Strange sensation around the eyes and nose missing I was in my room, lying on my bed and I felt a strong sensation of pressure and tickle between my eyebrows, same feeling when you bring a pencil or a finger close to your eyebrows. Then I saw some blurred people shouting about that your nose is cut off, and I saw a vision of my nose, black with scars. Then I woke up. But even then the pressure between the eyebrows was there for quite some time. Sharp or pointed objects, like pencils and needles, tend to represent focused attention or a singular event, so feeling a pencil-like pressure between your eyebrows could represent the honing of higher mental abilities, such as psychic powers or visions of the future. However, what you see may not make you happy. Having your nose cut off or realizing it is no longer there is an ill omen symbolizing becoming an object of criticism among those you thought you were close to. It is possible they are talking behind your back or spreading rumors. The reason is likely because they are jealous of your abilities or recent achievements.
Feeling uneasy while in a forest I was in my dream and I woke up on a sunny day. I was in a mystical forest lying down on a hill and I saw a bunch of deer looking and walking around. Judging by how huge they looked I could say I was either an infant or a toddler. It was a very peaceful sight, yet something about it seemed unsettling, like the day wasn't going to end or I was stuck in the ground or something. A sunny day in a dream denotes optimism. You would soon enter a favorable period both at home and at work. In addition, seeing a deer or a group of deers in the woods or forest means you would likely meet or become acquainted with influential personalities, possibly a social group. These personalities would be instrumental in your personal development by imparting their wisdom, guidance and generosity. You would benefit from their advice and experience as they become your mentors who would provide material or emotional support at your first call for help.
Crying at the scene of a dead body I saw a dead body in my dream which was cut by a man and I was crying and weeping, but my parents and my brother stopped me. And then I woke up. Seeing yourself grieving or crying over a dead body in a dream represents nostalgia. You could be yearning or longing for something or someone from your past. Something in reality may have triggered previous experiences or reminded you of an earlier period which you want to re-live. Alternatively, you may want to reclaim an aspect of yourself, or a characteristic, which you have lost. Perhaps you feel a little bit jaded or cynical because of what you have gone through and now you want to rekindle your optimistic and hopeful side.
Calling someone pregnant a slut My dream was of my husband telling everybody that another woman is pregnant. Defending her when I call her a slut. Calling someone a slut in a dream reveals your anger and possible jealousy. There may be someone in your social circle who brings out your catty and insecure side. Pregnancy in dreams can symbolize growth and potential. In a sense, the pregnant woman your husband defended may represent an ideal. Perhaps she is an actual person whom you are competing with at work or among your peers. You may be constantly comparing yourself to her, partly because you think others hold her in high regard. You may need to find out the source of your insecurity in order to lessen the stress and frustration you may be feeling.
Husband holding hands and hearing singing My husband has a side girlfriend in reality. But in this dream he was holding my arm so tightly while in bed with him. I was not holding him back, but he didn't want to let go. A mature woman sang to him these words "Your girlfriend is going to breakup with you because you are glued on wife". When he heard those words he grabbed my hand even tighter than before, so I got annoyed and looked away from him saying in my mind "Now you are gluing onto me just because she is going to break up with you!". This dream seems to be the manifestation of conflicted emotions from reality. On one hand, you may feel upset about your husband's affair and are annoyed that he is seeing someone else. On the other hand, you may also feel that you are slightly to blame for being too trusting or gullible in the first place. Your husband's desire to remain close to you in this vision could be your brain fighting with your heart. A part of you may want to reconcile and stay together, but another part of you may want him to go away and never come back.
Trying to commit suicide after being insulted by others I am a girl of 20 yrs. I had tried committing suicide. My dream was that I was going to US with my family and we go to the waiting room in the airport. There I meet my ex-boyfriend with his close friend waiting for the same flight. I was totally in shock and he abuses me and I am insulted by everyone in the room as a whore. Then I go to jump from a hill all of a sudden. But I don't. I find myself standing there talking to my ex-boyfriend and his friend while many people are looking down the hill. Your dream seems to reflect how you think other people feel about you and how you expect you should be treated. Possible issues with low self-esteem could be making you want to place the blame on yourself by imagining situations in which you are provoked to step over the edge and feel justified in killing yourself. Such dreams can be dangerous and you should not take them literally as a reason to harm yourself, but rather to focus on the underlying causes of the way you perceive yourself. Since you mentioned that in the dream you had in fact not killed yourself, it could mean you still have the power to overcome your inner demons.
A voice in the darkness I was in a room, then darkness ate me up. Then there was a lady's voice. Her voice was soothing, but it felt like ice stabbing into my heart. Darkness in dreams points to being thrust into uncharted territory. The darkness in your dream is an allusion to the fear and uncertainty that would consume you as you try to adapt to new situations and adjust to a different environment. The soothing voice likely represents your conscience and personal values. It serves as your guiding light while navigating unfamiliar scenarios. The reason why it is cutting into your heart may be due to conflicting ideals. What you need to do may be completely different from what your conscience is telling you to do, or it could be the other way around.
