A pet dinosaur devouring people and horses I had a dream I had a pet dinosaur which I forgot to feed and it ate a lot of people that I didn't know. Then it lured two horses, then it froze, then played. This dream vision is a manifestation of your existing negative attitude and temper you might be nurturing inside toward someone or something. You are about to face some significant life changes which would be originating from your desire to calm these forces down or eliminate them completely. The magnitude of these changes will depend on your ability to manage and resolve your inner contradictions and move in the direction that is right for you. However, if you keep on harboring these feelings or ignoring them, they might snowball and backfire causing a lot of damage both to you and those who might be potentially affected.
Clowns on the plane and killing them My mom was fleeing the country and my whole family was on a plane and there was a guy putting clown makeup on everyone. But the clowns didn't like to be seen and my cousin saw them, so they attacked us and we were slicing them with swords and they would fall apart. This dream vision contains two distinct elements which could be important in trying to interpret its meaning. First, your whole family being on the airplane and seeing someone masquerading passengers as clowns means that you could currently be experiencing some minor issues, problems or disagreements which you think are drawing a wedge into your family's cohesiveness and integrity. You are anticipating that something which otherwise preserves family ties and values is jeopardized and threatened. This could be related to family members getting divorced, married or leaving the family circle for some external reason (for example someone going to college or relocating to another town). The airplane (enclosed space) signifies that these are internal family issues. The second vision of killing passengers who were transformed into evil clowns, and more importantly, seeing them fall apart upon killing them, could be indicative of the fact that you and other family members are working on solving these issues separately and without much communication, which could be counterproductive to the efforts to find a reasonable compromise if this is the case.
A dead boy resurrecting and scarying mourners away Dreams about I was at a funeral of a boy and while they were praying on him, a lady pulls the corpse beside her and removes the cover cloth on his face,saying she wants him to have his last breath before the bury him. Suddenly, he wakes up and kicks me instead. We were happy he resurrected, but those praying for him all ran away. The analysis of the dream story you have experienced reveals some positive developments or circumstances you are about to become a part of soon. Seeing a deceased boy coming alive in this dream points to some happy occurrence or news you are about to hear in a short period of time after having this dream. The fact that the boy came back to life and kicked you signifies receiving an invitation to a happy social event or celebration, this could be related to someone's wedding, anniversary or party to celebrate an important milestone in their life. It is also possible that this news would take you by surprise and you would have to spend some time preparing for the event and trying to figure out how to contribute to it in order to make the people who will invite you to celebrate their cause even more joyful and memorable.
An angel taking to a place to meet with family Dreams about an angel who took me to a real hot place. My family was there, and so was my family that had pass away. The angel told me to get my family and repent. Dreaming about an angel guiding you could translate your need to be forgiven by someone you might have offended recently or in the past. This offense could have been committed as a result of ignorance or unawareness about the sensitivity of the other person’s feelings. That is, it was not necessarily an ill-intended action. This interpretation is reinforced by the image of the hot place and the need for you to repent, all pointing towards the symbol of hell or of the doomed. Alternatively, if you felt that the angel had a benign attitude toward you, it could mean that you will be consoled, comforted and eventually forgiven by others for your deeds. If you did not feel intimidated by the presence of the angel, you may be about to receive some good news or end up better off in financial terms. Dreaming about your deceased family could translate your grief and sadness about their absence. Yet, given the simultaneous image of the angel by your side, this dream signifies the slow process of emotional healing and coming to terms with the loss you had experienced.
Having a fish tail and love-making under water Having a fish tail and making love under water. Having a dream vision about going through a transformation or metamorphosis when you notice you have grown a fish tail is an auspicious sign of your body getting a lot of energy, which could be a result of committing yourself to exercise routine, having excellent nutrition sources and preventing or avoiding stressful situations in your waking life. Visions of having sex or making love under water reflects your tendency to sway toward seeking a more deep and meaningful connection with the person whom you are romantically involved with. You want the relationship with them to be more fulfilling and gratifying for both of you.
Giving birth to a gun My wife gave birth to a gun and we were treating it like a real baby. I just want to know what it means. She is currently pregnant and I'm curious. The meaning of this dream about your wife giving birth to a weapon would depend on your attitude and personal opinion toward guns in waking life. If you approve of having guns around as a way to protect yourself and your family, it could mean that presently you have heightened urge to protect and safeguard the well-being of the mother and the child to be born. If you, for some reason, oppose the idea of having guns around, you could be subconsciously projecting fears and concerns about the safety of you and your family in the light of gun-related tragedies witnessed either personally or in the media. Treating the gun as a real baby, however, is somewhat concerning because it could indicate your excessive focus on and preoccupation with the whole gun issue, regardless which side you belong to.
Swapping bodies with another person and fighting aliens I was a soldier in the future with a female teammate. We both entered this machine that allowed us to have an out of body experience and fight an unknown alien force (never saw what they looked like)in that form somehow. When we were done we returned back to the bodies, but I was stuck in her body and she was stuck in mine. I then had 2 seizures before recovering. Then the alien force we were fighting came back and was burning the city down while I was running around in her body fighting the enemy off. I then woke up screaming thinking I still had a weapon. Dreaming about being among or one of military people like soldiers or troops could symbolize upcoming news. In the dream, you had a teammate and were fighting an alien - an unknown, strange enemy. This could suggest that the news is about an upcoming struggle with some unfamiliar force, problem or influence. The out-of-the-body experience could reveal the need for extraordinary strength to overcome these difficulties you could be facing. Yet, you may be supported during your battle, given the presence of your friend in the dream. The return of the alien force and the seizures you had are the signs of exhaustion when first attempting to deal with the problems, but your friend or friends would encourage and support you to continue your pursuit. The symbol of fire is often very positive, speaking of transformation, renewal and new beginnings. Overall, this suggests that there exists some impeding or current difficult issue to overcome, which will leave you emotionally drained. The outcome will probably be some significant and favorable change or transformation, one which may be related to yourself, your present life or issues you could be facing at the moment or are about to experience.
Fish turning into a crow Touching a fish from the refrigerator, and it changed to a crow. Having a dream when you see yourself touching a dead fish is an indication of some type of disease or ailment you could be developing in your body. The symbolic vision of a fish transforming into a crow is also not a good sign in dream interpretation literature. It portends receiving bad news or being negatively surprised by something you are about to hear or discover in a short period of time. Taking both of these symbolic visions together, it could be revealing that either this condition could be progressing quickly or making other people aware of its presence and becoming concerned about your welfare.
Turning into a white beautiful tree I dreamed I was turned into a beautiful white tree. In dream interpretation, turning into a tree in a dream reveals a possibility of transmitting a disease or becoming affected by some illness. However, because you felt as if the tree was beautiful, it could be that the condition could be mild or not impact you in any serious or adverse way. Therefore the dream advises to carefully monitor your physical well-being and take precautionary measures to avoid possible complications or undesirable consequences involving your health.
Pirates chasing someone, breaking into a fight as people watch Two pirate crews chasing the prince and his mother on some sort of abandoned parking lot / construction site. Mom and son disappear into a kind of worm hole. The pirate crews start attacking each other. The colors are drab brown everywhere during the fight, which is short. There is a large crowd on the side walk watching the pirates fight, standing in line, more colors. The military and police at the end of the line is looking for the prince. Suddenly a blue worm hole appears above a bus and the prince falls out, leaving a huge dent on the roof of the bus. Dreaming about pirates chasing after someone could be a reflection of you recently becoming a witness or participant in plans or intentions by someone you know to leave their home or family. The reasons for this person to move away can be dictated by some significant upcoming changes in this person’s life, which could be related to job opportunities, the need to go to school or because they have recently met someone new. You could be strongly opposing such a decision, but the person has already set his or her mind on the idea and your persuasions don’t seem to be working. There could be other people disapproving these idea of relocation because they have their own stakes in not letting the person go because if it happens, it could negatively affect their happiness and stability as well.
Seeing a beast wolf creature wanting to be let in Lying in bed, look over and saw a beast wolf outside. It had green glowing eyes. It tells me to let it in. I won't. It tells me again, I still won't. He says he won't hurt me, but I know he's evil. Having a close encounter with a creature or beast resembling a wolf in a dream serves as a prediction of soon being served with some disheartening news. If you are in a relationship with someone special, this news could be coming from that person. The repeated attempts of the beast to be let in and your refusal to do so could also indicate that you may have already been exposed to something negative developing inside the relationship, but were able to prevent it from worsening. If you feel that your trust in someone is greatly diminishing, perhaps it is time to have a frank talk with them.
Wolf-like creatures attacking friends, a woman pregnant with kittens which were eaten by them later It starts out as a pack of man-eating wolves fighting with my friends in the dream, the wolves kill and eat my dream friends.Then later one of the wolves is almost cartoon-like and is holding a pregnant woman hostage at knife point. The pregnant lady gives birth to kittens, then later the wolf eats the kittens? It was a weird dream. Dreaming about creatures resembling wolves attacking your friends could mean that you are about to receive some unpleasant or disheartening news, which may originate from your relationship with these people. The cartoon images of these creatures could predict that you will receive this message or information by printed media or the Internet. However, the images of a pregnant woman giving birth to kittens which were later killed by the wolf creatures points to the involvement of a female figure trying to interfere with your plans or intentions, but she most likely would not be able to succeed because of your ability to either anticipate bad things coming to you or the lack of preparedness and good planning on her part.
A giant appearing and excited to see him A giant woke up from the sea after he got up over giants smaller than him in a variety of heights came out. The skies seemed dark and cloudy with some light peeking thru. I was there with my mom and brother. I was extremely exited and felt like a kid on the inside, although I appeared my age. My mom gave me a sense of security so I wasn't scared. Giants, when seen in a dream vision, symbolize people older or more powerful than yourself, and the dark skies overshadowing this scene can indicate that you could be facing a difficult situation with these higher-ranking people or may face such a predicament in the near future. This conflict could be either in a work or social setting. Although there is the possibility for trouble, both the small light seen in your dream and the vision of your mother indicate hope and protection, possibly against those who seek to discredit you or those who dislike your ideas or ways of doing things. This is also reflected in your youthful feelings of excitement despite your normal appearance, meaning you have a lot to bring to the table that may not be well-accepted by those who are already established.
Giving birth to baby who dies I gave birth to a bloody baby, I held it in my arms as it died and turned to ash. Seeing yourself giving birth to a baby covered in blood could predict an upcoming illness or minor disease compromising the health of a family member or a close relative. However, the notion of the baby dying and turning to ashes afterwards is also a sign of more prosperous and secure life ahead. Whether these two events are interconnected, is unknown.
A cyborg creature attacking There is this bin filled with gray sludge I put my hand over it my hand strata glowing and I resurrect a cyborg very buff and strong Jesus. He tries attacking me, I run away and hide under a diving board in a pool. He scans for me. I get out and end up in this room with this box that starts shooting out everything I can possibly imagine at me like creatures and giant people that are different colors. I noticed I was dreaming half way though and tried to lucid dream, but I couldn't control anything. Then I wake up nervous and confused. What is wrong with me? Dreams involving giants represent people who you look up to, such as parents or teachers. The multiple creatures and variety of activity in this dream seem to point to memories or recollections, possibly about school, making the sign for teachers more likely. If you are in school now, this vision might be the result of your subconscious mind trying to process the sudden flurry of activity and social interactions you are now experiencing. If you are not currently enrolled in classes, it may be that this time of year is bringing about those thoughts and feelings. Finally, seeing the image of Jesus is symbolic of wrestling with moral issues. You may want to think about how you have acted recently and the possible consequences of your actions.
People willingly amputating their arms and a professor People were in line volunteering to be arm-amputated, I was afraid to watch them. Then my former lecturer was standing on my heads in front of my bed. Dreams about amputation are usually a sign of divisions within a group, either between the group as a whole or just between two people, particularly in regards to an opinion or an understanding of a situation. It may also indicate separating or distancing yourself from people who are holding you down or who are not adding anything of value to your life. Additionally, seeing a lecturer in an unexpected and unusual position, especially in regards to the head, represents not being sure which group to join or which position to take. It serves as a hint that you might need to seek some advice about your current situation from someone you trust or a person with authority.
A black creature resembling a bull and turning into dogs I saw a black creature in my dream, I was sitting in my college canteen some people were there, then a black creature comes to me, I don't know what it was but i think it was a black bull touching my feet with his head. Then suddenly it transforms from a black bull to a black dog and some more black dogs come to me and start playing with me, and I was scared badly in my dream. I want to know what it indicates! The color black is very prominent in this dream, which is a very ill omen, especially in conjunction with your fear and the animal imagery. Black is usually associated with negative effects or situations, which dominate most aspects of this dream. The bull is symbolic of being disliked or of someone causing trouble for you. This may be due to some selfishness on your part, which is seen in the image of the group of dogs. On one hand, seeing many dogs represents saving money and carefully planning how you spend, but on the other hand, it shows you may have a tendency to not contribute your share or to rely too much on other people, at least in their eyes. In the end, this dream might be a warning to be more generous with your time and money so that others will feel you appreciate them.
Dead crocodile with eyes falling on the ground Dreams about a baby crocodile being opened up on the side, its flesh crawls out, lies in a basket of crab meat and dies. When carrying the basket, two eye balls fall out and when they touch the ground the appear as broken eggs. This dream vision could be a reflection of a situation which took place recently when someone enraged you by telling lies, either about you to someone or about themselves to you. You could have just recently become aware of this wrongdoing and witnessed (as the images of eye balls falling out of the basket suggest) it yourself. However, the vision at the end of this dream of eggs getting cracked and splattered upon impact after they fell to the ground symbolizes integrity and wholeness of your character. Quite the opposite of what the broken eggs might indicate, your firm beliefs, well-rounded character and sound judgment would lead you to forget this incident or even forgive the person or people responsible for this kind of behavior.
Giants offering to stay at their house I have seen that I am living in a house of fat giant-like humans and they are very kind, there is a heavy rainfall that stops me from going home, my husband is eating sweet dish to his full, then next day sunshine appeared and we left on a happy note. The giants seen in this dream vision could represent people older or more powerful and experienced than yourself, whom you keep coming back to when you need advice or seek help in regards to either your relationship with your husband or your family as a whole. The notion of you staying with the giants only because a heavy rain prevented you from leaving, while your husband felt comfortable and was enjoying his stay naturally, could be symbolic of the fact that these people who sometimes help you are more closely associated with your husband. The explanation for this could be in that he introduced these people to you or they feel he needs more of their help and attention than you do.
Fighting with someone who shrinks I was fighting with a random person and what the fight entailed is unknown. I kept beating him and he kept shrinking then hid in a shoe, so I started taking the shoe and hitting it against the wall and the floor. The image of fighting a random stranger usually points to dealing with conflicts and problems that seem to arise out of nowhere. You may be working on a task that seems to hit a roadblock every step of the way, or you may be dealing with a recurring challenge that you have not found a solution for yet. However, beating these troubles into submission (metaphorically) and causing them to shrink and hide means you are likely to succeed in overcoming these challenges in the future. The dream is most likely suggesting to take a closer look at what you are currently dealing with and act on.
A dog with a goat head and talking to Satan I have two separate dreams. One from a friend and one from me, my friend had a dream about a dog with a goat head. I had a dream about talking to Satan face to face. I cant remember if i sold something or if i was going to hell. Dreams containing images of chimeric animals with a goat head can have two possible meanings. One is related to the possibility that the dreamer is surrounded or easily influenced by evil and destructive forces. Another interpretation involves notions of wanting to have an intercourse with someone inside the dreamer's social circle, the intent which is fed by aggressive eroticism toward and obsession over this person. The vision of talking to Satan points to recent or planned attempts by someone or some people to deceive you or trick you in committing acts you would regret later on. It is also symbolic of allowing something sinister or evil to be present in your life and the longer you ignore it and pretend it does not exist, the more difficult it would become to eliminate it from your life in the future, when and if you decide to do something about it.
Becoming a wolf In my dream, my camp counselor from this past summer asked me, "Do you want to win in this next activity?". I replied with a yes and he took me to this greenhouse-type place and, after looking around for a bit, a gray and white wolf appeared. It launched itself at me and I had a sensation similar to when one gets goose bumps. After that, the wolf "became a part of me". Seeing a previous camp counsellor in your dream may indicate that this person had a profound effect on you during your time together. His question and your reply both reflect your ability to communicate your ideas and opinions clearly to others. The image of the grey and white wolf usually suggests meeting someone in a high ranking position, but because it became a part of you within the vision, it more likely means that you are going to become more respected or admired, possibly due to the successful outcome of a project you are currently working on. This dream seems to show your potential to influence others with words and the prestige it may bring if utilised properly.
Being God and regretting things done I was on a college campus. I was god for a day, and everyone was praying directly to me. I didn't keep up and everybody revolted when I didn't take their prayers. They all came to where I was. And I made them turn on each other. Then, after making them all leave, I had one girl take her own life. In seeing this, it destroyed me and I started to question myself and my will as a person and as a god. After being consoled by a girl who knew my secret we held hands and walked away, then I woke up. A song played in the background, something about "been here before"... The images you have experienced in this dream speak of your insecurities and reservations in relation to communicating and interacting with other people around you. It could be that you do not accept their way of living or certain aspects of their lifestyle, feel uncomfortable or apprehensive while socializing with them. Another point to make here would be is that you feel lonely because you are not treated they way you would like to be treated by the individuals you are attracted to physically or emotionally.
Scared of a flying creature after communicating with a coworker I'm at work, a coworker is telling me her husband was shot overseas, but she is ok. Then I'm telling her about some boots I saw on sale after work. I go to the store to buy them and I'm telling the clerk that I'll be back tomorrow for the brown pair. She says to me "No, you won't because you are dreaming". All of sudden I am in my bedroom, I do not know how I got there. I'm sleeping. Then I turn and face the window and I see a big black birdlike object, not sure the wings are flapping so hard. I can feel the wind from them, too scared to see what it really is. I awaken I think it is trying to get me, but I'm too afraid to look up. This dream vision, although fragmented, could predict an encounter with some important person in your life, which you have been hoping would benefit you in some way. However, the creature envisioned by you in this same dream could indicate some careless or inadequate behavior or attitude on your part which could make the person hesitant or reserved to continue with this interaction. Overall, the dream suggests to be careful in choosing words and acting in certain ways when you seek to advance your goals and aspirations.
Pursued by an evil clown Myself and others I don't know are living in a grocery store or dorm rooms and a clown is chasing us around the store, trapping us in our room, then possessing us until we kill ourselves. I barely escape until I'm the last one. Then he traps me and I wake up. I have had this dream for years. Envisioning yourself living together with unfamiliar people could mean that you are currently experiencing some minor issues, problems or disagreements which you think are drawing a wedge into the cohesiveness and integrity of your social group. You could be feeling that something which otherwise preserves this group's ties and values is jeopardized and threatened. This could be related to your friends or acquaintances moving away, getting married or simply outgrowing this relationship. The vision of a clown trying to possess and kill you and others could be significant of your attempts to restore these broken connections, but without any willingness and enthusiasm coming from other people who once belonged to this social circle.
A boy turning into a dog with sexual details A boy face that turned into a bull dog that nipped me on my arm a little, but did not hurt. The dog then fell on the ground and he had a giant life-size man penis in which the tip was red and swollen and split into two. Dreams containing imagery of morphing or sudden transformation of one object into another are subconscious reflection of your fear of upcoming changes or rearrangements in your waking life. Based on the sexually explicit undertones of this dream vision, they may represent some existing fear or concern which is closely related to some sexual experiences or aspects of your sexuality. You could presently be having a partner in sex who delivers a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to you, or you could be having encounters with multiple sex partners who create a perfect balance as far as your sexual needs are concerned, but you feel threatened that this arrangement might not continue for much longer or may change in a way which would be disadvantageous to your physical intimacy needs or certain sexual desires you have.
A man getting hit by a car on the street and disappearing It was Halloween night in the dream and I was about to go to bed when I looked out of my window and saw a man standing I the middle of the street. A car came racing by and hit the man and I screamed for my mom. She came running and I told her what happened she looked and said there was no one out there. I looked and there was no blood or anything. I was majorly confused but I said that I just need to go to bed. So she left and I headed to bed but, before I laid down I looked out once more and saw him looking straight at me. I screamed again and my mom came running and asked what happened. While this dream does have some aspects of horror, it is actually more likely related to your love life. Seeing a car accident from a distance indicates meeting and starting a relationship with someone who exceeds all you expectations. However, despite your happiness in the relationship, your new love may make other people uncomfortable or rub them the wrong way. This is also supported by seeing the man you thought had been hit a second time, which predicts some strange and inexplicable events taking place around you. You may have to be creative and resilient to deal with the situation you may find yourself in.
Sleeping in a car, a lightning and a strange giant woman walking by I was sleeping in a car with a portion of the back window missing. It was raining real light, like mist. Lighting hit the car, I could see the bolts of lighting and electricity going thru the car, but in a cartoonish way. I jumped out right before the car drove itself really fast into the lake and sunk. There were two women standing there, both had gotten hit by the lighting and disappeared. I ran to get cover from the rain, and this giant lady passed me. Somehow I knew she was responsible for the lighting. She slowly turned into a statue. On her shoe the name Anastasia was writing itself in a graffiti handwriting. This dream has a number of complicated symbols which require untangling, however, the message itself is overwhelmingly positive. Cars are usually symbolic of your life journey or a certain project you have been devoting a lot of time and energy to. Seeing this car hit by lightning indicates a sudden romance coming into the picture, whether it was part of your plan or not. Watching the electricity jump about inside the car may represent this new love integrating itself throughout your life, becoming deeper and stronger with time. Getting out of the car predicts the successful completion of your goals and being rewarded for your hard work, giving you much satisfaction and happiness. This is also supported by your witnessing of the car crash and then seeing the car sink into a lake, which suggests avoiding conflict and obstacles, most likely in relation to your goals.
