Purple caviar in a plastic bag I saw my mom holding a clear plastic bag containing purple caviar. Caviar in dreams represents a taste for luxury. Likewise, the color purple has often been attributed to wealth and royalty. Perhaps you look at your mother as someone who has expensive taste, yet does not have the financial capability to sustain a luxurious lifestyle. This tendency to live beyond her means may be worrying you or perhaps causing some conflict between the two of you. Maybe she likes to gamble and you are forced to bail her out because of her excessive spending.
Hiding under fish in a field I was running next by and hide in a field filled with dead fish, lots of them, quite big and white. I was with someone else. When our pursuer came, we hide under the fish. To dream about finding yourself hiding in a field reflects your latent desire to break free from a bad situation. You may be under certain negative influences in real life that you wish to escape. This could be related to some lifestyle choices, considering that hiding under dead fish is a symbol of possible disease. For example, your family may make poor diet choices or peers may be pressuring you to try drugs or cigarettes. You may have to put your foot down and outright refuse to participate in these activities or stop making these bad choices any longer if you hope to turn the situation around.
A half-dead fish attacking I dreamt of half-dead dark fish, I am on a shore and holding it on a plate, then suddenly it jumps on me and attacking me in the water. This vision suggests you are about to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. Dead fish tend to be associated with disappointment and disillusionment which is caused by a lack of control over your fate. This is followed by the image of said fish suddenly becoming more lively and attacking you, a symbol that predicts being attacked or pushed around by those higher in rank than you. Until you can get out from under the thumb of those in power, you would not find happiness or peace of mind.
A fish market seen from a river boat I dreamt I was in a houseboat with my boss and we were traveling on a river by the riverbed and we passed through a fish market with lots of fish for sale and I shouted to the fish sellers that I will be back to buy some. Such images as you have described represent an upcoming journey. Traveling down a river suggests that you would find yourself on a thrilling adventure. The presence of your boss could perhaps indicate that this would be work-related, for example to meet a new client or set up a new branch. The fish market is a positive sign which alludes to having your financial status elevated. This wealthier position would bring you much joy and happiness.
Cutting a white fish with a knife I have seen as if I cut good alive white fish into slices, the knife was not sharp enough while I wonder if fish feels pain or not. A white fish in the dream world usually alludes to winter or snow, and this symbol often appears when the winter season is just around the corner. However, white fish can also refer to spirituality and religion, so cutting the white fish while it is still alive could mean that you are starting to question your beliefs. You want to dissect the foundations of your religion perhaps due to a significant event that took place in the waking world. This event may have altered your perspective or at the very least opened you up to other possibilities that may not have crossed your mind before.
Being eaten by a catfish A catfish was attached to my waist and was trying to eat me. I have had this same dream twice. Catfish can represent wealth or deception in a dream, sometimes both, while your waist alludes to obsession with appearances. You could be excessively focused on superficial things and ambitions. This facade of success and perfection may end up consuming your life and turning you into a shallow and greedy version of yourself. It is a recurring dream perhaps due to your increasing preoccupation with projecting this idealized version of who you are onto others, sometimes to your detriment.
Cutting Margate fish I saw myself cutting so many margate fish. Cutting fish in a dream symbolically predicts taking part in fun and interesting activities. You would feel a boost in creativity and energy that would come from a little change to your usual daily routine. The multitude of fish suggests these new activities would lead to even better opportunities and give you a chance to do even more exciting things in the future.
Fried fish turning into a live shrimp I was offered fried fish by parents but it ended up being a live large pink shrimp. Dreaming about being offered fried fish portends that you are about to receive a certain piece of news which could actually bewilder you. Since it was your parents who offered you the meal, it could be a possible indication that the tidings which you get could be related to some major decisions made by your parents. The notion of the fish turning into a large pink shrimp could be indicative of a loss of wealth or material property. Perhaps you have been anticipating financial help from your folks but would be surprised to find out that you would not be getting the assistance you expected to receive.
