Feeling someone is present in the room I am laying in bed in my dream and I feel someone's presence in the room and I can't see it and it's like I'm looking from two different views. And I wake up screaming and trying to hide under my husband or wake up in the bathroom running from my room. This dream vision of being watched or feeling someone's presence without knowing who or what it was could be a manifestation of your remorse and guilt for something wrong you have recently done. The notions of your bed and husband in this dream point to some personal choices you have made and now regret about what the consequences are or could soon be. Overall, these feelings of being haunted inside your own home mean that you are worried and concerned about the possibility that some other person could threaten the stability of your relationship.
Avoiding someone's close presence I have developed feelings for a guy at my university, but I always feel like he is above me because of the way he carries himself (he is quite posh), and because he holds an important position in a society. I am part of said society and I have talked briefly to him and I think I caught him stealing glances at me and looking at me at said society's meetings. Last night I dreamed that I was at a meeting, but shielding my face from him as if embarrassed because I was sitting too closely to him. No matter where I moved I would end up in front of him and then I would cover my face. What does this mean? Seeing someone you like in a dream usually has two meanings. In the first case, it indicates this person is on your mind a lot of the time, and you can't get them out of your head. It can also mean that your relationship is starting to become solidified, though whether it develops romantically or not is undecided. Hiding your face in the dream suggests you are hiding your feelings from this man, and you do mention some social differences between the two of you. However, the fact that he keeps reappearing close or in front of you can be interpreted as a sign that your subconscious thinks you should be a bit more bold and see where it takes you.
Meeting someone and feeling strange I dreamt of a man I haven't met personally, but I know of him. It was very nice and passionate, however I don't think of him. Envisioning yourself with a passionate, interesting person who is a virtual stranger represents a recent situation in which you made a decision that might not reflect your true feelings or intentions. This could be related to your relationship with someone or a career move you made recently. Undoing what you said or did may put things back on the right track and ease any tensions that built up.
Making people cry because of leaving them Hi! I dreamt about being in a position where I was about to separate from a group of people. I was emotionally touched in the dream, though I felt important to go. Tears were flowing from people's eyes because I was about to go. Please could you tell me what that means? Seeing others crying incessantly because they do not want you to part with them in your dream indicates your joyful existence or may mean that somebody feels very compassionate toward you. A great deal of happiness may enter your life or lives of your dear friends resulting in an elevated sense of companionship, trust and cohesion. Since you did not specify your gender, dreams of this nature for a young woman can also mean disagreement or a fight with her loved one leading to quick reconciliation, only if she realizes that it was her fault. For salespeople, this dream vision may portend short-lived troubles or woes.
Having feelings of being possessed and unable to move So, for two nights I had this very strange dream and it left me in shock. That night I had many dreams but only one constantly stays in my head. After waking up from several dreams, I went back to bed and had a dream that I was lying down. I was lying down on the bed and was facing the open door and I see this black shadow at the end of my bed and then it dives into my body and the second it dives in I physically start having spasms. I just start shaking and I can't feel or move a thing. It causes me to become conscious and I couldn't move or feel a thing when I was awake. Please help me. This dream points toward a confusing, problematic situation that you may currently be experiencing. Seeing a dark, shadowy figure indicates you currently have more questions than you do answers. This can also be seen in your inability to move, which suggests you have two choices to choose between. These choices are very different, but you may not have enough information or knowledge to make an informed decision as to which path is best for you. You may need to seek the advice of someone older and wiser to find the answers you seek and receive some guidance in order to proceed.
Feeling lonely while exposed to bones and skulls Dreamed of a lot of skulls and dry bones lying around and felt so lonely. No matter the type or degree of aging, bones are an extremely ominous sign indicating periods of difficulty and hardship. While they are usually suggestive of a general state, meaning having trouble in multiple aspects of your life, they sometimes point directly at health and medical problems. This can also be seen in your emotions, which symbolically represent going through this phase alone. You may be the only victim of this unfortunate circumstance, so your friends and family are unable to sympathize or truly understand your pain.
Running into someone special from the past and avoiding direct contact In my dream, one of my bottom teeth cracked in half. I went with my family to look for a dentist surgery. I stopped outside a door and was talking to a man smoking while I waited for a woman I love, but have lost contact with. I have had feelings for her more than any other, but never told her. We used to be close, I distanced myself from her because I feared what she and others would think if they found out. When she appeared, she was wearing pink old woman clothing. I wanted to talk to her, but couldn't, as I walked fast avoiding her. She tried to catch up, but ended up talking to my brother. Dreaming about cracked teeth are often symbolic of being bone-tired and weary. It means you have probably been working too hard and have physically exhausted yourself, either mentally, physically, or both. This is also supported by your vision of a woman you once cared about deeply, as her image and character are likely to be a comfort to your frazzled, overworked nerves. This vision should be taken as a warning that, while work and discipline are important, so is relaxing and taking time to do and enjoy things which make you happy.
Talking to a girl who is a crush and not trusting her I am a girl and I am interested in girls. There was a girl in my college and I loved her secretly. I had a dream last night in which I saw that girl, but she was looking prettier than usual. I was having this strange feeling that she might be dangerous. She was telling me about her ex-partner and then she said "I am happy that you and me are together", at this sentence I was silent and I had this notion in my mind that I am having a girlfriend already. Given the nature of your relationship with this person in real life, it seems you may be subconsciously projecting yourself onto the image of the person you speak of. This is because visions about someone being more beautiful than usual or glowing in an unnatural way often point toward medical conditions which alter your own appearance, making you appear more tired and drawn than before. In essence, you may not notice a drastic change with yourself, but others are sure to spot something is not right. You may want to keep an eye on your energy levels and other signs of illness, so you can seek proper care before things have progressed too far.