Being in a cartoon world and chased by a witch My reoccurring dreams are about waking up to cartoons' Tom and Jerry, which I never watched growing up. I'd go into the living room and I knew I wasn't allowed to, but I'd watch the cartoon. Then suddenly a green-faced witch would chase me around the pool table with a knife and randomly wind up chattering teeth would be next to the bar table and scare me awake in real life where I'd wake up in my dad's room. This dream was reoccurring and still happens occasionally. This dream about watching cartoons which you were not allowed to watch in the first place means that you want to participate in some fun and pleasurable activity or event, but for some reason feel guilty and inhibited about doing this. It could be that you recently heard someone talking about it or inviting you to join them, but because of your lifestyle or personal values, you may feel reserved and find reasons to be unavailable. Similarly, the symbolic vision of a witch chasing you around the house represents your fear and hesitance to enjoy yourself in the company of other people because of your elevated sense of responsibility and personal integrity, perhaps in relation to or fueled by your parents or peers.
Headless men being chased after I saw headless men and some of them were trying to run away from someone trying to cut off their necks and one neck was cut off by a man. Despite the gruesomeness of this dream vision, it is an indication of your recent real-life experience when you witnessed or learned about someone making a huge progress and achieving a lot in a short period of time. You could be concerned, or just bothered, by this person's success and recognition by others. You could also be making constant comparisons and analyze your own abilities and talents, in hopes of adopting some of the aspects of this success story to improve your own life.
Flying in the sky while following landmarks I was flying to specific places in the sky, as per direction of someone below on the ground, that were marked by balloons with numbers on them (I don't remember the exact numbers). And then I would look down and feel uncomfortable about my height and fly lower to feel more at ease. Traveling to specific locations indicates new and exciting changes taking place in your life. It is a positive sign associated with moving up in the world, either at home or at work. However, being afraid of flying too high represents some insecurities or lack of ambition on your part, meaning you are either too afraid to take a chance or too lazy to change your current way of life. The last symbol, flying itself, is what makes the specific interpretation of the dream. If you are currently in a good place in your life and you are willing to face new challenges to improve yourself as a person, this vision is overwhelmingly positive, predicting a good outcome for your efforts. However, if you remain in a unchanged state, being unmotivated to do anything to better yourself, you may find your standard of living decreasing and that you have a more difficult life than before.
A silvery fish in the tree canopy I was walking in a garden and looked up. There was a huge silvery fish in the foliage of the tree. It flew down to the ground but went back up higher as more people saw it. Gardens, in general, are symbols of life, and being within one in a dream predicts positive things taking root and growing. In the context of this dream, it seems to be related to relationships, as a silver-colored fish represents catching the eye of a highly suitable partner, like a celebrity, savvy business person or a world-class doctor. There is even a possibility of engagement and marriage. Additionally, seeing this fish in the lush foliage of a tree indicates increased wealth or profits, suggesting this person you are about to enter into a long-term commitment with may be rich or well off financially.
Finding seeds inside the head which turn into glowing spiders I was picking out tiny bird seeds from a slit on the top of my head over and over. Each one turned into a glowing, colored spider after I got it out of my head. Traditionally, symbolic images of seeds mean new ideas, discoveries or recently acquired knowledge. The notion of finding these seeds on top of your head could mean you have been preoccupied with sharing something you have recently learned or realized with other people. However, the vision of glowing spiders could indicate the presence of someone in your life who is feeding on your psyche or intellectual power and could use this knowledge or information you share with them to take advantage of you. If you suspect that there is an individual or people in your circle who tend to open up and accept anything you share, be careful not to reveal or give away too much because it could later on turn against you.
Girls turning into bats aiding to escape from a strange frightening person I was with two young girls who could turn into bats and fly me to protection for a short bit from some scary-looking guy on a bridge. Since they could only fly me for a short period, they told me to run, but I was weak and decided to drown myself in a lake because I was so scared, but I found myself in a medical facility and met the girls again. Everything was dark. But the girls kept telling me this was just a game and that my brain was trapped in it. They kept saying "a beep is a beep, a gap is a gap". I was sort of lucid dreaming I think because my brain was active, but I didn't know I was asleep. Symbolically, people turning into bats in a dream and coming into some kind of contact with you, point to suffering and great disappointments brought about by communication or interaction with unfamiliar people or complete strangers. Based on the symbols of a stranger standing on a bridge and yourself drowning, you could be very sensitive to what people think or say about you when you first meet them in person. You could be the type of person who does not feel comfortable initiating first contact with others or who is afraid to make the first step in getting to know better new, unfamiliar people. The ending of this dream also reveals that you are much more comfortable and relaxed interacting with those who want to get your attention by using technology, such as mobile phones and the Internet.
Being atop of stairs with an older man at night Woman, 30. As a child, I had a reoccurring dream that I was standing on top of some stairs holding the hand of a strange middle-aged man. The stairs went up like a pyramid and flat on top. Behind us was an electronic sliding glass door. Through the door I can see only the wall. A small rectangular building. It's a starry night. We don't speak. I think we were in the middle of nowhere. When I wake, I would be paralyzed and scared, not able to call my mom. There are many symbols in this dream and because it is not recent, some of the symbolic images may have changed or already come to pass since that time. The first major image is that of standing at the top of a flight of stairs, which symbolizes achievements in your life. At the time of experiencing these visions, you may not have begun this journey, so it is possible that in retrospect, you had already achieved certain goals in your life. The old man represents someone in your life you are or were destined to meet, particularly a creative person who would make a strong impression on you, like an artist or teacher. This person may have influenced or aided in the achievements you had made when you were having this dream. Being unable to move upon waking up points toward having some reservations about acting on this person's advice. They may have wanted you to do something you were not comfortable with or which you had little prior knowledge of. The sum of your experiences, however, is what has made you who you are today and, with more reflection and insight, could guide your future decisions as well.
Instructed to kill people and reading a book Was sent in a pod with six others to an all-inclusive (shops, library, etc.) neighborhood. I was then told by clues written above each person's picture whom they must kill and how. If they didn't do it, I was accountable. Over my name, I was told to read a book (forgot the name) and asked who do I find most like myself in it? This was creepy... I don't know how it ended, as my dog woke me up. Being sent to a new place with strangers predicts the rise of a competitor from within your company or social circle, someone you used to work with in teamwork and harmony until now. Each person's task, seen above their picture, represents going through an uncomfortable period of time due to this person's emergence. The most difficult part of this period is likely to be the uncertainty about what happens next. Everything could be up in the air, and the situation may start changing rapidly, moving back and forth between being in your favor and theirs. The last prominent symbol, being told to read a book, suggests the situation may eventually end in your favor, but not before you have overcome a number of challenges.
Lizards turning into butterflies I dreamt slimy baby lizards came out of my nose and turned into beautiful butterflies. This dream is highly ominous and should not be taken lightly. Dreaming about lizards portends the rise of your enemies and the formation of their plans against you. These people are ready to make their move against you and hit you where it hurts. The fact that these lizards came from your nose suggests this is related to money. Your enemies may try to make you spend money or do something to hurt your investments or career unless you do something for them. However, the image of the beautiful butterfly can be interpreted to mean that whatever they ask of you is unreasonable. It may require you to give too much of yourself or hurt your pride. The outcome of this situation is unclear, but it should be handled carefully to avoid unnecessary damages.
Visiting an old house and ending up in a fairy tale land Dreams about visiting the old home of my aunt and uncle who have since moved. Going into a bedroom and jumping into a trap door under the bed landing in OZ from the Wizard of Oz. Oz was now a town being rebuilt... Looking for the yellow brick road it had been painted over in some places. The yellow brick road had also been moved. Every time I would step on it, the song "Follow the yellow brick road" would play. There were many people there but I didn't recognize any. Eventually, the road led me into this semi-dark room with a stove in the middle. Dreaming about visiting an old home that once belonged to your relatives is symbolic of soon being able to resolve issues which you may have had with someone from your past or for a long period of time now. This could be someone whose existence you had almost forgotten about, although they had once been an important part of your life. You will find it important to mend whatever it was that set the two of you apart, and rekindle the relationship that you had before. Based on the imagery present toward the end of this dream, you may not fully realize the damages or heartaches this breakup had caused to the other party. But your subconscious mind seems to be guiding you in the right direction to start the healing process for everyone involved in this situation.
Gold stones turning into a talking sculpture I have dreamed that a gold stones turned into a gold crocodile (I think it was a talking monument crocodile or made of metal) and asking me for a wish and then I told my wish.. What is the meaning of this? The gold stones you envision are usually a negative sign associated with being deceived. Someone is likely trying to pull the wool over your eyes and swindle you, possibly leading to some major monetary losses. This is also supported by the image of the crocodile, which indicates the con artist is someone you know, probably someone you currently trust more than you should. You should keep an eye out for any suspicious activities and be cautious of those who may try to influence how you spend your money.
A wolf in sheep skin falling off the sky As the dream started, I was in a very strong storm. I was looking up at the storm clouds, very dark... As I was looking up at the clouds I noticed something white falling from the midst of the clouds, it was solid white and was covered in hair or woolly, or something, as it fell to the ground. I thought it was my dog. I have a solid white very large dog, as it fell, it was coming very hard and fast and when it hit the ground it bounced very high, it bounced 2 times, I walked over to it and I noticed it had very large teeth and that it was a wolf in sheep clothing and it was dead, and then I woke up. Dreaming about being caught in the midst of a terrible storm suggests experiencing challenges or road blocks while working on an improtant project at your company or while on the job. You may have difficulty meeting the expectations set by your boss or supervisor. This situation is likely caused by the interference of someone you once trusted, as the symbol of a wolf in sheep's clothing portends the same meaning as the saying in real life, namely that you are to be betrayed by someone you thought was on your side. If this has not already occured, you may want to be on the lookout for a person whose actions and words do not match up.
A tree with fruits and giving birth to a baby I had a dream of a beautiful fruit or vegetable tree, there are multiple trees apple and pears that were in my dream, but this one tree had a beautiful red fruit or vegetable of which I don't know. But it was beautiful, this tree had a baby. This baby matured at rapid speed. Fruit trees and trees in blossom in a dream are often symbolic of prosperity and fruitfulness, and as such, are especially positive signs to see in a vision. While this symbol is usually connected to business endeavors or wealth, in this case it may have more to do with fertility. This is because seeing a tree produce progeny which grows with great speed and vitality indicates the birth of a happy and healthy baby boy into your family or within your circle of friends, an event which brings joy and delight to all those directly involved.
Becoming a werewolf and children involved I turned into a werewolf to kill someone, then accidentally attacked my child, who lost his legs. Then a helicopter came down with a child baseball team to take a trophy photo at our house. Becoming a werewolf indicates you may have recently started engaging in less than savory activities, making you less trustworthy or responsible in the eyes of others. This is further revealed through attacking your child, which suggests you are revealing more of the darkness in your heart to others than you think you are. Also, suddenly seeing a bunch of children coming toward your house and the photo they take represents your internal fear of being exposed. Since you are already showing so much of your true intentions, you may want to either give up pretenses and do what you want to do or do your best to stick to the straight and narrow, even if it is more difficult.
A visit from a flying baby elephant A baby elephant flew down to my balcony. I had to cool him down with water, as it was a very hot day. I tipped water all over him and then he flew away. This dream about encountering a baby elephant implies certain negativity, bad events which may unfold or problems which are likely to be nearing. A burden of some difficult task or responsibility could bring havoc in certain aspects of your life and daily activities. You could already be approaching these obligations with anxiety, dreading what the next challenge may be. But even though preoccupations and worries may seem overwhelming, it seems that this bleak period in your life is going to be a brief one. Once you manage to apply your efforts in the right places and at the right time, you would become capable of overcoming these negative situations, as the image of splashing water to help the animal suggests.
A dog skeleton ripped from the body of someone I don't remember a whole lot, but the part I remember is me sitting at a table, maybe standing in front of an altar and somebody (big menacing, Viking-like, but I did not perceive him as menacing) yanked a huge dog's skeleton out of its body and slammed it on the table or altar, then yanked it back off and put it back in its body that was laying on the floor. While this vision looks a bit scary on the surface, it is actually very positive in nature. Sitting at a table with a stranger in front of you portends an unexpected visit from someone important, as represented by this imagined person's size and stature. Given the importance of this visit, it is likely related to your work or career activities, including networking or a future business endeavor. The giant dog whose skeleton is removed and replaced represents upcoming happiness in your life. More specifically, the powerful person is showing you the inner workings of your field (how to succeed) and then returning it to the dog for you to find yourself. Being successful, in this sense, requires hard work and dedication, however, the fruits of your labor are likely to be very sweet.
A rabbit flying inside a library using its ears as wings I dreamt I had to return a rabbit that had long ears like Dumbo to a library. I had no cage and the queue was long. I let it go by accident and it started flying around the library using its ears. It was only flying about the head level. It was tricky to catch again, but I did and had to hold it by its neck, pin down in my arms. It was a big grey rabbit, I then queued to return it. This dream contains both positive and negative imagery, making it more difficult to come to a concise interpretation. Rabbits are often associated with success and improvements in your standard of living. This could include getting a promotion or better job, which is connected to the sign of waiting in line. Waiting in line, however, usually means facing troubles at work, such as people trying to sabotage your success or the profitability of your projects. You are likely to fall victim to their schemes, losing face and respect in your work environment. While this situation could hurt you, the final sign, chasing and catching the rabbit again, suggests finding redemption and overcoming whatever plan was set in motion against you. This vision gives no indication as to how this comes about, so you should be on the lookout for chances to prove yourself and make good use of your skills and talents.
Multiple moons and exploding houses Five blood moons followed by houses exploding. Seeing multiple blood moons is an ill omen regarding your relationship with the significant other. Specifically, more than one moon in the sky suggests you have recently been indecisive. This inability to decide on anything has put a lot of stress on your partnership. It may have even already resulted in some distance or a separation between you and your partner. The blood moons, however, have a more sinister interpretation, pointing toward your lover being involved in some deadly conflict which is likely to result in permanent injury or death. This vision does not give a solution for this problem, but does suggest that moving him away from the conflict or inviting him back could get him out of harm's way.
Teleporting to another country and witnessing a building collapse I dream that I could teleport to another country to help someone and while I was there I saw a high-rise collapse. Also there was a lot of snow and we were making dinner as a family. Teleportation over long distances suggest facing a stormy emotional period possibly affecting your relation with your significant other. However, the scene of demolition conveys that there may be some flaw in your partner preventing the growth of the relationship, a trait that has been concealed from you. It may be a sign of an event or recognition that you waited for a long time. The scene representing cooking of a dinner hints internal struggles, feeling of sadness, perhaps even depression which disturbs your inner peace. The dream as a whole carries an impression of divergence with your partner, but of a temporary, transitory type. It means that for some time your relationship is not as good as it seems.
Flying and realizing it was learnt from birds I saw a dream that I was flying while holding a car from back side in the air. Then I saw myself on earth and saying "That's how the birds fly, we must fly by knowing how the birds fly". My gender is male. While the vision itself gives some clues for interpretation, the rest depends on your situation in life and how you feel about the information given. Cars are often symbolic of our journeys through life, and flying through the sky and looking down on the earth below similarly refers to the good and bad events which have taken place thus far. If you have recently been in good spirits and have experienced positive situations, it is likely that this trend may continue, bringing more happiness and joy. However, if things have been going downhill or spiraling out of control recently, there may be more troubles on the horizon.
Giving birth to a pumpkin I'm a woman who dreamed that I gave birth to a large pumpkin and my daughter cut the cord. This vision is a fairly ominous sign, especially in relation to your financial future. The image of giving birth and your daughter helping during this process suggests you are about to experience one or a few seemingly insignificant events that actually turn out to be very important. The pumpkin symbolically represents financial troubles, so these events you brush off are likely related to money. This could mean constantly splurging without considering your budget or overdue notices you might put aside without addressing. In either case, you may want to pay closer attention to issues regarding your family budget and avoid frivolous spending.
A close encounter with a mythical creature A centaur befriends me in a wood. Meeting a mythical centaur in the woods indicates you have strong traditional values. This also means you tend to stick to the books when trying to solve a problem instead of trying new things. While old-fashioned wisdom is important and useful, following it too closely can blind you from other options which might be more efficient and practical.
Cows on top of a tree and one of them chasing I dreamt of cows, very big cows on top of a very big tree and as I went forward, I found a very big cow grazing and then it chased me, but it never caught me. It was of black and white color. Cows are symbols of abundance and seeing such a sign in a dream predicts being well provided for or have a plentiful amount of food. However, envisioning these cows high up in a tree and then running away as one of them chases you, suggests that this prosperity is somehow out of your reach or that you are working hard toward a goal, but often fall short of attaining it. The black and white color of the cow indicates this is related to money, such as getting a better job or receiving a raise. While there is no indication of either complete success or failure, this vision does point toward the need of working hard, if this is what you consider your first and utmost priority.
Being inside the heart of a colleague I saw myself walking inside the heart of my colleague who is a married man. At the same time, his wife and daughter are wandering outside his heart aimlessly. I am inside his heart which is bright red in color. A dream about a person you work with represents that you have strong feelings about some characteristic of that person which you would like to apply in your own life. The heart shows that you consider him a very sympathetic, caring person, but could equally signify unconditional love you may express toward him. The redness of the heart indicates that you have no sexual interest in this person, but you could be envious or wishing you were closer to him, maybe as his family member, as represented by the vision of his real family members outside of his heart.
A bird turning into a horse My dream was about a bright flying bird transforming into a winged flying horse in the night sky, it was coming towards me and disappeared as it passed through me. As it was coming closer, the light got so bright as it was day. I was floating into air when it was gone. A dream about seeing birds with beautiful and shiny plumage flying by or high up in the sky is a positive sign promising exciting new romantic encounters, or even marriage, waiting to happen in the near future. This is a vision that predicts harmony, mutual understanding and compatibility for the relationship that you are about to enter into. Seeing a winged horse in a dream often indicates that you will make yourself busy with some creative writing. This may help you to communicate with others by writing. You may become better able to verbally express your feelings. Alternatively, it may indicate that you will experience extremely good luck.
Someone riding on a flying pig I had a dream that a boy was flying on a white pig and he jumped off it and it went into the water. Dreaming about someone riding on a pig could be a symbol for oddness and weirdness. You could be about to dedicate yourself for a while to the performance of some unusual or eccentric tasks or occupations. You should be careful with these tasks as dreaming about a fall into water from a high altitude is an indication of negativity entering your life. It portends that you might become entangled in certain circumstances where you might start having money shortage, issues with budgeting or insufficient funds to sustain your life at an adequate level.
A lion with the husband's face A lion with my husband's face, I think it roared and woke me up. It seemed as if I was arguing with the lion. Arguing with your husband in a dream, contrary to what it may seem, can be interpreted as a symbol of mutual respect and trust in the relationship. Furthermore, a lion's roar is often seen as a sign of good fortune in dreams. Your relationship with your husband is likely to remain strong for a long time, and you should appreciate how lucky you truly are.
A cat with a head reattaching itself and a spinning room I dreamed that I saw a cat head fall off while I talked to a man. Then the head reattached itself but halfway on. Next I walked through the store holding a baby outfit in my arms as if it were a child. I followed a man I have a crush on. He disappeared into this weird room where strangers were there that sat around in a circle in weird chairs. The whole room span around and I flew in the air and sat in the chair and startled them. This is a very complicated vision with a number of interesting symbols. The first is that of the cat with the improperly attached head, which seems to point to some deception taking place in your life. This is followed by the image of yourself holding a baby outfit as though it were a child. This indicates trying to find a solution to a difficult problem with little to no success. In wake life, this situation could have manifested in the form of a sixth sense that something is not right around you. However, without the right tools or background knowledge, you may be at a loss as to how to determine who is behind this deception. This dream concludes with a spinning room which predicts the appearance of someone from an unusual place. This could be a person who has been hiding in the shadows or someone you run into on the street who would help you figure out the issues which you are trying to get solved.
Cats giving birth to kittens and a mysterious woman I dreamed of our spayed cats having kittens, but not at our house. Then I looked right and saw a pretty lady sitting on a flying mystical large white fish. Very puzzled. Dreaming of your cat having kittens, even though she is not capable of producing offspring in wake life, predicts an increase in the amount of people in your life. In some cases this suggests the addition of a new family member, but it can also indicate family members coming over and staying with you for some time. This is supported by the image of the white fish. While white fish normally point toward snow and snow-related activities, in this vision it seems to take a more metaphorical interpretation, meaning you are likely to find yourself in a flurry of activity and become much busier than normal.
