Feeling a physical weight in a dream vision is often a representation of mental or emotional burdens you carry in your waking life. Because you felt this weight while in bed, the main cause of this stress is likely romantic in nature or something that is very personal to you. Feeling as though you are being pushed toward the edge of the bed by an outside force or power can suggest one of two things. On one hand, you may be further projecting feelings of helplessness into this dream, as indicated by the lack of control in the pushing. On the other hand, it can also mean you find weaknesses and faults within yourself that others do not, hindering your ability to communicate with others equally. You may consider taking some time to sort your feelings out and then sharing your reflections with a trusted friend.
Feeling someone is present in the room I am laying in bed in my dream and I feel someone's presence in the room and I can't see it and it's like I'm looking from two different views. And I wake up screaming and trying to hide under my husband or wake up in the bathroom running from my room. This dream vision of being watched or feeling someone's presence without knowing who or what it was could be a manifestation of your remorse and guilt for something wrong you have recently done. The notions of your bed and husband in this dream point to some personal choices you have made and now regret about what the consequences are or could soon be. Overall, these feelings of being haunted inside your own home mean that you are worried and concerned about the possibility that some other person could threaten the stability of your relationship.
Avoiding someone's close presence I have developed feelings for a guy at my university, but I always feel like he is above me because of the way he carries himself (he is quite posh), and because he holds an important position in a society. I am part of said society and I have talked briefly to him and I think I caught him stealing glances at me and looking at me at said society's meetings. Last night I dreamed that I was at a meeting, but shielding my face from him as if embarrassed because I was sitting too closely to him. No matter where I moved I would end up in front of him and then I would cover my face. What does this mean? Seeing someone you like in a dream usually has two meanings. In the first case, it indicates this person is on your mind a lot of the time, and you can't get them out of your head. It can also mean that your relationship is starting to become solidified, though whether it develops romantically or not is undecided. Hiding your face in the dream suggests you are hiding your feelings from this man, and you do mention some social differences between the two of you. However, the fact that he keeps reappearing close or in front of you can be interpreted as a sign that your subconscious thinks you should be a bit more bold and see where it takes you.
Meeting someone and feeling strange I dreamt of a man I haven't met personally, but I know of him. It was very nice and passionate, however I don't think of him. Envisioning yourself with a passionate, interesting person who is a virtual stranger represents a recent situation in which you made a decision that might not reflect your true feelings or intentions. This could be related to your relationship with someone or a career move you made recently. Undoing what you said or did may put things back on the right track and ease any tensions that built up.
Making people cry because of leaving them Hi! I dreamt about being in a position where I was about to separate from a group of people. I was emotionally touched in the dream, though I felt important to go. Tears were flowing from people's eyes because I was about to go. Please could you tell me what that means? Seeing others crying incessantly because they do not want you to part with them in your dream indicates your joyful existence or may mean that somebody feels very compassionate toward you. A great deal of happiness may enter your life or lives of your dear friends resulting in an elevated sense of companionship, trust and cohesion. Since you did not specify your gender, dreams of this nature for a young woman can also mean disagreement or a fight with her loved one leading to quick reconciliation, only if she realizes that it was her fault. For salespeople, this dream vision may portend short-lived troubles or woes.
Having feelings of being possessed and unable to move So, for two nights I had this very strange dream and it left me in shock. That night I had many dreams but only one constantly stays in my head. After waking up from several dreams, I went back to bed and had a dream that I was lying down. I was lying down on the bed and was facing the open door and I see this black shadow at the end of my bed and then it dives into my body and the second it dives in I physically start having spasms. I just start shaking and I can't feel or move a thing. It causes me to become conscious and I couldn't move or feel a thing when I was awake. Please help me. This dream points toward a confusing, problematic situation that you may currently be experiencing. Seeing a dark, shadowy figure indicates you currently have more questions than you do answers. This can also be seen in your inability to move, which suggests you have two choices to choose between. These choices are very different, but you may not have enough information or knowledge to make an informed decision as to which path is best for you. You may need to seek the advice of someone older and wiser to find the answers you seek and receive some guidance in order to proceed.
Feeling lonely while exposed to bones and skulls Dreamed of a lot of skulls and dry bones lying around and felt so lonely. No matter the type or degree of aging, bones are an extremely ominous sign indicating periods of difficulty and hardship. While they are usually suggestive of a general state, meaning having trouble in multiple aspects of your life, they sometimes point directly at health and medical problems. This can also be seen in your emotions, which symbolically represent going through this phase alone. You may be the only victim of this unfortunate circumstance, so your friends and family are unable to sympathize or truly understand your pain.
Running into someone special from the past and avoiding direct contact In my dream, one of my bottom teeth cracked in half. I went with my family to look for a dentist surgery. I stopped outside a door and was talking to a man smoking while I waited for a woman I love, but have lost contact with. I have had feelings for her more than any other, but never told her. We used to be close, I distanced myself from her because I feared what she and others would think if they found out. When she appeared, she was wearing pink old woman clothing. I wanted to talk to her, but couldn't, as I walked fast avoiding her. She tried to catch up, but ended up talking to my brother. Dreaming about cracked teeth are often symbolic of being bone-tired and weary. It means you have probably been working too hard and have physically exhausted yourself, either mentally, physically, or both. This is also supported by your vision of a woman you once cared about deeply, as her image and character are likely to be a comfort to your frazzled, overworked nerves. This vision should be taken as a warning that, while work and discipline are important, so is relaxing and taking time to do and enjoy things which make you happy.
Talking to a girl who is a crush and not trusting her I am a girl and I am interested in girls. There was a girl in my college and I loved her secretly. I had a dream last night in which I saw that girl, but she was looking prettier than usual. I was having this strange feeling that she might be dangerous. She was telling me about her ex-partner and then she said "I am happy that you and me are together", at this sentence I was silent and I had this notion in my mind that I am having a girlfriend already. Given the nature of your relationship with this person in real life, it seems you may be subconsciously projecting yourself onto the image of the person you speak of. This is because visions about someone being more beautiful than usual or glowing in an unnatural way often point toward medical conditions which alter your own appearance, making you appear more tired and drawn than before. In essence, you may not notice a drastic change with yourself, but others are sure to spot something is not right. You may want to keep an eye on your energy levels and other signs of illness, so you can seek proper care before things have progressed too far.
A fit of anger in front of television In a fit of anger I threw a remote control at my TV, the screen dented but didn't break. The images and visions of being angry in this dream point to your inability to solve an important issue or face a challenge in waking life. It could also be that you are easily offended and lack communication skills when interacting with other people in your everyday life, so your weaknesses manifest themselves as episodes of rage when you are asleep. The prominent symbol in this dream, however, is the remote control, which represents multifaceted aspects of your personality which you need to work on in order to improve this situation, but you may be at loss as to which ones are the highest in priority.
