Feeling uneasy after a woman's revelation I had a dream last night and I'm not sure what to make of it. A woman said to me "You touched this earth in April, the same I left it. You are of real kindness and peace, he knows but he is blind, he loves but he is lost".... I then woke up and my heart felt really heavy and I honestly just stayed home because something just feels off since then. She was making dolls and wearing something like a nurse in the 60's wore. Nurses appearing in a dream symbolize healing and improvement. You may be at a crossroads at the moment or are dealing with a complicated issue. This matter could be wearing you down in all aspects of your waking life: physically, emotionally and even spiritually. As such, the nurse in your dream serves to remind you to put yourself first because you cannot help others if you are unwell yourself. The "he" reference in the dream could be a loved one you have been trying to support and help for so long, yet you feel all your efforts have been taken for granted. Perhaps you have stopped trying to help someone recently and your conscience is making you feel guilty and restless.
Hurt feelings while traveling We were four people traveling. A girl from the group and I were a little closer. She liked me and perhaps I her too, but I hadn't kissed her yet. Her ex appears and I get mad or sad and leave them. I sign to the army to prove something to myself. End of dream. Dreaming about traveling together with a particular girl symbolizes your desire to embark on a new relationship. The notion that you found yourself attracted to her and she reciprocated your feelings points towards your own yearnings for starting a liaison with someone whom you secretly admire. However, seeing her ex is suggestive of possible obstacles in such a relationship, while joining the army implies possible conflicts which you may have while establishing a new relationship.
Unable to choose between former and current lover Boyfriend and ex boyfriend were arguing over me and I didn't know whom to choose because I have feelings for both of them. Dreaming about your ex boyfriend arguing with the current one has negative connotations. The fact that you still have feelings for the old boyfriend despite dating someone new points towards your indecision to stay loyal to your current lover. This dream is a warning to sort out your true feelings and stop trying to fool yourself into believing something that was left in the past still matters. Reasserting the value of your existing relationship would help you take it to the next level.
Becoming strongly connected with others I was on a mezzanine looking at a swimming pool in the garden through my teenage bedroom window. Then I realized other people were standing on top of individual skyscrapers, and so was I. The buildings sunk down, we got off and walked towards each other across the swamp. We felt a deep connection - I wasn't an individual any more, only a group. We knew that animals would soon emerge from the pool or swamp, and we looked back up at the bedroom window and knew we could never go back. A dream wherein you find yourself looking at a swimming pool is symbolic of changes. It is an indication that you are about to start a relationship with a person whom you admire. The sudden shift which takes you on top of a large sky scraper denotes a few important decisions which you would have to make. The choices you are about to face would have a great impact on your life. The notion that you saw other people on top of sky scrapers as well could also point towards individuals in your life who too are at the brink of making important decisions. This is further reinforced by the idea that you believe that you would never be able to go back, thus pointing towards your resolutions which would only take you further from where you stand at the moment. Once you make these life-altering choices, things would not be the same. Perhaps the choice of embarking on a new relationship would change a great many things for you in your waking life.
Befriending a girl the boyfriend cheats on with I keep dreaming of being friends with the girl my boyfriend cheated on me with. I'm always taking care of her. When in real life, she disgusts me and thinking of her upsets me. In a dream, seeing yourself being friends with the girl your boyfriend cheated on you with signifies a series of events or a special situation which could bring about friendly relations between you and this girl. This may be due to your forgiving her past transgressions against you, or it could be because she is about to find herself in a similar situation which would make you two bond. In either case, taking care of her reflects and further strengthens the first symbol because it means you are about to enter a period in your life where you can be free of anger and have peace of mind. Like most things, this newfound tranquility depends upon how much effort you put into it. Try to be the bigger person here and put in the time and effort to create this friendly atmosphere.
Feeling the air blown through straws I dreamt of sitting at a table in a bar-type environment and someone on my left and another on my right were blowing air through straws, but I could actually feel the air as if they were actually present. It woke me up and my heart was racing. Being in a bar or pub in the dream world is usually a negative symbol associated with rejection. You may be feeling alienated at work or even at home and you are seeking some sort of validation in the waking world. This mounting stress may also be associated with the air being blown in your direction representing pressure. You may be facing close scrutiny in the workplace and you just want to escape the constant supervision even just for a little while.
Flying in a stroller Dreams about speeding in a runaway stroller down a mountain and then flying in space in a stroller and landing back safely on earth in a park. Being discovered by human-like cats until my mother found me. Rolling down a mountain in a stroller is probably a warning that your goals could be disrupted due to pitfalls and hidden traps, especially those that could have been avoided with better planning or preparation. The time you put into plotting out your career path, or the lack thereof, could put you in a downward spiral of financial instability and rising debt. Consequently, these unfortunate circumstances may trigger your habit of indulging in fantasies as a way to escape real-world problems.
Consoling someone who is crying A Korean guy was facing my direction and asked me "Who do you want?" and I pointed to him and said,"You". He started crying and I held him. Dreaming about seeing a crying guy or boy is symbolic of sympathy. It is possible that you would soon show to your family or to someone with whom you have a close relationship that you stand by their side. You would provide them with much-needed support and help by showing how you love and value them and by performing extraordinary acts of kindness and generosity. Furthermore, the bit where the Korean guy asks you "Who do you want?" to which your responded with "You" reveals your ability to validate and empower others. Your sensitive nature gives you the unique position to boost self-confidence of your peers. Someone in your social circle may be feeling purposeless and lost, hence your subconscious through this dream is illustrating the power of your words.