Turning into a cockroach I'm looking around... I realize the table is huge and I get an overcoming feeling that I'm a cockroach. I'm running to hide still feeling like me in the dream and I wake up with an unsettling feeling. This dream has fairly ominous connotations related to your personal life. Specifically, the large table which you found yourself on suggests you currently have a very full plate, meaning you are too busy working or studying to have enough time for a private life. The result is that there is also an absence of close or intimate interaction between you and others. Envisioning yourself being a cockroach, then, is the manifestation of how small you feel because of the lack of other people's presence in your life. You may need to purposely find time inside your busy schedule to accommodate social activities, which is likely to make you feel much more connected to others and fulfilled.
A talking doll on grandmother's lap telling future My husband had a dream that he saw my grandmother on a chair with a talking doll on her lap and that the doll told my grandmother my husband's future and said the police was after him. The tone of the dream was calm. The talking doll in this dream represents your husband's suppressed desires or things he wants to do with or without your permission. The police and the grandmother could both be representations of your excessive control or dominance over his wishes and wants, which are not always bad or inconsiderate in their nature, at least in his opinion. He could be wanting to spend more time with his buddies or not go on that vacation you planned without his input. In any case, he could be subconsciously, and now through direct communication with you, trying to have more freedom and think independently as far as the relationship goes.
Images of a girl surrounded by light I had 2 dreams. A golden light-shaped image like human passed through me and I thought it is a girl. Then I had a dream of darkness all around, a girl in space (the space around is like night). Some person talking to that girl (now here it is definitely a girl image in the second dream) about something. The golden being that you felt was a girl in this vision can actually be interpreted as the manifestation of higher powers influencing your activities and behavior in wake life. While that might sound like a bad thing, this spirit has your best interests at heart and is trying to lead you out of dangerous situations or guide you toward opportunities which would enrich your life. This is followed by the symbol of night and space in the following vision which indicates you may already know or might have suspected such involvement, as the night sky suggests a predisposition toward cosmic powers or abilities. The spirit, in this case, may be trying to show you how to use your powers for good or pointing to you where you could serve others with your talent.
A baby sleeping inside an egg I had a dream the other night that my boyfriend and I were walking and I found a chicken egg and picked it up realizing it had a hole in it. When I looked at the hole, the yolk was still in place, but instead of a chicken inside it was a tiny baby curled up in a ball with its eyes closed, as if sleeping inside a mother's womb. And the rest of the dream I just stood there admiring it in awe, watching it quietly breathing and sleeping inside its egg womb completely unaware of anything outside of it. What does it mean? Dreaming about keeping an eye on an egg and waiting for it to hatch, even with a baby sleeping inside, could symbolize your current efforts which are going to waste. Your dreams and aspirations may remain distant despite the sacrifices you have made and the amount of time you have spent, possibly leaving you feeling greatly disappointed. You may also feel that something is missing out of your relationships, including the one with your boyfriend. If this is the case, it may need some readjustment.
A fox transforming into a girl I was in a house that wasn't mine with a fox in my arms. It wasn't said but I just knew that I had at one point saved this fox. I let the fox down and as it went to the bed opposite of mine it transformed into a naked girl. This girl loved me and we began to make love. Entering an unfamiliar house in your dream could mean engaging in a fresh venture or gaining an advantage in business. However, the appearance of a fox in your arms suggests deceit and betrayal from someone you trust. While saving the fox could be viewed as an act of good will on your part, the presence of this animal warns you against characters who are cunning and dishonest. Making love with the fox that transformed into a naked girl could be a manifestation of uncertainty or a possibility of an encounter that puts you at a disadvantage or even great risk.
An elephant in the shower An elephant in a shower with running water, playing and painting a headboard that was against the wall. Elephants represent your current dissatisfaction with the relationships in your life. You may have difficulty communicating your true feelings with those you once considered close to you and, therefore, feel lonely or isolated. The elephant's presence in the shower suggests that you are putting in a lot of effort to befriend people or stay on their good side to little effect, making this situation more and more frustrating for yourself. While this might be a difficult time for you, the painting of the headboard indicates an upcoming positive change brought on by your efforts and perseverance.
Black women and one of them standing on water as if it was ice I had a dream about 3 black women. I pick one of the women, but all of them looked the same, but the color of their lips were different, it ranged from brown to a dark brown. I pick the one with the dark brown lips. The women were in the water and so was I. One of the women were standing on top of the water and it was like ice, but the water was warm. Then the clouds came down to the water and we were all playing on the clouds and the water, we were all having a good time. Despite enjoying your time in the water, playing and wading in warm water could symbolize challenges in wake life, especially those connected to work or special projects you are involved with. However, the image of the black woman standing on top of the water suggests you have within you the strength and endurance to overcome these difficulties if you look outside the box and keep trying new things. Your focus on the women's lips could also indicate that these potential difficulties could be solved or overcome by communicating your thoughts and ideas to others involved or affected.
Being bothered by imaginary monkeys Last night I got an email requesting me to speak at a conference. I then went to bed and had a dream that I was preparing for this conference and practicing it. Then I noticed a monkey in the house and when I walked past a room I noticed four tiny monkeys. I told my daughter to get up on the lounge, so they couldn't get to her and I was trying to shake them off me. They were really tiny and annoying. And then I woke up to my alarm. Envisioning multiple monkeys hindering your progress and annoying you is a highly ominous sign in relation to your upcoming conference. In general, monkeys which interfere with your progress in a dream are thought to represent the people for whom you are serving with your work. In this case, they likely represent the audience. In essence, this vision is suggesting that the audience at your upcoming conference might not be receptive to your work or may somehow, through their closed-mindedness or lack of understanding about the subject, make your future work endeavors more difficult. Think carefully about your participation and, if you must present, be wary of how you communicate your information.
A turtle holding the sun with its hands I am a 35 year old woman. I had a dream about a turtle holding the sun in its front "hands" above its head. Turtles tend to be positive signs in dream visions, usually indicating being a kind person or having a positive outlook on life in general. In either case, being happy in the face of difficult situations has likely served you well, making it easier to overcome challenges because you are not afraid to try new things. However, seeing a turtle which holds the sun above its head may indicate that your emotions are becoming a bit unstable lately which could affect your ability to make good decisions in the future. You should try to think more rationally about important choices or options instead of acting rashly.
Puppies multiplying One thing becoming two. In my dream one fluffy tiny white puppy becoming two fluffy tiny white puppies. Seeing double of an object in a dream vision or watching an object multiply is symbolic of thoughts and desires becoming reality. In this case, the white puppy predicts positive circumstances for you love life, meaning you are likely to meet a highly suitable partner or that your relationship with your current partner may be strengthened in some way. While you may have only hoped for such a situation until this point in your life, it is very probable that you can experience a major improvement in your romantic life.
Rainbows, a bird and an elevator in the sky I was standing in a building that was completely open to the sky. When I looked up and out, I witnessed two individual rainbows. One on my left field of vision and one on my right. Both were immense and "rotating", spinning instead of the usual massive arc. It was just amazing and then high up flying by the rainbows was a majestic rainbow-colored toucan... Large, but not threatening, the color "green" was highlighted in his plumage. I then went up in an elevator which had a special number of 22. This vision is extremely positive and has a number of auspicious omens. Dreaming of a tall building, in general, is a highly positive sign associated with receiving financial awards or bonuses for your hard work. The fact that the roof opened into the sky further suggests that "the sky is the limit" in regards to how much you could receive. Rainbows and multi-colored objects have a similar interpretation, indicating good luck and fortune in your endeavors. Additionally, moving up in an elevator could indicate major improvements in your quality of life or in your overall happiness.
Thirsty cows turning into people It was with herds of cattle, cows. I gave them water. But in the dream they complained they needed water and were arguing among one another who should be fed first with water. My surprise is that they turned to humans in my dreams. They all turned to humans. They even attended an occasion like a wedding in my dream, but I don't think they were really properly dressed. Dreaming of a herd of cows or cattle symbolizes guilt and unspoken remorse. Someone in your family or circle of friends may have wronged you without your knowledge. Alternatively, cows being gentle and nurturing creatures are also associated with female figures in your life as well as traditional feminine associations such as motherhood, fertility, warmth, even passivity. Water, on the other hand, represents emotional stability, nourishment, clarity, health and spiritual enlightenment. Giving water to the cows denotes a desire to achieve clarity in your relationship with a female or satisfy her needs. Evidently, the women in your life are looking for you to come clean or put an issue to rest. Perhaps this decision or action that is being asked of you has something to do with the occasion in your dream. Look deeper into your current preoccupations to find the loose end that is tugging at your subconscious.
Living in the trees and strangers coming I lived in a village where people lived in the trees. I seen men on horses riding to our village they crossed a river. I remember being very scared. I climbed the tree and hid my baby in the floor. I awoke from the dream after that. What could it mean? Trees are associated with growth, knowledge, life, strength and stability. Living in a tree village in dreams indicate a close-knit and thriving community fueled by towering ambitions and grounded by ideals. You could be part of a group of like-minded individuals upholding certain beliefs and ideas. The men on horses riding to your village represent people with significant influence and power infiltrating your group and possibly pushing a different way of thinking into your circle. In addition, these newcomers may threaten established rules or rock the peace and order in your office, neighborhood or community.
Mystical creatures appearing from the woods I was fishing along the bank of a river in the mountains when a group of bears came from the willows. A black pegasus appeared between them and me in a fairly protective stance. However, horses personally scare me and I think it knew that, so it turned into a hippogriff. The bears were chased off and it turned to me, touched my forehead and then I passed out. I can determine bears and winged horses, but the hippogriff is throwing me. Any thoughts? The act of fishing in your vision pertains to dreaming or trying to catch a break. The bears are the competitors and obstacles that you could encounter in your quest for success. Meanwhile, the pegasus represents your determination to triumph and self-actualize, hence the wings. This dream reveals your competitive nature and doing whatever it takes to climb the corporate ladder or further improve your social status. The transformation of the pegasus into a hippogriff alludes to a change within you that could occur in the process of achieving your goals. This part may seem unfamiliar and possibly make you behave in certain ways that are uncharacteristic of you. Hippogriffs are still part-horse, therefore this new aspect of your personality or attitude may be something you are not quite comfortable with.
Creatures emerging from an open wound Was in a structure, maybe a house, that was being invaded by cats with razor sharp teeth and claws. My palms were flayed open defending the house, which was eventually sealed. I had severe pain in my hands, and upon examining my wounds, I discovered various sea creatures and a centipede writhing around in them. Someone (I don't know who) whose authority I respected, claimed that the creatures were the gods being born after I had removed them and watched them scatter into the wild. The more intricate the tapestry of a dream, the more specific the message it conveys. In your case, the house represents your persona. As such, defending yourself from the cats alludes to self-preservation. The cats symbolize betrayal from backstabbers and manipulators in your life. Be on guard from suspicious people worming their way into your life who could end up taking advantage of your generosity and good will. The final bits of your dream point to your attitude under pressure. Sea creatures are able to breathe underwater, but the centipede suggests doubts and negative thinking. Perhaps you have a tendency to buckle under pressure or crumble in confrontations. This vision shows you that you are capable of overcoming challenges no matter how difficult, if only you let go of your fears.
Escaping from being swallowed whole I had a choice of being eaten by a snake or be eaten by an Indian (the Cowboys type). I chose the Indian, then he told me to straighten my legs and was going to swallow me whole. His face went blue and I ran, then woke up. Both being eaten by a snake and devoured by another human are negative signs associated with upcoming conflict. The first image suggests the presence of a rival who may or may not want to fight fairly while the latter indicates a person who wants to see you taken down at all costs for no reason other than their dislike of you. In either case, your vision seems to point toward a number of upcoming conflicts in which you may have to "pick and choose your battles," so to speak. This means thinking like a chess player and only pay close attention to those circumstances that you think are most likely to end in your favor.
Dying because of a giant shrimp and being found by friends I dreamt that a giant shrimp, the size of a small boat was dragging me through the water and I thought "No, no, no, not again". And as I thought that, the shrimp dove down. I could feel it tearing at me. I was screaming. I saw little baby shrimps too coming to me. After it went black, I went to a part where I could see my friends say how I died. They found my bones on the ocean floor covered by sand. When I looked at who I was, I wasn't even me, I was Natalie Portman. Images of shrimp in a dream are usually associated with the idea of money, particularly gaining it, so being dragged through and underwater by a large shrimp can suggest one of two things. On one hand, it can represent having too much money and not knowing what to do with it. The other case is that you do not have enough money and are under heavy financial pressure. Seeing yourself released from this terrible burden through death in the vision indicates much the same in wake life, namely that you are likely to find a way to get through this period and enter a more balanced and settled phase of your life.
Popcorn turning into meat and deceased son eating it I dreamed about my dead son and there's a lot of popcorn falling from the sky. And every time it falls on the ground, it will turn into meat and he was eating it. Popcorn represents ideas, potential and growth. To see popcorn falling in your dream alludes to potential or an important idea or realization that will come to you in real life. Perhaps you have been thinking about your deceased son, which is why he manifested in your dream. The popcorn may be symbolic of his unrealized potential for growth due to his passing. Consuming meat refers to a yearning for clarity and enlightenment. It could be that you are still in the process of coming to terms with his death. Your subconscious is trying to piece together the significance of the tragic event and the need to search within yourself for the strength to cope with the loss and eventually move forward.
Discovering a new element and traveling through a black hole This isn't the whole dream. I was fooling around with mechanical engineering and then I discovered a new element that would allow me to see through a black hole. Then I went in a spaceship and flew through one and made it to a random place in time. This portion of the dream contains opposing imagery which makes it difficult to interpret on its own. The first sign, studying and researching in a very specific field, suggests you tend to be too serious and should try using your imagination, instead of hard numbers, to solve your problems. This is accompanied by the idea of flying through space which is commonly associated with daydreams and illogical fancies which distract you from what you should be focusing on. Together, they seem to indicate a need for balance in your life between the rational and irrational, meaning you should avoid relying on either one too much.
Transforming into a cat and interacting with other cats I had a dream I was a cat drinking out of a milk bowl with a black cat with white feet and we looked into each other's eyes and continued drinking until another cat, white with brown spots, came in mischievously and jumped in the milk bowl and me and the black cat got mad. White cats portend misfortune, while black cats represent powerful enemies. As such, this dream suggests an upcoming turbulent period in your life filled with a lot of confusion, doubt or misunderstanding that will either create a lot of grief for you or result in a major material loss. Be careful of a very powerful and formidable enemy entering your life, who may cause you to experience a lot of uncertainty about yourself and face many confrontations. Drinking from the same bowl of milk indicates that you may be drained of physical as well as mental capacities in trying to overcome the upcoming challenges.
Being intimidated by zombies I always tend to have dreams with zombies and locking myself, and people who are with me (if there even is any), inside a place to get away from whatever is outside. In those types of dreams it sometimes involves zombies and sometimes doesn't. I have no idea what this means and would be amazing if you could help (: Dreaming about the undead could be a subconscious reflection of having susceptibility to bad habits, someone's negative influence, negative thoughts and drives. Alternatively, your dream could also be linked to your stress and anxiety in real life. Locking yourself in a room to get away from the zombies, or other threatening outside forces, is your way of finding a sanctuary in the midst of tremendous responsibilities and everyday worries. Perhaps you are trying to find ways to shield yourself from the harsh realities of life as a means of keeping your sanity and regaining control over the situation.
Miniature horses being herded into the room I had always believed in the power of our minds and our ability to see our future if open to it! My question is about a dream I had last night about 8-10 miniature horses, half black and half white, herded into my living room by my cousin!? I at first told her they'd hurt my pet, whatever that was? They were shiny, beautiful and friendly! I wanted to keep them! They looked to me to be the equivalent of a huge horse, only a smaller version. I am an animal lover! Horses in dream interpretation are often considered the manifestation of your life energy and passion, so seeing multiple horses suggests you have a vivacious personality and a real desire to live life to the fullest. The fact that the horses were smaller than they probably should have been, however, indicates you may want to keep your guard up and be a little more suspicious of others than you normally would. While it is a testament to your positive energy, only looking for the good in people could blind you to a point when people who are not as nice as you are may take advantage of your good character when you least expect it.
Being pregnant with a corpse of an adult person I had a dream and in the dream I felt a poking in my stomach and it was a hand trying to reach out of my stomach. When I felt my belly, I could feel the hand and I felt deeper and I could feel that it was a corpse in a sack in my belly, I could feel many bones. But the hand kept trying to push through the skin and get out. Somehow I knew it was the corpse of an adult. Can you shine any light on such a dream. Please help. Dreaming about an adult being inside your abdomen as though you were pregnant, is a fairly positive sign. It predicts precious opportunities and auspicious circumstances being prepared for you which you can take advantage of only when the time is right (this is why the gestation period is so long, resulting in an adult rather than a baby). Until the appointed hour, you may experience some troubles or difficulties, but the rewards are very likely worth the wait.
Rice turning into stinging bees I was shaking rice in a bag then it turned to bees. Immediately after I was covered, I keep waking up before I get stung. A dream in which something that you are holding turns into a swarm of bees that quickly cover your body represents a tiny piece of information or detail that could become a huge hurdle for you in the near future. It may be the discovery of some tidbit of information that you have all but forgotten that could be dug out to embarrass you or impede your advancement in a certain endeavor.
Eyes transforming into the Eye of Horus My eyes turn into the Eye of Horus. Envisioning your eyes as the widely recognizable Eye of Horus is a highly auspicious sign which points toward significant transformations taking place in your life. This is likely related to your field of study or the type of business you partake in, meaning you could receive a lucrative offer which pans out very well for you in the future.
Animal metamorphosis and naughty children at workplace I was at work and had a jar of tadpoles, two got out and one turned into a giant frog, the other into a walrus. I went into the break room and there were a great number of children sitting around my grandmother's old dinning room table eating Easter dinner. The children had broken the ornamental decorations off the chairs and were using them for rabbit ears, I asked my uncle, who works with me, who let them break the chairs, in which he replied, "I don't know, it wasn't me". The two tadpoles at the beginning of your vision represent your potential for change or an upcoming transformation you are about to go through. In this case, you subconscious seems to be divided between two outcomes of this change. You could find yourself in a practically beneficial situation (think status or money) that causes you stress and worry, which is seen in the image of the frog. Or, in the case of the walrus, you could struggle with the tasks of day-to-day life, but have peace of mind. The unusual and slightly disturbing scene at your grandmother's dining room table suggests you are ready to move outside your comfort zone, though whether that is toward greater stability or greater chaos is up to you to decide.
Being chased and crushed by a cake Me and my family were getting chased by a giant cake, the size of a mountain, and the cake crushed us all, then I woke up from the dream screaming "CAKE!!!". A dream in which you see a gigantic cake falling on top of you and your family is a good sign. It represents the rare chance to improve certain relationships. People that you like but do not get to see often may become more involved in your life bringing with them happiness and fulfilling experiences. Seize the opportunity to be more social and you could be greatly rewarded for your efforts.
Talking with a horse and other animals I was siting on the ground petting and talking to a horse. The horse told me how cold he was, then we started talking about humans having to wear clothes and other animals being covered with fur. Several other horses and sheep gathered around and were talking to me. They told me they could all speak but were not supposed to due to the animal code. They said the reason they were talking to me was I was a good man. Dreaming about talking animals is a positive sign representing your inner harmony with nature and your naturally keen instincts. This is especially true given your positive relationship with the animals in this vision. Because of your ability to sustain a balanced life and make good decisions, you are probably able to have a peaceful existence and avoid much trouble. Additionally, you should be able to achieve your goals by continuing to expand your natural talents and relying on those powerful traits you already possess.
Aliens stealing people's bags and police being present Some aliens were picking people's bags and flying away. Police were there trying to stop us. To fully understand this vision, we should look at the signs in reverse order, starting with the police. Visions about being arrested or stopped by the police usually portend receiving an offer which seems to be very beneficial to you, especially monetarily. You may be tempted to accept this offer, but the first sign, seeing aliens stealing bags, suggests that this may be too good to be true. If you pursue this opportunity, you may find yourself in legally and morally questionable circumstances.
Being told to drive on a road that has a huge loop and falling down A recurring dream, not consistent, but almost the same dream. Driving on this road and it has a loop, a huge loop like a roller coaster loop where my car or anyone else's has to drive through and I am always scared I am going to fall from the very top of the loop. And I never do, but at times I hear someone telling me not to be scared and just do it. One time in one of the recurring dreams I did fall from the top of loop, but woke up after that. So, I don't know what happen after that. Driving in a car is usually associated with our journeys through life. In this case, your path and existence are probably full of events which "throw you for a loop." In this case, the surprising events which occur are likely to involve some amount of ambiguity as to whether or not they are beneficial or harmful to you. This can be seen in your fear of falling. However, the fact that you do not fall and are even reassured by a voice in the dream vision suggests things working out in your favor most, if not all of the time.
Turning into a dragon I keep turning into a black dragon to help or rescue others. Dragons in dreams represent certain aspects of one's personality. Dreaming that you turn into a black dragon, even with the notion of helping others, points to your explosive and somewhat arrogant attitude. While you are working on something with your peers you may find yourself treating them like they are less than equals, or behaving rashly without taking their feelings or opinions into consideration. This could lead to friction and resentment which would end up being detrimental for you in the long run.
