Trying to get back together with an ex I'm at my firehouse and my ex (high school sweetheart) and I are talking and she is happy to see me, but sad and starts crying. Then I try to convince her to leave her husband and come back to me. All she could say was I wish I could. Then I fight her husband, and wake up. Dreaming of your ex often reveals lingering feelings for them. Perhaps you did not have proper closure in your past relationship, either with this particular person or someone else, which is why you still have not managed to move on. You may also be engaging in an unhealthy pattern of behavior associated with a previous romance, thus triggering the appearance of your ex in your vision. Try to reflect on your actions and emotions in the past, this could help you navigate and resolve existing predicaments.
Feeling short of breath I had a dream about me holding a see-through plastic bag with a frog in it and I remember that I kept twisting it and then untwisting it because it couldn't breath. All that time it was still in the plastic bag, then I couldn't breath. I couldn't feel myself breathing in real life, so I woke up and the dream ended there. I had a dream like this before, except it wasn't about a frog, it was about me in a back seat of a car and crashed into a pole and I woke up cause I couldn't breath. The thread that holds both your dreams together is suffocation or difficulty in breathing that is jolting you awake. While both dreams may not be contextually related, this does point to exhaustion and tension in your mind and body causing your interrupted sleep due to breathing issues. In the first dream, the trapped frog suggests health issues. This is a warning that you need to pay more attention to your health and well-being before it is too late. The notion that you are the one twisting and untwisting the plastic bag to cut off air or allow the frog to breathe means that it is within your powers to change your habits and lifestyle into a healthier one. The second dream you discussed involving a car crash implies an alarming situation or experience. The crash also indicates conflicting beliefs and lifestyles. Whether one or the other will be beneficial to your wellness will be up to you to decide.
Someone calling and unable to react Someone walks to my bed, gets on the bed. They call my name from far away. The voice is familiar, but I do not know who it is. I try to wake up, but my eyes won't open. Hearing a familiar voice calling your name indicates your current ideas or theories are not well-received by those around you, making it difficult for you to get your way or influence others. Seeing someone get on your bed, however, suggests you can still win people over if you change your approaches and better communicate your wants and needs to those who are listening.
Being chased by something evil A dream about running from something evil. I'm crying, can't get away and every time I think I am awake, I'm not awake? Running is a common theme in a variety of dreams. This usually means that you are experiencing stressful situations and troubles in real life that you want to avoid or escape. Your fear and anxiety is seeping into your subconscious and forcing you to confront your problems. The false awakening part of dream points to your desire to take stock of the situation and deal with the issue head on. You are beginning to become more self-aware and conscious of the consequences of either your action or passivity.
Being with someone who is pretentious I was hanging out with the guy I like and then I found out that he was just pretending to like me. Dreaming of the object of your affection in an unrequited situation is your subconscious telling you to let go. Alternatively, you could be feeling lonely and dissatisfied with your life, hence the lack of reciprocation in your dream.
Being rejected by a pretty girl Hello, l am a guy, last night I dreamt that I had multiple times eye contact with a very pretty girl, I've never seen her in real life.Then, at last, I proposed to her asking to be my girlfriend and she refused it. Eventually, there was this other stranger guy who proposed her just after me and she accepted him. He was better-looking than me, taller than me, had a better personality than me and was well groomed. I never did anything like this in real and I'm sure this means something. Please help. Thank you. This vision is a highly ominous sign for someone close to you, most likely a family member or very close friend. Starting at the end, having a proposal rejected means that someone you know and care about has been ignoring an increasingly painful and dangerous health problem which may soon become undeniable. Your relation to this person could socially require you to provide some assistance and help in the form of care, emotional support or even money. While you obviously are willing to help this person, it may be a drain on your finances.
Hugging with someone for a very long time I had a dream about hugging my crush who is also my friend (he already knows I like him), and when we hugged, I held on for a few seconds then let go, but he didn't let go, so I just kept hugging him and he already is a tight hugger, and I ended up hugging him tighter and it felt like the hug was about 3-5 minutes long, why did the hug last so long? Giving a tight, long-lasting hug to someone you have a crush on could be interpreted as feelings of nostalgia bubbling their way to the surface from the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind. You may be about to remember someone from your past who used to be close to you. This person could be relevant to your current relationship with your friend and may even have some valuable advice regarding the situation.
Cheering others I was wishing two women a Happy New Year and telling them God bless them. Dreaming about using season's greetings with people who are unfamiliar to you, such as strangers passing in the street, can be seen as a sign that you are about to meet some new people. Your new acquaintances are likely to make your life more interesting, at least for the time being.