A flash showing a ventriloquist doll I was actually awake and had a quick flash of a ventriloquist dummy, it only lasted less than a second, and then it was gone. Depending on when and where you witnessed this vision, the meaning could be altered. If you were in the company of others, you could be picking up on the loneliness or hurt of one member of your group. This could be a message from a higher power asking you to intervene and help this person. On the other hand, if you were alone at the time of this vision, it is possible you have become aware of a plot to be manipulated or taken advantage of by someone, a warning that you should be careful whom you tend to associate with.
Questioning the authorship of a written book which later turned into a locket First, I was handed a book that they told me was written by me. I felt surprised, as I didn't know when I wrote one. Then I was worried that someone might know that some of it was not written by me. Then a guy that I like in real life came by. I showed him the book. He then turned it into a locket (the book turned into its miniature version) and put it around my neck. Then he asked me to keep it with me forever. I was so overcome with emotions that I hugged him. We hugged for quite long. I woke up feeling good. Writing a book in a dream vision is often connected with negative outcomes for business endeavors and other situations connected to your finances. More than just negative outcomes, this sign can indicate, in some cases, the complete failure of a project or current undertaking. If this happens, you are likely to be in dire straits. However, seeing the book turn into a locket and then having it placed around your neck is symbolic of receiving generous help from those around you, particularly monetary assistance from someone who is higher-ranked and influential. In this vision, because you have a strong emotional connection to the person you like, he is taking the place of all the people who love and care for you.
Caught on an empty train and waves approaching I dreamed I was on a slow moving empty freight train with flat bed cars which stopped on a hill side. The train gradually was covered up with tarmac and halted completely and I had to get off on to the hillside. Looking back at the track which was coming down the hillside behind me a huge wave raced down toward me and I had to scramble up the hillside so I and my things are not washed away. There is no one there. Downhill is awash with water and will flood, so I must walk uphill. I am waiting, but I know no one will come. I know I am miles away from anywhere. I try to think what to do. Dreaming about a freight train can indicate that you have been witnessing success in business or increasing wealth for a certain individual present in your life, though it may come at the expense of other people's hard work and livelihood. The lack of fairness in this situation is probably frustrating and difficult for you to just ignore. The big wave that you see approaching quickly symbolizes your involvement in some social movement or supporting a cause that you are passionate about. The proximity of the wave, but with no harm done to you, is also indicative of the fact that even though you remain involved and devoted to the cause, you could be starting to question or doubt its overall purpose and impact on community, as being abandoned and left alone in the end of this dream suggests.
Running away from danger and being slow This is a recurring dream. I'm running from someone or something and it's very vital to my life to get away. But as hard as I try, I cannot run fast at all. It's very slow motion and I fall a lot and have a hard time getting up. Sometimes I crawl, but I never seem to be able to run when I need to. Never see who or what is chasing me and they or it never gets me. I just feel hopeless because I'm so slow. Running away from some unknown danger suggests that you are coming to the realization that things in your life must change in order for you to get to the next level. You have even been beating yourself up because you have not been doing the things you need to do. Falling and struggling to run away indicates facing obstacles on your path to turning your life around. While this could make the process long and arduous, the benefits of committing to change are likely worth the effort.
Crying continuously and profusely after meeting someone Last night I had a dream about me walking up these steps and when I look up I see my friend or brother and he walks to me, doesn't say anything, and gives me a hug and I broke down crying (collapsing, falling and crying) and then I woke up. When I woke up, I was actually crying and haven't stopped crying since. Help me understand :( A dream about your brother can be interpreted as envying an aspect of his personality that you yourself lack. If you are a female, your brother could represent male aspects of your own personality, such as assertiveness or confidence, which you need to embrace. Crying in dreams is most often associated with sorrow in real life. When this sign is experienced around or as a response to the appearance of your brother in a dream, it points toward needing to accept all parts of yourself to gain a more positive outlook on life.
Having mixed feelings while being touched I dreamt that a guy kept trying to touch me (I felt ugly, also I felt like I didn't deserve him), and I kept pushing him off. In my dream I felt scared and wanted to disappear, but at the same time I wanted him to protect me. I wanted him to hug me and tell me it's okay. I woke up from my dream feeling scared and upset. Rejecting someone or pushing them away in your dream implies rejection or denial. There might be some aspect of your life that you want to get rid of or a situation that you do not want to confront. The sense of unworthiness and insecurity, as manifested by feeling ugly and undeserving of affection, is a reflection of self-doubt and anxieties you may currently be experiencing in your waking life. These anxieties may be pushing you to turn down opportunities or positive developments that come your way. The vision alludes to your need for affirmation and belief in your potential to overcome challenges and achieve success.
Trying to get back together with an ex I'm at my firehouse and my ex (high school sweetheart) and I are talking and she is happy to see me, but sad and starts crying. Then I try to convince her to leave her husband and come back to me. All she could say was I wish I could. Then I fight her husband, and wake up. Dreaming of your ex often reveals lingering feelings for them. Perhaps you did not have proper closure in your past relationship, either with this particular person or someone else, which is why you still have not managed to move on. You may also be engaging in an unhealthy pattern of behavior associated with a previous romance, thus triggering the appearance of your ex in your vision. Try to reflect on your actions and emotions in the past, this could help you navigate and resolve existing predicaments.
Feeling short of breath I had a dream about me holding a see-through plastic bag with a frog in it and I remember that I kept twisting it and then untwisting it because it couldn't breath. All that time it was still in the plastic bag, then I couldn't breath. I couldn't feel myself breathing in real life, so I woke up and the dream ended there. I had a dream like this before, except it wasn't about a frog, it was about me in a back seat of a car and crashed into a pole and I woke up cause I couldn't breath. The thread that holds both your dreams together is suffocation or difficulty in breathing that is jolting you awake. While both dreams may not be contextually related, this does point to exhaustion and tension in your mind and body causing your interrupted sleep due to breathing issues. In the first dream, the trapped frog suggests health issues. This is a warning that you need to pay more attention to your health and well-being before it is too late. The notion that you are the one twisting and untwisting the plastic bag to cut off air or allow the frog to breathe means that it is within your powers to change your habits and lifestyle into a healthier one. The second dream you discussed involving a car crash implies an alarming situation or experience. The crash also indicates conflicting beliefs and lifestyles. Whether one or the other will be beneficial to your wellness will be up to you to decide.
Someone calling and unable to react Someone walks to my bed, gets on the bed. They call my name from far away. The voice is familiar, but I do not know who it is. I try to wake up, but my eyes won't open. Hearing a familiar voice calling your name indicates your current ideas or theories are not well-received by those around you, making it difficult for you to get your way or influence others. Seeing someone get on your bed, however, suggests you can still win people over if you change your approaches and better communicate your wants and needs to those who are listening.
Being chased by something evil A dream about running from something evil. I'm crying, can't get away and every time I think I am awake, I'm not awake? Running is a common theme in a variety of dreams. This usually means that you are experiencing stressful situations and troubles in real life that you want to avoid or escape. Your fear and anxiety is seeping into your subconscious and forcing you to confront your problems. The false awakening part of dream points to your desire to take stock of the situation and deal with the issue head on. You are beginning to become more self-aware and conscious of the consequences of either your action or passivity.