Trying to escape from strange people at a factory Last night I have dreamed just like a factory which is out of control, I was dreaming it a second time, but this time there was a lot of people and their heads were burning. Some of them had flames in their eyes too, and they were throwing that flame to other normal persons and those were also converting to them. At the end of the dream, one girl and one boy, means we three, were alive trying to secure each other by finding a way to escape, but somehow other boy was captured then killed and girl was dead too. This vision has two, possibly unrelated, images which should be examined separately. The image of the factory burning out of control is the simpler of the two signs, predicting that there is a fire hazard near you. You should check your appliances and outlets carefully to avoid any unnecessary threats to your safety or possessions. The second symbol is a little more complicated. Watching fire move from person to person shows how easily people can be tricked into believing something or someone, giving rise to confusion, hatred or anarchy. You may be witnessing this agitation in wake life and are afraid of getting caught up in the riot, which explains the ferocity of the fire. You may need to distance yourself from others if you suspect they could cause you being swept up in the chaos.
Meeting with anime series characters A southern Italian (my favorite character) was on his knees covered in snow. A Russian guy and a British guy were approaching him with weapons. The Russian had a water pipe, while the British had a pirate sword and his left eye was glowing. The dream was way longer, but this part is important. They all are from anime series, by the way. Dreaming of your favorite anime reveals your attachment to this series. Constantly seeking out content related to the series would naturally make certain elements of the show appear in your dream as these are salient symbols in your head. Beyond that, the symbols in this particular dream reflect hardships and conflict. Snow is related to difficulties encountered in reality. You may bear witness to the hardship of your peers and faced with the decision to help them out of their predicament instead of just being a bystander. The weapons suggests threat and force against the Italian figure. Perhaps a friend is experiencing pressure or getting bullied and this dream is telling your to pay attention to the suffering of others in order to help them.
Becoming a wolf attacked by other animals A shadow wolf runs through the forest at twilight. Eventually it comes to a small clearing with a lake in it. It looks across, sensing something is watching it. It starts to back away, then is attacked by creatures from all sides. Then someone tells me the wolf is me. Wolves in dreams are symbolically linked with the ideas of deception and recklessness. Because you are being projected in the image of the wolf, it seems your actions in the community or workplace could jeopardize both everything that you want individually and what your company is aiming to do. The clearing in the forest and your natural instincts to back away from "danger" suggest you are lonely or in distrust for those around you. However, until you are able to trust others and treat them fairly, you may find it difficult to find a solution to this situation.
A pencil writing offensive words by itself I'm a girl. So, I dreamt that I was in a room, ALONE, I was staring at a whiteboard, solving an equation I suppose, and I was leaning on a table. I had a pencil in my hand, and it never touched the table I was leaning on. But then, I heard a sound on the table like someone was writing on it, and there was a pencil being moved, but no one else was there, and it wrote cuss words like f&*k and what not, and it was pointed at me. Being alone in a room while trying to solve problems of academic nature points to shyness or insecurity, meaning you may feel hesitant to open up to others even when they seem to be expressing genuine interest in you and your affairs. This likely dampens your ability to communicate both your feelings and your needs which in turn prevents you from establishing deep, lasting connections with others. The pencil moving on its own, then, is your subconscious manifesting your fears, namely that the people you want to get close to do not wish to reciprocate. However, you should probably avoid giving in to your fears and instead work on building a rapport with one or two people at a time.
Defending Earth against alien attack I've been having the same dream multiple times. It starts with an alien spacecraft landing on earth. I usually am the first to notice, and then the spacecraft starts to attack. Thousands of these come to earth and start attacking. I am one of the leaders defending against the creatures by strong-holding a house. I reassure the children and women, and find items to defend ourselves with, as well as how to barricade. The aliens typically destroy/take over earth, but I wake up before I know my end. Fighting in a war of invasion from an alien enemy is symbolically linked with the idea of fighting foreign invaders being present in your body. In simple terms, your body may be beginning to fight off some disease or illness which threatens to ravish your strength and energy, leaving nothing behind but a shell of your former self. Your words or reassurance to others are like the balm that calms your worries, however, these words alone cannot heal you of this affliction. You may need to seek out professional medical expertise to find out the source of your troubles and learn how to prevent things from progressing further.
Raining with black ash Black ashes falling like rain from the sky. Thick, choking ash which falls from the sky in a thick rain predicts serious social conflicts and even warfare soon occurring in the area where you live. Those around you may be swept up in the frenzy of the fight, with the chaos obstructing the normal flow of affairs that would in turn result in rash and violent behavior and clouded reasoning.
Angels transforming into white doves Two white angels hovering over me outside my home, then they transformed into hundreds of white doves flying over me. Seeing multiple angels hovering above you and then transforming into hundreds of doves is a subconscious representation of your personality. It is likely that you change your attitude and mannerism depending on who you are talking to. This could lead to trouble in the future and may have people branding you as someone dishonest and untrustworthy.
Eyes appearing on a female's chest I saw my family member female's upper body with eyes of other female person I know on the chest. This vision of a female family member's upper body with the eyes of another female figure on her breast reveals vulnerability and revelation. You may soon find out about a sensitive family secret that has been weighing down the keeper of this piece of information. This disclosure may come from outside of your kin who is privy to important matters within your clan. Even if some members of the family may not be what they seem, no matter what happens, you would still end up supporting each other through thick and thin.
Toilet paper fluff becoming a celebrity So, I went to the toilet to have a pee and then I saw a bit of fluff in the toilet water. Then I looked at it and said "mwahahahaaaa" and then it got googly eyes and a little cute mouth and said "mwahahaHAAAAAAAAAAA" and jumped out the toilet and became the guy from "Dare Devil" on CBBC and scared me, then I run out the toilet. I woke up and went into my mum and dad's room and they tried to make me say a swear word with a tongue twister. This was a long time ago, I don't have dreams about fluff any more. To dream of going to the toilet to pee reveals your need to get rid of false impressions and misconceptions about yourself, or attempting to change previously-held beliefs and outlook. The fluff which becomes animated in your dream suggests that the aspects you want to let go of are stubbornly clinging to you. Perhaps you are having a hard time trying to change your ways. This ties in with the final scenario in your dream wherein your parents are coaxing you to say a swear word. This means that they want you to be accountable for your actions. In order to change your ways, you must make a stronger resolve and commitment to your personal transformation.
Picking eggs instead of fruits on a tree I was picking fruits of fresh eggs on a tree, there are so many eggs and I put them in my pockets. But I noticed one egg has a golden fish inside alive, then it transformed to a golden chick. Please help, what is the meaning of my dream? Thanks. This dream vision involving picking eggs from a tree represents opportunities and untapped potential. The one egg which contained a golden fish inside is symbolic of your fear or apprehension regarding a new endeavor. Its transformation into a chick, meanwhile, refers to mediocrity and indolence. Perhaps because of fear, you tend to let opportunities slip away. You have a lot going on, and opportunities abound for you to attain greatness. However, you are either too lazy or not doing enough on your part to make them a reality.
Giving birth to a piglet I had a dream I gave birth to a cute little piglet, he was healthy and very alive with life. Ran around the house and even though I was shocked at first, the feeling was happiness. Young pigs in dreams are usually associated with growth in business and financial success. Because you gave birth to this piglet, it could suggest that you are the author of your own destiny, meaning the amount of your efforts you put in dictate the magnitude of prosperity you ultimately achieve.
Escaping a zombie apocalypse So the first starts I wake up and escape through a window, running off of rooftops and jumping through windows. All of a sudden, I'm in a limo and it seems like I'm in an Austrian version of Black Butler. After a while it turns into as if I woke up, it's like a zombie apocalypse except it starts with people who had a certain illness. If they bit you it'd take 2 months to infect you. Everyone I love was turned except me. The end of the dream I go to a bunker and it slowly closes, my mom comes to me. The type of media we consume on a daily basis can sometimes bleed into our dreams. In your case, the context and scenario are inspired by the shows and movies you currently watch. Some of the symbols allude to incoming opportunities and the consequences of grabbing certain opportunities, both good and bad. For instance, windows point to prospects and chances. You could be at a point in your life where doors are opening up and you have your choice of the lot. The downside is, you may be inclined to feel important because of all the opportunities, as symbolized by the limousine. An inflated ego could also damage your relationship with your loved ones, hence the zombie apocalypse. Conflicts and arguments could arise among family members or people who are close to you.
Giving birth to a lot of babies I was pregnant with about 100 babies that were reaching out of my womb as if they were reaching out of the pits of hell. And when I woke up, my stomach was bruised as if someone took a baseball bat to me in my sleep. Despite the dark, sinister imagery this vision contains, the interpretation is fairly neutral and speaks volumes about what you can expect in your future. Being pregnant with multiple babies is often thought to be a highly auspicious sign predicting great success or victory in things expected to be accomplished. This is followed by the image of these children trying to reach out toward hell. In this case, the notion of hell suggests you could be overdoing things in an effort to get ahead. While hard work is an important factor in success, sometimes focusing on a single task or project is more likely to get better results. In other words, your future success (the unborn babies) could be wasted (image of hell) if you spread your time and energy too thin. The bruises you saw upon waking could be a physical reminder from your subconscious to take this vision seriously and focus your attention on an endeavor which stands out most prominently for you.
A blue frog jumping into the sky I dreamed that I put a blue frog inside my bag, but it got away. Then I saw it jump so high, it also took a wedding veil as it jumped. When it fell down, a man tried to catch it and gave me the frog. But again the frog got away and leaped again. It fell down on the grass where a black pig also was there. This vision about trying to catch an elusive frog represents the journey you are on in order to fulfill your goals and desires. Blue is often the color of dreams you wish to have granted, so trying to catch this frog suggests that what you yearn for is always just beyond your grasp. These goals may include marriage (as seen in the wedding veil) or an opportunity to improve your situation (the man who tried to give you the frog). However, your pursuits are likely to be in vain, the time and effort you put into this path only distract you from taking care of yourself in the here and now, meaning that you should be paying more attention to your health and daily tasks rather than investing in some improbable future.
Loved by a giant grasshopper I had a dream that a big grasshopper, about the size of a small cat, strong, healthy, was in love with me. It was jealous of any other insects, grasshoppers and even men that came near me. It followed me everywhere like a dog. I think it had a romance meaning, as I am single. However I am not seeing any dream interpretations that say that about grasshoppers. So how do you interpret this dream? Symbolically, grasshoppers are considered to be cheerful and carefree creatures. They are actually strongly associated with the ideas of freedom and independence. As such, your dream suggests that you value your freedom and independence a lot, based on the huge size of this grasshopper. As a consequence, you may be having trouble finding or sustaining romantic relations because you have difficulty giving up your independent lifestyle. This dream calls for your attention to the realities of being with someone which would require giving up some degree of freedom, enough to allow someone new into your personal space.
Becoming a dragon and a lizard In my dream I'm back in my home town, but I'm with my cousin who isn't a good influence on me. I'm helping her search for someone or something. After going in someone's house, we go outside heading towards the river, but she somehow ends up ahead of me and turns into a dragon. As I get closer to the river, I turn into a lizard and she is flying ahead of me while I chase her. And she lands on my uncle's home. I'm struggling to get up the river bank and before I could get up and over I wake up. The dragon and the lizard in your dream represent your respective perception of your cousin and of yourself. Perhaps your are drawn to her despite knowing quite well that she could likely get you in trouble. She appears as the dragon in your dream because you probably see her as someone who is temperamental and impulsive. You, on the other hand, embody these characteristics as the lizard, and yet you try to curb your rebellious streak for fear of being punished. It is also possible that you tend to clean up her mess by covering up her wrongdoings in front of your relatives or other people who may try to hold you accountable.
Being frozen in time I dreamt me and my husband are going to cryogenics or about to get frozen. We are in bed in some sort of lab with other couples, we hugged as we were being put to sleep. Then we removed the tubes and decided to get up. This vision is likely the reflection of such a conversation or idea brought in from wake life, which your subconscious has latched onto for some reason. The idea of willingly being frozen to preserve life could point toward fascination with the possibility of eternal life. However, removing the tubes and intending to leave before the process is complete could symbolize an internal battle between the desire to live forever and the rational knowledge that humans are not meant to be ever-lasting beings.
Being a time lord I was a time lord and I regenerated. Just like The Doctor in Doctor Who, you may have a wide array of personality traits that could make you seem like a different person depending on who you are interacting with. This could be confusing and maybe even irritating to your close friends and family members. More importantly, you may be acting this way without even realizing you are doing it.
A silver dragon at school Lady revealed that the head start school could not open, then she went in the crowd like she told me nothing, I find her in a crate in an ally where a silver, I released a silver dragon, she ran and I grab the dragon tail, and swing him around telling the teachers don't mess with me now. Symbolically, dragons are considered fiery creatures. Thus, this dream of a silver dragon points to your explosive and arrogant nature. Perhaps due to your overwhelming passion about something that you deem important, you could be looking down your nose and treating others with contempt and disrespect. Grabbing the dragon by the tail and swinging it around reveals your tendency to bully others in order to get your way. Therefore, the dream serves as a warning to be more accepting and considerate if you do not want to be left in complete isolation.
Killing a mountain lion which turns into a person I was in a laundromat with my family, I was helping someone else do laundry. There was a mountain lion outside, and I knew I need to protect everyone, so I knocked it out with a cast iron skillet. I went to find my dad, so that he could kill the mountain lion, but I couldn't find him, so I went back out to knock the mountain lion out again, but it was awake, so I kept hitting it on the head with a skillet until it died. Then it turned into a person. There was snow the second time I went out. The laundromat alludes to cleansing and purification. You and your family may be yearning to get rid of certain emotional baggage and negative experiences in order to get a fresh start. The mountain lion represents a hurdle or obstacle on your path towards moving forward. In reality, this obstacle may appear as aggression and pride, as these attributes have often been associated with the symbol of a mountain lion. Someone in the family, including yourself, may be too prideful to admit his or her mistakes. Alternatively, he or she could be refusing to help or cooperate with family matters.
Being a woman and looking for tampons I am a male age 19. I had a dream were I was a woman and I was trying to get a box of tampons because I was on my period. I was in the house I grew up in as a kid. I had the tampons downstairs, but I was trying to sneak them away. I am still in high school, so during the whole beginning of the dream I was getting my backpack ready for the first day of school. At the end of the dream I was getting ready for bed, the entire time I was worried about getting septic shock without a new tampon. For a man, being a woman in a dream vision represents some aspect of your day-to-day existence becoming rather unusual. In many ways, this strange turn of events could have a deep impact on your life and on interactions with others despite seeming to be an inconsequential event in the short-term. Having a period in this vision is the manifestation of your emotions, especially those that tend to get the best of you. Searching for a tampon, then, could point toward a concern of becoming overemotional and a desire to halt the flow of their progress. It may be worthwhile, however, to actually let your emotions out, such as share them with friends, write about them, etc., so that you can learn from your feelings instead of pushing them down as you go through this interesting transformation in your life.
A sandal and bread falling from the sky Please interpret my dream. I dreamt there was "a" (not pair) beautiful platform wedges sandal in a place. Out of a sudden, shower of countless Bugatti bread from sky started and I tried to get bread as much as possible, but the bread was more than I could collect with my hands. Seeing a single platform wedge sandal in your dream means you are coveting something impractical. It may be related to a material object or a status which is beyond your means. The Bugatti bread raining down from the sky represents the cost of trying to get this item or position in life that you covet. You could be working hard to be able to afford this apple of your eye, yet it still remains out of your reach. Perhaps it is time to reevaluate your priorities and question whether you really need this in your life or could settle for less for your own peace of mind.
Attacked by a steel crane A huge bright-orange thick steel crane (similar to one in a "Transformer" movie) was trying to attack me in front of a grocery store. It appeared as if my husband was inside the crane, but not sure. Dreaming about a large steel crane attacking you symbolically represents major road blacks preventing you from accomplishing your goals. The orange color suggests that the reason for this sudden influx in challenges is the attention you are receiving from others, inciting anger in your enemies and making them jealous enough to get in your way as much as possible.
Being literally buried in books Since childhood and until now that I am already 30 I am repeatedly dreaming of tons of books and papers rolling on me. I wake up crying and breathing fast. Books and papers symbolize ideas and intellectual pursuits. Papers can also represent paperwork and other work-related tasks. This types of dreams may recur every time you are under a lot of stress and pressure. Being literally buried in books and papers in your dream is a metaphor for a ton of workload you may be handling in the waking world. Such scenarios are also likely to manifest as dreams whenever you are facing looming deadlines since those are especially high-pressure periods. Perhaps you need to slow down and delegate minor tasks to colleagues to avoid burnout.
A swimming pool filled with cotton candy I was in a swimming pool filled with cotton candy with my friends and we we were swimming in the cotton candy and we had jet packs on our backs and we could fly high then go down inside the cotton candy. Frolicking in a swimming pool filled with cotton candy alludes to hedonistic pursuits. You may be at a point in your personal journey where you are relatively free from concerns and responsibilities. It is perhaps a period of fun and adventure. The cotton candy represents leisure, rewards and contentment. Everything is going smoothly and you are enjoying this turn of events. As in everything, of course, living in excess could have negative repercussions, so practice prudence and moderation.
A lover who can transform into a snake I dreamed my lover had the ability to transform into a dark grey snake and back to human. Some could not see him and for those who could, they were not afraid. He also had the ability to make himself longer and shorter. He slithered along beside me in places a snake wouldn't dare go. His voice was human. This vision is highly auspicious and speaks of your lover's support and loyalty to you. Envisioning him as a snake that follows you around suggests that he is behind you whenever you need backup in a difficult situation in wake life. Additionally, not only does his assistance make you feel happy, but it is also beneficial to what you are working on, predicting success for ventures in which he is involved as well. The dark grey color of his snake form also points toward a deepening of the bonds of your relationship, a sign which further shows the strong possibility of a future together.
A bottomless glass I have seen that I was standing and I was drinking water, I have drunk the full glass of water, but in a moment the glass was full, I drank again and after a few seconds I saw the glass was full again, then I told my sister to see it in front of her. I drank full water and my glass was empty, but after a few seconds it was full, then I called few people to see what is happening with me. This time I told one person to make a video of it, I drank the water and glass was again starting to fill with water. Drinking a glass of water in a dream is a good omen. It means that when a disaster or a calamity comes, you would be safe from harm. It could also refer to the accumulation of knowledge and experience. The notion that it keeps getting refilled after you drink from it alludes to the never-ending search for purpose and meaning. After all, your journey is characterized by continuous learning. In some instances, a drinking glass represents healing and rebirth. If you are in need of refreshment and rejuvenation, then the stars have aligned for you. Soon enough you would find plenty of time to re-energize and regain momentum in your quest for self-fulfillment.
Being a fishball on a stick My dream was about me being a fishball and being killed by a toothpick. To dream that you are a fishball being skewered reveals feelings of hopelessness and frustration. You may be feeling small and inadequate in your profession. Perhaps you are having financial difficulties and you deem life to be unfair in kicking you when you are already down and out. This penchant towards self-pity could be doubly detrimental to your current situation.
Familiar people nailed to a wall It was just a hallway with flickering lights and in that hallway I saw everybody that I knew from school, online and family, just nailed to the wall and blood just dripping everywhere. Passing through a hallway during a dream vision is often connected to a single important aspect of your life. In this case, the people nailed to the wall point directly to your social encounters and relationships with them in waking life. The flickering lights which caused these images to perhaps become even more dramatic could represent things turning sour between you and other people. Given that you saw many people in this dream, it could be some habit you have picked up or a group you are currently associating with, which is driving a wedge between you and others. The blood dripping slowly down the walls, while ominous, is only a warning from your subconscious to not act hastily and thoughtlessly, especially if you hope to preserve the peace and harmony in your waking life.
Being terrorized by a robot shark It was a sleepover in a big house, where me and this girl were outwardly rude to this guy. After we went to bed, the entire house was terrorized by a giant floating robot shark. After hours of him terrorizing me and the girl, I finally got up and threw him into a wall, smashing him. I was suddenly really worried about the guy and went to go see him. He was lifeless by the time I saw him, with a shark bite in his abdomen. Sleeping over in a big home symbolically represents your intention to take on a new project. This could range from an upcoming work-related activity or something more personal. In either case, however, the robot shark which follows and terrorizes you and your friend suggests that enemies are waiting for you to make a mistake. It is likely they are powerless on their own, but could gain momentum for their evil work by taking advantage of any misfortune you experience. Your sudden urge to see the guy and his untimely demise could point toward having to make a decision which would save you, but also greatly damage your enemies. You may feel some regret for having to act this way, but it may be completely necessary to protect your interests.
A seahorse baby turning into a human In my dream me and my boyfriend and someone else found a dead seahorse, we then cut open the stomach and pulled out a dead baby seahorse fetus. The guys left it on the ground, I felt bad, got a napkin, picked it up and took it to the kitchen and set it on the dryer to be warm. I left it and came back to find it was a human baby fetus, now I took it to the living room where it was now Christmas and I sat with the fetus by the Christmas tree trying to keep it warm. It kept growing into a baby boy. Seeing a dead seahorse in a dream usually represents being greatly disappointed or finding yourself in a terrible, tragic situation over which you have little to no control. Despite the sadness and desolation you may feel as a result, however, cutting open the stomach and saving the baby seahorse can be interpreted as a sign that you are the type of person who tries to see the silver lining and make the best even out of the most miserable situations. Finally, the baby seahorse turning into a baby boy at the end of the vision predicts that your hopefulness is not in vain, as there may be a pleasant surprise or turn of events which would bring things back into balance for you.