A fit of anger in front of television In a fit of anger I threw a remote control at my TV, the screen dented but didn't break. The images and visions of being angry in this dream point to your inability to solve an important issue or face a challenge in waking life. It could also be that you are easily offended and lack communication skills when interacting with other people in your everyday life, so your weaknesses manifest themselves as episodes of rage when you are asleep. The prominent symbol in this dream, however, is the remote control, which represents multifaceted aspects of your personality which you need to work on in order to improve this situation, but you may be at loss as to which ones are the highest in priority.
A flash showing a ventriloquist doll I was actually awake and had a quick flash of a ventriloquist dummy, it only lasted less than a second, and then it was gone. Depending on when and where you witnessed this vision, the meaning could be altered. If you were in the company of others, you could be picking up on the loneliness or hurt of one member of your group. This could be a message from a higher power asking you to intervene and help this person. On the other hand, if you were alone at the time of this vision, it is possible you have become aware of a plot to be manipulated or taken advantage of by someone, a warning that you should be careful whom you tend to associate with.
Questioning the authorship of a written book which later turned into a locket First, I was handed a book that they told me was written by me. I felt surprised, as I didn't know when I wrote one. Then I was worried that someone might know that some of it was not written by me. Then a guy that I like in real life came by. I showed him the book. He then turned it into a locket (the book turned into its miniature version) and put it around my neck. Then he asked me to keep it with me forever. I was so overcome with emotions that I hugged him. We hugged for quite long. I woke up feeling good. Writing a book in a dream vision is often connected with negative outcomes for business endeavors and other situations connected to your finances. More than just negative outcomes, this sign can indicate, in some cases, the complete failure of a project or current undertaking. If this happens, you are likely to be in dire straits. However, seeing the book turn into a locket and then having it placed around your neck is symbolic of receiving generous help from those around you, particularly monetary assistance from someone who is higher-ranked and influential. In this vision, because you have a strong emotional connection to the person you like, he is taking the place of all the people who love and care for you.
Caught on an empty train and waves approaching I dreamed I was on a slow moving empty freight train with flat bed cars which stopped on a hill side. The train gradually was covered up with tarmac and halted completely and I had to get off on to the hillside. Looking back at the track which was coming down the hillside behind me a huge wave raced down toward me and I had to scramble up the hillside so I and my things are not washed away. There is no one there. Downhill is awash with water and will flood, so I must walk uphill. I am waiting, but I know no one will come. I know I am miles away from anywhere. I try to think what to do. Dreaming about a freight train can indicate that you have been witnessing success in business or increasing wealth for a certain individual present in your life, though it may come at the expense of other people's hard work and livelihood. The lack of fairness in this situation is probably frustrating and difficult for you to just ignore. The big wave that you see approaching quickly symbolizes your involvement in some social movement or supporting a cause that you are passionate about. The proximity of the wave, but with no harm done to you, is also indicative of the fact that even though you remain involved and devoted to the cause, you could be starting to question or doubt its overall purpose and impact on community, as being abandoned and left alone in the end of this dream suggests.
Running away from danger and being slow This is a recurring dream. I'm running from someone or something and it's very vital to my life to get away. But as hard as I try, I cannot run fast at all. It's very slow motion and I fall a lot and have a hard time getting up. Sometimes I crawl, but I never seem to be able to run when I need to. Never see who or what is chasing me and they or it never gets me. I just feel hopeless because I'm so slow. Running away from some unknown danger suggests that you are coming to the realization that things in your life must change in order for you to get to the next level. You have even been beating yourself up because you have not been doing the things you need to do. Falling and struggling to run away indicates facing obstacles on your path to turning your life around. While this could make the process long and arduous, the benefits of committing to change are likely worth the effort.
Crying continuously and profusely after meeting someone Last night I had a dream about me walking up these steps and when I look up I see my friend or brother and he walks to me, doesn't say anything, and gives me a hug and I broke down crying (collapsing, falling and crying) and then I woke up. When I woke up, I was actually crying and haven't stopped crying since. Help me understand :( A dream about your brother can be interpreted as envying an aspect of his personality that you yourself lack. If you are a female, your brother could represent male aspects of your own personality, such as assertiveness or confidence, which you need to embrace. Crying in dreams is most often associated with sorrow in real life. When this sign is experienced around or as a response to the appearance of your brother in a dream, it points toward needing to accept all parts of yourself to gain a more positive outlook on life.
Having mixed feelings while being touched I dreamt that a guy kept trying to touch me (I felt ugly, also I felt like I didn't deserve him), and I kept pushing him off. In my dream I felt scared and wanted to disappear, but at the same time I wanted him to protect me. I wanted him to hug me and tell me it's okay. I woke up from my dream feeling scared and upset. Rejecting someone or pushing them away in your dream implies rejection or denial. There might be some aspect of your life that you want to get rid of or a situation that you do not want to confront. The sense of unworthiness and insecurity, as manifested by feeling ugly and undeserving of affection, is a reflection of self-doubt and anxieties you may currently be experiencing in your waking life. These anxieties may be pushing you to turn down opportunities or positive developments that come your way. The vision alludes to your need for affirmation and belief in your potential to overcome challenges and achieve success.
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