A man throwing food I dreamt that I was out on a certain gathering next to a prison. There was quite a number of people and we were sitting outside the prison building on a green and lush lawn. There was a man who was cooking and everytime he dishes up he threw the plate of food at me, one after the other. I was ducking and hiding from him but he would find me and throw plates of food at me up to the point I felt that I am tired of running and hiding, I caught a plate and I sat down and ate and he stopped throwing food at me. I dont know what type of food but I did not have any objections to it. Please help with interpretation. Based on your description, the symbol of a prison is not the central element of this dream. Dreams involving preparing or consuming food outside (such as a barbeque or picnic) may signify feelings of instability or insecurity you may be or soon start experiencing in your life. Combined with the notion of “prison”, it could mean that these feelings are the result of being entrusted with some sort of secret or information you are attempting to hide or keep private. Food thrown at you in your dream (abundance of food) which you were first trying to avoid but later accepted to receive, can be a sign of continuing to live wealthier and better off than other people but needing to protect your secret which may lead to having less stability and security.
Boiling milk I am heating milk on gas. My sis in law is standing next to me. Dreaming about heating milk with the notion of your sister-in-law being near means that you are too demanding and hypercritical when communicating with her. Maybe you treat her as your rival? If you allow more freedom and listen to what she has to say or suggest, you will be pleasantly surprised by how easy and mutually beneficial this relationship can actually be.
Mutton meat brought by a student I dreamt my old student bought me a packet of mutton meat and stated that her aunt has sent this for me as in their family they had a akeka ritual. Dreams about mutton meat is a good sign of success, they could indicate getting promoted at work or receiving some monetary benefits. Sometimes these benefits can come from a completely unexpected source. Another possible interpretation of dreams about eating mutton meat: they can be an indication of some sort of weakness you are trying to overcome in order to become more successful or achieve something very desirable. Once you become capable to eliminate this weakness from your personality, you will become successful in things you are trying to accomplish.
Eating pap and milk given by another person I ate cold pap and milk in my dream and it was given to me by a very spiritual person (husband to my girlfriends elder sister) and cold pap is my best cereal. Dreaming about eating pap can be a symbol of worries and being preoccupied with a challenging situation created by another person, if the pap was prepared or given to you in your dream by the person you are describing, he will most likely be the one responsible for your worries which you may have to deal with for some time.
Looking at a variety of fruits See standing myself and my daughter around beautiful fruits. Dreams about seeing a variety of fruits can be interpreted as your subconscious desire to have more children. The presence of your daughter together with you in this dream signifies your contemplation about having another child and how it might affect your relationship with the daughter. It could also be indicative of you being hesitant to bring a new addition to your family when you think about previous experience(s) you have had raising or supporting her. In general, seeing fruits in a dream can be a symbol of strengthening your spirituality, becoming more optimistic and energetic, which is essential for achieving your life goals.
Breaking and eating a raw egg I saw that I have broken one raw egg in my mouth and eaten. This I saw early hours of morning. A dream which involved a vision of eating a raw egg is a sign of establishing a connection or building a relationship with someone whom you have known only formally up to this point in time (for example this could be your co-worker or someone you deal with only for official business purposes). Breaking an egg in a dream can also mean a possibility of committing some kind of a crime or killing a living being in reality, it may also indicate your infertility or inability to become pregnant.
Eating coconut with family members Last night I dreamed again. Together with my brothers and sisters we ate coconut except for one of my sister was not there... We enjoy eating. Seeing yourself eating food in a happy company of your family members in your dream foretells unexpected benefit, success in business, true friendship, happiness and love in marriage. Coconut as food is a symbol of discovering a secret or finding out about something you were not aware of and which may be very beneficial to you personally. The absence of your sister in this context does not add significance to or changes the message of this dream.
Eating seedless dates I saw that I was making the dates without its seeds to make it eatable. And I am not sure but mom was eating it. Dreaming about consuming dates is a favorable sign of good health and longevity, when you had a vision about taking the seeds out, it is most likely a symbol of you trying to find the ways and opportunities to have more healthy and wholesome environment for you and your mother if you witnessed her consuming the dates in this dream.
Unclean house and flies In my dream I was at a function...where I saw lots of houseflies at the place where food was cooking... And the house was very messy. This dream could be a warning about troubles or issues that may affect your personal life or possible conflicts you are about to get into in order to get your point across. This could also signify upcoming minor hindrances and obstacles preventing you from achieving the plans you may currently be having in mind.
Serving bread to people Dreaming busy dishing lot of bread to people. Dreams which involve food often contain positive messages. In this particular dream you were preparing the meal for a group of people. This suggests that it is possible that you would soon receive pleasing and favorable news. This news could be related to some collective business, project or plan which you are currently or would soon be involved with. Moreover, the food item was bread. This symbol is usually associated with prosperous existence without worrying much about material or financial issues. It could also signify excellent health for years to come if in this dream you were sharing the bread with people who were hungry or poor.
Red onions A tray of red onions. The symbol of an onion in a dream is an indication of good and fun time spent to your delight and satisfaction which might bring a lot of pleasure, excitement and relaxation when it happens. However, the notion that the onions were placed on a tray could be a sign of this pleasure accompanied or followed by senseless spending or provided at a great cost, which afterwards could leave you regretting it or even wishing you had never experienced it.
Avocados cut in half Lots of avocados some cut in half but I was not eating them. Because avocados are an unusual type of food to eat so often, splitting some of them in half may represent being presented with multiple options or paths concerning some decision in your life. All of these options may have different appeals, but there is most likely one or two that truly speak to you. However, because you did not consume any of the fruit, it may indicate a hesitation to make a decision, possibly for fear of offending those who are offering their help, advice, or opinion on your situation.
Being hungry and a buffet I had a dream that I was looking for food and was hungry and could not find any. I went back home and when I got there it looked like a hotel and I asked my son if the breakfast buffet was still serving and he said no it stops at 12 and in the dream it was almost 3. I went to see for myself and when I arrived it was full of everything I would want to eat. I panicked and my son and I grabbed what we could and when we returned the buffet looked as if it hadn't been touched. We ate again and the same thing happened. Other people began to eat and I then felt relieved that the buffet would last. Being hungry but being unable to find food can be interpreted as not being satisfied in some aspect of your life. You could literally be lacking in certain nutrients due to poor diet, or you might need something more abstract like social interaction or free time. However, later having a voracious appetite and consuming gratuitous amounts of food points toward trouble brewing in your relationships, possibly with your son since he is the main person mentioned. He may say or do something which causes you worry or experience stressful moments, or the two of you may get into an argument over something related to your house, like chores that have not been taken care of, his behavior, school progress or even the appearance of his untidy room or living space.
Breaking an apple to the amusement of friends I had a dream where I broke a ripe apple with my bare hands yet it felt soft, me and my friends were laughing the entire time and it impressed them. But it felt easy and not that impressive to me. What does it mean? Symbolically speaking, an image of breaking a ripe apple in front of your friends means you are presently making a greater progress or accomplishing more in comparison to your peers or close friends who could have similar goals, interests and ambitions. Subconsciously, you are validating your success and accomplishments, but because of your personal determination and persistence, not because your peers are less determined, resourceful or capable than you.
People preventing from drinking milk I was sitting at a church and I had a glass of milk in my hand. Before I could take a drink of it my friend takes it away from me. The following night I had another dream, I was standing on my porch with my roommate he takes a bowl of milk away from me and stirs it with his hand. Churches are normally associated with feeling safe and protected. Additionally, being in or around your home is also interpreted as a sign that you are somewhere familiar and comfortable. These places may represent being in a comfortable place in your life either physically or emotionally. The imagery of your friend and roommate taking milk away from you before you can drink it is slightly ominous, however. Drinking milk is usually a positive sign associated with good luck and productivity, but because it is being taken from you, it may indicate that the people near you are hindering your growth, either purposely or just because of who they are. You may want to take a closer look at who you associate with in the future.
Healer asking to prepare food I dreamt of a traditional healer asking me to make her a soft porridge, but not on a stove. I remember stirring and putting in brown sugar. Dreaming about helping a healer to prepare potions or food is generally a positive symbol which predicts major improvements in you social status, ability to communicate with those around you more efficiently and with favorable outcomes, both for you and these people. Sweet and soft food in a dream is also indicative of drastic improvements in your overall well-being, mood and other aspects of your waking life, which would definitely help you enjoy life and company of other people around.