A giant breathing tree My dream was I was looking up at this humongous tree, it was like breathing in and out, in and out and its branch was like coming through the side of the house. I don't know if I've never dreamt that. Dreaming of an enormous tree that is encroaching on your house or property signals potential problems in your family. Trees are symbols of growth, success and abundance. However, since the humongous tree in your dream is jutting out of the side of your house, it means there would be unhealthy growth or development at home. It may point to potential health problems or worsening health conditions, either related to you or to other members of your family. It could be a belief or idea permeating the household and influencing your loved ones negatively. Unless you nip the problem in the bud, it is going to keep on growing and slowly destroying the very foundation of your home.
Unusual body transformations I coughed blood and out of it came my heart, still pumping. A scorpion bursts out from it and chopped off my head with its claws, and later a lion's head grew back to replace mine and my heart was replaced by fire. Scorpions represent vengeance and betrayal. Thus, dreaming about a scorpion bursting out of the heart you coughed out likely predicts betrayal from a loved one, possibly a romantic partner. After this two-faced individual gains your trust and affection, he or she would leave you in a state of devastation. Fortunately, you are a resilient individual with the courage of a lion and a fiery heart. You would emerge stronger and wiser after such a traumatic experience.
A gold dust raining down Dreaming about gold dust falling or raining down on me. Dreaming about being showered with gold dust portends a situation when you could become a focus of other people's attention and criticism due to some questionable behavior either on your part or committed by your lover, partner or spouse. In most cases, these circumstance would involve cheating, committing adultery or becoming entangled in a romantic affair outside your existing relationship, such as marriage.
Urinating strange objects out I dreamt that I urinated a white ball that then grew into a huge white ribbon. Once the ball turned into a ribbon, it did not remain in the toilet, it was to big. The ribbon ended up on the floor. In the dream I remember looking at the ball, thinking what is this. When looking at the ribbon on the floor, I remember thinking what happened, what is going on. Dreams about urinating are usually symbolic of fortune and success. You may have a bright period of life ahead of you, and your dreams of hitting it big could eventually come true. Discovering unusual objects in your pee could be indicative of the fact that you have already set your sights on your dreams and nothing can stop you from achieving them. You are subconsciously anticipating a lucky turn of events to take place in your life so you can use it to your advantage.
Prince Charming and a blue squirrel Prince Charming appears and says "I am here to make all of your wishes come true". I dismiss him for a blue squirrel. The appearance of Prince Charming in your dream can represent either love or honor. In your case, the statement about making your dreams come true probably has to do with your work and being recognized for your contributions. And yet even with your diligence, you may feel like you are working for nothing noteworthy, hence trading him for a blue squirrel. Maybe you need to give yourself more credit for your hard work and dedication.
A snail with a mirror in its shell I reach home and was going to buy mineral water for my niece when I touch my pocket I find a big snail in its shell that had little mucus. I hold it and remove it from its shell and throw it down in fear, then my baby niece about 9 months old tells me not to fear it. She picks it and returns it to me, but in its shell then I see inside its shell it had a very clear mirror. Dreaming about coming across a snail, especially if you found it in your pocket, is a warning to be careful and postpone any major financial decisions or purchases requiring large amounts of money. Even if you are going to share the expenses with someone else, like a member of your household or your spouse, the dream suggests evaluating all pros and cons and taking into account factors you may have left out of consideration. The mirror in the end of the dream is another hint for you to take a closer look at your current financial standing and assess your needs in a careful and thoughtful way.
Opening a silver box and dying Walking down the street holding a small silver box with 3 holes, slid top forward - explosion. Now in heaven. The small silver box you held in this vision can be interpreted as a literal "Pandora's box." In this case, the holes and silver shade suggest a misfortune is about to befall you, particularly in regards to your money or financial situation. Your presence in heaven at the end of the vision could represent your desire to break free of this complicated situation, but whether or not you are actually able to do so is up to you and your efforts.
Ember rain igniting someone's heart Ember rains from the sky. Landing on her. Burning her clothes. Flame ignites in her bosom, but does not burn her skin or white night gown. The angry, red sky alight with flame could predict some major disaster befalling this woman (if she is not someone you know personally, she may be a stand-in for someone you are close to, such as a friend or family member). Fire in the sky is often associated with great misfortune and terrible news. However, in your vision the flames do not actually damage her, so it seems your subconscious does not know the extent to which she could suffer. This vision can be interpreted as a warning, then, to prepare yourself for what is to come and to be there for her when she needs to be supported.
A round pit with a spinning head emerging A round pit or hole in the ground with bleachers which I was sitting on was around the outside of the pit. Out of the pit or round hole came spinning human kinda head spinning end over end and aloud humming sound. I knew I shouldn't be there, so I wake myself up. Envisioning a hole in the ground could predict something unexpected which is about to take place. Sitting in bleachers around the outside of this hole could signify your tendency to wait for things to happen rather than taking action yourself. Your feeling that you should not be there could suggest that your subconscious is urging you to act in one way or another in order to take control over whatever is to come.
Running on a colorful bridge I really don't know how it started, but it was this long colorful bridge and nothing but water surrounding it and the sky and I kept running down the bridge and it seemed like heaven. Really, I was with a friend and I drifted away from her by running down the bridge and it was beautiful but weird. What was it? The image of a bridge in a dream, whether it serves as a means for you to travel or just as a piece of architectural interest, is a symbol for hope, commitment and promises. Hence, your dream of running down the bridge alludes to a looming personal transformation. You may soon find yourself at a crossroad wherein you would need to make a decision that would have a significant and positive impact on your existence. The water surrounding the bridge means that it would be an emotional decision, which could create some distance between you and your loved ones.
A baby made of wax and melting away I was holding a possibly month-old baby, maybe a boy? He never opened his eyes but it seemed he was made of wax, he was almost melting because he was so hot. I removed a white robe and he was still really warm, so I removed a blue-striped button down shirt, but he still had khaki shorts on. I was blowing on him to try and cool him down and was either on my way to pick up some ice or someone was going to bring me some ice for him. I was to put the ice in a paper towel, so cold water dripped on him. Holding a baby during the course of a dream vision is often symbolically linked with the idea of searching for a solution to a big problem. This dream, however, does not provide enough context to determine whether this is related to your personal life or career. No matter the situation, the hotness you felt radiating from the baby could indicate things are about to get out of hand because you did not find an answer fast enough. Trying to cool the child, then, represents your efforts to calm the situation down and get things back to normal. If you felt like you succeeded by the end of the vision or were on the way to doing so, it may signify much the same in wake life. However, if you felt like you were fighting a losing battle, it may be better to let things burn and try again later.
Two person-size frogs having sex I dreamt about 2 person-size frogs and the female was facing away from us, so I could see her hoo-ha and the male mounted her and they had major sex on top of a car, it was very vivid and that was the main point of my dream. What did that mean??? The idea that the frogs in your vision were the size of humans suggests that you or someone close to you is currently going through puberty or a sexual awakening. The vivid image of the female frog's private parts supports this idea and further suggest that the individual in question is female. Watching the two frogs have sex on top of a car could represent the depth of your sexual fantasies and a desire to connect this way with someone, either by initiating intimate relations or by exploring your sexual drives in more detail.
Lava instead of grass on the street Only sidewalks where the grass is lava, have to stay on sidewalk, cannot fall. Dreaming about lava all around you could symbolically represent negative changes taking place in you life. You may be about to go through a period filled with extreme discomfort and agitation, likely from an outside source. The sidewalk, then, represents your need and ability to walk the thin line between stability and chaos, suggesting there is a way to get through this trying time. You would have to rely on all your previous knowledge and experience to find the solutions you need.
Raining with heavy salt I have had many different dreams. As I can remember, I was walking home when suddenly it started raining salt, then I fell and the salt fell so heavily, it began burying me! I tried getting up, but it was so hard and I tried as hard as I got up and ran blindly down a road and then it stopped raining and I got home, but before I could open the door I woke up. I want an explanation please. Salt is, unfortunately, often a sign of rejection. The cause of this is likely a difference in opinions or morals. For example, you may believe you acted correctly in a situation where others blame and condemn your behavior. Or you may have created some art that held great meaning to you while others dismiss it as junk. The amount of salt raining down upon you could mean that either you would face a major rejection from one place or seem to be turned around at every door you knock on. This period is likely to be very difficult for you, so you should be patient and stay true to your heart until others can see the truth.
Becoming a dog and chasing the deceased My boyfriend dreamed he was a dog and was chasing his mom and son who are both deceased around in a circle. Your boyfriend's dream wherein he appears as a dog shows his protective instincts. Dogs are symbols of duty, loyalty and protection. As such, his act of circling his deceased loved ones reveals his need to protect their memories and pay tribute to their significance to him in life as well as in death. There may also be an element of guilt. Perhaps he feels as if he could have saved them or taken better care of them while they were still alive. He may still be coping and mourning their passing.
In a car with dogs and one smoking a cigar Driving in car, dogs sitting in backseat, one smoking a cigar. Dreaming of driving a car reflects the journey you are taking in your waking life. The dogs as passengers could be friends and loved ones with whom you share or shared important moments and experiences. The dog smoking a cigar symbolizes challenges and bumps on the road. There could be opinions and perspectives that go against your personal beliefs, but which serve to broaden your understanding of the world.
Taking off and washing own skin It is a recurring dream or at least that is what I feel when I wake up. I was taking out my skin like if it was a full body dress and after washing it up I put it back on my body! Your skin in the dream signifies a layer of protection as well as your facade. This is the part mostly visible to the world. As such, shedding or undressing your skin reveals your readiness to be a little more vulnerable. Perhaps you are contemplating sharing deeper and sensitive aspects of yourself to others in order to form a stronger bond with them. Washing the skin before putting it back on your body alludes to cleansing and healing. Maybe you want to be more honest, rid yourself of guilt or shame and be fully comfortable in your own skin. No more hiding who you really are.
Catching a fish that turns into a boy I was bow-fishing from a muddy river shore. I struggled reeling it in. Once reeled in I held the small fish gently and removed the arrow. When the arrow pulled out of the fish it turned into a small boy. The boy asked me to release him back to be with his brother. Then I saw two fish swim in opposite directions. A dream about going fishing and catching a fish indicates some tough life experiences which you would be able to solve or overcome successfully because of your ability to handle things expeditiously. On the other hand, the transformation of the fish into a boy may indicate your desire to have a child. Perhaps you and your partner have been having difficulty trying to conceive and this vision reminds you to take it in stride. A blessing would come at the right time.
A gigantic faucet in the sky I dream of seeing a water faucet in the sky, I see a pipe connected to it way up in the clouds and the pipe isn't going up but sideways. There is no other end. It isn't turned on as I am looking at it. I have the feeling of falling and I am jolted awake. This dream vision could point to your concerns about the social environment you live in, not necessarily your house, but rather the level of comfort you get or cannot attain while dealing with someone on an everyday basis. The faucet is specifically connected to your situation, suggesting a lack of help or support when it is sorely needed. Plummeting down at the end of the vision suggests this situation is unlikely to change, forewarning that you could experience immense disillusionment and desolation before finding the right solution.
Witches and running from a rolling rock It's a 2-part dream, it starts off with three witches cooking something in a big black pot and laughing, not your typical witches, OK? Now the second part where I'm running from a big boulder rolling down a hill. This has been bothering me for a very long time. Dreaming about witnessing witches performing their rituals is closely related to the idea of great disappointments following a big social gathering, such as a party with friends, which you may soon be invited to or have been waiting to take place for quite some time now. This is further supported by the image of a rock rolling down the hill. You could end up making enemies or get into a serious confrontation with someone who would be present at this event and who could make you feel extremely uncomfortable in your own skin.
Body turning into smoke and remembering a name Looking at my own reflection in my bathroom. While I was looking at myself, the left half of my body started turning and turned into black smoke. It was terrifying. When I woke myself, I repeated a name several times, I was too tired to write it and remember thinking I could remember it (like it was a name in my day-to-day life). Sometimes, staring into your reflection in a dream hints at your tendency to take yourself too seriously. This vision of looking at your image in the bathroom mirror can mean you often take what others say personally or are easily offended when others criticize or question your behavior. Hence, the black smoke alludes to your lack of self-awareness, meaning that you are having troubles being objective about certain situations, especially when they concern you. The name may be yours, you are invoking it in the dream in an effort to get to the root of your personal issues.
Riding a horse under water Riding a white horse under the ocean. Dreaming about riding on a white horse often symbolizes that the relationships you may have with your friends or people who are close to you currently have solid and unbreakable ties. Being underwater or under the ocean, however, means that your connections with certain people may be emotionally-charged at the moment. Whatever subsequent problems may arise, they could end up strengthening or breaking the bond depending on how much you value these relationships.
Body parts shipped for eating I dreamt that I and another person had body parts shipped in and we were going to eat them. Suddenly the hand started moving. I woke up in horror. A dream about cannibalism often reveals the dreamer's obsessions about coveting something or someone. In your dream, the identity of the owner of the body parts is unclear. As such, it may point to your general tendency to compare yourself to others and thereby succumb to bouts of envy. It could be anything from material possessions to career status. Perhaps you often find yourself checking out profiles of individuals whose lives or lifestyle you want for yourself. The movement of the hand in the dream is your subconscious mind telling you to be more proactive in going after your goals instead of dwelling on what you lack at the moment.
Surviving a zombie apocalypse I dream about being in a zombie apocalypse or nuclear fallout, although unlike most, it is not at the start of the apocalypse, my dream tends to start well after the beginning. Most of the time there are no actual zombies in my dreams and I am not afraid, if anything I feel safe. If there are zombies then I am always in control and generally am killing them, again I am not afraid. I am also generally alone in my dream or with one other person, typically someone my age. Dreaming about successfully navigating the apocalypse and fighting off zombies may be the manifestation of egocentrism or narcissistic tendencies in waking life. Through this highly stylized vision, your subconscious mind may be warning you of the loneliness and troubles you may face if you continue to push others away with your self-centered actions or illusions of grandeur. If you continue experiencing visions of this nature, it may represent a lack of desire to change your ways. However, not learning how to share and be generous with others may be disastrous in the future.
In a pool of mud with skeletons I am a girl. I had a dream that I was in a mud-like deep river that was full of skeletons and dead people and I was stuck trying to swim and get out but there was no way to swim in the mud and with so many skeletons around me, so I was pretty much stuck there crying and screaming, trying to get free. The muddy river in your dream alludes to a murky mindset and turbulent emotions. You are probably troubled at the moment and this is causing negative thoughts. The skeletons and the dead people suggest burdensome secrets and past grudges weighing you down. Alternatively, the skeletons may be associated with projects and ideas that have not been fully realized. These could be taking up a lot of space in your mind, when you are constantly trying to flesh them out and figure out the best way to implement them.
Fighting with a werecat man Squaring up and fighting what was a man I was trying to return a bike to. With a narrator in the background. Then the man transforms in to a black werecat-like creature and we circle. We both find weapons, I find a dagger-like stick and he has a rock then a log. This vision of fighting a man who turns into a werecat could predict entering a period filled with gloom and great misfortune. This is likely due to some activity or scheme you have gotten yourself involved in. Additionally, the presence of weapons may add an element of danger to this interpretation. You should be wary of any potentially troublesome situations developing in the near and distant future.
Falling into a pool with dead people I was walking across a bridge with my partner when he fell over the bridge into a pool of dead people that wanted to drag him under. I tried to rescue him, but fell over and was caught by the dead people who molested me. Bridges are synonymous with relationships in dreams, so walking across one is perhaps a metaphor for the way you feel about your partner and the life you have together. Keeping this in mind, seeing him fall off the bridge and into a pool of dead people could represent some change he is going through which you are wary or unhappy about. You are afraid that you cannot save him or that you may give in yourself. This vision can be interpreted as a warning that you may have to decide how far is too far when it comes to maintaining or saving your relationship.
Puppies attacking and turning into a human Two puppies attack me while I am asleep. I am afraid adult dogs will follow suit, but that does not happen. For a while, I feel helpless, but then break free. The puppies get trapped underneath my blanket. I beat them with a small stick or switch. They get up carrying the blanket on top of them and turn into a torso that looks like mine, and walk away. I point out the doppelganger to my wife and grownup son. The latter runs towards it. Male. A dream in which puppies attack you could point to projects and ventures giving you unnecessary stress. There could be ideas you have cultivated for a long time, at work or inside your home and family life, and you are beginning to experience the challenges that go hand-in-hand with the implementation of these ideas. Alternatively, the aggressive puppies may represent your children or individuals you have placed under your wing and have supported. The aggression points to arguments and conflict as a result of differing views. Beating the puppies, therefore, represents your brand of punishment in an attempt to discipline them or assert your authority.
Being directed to a suspended broom I heard a voice in my dream that told me the right way I should follow by showing me an arrow from the sky pointing to a glowing and sparkling broom. The broom was suspended in the air with nothing holding it up. The voice in your dream represents the voice of reason. Perhaps you have been feeling lost lately and unsure about your true purpose. As such, the sparkling broom suspended in the air alludes to clearing your mind by resolving personal and professional issues. To gain clarity, you need to let go of past failures and mistakes as well as tie up loose ends in order to move forward with nothing holding you back. Alternatively, the broom could symbolize your readiness to settle down and have a family of your own, but this also entails commitment and leaving behind whatever personal baggage you may still carry.
Trying to fly and ending up in the childhood home I was trying to fly with my own arms as wings, no feathers, and I would at first get as far as up into the trees then back to the ground then I noticed my hands and tried harder and got further. Then I noticed people coming after me and I took off in the sky to a place I once knew as a child. There were a house and a barn or shed. I landed near the back door of the house and then I went in, it was a kitchen and there was a girl on her knees next to a bedroom door. I went to help, but couldn't - it was me. Trying to fly in your dream is an indication that your efforts to make a better life for yourself could be futile. You may be trying to achieve this success through the obvious and available means, such as working hard at your job in hopes of receiving a raise or promotion, with little to nothing in return for your efforts at present. After all this disappointment, flying to a place from your childhood makes sense, as this symbol may be the manifestation of your desire to find comfort and to be sheltered from the troubles you face in reality. However, going into the kitchen and seeing a younger version of yourself at the end of the vision is a symbolic image associated with stress, perhaps showing how, even in the place you should be able to relax, you feel no sense of restfulness and peace of mind.
Wings of a giant eagle causing pain A giant eagle landed in front of my window and then its wings burst through the window at me, so I ran. My sister ran too but the wings came in the door and were trying to make itself a part of me. The pain was excruciating. My hand felt like it was being chewed off. I woke in a panic and cried. I was so scared. Seeing a bird in front of your window is a neutral symbol associated with someone new entering your life. In most cases, it alludes to the birth of a baby or the addition of a new family member through marriage, but it can also predict that some outside person, like a friend or co-worker, wants to be closer to you more than you want them to. However, this is where things take a negative turn. Dreaming that the eagle bursts through the window and attacks you is a highly ominous image which suggests this newcomer could become a powerful enemy or rival to you. Additionally, the pain you felt may be an indication that you would find it difficult to get away from this individual for a long time.
A mermaid at a friend's funeral I dreamt that I was at one of my friend's funeral, this friend died a few years ago, beside the church there is the sea. I saw a black mermaid coming out of the sea. She said I must not be afraid, she is not going to hurt me, she is here to help me. Funerals, despite their sad connotation in waking life, are generally thought to be positive symbols in dream visions. They usually mean that the dreamer is about to get some form of a lucky break or overcome some difficulty which was bothering them for quite some time. However, you should beware of the call coming from a mermaid. Mermaids in dreams signify tricksters who lure the dreamers out on their own and then swindle or deceive them. If you do find yourself in a more favorable situation soon, such as having an excess of money or some addition to your personal possessions, do not be fooled into using it to your disadvantage, no matter how lucrative or compelling the outcomes may seem.
News on TV about a horse eating people A horse at a rodeo was chasing a man, later saw same horse on the news. The horse had consumed two human brothers. My mom turned off the TV and said something that indicated her disgust of the matter and questioned why the TV was on and we were watching it. Then I woke up. A violent, murderous horse is an ominous symbol to perceive in a dream. It represents the possibility of being in a terrible accident while commuting or traveling, especially for work or school. In your case, you first saw the horse chasing a man at a rodeo, but did not learn of its growing appetite until later in the vision. This could mean that you would be able to avoid this grievous misfortune by taking an alternate route than you usually do or were planning to do.
Living underground after apocalypse I dreamed about a post-apocalyptic world where we would be forced to live underground in small communities and relocate from one community to another through tunnels. Dreaming of a post-apocalyptic world often portends going through some catastrophic or cataclysmic event which shakes the very foundations of your life. The period of time that follows is likely to be very challenging for you. However, living in an underground community and traveling through tunnels could point toward finding ways to turn this hardship into a blessing or opportunity. It may require some creativity and hard work, but the results could be surprising.
