Fighting with own daughter Having a violent verbal and physical fight with my 30-year old single daughter. This dream could be showing your urge to control some, if not all aspects of your daughter's life. Because she is your only child, you may be too much concerned about what is happening to her. However, at her present age, it could be quite difficult for you to tell her what she should or should not do. She has to make her own decisions about her life. You may be feeling that whatever she does is not appropriate or wise and you would like to change that. This dream points to stress and anxiety that you may be harboring because of your inability to fully influence your daughter's life.
Beheading someone during a battle I was in a battle with a stranger, in struggle I behead the person, no body but just the head remains. Many people around, I want to confess about the bodyless head. No one cares. Dreaming about getting in a fight with a stranger is an indication of upcoming changes in your waking life. These alterations could pertain to your personal as well as professional life. Seeing yourself killing the stranger by beheading them signifies your desire to tackle all difficulties head on. Therefore, such imagery shows how you would be successful in dealing with every curve ball that life throws at you as long as you keep yourself strong and determined to prevail in any kind of adverse situations.
Fighting with a snowman This mini abominable snowman big foot thing 1-foot tall constantly chased me and I'd pick him up to chuck him but he'd bite me every time. I'm Australian male, 29 years old. Dreaming about something abominable could be a manifestation of your own fears which you may be experiencing in your waking life. The idea of trying to get rid of the strange creature points towards your desire to escape from these troubles which plague you. The notion of chucking the snowman represents your efforts to make the necessary amends which would help you overcome these feelings of trepidation. Try to confide in a loved one. Doing so would help you conquer your apprehensions and make things easier and more bearable.
An out of body experience after a fight I had a dream I was fighting multiple people back in my hometown where I was winning the fight against each person, but suddenly I am hit in the head with a rock, the fight ends and my friend takes me into his home where I have a bright light around my body and my head cracked open with me trying to stay conscious all while watching myself through an out of body experience. I am male. In the dream world, fighting can have a number of interpretations. In many cases, fighting predicts conflict with people close to you, perhaps those same individuals you saw in your vision. Another possible interpretation indicates receiving unpleasant news or hitting a rough patch of some sort. Furthermore, having an out of body experience suggests that either potential scenario could lead to being rejected by your peers. In the case of fighting, it is likely your friends would take the other person's side, while in the case of receiving bad news, it may mean others would abandon you in your time of need. However, passing out and waking up encompassed in light could reveal some inner strength or power that would allow you to get through these difficulties, even if it seems impossible. Those who left you would not be necessary in the new life you create for yourself.
Reconciling with someone after a fight I had a fight with someone and we haven't talked ever since and yesterday I had a dream that we were standing among our friends together and he asked me what's my problem and why did I stop talking to him! What does it mean? Reconciling with someone you have been in a disagreement with may reveal an upcoming situation in your life that would be too good to be true. Someone may promise you something they have no way of delivering, or you may be deceived by an offer from a salesperson or advertisement. You should be wary of situations that make it seem like you are getting a lot for very little. Likely, this would come back to haunt you later on.
A woman hitting in the abdomen My dream was about a woman. I was fighting with a woman in my dream and the woman chuck me in the abdomen with a broken wood and I got my abdomen wounded and I say to her is that all she can do? She replies that she has done her part. Suddenly I was looking for help but no one seems to help, but my mom was there willing to help but she can't. The vision of a woman targeting you in your abdomen could mean you relate her to someone who has caused significant emotional scarring in your life and that you are not yet able to heal. However, since she mentioned that she has done her part, it could mean you feel like you deserved it somehow, as if you are atoning for a former sin. The notion about your mom being unable to help you could reveal you are beginning to feel estranged from the comforts of childhood and family life, when you could always count on your parents to have your back in the past, but now feel unsure about facing the future on your own.
Caught in the middle of a riot I am male Indian. I am studying and preparing for competitive exams. I watched a dream this morning. I caught in a Hindu Muslim riot. In the dream I was Hindu with my sister and I was a guest in a Muslim family. As the riot broke out, we wanted to move to our home but the outside conditions are not favorable. Still, the owner of that house (Muslim) and his daughter tried their best to save us from the Muslims who tried to kill Hindus. They take us away from the disturbed places. Dreaming of riots and civil unrest is usually considered a negative sign in the realm of dreams. It suggests you are about to experience a period of time marked by sadness and hardship, especially if you are a young person. As you are preparing for exams, it is possible you are wondering what the point of it all is. This chaos in your dream probably reflects your views on the state of the world today or, more specifically, your worries about your future. You may be looking for help and guidance during this trying time. In a sense, the presence of the Muslim family and their protection of you represents this desire. However, in order for real change to occur, you may need to start by being more proactive even if you do not have so much power or influence at the moment.
Fighting involving sharp weapons I witnessed a fight between someone I knew and someone unknown. It started when he (the one I know) started to shout at the person saying that he was a killer and then he started provoking him until they both went down their cars to fight, but the killer had a sharp weapon and so was able to give him cuts. The person knocked him out by headlock and then I woke up when the killer was about to kill him using the sharp weapon. This fight between an unknown person and someone you recognize from reality may represent dueling aspects of your personality. On one hand, you may have a rough, callous side that does not coddle others, even when they are in unfortunate circumstances. The other part of your personality, then, is the side that is empathetic, sympathetic and concerned about the well-being of others. These two sides are warring because even though you want to be a good person, it is hard when others do not try as hard as you. According to the progression of the vision, it seems the harder aspects of your personality are winning out. It might be a good idea to remove yourself from confrontations or situations that are aggravating these feelings. Perhaps with time and space you would be able to let your better emotions rule your actions once more.
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