Eating a ripe mango I was eating a big ripe mango. Dreaming about eating ripe fruits, especially the kinds you do not consume as everyday food, is symbolic of your dreams and aspirations getting one step closer to becoming reality and "ripe for the picking". The odds are in your favor that you may soon gain success in your chosen path in terms of your career, business, project or personal relationships. Consequently, people would accord you the respect and admiration.
Eating fried fish Dreamt I was in a cafeteria eating fried fish. Being in a cafeteria can have two meanings depending on the location. If it was inside a school, it means you may be feeling stressed due to a busy schedule. If it was not in a school or if the location was indiscernible, it suggests you have recently been surrounded by a lot of people. In either case, the image of the fried fish predicts dealing with some grave illness or disease in the near future. It is likely connected to either being stressed or being in contact with other people. You may want to visit the doctor or be careful about your health in the coming weeks.
Buying nuts and giving them away Please what is the meaning of seeing a man with me buying pink and yellow cola nut. He gave out two of the cola nuts to those that begged him. He was chewing one and I woke up. I'm a female. Seeing a stranger buying and passing out food of any kind indicates that you are to receive some interesting and potentially important information soon. However, if you do not act on it quickly, others may learn of it and take advantage of the situation. This is represented by the stranger passing out the nuts to those who asked for them. The image of the stranger chewing one of these nuts at the end of the vision suggests whoever currently has this information benefits from sharing it with others, so while you want to act as soon as possible, you should also be cautious or fact check before committing yourself totally.
Being left out during dinner I dreamt I was at a church fellowship dinner. They had lots of food and extra pancakes and muffins leftover from breakfast. I went to sit and eat with my large family. I became angry that my mom ate my blueberry muffin because she "thought you didn't want it", but I hadn't even sat to eat it yet. I even went looking for another one but they were out. I was so pissed. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream to interpret, we would like to offer the following pieces of information which you may want to try putting together by yourself. Finding yourself at a large gathering, like a dinner with members of your church congregation, often represents attending such an event in real life. You may have recently been to one or there might be one scheduled in the near future. Having a conflict with your mother in a dream may suggest rising tensions in your family situation. You may have recently noticed some minor conflicts taking place, or higher stress levels. Alternatively, this symbol could portend some unlucky, unfortunate event which could negatively affect the people who are close to you, particularly inside your own family.
Eating mangos I dreamed that my sister gave me yellow mangoes which I enjoyed eating. She was carrying mangoes on her dress together with my other sisters. What does it mean? The yellow color of the mangoes suggests you are about to go through some difficult or sad period of time in the near future. However, the image of your sister giving you the fruit does not imply she is the cause of this mischief. Rather, the giving and receiving of fruit symbolizes the love between you and all your sisters. This dream, therefore, predicts that even though you may face some challenges, your family, particularly your sisters, are there to support and care for you.
Food in clear water Lots of food in clear overflowing water going downward. Both an abundance of food and clear, running water are auspicious signs pointing to both wealth and happiness. They indicate the collection and enjoyment of material possessions, as well as the peace of mind that accompanies financial security, especially from hard work. This dream is a sign to relax and reap the benefits of your labors.
Cooking with the boss and not gettting meat I dreamt I was preparing food with my boss. After that she put the dishes out and didn't give me meat, only the vegetables. Cooking a meat dish in a dream generally predicts a period in your waking life blessed with material wealth and filled with joy. However, noticing in the dream that some of the food was taken away from you, especially if it was a dish containing meat, signifies that you will be hurt or treated badly by some disrespectful and ignorant people. This dream can also be a warning of hassles and headaches coming from people who depend on you or who are your subordinates, for instance at your workplace.
Collard greens for Christmas dinner I've dreamt of someone opening a can of collard greens in my house which was for Christmas dinner. Although this is a very specific dream vision which is difficult to interpret based on the exact image you had experienced, in general, opening a can containing food is symbolic of going back to old relationships or rekindling forgotten friendships. At the same time, the setting in which this dream took place could also indicate that it might not be something you really want to go back to, or this person or these people would not be interesting and exciting, the way it used to be in the past, and you may just find ways to brush off their advances.
Discovering a spider on a plate halfway through a meal I had a dream today hat I was very hungry and had dinner prepared for me on a big plate. I was eating it and it was so delicious and good until I ate almost half of it. Then I saw a big fat fuzzy spider with long legs spread out laying on my plate mixed with food together. I completely stopped eating and lost my appetite, I started shaking. Someone said "What's wrong? Do what? Eat it, it is the same kind of protein that we eat every day". But I left. And I woke up. Being very hungry at the beginning of your dream is a positive sign associated with meeting new people who you can bond with deeply and form a lasting connection with. This person or group of people is likely to have a strong influence on you, teaching you important life lessons or helping you make beneficial changes in your life. Losing your appetite suggests that they fit seamlessly into your life as it is, meaning you may already be aware that they exist but have not taken advantage of their presence, possibly because you feel embarrassed or shy. The spider on your plate in the middle of the dream, however, indicates a period of misfortune which may force your hand, in this case, causing you to rely on their support whether you want to or not.
Bothered by fish appearing on the menu I dreamt I was in a diner and two of the same kind of fish were on the menu listed twice but misspelled the second time. It bothered me terribly. Fish as a meal item indicate a lack of attention to detail, especially in relationships. You may not be paying as much attention to your partner's wants and needs as much as you should or, if you are single, a person you are interested in may not feel like you take their feelings into consideration when choosing activities. The misspelling of the name of the second fish represents the failure of some venture you are currently undertaking, most likely the relationship you are currently in or pursuing. Unless you can change your ways, you may not be able to hold onto this other person for a long time.
Worms in chicken soup I was cooking chicken soup and found little worms in it. Dreaming about cooking chicken soup represents being in a happy, calm state of mind. Things in your life are probably relatively peaceful and drama-free at the moment. However, finding worms in your pot is an ominous sign predicting this serenity may not last much longer. Specifically, envisioning worms in soup indicates the rise of a powerful enemy from somewhere nearby, such as your place of work or in your community. This person is willing to go to extremes to surpass you or take what is rightfully yours because of jealousy and envy. You should keep a watchful eye out for those who may seek to overthrow you in the future.
Snatching a small watermelon and being caught In a clean swimming pool I pick up a small watermelon, put it in a bag, but one person becomes nosy and checks my bag, pushes it and the watermelon has one crack and a little water comes out. Dreaming about a cut or cracked watermelon could be telling you that you are not experiencing real pleasure from your sexual life and this is causing you much dissatisfaction. Most of the time, you are forced to fake being satisfied just to avoid hurting your partner's feelings. This could also be occurring because of suspicions of infidelity or cheating, as the nosy person in this dream signifies.
Eating bacon appearing from a hand I just had a dream that there was like these strips and strips of cooked bacon coming out of my hand. I used to love bacon but, now only eat it by spells. Since the dream spells have been a little less up until about a month ago. I started eating bacon again in spurts. The symbol of bacon in traditional dream interpretation has been connected to survival, just as it has been a staple food for many in reality. Dreaming about it signifies that you may have some concerns about your livelihood, maybe you have recently lost a job or are unsure about your future. Bacon in dreams can also have a close association with money, which could mean you are dissatisfied with your earnings or unable to provide enough for yourself or members of your family. These worries and concerns could be generating the images of bacon you experience in your dreams.
Gathering fruit from a tree In my dream, I saw a big Soursop tree and I harvested and gathered many Soursop fruit and I was so excited. To dream that you harvesting fruits from a tree symbolizes that you are being rewarded for all of the determination that you have shown in your daily work. It could mean finalizing a deal which would bring you a considerable monetary incentive, or increasing profits from applying unconventional strategies and approaches which will help you improve your personal life situation.
