Being on another planet and a giant cocoon Female. I am on an alien planet with cute colorful creatures who were trying to communicate in a gibberish way. They were friendly and moved me to an enormous cave, where in its center there was a giant glowing cocoon. There was a ceremony of sorts where the aliens were sort of humming on. After a brief period, the cocoon cracked open and Captain Marvel came out with massive butterfly wings. She was smiling and flapping her wings. Your dream symbolizes a personal transformation. Finding yourself in an alien world or on an alien planet represents your independence. You will move into your own home or apartment where you will fully be able to enjoy your freedom. All those colorful creatures are interesting personalities and new people you will encounter during this initial phase of your independence. You will date some of these people from apps like OkCupid or Tinder, while others will cross your path via your daily routines. They will broaden your perspective in life and give you valuable lessons. The cave indicates hardships and challenges associated with adulting. However, just like a caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, you can hold on to the knowledge that you will emerge more confident and mature after this period of trials. In fact, Captain Marvel in your dream represents your aspiration to become a strong, powerful and independent version of yourself. If you make good decisions and surround yourself with good people, then you have the capacity to achieve this goal.
A white worm turning into a snake I opened my Mr. Coffee One-Touch cup and there was a squirming white worm, within 2 hours it turned into a snake. The image of coffee in the dream realm is often associated with wealth and prosperity. Rather than denoting anything bad or unfortunate, the white worm inside the cup can be considered the manifestation of your desire to acquire or pursue this wealth. For instance, you may soon have the chance to try a new job or invest some money. This vision is not only reflecting your wish to become wealthy, but it also suggests your efforts would be fruitful, as the worm turning into a snake reveals you have good instincts when it comes to money.
A floating house and money falling from the sky I am a woman and I dreamed about a futuristic house floating on a dark cloud very fast while I was standing on the street with my daughter. I felt calm, then all of a sudden money started falling from the sky. There were people I didn't know including myself picking up the money from the air and ground. My young daughter also picked up the money. I felt so happy and peaceful in the dream and so did the other people. A futuristic house floating on a dark cloud is a combination of two dream symbols which both refer to negative developments in your life. In particular, the futuristic house means you will suffer financial losses in your future. You probably do not have a good retirement plan, spending your money recklessly or perhaps your current job is paying you pittance so you live paycheck to paycheck. Your money problems may be more rooted in your dead end job because of the dark cloud suggesting a mismatch in skill and under-performing as a consequence. Perhaps you need to capitalize on your strengths and find work which will allow you to be productive. Hence, if you realize you are not growing in your current career, then moving to an industry that is more in line with your skill set will lead to financial gains as illustrated by money falling from the sky. Both you and your daughter will benefit from this shift and you can provide her and yourself with a better life.
Son being pregnant I had a dream that my youngest son was pregnant. A pregnant male in the dream world refers to relationship problems. Your son is likely being bullied at school or suffering from a heartbreak. This is your mother's instinct kicking in, hence your worries about his recent behavior and moods are manifesting in your dream. He is probably too ashamed to open up to you, so it will have to be your responsibility as a parent to provide an environment or situation where he can freely express his feelings. This way you can both figure out a solution to his problems, or at the very least comfort him during this bad time.
Sleeping cats on the beach I just had the weirdest dream. I was sitting on a beach and it flooded all of a sudden, and there were all these sleeping cats on these stairs and I had to try wake them up so they wouldn't drown. My cousin Bridget was there and I was trying to take a picture with my phone and she wouldn't get out of the way. This happened somewhere in Croatia, where my boyfriend is from but he wasn't there. I managed to wake the cats up in time and they smiled at me. They were like statue cats? While this dream may seem very strange and possibly has caused you some worry, it is actually filled with symbols that point toward peace and serenity in wake life as well as upcoming travel. In particular, the beach you were sitting on at the beginning of the vision suggests an upcoming trip, possibly to Croatia to visit your boyfriend's family. You may feel concern or unease about undertaking such a trip, especially if you have not met them or visited his extended family before. The rising waters on the beach, however, represent being washed over with a sense of calm. Perhaps you would practice some mindfulness techniques or get the opportunity to talk with them before you go. The sleeping cats you woke up as you went up the stairs represent your growing sense of inner peace and confidence as you get ready for this exciting adventure.