Being with someone who is pretentious I was hanging out with the guy I like and then I found out that he was just pretending to like me. Dreaming of the object of your affection in an unrequited situation is your subconscious telling you to let go. Alternatively, you could be feeling lonely and dissatisfied with your life, hence the lack of reciprocation in your dream.
Being rejected by a pretty girl Hello, l am a guy, last night I dreamt that I had multiple times eye contact with a very pretty girl, I've never seen her in real life.Then, at last, I proposed to her asking to be my girlfriend and she refused it. Eventually, there was this other stranger guy who proposed her just after me and she accepted him. He was better-looking than me, taller than me, had a better personality than me and was well groomed. I never did anything like this in real and I'm sure this means something. Please help. Thank you. This vision is a highly ominous sign for someone close to you, most likely a family member or very close friend. Starting at the end, having a proposal rejected means that someone you know and care about has been ignoring an increasingly painful and dangerous health problem which may soon become undeniable. Your relation to this person could socially require you to provide some assistance and help in the form of care, emotional support or even money. While you obviously are willing to help this person, it may be a drain on your finances.
Hugging with someone for a very long time I had a dream about hugging my crush who is also my friend (he already knows I like him), and when we hugged, I held on for a few seconds then let go, but he didn't let go, so I just kept hugging him and he already is a tight hugger, and I ended up hugging him tighter and it felt like the hug was about 3-5 minutes long, why did the hug last so long? Giving a tight, long-lasting hug to someone you have a crush on could be interpreted as feelings of nostalgia bubbling their way to the surface from the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind. You may be about to remember someone from your past who used to be close to you. This person could be relevant to your current relationship with your friend and may even have some valuable advice regarding the situation.
Cheering others I was wishing two women a Happy New Year and telling them God bless them. Dreaming about using season's greetings with people who are unfamiliar to you, such as strangers passing in the street, can be seen as a sign that you are about to meet some new people. Your new acquaintances are likely to make your life more interesting, at least for the time being.
Being lost inside a house and feeling trapped I'm a female. I went to a house with my boyfriend and met up with his friend, who had the face of a friend I used to have. The guy tried hitting on me and I said "No" and tried to leave but couldn't find my purse. I looked in every room but they kept changing. Then his family showed up and looked crazy. I had this overwhelming feeling that they wanted to trap me there forever. In order to fully understand this vision, we should interpret it in reverse. This is because the house that you could not leave has a very general meaning, pointing toward unfortunate circumstances unfolding in your life which you have no escape from. The cause of you issues, then, is likely something that sticks close to you. Not being able to find your purse suggests monetary issues, such as debt. This situation could have a legitimate cause, such as student loans, but may also be the result of poor financial planning. In either case, seeing an old friend can indicate needing to seek the advice of someone older and wiser, possibly a financial advisor or accountant.
Crying hysterically in a friend's dream A friend of mine saw me crying hysterically in her dream. A dream in which you were perceived by someone close to you crying hysterically represents hidden feelings and emotions bursting to get out. Your friend may soon feel overwhelmed by a particular situation, a confrontation perhaps, and try to find a chance to release these feelings that have been weighing her down. This could prove to be a great relief for her in the end, and you could be involved to a certain extent to help her during the time when it happens.
Hands reaching and touching from underneath the bed I was laying down on a table or bed. There were hands all around me reaching up from beneath this table or bed pulling at me from the sides head and foot. I couldn't just wake up right away, even though I tried. Despite the dark tone of your dream, the hands reaching around and pulling from the sides actually represent a positive omen. These hands can be interpreted as receiving help from unexpected sources when you most need it. You might receive a loan during a financial crisis or have a shoulder to cry on during a time of emotional turmoil in your life. Remember to be appreciative and grateful to those willing to lend a hand in a moment of need.
Contradicting feeling while on a boat in the stormy ocean I was on a ship sailing in the ocean. There were many people on deck. There were sides/walls surrounding the deck so no one could see the surrounding ocean. There was a large pole with a small platform at top. I climbed almost to the top and as I climbed, I saw very large waves. I was scared. I was also scared of falling if I climbed and stood on top platform, but wanted the adulation if I was successful. I also didn't want to be ridiculed if I fell and injured myself. I didn't climb to top. Getting recognition for your hard work and accomplishments can trigger certain fears and apprehensions in the subconscious. This dream of sailing in the ocean suggests a big journey you are about to take or a significant change in your current reality. This big change could be related to your work, perhaps in the form of a promotion or a greater responsibility. In connection to this, the deck in the vision represents your awareness of the attention being given to you, possibly associated with the big change that is about to happen. Along with this upcoming personal or professional advancement comes the responsibility of performing your duties well. This is where the apprehensions come in, as symbolized by climbing the pole on the ship's deck. This position of power entails eyes of scrutiny which perhaps you are not ready to face yet. The attention, plus the threat of the waves signifying errors, failures and challenges in general, is making you second-guess your resolve to climb the corporate ladder or assume a leadership position. This dream vision wants you to carefully consider what is at stake as you welcome this big opportunity. Certainly, courage and determination are necessary in this new chapter should you decide to take up the challenge.
Fear of heights and sensing someone's presence Dreamed about a fear of heights, then woke up and saw a little boy standing in my room pointing, smiling. It seemed so real after turning the light on didn't see him anymore. A dream in which you see a smiling boy pointing at something only to disappear afterwards could be considered a sign of unexpected news coming your way. There is a possibility that you could make a surprising discovery in the near future without actually meaning to do so. This event would catch you off-guard and have long term ramifications for your future. It remains unclear whether the outcome of all this would be positive or negative for you.
Feeling anxious when calling for help I've had a repetitive dream about an emergency happening and I try to call the police, but I can't dial the number correctly and it takes too long. I feel serious anxiety and panic in the dream. What does it mean? This vision is very likely a prediction of a similar situation occurring in wake life. Trying to contact the police but having difficulty dialing the number in a stressful situation suggests you could be easily shaken and become disoriented during an emergency. However, this warning also gives you the opportunity to make contingency plans, for example, programming your speed dial or updating your emergency contact information.
Frightened by a stranger knocking on the door I am in danger in my own house. A stranger knocks on my door and I feel danger... I am helplessly call my relative. Knocking typically represents opportunities. However, in the case of your dream, the implied threat of this stranger knocking on your door reveals your apprehensions and anxiety over your personal safety. Perhaps there is someone in the waking world who seems hell bent on besmirching your reputation or invading your privacy. Alternatively, the stranger could represent a new side of you that is slowly surfacing, an undesirable aspect of your personality that you are trying to suppress.