Dreaming about tomatoes Dream of seeing tomatoes. Dreaming about tomatoes in general, without any additional details or other specific recollections, could signify growing feelings of guilt and remorse as a result of being involved in a secret affair or episodes of cheating and adultery. However, if they were envisioned as healthy plants with ripe red tomatoes, it could also be an indication of happiness and harmony inside the relationship with someone special, which could imply that the secrets about outside affairs are well-kept.
Increasing quantities of bread I went to my former school and was eager to meet some people I played soccer with, but whilst looking for these people, I bought some kind of bread and this bread became so much as more people around me were also eating it. The food never finished, but became more appealing to the eyes. This dream vision starts our positively but does contain a warning as well. Dreaming of bread that seems to be never-ending portends being happy and content with your life, especially as you get older. You are likely to have more than enough of everything you need, giving you a chance to share your bounty with others. However, playing soccer in this vision can represent the presence of someone who would like to prevent you from reaching this state, either because they want it for themselves or just out of spite. You should be wary of people who may seem to be excessively interested in your financial goals and personal welfare.
Finding and eating eggs I was running around a strange fancy house and it was like I HAD to find these eggs and eat them raw, but the one I ate turned black in my mouth and I spat it out. All the eggs where white. I would really like to know what this means. This vision is primarily concerned with your future goals and ambitions. Specifically, being in an unfamiliar but well-furnished abode suggests that now is the time to act and reach for the stars. However, despite the timing being right, taking a chance like this is still a gamble. The white eggs you are searching for represent the health and happiness you seek, but the rotten egg you happened to consume could portend a possible bad result if you are unlucky.
A toast A toast Seeing toast in dreams can symbolize different things, depending on the appearance of the bread. Lightly toasted, delicious-looking toast could represent unity and closeness among the members of your family, meaning you are likely to experience improved understanding between you and other members of household. On the other hand, burnt toast could be interpreted as an ominous sign that you might be attending a funeral in the near future.
Food appearing from the sky at will I saw a square UFO-type craft flying above the city and after that, having dinner with friends, anytime someone said the name of a food, it fell from the sky on top of their heads... Weird. Dreaming about a UFO or another strange, unrecognizable flying object could represent receiving some unwelcome, disheartening information about yourself or someone within your family. It is likely something which was hidden from you by those you trusted, which only adds salt to the wound. However, envisioning food which suddenly appears out of nowhere suggests that this secret was kept with the best of intentions and that your family and friends only want the best for you.
A woman offering fresh milk A woman giving me fresh milk. Dreams about fresh milk are most often related to feelings of nostalgia, a subconscious longing to go back to simpler, happier times. Be it a childhood friend or a particular place from your past that you have fond memories of, you might want to reach out, go back and reconnect. It could be an enriching and beneficial experience for you.
Picking peppers Dreaming of picking peppers Depending on the context, this dream could have several meanings. If you envisioned yourself picking peppers growing on a plant, it means that you are currently preoccupied with saving money and being budget-minded. You could be trying to save every penny to make your household more money-efficient. If you dreamed about picking peppers from a store shelf or at the market, it could predict having to deal with people who would make you feel irritated, uncomfortable or tired, these could be some unexpected guests or salespeople showing up at your door uninvited or when you least expect it to happen.
Dividing the shrimp up My dream was about my deceased grandma taking food (shrimp ) from me, after I split the amount of shrimp up evenly and I remember the amount of shrimp was 7, but when I split it up I split them into 4 1/2 a piece which makes no sense at all to me in real time? Portioning shrimp in this dream could be symbolic of having to divide a small pile of available money among many fiscal responsibilities. After paying your bills and buying food, you may be left with little for pleasure or even to create a safety net for yourself. However, the image of your grandmother taking the shrimp from your hands suggests you should not excessively preoccupy yourself with these things. Your family and friends are always there to help you when you need it and would be happy to support you through difficult times.
Trying to cook and eat baby elephants My mother has seen this dream. She has seen 3 newly born baby elephants. She has fried three of them and she has eaten one of them and thrown away it because of feeling, an unpleasant feeling, and has poured water to the other two. Then they were alive again. Elephants on their own represent dissatisfaction in your communication with others, so the birth of three elephants at one time suggests that not only is it a recent situation in her life, but it is not limited to one person. This is followed by her frying and trying to eat one of the elephants, which predicts a disruption to the balance and harmony in her life. This might mean that the communication issues she is having are not with strangers but with people she is quite familiar with. This situation may lead to some embarrassment, as pouring water on the elephants at the end of the vision suggests, as healing the breach in the relationship might reveal some aspect of your mother's character she may better keep undisclosed.
Candy turning into cockroaches Eating a bag of chocolate-covered raisins and they drop from my hand and burst into cockroaches and swarm my room. In general, chocolate in a dream represents propensity to or obsession with luxuries and vices. Eating a bag of chocolates implies that you may be indulging too much in unhealthy habits or activities that are slowly getting out of control. Not surprisingly, the swarm of cockroaches appearing as a consequence, warns you that these actions and behavioral traits need to be addressed and dealt with before things start getting out of hand.
Ice cream perceived to be enormous in size In my dream I was in a giant bowl of ice cream and my giant boyfriend was going to eat me. But just before he did, a whole bunch of giant balls of candy sprinkles were coming at me like mount-size boulders, they were going to squish me, then I woke up. Dreaming about unusually large food items predicts upcoming losses in your life, particularly in regards to material possessions and money. This is likely due to your own issues managing the responsibilities you have been trusted with or difficulties following through on important tasks. This is supported by the grotesque image of your boyfriend looking larger than in wake life, which represents a recent increase in the amount of work you have or the amount of stress you are under. In this situation, you may have suddenly gained power, but are struggling to maintain it and be productive, leading to a precarious situation for you and possible negative outcomes in your progress at work.
Being served with a strange-looking burger I was at McDonald's and when I ordered my sandwich, they gave me a burnt miniature-sized top bun with regular sized patty. This dream of a less-than-stellar burger is emblematic of your personal appetite. You might have lingering feelings of dissatisfaction in some areas of your life, whether physical, emotional, intellectual or even spiritual. Perhaps you feel like your life should be better than its current state. This disappointment is reflected in the mini top bun covering the regular-sized patty, suggesting that you feel you have more to offer, but life is not giving you the right bun to complement the meat, so to speak. However, all It takes is the right opportunity at the right time to help you reach your potential.
Food eaten by a teacher I arrive at the dining table and my father tells me joyfully that my favorite dish has been eaten by my teacher (my favorite teacher). Dinner is usually symbolic of an end of a phase or a situation. To dream that someone eats or takes away your food or favorite dish is a sign of separation from your loved ones, or in extreme cases a treason or betrayal. It could be that you are about to embark on a journey that takes you away from your family for an extended period. The happy disposition of your father and the presence of your favorite teacher are both positive references to the nature of your pending travel or the new chapter you are entering.
Tacos inside the head My dream was that I was in a place and had a head full of tacos. Dreaming of tacos signifies possibilities. Try to recall the type of tacos sitting on your head because these details could allow you to come up with more specific interpretations of this symbol. For instance, if the taco shell is hard and crispy, then your approach to such opportunities will be tough and uncompromising. If the shell is soft and limp, then it implies flexibility and adaptability. If it is a palace and not a generic place that you find yourself in, then this corroborates the taco symbol because palaces are associated with luxury and grandeur. The tacos serve as your crown in the dream or the opportunities that may ensure your rise to prominence.
Eating fruits in a rushed manner I was eating some fruits quite hastily. It was a moment I really wanted to gobble them up one after the other. Dreaming about eating fruit in a dream vision usually points toward a decline in moral behavior or you internal ethical values and standards. You may have recently learned or seen something which really affected your view of your fellow humans. You could say you have lost faith in the good nature of people. The vigor with which you consumed the fruit could also point to this being a recent event, though that does not change the seriousness of the frustration you may currently be experiencing.
Food falling out of the skies I dreamt that I was in my yard just before sunset and suddenly as I look up into the sky, I saw a big stainless steel bowl rolling from above and fell into my yard, as I looked up again, it was followed by a second, third, fourth and even big containers with cooked and uncooked food that I was catching into my hands before they reached the ground. I was calling for my family to come and see what I was seeing and my kids came out of the house and were watching me just catching all these containers. Seeing multiple containers of food raining down from the heavens could represent things being out of place in terms of your financial record keeping. Food is important and usually belongs in a certain area for storage, so seeing food falling about the yard could indicate the numbers of your calculations may be scattered to the four winds. In essence, this vision can be taken as a warning to get your finances organized and on track before something terrible happens, something like a government investigation or a gross miscalculation in what you are able to afford.