Goldfish in a plastic cup I had a dream I was visiting someone and they had goldfish in a carryout container. When I went to leave to go find my boyfriend I picked up a clear plastic cup and spit the two goldfish into it. At first I thought one had died but it didn't. I guess it was getting used to the water because after a few seconds it floated to the top and began swimming with the other goldfish. Dreaming of goldfish is generally an auspicious symbol for wealth and success. The end result is fortune or recognition, but essentially goldfish refers to the ideas and insights that could lead to success. As such, spitting the goldfish into a plastic cup filled with water alludes to your efforts at crafting and implementing your plans for achieving the kind of life you want to lead. Alternatively, you may have an innovative idea or insight that could propel you to the next level or next chapter of your journey.
Salting and frying fish In my dream, I saw myself holding plenty of fish in a basket and washing them under a flowing tap. After, I add a little salt to it but the salt was too much, so I add up water to it. As I was about to put the fish in a the oil on fire, I notice someone has already putting some fish in the oil and next thing I saw myself doing is turning the fish in the oil. Cooking or frying fish is usually a negatively-charged sign in the dream world. This dream vision can indicate big problems and stressful situations. However, combining plenty of fish with salt and oil carries a more positive interpretation. Cooking fish is sometimes associated with new ideas and insights, especially when combined with scenarios of catching them. As such, adding oil and salt into the fish reveals your wish for your ideas and plans to go smoothly. Perhaps you are looking forward to following through with your plans as well as working on self-improvement.
Holding conjoined fish Male, age 33, Caucasian, NJ. America. I don't remember catching the fish. I remember holding a sunfish or bluegill in my hands on a nice day. Upon inspection, it was a complete conjoined fish. The fish were happy. I couldn't separate them, but I could feel them. I was thinking about my children and what type of distance their mother has been creating. Fish in dreams generally alludes to the thoughts and insights in your head. The conjoined appearance of the fish may be a reference to your tangled thoughts and conflicted feelings about a certain issue. Or perhaps you are trying to reconcile two opposing ideas in order to arrive at an amicable decision when it comes to family matters. You may have a difficult decision to make in the coming days or weeks. Alternatively, it can mean pregnancy, especially for women dreamers. Since it is a conjoined fish, perhaps there could be a woman in your life with twins on the way.
Small fish biting feet Somebody throwing small biting fish at my feet. A small fish in a dream signifies fears, insecurities and uncertainties.This means someone whom you do not consider a threat and merely a small annoyance could end up giving you a big problem. This individual or personality may keep questioning your abilities and leadership skills. Alternatively, this may also reveal your own reservations about your capabilities. This could be hindering your professional and personal growth. Your rivals and enemies may use this weakness to further their own agenda and snatch opportunities from under your feet.
Swimming in a pool with fish I saw I was thrown in a swimming pool by an unknown person and I was swimming in the pool. But I didn't like swimming because a lot of fish were swimming in the pool and I got out of the pool and a lot of fish were attached to my body. A swimming pool in the dream world typically alludes to the notion of falling in love. You may find yourself head over heels in love with someone in reality. The intensity of your feelings could overwhelm you to the point of neglecting your other duties and responsibilities. In that sense, the fishes latching on to your body as you got out of the pool represent the negative consequences of your actions which you must deal with even after the passion has run out.
Fishing and catching an alligator I went fishing in a river. There I caught one alligator. To dream of fishing in a river means you are trying to deal with your personal issues. As such, catching an alligator refers to uncovering your dark side. You may find yourself confronting the more unsavory aspects of your character in an attempt to resolve your issues and become a better individual. It may be a painful process to acknowledge your insecurities, weaknesses and all the ugly parts in order to ultimately be more self-aware. But this renewed self-confidence would then allow you to work on self-improvement, for your own growth.
Fish in a box Few fishes in the box and one by itself, put that one standing on a wall. Separating one fish from the rest contained in a box in this dream could mean that you feel like you are growing apart from other people. You, yourself or others can see that you are different and so you do not believe that you belong in the group. Since you mentioned there were few fishes inside the box, it could mean the people you consider yourself to be different from are your close social circle and not a crowd in general.
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