Feeling as if being stalked by someone A house in a random location in a field with nothing around. I can only go a certain distance before coming back or feeling like I will be attacked if I go to far away. At the same time, I'm being chased by a person, but can't visually see their face and being stalked by them as well. I sense the person is trying to kill me but in the dream I feel the need to fight back and fight for my survival. This dream reoccurs and sometimes I'm with another person who I also cannot see, but are on same side. A house in a desolate landscape reflects feelings of isolation and loneliness. You may be feeling cut off from friends and family due to personal reasons. The faceless stranger who is either out to get you or is on your side possibly reveals aspects of your personality that are either destructive or positive depending on your state of mind. This recurring theme in your dream reveals your conflicted emotions and clouded perspectives. You may need to dig deeper and get to know yourself better in order to make yourself whole to keep you from pushing away those who love and need you.
A razor cut in a dream which felt real afterwards I was shaving with a straight razor when I accidentally cut my jugular. I half woke up and could feel myself lying in bed, but I had a sharp pain on the side of my neck as well as feel the energy drain from my body. Envisioning yourself with a cut jugular is a highly ominous symbol indicative of great misfortune or catastrophe striking your life. Given the notion that you cut it yourself, it seems you may bring about these troubles through your own lack of preparation or attention to detail. Now that you have received this warning, you should be on the lookout for signs which could predict the nature of your mistake and work to avert the situation as quickly as possible.
Being abducted by aliens and frightened by it There was an orange glow through the bedroom window. I got out of bed to look and it was like being on a train with everything rushing past. I went into another room where there were other people, someone said we were being taken by people from another planet, but didn't know where. I ran back into the bedroom to look out the window again. Still moving. I told myself it was just a dream and kept saying "Wake up", but I couldn't. I then became very frightened, as I thought it was real and not a dream. Trains or images similar to train movement in dreams are often thought to represent our path in life and the road we take to get to where we need to be. In this case, your train is going very quickly and seems to be disorienting you, meaning your life may feel outside of your direct control at the moment. You probably feel powerless to change its course or lack the confidence to exert your will. In order to escape the harsh reality you may currently be in, you may prefer to turn to the fantasy world and hide from reality. However, this dream cautions you not to waste time avoiding unpleasant situations. Instead, it would be better to make small steps to take control of your surroundings.
Flying and feeling nervous about falling down Start a short distance run, flying. Jumping straight up (like on a Pogo stick). With each bounce, the height increased. Fun at beginning. As the height increased, nervousness begins of downward action. When near the clouds, extreme fear of crashing or more (possibly), fear is not knowing how to control or regulate. The outcome...result...? Reaction time decreases? Jumping in dreams suggests taking risks. The higher you jump, the bigger the risk you take. Naturally, as depicted in your dream, your anxiety builds up the higher you jump. Such that the nearer you get to the clouds, the bigger the fear of crashing to the ground. This fear of falling reflects a fear of failing in reality. The greater your achievements, the more pressure you have to contend with to perform your duties and responsibilities. Are you perhaps due for a promotion? If so, this dream reflects your reservations of taking on a bigger role for fear of ineptitude. This dream vision reminds you to take control of your fears instead of letting them get the better of you, because the more you allow your fears to dominate you, the less effective you would be in performing your tasks.
Experiencing difficulties when reaching out to a couple I am searching for a couple to wish them happy anniversary, facing many difficulties in finding them and finally found them. Searching for people while facing difficulties in the process, but being able to locate them eventually could be considered a sign of progress you are making in your waking life. You may be accomplishing smaller goals that you have set for yourself. All of these could be steps towards achieving something much bigger than the sum of its parts.
Missing a step while climbing a set of stairs I have been getting this dream from childhood. I always dream about myself climbing the stairs and I missed one step while climbing. And get shocked, I shake in the dream as well as in real life. Walking up the stairs in a dream vision is a highly positive symbol associated with making progress on your goals or dreams. Skipping a step, then, suggests much the same, especially if you are constantly concerned and anxious about completing a particular project. Namely, it means doing seemingly less work, but still getting to where you are supposed to be. While it may shock you a little to find you have forgotten to do something important, as long as you get where you are meant to go with available time and resources, everything is likely to (and may have been) turn out alright.
Unable to move after hearing whispers This dream is reoccurring since childhood. I am lying on the ground with a canopy of trees above me, leaves rustling in the wind. Suddenly, there is a whispering. I can't understand it, but it begins to get more and more aggressive. I can't move, but I desperately want to. The canopy of trees in your dream implies protection. The rustling leaves of the trees symbolize abundance and wealth, both in knowledge and aspirations. You could be in a comfortable place in your career and personal journey. Hence, the whispering that is getting more and more aggressive in this recurring dream scenario perhaps is your subconscious reminding you not to rest on your laurels. This period of stability and wealth may end any time, hence you must make conscious efforts towards continuous growth in order to prevail.
Experiencing a heartbreak I had a dream about heartbreak, and it felt incredibly vivid. After my dream, my heart physically hurt and I felt like I was going to cry. Weird, right? Dreaming about metaphorical heartbreak is a highly ominous symbol in dream visions. It usually points toward experiencing some event or crisis which drastically alters your emotional, mental and physical well-being. It may be wise to avoid any situations which could turn south quickly and, should you find yourself in such a situation anyway, extract yourself from the area as quickly and unobtrusively as possible.
Crying because of lost wife I saw that I am crying because I was not able to find my wife and my family members were trying to keep me quiet. Later I saw my wife is back and I stopped crying. Crying during the course of a dream vision usually predicts having a disagreement with someone, most likely your wife, given her prominence in this vision. The cause of this fight is probably linked to a task you have been working on or a goal you have yet to accomplish, as is seen in the image of your wife appearing suddenly at the end. If things have not been going your way in regards to this unfinished business, it may be best to leave it alone and start fresh lest you waste more time and resources than necessary.
Extreme sadness about someone passing I was running in this hallway, at first I had no clue where to, then I saw this girl and I just ran to her and hugged her. We both had turned and there was this lady, on her death bed, and I suddenly felt this huge thing of regret and began balling, it took me some time to be able to go talk to her, I was lost for words because nothing I could say would make up for the feeling I had. Right as I was about to grab onto her hand and sit next to her, I woke up. Feeling great sorrow towards a complete stranger during the course of a dream vision often predicts a fateful meeting with someone in the near future. This person could turn out to be a friend, a mentor or an enemy with equal probability. However, the second part of this dream gives a warning about the first. Being upset about the imminent death of an unfamiliar woman suggests you could covet or desire something that this new acquaintance possesses. Whether it is a material possession, status or a lover, this vision warns that your desire to get your hands on something or someone that does not belong to you could cause major problems.
Rejection from someone paired up with I am a female. I had a dream that I was in a place with a lot of guys. Girls were supposed to be paired up with the guys. The guy that I was paired up with told me eventually that I "wasn't good enough" to be with him. He then told me that if we tried to have sex, he wouldn't even be able to "get it up" with me. Then I woke up. Dreaming about being surrounded by men predicts much the same in wake life, namely that you are about to find yourself being very popular with the male population. While certainly desirable, your sudden rise in fame and admiration could distract you from other important areas of your life, particularly your overall health and emotional well-being. Being rejected in this vision, then, is a reminder that you need to put yourself first before worrying about less important things like dating or going out.