Being killed on the bottom of the ocean I start by running and then I run off of a cliff and into the ocean. I swim down super deep and then at the bottom end up falling back on to the ground. When I land I get up and someone starts chasing me and then catches up and kills me. This entire dream vision points to a personal reinvention. Perhaps you are tired of your current lifestyle and you want a change of pace. In this context, running and jumping off a cliff refers to a life-changing event in your near future. Swimming in the depths of the ocean depicts traveling to exotic locales. It may be for pleasure or you could choose to relocate there. This is your chance to start fresh and be free from your past obligations. In the end, being chased and killed refers to guilt. You will probably commit fraud or do something illegal in order to get the freedom you crave. Everything has a cost, after all.
Encountering a shadowy figure I was driving my vehicle down a dark country road, all of a sudden my car stopped running, when I started the car and backed up there was a crouching shadow figure, then it stood up, it was a huge cloaked shadow man. I couldn't see his face, scared me so much, woke me straight up. I am a 50-yr old female. Driving your own car in the dream world usually suggests that you have or *think* you have control over your own life and destiny. This sense of security about yourself and your decisions, however, could be shaken soon based on the other images in this dream. First, having your car suddenly stop points toward some sudden event or crisis that would require your attention, like the suffering of a child or a friend in need. Starting your car up again suggests you want to move past this situation as quickly as possible, but the cloaked, shadowy figure proves that you need to confront this situation more fully before moving on. For instance, you may need time to process your emotions if the result of your situation was not as good as you hoped. Alternatively, you may need to consider your next steps carefully to avoid potential mistakes or faux pas.
Collecting fish falling from the sky I saw live and fresh fish falling from the sky and I put a bowl up where it was falling to collect them. There are big ones among the fish. Many people also benefited getting some fish from the gutter along the road. Seeing fish falling from the sky is often considered an ill omen in the dream realm. It suggests some natural disaster may be about to hit your area, like a series of wildfires, a raging storm or even an infectious disease. Trying to collect the fish may allude to your attempts to prepare for this inevitability, even at the expense of your fellow man. For instance, instead of buying a reasonable amount of supplies, you may selfishly panic-buy more than you need, leaving others with nothing with which to protect or prepare themselves. While being ready for bad situations is good and admirable, selfishly hoarding supplies that others need would only make the situation worse for everyone.
A tiger in a rickshaw Hello, my name is Garima and I'm a female aged 18 years old. Last night I saw a dream when I was standing on my balcony and I saw a tiger coming in a rickshaw. The rickshaw was driven by a man but the tiger didn't bite him and below my balcony my cousin was sitting and when he put his hand before his mouth the tiger licked his hand and went away. Then the tiger jumped out of the rickshaw and started playing and dancing joyfully. Then my dream was over. The tiger in your dream signifies your almost pathological need to please people or earn their approval. There could be a specific person in your life whom you particularly want to impress, perhaps a boss, a crush or a powerful personality, and yet this person does not even know you by name. The rickshaw suggests this person is not easily impressed by overeager people and would much more likely respect humble individuals who are focused on creating a positive impact by doing an excellent job in their chosen field regardless of recognition or material gains. This message from your unconscious mind urges you to be more self-aware instead of seeking external gratification.
Mother covered in tar and a demonic girl In an unknown mountain side watching mother sleep while tar slowly builds up around her eventually covering her. Then I am in an unknown room with a demonic girl walking to me eventually biting me on the shoulder. I am male. The tar that engulfs your mother as she sleeps points to your growing dependency on your parents. You need to start learning how to fend for yourself and take on responsibilities as an adult. Meanwhile, the unknown or unfamiliar room indicates success. Despite the dependency, you do have aspirations of becoming successful and powerful. This is further validated by the demon in the room which represents your immense passion to realize your full potential. The drive and capability is present within you, you just need to take a leap of faith. The bite to your shoulder is a sign of insecurity and this is ultimately what is holding you back from becoming the best version of yourself.
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