Uneasy feelings about a house This dream was about a house my aunt was buying during the fall time. In the house suddenly our time on our phones kept changing each time we looked at it, and then suddenly I had the gut feeling that I didn't like the house and something bad was in it. So I ran out the door and as I was running out the door, someone, a man, was talking to me telling me to stay. As I continued to reach the door I couldn't breathe and felt suffocated until I reached the outside. A house that evokes sinister or uneasy vibes about it symbolizes your own trauma and personal demons. Running away to get out of the house indicates your refusal to confront your own issues for fear of the negative emotions and bad memories that these would trigger. In addition, the changing time on your phones reveals your anxiety and apprehension. No matter how much you try to bury bad memories in the past or repress negative experiences, they would continue to catch up to you, haunt your present and taint your daily life if you continue to deny these issues. A professional or a wise mentor could be the key to your psychological and emotional healing as symbolized by the man who was telling you to stay.
An intimate contact with another female I had a dream about this girl who was a big part of my life for a while but recently we have decided that we shouldn't be in each other's lives like we were anymore. Last night I had a dream about her that was kind of intimate but not sexual at all. We just held hands, she laid on me, I held her, that kind of thing. I am a female. Dreaming of holding someone intimately reveals a yearning to be closer to this person. Despite your decision to cut your connection, you are emotionally not ready to let go. In addition, intertwined bodies can symbolize a merging or union, especially when there are romantic feelings involved. This could be your subconscious trying to hold on to your shared experiences and moments so that they remain with you forever. Finally, holding hands signifies trials. Your relationship is being tested and depending on how you want to proceed, you can either forge a stronger bond or be out of each other's life for good.
Leaving someone behind in a desert I am a female, I had a dream that I was speeding in a red Mustang leaving someone behind that I know but don't keep in touch with. I left him in the desert and I saw his face in the rear view mirror as I was speeding away. I felt that I was missing something. In my waking life I tried to forget about this person. Envisioning yourself driving a fancy or sports car, especially at high speed, reveals your penchant for extravagant purchases and an excessive lifestyle. This also indicates your desire to achieve a higher social standing and influence. As such, your focus is to expand your influence and stature by projecting yourself as a wealthy, capable and powerful person. Due to your fixation on appearances and prestige, you would end up neglecting a loved one who is undergoing a personal crisis as illustrated by the person you left behind in the desert. This is a stern warning from your subconscious to rethink your priorities and temper your dreams with concern for the most important people in your life.
Feeling guilty after betraying a friend Female. I had a dream I had sex with my best friend's boyfriend, who is also my friend and I felt extremely guilty. Betraying your best friend in this dream can be an indication of jealousy on your part. It is not necessarily about her boyfriend, but perhaps there are certain aspects of her life which you want for yourself. This is manifesting in your vision because you are trying so hard to repress this feeling because you only want to be supportive and happy for her. On the other hand, sex can also refer to a union and a need to feel closer to someone. Other than love and intimacy, there is something about her and her boyfriend that fascinates you. You could even admire him for his loyalty and other noteworthy traits which you want to embody. You want to transform yourself and maybe even define yourself apart from your best friend.
Mixed feelings about two girls I'm a girl and bisexual, and had a dream about me kissing my girl best friend (we'll call her "A") and my other girl best friend (and we'll call her "J") whom I'm in love with came in the room and then immediately "A" stopped acting affectionate with me. It crushed my heart but I have never had feelings for "A" before. And I don't know why I kissed her since I was and still am completely infatuated and in love with "J". Thanks if you can figure this out. Both of your best friends in the dream represent choices you have in reality. Kissing girl A signifies safety and comfort. This is your current state. However, girl J comes into the room which symbolizes a dilemma. To follow your heart would mean leaving your comfort zone, hence the coldness you felt from girl A. At the moment, you have not yet decided whether to contain your feelings or be swept away by them. Just know that deciding to pursue your love would mean putting yourself at risk and losing your sense of security altogether. You will be leaving your comfort zone for a real chance at happiness. Although it could very well lead to heartbreak as well, so you need to decide whether revealing yourself would be worth it.
Love confession from ex partner I was visiting my mum, my ex partner who lived next door, came looking for me and confessed his undying love for me. Dreaming that an ex is declaring his undying love for you actually means you are coming to terms with your past. You have made peace with the break up and are now starting the process of moving on. Undying love suggests memories which you will forever treasure despite the relationship being over. In a sense, this is the closure you needed to close this chapter and begin the next phase of your life.
Laughing at the husband I woke up laughing at my husband in my dream? Dreaming that you are making fun of someone or laughing at someone is actually a reflection of your self-loathing. The parts or characteristics you are mocking about a person are in fact the aspects you do not like about yourself. As such, laughing at your husband is more telling about your own failings. For example, if you laugh at his bad fashion choices, then that means you are very conscious about your appearance. In contrast, laughing with someone represents self-acceptance. You are aware of your flaws and you are willing to embrace them as part of who you are along with a willingness to improve yourself.
Ex-boyfriend apologizing Hi, I'm a female and I just had dreams about one of my ex-friends (he used to be my FWB) he has been frequently appearing in my dream: it's usually him apologizing to me or we're somewhat romantic. Then, I had somewhat of a sex dream with my male cousin in the same dream twice? What does this mean? These two visions seem to point toward the same conclusion albeit with slightly different connotations. Both dreams suggest unusual or unexpected developments taking place in the future that would put you in a bad position or make your life difficult in some way. The romantic gestures from your ex-friend with benefits could mean that you already are expecting a change to take place, although you are likely hoping for something more beneficial to you. The sexual dream involving your cousin additionally reveals that the outcome of this development may require you to spend a lot of time or energy to fix the problem or at least mitigate the damage.
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