Writing words of regret on a wall I am standing by the outside wall of a house, writing lots of words of regret with a pencil in large type, I am copying it down exactly how I have seen it written on paper originally. Writing words of regret on the wall in this dream suggests that you are trying to free yourself of shameful secrets. You may be feeling guilty and overwhelmed by the burden of keeping regrettable actions to yourself. Whatever it is that you have done wrong, you may be yearning to put it to rest by admitting these past actions to others, so that you would feel lighter and better about yourself.
A fear of a man in a circle I didn't have much of a dream other than seeing a man in the middle of a circle. No specific characteristics. He was more like a shadow than anything. My mom woke me up because I had slept through all my alarms and just started saying over and over, "The man in the circle." I wasn't myself when I woke up. I had no clue what happened. All I could remember was him and an overwhelming sense of fear. The shadow man who appeared in your vision is actually the manifestation of dual realities in your everyday existence. For example, you may have positive ideological beliefs that make you feel kind and generous toward others, however, your actual actions and behavior may not reflect those values. Additionally, the image of the circle around the man could reflect your ability to benefit from this situation, suggesting that you can adapt your speech and mannerisms to mesh with whatever crowd you wish to spend time with. Your fear may only represent your apprehension at being called a fraud or fake.
Scared of people inhabiting the dream I dreamed that I asked the people in my dream as they were strangers to identify themselves and who gave them permission to enter my dreams. I then woke with a fright. Meeting a stranger in a dream vision represents much the same in wake life. You may be about to see an influx in the number of people in your social circle or an increase in rivals. Given their unwanted, permitted existence in your dream, it seems more likely that you would not get along with these individuals right away, however, that does not necessarily make them your enemies. When you meet someone new, it would be wise to be cautious but courteous until you know the value and pleasure their friendship can add to your life.
Being taken up into the sky and afraid of dying Female. I can't remember everything, but I'm with someone on the ground and then we soar up into the air, like we can fly, but we come back down, almost like bouncing, but really high. I'm happy. Then when I go up, I keep going and I realize something is sucking me into the sky. I look down and see the ground and feel fear and panic. I start struggling to breathe. I realize something bad is taking me up and I am going to die or it will release me and I will still fall and die. I'm doomed. I feel sad. I wake up in tears. Jumping high into the air, similar to dreams of flying, alludes to your present goals and ambitions. You are working hard to reach your aspirations, whether it is a promotion or your dream career. Being unable to come back down points to a risk of losing sight of your purpose in your quest to achieve a certain level of success. Too much focus on status and achievements can lead to arrogance and a loss of identity. It may also alienate the individuals who love you and are keeping you grounded. Perhaps this vision is a message for you to keep your priorities and motivations clear and balanced.
Feeling uneasy after a woman's revelation I had a dream last night and I'm not sure what to make of it. A woman said to me "You touched this earth in April, the same I left it. You are of real kindness and peace, he knows but he is blind, he loves but he is lost".... I then woke up and my heart felt really heavy and I honestly just stayed home because something just feels off since then. She was making dolls and wearing something like a nurse in the 60's wore. Nurses appearing in a dream symbolize healing and improvement. You may be at a crossroads at the moment or are dealing with a complicated issue. This matter could be wearing you down in all aspects of your waking life: physically, emotionally and even spiritually. As such, the nurse in your dream serves to remind you to put yourself first because you cannot help others if you are unwell yourself. The "he" reference in the dream could be a loved one you have been trying to support and help for so long, yet you feel all your efforts have been taken for granted. Perhaps you have stopped trying to help someone recently and your conscience is making you feel guilty and restless.
Hurt feelings while traveling We were four people traveling. A girl from the group and I were a little closer. She liked me and perhaps I her too, but I hadn't kissed her yet. Her ex appears and I get mad or sad and leave them. I sign to the army to prove something to myself. End of dream. Dreaming about traveling together with a particular girl symbolizes your desire to embark on a new relationship. The notion that you found yourself attracted to her and she reciprocated your feelings points towards your own yearnings for starting a liaison with someone whom you secretly admire. However, seeing her ex is suggestive of possible obstacles in such a relationship, while joining the army implies possible conflicts which you may have while establishing a new relationship.
Unable to choose between former and current lover Boyfriend and ex boyfriend were arguing over me and I didn't know whom to choose because I have feelings for both of them. Dreaming about your ex boyfriend arguing with the current one has negative connotations. The fact that you still have feelings for the old boyfriend despite dating someone new points towards your indecision to stay loyal to your current lover. This dream is a warning to sort out your true feelings and stop trying to fool yourself into believing something that was left in the past still matters. Reasserting the value of your existing relationship would help you take it to the next level.
Becoming strongly connected with others I was on a mezzanine looking at a swimming pool in the garden through my teenage bedroom window. Then I realized other people were standing on top of individual skyscrapers, and so was I. The buildings sunk down, we got off and walked towards each other across the swamp. We felt a deep connection - I wasn't an individual any more, only a group. We knew that animals would soon emerge from the pool or swamp, and we looked back up at the bedroom window and knew we could never go back. A dream wherein you find yourself looking at a swimming pool is symbolic of changes. It is an indication that you are about to start a relationship with a person whom you admire. The sudden shift which takes you on top of a large sky scraper denotes a few important decisions which you would have to make. The choices you are about to face would have a great impact on your life. The notion that you saw other people on top of sky scrapers as well could also point towards individuals in your life who too are at the brink of making important decisions. This is further reinforced by the idea that you believe that you would never be able to go back, thus pointing towards your resolutions which would only take you further from where you stand at the moment. Once you make these life-altering choices, things would not be the same. Perhaps the choice of embarking on a new relationship would change a great many things for you in your waking life.
Befriending a girl the boyfriend cheats on with I keep dreaming of being friends with the girl my boyfriend cheated on me with. I'm always taking care of her. When in real life, she disgusts me and thinking of her upsets me. In a dream, seeing yourself being friends with the girl your boyfriend cheated on you with signifies a series of events or a special situation which could bring about friendly relations between you and this girl. This may be due to your forgiving her past transgressions against you, or it could be because she is about to find herself in a similar situation which would make you two bond. In either case, taking care of her reflects and further strengthens the first symbol because it means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be free of anger and have peace of mind. Like most things, this newfound tranquility depends upon how much effort you put into it. Try to be the bigger person here and put in the time and effort to create this friendly atmosphere.
Feeling the air blown through straws I dreamt of sitting at a table in a bar-type environment and someone on my left and another on my right were blowing air through straws, but I could actually feel the air as if they were actually present. It woke me up and my heart was racing. Being in a bar or pub in the dream world is usually a negative symbol associated with rejection. You may be feeling alienated at work or even at home and you are seeking some sort of validation in the waking world. This mounting stress may also be associated with the air being blown in your direction representing pressure. You may be facing close scrutiny in the workplace and you just want to escape the constant supervision even just for a little while.