Eating earthworms I was ordering my usual dish in a dream, but in real life it wasn't my usual at all, and I always eat the earthworms, but this time I started to chew it and then I spit it out on the ground and threw up from looking at it and some unidentified people were watching me that were right next to me and they all seemed upset. Eating or chewing worms in dreams is actually a positive sign. It means that you could triumph in your current endeavors, whether a promotion you are gunning for or a new undertaking. Ingesting earthworms portends praise and appreciation being bestowed upon you. However, spitting them out implies that the accolades you could receive will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The saying "Be careful what you wish for" is apt in this vision - a realization that maybe what you want is not what you really need.
Being exposed to food offerings laid out on tables I dreamt two of my friends were directing me to a management office. I asked them to accompany me, but they refused. They just shouted "Go in!". After that I went in, but nobody was in the management office. I found two different types of food on different tables. One was noodle and the other was a cooked big white fish that was garnished with different vegetables. I took a big portion of the fish with vegetables. I want to know what is the dream interpretation. I am a student. This dream symbolically represents giving into temptation and should be regarded as a warning against selfish, self-serving behavior. Initially refusing to enter the management office in this vision indicates a strong understanding of morals, what is right and wrong, although entering the office at your friends' urging suggests you are susceptible to peer pressure when push comes to shove. Additionally, taking part in the cooked fish indicates that your motives may be self-centered, such as being prone to initiating unnecessary competition or trying to get more than your fair share. While this behavior is often essential to get ahead of others, you may want to be careful that it does not become a habit or even an addiction.
Searching for a place to dine in I was on a bicycle with my cousin (first cousin, male) talking about an old friend. And then we search for some eating places and then settle on Momo's shop. He asks me to order. I did. I don't remember eating in this dream. To dream that you are riding a bicycle alludes to your desire to achieve a semblance of balance in your waking life. In the dream, you and your cousin are looking for a place to eat. This search for food suggests a lingering sense of dissatisfaction in some area in your life, whether personal or professional. Perhaps you have been looking for a purpose or something that will give you satisfaction. Your subconscious is advising you to reflect and ruminate over your choices to get to a state of clarity.
A girl cooking fish I saw a girl who was cooking food, after the cooking she passed me by and I saw on her plate two big fishes cooked and some other stuff. Seeing a woman you do not know cooking or carrying cooked fish points to troublesome or stressful situations that may plague your life in the near future. You could find yourself feeling disappointed and in turn disappointing people who would otherwise depend on you. Try to maintain low expectations and you may be able to deal with what life throws at you.
Cooking turtle soup from a giant tortoise I had a dream that I was catering a party and the main course was turtle soup. The turtle that was delivered was about 4 feet in diameter. My boyfriend was going to cook the soup for me. The next morning I told him about the dream and he said "I know I had a hard time getting that turtle in the pot". To dream about catering a party alludes to your tendency to place other people's needs over yours. You could be feeling a bit overworked or underappreciated in your service toward others. As turtles represent longevity and faithfulness, it is possible that your mind is trying to tell you to slow down and practice a steady pace in your day-to-day duties. On the other hand, turtle soup indicates getting involved in an exciting venture which could at the same time put you in a compromising situation. Try not to get too caught up in the moment and fail to consider the consequences of your decisions. Be wise in your choices and protect yourself from the harsh realities of life.
Milk and pumpkin being cooked on the stove It was a day dream. I saw milk container on the stove. Milk was boiling and was partially covered with a lid. On lid, a half pumpkin was placed, so it was cooked by bottom only. Meaning? Milk that is boiling on the stove and becoming unusable later indicates past actions coming back to haunt you, especially actions that were done without thinking or for illogical reasons. A pumpkin could represent facing setbacks because of these past decisions, particularly in regards to your finances. You may have to do a lot of work and make painful sacrifices to turn this situation around.
Boiled eggs in a bag I had a dream about 100's of boiled eggs in a bag, but they were all peeled! Hard-boiled eggs in a dream represent drought and, to some extent, famine caused by the lack of water. The great quantity of eggs speaks of the severity of the issue, although it is unclear whether this vision is meant for you specifically or whether it could affect your community at large. The notion that the eggs were peeled could point to some existing extreme conditions you are already noticing around you. In either case, you should take measures to preserve water and encourage others to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Dropping cooked rice and a sad friend I had a pot with cooked rice in it and suddenly it broke and contents fell on to a prayer mat.. Before that I also dreamed of a friend whom I lost contact with, he was extremely sad in the dream. Cooking rice is symbolic of new responsibilities in your life, some of which may not be immediately apparent to you. Seeing the pot that you were using to cook the rice fall and break spilling the contents portends the possibility of failure regarding these new responsibilities. Try to be careful with the tasks that you may soon be assigned and you should be fine in the long run.
Increasing quantities of tiffins A relative (female) with a tiffin and a bag. Later, as the bags open, there are more tiffins showing up, 2 more tiffins. What can this dream possibly mean? Seeing tiffins increase in numbers is an auspicious sign associated with being treated well and hospitably by others, particularly those in the service industries. If you are about to go on a business trip or vacation, you can expect excellent service and, depending on your luck, a possibly upgrade to your accommodations.
Being impatient while cooking food Dreamt of making food, food taking long. God told me "Son, don't worry, the food will be done soon". To dream of preparing or cooking food is a warning about troubles that may affect your personal life or a possible conflict you are about to go through in order to get your point across. You may be having trouble communicating and using a roundabout method to argue your side, but eventually you will be able to convey the message. Or you could be waiting for a project to wrap up or a deal to be closed. While things may take longer than you expect, they will eventually go your way.
Spitting out rotten apples and throwing them away I have dreamed that I entered in a garden full of fruits an I picked up one apple fruit and ate just once, I found the apple was full of worms and I spit and threw the apple, and also one goes inside my back side of my mouth, but forcefully I spit it out. Please tell me what that could mean? An apple infested with worms foretells falsehoods you would soon encounter. These circumstances may misguide you or take you off the path leading to your goals. The garden full of fruits point to different opportunities that may be present in your future. However, choose the tree well, because those offers that may seem too good to be true may end up being rotten inside and leaving you with no room for career or personal growth. So choose well.
Trying to buy fish at a restaurant In a busy restaurant, saw a pair of fresh fish, I was there to buy cooked fish. Initially, I was denied as everything was sold, however, I got few pieces of fried fish. Please summarize. Looking for fried fish in your dream points to heart-related issues which could afflict you in the future. Your calorie intake may be high, you could get temperamental too often or there may be a history of similar afflictions in your family. In any case, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a physical examination, better to be safe than sorry.
Apples stuck in eyelids preventing from sleeping I was trying to go to sleep but stacks of red apples were between my eyelids, keeping them open. If I closed my eyes, a castle would crumble to pieces. While a little strange and quirky, the meaning behind this vision should be taken seriously. Red apples represent opportunity and blessings, so seeing them in the context of a dream vision is usually very auspicious. The same holds true for the feeling you experienced about the castle crumbling if you close your eyes. This means that if you do not keep working hard using the opportunities you have been given, you may find that your future plans have dried up before you have a chance to use them. It is a warning to keep doing your best and to not get complacent.
Eating food with a rival I dreamed I was having dinner with my rival, we were eating white rice. To dream that you are eating white rice with a rival is a promising sign. This could be a foreshadowing of reconciliation or future collaboration. There may soon be a shift in your relationship from competitive to collaborative. The white grains represent nourishment and cultivation of ideas, at least in your professional capacity, which may transform into an unlikely friendship.
Eating an egg I dreamt picking a boiled egg from my former husband's bed and eating it without his knowledge. This vision can have two possible meanings depending on the context. In some cases, eating a boiled egg can portend a rough, uneven path on the way to success, meaning you could have trouble getting the results you want in the time frame you expected. This is especially true of business endeavors and romantic relationships. Because the egg came from your ex-husband's bed and was eaten without his knowledge, it could be a sign of wanting to start a new relationship and maybe have children without his knowledge.