Being invited to an underwater castle I was in a boat going to an island across deep and stormy water. It was night. I got to the island and suddenly I was in a beautiful castle. It was half-submerged and a blue and green person came up to me and gestured me to a staircase leading down into clearer water with plants in it. I jumped in and kept having to come up for air, then I ate some thin seaweed and suddenly I could breathe easily. Then I remember the staircase disappearing and the surface closing. It got harder to breathe again. The journey you went through in the dream seems to be a search for freedom. This journey would not be easy. You would have to contend with self-doubt, insecurities and a whole gamut of emotions before getting to your destination. The island in your vision represents independence, but also isolation. You would have to face challenges mostly on your own, and when you get there you would find a castle which is a symbol of reward, achievement and a sense of security. This would only happen if you learn to trust your instinct and control your emotions.
Being able to glide above a flight of stairs Many many times I have a dream that I am at the top of a flight of stairs and jump off the top and float, gliding just above each stair, to the bottom. Sometimes there is just a few stairs, sometimes there are many and they are a curved flight and I am able to glide to the landing at the bottom without touching any stairs. Being on top of a flight of stairs oftentimes refers to the apex of enlightenment as well as triumph. In your dream, in which you jump off and float, the stairs could be a representation of your emotional and psychological journey. Whereas majority of individuals prefer not to confront their repressed issues and past experiences, you probably have no trouble delving into your subconscious as a way of understanding your actions and motivations. You are likely highly self-aware and as a result, you have a pretty good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses whenever you are facing new challenges.
Being a poodle and protecting people I dreamed I was a white standard poodle defending a man and woman who were oblivious to a small male lion around the corner of the house. I barked to warn them, but they didn't pay attention. The lion picked up its pace and I was scared, but stood my ground growling and barking. Just as the lion rounded the corner I attacked it, then woke up. Dreaming about turning into a small white poodle has negative connotations as it portends a period of gloom and darkness. These problems are actually the manifestation of your past deeds. The fact that you see yourself trying to warn people of impending problems points towards your own inability to overcome these troubles, especially considering that your efforts were in vain in the vision. A lion in the dream world represents a controlling individual, so perhaps your difficulties stem from the arrival of this man or woman. The best course of action would be to stay on alert and put matters right before you land in any undesirable situations.
Scorpions with human faces I had a dream two days in a row about scorpions. The dreams were the same. I dreamed of a black one and a human face was transformed to be the scorpion. The second part was a regular-colored dessert scorpion, but I watched as the face (could not identify the face on either) also change to be the scorpion, however I was running from this one. It never caught me but, it had sped to chase me. Scorpions are generally negative symbols in the context of dream visions as they often represent the manifestation of evil and cynicism in waking life. The idea that human faces transform into the scorpion's could point toward the presence of a specific individual in your life who is adding this stress and unhappiness, for example, a new boss or a member of your social circle. This is supported by the two other recollections from this dream vision. The black color associated with the first scorpion may point toward big changes being brought by this man or woman, while the chasing scene with the second scorpion could predict facing harsh and unpredictable developments due to the power they hold over you. It would be wise to get away from their influence and establish yourself as independent of their plans and ideas lest some unfortunate situation is going to unfold in the future.
Baking a breast Dreamed of how I was baking breast. Baking in a dream is usually associated with dreams coming true or successfully achieving something you have been striving for. Additionally, the image of the breast suggests this is related to intimacy or the relationship between you an another individual you are interested in or infatuated by. Together, these symbols mean your efforts to start or improve the level of closeness between you and this person are likely to go well, leading to much happiness and satisfaction.
A famous politician and a fictional character In my dream I was in an English class with Hillary Clinton and she made a unique comparison between Native American oppression and the abortion issue in the US, I don't remember the details. Then I was convinced by Hillary to go on a ski trip with my friend and Hermione Granger to campaign for women's rights in isolated communities in the Alps. The skiing was great. What does this mean? The presence of easily recognizable individuals in your dream vision often suggests you have had recent interactions with them or expressed a great deal of interest in their pursuits. In this case, the fact the Hillary Clinton was giving a politically charged speech may point toward her being a stand in for other people in your life who are trying to persuade or control you. Her ability to convince you to go on a ski trip, then, represents the lengths these individuals would go to in order to get your support. However, the presence of Emma Watson as her character in Harry Potter and the act of skiing both point toward a desire to be free of these pressures, so that you can relax and have peace of mind.
Waiting for a fictional character to be visited by A book character named Fred Weasley was my brother. He was coming home from working at a joke shop and I was super excited to see him again. I was waiting a day for him to come. He didn't come before the dream ended. Dreaming of a fictional character generally reveals your tendency to create an alternate reality in your mind as a way of escaping your problems. It could also mean that you recognize certain attributes in the character that you want to emulate. In your case, perhaps you wish to gain Fred Weasley's humor and bravery thinking that those characteristics would help you overcome challenges in your personal journey. However, the fact that he did not arrive likely reflects your low self-esteem. Perhaps you need to recognize your own strengths and unique qualities in order to gain confidence and conquer your fears.
A wolf that becomes too tame Me and my black dog walked to greet my mother who was accompanied by a black wolf. I ran in fear, then my mother said "It's OK, we raised it. He's just like your dog". Then my mother told the wolf to round up the sheep and it did, then she said he can do other things and at her command the wolf stood up on two legs like us and spoke like us and put on both clothes and shoes. At the end of the dream my sister walks in and compliments the wolf's shoes. The black dog and the black wolf in your dream represent the two sides of a dilemma. On the one hand, the dog you implicitly trust could end up betraying you. The black dog symbolizes deceit and disappointment. There is a likelihood that you would soon be let down by someone you once thought was your best friend. This is likely the person who always tries to avoid you during tough times. On the other hand, the black wolf actually symbolizes your cynical side. You could say it is the pessimistic and dark side of yourself which you try to suppress. However, once you recognize the useful aspects of your suspicious nature, then you can use it to help you gauge the sincerity and intentions of the personalities that surround you.
A woman sitting in the middle of a river Dreamed about a woman sitting in the center of a river under water but not drowning. She was staring at me and was surrounded by burnt bones with eels swimming through them. The woman had straight red hair, green eyes, ornate bronze bracelets and she was void of emotion. Couldn't reach her or the riverbanks. Was surreal but peaceful, yet surrounded by charred animal and human bones. This ethereal woman seems to be a projection of your subconscious mind, which suggests that she may represent some ideal you wish to personify, such as grace or elegance. With this in mind, seeing the woman sitting calmly in the middle of a flowing river could be the manifestation of your desire to be focused, calm, and collected in the midst of the difficulties life throws your way. In order to achieve this better version of yourself, however, you may have to give up waiting for others to assist you and take matters into your own hands, as signified by the human remains the woman was surrounded by.
On a bike with a decapitated friend With my friend, who definitely likes me. He has helped me through very tough times recently. He's male. I'm female. We are riding a bike and I was on his handlebars. We started jumping these huge gaps and when I looked back he was decapitated. It was horrifying. Riding a bicycle with someone in the dream world represents the kind of bond you share with this person. It is likely characterized by spontaneity, fun with a bit of risk involved. Perhaps you also like being with your friend precisely because you share an adventurous and lively side. You may still have a childlike sense of wonder or are persistently optimistic. The outcome of the scenario in your dream, however, reveals your cautious side. Decapitation represents poor judgment. Maybe you feel like being with him could get you into serious trouble and vice versa. You could be enabling each other's bad habits and this does not bode well for the both of you in the long run.
A cat walking a dog I had a dream I was sitting outside on the porch of my house, and a cat was walking a dog, it was really weird. Then the cat dropped the leash and ran Into my house, when I tried to remove the cat from my house it scratched my face then ran out and proceeded to walk the dog. Cats are cunning creatures usually associated with independence and feisty personality. Meanwhile, dogs are considered man's best friend and usually symbolize loyalty as well as security. Hence, seeing a cat walking a dog in your dream likely means that a manipulative individual may be turning your peers and allies against you. It could be someone who may harbor some jealousy over your achievements. The cat could also be someone trying to jeopardize a romantic prospect, hence the catty behavior.
Giving birth to an angel I dreamt I was giving birth to a pure white angel. A dream wherein you find yourself giving birth signifies major changes and upheavals that are about to take place in your life. Perhaps you may have been contemplating getting rid of certain bad habits or picking up good ones. This symbolism is further reinforced by the fact that you gave birth to a pure, white angel. An angel represents events which would have a deep impact on your existence, meaning these proceedings are likely to improve your quality of life and your outlook on the future.
Building a house using honey I was building a house using honey with bees flying around, but they did not sting me while I am busy building my house. They were also making more honey for me to use while I was building my house. A house made of honey alludes to your hard-earned reputation. Honey is often associated with hard work and wisdom. As such, building your house using honey reveals your perseverance and determination. Your credentials are likely beyond reproach, hence your colleagues are inclined to trust your leadership and decision-making abilities. Therefore, the friendly swarm of bees, seemingly uninterested in attacking you, illustrate the trust and respect you have earned from your contemporaries. It is a good reminder that if you want people to have faith in you or admire you, you should work hard enough to deserve it.
Forced to take a pill by cannibals My friend came into the room with a pill. He said a family member wanted me to take it. It had a team symbol intricately drawn on it. I hid the pill under the couch. A while later another family member came and knocked me out. When I woke up I found that my friend's family were cannibals. I had to pretend to be sleeping through the effects of the pill. I was the last one they tried to butcher. A young family member made them take me along to a picnic like a doll. Being forced to take a pill in a dream alludes to ideals being forced upon you. Some peers or colleagues may be trying to change your perspective on certain topics because they disagree with your beliefs. Likewise, the threat of being consumed by cannibals represents the mounting pressure and expectations to conform to your social circle. Oftentimes, voicing a dissenting opinion can cause conflict in your group while agreeing with the majority is a way of easing the tension. Everything comes to a head in the picnic scenario. This symbol means that a major confrontation or a meeting of minds would occur to settle the score. You can either go along with them or stand your ground.
Being unable to fly high I was flying towards a forest but in that forest everything was dry and dead. Also I couldn't fly too high. I was going up for a while but then always gliding down. Then I was in a playground, I could still fly. There were some kids making fun of me (I am 17 years old) and I was trying to fly away but they kept chasing me. Again, I couldn't fly high. That's the dream. I'm a girl. Dreams about flying portend gaining independence and freedom from your troubles. The symbols in your dream are complex yet interconnected. When you saw yourself flying above a dead forest it denotes that you have undertaken certain endeavors which did not culminate the way you wanted them to. However, flying above it means that they will not hold you down and you would eventually find a way to free yourself from trouble. The playground in your dream alludes to a time in your past, perhaps you, as an individual, have always felt inadequate, yet you try to rise above the situation. Just make sure that you keep yourself focused and do not let disappointments weigh you down.
Being watched and chased by a tree When I was little I had a recurring dream about walking through a forest and feeling like I was being watched, but every time I turned around there would only be a tree, then I would turn and walk again and feel uneasy and turn around again, but it would be the tree again, but it would be closer. Now that I'm older I get the same dream but a little different instead of a forest, I'm just driving and every time I check my rear view mirrors there is a tree chasing me. Walking alone through a forest in a dream alludes to a much-needed break. You could be exhausted and stressed out from all the responsibilities and work you must attend to on a daily basis. However, since you were a little kid when you had this recurring dream, the sensation of being watched may stem from the pressure to be an obedient child. Hence, the tree in that scenario refers to authorities trying to discipline you, perhaps even your parents. Now that you are an adult, the tree still represents authority, but it is a much more complicated symbol because not only are you being pressured at work, you may also feel like you are constantly being chased by all sorts of expectations and obligations. Furthermore, trees have roots, so perhaps much of the stress you are experiencing comes from familial duties following you around.
A beetle turning into a crow I observed a shiny beautiful beetle crawl into a tulip. The flower closed then opened up and the beetle was transformed inside into a crow that spoke to me. It simply said "I am your grandmother" and flew off. I never knew my grandparents in real life. Thanks! Dreaming of a beetle crawling into a flower means you are probably getting fed up with troublesome incidents or persistent problems and you just want a fresh start. However, by turning over a new leaf, you may be overlooking some unfinished business or refusing to learn a valuable lesson. As such, the beetle's transformation into a crow signifies your tendency to fall back into unhealthy old patterns and repeat the same mistakes. Perhaps the vision is telling you to reflect on your actions in order to find the root of your problems. After all, grandparents symbolize wisdom from experience, so your subconscious could be telling you to take a cue from this symbol.
Being on floating rings with holes One day I was walking on these floating rings around a tower. Then, holes started appearing in the rings, so I jumped and and ran to avoid them. Then, I fell in one of the appearing holes and died. Then, I woke up. The tower in your dream represents your lofty dreams and ambitions. You have grand plans and designs for the kind of existence you wish to lead. As such, the holes that start appearing while you are on those floating rings refer to the pitfalls and setbacks you would have to encounter on your way to achieving your dreams. Alternatively, those holes that lead to your death in the vision could also symbolize the negative consequences of being hyper-focused and single-minded in your pursuits. You may be setting yourself up for failure by refusing to explore other opportunities or broadening your horizons.
Swimming in the air I jumped in the air and started swimming. Swimming in the dream world generally alludes to exploring your emotions and the subconscious mind. On the other hand, air suggests imagination and creativity. Hence, swimming mid-air or navigating this space above land portends a period of creativity and innovation. You may be able to come up with ingenious ideas and out-of-the-box solutions to your problems. You would also experience a boost in your confidence, so take full advantage of this auspicious time to implement your ideas seamlessly.
Being eaten by people and animals My 9-year old granddaughter has been dreaming about being eaten by her step mother, eaten by a bear, eaten by a wolf, eaten by a zombie. She also sees an unknown man who opens the door to the back house and lets out a wolf. She climbs out the window, falls into the air-filled bounce house, the wolf is clawing to get in. The wolf gets in and eats her, but does not kill her. The idea of being eaten but not necessarily being killed could indicate the accumulation of high levels of stress in your daughter's life. Being eaten in a dream is often associated with the feeling of being powerless in the face of trouble. In a sense, she does not have the confidence, knowledge or experience to handle the situations she is dealing with. In order to help her, you would have to serve both as counselor and teacher, giving her time and space to express her emotions and providing her with healthy ways of dealing with these situations on her own.
A crow with a face of a human statue So, I had a dream the other day, the part I remember is I had to answer the door and when I did there was a crow perched right on the divider inside the screen door (where a screen and glass would meet, but there was no screen). All it did was stare at me then I stuck my hand out and got closer and as I did, the crow's face transformed to a human face. It looked like a face from an old statue and there was no expression. It looked beat up. I've been seeing crows everywhere too if that means something. The knock on the door suggests you would receive unexpected news or discover a new opportunity. However, since crows are typically associated with death and other bad omens, the surprising information about to come knocking on your door would likely have something to do with the death of a loved one or a possible brush with death through a freak accident, including that of your own. Perhaps it would be to your benefit if you start taking precautions to avoid health issues or accidents. Similarly, the crow's transformation into a deadpan statue-like face could be a reference to mortality. Maybe you are not taking good care of yourself, hence this vision serves as a warning for you to cut back on self-destructive habits to save yourself from grief.
Trying to change the course of the future I was trying to fix the future, trying to save people from dying. When I finally try to find everyone before something bad happens and told them I was from the future, I have seen what happened. This guy looked at me that I was trying to save and said "Someone has to die, you can save everyone". But I was trying to fix the future of bad people coming after innocent people. To dream that you are saving others to alter the future in some way reveals your fears about your own future. Perhaps you think that the status quo is headed to the early demise of mankind or at the very least has a bleak perspective. However, the death of one person to ensure the survival of everybody else is a reflection of your sense of futility. On some level, you may believe bad things that are happening or about to happen occur for a reason and that certain situations are out of your control. There could be a significant milestone in your near future, so this inability to predict the outcome of big events is highlighting your apprehensions about what is to come.
A white boar helping kill the Devil I saw a white boar in a dream and he was helping me to kill the devil and I found one of the white teeth of a boar and killed that, but after sometime it was arising and I chanted the mantra on Namah Shivaya and ran away and I asked some of the people how the devil is supposed to be killed. Then they said there is a sword of Shivaya and I woke up. White boars appearing in dreams are symbolically linked with the idea of death and despair. In particular, they predict the untimely demise of someone very close to you, either a good friend or an immediate family member whom you love dearly. Your fight with the boar against the devil may represent both your and this individual's denial that this death would come to pass. It seems, then, that this would not be a sudden death by accident, but rather a slow, agonizing passing caused by illness or disease. Furthermore, being unable to kill the devil except for with a single magical item may portend the presence of a possible cure that would be near impossible to procure.
Having ability to shoot fire out of hands Female and in my dream I have super powers that I can shoot fire out of my hands, but it doesn't work when I want it to. And there is this girl that I've never met before, but she seems to know me, is helping refuel my fire or something, I felt like I shouldn't trust her but she didn't seem like a bad person and there was a zombie outbreak, so we had to leave soon with other people and I tried helping with my ability to shoot fire out of hands at it, but I didn't know how to use it. Depending on the dream scenario, fire can mean passion, destruction or anger. In your case, having the ability to shoot fire out of your hands may be an allusion to your capacity to control your emotions, especially those which have negative effects on you. However, your inability to use your powers during the zombie outbreak reveals your struggle to manage your temper. A zombie outbreak can be a metaphor for stressful situations, so perhaps during these times you tend to be overcome by emotions thereby making errors in judgment. Hence, the girl represents a mentor or a trusted individual who would be able to help you manage your temperament in order to make more rational choices.
In a cave with fictional characters James Potter, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew and I were in a cave. Peter was scared to come in but ended up coming in. After Peter came in we all sat down. A dream involving literary or fictional characters usually means that you identify with some of their qualities. In your dream scenario, you represent Padfoot or Sirius Black which means you likely identify most with the character of Sirius. Specifically, perhaps you feel falsely accused of an offense and you want your friends to hear you out before they wrongly judge you. It is also possible that you and your friends are starting to think alike, committing wrongful acts without the safeguard of a dissenting opinion or voice of reason. Maybe you need to reevaluate your friendship if it is still beneficial for your overall personal growth.
Helping children after a zombie outbreak My dream was about zombie pigs who were infecting people. I nursed all of the children back to health when they got sick, and they looked up to me. It felt nice being appreciated and helping the children to recover. Envisioning yourself safe during a zombie apocalypse, even one spread by pigs, suggests you have a lot of pride or narcissistic tendencies. While this is normally considered a reflection of poor behavior in wake life, taking care of the sick children may reveal that your pride is actually well deserved. Together, these symbols show that not only does a lot of your self-worth derive from your work but also that you are very good at what you do. Others probably rely on you for guidance and support at your company.
Carrying a car home after an accident I was driving and my car ran hot. I pulled over and got out and noticed that I had a flat tire, then I noticed I had locked my keys in the car so I picked up my car and started to walk home. Cars are often associated with our life journey in the context of dreams. The problems you experienced, the flat tire and the forgotten keys, represent different bumps in the road of that journey. This could include both personal problems related to the home or issues with your working environment. In either case, picking up the car and walking home with it suggests you are the type of person who wants to take control of your destiny. You do not allow yourself to be side-tracked from your goals by superficial roadblocks. Instead, you move on and find another way to reach your goal.
Chased by horses underwater Swimming underwater and being chased and attacked by horses. Dreaming of swimming underwater reveals your inability to control your emotions. You may become overwhelmed by your feelings and urges so that you become irrational in the process. Similarly, the horses attacking you in this dream are symbolic of primal instincts and behavior which means that you are not thinking clearly. Your tendency towards thoughtless and reckless behavior could get you into serious trouble in the waking world.
Having super powers after giving birth I am female. My dream said that a very close friend had a beautiful baby but it had somehow changed her. She had developed super powers after childbirth, but she was greatly ashamed of it so she kept it hidden from everyone. She shared it with me and me promise never to tell anyone. Dreaming that someone you know has given birth to a child may actually reflect your efforts to be a good friend to this individual in waking life. You may put extra energy into treating them well or surprise them with little thoughtful gifts when the urge arises. Furthermore, the special abilities your friend developed afterwards may predict your time and energy would be rewarded in the form of a long-term friendship or a strong mutual bond. This friendship would bring you great comfort and happiness for many years to come.
Family members turning into cockroaches Girl. My dog and my family turned into cockroaches. Cockroaches usually represent dirt and undesirable qualities. So to see your dog and entire family turn into cockroaches in a dream alludes to negative energy permeating your household. You may need to confront issues that are perhaps turning you against each other. Although on a positive note, cockroaches have also been associated with longevity and resilience. In that sense, your family could face a challenging period which would strengthen all of you individually and also your bond with each other because during tough times, that is when you can appreciate how much you depend on each other.
A river flowing through body I had a dream that a calm peaceful floating river was flowing through me, also washing someone else away. It looked like pretty light blue water but didn't feel like it, it just felt peaceful. Like a major problem was washing away. Male. In general, clear and calm rivers in dreams denote a laid-back attitude or even passivity. You could be content to go with the flow of things and not let every little setback get on your nerves. Serene and tranquil rivers are also indicative of the good aura which would emanate from you as a result of your positive worldview. The imagery of the river washing away someone in this vision could mean that you are willing to let bygones be bygones. This new outlook you have probably makes it easier for you to forgive some individuals who may have wronged you in the past. Alternatively, this vision also shows that you are loosening up. Perhaps you prefer being in control and being a perfectionist, so something could trigger a realization in you that you cannot control everything and that in certain instances you just have to adapt according to the situation.
