Killing a girl in an anime world I was in an anime world and killed an anime girl, but after I did I cried, it's like I had to do it, before I killed her I said "I hope you find happiness in the other world" and she said "I will try" with a smile and tears and then she put my hands on her, it was a back hug and she died. I saw her dead eyes and went insane and hugged her hard. This dream about being in an anime world means that you want to participate in some fun and pleasurable activity or event, but for some reason feel guilty and hesitant to join. Killing the girl could point to some unresolved anger or frustration, making it likely that both your anger and guilt spring from a similar place. Your conversation with this girl reveals your subconscious desire to be happy. In this case, your subconscious is using your form in the dream to address an internal need to be at peace. If you are unable to let go of your negative feelings, either through self-reflection or the seeking of professional help, you could become ill physically, as is seen in the image of you hugging the girl as she dies. Curing your tumultuous mental state would make you feel physically lighter and lift your spirits.
Enjoying flying over rooftops I was under anesthetic during surgery. I dreamed I was flying over dozens of brightly-colored rooftops with my niece and nephew, who I am not particularly close to. It was a beautiful feeling. I am female. What does this mean? Thank you. This vision that you saw while you were under the influence of anesthetic during surgery has many symbols that could reflect your life thus far and where you could be headed in the future. For instance, flying is often thought to indicate a continuation of your present condition. Since you have just come from surgery, it is possible you would have more minor complications over the coming weeks. These may be related to your health, but could also just be an inconvenience from being on bed rest. The colorful rooftops you flew over also represent the ups and downs you would go through, including both periods of great happiness and disappointment. Perhaps the presence of your niece and nephew reveal regret over the lack of closeness. The beautiful feeling that accompanied your vision, however, means that you are generally a positive woman who can make the best of any situation, no matter how challenging it seems at first.
A man teaching horses to pray A man was with several horses by a white wooden fence teaching them to pray. One horse was on his hind legs praying. I am a female. The horses in your dream represent primitive urges and sexual desire. So, seeing a man teaching the horses to pray reveals your efforts at suppressing your urges. For some reason, you feel ashamed about some of your compulsions and yearnings. Perhaps the white fence is the reason for your shame because it represents barriers and confinement. Religious beliefs, strict values are just some of the possible interpretations of the white fence and the sources of your guilt. You have to find out whether what you want is actually bad or perhaps it just goes against your faith or values.
Time travels with legs cut off My friend got her leg cut off however, next thing I knew it was me with the cut off leg that they stitched together. Then me and another friend went down the hall and got into a futuristic pod but only special people were allowed and I was allowed because my leg had just been cut off and stitched back together. During the pod experience we were flipping everywhere and it took us eleven days to get to class where people were surprised to see us. That’s pretty much it thanks! I’m a girl. An amputated or dismembered leg refers to a profound loss in your life. The worst case scenario is that someone you love dearly will pass away which would send you into deep depression. Even though you try to get your life back on track, as symbolized by the stitching of your leg back, it will not be easy and you need to take some time away in order to recover. Within this context, the pod actually refers to a self-imposed hiatus or time off to heal. This could mean going away on a vacation to deal with your grief or unplugging yourself from any distractions so you can focus on repairing your mind and body.
A bird giving options to choose I dreamt there was a bird. A spool of thread, and a ball of yarn. The bird told me to choose between the thread and the yarn to dive into. One would take me to a place where I would be larger than anyone else. The other would take me to a place that would make me smaller than anyone else. The thought of diving into either one of them had me hyperventilating and scared me so much. I could not choose so I woke up. Talking with a bird is usually considered a sign of good fortune in dreams. Perhaps your fear and apprehension in the vision is only a reflection of the fear of not realizing how great you could be. Thread and yarn that make you bigger or smaller than you are compared to others is not normally thought to reflect physical changes, rather they represent growing to new heights or being paralyzed by your own lack of confidence. Instead of worrying about the physical toll your actions may have on yourself and others, consider the end goal of your efforts and what you could achieve if you put your mind to it. You would be surprised how much you can accomplish when you no longer give into fear and second-guessing yourself.
A shark with hands A shark with hands? Envisioning a shark during a dream is often interpreted as an ominous symbol associated with upcoming danger. It is likely that you would encounter mischievous and persuasive adversaries who intend to destroy your reputation or control some aspect of your life. The hands may refer to the feeling of hopelessness you could have in this situation. It would be wise to pay more attention to those who you allow into your circle of trust.
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