Flying in a stroller Dreams about speeding in a runaway stroller down a mountain and then flying in space in a stroller and landing back safely on earth in a park. Being discovered by human-like cats until my mother found me. Rolling down a mountain in a stroller is probably a warning that your goals could be disrupted due to pitfalls and hidden traps, especially those that could have been avoided with better planning or preparation. The time you put into plotting out your career path, or the lack thereof, could put you in a downward spiral of financial instability and rising debt. Consequently, these unfortunate circumstances may trigger your habit of indulging in fantasies as a way to escape real-world problems.
Consoling someone who is crying A Korean guy was facing my direction and asked me "Who do you want?" and I pointed to him and said,"You". He started crying and I held him. Dreaming about seeing a crying guy or boy is symbolic of sympathy. It is possible that you would soon show to your family or to someone with whom you have a close relationship that you stand by their side. You would provide them with much-needed support and help by showing how you love and value them and by performing extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity. Furthermore, the bit where the Korean guy asks you "Who do you want?" to which your responded with "You" reveals your ability to validate and empower others. Your sensitive nature gives you the unique position to boost self-confidence of your peers. Someone in your social circle may be feeling purposeless and lost, hence your subconscious through this dream is illustrating the power of your words.
Consoling someone My dream was about a person resting on my shoulder and I m consoling, taking his face on my palm. Dreaming that someone is leaning against or resting on your shoulder refers to the burden of responsibility. You may have been tasked to supervise a project or organize an upcoming event. Alternatively, the responsibility resting on your shoulder could also be a reference to your nurturing nature. You may be naturally inclined to look after the well-being of your friends and loved ones.
Space around morphing and fluctuating I feel like I'm standing, frozen in place in a white blank area. I can't see anything in the front, back, sides or above. It's like a point of view dream from my eyes. This is where it gets weird. I can feel what I see and I see the blank space and see that it becomes smooth and I'm still stuck in place. Then I feel the smoothness on my skin, it feels like a soft silk fur blanket. Then I see the texture change again and it's rough like rocks. It fluctuates between them about every 2 seconds. The white, blank expanse in your dream likely reveals emptiness or a sense of isolation within you. You could be struggling to find a space in the world and this causes uncertainty as well as confusion about the path you want to take. Alternatively, white can also be an allusion to a blank slate. Perhaps you are looking for a fresh start or a new beginning and you would soon have the opportunity to start anew. In that case, the changes in texture refer to the roughness or smoothness of your new journey. The success or failure of your venture depends on how you navigate this new phase, yet it cannot be smooth-sailing all the time.
Love feelings while naked in a forest I was standing in a sun-filled forest naked hugging someone, he was naked too. I buried my face into his chest and said "I love you". He said "Say it again". I looked up into his dark brown eyes, "I love you". He had a huge smile and said "I have been waiting a long time for you to say that". Dreaming about being naked with someone you have feelings for means that you both are in complete accord with one another. Since nudity represents lowering all barriers and exposing your vulnerable sides, this dream could mean that both of you have accepted each other as you are. This is a positive sign and one which indicates that your current relationship is at its most comfortable level. You both know each other's weaknesses, but there is a sense of acceptance and that makes your affection to grow even more.
Running down the road and feeling nervous Hello, I am a woman. My dream was about me running on this winding road. I was running too fast and couldn't slow down and I was very nervous. The road was high up and had a sheer drop on the edge. I kept almost running into people because I couldn't control my speed. At the end of the road was a ladder I had to climb down and there was water everywhere except some docks. That is all I remember. The winding road in your dream represents a time of difficulty and emotional turmoil. Running at high speed means you could be actively avoiding a problem or responsibility. Your inability to control your speed could likewise be a warning of an imminent downward spiral or emotional breakdown. In addition, reaching the water without a dock in sight alludes to your sense of hopelessness and tendency to wallow in negative emotions. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to get you to acknowledge early signs of anxiety and emotional turbulence in order for you to seek the help and support you need during the difficulties you are currently facing or about to face. Alternatively, your dream could imply that running away is not a feasible solution to your problems.
A place which is a heaven I always have dreams in different locations, different emotions, different settings, people etc. but I'm always trying to get to this "dream place" which I can see in so vividly in my dreams and there's strong feelings of familiarity, serenity and calmness, regardless of the dream or nightmare, this place never changes. What could this possibly mean? In general, dreaming about traveling to a certain destination suggests the possibility of new offers and opportunities that could drastically change your current status, whether personal or work-related. Meanwhile, an idealized place can be akin to your efforts at achieving your goals and aspirations. While you may still be figuring out exactly what your true purpose is, the concept of your desired destination and the sense of fulfillment are what you constantly aim for. As such, the nature of the journey going to that familiar dream world can be a reflection of your current reality. For instance, if it is dark or nightmarish, then perhaps you are experiencing some fears, anxieties and insecurities about your capabilities.
Being consoled and comforted by a crush I was standing in the middle of a warehouse, smiling. Suddenly, my crush came to me, kissed me on the cheeks with tears. She said good bye. After that the whole warehouse disappeared. I was left in the middle of a grey wasteland with nothing. The girl came back standing right in front of me. She held me up, suddenly things appeared around me, people, buildings and the blue sky. I couldn't see her as people covered her. And she eventually disappeared, but I was left standing and smiling at something. The warehouse in your dream alludes to memories, maybe even long-forgotten dreams. Perhaps the presence of your crush in that big, closed-off space is the equivalent of hope. Maybe thinking of her gives you hope and the courage to pursue passions you may have started to think were impossible to achieve. The building and the blue sky at the end of your dream vision symbolize opportunities. She is your inspiration and with her presence in your life you feel like you can achieve anything. Maybe you were starting to get eaten up by your insecurities, fortunately she would give you back the confidence you need.
A colleague crying in the kitchen A dream about my colleague crying at a kitchen table, crying in front of a cake tin filled with paper. Seeing your co-worker in a house could predict receiving some sort of long-awaited news in the near future. Their tears likely suggest that this would lead to unhappy or unfortunate circumstances for you. If you were expecting a reply from someone or an answer to a question, it is possible you would not get the response you wanted. Additionally, the papers in the tin can be interpreted as a sign that this situation would completely change some aspect of your life or personality, meaning it would have a big impact on your outlook on life or future ambitions.
Strange sensation around the eyes and nose missing I was in my room, lying on my bed and I felt a strong sensation of pressure and tickle between my eyebrows, same feeling when you bring a pencil or a finger close to your eyebrows. Then I saw some blurred people shouting about that your nose is cut off, and I saw a vision of my nose, black with scars. Then I woke up. But even then the pressure between the eyebrows was there for quite some time. Sharp or pointed objects, like pencils and needles, tend to represent focused attention or a singular event, so feeling a pencil-like pressure between your eyebrows could represent the honing of higher mental abilities, such as psychic powers or visions of the future. However, what you see may not make you happy. Having your nose cut off or realizing it is no longer there is an ill omen symbolizing becoming an object of criticism among those you thought you were close to. It is possible they are talking behind your back or spreading rumors. The reason is likely because they are jealous of your abilities or recent achievements.