Holding hands with a disabled person Dreams about holding hands with a disable person whom I love. More often than not, dreams about holding hands are a sign of an upcoming trial. This circumstance would be a catalyst for measuring the depths and sincerity of your dedication and commitment to each other. Things resulting from such event could be an indication of how your relationship will grow and the happiness it entails in the future. Holding hands with the disabled person whom you love connotes how much commitment you are willing to provide for this person. This person's vulnerability, both physical and emotional, could be driving your need to strengthen the bond, so you can overcome any obstacles you may face together or separately in the future.
Crying with family at the hospital My mom has cancer. And in the dream I visited her in the hospital and I couldn't stop crying and hugging her. Which made her cry a little and my brother was there and I made him cry too. Dreaming that you visit a sick person who is staying in a hospital often alludes to the discovery of some unpleasant and potentially shocking news sometime soon. Hearing about this piece of information has the possibility of completely changing your opinion about the subject of this news. This is especially true because you knew the person you were visiting in this dream. You may feel extremely upset or distraught by what you find out, as can be seen by your crying in the vision.
A crush with someone else at a carnival I saw my crush at a carnival holding hands with a really pretty girl and I ran off and he ran after me and tried to explain but before he could I ran off again and then I woke up. Envisioning the person you like in a dream vision is not an uncommon symbol. Oftentimes it is either the manifestation of your strong feelings toward this individual or the result of a recent interaction you shared together. The presence of a pretty girl standing with him represents your fear that someone else may grab his attention before you do. You may even have a potential rival in mind, and you are concerned their interference would ruin your chances of being with the guy you like. Unless you are strong and willing to put your feelings forward, you may experience heartache or disappointment.
Being told someone is better during sex I had a dream that my ex told me I was not good in bed and that his new lover basically blew me out of the water. My feelings were hurt. What does this mean? Why am I dreaming this? In general, dreaming about your sex life or intimate affairs often reveals your insecurities and feelings of ineptitude. In your case, being told that you were not good in bed likely means you are feeling unattractive and unworthy of finding a good romantic partner. In addition, the presence of your ex in this vision points to unresolved feelings and possibly not having a satisfying closure to your relationship. You may still be in love with your ex or perhaps you are still thinking about "what if" scenarios, including the possibility of getting back together. Ultimately, your subconscious may be forcing you to face your own demons and weaknesses so that you could learn to have more faith in yourself and elevate your self-worth in the process.
Being stabbed with a sword and feeling the pain I am a male and my dream involved a good friend, also male, who also follows a spiritual path. In the dream, he twice fumbles a ritual sword which stabs me both separate times in my left shin just below the knee and I must reach down and pull it out. He is horrified that it happens and apologizes profusely while I don't seem to be all that fazed even though it clearly was painful. I could still feel the "phantom pain" from it when I awoke this morning. To get stabbed by a sword in dreams often reveals the dreamer's unfulfilled desires. You could be hiding an aspect of your personality which you are scared of showing everyone for fear of being judged. However, in combination with the other symbols in your dream, the seemingly accidental stabbing incident could mean that you are unaware of your own desires. They could be buried deep in your subconscious and an encounter or situation in reality would cause them to surface in your consciousness. Specifically, your leg represents balance and drive. So getting stabbed in the shin could mean that discovering this repressed or unexplored yearning could put you off balance. You may even suffer an identity crisis due to your difficulty to process this discovery. Finally, the friend who stabbed you accidentally could play a significant role in your dilemma. On the one hand, a part of you likely harbors fear that you are being played by your friend. A sword also represents masculinity, so perhaps there is a power struggle between the two of you. Doubting your friend's motives and loyalty towards you may set off a series of circumstances which would culminate in your introspection and subsequently the revelation of a hidden aspect of your identity.
Someone intoxicated by breath Female. In my dream, a man I know in waking life was very taken and intoxicated by my breath. He kept moving in closer. It wasn't sexual though. Your breath in this dream vision could symbolize self-confidence and how you present yourself in public. This man may admire your poise or tenacity, perhaps because he lacks these attributes or he wants to know how to boost his self-confidence. On the other hand, mouth and throat are often used to refer to communication and social skills. So if he seems taken by your breath, then perhaps this is a reference to your impeccable manners and sensitivity to others. Other people may be drawn to you because you prefer to communicate in a positive way, instead of spouting negativity.
Evil people staring 5 people who look the same staring at me from outside a window, emotionless stares, gray eyes, mouths open and I felt like they were evil. Dreaming that people are staring at you could reveal your anxieties and fears about being scrutinized or criticized. Perhaps you feel like the world is too cruel and heartless based on the people's emotionless stares and sinister presence witnessed in the dream. It is also possible that you would be judged and your privacy would likely be invaded by certain individuals in your social circle to the point that you would feel personally attacked. The number 5 may also be a significant dream symbol because it usually refers to the five senses. Maybe your subconscious is telling you to be more observant and use your faculties to navigate your relationships, so you would know whom you can trust.
Chasing after mad people I dreamt I was chasing two mad men who came to confuse our gathering. Being involved in a chase with two mad men at a gathering reveals how others perceive you in reality. In a sense, the gathering represents those who know you and enjoy your presence, while the men you chase reflect your position ahead of others. Perhaps you worry that you are leaving some friends or family behind on your quest for personal greatness, or you may be concerned others would think you are reaching above your position. In either case, frank discussions with those who matter most would surely alleviate some of the thoughts that hold you back from doing your best.
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