Consoling someone My dream was about a person resting on my shoulder and I m consoling, taking his face on my palm. Dreaming that someone is leaning against or resting on your shoulder refers to the burden of responsibility. You may have been tasked to supervise a project or organize an upcoming event. Alternatively, the responsibility resting on your shoulder could also be a reference to your nurturing nature. You may be naturally inclined to look after the well-being of your friends and loved ones.
Space around morphing and fluctuating I feel like I'm standing, frozen in place in a white blank area. I can't see anything in the front, back, sides or above. It's like a point of view dream from my eyes. This is where it gets weird. I can feel what I see and I see the blank space and see that it becomes smooth and I'm still stuck in place. Then I feel the smoothness on my skin, it feels like a soft silk fur blanket. Then I see the texture change again and it's rough like rocks. It fluctuates between them about every 2 seconds. The white, blank expanse in your dream likely reveals emptiness or a sense of isolation within you. You could be struggling to find a space in the world and this causes uncertainty as well as confusion about the path you want to take. Alternatively, white can also be an allusion to a blank slate. Perhaps you are looking for a fresh start or a new beginning and you would soon have the opportunity to start anew. In that case, the changes in texture refer to the roughness or smoothness of your new journey. The success or failure of your venture depends on how you navigate this new phase, yet it cannot be smooth-sailing all the time.
Love feelings while naked in a forest I was standing in a sun-filled forest naked hugging someone, he was naked too. I buried my face into his chest and said "I love you". He said "Say it again". I looked up into his dark brown eyes, "I love you". He had a huge smile and said "I have been waiting a long time for you to say that". Dreaming about being naked with someone you have feelings for means that you both are in complete accord with one another. Since nudity represents lowering all barriers and exposing your vulnerable sides, this dream could mean that both of you have accepted each other as you are. This is a positive sign and one which indicates that your current relationship is at its most comfortable level. You both know each other's weaknesses, but there is a sense of acceptance and that makes your affection to grow even more.
Running down the road and feeling nervous Hello, I am a woman. My dream was about me running on this winding road. I was running too fast and couldn't slow down and I was very nervous. The road was high up and had a sheer drop on the edge. I kept almost running into people because I couldn't control my speed. At the end of the road was a ladder I had to climb down and there was water everywhere except some docks. That is all I remember. The winding road in your dream represents a time of difficulty and emotional turmoil. Running at high speed means you could be actively avoiding a problem or responsibility. Your inability to control your speed could likewise be a warning of an imminent downward spiral or emotional breakdown. In addition, reaching the water without a dock in sight alludes to your sense of hopelessness and tendency to wallow in negative emotions. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to get you to acknowledge early signs of anxiety and emotional turbulence in order for you to seek the help and support you need during the difficulties you are currently facing or about to face. Alternatively, your dream could imply that running away is not a feasible solution to your problems.
A place which is a heaven I always have dreams in different locations, different emotions, different settings, people etc. but I'm always trying to get to this "dream place" which I can see in so vividly in my dreams and there's strong feelings of familiarity, serenity and calmness, regardless of the dream or nightmare, this place never changes. What could this possibly mean? In general, dreaming about traveling to a certain destination suggests the possibility of new offers and opportunities that could drastically change your current status, whether personal or work-related. Meanwhile, an idealized place can be akin to your efforts at achieving your goals and aspirations. While you may still be figuring out exactly what your true purpose is, the concept of your desired destination and the sense of fulfillment are what you constantly aim for. As such, the nature of the journey going to that familiar dream world can be a reflection of your current reality. For instance, if it is dark or nightmarish, then perhaps you are experiencing some fears, anxieties and insecurities about your capabilities.
Being consoled and comforted by a crush I was standing in the middle of a warehouse, smiling. Suddenly, my crush came to me, kissed me on the cheeks with tears. She said good bye. After that the whole warehouse disappeared. I was left in the middle of a grey wasteland with nothing. The girl came back standing right in front of me. She held me up, suddenly things appeared around me, people, buildings and the blue sky. I couldn't see her as people covered her. And she eventually disappeared, but I was left standing and smiling at something. The warehouse in your dream alludes to memories, maybe even long-forgotten dreams. Perhaps the presence of your crush in that big, closed-off space is the equivalent of hope. Maybe thinking of her gives you hope and the courage to pursue passions you may have started to think were impossible to achieve. The building and the blue sky at the end of your dream vision symbolize opportunities. She is your inspiration and with her presence in your life you feel like you can achieve anything. Maybe you were starting to get eaten up by your insecurities, fortunately she would give you back the confidence you need.
A colleague crying in the kitchen A dream about my colleague crying at a kitchen table, crying in front of a cake tin filled with paper. Seeing your co-worker in a house could predict receiving some sort of long-awaited news in the near future. Their tears likely suggest that this would lead to unhappy or unfortunate circumstances for you. If you were expecting a reply from someone or an answer to a question, it is possible you would not get the response you wanted. Additionally, the papers in the tin can be interpreted as a sign that this situation would completely change some aspect of your life or personality, meaning it would have a big impact on your outlook on life or future ambitions.
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