Mother buying beef My mother bought beef and brought it home. Beef as a symbol in dreams refers to raw and wild energy. It can also point to disagreements and animosity. So bringing home the beef alludes to a grudge your mother possibly holds over someone. She carries it with her up to now. Perhaps you need to communicate this issue with her in case this grudge is in any way connected to you because of its appearance in your vision.
Cooking ingredients Hey, I saw two different dreams. In first I saw maize flour. In second I saw fresh lady finger (okra). In real life, I am jobless and unmarried, and I am not getting any marriage proposals. Kindly interpret for me. Thanks. Dreams centered around the idea of specific foods, especially when seen in multiple visions, could predict a period of renewal in your life. This means you may get a makeover, go through a spiritual enlightenment or have a change of heart, which could drastically alter you either on the inside or outside. These circumstances could bring forth other changes, if used to your best advantage.
Carrying palm seeds in a container I saw myself carrying a basin filled with palm kernels in the dream. Dreaming that you are carrying a basin or bowl filled with seeds, palm kernels in this case, portends a period of illness and health issues. If you see any suspicious symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor. Any affliction you may end up suffering would more than likely be a temporary one.
Refusing to eat a stolen pig Me and my mother where walking on a road and saw a little pig (not a baby pig). I helped my mum take it (steal) from a man and than she sent it to someone to kill it. Later, I saw myself sitting at a table with my relatives where the pig was being served as food. I felt really guilty and didn't want to eat the pig, I started crying and couldn't help, but think of never having to eat meat ever again. Guilt was mostly coming from my love of animals and it being cute. I wanted to stop them but didn't. Pigs tend to represent selfishness and gluttony in dream visions, so stealing a pig from someone could be interpreted as the embodiment of or witnessing such characteristics, either your own or someone else's. If you feel that this is the case pertaining to you personally, you may feel you are more valuable than your circumstances show, giving you justification for behavior and actions that would, in your eyes, lift you above those around you. Seeing the pig on your dinner table later in the vision could predict that traits such as thievery, gossip or bad behavior in general do not stick to you easily. The guilt you feel in the dream vision is much the same as you would feel in wake life, meaning that while you may be tempted to take advantage of certain situations in life for your benefit, your moral and ethical standards would never allow you to proceed.
Red meat Red meat Red or raw meat represents some hardships in your path. These could be linked to a particular project you have underway or a certain goal you are working on accomplishing. As long you keep your eye on the objective, any issue that may arise shouldn't be able to stop you from reaching it.
Milk becoming yogurt First night I saw a tank of powdered milk, my close friend brought it to me, but I was confused about it because I didn't ask for it. Next day I saw that this tank of milk became yogurt. Milk on its own is a powerful symbol representing both material wealth and prosperity. However, milk that has not yet reached its full potential (like milk in a powdered form) could indicate that the skills and traits you have which could lead to an increase in your quality of living are not being utilized. Seeing the powdered milk become yogurt, a milk product, represents the development of those skills and the benefits that come from using them to your best advantage.
Eating maize I had a dream that I was eating maize. Please what is the meaning? Dreaming that you are eating maize could be interpreted as a warning. You may soon find yourself suffering some minor losses in the near future. Things such as material possessions of little value or perhaps the disbandment of a music group you like to listen to. While somewhat troubling, experiences like these would only aim to make you stronger in the end.
Drinking yogurt I dreamt about drinking yogurt and enjoying it alongside with some friends. Yogurt symbolizes cooperation and customs, usually associated with meeting new people. In the context of your dream, drinking yogurt represents a need to adapt to certain events and occasions. It is always tricky to read human beings and gauge their motivations. You could be engaging in some networking events sometime soon and this dream vision reveals your apprehensions about behaving appropriately while asserting yourself in such capacity.
Bad tasting milk given by a woman When I was cleaning my books, a woman came and gave me milk. I was drinking milk. But there was something in the milk. But i drank it. The taste of milk was bad. Cleaning books or tidying up around you in general in a dream suggests you are not taking advantage of the opportunities available to you, most likely because you are preoccupied with tedious, unimportant tasks. Sour milk or milk which has a bad taste, then, represents a period of bad luck developing from this situation. If you wish to avoid the upcoming negative circumstances, it may be wise to put yourself out there more and try to actively pursue whatever comes your way.
Being in line for food I was in a line to get free food. I was no 2 but people behind me come and take food and go. It was difficult for me to save my own food, but I ended up doing it. Being in line with people cutting to get ahead of you for food portends delayed plans and unmet expectations. You may be too lenient bordering on being a pushover. This could hurt your chances in your career if you do not learn to assert yourself. Alternatively, it could refer to the value of patience. Sometimes you just have to wait for circumstances to go your way in order to achieve your dreams and aspirations.
Men giving food Two men give me food to eat. To dream of being given food to eat is an auspicious vision. The two men represent your good luck and fortune because you may soon find yourself enjoying a happy and satisfactory period in your life. All aspects of your existence would settle down into a comfortable pace where you need not worry too much about your immediate needs.
An egg sandwich cooked wrong I was served a slice of bread and a fried egg by a maid in my service. The yolk was runny, but unbroken. I said to myself "But I taught her how to fry an egg the way I like, why did she leave the yolk raw?". Then I went to the kitchen to cook it further. But the egg fell and disappeared in a gap between the wooden floor and the wall. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it. The dream ended before I found it. Eggs are highly symbolic of both the ethereal world and your awareness of things beyond the physical. Dreaming that your egg is under-cooked at the beginning of your vision, then, represents your frustration with those who cannot see past their own nose, people who are selfish and cannot consider opinions and feelings other than their own. Your desire to rectify the situation is understandable, however, dropping the egg and being unable to find it reveals the truth of the situation, namely, that you cannot open someone's eyes for them. This individual or group must be willing and able to find the truth on their own.
Eating rice mixed with fruit and meat Male. I dreamt where someone very close to me gave me rice mixed with fruit and meat to eat, and I did eat it. Please, would like to know the meaning. Eating a variety of foods in a dream vision, especially this particular mix, represents a mixed basket in terms of what the future holds. Rice is generally a positive sign indicating happiness with your familial relationships. However, eating fruit is sometimes associated with the opposite situation, suggesting you may be getting along well with some members of your family but poorly with others. Meat continues this theme, further adding that the stress of your bad relationships could put a damper on other aspects of your life unless you try to make amends or appease the other party.
Eating crab meat I was with a friend and they serve as food with crab as the meat. And I chewed the crab. Please what does that mean? Thanks. Dreams which involve eating crab meat are usually good indicators of your inability or reluctance to listen to what other people around you are saying. You could be caught up in a cycle of trying to look knowledgeable and savvy in other people's eyes while making sure you prevail. However, these one-sided views and opinions could hurt your relationships with other people in the long run.
Food sold in a forceful way Dreamt I bought a boiled egg forcefully and fried baked beans. I told the seller I don't want the egg, but he quickly crashed and gave me a white clean egg, so I ate in the dream. Both boiled eggs and beans are negative symbols associated with multiple issues occurring in wake life. While beans point toward small, insignificant nuisances getting on your nerves, boiled eggs could predict serious drought or other terrible forces of nature raining down upon you. In this way, your rejection of the food could represent avoiding a variety of disasters ranging in severity from minor to life-threatening. The clean, white egg at the end of the vision further supports this idea, showing your success in dealing with these troubles in a very short period of time.
Throwing up spaghetti Vomiting spaghetti. Seeing yourself vomiting in a dream portends the possibility that you may fall sick because of some kind of affliction in the near future. This dream could also be interpreted as a sign of declining health. Eating too much or too little, failing to take good care of yourself could mean that your overall well-being may soon take a turn for the worse.
Rice and chips that look bigger In my dream, I saw a big pile of white rice. I looked closer and I saw that it has bigger white grains and it looks delicious even if raw. Then I also saw on top of the big pile of rice, piles of potato chips and it's also bigger potato chips. It looks yummy, so I took some and ate it. It really looked yummy in my dream. What's the meaning of my dream? White rice in dreams is symbolically tied to the idea of positive energy swirling around you in wake life. While it may not be immediately apparent to you yet, it is likely to reveal itself slowly after experiencing this vision. The potato chips on top of the rice could also specifically point to where this luck could originate from. Potato-based snacks are often thought to be connected to work-related endeavors, so it could mean that you are about to get a promotion, raise or some intangible benefit from your place of work.