Being lost inside a house and feeling trapped I'm a female. I went to a house with my boyfriend and met up with his friend, who had the face of a friend I used to have. The guy tried hitting on me and I said "No" and tried to leave but couldn't find my purse. I looked in every room but they kept changing. Then his family showed up and looked crazy. I had this overwhelming feeling that they wanted to trap me there forever. In order to fully understand this vision, we should interpret it in reverse. This is because the house that you could not leave has a very general meaning, pointing toward unfortunate circumstances unfolding in your life which you have no escape from. The cause of you issues, then, is likely something that sticks close to you. Not being able to find your purse suggests monetary issues, such as debt. This situation could have a legitimate cause, such as student loans, but may also be the result of poor financial planning. In either case, seeing an old friend can indicate needing to seek the advice of someone older and wiser, possibly a financial advisor or accountant.
Crying hysterically in a friend's dream A friend of mine saw me crying hysterically in her dream. A dream in which you were perceived by someone close to you crying hysterically represents hidden feelings and emotions bursting to get out. Your friend may soon feel overwhelmed by a particular situation, a confrontation perhaps, and try to find a chance to release these feelings that have been weighing her down. This could prove to be a great relief for her in the end, and you could be involved to a certain extent to help her during the time when it happens.
Hands reaching and touching from underneath the bed I was laying down on a table or bed. There were hands all around me reaching up from beneath this table or bed pulling at me from the sides head and foot. I couldn't just wake up right away, even though I tried. Despite the dark tone of your dream, the hands reaching around and pulling from the sides actually represent a positive omen. These hands can be interpreted as receiving help from unexpected sources when you most need it. You might receive a loan during a financial crisis or have a shoulder to cry on during a time of emotional turmoil in your life. Remember to be appreciative and grateful to those willing to lend a hand in a moment of need.
Contradicting feeling while on a boat in the stormy ocean I was on a ship sailing in the ocean. There were many people on deck. There were sides/walls surrounding the deck so no one could see the surrounding ocean. There was a large pole with a small platform at top. I climbed almost to the top and as I climbed, I saw very large waves. I was scared. I was also scared of falling if I climbed and stood on top platform, but wanted the adulation if I was successful. I also didn't want to be ridiculed if I fell and injured myself. I didn't climb to top. Getting recognition for your hard work and accomplishments can trigger certain fears and apprehensions in the subconscious. This dream of sailing in the ocean suggests a big journey you are about to take or a significant change in your current reality. This big change could be related to your work, perhaps in the form of a promotion or a greater responsibility. In connection to this, the deck in the vision represents your awareness of the attention being given to you, possibly associated with the big change that is about to happen. Along with this upcoming personal or professional advancement comes the responsibility of performing your duties well. This is where the apprehensions come in, as symbolized by climbing the pole on the ship's deck. This position of power entails eyes of scrutiny which perhaps you are not ready to face yet. The attention, plus the threat of the waves signifying errors, failures and challenges in general, is making you second-guess your resolve to climb the corporate ladder or assume a leadership position. This dream vision wants you to carefully consider what is at stake as you welcome this big opportunity. Certainly, courage and determination are necessary in this new chapter should you decide to take up the challenge.
Fear of heights and sensing someone's presence Dreamed about a fear of heights, then woke up and saw a little boy standing in my room pointing, smiling. It seemed so real after turning the light on didn't see him anymore. A dream in which you see a smiling boy pointing at something only to disappear afterwards could be considered a sign of unexpected news coming your way. There is a possibility that you could make a surprising discovery in the near future without actually meaning to do so. This event would catch you off-guard and have long term ramifications for your future. It remains unclear whether the outcome of all this would be positive or negative for you.
Feeling anxious when calling for help I've had a repetitive dream about an emergency happening and I try to call the police, but I can't dial the number correctly and it takes too long. I feel serious anxiety and panic in the dream. What does it mean? This vision is very likely a prediction of a similar situation occurring in wake life. Trying to contact the police but having difficulty dialing the number in a stressful situation suggests you could be easily shaken and become disoriented during an emergency. However, this warning also gives you the opportunity to make contingency plans, for example, programming your speed dial or updating your emergency contact information.
Frightened by a stranger knocking on the door I am in danger in my own house. A stranger knocks on my door and I feel danger... I am helplessly call my relative. Knocking typically represents opportunities. However, in the case of your dream, the implied threat of this stranger knocking on your door reveals your apprehensions and anxiety over your personal safety. Perhaps there is someone in the waking world who seems hell bent on besmirching your reputation or invading your privacy. Alternatively, the stranger could represent a new side of you that is slowly surfacing, an undesirable aspect of your personality that you are trying to suppress.
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