Feeling uneasy while in a forest I was in my dream and I woke up on a sunny day. I was in a mystical forest lying down on a hill and I saw a bunch of deer looking and walking around. Judging by how huge they looked I could say I was either an infant or a toddler. It was a very peaceful sight, yet something about it seemed unsettling, like the day wasn't going to end or I was stuck in the ground or something. A sunny day in a dream denotes optimism. You would soon enter a favorable period both at home and at work. In addition, seeing a deer or a group of deers in the woods or forest means you would likely meet or become acquainted with influential personalities, possibly a social group. These personalities would be instrumental in your personal development by imparting their wisdom, guidance and generosity. You would benefit from their advice and experience as they become your mentors who would provide material or emotional support at your first call for help.
Crying at the scene of a dead body I saw a dead body in my dream which was cut by a man and I was crying and weeping, but my parents and my brother stopped me. And then I woke up. Seeing yourself grieving or crying over a dead body in a dream represents nostalgia. You could be yearning or longing for something or someone from your past. Something in reality may have triggered previous experiences or reminded you of an earlier period which you want to re-live. Alternatively, you may want to reclaim an aspect of yourself, or a characteristic, which you have lost. Perhaps you feel a little bit jaded or cynical because of what you have gone through and now you want to rekindle your optimistic and hopeful side.
Calling someone pregnant a slut My dream was of my husband telling everybody that another woman is pregnant. Defending her when I call her a slut. Calling someone a slut in a dream reveals your anger and possible jealousy. There may be someone in your social circle who brings out your catty and insecure side. Pregnancy in dreams can symbolize growth and potential. In a sense, the pregnant woman your husband defended may represent an ideal. Perhaps she is an actual person whom you are competing with at work or among your peers. You may be constantly comparing yourself to her, partly because you think others hold her in high regard. You may need to find out the source of your insecurity in order to lessen the stress and frustration you may be feeling.
Husband holding hands and hearing singing My husband has a side girlfriend in reality. But in this dream he was holding my arm so tightly while in bed with him. I was not holding him back, but he didn't want to let go. A mature woman sang to him these words "Your girlfriend is going to breakup with you because you are glued on wife". When he heard those words he grabbed my hand even tighter than before, so I got annoyed and looked away from him saying in my mind "Now you are gluing onto me just because she is going to break up with you!". This dream seems to be the manifestation of conflicted emotions from reality. On one hand, you may feel upset about your husband's affair and are annoyed that he is seeing someone else. On the other hand, you may also feel that you are slightly to blame for being too trusting or gullible in the first place. Your husband's desire to remain close to you in this vision could be your brain fighting with your heart. A part of you may want to reconcile and stay together, but another part of you may want him to go away and never come back.
Trying to commit suicide after being insulted by others I am a girl of 20 yrs. I had tried committing suicide. My dream was that I was going to US with my family and we go to the waiting room in the airport. There I meet my ex-boyfriend with his close friend waiting for the same flight. I was totally in shock and he abuses me and I am insulted by everyone in the room as a whore. Then I go to jump from a hill all of a sudden. But I don't. I find myself standing there talking to my ex-boyfriend and his friend while many people are looking down the hill. Your dream seems to reflect how you think other people feel about you and how you expect you should be treated. Possible issues with low self-esteem could be making you want to place the blame on yourself by imagining situations in which you are provoked to step over the edge and feel justified in killing yourself. Such dreams can be dangerous and you should not take them literally as a reason to harm yourself, but rather to focus on the underlying causes of the way you perceive yourself. Since you mentioned that in the dream you had in fact not killed yourself, it could mean you still have the power to overcome your inner demons.
A voice in the darkness I was in a room, then darkness ate me up. Then there was a lady's voice. Her voice was soothing, but it felt like ice stabbing into my heart. Darkness in dreams points to being thrust into uncharted territory. The darkness in your dream is an allusion to the fear and uncertainty that would consume you as you try to adapt to new situations and adjust to a different environment. The soothing voice likely represents your conscience and personal values. It serves as your guiding light while navigating unfamiliar scenarios. The reason why it is cutting into your heart may be due to conflicting ideals. What you need to do may be completely different from what your conscience is telling you to do, or it could be the other way around.
Holding hands with a disabled person Dreams about holding hands with a disable person whom I love. More often than not, dreams about holding hands are a sign of an upcoming trial. This circumstance would be a catalyst for measuring the depths and sincerity of your dedication and commitment to each other. Things resulting from such event could be an indication of how your relationship will grow and the happiness it entails in the future. Holding hands with the disabled person whom you love connotes how much commitment you are willing to provide for this person. This person's vulnerability, both physical and emotional, could be driving your need to strengthen the bond, so you can overcome any obstacles you may face together or separately in the future.
Crying with family at the hospital My mom has cancer. And in the dream I visited her in the hospital and I couldn't stop crying and hugging her. Which made her cry a little and my brother was there and I made him cry too. Dreaming that you visit a sick person who is staying in a hospital often alludes to the discovery of some unpleasant and potentially shocking news sometime soon. Hearing about this piece of information has the possibility of completely changing your opinion about the subject of this news. This is especially true because you knew the person you were visiting in this dream. You may feel extremely upset or distraught by what you find out, as can be seen by your crying in the vision.
A crush with someone else at a carnival I saw my crush at a carnival holding hands with a really pretty girl and I ran off and he ran after me and tried to explain but before he could I ran off again and then I woke up. Envisioning the person you like in a dream vision is not an uncommon symbol. Oftentimes it is either the manifestation of your strong feelings toward this individual or the result of a recent interaction you shared together. The presence of a pretty girl standing with him represents your fear that someone else may grab his attention before you do. You may even have a potential rival in mind, and you are concerned their interference would ruin your chances of being with the guy you like. Unless you are strong and willing to put your feelings forward, you may experience heartache or disappointment.
Being told someone is better during sex I had a dream that my ex told me I was not good in bed and that his new lover basically blew me out of the water. My feelings were hurt. What does this mean? Why am I dreaming this? In general, dreaming about your sex life or intimate affairs often reveals your insecurities and feelings of ineptitude. In your case, being told that you were not good in bed likely means you are feeling unattractive and unworthy of finding a good romantic partner. In addition, the presence of your ex in this vision points to unresolved feelings and possibly not having a satisfying closure to your relationship. You may still be in love with your ex or perhaps you are still thinking about "what if" scenarios, including the possibility of getting back together. Ultimately, your subconscious may be forcing you to face your own demons and weaknesses so that you could learn to have more faith in yourself and elevate your self-worth in the process.