Eating with a musician I was eating with a musician. Musically inclined people are often thought to predict conflict entering your life. However, sharing a meal with someone related to this profession represents becoming successful or having a good life. In this case, it seems like you have the ability or desire to take a situation which is causing you grief and turn it into something really spectacular.
Eating raw chicken and arguing Was cutting up and eating raw chicken with a glass of orange juice, then remember arguing with my mother. Eating raw chicken in a dream symbolizes certain subconscious worries. These concerns could be regarding work, business or health. It is possible, however, that this worries are completely unfounded. Not only that, the orange juice that you drink alongside the raw chicken represents the possibility of achieving great things, either at work, with a particular investment or at school.
Food turning into feces I am a 30 years old guy. I had a dream that my brother and I were traveling, we decided to eat so that we could have strength to work. But after just a bite, an odor just came, then we realized that there was shit in that place. So I went to another place, it was the same because shit was everywhere. I nearly vomited the food. So, I stopped eating and paid and we left. Thank you. Traveling with a close family member in a dream, your brother in this case, suggests that you are about to go through a period of material loss or misfortune. Your brother, as seen in this vision, would be there for you during this difficult period when other friends or less reliable family members would possibly be willfully ignorant of your pain and suffering. Seeing and smelling feces in your food could predict one of two things. On one hand, it could represent becoming depressed and despondent due to your situation. On the other hand, it could predict something out of the ordinary happening which turns your situation around completely.
White rice on a plate I dreamed of white cooked rice on a plate, with greens in it. Sitting on the table, in a bright lit room waiting for me... A light like it could had been in heaven. A plate of cooked white rice is often thought to be a warning for the dreamer. It suggests that you may fall on hard times and be restricted to a limited budget. You would have to carefully manage your funds and be aware of where your money is going, especially in regards to food and basic necessities. The greens on top of the rice support and enhance this symbolic vision. If you are currently well-off, it would be wise to save some of available money for emergency use.
Indulging in eating cake with others I was at a party, everybody was eating from the same cake, I was very excited to have my turn eating the cake and it was fabulous, especially the frosting!! Very nice moist fruit cake!! Seeing a lot of people at a party in your dream symbolizes your ability to keep good relationships with your friends or people you know. The cake you partake in is also a positive sign related to social gatherings. It indicates that you are about to host or be invited to a large social function where you can enjoy a pleasant, buzzing atmosphere and eat delicious food. During the course of the evening, you may find opportunities to meet new, interesting people or network with someone who may help you later. Given your propensity for maintaining relationships, this should be a very beneficial time for you.
Fried eggs, oil and bread I was sitting at a table with other people and a waitress brought a plate of fried eggs to the table. She then proceeded to mop up the oil on the plate of eggs when one of the guests leaned forward, took the plate and poured the oil onto a slice of bread on his plate in front of him. For a male dreamer, visions involving fried eggs may be associated with masculinity and sexual prowess. You may be concerned about erectile dysfunction or impotency. Alternatively, perhaps you feel your dating game and appeal to women need improvement. The oil being dumped onto another plate alludes to slick style and smooth moves that typically draw or attract certain women to men who show confidence and remain in control. Maybe this is a preoccupation you have in the waking world in an attempt to find a romantic partner.
Sister cooking beans and tomatoes I dreamed something so real. My sister was cooking beans and spicy tomatoes and I could taste the food. A dream about your sister cooking for you signifies the deep and profound connection you have with her. However, the fact that you envisioned her cooking beans along with spicy ingredients foretells the amount of insignificant problems you might find yourself surrounded with. Perhaps those problems pertain to your sister and you getting embroiled in petty quarrels or episodes of misunderstanding. However it's important to keep in mind that you should only pay attention to things which actually matter to make sure the bond between you and your sister remains intact.
Greens on church tables I am dreaming about greens, all I see is greens at every table at church. Being inside a church in your dream could be a fortuitous omen. It represents protection for you and and the people you hold dear to your heart. Even though certain events may take place which would make you worry about those close to you, it is likely that things are simply taking their course and nothing serious could affect your or their lives, as symbolized by the greens on every table you perceived in this dream.
Helping buy and transport food I dream of my uncle (mum's bro). He bought a basket full of food from wet market saying going to visit the 5th aunt. So I help him carry and try getting taxi, but no cab. Then I went to look and wanted to buy a shopping roller bag, but not suitable. Buying or carrying large quantities of food either predicts a well-off existence or that someone favors you and respects your opinion to a great extent. In your dream, being unable to load those purchased food products into a cab or a roller bag likely points to unrealized potential or a lucrative idea that did not quite take off yet. Perhaps you and your uncle are sitting on a great business venture or concept and you merely need the right vehicle or the right investors to properly implement it.
A coworker washing hands in soup I gave food in a house, food for my workmate and he washed his hand with water and soup. Giving food or offering some food to someone, in your case your colleague, is a symbol of sacrificing your time and effort. You may have a kind and generous nature and tend to give too much love in order to help someone. The downside of this is that you could end up covering up for someone else's mistakes as a gesture of friendship or loyalty. In such scenarios, being too giving could get you in trouble. Others may also take advantage of your good will.
Taking food from neighbors I dreamed of taking food from my neighborhood. Envisioning yourself taking food from your neighborhood is a warning. It suggests that you could be harming your business or projects because of low quality bookkeeping. This may include inaccurate entries or misleading records of expenses. If this is the case, use caution and take action to improve the quality of this area that is harming your work and jeopardizing your future.
Filling bags with rice and spilling it My aunt and my cousin were throwing rice over from bags to fill other bags in her shop. My cousin leaves, so my aunt asks me to continue, so I was filling up bags with rice, but 1 of the bags was burst and while throwing over, some of the rice went on the ground. Grains of rice generally allude to wealth, happiness and stability. As such, filling bags or sacks with rice to full capacity denotes your hard work and industry in trying to achieve your dreams. Once you put your heart and mind into reaching your goals, positive and agreeable circumstances would be your rewards. Interestingly, the bag that burst and the rice falling on the ground could be a metaphorical representation of the opportunities you have missed out on. Perhaps in focusing your mind on one thing, your passion for your dreams would start to dwindle, and you could end up wasting or disregarding valuable lessons that may help you succeed later on.
Eating leftover macaroni Please tell me the meaning of a dream about serving and eating a large quantity of leftover macaroni with guests. Macaroni, widely regarded as a comfort food, represents nostalgia and yearning for simpler times. As such, sharing large quantities of macaroni with guests likely reveals your tendency to dwell on the past. Leftovers likewise point to grudges and resentment. Perhaps your subconscious is urging you to let go of the past and make peace with things that you cannot change or have control over any more.
Roast fish being sold Seeing a roasted fish in the market and I have access to buy them. Seeing roast fish on sale in a dream is a good indication. It reflects having enough money and possessions to live a joyful and happy life. A market setting also connotes wealth and financial stability inside your household, either presently or in a short period of time following this dream. Being able to buy the fish points to your constant desire and efforts to provide for your needs as well as for others present in your household by using opportunities offered to you in your waking life.
A boiled egg stuck in the nose Swallowed a boiled egg and it got stuck in my nose. This dream vision could represent possible scarceness of money to buy basic necessities needed for everyday living. Perhaps you have been noticing signals of your extreme paucity for some time now. The hard boiled egg getting stuck in your nose could also mean that this condition would escalate to a higher level and you would feel the full impact of it. You are likely to experience this shortage of money for a while. Try to take this as a lesson learned, be wise with money and spending in the future to avoid repeating this kind of situation.
Eating peaches I was eating peaches. Eating peaches in the dream world represents a blissful existence. After all, the sweetness of this fruit is a metaphor for love and joy. More specifically, consuming this fruit could potentially be an allusion to an upcoming vacation or well-deserved getaway. This exciting journey would be more memorable because you get to spend it with your romantic partner or the object of your affection. Peaches also refer to intimacy and sensuality. In that sense, this vision may be an indication of being fully satisfied in all aspects of your life, including physical and emotional.
