Feeling as if being stalked by someone A house in a random location in a field with nothing around. I can only go a certain distance before coming back or feeling like I will be attacked if I go to far away. At the same time, I'm being chased by a person, but can't visually see their face and being stalked by them as well. I sense the person is trying to kill me but in the dream I feel the need to fight back and fight for my survival. This dream reoccurs and sometimes I'm with another person who I also cannot see, but are on same side. A house in a desolate landscape reflects feelings of isolation and loneliness. You may be feeling cut off from friends and family due to personal reasons. The faceless stranger who is either out to get you or is on your side possibly reveals aspects of your personality that are either destructive or positive depending on your state of mind. This recurring theme in your dream reveals your conflicted emotions and clouded perspectives. You may need to dig deeper and get to know yourself better in order to make yourself whole to keep you from pushing away those who love and need you.
A razor cut in a dream which felt real afterwards I was shaving with a straight razor when I accidentally cut my jugular. I half woke up and could feel myself lying in bed, but I had a sharp pain on the side of my neck as well as feel the energy drain from my body. Envisioning yourself with a cut jugular is a highly ominous symbol indicative of great misfortune or catastrophe striking your life. Given the notion that you cut it yourself, it seems you may bring about these troubles through your own lack of preparation or attention to detail. Now that you have received this warning, you should be on the lookout for signs which could predict the nature of your mistake and work to avert the situation as quickly as possible.
Being abducted by aliens and frightened by it There was an orange glow through the bedroom window. I got out of bed to look and it was like being on a train with everything rushing past. I went into another room where there were other people, someone said we were being taken by people from another planet, but didn't know where. I ran back into the bedroom to look out the window again. Still moving. I told myself it was just a dream and kept saying "Wake up", but I couldn't. I then became very frightened, as I thought it was real and not a dream. Trains or images similar to train movement in dreams are often thought to represent our path in life and the road we take to get to where we need to be. In this case, your train is going very quickly and seems to be disorienting you, meaning your life may feel outside of your direct control at the moment. You probably feel powerless to change its course or lack the confidence to exert your will. In order to escape the harsh reality you may currently be in, you may prefer to turn to the fantasy world and hide from reality. However, this dream cautions you not to waste time avoiding unpleasant situations. Instead, it would be better to make small steps to take control of your surroundings.
Flying and feeling nervous about falling down Start a short distance run, flying. Jumping straight up (like on a Pogo stick). With each bounce, the height increased. Fun at beginning. As the height increased, nervousness begins of downward action. When near the clouds, extreme fear of crashing or more (possibly), fear is not knowing how to control or regulate. The outcome...result...? Reaction time decreases? Jumping in dreams suggests taking risks. The higher you jump, the bigger the risk you take. Naturally, as depicted in your dream, your anxiety builds up the higher you jump. Such that the nearer you get to the clouds, the bigger the fear of crashing to the ground. This fear of falling reflects a fear of failing in reality. The greater your achievements, the more pressure you have to contend with to perform your duties and responsibilities. Are you perhaps due for a promotion? If so, this dream reflects your reservations of taking on a bigger role for fear of ineptitude. This dream vision reminds you to take control of your fears instead of letting them get the better of you, because the more you allow your fears to dominate you, the less effective you would be in performing your tasks.
Experiencing difficulties when reaching out to a couple I am searching for a couple to wish them happy anniversary, facing many difficulties in finding them and finally found them. Searching for people while facing difficulties in the process, but being able to locate them eventually could be considered a sign of progress you are making in your waking life. You may be accomplishing smaller goals that you have set for yourself. All of these could be steps towards achieving something much bigger than the sum of its parts.
Missing a step while climbing a set of stairs I have been getting this dream from childhood. I always dream about myself climbing the stairs and I missed one step while climbing. And get shocked, I shake in the dream as well as in real life. Walking up the stairs in a dream vision is a highly positive symbol associated with making progress on your goals or dreams. Skipping a step, then, suggests much the same, especially if you are constantly concerned and anxious about completing a particular project. Namely, it means doing seemingly less work, but still getting to where you are supposed to be. While it may shock you a little to find you have forgotten to do something important, as long as you get where you are meant to go with available time and resources, everything is likely to (and may have been) turn out alright.
Unable to move after hearing whispers This dream is reoccurring since childhood. I am lying on the ground with a canopy of trees above me, leaves rustling in the wind. Suddenly, there is a whispering. I can't understand it, but it begins to get more and more aggressive. I can't move, but I desperately want to. The canopy of trees in your dream implies protection. The rustling leaves of the trees symbolize abundance and wealth, both in knowledge and aspirations. You could be in a comfortable place in your career and personal journey. Hence, the whispering that is getting more and more aggressive in this recurring dream scenario perhaps is your subconscious reminding you not to rest on your laurels. This period of stability and wealth may end any time, hence you must make conscious efforts towards continuous growth in order to prevail.