Being forced to eat friends I am female. I was tied to a chair in front of a dining table. In another room, separated from me by a glass wall, two of my friends would be tied up. I had thirty seconds to choose one. After that I would choose how they were killed and cooked. The people forced me to watch all of it, and then fed me the fully cooked person and forced me to vomit when I was too full. It started with people I didn't know and moved up to my best friends. If I didn't choose, I'd be forced to eat both. Cannibalism in dreams is often an allusion to destructive relationships and power play. There may be a part of your attitude or personality that is causing some strain in your interactions with friends and loved ones. Perhaps you have unreasonable expectations towards your loved ones and they may be starting to resent this side of you. At the same time, the imagery of being tied to a chair suggests powerlessness and involuntary actions. In that case, there is a likelihood that the stress you are projecting in your social circles is a byproduct of an unhealthy work environment. Alternatively, some influential personalities in your life may be forcing your hand on some issues at the expense of your friends or family by placing you into difficult situations.
Flying naked with a friend I am female. I dreamt that I was flying naked when I lost balance and a pastor friend I know caught me and held onto me, he was also flying naked. Our bodies were aligned as we flew. We landed in a park and people gave us clothes and directed us to a caravan to get changed. After changing my friend had to go and left me on my own. Flying reveals a desire for freedom and independence, while nudity alludes to shame. Perhaps in your yearning to follow your heart's desire, you may find yourself in a compromising position. There is a chance that you would get involved in an illicit relationship which could tarnish your reputation. Meanwhile, the park signifies a period of rest. The possibility of being embroiled in a controversy would likely send you scurrying back into your shell or escaping into a space of safety and comfort. All actions have repercussions, both good and bad, so maybe your subconscious is merely reminding you to think about the validity of your decisions.
A giant red dragon in the sky It was a clear day. I was walking with my family and we walk by this huge skyscraper that reflects the Sun's beams and as I look up to the sky I see a huge red dragon, and I mean this dragon was taking up the sky and it was flying through the clouds. Then I wake up. Dreaming about being with your family may reveal that one member, either yourself or someone else, may decide to leave soon. This could be a simple change of location, like moving for work or school, or something much more serious. In either case, you probably feel some anxiousness over the departure. This sad feeling is opposed with the image of the red dragon, a symbol tied to success and getting ahead of others. If you are the one moving, it is likely you would have good luck with this choice. On the other hand, red is a color with strong ties to emotion and passion, so it may be wise to rely more on rational thinking than what you feel in the heat of the moment.
A strange insect coming out of soil I was walking down the street and came upon this garden someone asked me to look at. As I was looking, a rock and some soil tumbled over (it was flat ground) and then out came a flying black insect about 3 inches long that looked like a cross between a dinosaur and human. It kept flying towards me causing me to panic and then I woke up. In a dream vision, walking down the street is normally associated with upcoming success and prosperity. This is likely linked with a project you are undertaking or a course of action you have recently put into effect. Additionally, the stranger who invites you into the garden could be a positive symbol regarding a hope you currently hold in your heart. You may be able to make your deepest desire a reality under these circumstances. However, the dinosaur and human-like hybrid insect that comes toward you could reveal potential financial difficulty or ruin should you fail. Your efforts would have to be carefully calculated and thought out lest you dig yourself into a hole you cannot escape from.
A giant grasshopper swallowing son I am a 45-y.o. old male. My son, Noah, is 7. Last night I dreamt my son and I were off riding in a Jeep. We stopped at the rim of a flat-bottomed ravine. On the opposite bank was a giant grasshopper. I descended on foot to get a picture with my phone. Noah apparently followed me and while I stood there watching, he was swallowed by the grasshopper. I just stood there motionless horror struck. Your dream essentially reveals the progression of your bond with your son. Specifically, the jeep represents your traditional and perhaps even conservative perspective on life. As a parent, you may be passing on your own beliefs and value system to your son as part of raising him into adulthood. Similarly, standing with him on the same side of the ravine symbolizes your protective nature. As much as possible, you want to shelter your son from the harsh realities of this world. However, as your dream vision implies, you cannot protect him from everything, especially as he starts to develop into his own person. After all, the grasshopper alludes to independent spirit and personal motivation. A series of events may trigger growth and transformation in your son which may be the first real challenge for you as a parent.
On a bus with angels and terrorists A female angel appeared in my dream and she is fetching me. I told her that I am not yet ready to go because I haven't seen or informed my parents yet. And suddenly we are in a bus going to the place of my parents. Along our way there were terrorists and they stopped the bus and all the passengers went out of the bus. Then my male companion, I presumed an angel too, tapped the shoulder of one of the terrorists and ran to a house and he's followed by the terrorists and a gun fired him but he was not hurt. The presence of an angel in the dream world is usually thought to predict life-changing events or circumstances taking place in reality. In this vision, the angel was guiding you home to meet your family. This is often interpreted as a sign that you may have recently hurt someone's feelings or offended them, making it necessary now to seek forgiveness or to offer compensation. You may have hurt them unintentionally with an offhanded, insensitive remark, however, your morality would not allow you to simply ignore your error. The bus you were on further suggests your words or actions may have been guided by the influence of others. Going against the bad influence and pressure coming from those around you may cause conflict and hardship for you, as seen in the terrorist attack. But you would probably feel better about yourself after the fact if you follow your own moral compass.
Being a jellybean I was a jellybean with colorful friends and we were stuck in a basement. We helped each other get out. Jellybeans symbolize happiness and positive energy. As such, dreaming that you are a jellybean reveals your positive outlook or optimism. Meanwhile, the basement represents darkness and possible confusion. There may be some obstacles about to come your way which would test your optimism and determination to succeed. During this period, you may have to lean on your friends and loved ones to help you remain on track and focused on your goals.
Seeing through the eyes of fish In my dream I will take live fish with light-colored eyes and put them inside my eyes and I will see through them, until I had one that turned my eye black, had to take it off and for it needed my (now dead) father. He helped me take it out and my eye was completely black and bleeding. Bloody eyes in dreams represent deep-seated sorrow and pain. Similarly, black eyeballs reveal a hardened soul possibly devoid of compassion. Perhaps you have been carrying around some emotional burden that has turned you into a cynical and cold person. The fish with light-colored eyes may represent various perspectives you have picked up throughout the course of your existence. In that context, it is possible that you are beginning to lose your way or lose sight of your priorities. The presence of your deceased father coming to your aide could suggest your need for some wisdom and guidance to help you get back on track. It may be in your best interest to recall the advice and words of wisdom from your father to help you navigate the issues you are currently dealing with.
A camel-like horse turning into a man I'm female, was asked to catch a horse running crazy, I agreed. There's a line on it already for me to grab as it runs past. I see it's actually a humpless camel, I grab the line and hold to stop it so it doesn't hurt my arm or move my feet. It charges at me but I stay still, look it in the eyes, and talk sweet. It stops close to my face, I calm it down with sweet words and a touch and as it calms down it transforms to a man. Same hair type and color, same eyes, and same demeanor and smarts of a camel, but humanoid. Dreaming about trying to catch a horse can symbolize upcoming losses. Specifically, you could lose out on a project or you may have to sell some of your assets or valuables to pay off a debt. It could also mean the loss of a cherished friend. Those losses are likely a direct result of your own negligence and inability to effectively manage your personal and professional affairs. Similarly, taming a camel can refer to a desire to get rid or let go of certain burdens. You may be handling too many duties and commitments so that they are already negatively affecting your social life. Perhaps the transformation of the camel into a human means that if you are able to set aside more personal time, you could cultivate and strengthen your personal relationships in a better way.
Heart encased in glass I'm a male. In the dream I was looking around a room when a man appeared, holding a glass bowl. He shoved it into my chest and said I have glass covering my heart. Glass, by itself, is associated with the presence of sensitive issues that are bothering you. The bowl, then, could represent the containment of such negative emotions. The idea that there is glass covering your heart, as the man mentioned, may reveal the lack of a defense or coping mechanism for dealing with future difficulties or challenges. If you are lacking a strong support system or someone you can rely deeply on, you may want to invest in such a plan or individual before they are actually needed.
Married to a vampire I am a girl. I dreamt that I was married to a vampire monarch. Vampires are usually fairly negative images to see in a dream vision. They often represent bad situations or negative outcomes. In this case, being married to a vampire may reveal that you are knowingly getting involved with someone or something that is bound to turn out poorly. Getting acquainted with the wrong individuals or participating in questionable activities could seriously hurt you and undermine your future credibility.
A lion spewing fire A lion roaring and fire coming out, afraid it will hurt me but it just passed. Dreaming about the roar of a lion is a sign of good luck, closely tied with the idea of successful career growth or promising romantic relationships you may currently be pursuing. The notion that the lion breathed fire and it did not seem to hurt you in any way is also an auspicious symbolic combination which foretells material abundance, prosperity and wealth when you experience this dream vision.
Swimming in foam rubber Repetitive dream of me swimming in a pool of water that changed to a pool of foam rubber. Swimming in a pool of water which turns into foam rubber suggests you could be dealing with the effects of some past mistake or action. The repetitive nature of this dream vision could reveal your inability to make peace with what has happened or to rectify the mistake, making it difficult, if not impossible, to move forward with your life. This is supported by the water becoming foam rubber, as you may feel stuck or trapped, unsure what to do, whom to turn to or how to fix this problem.
Flowers in the sky Lots of flowers in the sky. When you dream about the sky above covered with flowers, it could mean you are about to receive some eye-opening news. This information can be the result of discoveries or revelations which can change your current perspective and shake up your deepest beliefs. Even though this situation may sound unsettling, it could actually allow you to see the world around with fresh eyes and possibly start perceiving things in a more positive and complex way.
Bright light coming from vagina Hi, I saw a dream in which bright light was coming out of my vagina. In real life I am still unmarried. My gender is female. The image of a vagina in a dream, particularly when it is your own, is often associated with sex and intimacy. Oftentimes, it alludes to intimacy issues or concerns of a sexual nature. The bright light that seemed to originate from within your vagina could mean you are worried about rumors being spread about you, possibly related to your romantic affairs or sexual escapades. This vision gives no clue how to deal with this situation, although it may be wise to assess whether or not there is an actual threat to your social standing or interpersonal relations before acting on your emotions.
A white bird becoming a white smoke I dreamt of a white bird in the corner of my room, it came forwards me and turned to white smoke. White birds seen in a dream are normally considered an auspicious symbol because they predict being the recipient of happy news and glad tidings. However, seeing this bird transforming into a cloud of white smoke before your eyes could reveal that this is nothing but an elaborate illusion or cruel ruse. Someone may be playing a trick on you to get your hopes up or you may be disillusioned and creating this fancy yourself. In either case, you should make an effort to see things as they truly are and not be fooled by false promises and pretty lies.
Glowing bugs and fish floating in the air Hi there. I am a 47-year old female. I dreamt about glowing bugs in my children's bedroom while we were trying to sleep. They would just appear, normally I am afraid of insects, but welcomed the sight of these glowing bugs, but they looked like fluffs of dandelions on the screen window where there were moths and dragonflies. After they left there were fish floating and coming in the room. Then I was frightened and swatted two of them with my hand, but they kept coming back. I was with my children but they were younger. Seeing glowing bugs in your children's bedroom in this dream means something about your children is bothering you. You could be overthinking it and making it worse than it really is. Perhaps you have noticed certain changes in their behavior or you heard something troubling about their daily activities, which triggered alarms in your head. Alternatively, if the glowing bugs were actually fireflies, then they symbolize fresh ideas. Your children may spark an idea for a project which could potentially become successful. Similarly, the floating fishes denote insights. Try to clear your mind, perhaps a lucrative idea gleaned from your interactions with your children would start to solidify and take form. This could be the opportunity you have been waiting for.
People turning into mannequins Age 19. I was in a cabin with my mom, her boyfriend and her parents and when they fell asleep in the cabin I decided that I wasn't ready to go to bed (in the dream) yet, so I went to the kitchen to get water and when I got there I noticed the whole cabin was filled with dolls. So when I went to my mom's room and opened the door I found that she turned into a mannequin and so did her boyfriend. So I decided to go to her parents room to find that they became mannequins as well. Staying at a cabin can sometimes allude to your efforts to lead a good life. You honestly try to be a kind, understanding person and work hard on your assigned tasks, whether they are related to school or a job. However, going into the kitchen may reveal that some troubles are on the horizon, most likely in your personal life. The dolls seen throughout the cabin suggest you are beginning to feel isolated from others. On one hand, this could be related to your ever-increasing responsibilities and is therefore unavoidable. There is a chance though that others feel you are distancing yourself from them because you are going out and doing things that are important to you. This may be especially true of your mother and her boyfriend, who can no longer treat you as a child. While it is important to have good relations with parents, you must also follow your own adult path.
Adopting a stray dog that resembled a human I am female and I dreamt that I came across a stray dog in the street who spoke to me with a human voice. Her teeth were human also, but in a dog's mouth. She said she was so tired of her life as a stray and I took her in my arms and took her home with me to live where she curled up to sleep on an arm chair. The whole interaction was deeply affectionate on both sides and I felt very nurturing and loving. Coming across a stray or homeless dog in a dream often alludes to misfortune. It is possible that there may be an unfortunate event or problem you have to contend with in the near future. Alternatively, a stray dog can also represent a part of yourself that feels rejected and neglected by your loved ones. You may have a tendency to dwell on negativity and pessimism. In a sense, adopting the dog is a metaphor for coming to terms with your loneliness and isolation. Although, you can also see it in a positive light or constructive way. Perhaps making peace with loneliness can mean acceptance. Instead of feeling angry and bitter over your abandonment issues, you can choose to understand those who have hurt you and find out the roots of your present state.
Puncturing the sky when playing football I dreamt me and my friends playing football and one of my friends kicked the ball high and hard to an extent that it hit the sky. Then it banged the sky and made a hole in the sky. All of a sudden in that hole alive fish started falling and then two alive birds standing on a rock fell and alive. I took three biggish fish with me and put them in a container to fill in some water for them, but I could only find brown water and the fish started breathing again. Playing football in the dream world means you are going to face challenging times ahead. You may be put in charge of a project or an event which would require the cooperation of a lot of individuals with varying personalities. It may become difficult to get everyone to work together to achieve the expected results as a team. As such, kicking the ball and puncturing the sky may be an allusion to your ambitious nature. You are willing to do whatever it takes and to push yourself, as well as others, in order to reach your goals. In addition, the fish falling from the sky points to big ideas and grand plans. You could be planning something extraordinary, but you need to carefully think it over because some details may be overly ambitious or you need to be more prudent with the execution.
Being followed by a man with a bird's head A reoccurring dream since childhood. Being followed by a person with a bird's head. Realized when older it looked just like a plague doctor bird mask head. But always felt it was a head, not a mask. Being followed by bird person throughout the dream. Not chased. Calm dream. Not quite peaceful, but almost. Not scary or disconcerting. Male dreamer. The recurring image of a person with a head that resembles a bird, whether it is a mask or otherwise, may reveal the onset of schizophrenia or another dissociative disorder. In essence, you may have trouble coping with specific situations in reality and, therefore, may slip into periods not in tune with reality. This may affect your memory and perception as well, and it is likely to cause problems with your relationships, leading to dissatisfaction with different aspects of your situation. The calm nature of this vision suggests that the effects are not strong, meaning most people would never realize you were different.
Flying over the land like a bird I am a bird flying over undulating terrain and the shadow of my wings echoed the shape of the land. Dreaming about yourself as a bird could mean that there will soon be positive changes in your life. The notion of being able to see the shadows of your wings echoing the shape of the land below could mean those changes will be connected to your growing power and influence, as if you were finally gaining ground and making your voice heard. Your social standing might improve and you could finally be able to exert some noticeable influence over the community around you or in your workplace.
Becoming a mermaid A mermaid or siren signaled I was one. So I got in the water in front of many gods. As soon as I get in the water if they see through me I pass the test to be a siren. If not, I bleed out. I started to sink in the water unable to swim with the tail. I bled out. It wasn't a bad dream. Being a mermaid or siren in a dream often refers to the dreamer's behavior during social interactions. You may be prone to speaking your mind without regard of the feelings of others. It is also possible that your careless actions have adverse effects on your friends, colleagues and loved ones. Either you get them involved in your own problems or you end up being perceived as insensitive and selfish. Alternatively, a siren is associated with temptation and seduction. In that sense, being unable to swim in this dream vision may be an allusion to your insecurities. You may lack confidence in your ability to present yourself as attractive or desirable. You may be losing self-esteem because someone you like is not showing any interest.
Grotesque imagery of children Abandoned children that were 14 ft tall and had pipes for arms and legs. They were blind and had no mouths. They were not harmful to me. I am male. Dreaming about abandoned and deformed children could mean that you may be going through a difficult transition in your life and perhaps should consider putting more effort into repairing past or current relationships which could have been damaged as a consequence of your behavior. Since you mentioned the children were also blind with no mouths, it could be a metaphor for a situation of being simultaneously ignored but attracting too much attention for the wrong reasons. The notion of those children being harmless to you could mean that you are either well aware of your inner demons and have no idea of how to overcome them, or you lack the strength to fight them and believe they and you can co-exist.
A cat that can talk Seeing a cat speaking human language addressing me. When you dream about encountering talking or divine animals it could mean that you want to rely more on your basic instincts and intuition in order to express yourself and you are in need of feeling harmonious with the natural world which surrounds you. Because the animal that spoke to you was a cat, it could also reveal your flirtatious or conniving attitude toward the opposite sex and perhaps it is your sexual instincts that you want to engage when you interact with others.
A man with a spider head spreading disease I am getting into an unknown village and a spider-headed man is trying to spread disease all over. But when I see him, he is unconscious. After a few second he disappeared and took a new figure of a little boy and tries to spread disease over me. But I am saved by my mother, but in my dream I don't know it was my mother. In general, spiders in dreams represent individuals who are energy vampires in reality. They tend to dwell on negative aspects and drag down everyone's mood. In that context, the man with the head of a spider likely represents an influential personality who may be a bad influence at work or in your social circle. This personality may be cunning and manipulative, spinning a web of lies to get others to trust him or ingratiate himself to a group. Perhaps the wisdom and experience of your mother would be crucial in helping you get out of a sticky situation involving this individual.
Flying in the darkness I am male, I dreamed of flying and I see some people below me, I continue to fly up to where I could see some darkness and towards the forest. Then something tells me it's not a safe place, then I flew a long distance, then I saw bright moon light, and I began to fly towards it, but I couldn't reach it. Then I got back and met some people. They gave me food but I refused to eat it. Please help me with both bible interpretation and normal interpretation. Thank you. This vision seems to be related to your situation in life and how you feel about it. For instance, the darkness around the forest reveals that a transformation is in progress within you, however, the process is incomplete. This transformation may have been caused by an experience that provided you with a chance to radically alter the circumstances that hinder you or to create the best version of yourself. Flying over the forest, then, is seen as positive in the sense that you are longing to be free and to act independently regardless of the circumstances and darkness in your life. Moreover, trying to reach the moon shows that there are bigger and better things yet to come, including changes in your social status, personal issues and relationships with other people.
A queen, crystals and climbing out of a window I was being yelled at by a queen in a castle. She left and there were these crystals floating in a chest. Only one of them was the real one. I grabbed the real one and ran. I ran into this office. Really looked out of place. This guy gave me his wallet and pointed me to a window. I climbed out the window and started climbing on the ledge of a strange building. In the windows, I saw the stories of others. Like a mother who woke up everyday not knowing her child. Dreaming about a crystal is an ominous symbol that indicates the beginning of a series of unfortunate, virtually unstoppable events which are about to take place in your life. This snowball effect is likely to begin at work, for example when you try to save some failing project or pick up the pieces of a damaged office relationship. Taking the crystal may allude to trying to take responsibility in this situation. The wallet you receive from the man in the office suggests others have been boosting your confidence with compliments and gratitude for your achievements, possibly leading to you becoming overconfident in your ability to handle such a situation on your own. Climbing on the ledge of a building reveals the possibility of overcoming this challenging time, however, it may take a lot of effort to get through the events after they take place.
A plant growing out of the leg I had a dream that there was a long plant growing out of my right leg and I was uprooting it by "plucking it out" with no pain. While I was hesitant to pull it out at first, once I did, I felt a sense of relief and calmness. Our legs are metaphors of our ability to navigate the real world and push ourselves to achieve our goals. The same associations are true in dreams. In your case, your right leg likely represents the aspects of your personality that are highlighted whenever you are working on your dreams and aspirations. Perhaps you are at a point in your life when you are deciding what to do for the long term and plot out your course for the future. As such, the plant growing out of your right leg is associated with growth, potential and fertility. Plucking out the plant reveals your hesitations and reservations about commitment and settling down. Maybe you are still not ready to grow some roots by committing to a specific job or having a family of your own. If this is the case, then the plant may refer to the pressure you may be getting from friends and family who are urging you to think about what you want for your future, both in professional and personal terms.
A friend turning into a white cat My best friend and I were going to my brother's house and when we arrived she went to use the bathroom. Upon checking on her, she was an all four as a white cat in a litter box, but I was not alarmed or surprised that she had transformed. I spoke to her as normal and when we were leaving she was a human again. Unfortunately, a white cat in dreams is usually an allusion to upcoming misfortune. When seeing a white cat in isolation, it means you would soon experience a lot of confusion, doubt or misunderstanding that could generate plenty of grief or result in significant material loss. In the context of your dream, the transformation of your best friend into a white cat could mean that she may be a major reason or source of the misfortune or bad luck about to come your way. Perhaps she has a tendency to be reckless and careless with her words and actions and you may get involved in her ensuing problems.