Salty popcorn Eating salty popcorn. Popcorn represents ideas and growth. To find yourself eating popcorn in your dream alludes to potential important ideas or a realization that would come to you in real life. However, salt depicts some hardships and difficulties. The salty popcorn may be a symbol of great things that you are going to achieve, but through some initial difficulties. If you are a person who does not like to bother others, you may need to now. You can confide in a family member, a colleague at work or a friend. This way, you can handle any upcoming challenges and emerge victorious.
Eating horrible-tasting food Eating horrible food which I cannot eat if I am not sleeping. Experiencing a dream about eating food you dislike could be a sign that you are to be affected by unpleasant events in the near future. You could experience a situation whereby you would require help but unable to receive it. The help may also come quite late at a time when you do not need it anymore. It can also be a sign of late news reaching you or not being able to locate a person you have been trying to find from your past. Overall, this dream is symbolic of being greatly displeased by a certain negative occurrence.
Eating corn and walking in dirty water I dreamt eating black corn placed on a white closed container full of white corn. I also dreamt walking in dirty water and there was a dead snake in the container. Corn is often considered a symbol of wealth in the dream world, so black corn mixed with white corn may represent alternating periods of prosperity and financial difficulty. Because each kernel of corn is relatively small, it suggests that these would appear more as minor fluctuations rather than major differences in lifestyle. The dirty water and the dead snake both reflect concerns you hold in your heart about this type of situation. However, you may be worrying more than necessary given the minor changes predicted.
Dropping eggs from a tray I dreamt of breaking some eggs I was carrying on a tray, I'm a male. Breaking eggs in the dream world alludes to self-destructive behavior. You could be feeling on edge due to stressful situations and a variety of responsibilities you need to attend to. The combination of stress and emotional fragility could lead to your breaking point. The worst that could happen is that you may be inclined to sabotage your own future and happiness for the sake of removing all expectations and burden on your back, so be mindful of your decisions, especially impulsive ones.
Tomatoes and lemons in a basket I saw some tomatoes and lemons placed in a basket. Tomatoes and lemons, as dream symbols, have an interesting interpretation when put together. Tomatoes often represent affairs or unlawful relationships, suggesting you have your eye on someone who is unavailable or are not condemning the advances of someone who is making moves on you. On the other hand, the lemons seem to indicate a desire to know why you are fine with this morally dubious situation. In a sense, you can see through these two symbols a willful, headstrong aspect of your personality and a mature, thoughtful side that wants to reflect on those feelings.
Giving mutton to a stranger I saw that I am giving away raw mutton to a stranger. The mutton is very good, from a healthy sheep. Mutton in a dream, especially when of good quality, represents success. In many cases it points to a promotion or other monetary benefits from working hard. Because you gave this meat to a stranger, it is possible that you are sacrificing your own future prosperity to help those whom you consider just as worthy, if not more so, than you. While this is both very gracious and valiant of you, it may not be in your best interests in the long run to keep putting off your own happiness.
Cooking cow's tongue I dreamt my aunt bought a cow's tongue to be prepared. I was frying it in a pan on a stove. I then prepared a staple with porridge substance. Cows tend to be positive symbols in dream visions as they usually represent prosperity and wealth. However, the tongue is often interpreted as a negative sign indicative of bad attitude or unkind words. In essence, the act of cooking the cow's tongue suggests you are not grateful for the blessing bestowed upon you or could be acting unappreciative to those who provide you with both physical amenities, such as food and clothes, and intangible things, like love and affection. The porridge your prepared alongside the cow tongue may reveal your subconscious understanding that this behavior is unacceptable and a desire to rectify any misunderstandings you may have caused.
Serving maize to people Female. I dreamt that I served white pap and maize to people. Thanks. Corn and corn-containing products are often symbols of prosperity in the dream world. Light-colored corn is especially auspicious, as it portends an increase in wealth and acquisition of objects of value. You may soon experience a noticeable increase in cash flow through new business or a gift. Furthermore, serving the corn reveals your generous nature, suggesting you would share your good fortune with friends and family.
A watermelon which is white inside Dream of cutting watermelon in half, but to my disappointment the watermelon was white inside but it was delicious. Dreaming about cutting open a watermelon signifies that you may be having some concerns about your sex life. Perhaps you are feeling dissatisfied with the way the relationship is progressing. It would be helpful if you become more vocal of your needs and desires. The notion of feeling disappointment at the color of the melon but satisfaction later on symbolizes that things would eventually work out and you would again enjoy the intimacy which you had once shared with your lover.
Grains in a sack turning to liquid I saw a big bag of white grains, looked almost like rice. But in my dream was a dog food. Then this stuff just got all watery and since it was a liquid, it spilled out of the bag on the floor. The bag was in my closet. What this means? A bag of grains in dreams generally symbolizes wealth and success. Since grains nourish living beings, it is seen as an indicator of prosperity. In that sense, having this bag of grains in your closet reveals your capability to succeed in the real world. However, its transformation into liquid form alludes to wasted potential. You may be a very smart and talented individual yet you are not using your skill set to be productive and improve your situation. Similarly, the closet may also point to the fact that you are hiding or not harnessing your full potential. Perhaps you are afraid of failure or disappointment, so you prefer staying in your comfort zone. Maybe its time to take some risk, otherwise you may miss out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
Baking and eating a banana cake I and my sister baked a banana cake and ate it with two other friends. When you dream about baking a cake, it represents your hopes and aspirations, the dreams you want to come true. Things could start going your way and, since you mentioned your sister and your friends being present in the same dream, it could mean that all of them would be instrumental in order for you to accomplish your dreams and most likely find their own satisfaction as well. This means your goals are not entirely personal, but have the potential of improving the lives of others around you just as likely.
Food turning into worms Male, 54. I opened up my can of chew and the chew had turned into a few small night crawlers. Dreaming about your food transforming into night crawlers could mean you are having conflicting feelings about your bad habits and perhaps you are afraid you could develop health issues if you continue down this road. The night crawlers could signify the disgust you feel about your addiction or the potential threats you believe could cause you harm in the future. Perhaps, if you are planning on giving up a long-had vice, this is a sign you should do so.
Eating indigenous veggies Eating indigenous vegetables. Dreaming about eating indigenous vegetables could mean that you are finally happy in the place where you are now and you feel like you are creating some roots, finding your balance and not wishing for any other kind of life. Vegetables are a symbol of health, and so you feel mentally and physically well at the moment, while the fact they are indigenous points to a sense of belonging, a feeling of satisfaction with your current surroundings. Your strength and energy stem from this sense of self-fulfillment you gain from your present situation and that is what gives you the hope to continue moving forward.
Cooking stew and authority figures entering Please help me, I saw myself talking to some authority while seeing my boiling stew and showing them also and asking them to excuse me to continue my cooking. Despite the military men with guns there I was still able to talk to the authority to help solve the problem. Seeing my stew seriously boiling while the vegetables are my utmost concern. Thanks, help me. Seeing authority figures in dreams typically reveals the dreamer's need for discipline and order. Perhaps you are about to encounter a period of unrest in which you would need stability and control to help you overcome the hurdles. Meanwhile, the vegetable stew represents a union or coming together of various aspects of yourself. However, you could be missing a crucial element which is preventing you from achieving peace of mind. In trying to reconcile lessons from your past with your present and future circumstances, you may have to incorporate values and spiritual beliefs so you can come up with a more effective way of dealing with your problems.
Cooking plantains Frying plantains with two stoves at the same time and sharing with relatives. Plantains are symbols of good luck and fortune in dreams. As such, frying plantains and sharing the dish with your relatives portends blessings and prosperity which you would be able to share with your loved ones. You could reap the rewards of your hard work by getting a coveted promotion, closing an important deal or getting an incentive. It could also mean the end of problems and difficulties. If you have been experiencing issues or obstacles, then this dream heralds a smooth-sailing and more peaceful period of existence for yourself and your loved ones.