Being stabbed with a sword and feeling the pain I am a male and my dream involved a good friend, also male, who also follows a spiritual path. In the dream, he twice fumbles a ritual sword which stabs me both separate times in my left shin just below the knee and I must reach down and pull it out. He is horrified that it happens and apologizes profusely while I don't seem to be all that fazed even though it clearly was painful. I could still feel the "phantom pain" from it when I awoke this morning. To get stabbed by a sword in dreams often reveals the dreamer's unfulfilled desires. You could be hiding an aspect of your personality which you are scared of showing everyone for fear of being judged. However, in combination with the other symbols in your dream, the seemingly accidental stabbing incident could mean that you are unaware of your own desires. They could be buried deep in your subconscious and an encounter or situation in reality would cause them to surface in your consciousness. Specifically, your leg represents balance and drive. So getting stabbed in the shin could mean that discovering this repressed or unexplored yearning could put you off balance. You may even suffer an identity crisis due to your difficulty to process this discovery. Finally, the friend who stabbed you accidentally could play a significant role in your dilemma. On the one hand, a part of you likely harbors fear that you are being played by your friend. A sword also represents masculinity, so perhaps there is a power struggle between the two of you. Doubting your friend's motives and loyalty towards you may set off a series of circumstances which would culminate in your introspection and subsequently the revelation of a hidden aspect of your identity.
Someone intoxicated by breath Female. In my dream, a man I know in waking life was very taken and intoxicated by my breath. He kept moving in closer. It wasn't sexual though. Your breath in this dream vision could symbolize self-confidence and how you present yourself in public. This man may admire your poise or tenacity, perhaps because he lacks these attributes or he wants to know how to boost his self-confidence. On the other hand, mouth and throat are often used to refer to communication and social skills. So if he seems taken by your breath, then perhaps this is a reference to your impeccable manners and sensitivity to others. Other people may be drawn to you because you prefer to communicate in a positive way, instead of spouting negativity.
Evil people staring 5 people who look the same staring at me from outside a window, emotionless stares, gray eyes, mouths open and I felt like they were evil. Dreaming that people are staring at you could reveal your anxieties and fears about being scrutinized or criticized. Perhaps you feel like the world is too cruel and heartless based on the people's emotionless stares and sinister presence witnessed in the dream. It is also possible that you would be judged and your privacy would likely be invaded by certain individuals in your social circle to the point that you would feel personally attacked. The number 5 may also be a significant dream symbol because it usually refers to the five senses. Maybe your subconscious is telling you to be more observant and use your faculties to navigate your relationships, so you would know whom you can trust.
Chasing after mad people I dreamt I was chasing two mad men who came to confuse our gathering. Being involved in a chase with two mad men at a gathering reveals how others perceive you in reality. In a sense, the gathering represents those who know you and enjoy your presence, while the men you chase reflect your position ahead of others. Perhaps you worry that you are leaving some friends or family behind on your quest for personal greatness, or you may be concerned others would think you are reaching above your position. In either case, frank discussions with those who matter most would surely alleviate some of the thoughts that hold you back from doing your best.
Uneasy feelings about a house This dream was about a house my aunt was buying during the fall time. In the house suddenly our time on our phones kept changing each time we looked at it, and then suddenly I had the gut feeling that I didn’t like the house and something bad was in it. So I ran out the door and as I was running out the door, someone, a man, was talking to me telling me to stay. As I continued to reach the door I couldn’t breathe and felt suffocated until I reached the outside. A house that evokes sinister or uneasy vibes about it symbolizes your own trauma and personal demons. Running away to get out of the house indicates your refusal to confront your own issues for fear of the negative emotions and bad memories that these would trigger. In addition, the changing time on your phones reveals your anxiety and apprehension. No matter how much you try to bury bad memories in the past or repress negative experiences, they would continue to catch up to you, haunt your present and taint your daily life if you continue to deny these issues. A professional or a wise mentor could be the key to your psychological and emotional healing as symbolized by the man who was telling you to stay.
An intimate contact with another female I had a dream about this girl who was a big part of my life for a while but recently we’ve decided that we shouldn’t be in each other’s lives like we were anymore. Last night I had a dream about her that was kind of intimate but not sexual at all. We just held hands, she laid on me, I held her, that kind of thing. I’m a female. Dreaming of holding someone intimately reveals a yearning to be closer to this person. Despite your decision to cut your connection, you are emotionally not ready to let go. In addition, intertwined bodies can symbolize a merging or union, especially when there are romantic feelings involved. This could be your subconscious trying to hold on to your shared experiences and moments so that they remain with you forever. Finally, holding hands signifies trials. Your relationship is being tested and depending on how you want to proceed, you can either forge a stronger bond or be out of each other's life for good.
Leaving someone behind in a desert I am a female, I had a dream that I was speeding in a red Mustang leaving someone behind that I know but don't keep in touch with. I left him in the desert and I saw his face in the rear view mirror as I was speeding away. I felt that I was missing something. In my waking life I tried to forget about this person. Envisioning yourself driving a fancy or sports car, especially at high speed, reveals your penchant for extravagant purchases and an excessive lifestyle. This also indicates your desire to achieve a higher social standing and influence. As such, your focus is to expand your influence and stature by projecting yourself as a wealthy, capable and powerful person. Due to your fixation on appearances and prestige, you would end up neglecting a loved one who is undergoing a personal crisis as illustrated by the person you left behind in the desert. This is a stern warning from your subconscious to rethink your priorities and temper your dreams with concern for the most important people in your life.
Feeling guilty after betraying a friend Female. I had a dream I had sex with my best friend's boyfriend, who is also my friend and I felt extremely guilty. Betraying your best friend in this dream can be an indication of jealousy on your part. It is not necessarily about her boyfriend, but perhaps there are certain aspects of her life which you want for yourself. This is manifesting in your vision because you are trying so hard to repress this feeling because you only want to be supportive and happy for her. On the other hand, sex can also refer to a union and a need to feel closer to someone. Other than love and intimacy, there is something about her and her boyfriend that fascinates you. You could even admire him for his loyalty and other noteworthy traits which you want to embody. You want to transform yourself and maybe even define yourself apart from your best friend.
Mixed feelings about two girls I'm a girl and bisexual, and had a dream about me kissing my girl best friend (we'll call her "A") and my other girl best friend (and we'll call her "J") whom I'm in love with came in the room and then immediately "A" stopped acting affectionate with me. It crushed my heart but I have never had feelings for "A" before. And I don't know why I kissed her since I was and still am completely infatuated and in love with "J". Thanks if you can figure this out. Both of your best friends in the dream represent choices you have in reality. Kissing girl A signifies safety and comfort. This is your current state. However, girl J comes into the room which symbolizes a dilemma. To follow your heart would mean leaving your comfort zone, hence the coldness you felt from girl A. At the moment, you have not yet decided whether to contain your feelings or be swept away by them. Just know that deciding to pursue your love would mean putting yourself at risk and losing your sense of security altogether. You will be leaving your comfort zone for a real chance at happiness. Although it could very well lead to heartbreak as well, so you need to decide whether revealing yourself would be worth it.
Love confession from ex partner I was visiting my mum, my ex partner who lived next door, came looking for me and confessed his undying love for me. Dreaming that an ex is declaring his undying love for you actually means you are coming to terms with your past. You have made peace with the break up and are now starting the process of moving on. Undying love suggests memories which you will forever treasure despite the relationship being over. In a sense, this is the closure you needed to close this chapter and begin the next phase of your life.
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