Experiencing a heartbreak I had a dream about heartbreak, and it felt incredibly vivid. After my dream, my heart physically hurt and I felt like I was going to cry. Weird, right? Dreaming about metaphorical heartbreak is a highly ominous symbol in dream visions. It usually points toward experiencing some event or crisis which drastically alters your emotional, mental and physical well-being. It may be wise to avoid any situations which could turn south quickly and, should you find yourself in such a situation anyway, extract yourself from the area as quickly and unobtrusively as possible.
Crying because of lost wife I saw that I am crying because I was not able to find my wife and my family members were trying to keep me quiet. Later I saw my wife is back and I stopped crying. Crying during the course of a dream vision usually predicts having a disagreement with someone, most likely your wife, given her prominence in this vision. The cause of this fight is probably linked to a task you have been working on or a goal you have yet to accomplish, as is seen in the image of your wife appearing suddenly at the end. If things have not been going your way in regards to this unfinished business, it may be best to leave it alone and start fresh lest you waste more time and resources than necessary.
Extreme sadness about someone passing I was running in this hallway, at first I had no clue where to, then I saw this girl and I just ran to her and hugged her. We both had turned and there was this lady, on her death bed, and I suddenly felt this huge thing of regret and began balling, it took me some time to be able to go talk to her, I was lost for words because nothing I could say would make up for the feeling I had. Right as I was about to grab onto her hand and sit next to her, I woke up. Feeling great sorrow towards a complete stranger during the course of a dream vision often predicts a fateful meeting with someone in the near future. This person could turn out to be a friend, a mentor or an enemy with equal probability. However, the second part of this dream gives a warning about the first. Being upset about the imminent death of an unfamiliar woman suggests you could covet or desire something that this new acquaintance possesses. Whether it is a material possession, status or a lover, this vision warns that your desire to get your hands on something or someone that does not belong to you could cause major problems.
Rejection from someone paired up with I am a female. I had a dream that I was in a place with a lot of guys. Girls were supposed to be paired up with the guys. The guy that I was paired up with told me eventually that I "wasn't good enough" to be with him. He then told me that if we tried to have sex, he wouldn't even be able to "get it up" with me. Then I woke up. Dreaming about being surrounded by men predicts much the same in wake life, namely that you are about to find yourself being very popular with the male population. While certainly desirable, your sudden rise in fame and admiration could distract you from other important areas of your life, particularly your overall health and emotional well-being. Being rejected in this vision, then, is a reminder that you need to put yourself first before worrying about less important things like dating or going out.
Writing words of regret on a wall I am standing by the outside wall of a house, writing lots of words of regret with a pencil in large type, I am copying it down exactly how I have seen it written on paper originally. Writing words of regret on the wall in this dream suggests that you are trying to free yourself of shameful secrets. You may be feeling guilty and overwhelmed by the burden of keeping regrettable actions to yourself. Whatever it is that you have done wrong, you may be yearning to put it to rest by admitting these past actions to others, so that you would feel lighter and better about yourself.
A fear of a man in a circle I didn't have much of a dream other than seeing a man in the middle of a circle. No specific characteristics. He was more like a shadow than anything. My mom woke me up because I had slept through all my alarms and just started saying over and over, "The man in the circle." I wasn't myself when I woke up. I had no clue what happened. All I could remember was him and an overwhelming sense of fear. The shadow man who appeared in your vision is actually the manifestation of dual realities in your everyday existence. For example, you may have positive ideological beliefs that make you feel kind and generous toward others, however, your actual actions and behavior may not reflect those values. Additionally, the image of the circle around the man could reflect your ability to benefit from this situation, suggesting that you can adapt your speech and mannerisms to mesh with whatever crowd you wish to spend time with. Your fear may only represent your apprehension at being called a fraud or fake.
Scared of people inhabiting the dream I dreamed that I asked the people in my dream as they were strangers to identify themselves and who gave them permission to enter my dreams. I then woke with a fright. Meeting a stranger in a dream vision represents much the same in wake life. You may be about to see an influx in the number of people in your social circle or an increase in rivals. Given their unwanted, permitted existence in your dream, it seems more likely that you would not get along with these individuals right away, however, that does not necessarily make them your enemies. When you meet someone new, it would be wise to be cautious but courteous until you know the value and pleasure their friendship can add to your life.
Being taken up into the sky and afraid of dying Female. I can't remember everything, but I'm with someone on the ground and then we soar up into the air, like we can fly, but we come back down, almost like bouncing, but really high. I'm happy. Then when I go up, I keep going and I realize something is sucking me into the sky. I look down and see the ground and feel fear and panic. I start struggling to breathe. I realize something bad is taking me up and I am going to die or it will release me and I will still fall and die. I'm doomed. I feel sad. I wake up in tears. Jumping high into the air, similar to dreams of flying, alludes to your present goals and ambitions. You are working hard to reach your aspirations, whether it is a promotion or your dream career. Being unable to come back down points to a risk of losing sight of your purpose in your quest to achieve a certain level of success. Too much focus on status and achievements can lead to arrogance and a loss of identity. It may also alienate the individuals who love you and are keeping you grounded. Perhaps this vision is a message for you to keep your priorities and motivations clear and balanced.
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