Being saved by a statue of Adonis I met a short man while walking and he asked me if I would help him find his statue of Adonis. It turns out it was at the bottom of some lake, so he jumps and he finds the head but then he finds the full body of the statue. Suddenly an octopus shows up and the full body statue comes to life and saves us. The dream ends with us staring at each other and the only name I remember is Adonis. The image of Adonis is usually associated with good looks and masculinity. Perhaps the short man in your dream is someone who seems unimpressive at first glance but possesses admirable traits once you get to know him better. Meanwhile, the octopus represents a complicated situation or a convoluted event which would bring out this person's attractive qualities. It is during this tough time when you would catch a glimpse of his problem-solving skills and other impressive characteristics. He may be not be the man of your dreams, but he is likely the perfect match for you as indicated by the triumphant ending in your dream vision.
Fighting zombies at a bus station In my dream I was in a bus station when it was suddenly overtaken by zombies. Suddenly I gained Spider-Man's powers and did battle with all of them before I faced my brother who had been consumed by the Carnage Symbiote. Battling zombies in this dream vision may be an allusion to your real-world battles with your own demons. Zombies generally refer to self-destructive and harmful habits that not only endanger your well-being, but also negatively affect your loved ones. In that context, becoming a superhero such as Spiderman reveals your difficulty and struggle to overcome your own unhealthy vices. You may have tried and failed numerous times in reality to clean up your act and avoid being a liability to your friends and family. This could be your final chance to redeem yourself to them since the superhero powers symbolize enormous resolve and commitment to become the best version of yourself.
Having sex with a friend who becomes a cat I am a female. I had a dream that I was gonna have sex with my friend, but she had to turn into a male cat first so she could have a penis. I then came thinking about her in human form. Sex with a friend in dream visions does not always equate with sexual desires in reality. Sexual intercourse can be a metaphor for your longing to become closer to this individual and build a stronger foundation for your friendship. In the context of your dream, having her turn into a male cat may be indicative of your admiration for certain traits that she possesses, such as creativity and independence. Perhaps you want to cultivate those characteristics in yourself. Alternatively, a male cat can also represent your need for intimacy. It is possible that your admiration for her is slowly turning into romantic attraction. Maybe a helpful clue would be to gauge your reaction after the dream vision. If you were merely confused about the symbolism, then perhaps it is just a matter of wanting to emulate her qualities and to get to know her better.
Having a dream about adventure in a dream Adventure. I'm in an Uber on business. Out the back window a child wants an ice cream but driver makes me the priority. I want to help the child. 2 small dogs on leashes try to get away. I cut my left hand in 2 places trying to help. I pull 2 sharp piece of wood out of my hand. I awake in my new condo all the walls are wet - soaked - everything is wet. I realize I'm i a dream but can't wake up. I start screaming for my ex husband to wake me up but no one is there. I wake up screaming wake me up. Usually, a dream within a dream is an indication that you have the capacity to control you dreams. This may be scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, you may be able to experience lucid dreams where you can explore possibilities without putting yourself in danger. This also means that you are in an introspective mood by trying to make sense of your psychological and spiritual side, perhaps because you are dealing with a lot of stressful issues and responsibilities in reality. Specifically, the child with ice cream represents your inner child or pleasure-seeking side. This is the part of you that has been suppressed because you need to focus on grown-up business and adult duties. The two dogs likely symbolize your friends or family who may also be looking for a way out of an a oppressive or miserable situation. Since you cut your hand with the pieces of wood, it seems like you are feeling helpless about the situation you are in. Maybe you are feeling insecure or feeling sorry for yourself. As a result, you may end up being overwhelmed by your emotions, so much so that this may render you incapacitated and unable to help your loved ones, let alone pick yourself up. This is illustrated by the soaked condo in the end. However, the fact that this is a dream within a dream means that you do have the capability to take control. Perhaps you just need to stop looking elsewhere for help and instead find the courage within yourself.
Fishes living under the skin Female. Two tiny fish lived under my skin and occasionally popped their heads out of two scabs on my arm that wouldn't heal. One fish was cute with big eyes, the other had small eyes and large sharp teeth. After several hours I managed to get the fish out one at a time as they popped their heads out and placed them in individual cups of water, but both glasses broke seemingly for no reason. The fish with the large eyes escaped down the kitchen sink, however I caught the other fish. Fish often refers to ideas or insights. So finding fish living under your skin could symbolize unrealized potential, unexpressed feelings or ideas that have not been implemented. In putting your ideas or thoughts into action, as illustrated by fishing them out and placing them in water, you could get mixed results. The one that escaped down the sink means this idea may not materialize or end up failing. This is likely the safer and more conservative of your projects, with the big eyes and cute appearance, but it may fail to perform. Meanwhile, the other fish you caught before it escaped means this could pay off but there would be a lot of risks involved, as indicated by the sharp teeth. Perhaps the fish could also represent romantic prospects, one seems to be the secure option and the other is a bit more dangerous and unpredictable.
A fox shooting people with a machine gun I had a dream that a machine gun was attached to a fox, and wherever the fox's head pointed, the gun pointed. The fox was riding on top of a bulldog, who was running about a city. I was just a watcher of the dream, I did not shoot or get shot at. People were being shot everywhere. There were people in a toppled-over city bus trying to climb out. I watched one woman climb out of the window of the bus and get cut up from the glass and fall, and another climbing out got shot by the machine gun. Your vision seems to have a very negative meaning, although not necessarily for you. Your presence as an observer in this dream is your subconscious desire to sort out the tangles in someone else's life. The setting of the dream, a city, points toward obstacles and roadblocks. This means that someone you are close to may be going through a troubling time or may be about to embark on a new journey that you fear would be too much for them to handle. Based on this dream vision, you may be completely right. The machine gun represents the serious damage caused by getting involved in this situation, suggesting you friend is in grave danger of getting hurt or bringing negative consequences to other people in their life. Furthermore, the idea that the gun was attached to a fox who was riding a dog may reveal that the main cause of your friend's downfall is the presence of a cunning, evil individual who only seeks their ruin. You may want to step in and help your friend or at least discourage them from this course of action, but getting involved may turn some of the ire and danger of this vision onto you. It might be better to let things sort themselves rather than risk all the trouble and difficulty that could arise.
Trying to control a tiger with a stopwatch A tiger (too active and fast) first crossed my path and then turned back suddenly to attack me, but my uncle had a stopwatch, they stopped the time to rescue me, but I wasn't able to leave (felt like stuck), the uncle said "Wait I'll use it again" (so that I can get moving), the dream changed a bit and I saw that the tiger went towards a tree and again coming to attack me. Never thought tigers can be speedy and so fast to make a decision. Dreaming that a tiger is trying to attack you means catastrophic events would happen if you do not resolve a pressing issue. This issue may be external or internal. The feeling of being stuck makes the symbolism of a tiger more associated with negative emotions, such as anger management issues. Your friends and family could be doing their best to calm you down or not to get you too riled up during stressful situations. Unfortunately, the stopwatch suggests you are running out of time. If you do not manage your emotions well or you succumb to your short temper, you could end up hurting not just yourself, but also the people who care about you.
An eye in the palm of a hand I saw my hand tight like a fist. I opened my fist and saw an eye in the center of my palm and it opened up. I felt scared and drew my hand close to me. A tight fist indicates strain and tension. You sense that there is trouble ahead, so you are bracing yourself for the attack or negative turn of events. The eye in your palm is actually not a bad symbol. On the contrary, it represents protection and is associated with amulets bearing the same image. It means that someone is looking out for you whenever there is a threat to your well-being. This could be well-meaning friend or family member who is always lending a helping hand or a much higher power enveloping you in positive energy to repel bad elements in your environment.
Giving birth to a little white dog I dreamed I gave birth. I was so happy until I realized it was a little white dog, not a baby. The dog was sweet looking. Small and white. It immediately started biting me. Me and everyone else it came into contact with. I took it to the vet to put it down who was about to close. He wanted to wait until the next day. I told him we couldn’t! The dog kept biting me and was out of control. The veterinarian agreed. I declined to witness. I asked the vet “Is that bad of me?” Giving birth can be an allusion to a fresh start, a new beginning or new project in the near future. In your case, giving birth to a white dog illustrates your loyalty and sincerity when it comes to close relationships, especially friends and family. However, upcoming events could trigger a personal transformation. A dilemma that would stem from a job opportunity or possible promotion could force you to turn your back on friends in order to prioritize your own professional growth. As indicated by the aggressive white dog, it means that too much loyalty could hold you back from fulfilling your aspirations. Positive and negative events often come hand in hand. This dream vision is telling you that you need to sacrifice certain things or relationships if you want to inch closer to your dreams.
Being kidnapped by a pirate I am a girl. I had a dream that me and my 2 best friends were kidnapped by a pirate and he was trying to surgically give us Ebola. All my friends were freaking out except me and they were mad at me because for some reason I didn't care. Being kidnapped by a pirate denotes your thirst for adventure and a love for freedom. You and your friends probably share the same desire to travel, explore and experience new cultures. However, a deadly disease like Ebola points to an obstacle in your path. Something or someone could be trying to put a stop to your wandering ways and pressuring you to take a more traditional and stable path. A part of you could be ready to provide more security and consistency in your lifestyle, but your friends are likely afraid of sacrificing freedom for stability.
A red fish in a river of blood I was in a boat floating down a river of blood. The flow of the blood river seemed to be steady. I was with a male companion. While I couldn’t see his face I sensed he was male. He reached his hand into the blood river and caught a red fish with bulging eyes. The fish was naturally red in color and still seemed to be alive. I was in awe because the fish was naturally camouflaged by the blood and I didn’t know how this man was able to find the fish. He held it in his hand. Then the dream ended. Sailing on a river of blood denotes your hunger for success. You are willing to risk a lot and work with everything you have in order to make your dreams materialize. However, the journey to realizing your ultimate goals is one that you cannot make on your own, just like your journey through the bloody river. As such, the male companion is someone you would meet in reality who would help you navigate your way to success and prosperity. The red fish represents passion, ambition and energy required to pursue your dreams. This person has the uncanny ability to recognize lucrative opportunities which together you can pursue and excel at. You may have already met this person who shares your interests and has the same drive as you.
A flying building A dream about being in a flying building and looking for people in that building. A building is a representation of yourself as a whole. It symbolizes the state of your mind, body and soul. So dreaming of a flying building means you are in a state of flux. You have the freedom to choose and decide which way to go and which path to take, both in terms of your profession as well as your personal life. As such, looking for other people in the building means you are looking for guidance. You are not used to having this much freedom, so you search both within yourself for guiding principles as well as outside yourself for advice from friends and family who you trust would give you their honest opinions.
A strange face calling for help In my dream I woke up and it was almost like a lucid dream, where when I tried to go back to sleep the first time a mysterious, mechanical face yelled "Help!" and then disappeared, then I happily went back to sleep. Lucid dreams reveal your ability to change the direction of your life. These types of dreams often occur when the dreamer wants to alter certain aspects of their existence, whether it is a career path or taking a relationship to the next level. In your dream vision, the mechanical face symbolizes a part of you that feels limited or controlled by authority figures. You feel you do not have the freedom to pursue your interests, so this is your subconscious encouraging you to rescue yourself from a life of subservience and subordination.
A warrior with a second heart There was a young warrior boy learning about everyone having a second heart. The old mentor told him that the second heart is where everyone’s evil is. The warrior then goes through a painful procedure where his second heart is removed. In the dark, he hears an elephant say hello. It explains he can now hear him speak now that his second heart is removed. The young warrior's journey in your dream could resemble your own journey in reality. You sense a darkness within you which you think is keeping you from creating meaningful and lasting connections. The second heart symbolizes your personal issues and baggage that often spoils or creates conflicts in your relationships. Finally, the procedure points to your decision to seek help from a professional or a wise mentor who would guide you into becoming a better version of yourself.
Becoming invisible I boiled a drink made from the alligator I killed and had my cats drink it. They became invisible for a while and I drunk the last boiled alligator and then I became invisible. What does my dream mean? Alligators in dreams usually symbolize cunning enemies waiting to surprise you with their attack. As such, concocting a drink from the alligator you killed suggests peace and diplomacy. Making your cats drink the concoction means you are going to be the arbitrator of two quarreling parties. Alternatively, this can also represent your cautious nature. Instead of getting yourself involved in unnecessary conflict, you prefer playing a neutral role.
Being attacked by the alphabet A dream about being attacked by the alphabet. The capital A was first. The rest of the letters were waiting their turn. I was not injured. Pretty bizarre dream. Dreaming of the alphabet means you are carrying a lot of unresolved issues. You could be suppressing these issues or avoiding them altogether and this is why they are attacking you in the dream to force you to confront them. Each of the letters could represent a name, an object or a concept associated with your personal issues. The letter A oftentimes symbolizes a new beginning. As such, an aggressive letter A means you are being forced to make a major decision which would start a chain reaction of changes and events that would shift the course of your life.
Griffin eggs i was walking through the forest when I came upon a group of eggs. I kept one and it hatched into a baby griffin like from Greek mythology and was female. I kept it and years later she and my Chihuahua were about the same size, they were best friends and liked to curl up and sleep together. More years later they died. I remember living through it all the laughs and the happiness. Dreaming about finding eggs in a forest means you may soon receive an inheritance or monetary endowment from a distant relative or friend. This money would be quite unexpected, as you would neither know this individual had money to bestow nor that they considered you worthy enough to receive it. However, the presence of the griffin that hatched from those eggs indicates you have strong traditional values. This suggests the reason this individual has chosen to share their life's wealth with you is related to your moral character and upright behavior. If for some reason you have been lapse in your attention to these details, perhaps it is not too late to put a few of the simpler tenets into practice, such as limiting the use of coarse language and serving others before yourself.
A giant rose growing out of a pool I was walking around my old university campus, a lot had changed for the better. I came across a Jacuzzi and an outdoor pool. The pool was packed with people having fun, my ex jumped into the pool, I later got in and the pool moved me around the edge until I ended where I started. When I got out the pool, a giant rose, rose from the pool's waters (draining the pool - nobody was in the pool.) The rose was made up of 1000s of small roses. It was beautiful, healthy and changed colors red, yellow, baby blue. The swimming pool and the pool party allude to a romance, possibly one from your past given the familiar location of the vision at your alma mater. While the dream may not be specifically pointing toward someone you went to school with, dreams set in a place close to your heart, like a childhood home or school, often reference loves that are foundations to how we see and experience love even now as an adult. Perhaps something about your ex has shaped the way you saw and continue to see other potential partners. However, the draining water suggests you should literally let these past preconceptions drain away, as they are clouding your judgment and preventing you from seeing something right in front of your eyes. Specifically, the beautiful color-changing rose made up of other roses predicts a new, fresh romance that would sweep you off your feet. It could be something really special if you were only able to let go of the past.
Flying and landing on an island I was flying all the around the world trying to find a place to relax and think. I landed near a big pink wind chime but it broke when I landed and left me on an island surrounded by sharks with someone else. Flying all over the world, or over long distances, signifies an upcoming period characterized by emotional highs and lows. This could refer to a rocky relationship or a life-changing opportunity which would require a lot of physical and emotional energy. The broken wind chime underscores the amount of stress you would have to deal with during this period of transition. Your normally peaceful and manageable days would be over, at least during this period, and you would have different challenges to overcome along the way. Finally, finding yourself on an island surrounded by sharks means you need to be careful about the people around you. If the life-changing event refers to a new career or workplace, you can expect enemies circling you every step of the way. As such, you need to find allies in order to keep yourself sane. Find someone you can trust completely, so when you are feeling drained and too tired to fight, this person or group of people can pick up the slack.
Flying and being interrupted by noise I was flying in my dream and when another person asked how I was doing that I said that it was not a big deal because it was a dream. She started screaming, everything went dark, and there was an overwhelming static noise that drowned everything else out. I had to force myself awake to make it stop. I am a female. Dreaming of flying indicates freedom. You will soon earn the freedom and independence you have wanted for a long time. Meanwhile, your awareness that it was a dream suggests lucid dreaming and lucid dreams can reveal psychic powers. You have the potential of sensing supernatural events and phenomena which means your instincts are heightened. This ability would come in handy soon because the screaming in your vision means a loved one needs your help. The static noise reveals a lack of communication between you and this troubled loved one, so you would have to rely on your instincts and gut feel to reach out or figure out the source of their struggle.
Being a giant baby and stabbing oneself I am a male, I was a large 3-foot tall when sitting down baby and I had a knife and I stabbed myself and black goo poured out. It took place in my childhood home where I no longer live. Envisioning yourself as a baby means you are entering a period of transition and transformation. This change involves both an ending and a beginning, such as the end of a relationship and the start of a new romance or endeavor. The childhood home where this all takes place implies a need to examine your past before you can forge ahead and enter a new chapter in your personal journey. Stabbing yourself suggests the necessity of facing your fears and acknowledging your weaknesses if you want to emerge stronger and wiser while confronting the challenges you are about to experience.
A bucket with vaginas I dreamed there was a KFC bucket full of vaginas on front of me. A vagina generally refers to an open-minded view and an openness to new experiences. So, seeing a whole bucket of them means you are going to contemplate a lot of good ideas and get the chance to experience new things. Although, this could also portend too much sensitivity. You will be the target of harsh criticism which you would take negatively instead of treating it as a constructive comment. You need to become tougher if you want to build yourself up and become better in social respect.
Being a strangely-shaped animal I was in a forest with a group of people and I had to walk as an animal I have never seen before. It was completely round, no head, don't remember feet and had 2 long extended arms dragging on the ground shaped as what dolphins have but longer. So to do that, I had to kneel really low and let my arms drag on the ground. Walking as a strange animal is a reference to your spirit animal. The universe is challenging you to find inspiration in unusual places. You have been coasting in your comfort zone for too long, so you need to think outside the box in order to come up with innovative ideas and creative solutions to your day-to-day issues. Furthermore, walking close to the ground symbolizes humility. Sometimes, going back to your roots and getting involved in community activities will open up your mind to the struggles of others. Step out of your personal bubble and perhaps this is the way you will find your true purpose in life.
A blue raven in the fridge I was at my childhood home with my mom when I opened up the refrigerator. In the refrigerator there was a blue raven with its beak teared off. It walked out, clearly injured and stammering everywhere, and made it out the back door. Opening a refrigerator alludes to your aloof, even cold, personality. You cut people off easily after the slightest argument or conflict. The blue raven which got out of the refrigerator symbolizes one of the people you have cut off. The torn off beak means this person took the falling out badly. While this person may have betrayed you or abruptly ended your friendship, they have more than paid for it. This could be a good time to reconnect and perhaps rebuild a relationship that you valued very much in the past.
House invasion and advice from a cat I dreamt that my house was being invaded, and as I left the home with my family, my own cat held up his paw and signaled the numbers 3 and 2. I asked my cat what he meant by that and he said to not stay in one place for more than 32 hours. What does this mean? A home invasion suggests an identity crisis. Your loved ones or society in general are trying to impose their values and beliefs upon you. They have certain expectations that you are unable or unwilling to fulfill. You have a strong personality, so a confrontation or clash is inevitable and a falling out with friends or family would follow soon after. The cat's warning points to a feminine presence in your life. This can also allude to your independent nature and natural curiosity that are advising you not to trust too easily. Those 32 hours point to a looming deadline when you must decide for yourself whether you would play it safe by conceding to societal expectations or rebel and follow your true calling.
Being chased by Santa Claus I am female. I had a dream where I woke up in a mansion and Santa was trying to kill me. I had to run around the mansion without being seen by Santa and occasionally I would find a black and purple butterfly and if I ate it, it would make me invisible for a short period of time. Santa Claus is associated with self-reflection, generosity and forgiveness. So, dreaming that Santa is trying to kill you reveals your fear of examining your shortcomings and failures. This can also refer to your selfish ways and a tendency to hold grudges. The mansion is also an important dream symbol here because it means someone wants to be part of your life and you are not willing or ready to open up to them. Together with the first symbol, it seems a person from your past is trying to reach out and make amendments, yet you are refusing to accept their apology. Eating a butterfly could be an allusion to flings and affairs distracting you from facing unresolved issues from this former relationship.
Killing a girl in an anime world I was in an anime world and killed an anime girl, but after I did I cried, it's like I had to do it, before I killed her I said "I hope you find happiness in the other world" and she said "I will try" with a smile and tears and then she put my hands on her, it was a back hug and she died. I saw her dead eyes and went insane and hugged her hard. This dream about being in an anime world means that you want to participate in some fun and pleasurable activity or event, but for some reason feel guilty and hesitant to join. Killing the girl could point to some unresolved anger or frustration, making it likely that both your anger and guilt spring from a similar place. Your conversation with this girl reveals your subconscious desire to be happy. In this case, your subconscious is using your form in the dream to address an internal need to be at peace. If you are unable to let go of your negative feelings, either through self-reflection or the seeking of professional help, you could become ill physically, as is seen in the image of you hugging the girl as she dies. Curing your tumultuous mental state would make you feel physically lighter and lift your spirits.
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