Eating rice with step siblings Dreamt I was eating rice with vegetables with my step siblings I'm not on good terms with in front of my late dad. Consuming rice in a dream bears a positive message. It symbolizes happiness and harmony, especially in connection to your familial relationships. If there have been long-standing conflict and disagreements among you and your step siblings, then the dream means you would soon resolve your differences. In addition, the combination of the the symbols of rice and vegetables means that to achieve peace of mind, you may have to fix your issues with your step siblings. Perhaps the memories or wisdom imparted by your late dad would be instrumental in such reconciliation.
Hot soup poured on the body My grandmother's sister poured hot soup on my body while I was holding a silver kettle, noticed my body was still the same. Please help me interpret the dream. Giving soup to someone often symbolically represents the time and effort somebody sacrifices to help the other party. In this case, seeing your great aunt pour soup on you could imply two things. First, it suggests she has spent some time, money or effort on you. Secondly, the idea that she poured it on you could represent the amount of sacrifice she has made or reveal that she feels her efforts have been underappreciated. The silver kettle you were holding represents parties or gatherings, but in this case may refer to the idea that you are in your own world and unaware of the life and hardships of your great aunt. This is also supported by the fact that your body seemed unchanged by the hot soup. This vision may be a reminder to pay more attention to those who support you and perhaps to show more gratitude to your elders for their past help and guidance.
Selling barbecued food Selling freshly cooked BBQ food that I made to other people. When you dream about freshly cooked or prepared food, it means that you could soon be undergoing some renovations or upgrades on your house or maybe some kind of personal rejuvenation and renewal of your spiritual self. This is most likely something you feel the need to show to other people and that is why you envisioned yourself selling the food instead of eating it by yourself, because whatever happens or whomever you will become is probably closely connected to the perception or opinion people around you have about you.
Taking food to someone My dream was about taking food to someone. Gender: male. Taking food to someone in a dream could reveal that you are currently at a point in your life where there are existing or emerging troubles and issues with your family or friends. It is a warning sign that you must examine your life and improve the grey areas which could jeopardize your business, work, relationships or future career. You should also scrutinize the way you deal with others by thinking about events or circumstances which may have inflicted pain and suffering upon them. You may have shown some disrespect and denigrating attitude causing your relationships with others to be stained by mistrust and anger.
Cooking eggs and having silver hair Dreamed I was cooking eggs, when I cracked the egg, I got 5 yolks out of the one egg. Also, dreamed I had bright silver hair, and I loved it. Cooking eggs in dreams usually means positive changes are afoot in your life. The eggs, whether they are boiled, scrambled or part of the dish you are cooking, symbolize renewed creativity and potential. You could expect a sense of optimism flowing through you which would push you to pursue projects or undertakings you have previously shelved. The fact that there are 5 yolks in a single egg means you would be blessed by a ton of brilliant ideas and amazing opportunities that could become lucrative. Meanwhile, the silver hair represents wisdom and experience. Perhaps all the lessons you have learned up to this point in your life would allow you to finally succeed in your endeavors. It may have taken a while, but all your hard work may soon pay off.
Waves of honey Was riding a large wave of honey with friends and family. I was out front calling family to come closer. Felt like I was flying but it was just that the wave was so high and big, it looked as if we were just below the clouds. Honey is a symbol with two distinct connotations, and both seem to be present in this vision. The first meaning is that it is a reflection of your personality and general mental state, namely that you are a positive, sweet and kind individual. This is also supported by the sensation of flight felt a bit later in the vision. The second meaning behind the symbol of honey is that it predicts an increase in wealth and prosperity, particularly in regards to work or business matters. You may soon find yourself in a better position financially and probably wish to share that with the ones who matter most to you. However, this is where the first interpretation of honey comes back into play. While you may desire to share your newfound wealth with your relatives, your naturally generous nature may allow others to walk all over you. Be careful to share only what you intend to give and do not be bullied by more assertive, selfish members of your inner circle.
Receiving fresh meat from a teacher Got a plastic bag full of fresh pieces of meat from my lady teacher. Raw meat or a fresh piece of meat symbolizes difficulty and failure. You are likely struggling with your lessons, tests or homework which is why the fresh pieces of meat came from your teacher. An upcoming exam would be too difficult for you and your failed marks would call the attention of your teacher, advising you on how you can improve your grade. Misconduct or unruly behavior could be another reason for getting into trouble with your teacher. As punishment, she would require additional tasks and challenges for you to learn your lesson.
Losing pieces of meat I was coming from market holding nylon bag with raw meat and grand pepper in a bowl, one piece of meat dropped from the bag, I picked it, but when I almost got to my house I realized that there was only 3-4 meat pieces in the bag, so I went back to look for the meat, I saw one piece of it and continued to search for the rest. I saw my stepson and his friend, they helped me search for it and we found 3, but I saw one chic taking one I ran after it, I mistakenly stepped on the chic and killed it but I still picked the meat. Female. For female dreamers, raw meat is an unlucky dream symbol. It means you would experience failure and hardships, especially when it comes to work. Meanwhile, killing a chicken, whether accidentally or not, implies cowardice. In the face of difficulties, you may be tempted to escape your problem or give up. Fortunately, your persistence in finding the raw meat is an indication of your courage and grit. Despite the bad luck you would soon face in reality, you would choose to face your problems head on. You would even have supportive loved ones who would help you out during your time of need, as illustrated by the willingness of your stepson and his friend to help you in recovering the lost meat.
Spilling the seeds of Soursop on the floor I'm male, I dreamt about receiving an unripe Soursop from a friend who was driving away. While eating it, the seeds fell on the floor. I left and came back to sweep the compound floor where I left the seeds and the Soursop on the floor. While cleaning I noticed kids were in the compound like a school, and I rushed to clean, so they don't see the mess and I woke up while doing it. Meanwhile this friend in this dream who gave me Soursop to eat had an accident with my Uber car and the car got burnt last week. In most cases, fruits represent financial gains or success. The Soursop in your case symbolizes your trade or source of income. So when the seeds fell while you were eating the fruit, it means that you need to find other ways to earn. Each seed represents a new venture, idea or opportunity to take on in order to meet your day-to-day needs. Meanwhile, the children point to your apprehensions and uncertainties about the near future. You could be picking up the seeds and cleaning the mess because you do not want to involve or inconvenience anybody else from the negative repercussions of an incident that may have happened in the recent past.
Apples turning into dust I was in this real small room with lots of people, don't know if they were alive or dead. Me and my sister who is dead were serving them. I was trying to give them apples but when I picked them up they turned to dust. A small and cramped room means you are feeling anxious and trapped by your negative thoughts. The people inside this room symbolize all your worries that are making you feel apprehensive and restless. These could be nagging thoughts about your sister's death which is why she was present in this vision. You think there could be foul play involved in her death or there are still unanswered questions about her passing. Unfortunately, the answers remain elusive as illustrated by the apples turning into dust. No matter how much you ask around or fish for information, you would have a hard time getting to the truth.
Buying juice while on vacation I am a girl and I was out on a vacation with my relatives. All of us drank some juice, we paid and forgot to take the change. Later that day my relatives are buying something at a stall near the temple and I'm waiting outside.Then the juice vendor came to me and gave me one dry date and said he forgot to give it earlier when I drank the juice and asked me whether I would like to have juice again as I forgot to take the change. I asked my relatives to go and bring me some juice back. I didn't go. Dreaming that you are on a vacation means you are feeling drained and exhausted in reality, so your subconscious is dropping you hints about taking a break so your mind and body can recover. Some of your friends and family likely also need to take a break from the daily grind. As such, drinking juice symbolizes renewed vitality and zest for life after all of you take a well-deserved vacation. The presence of a temple also means that you would be able to take this personal time off to re-evaluate your priorities and remind yourself about the more important things in life. Finally, the date represents your worldly desires. Even in your leisurely time, something would always pop up which would keep you from enjoying the moment. It is up to you whether you would choose contentment or succumb to distress because of other matters you need to attend to.
Receiving a fruit from someone Someone dreamed that another person is giving me a fruit. What's the meaning of that please? A fruit in dreams typically refers to a blessing, financial gain and overall growth. As such, in someone's dream where a person gives you fruit is great news for you. It means luck would soon be in your favor as you earn more money, gain recognition for your work or be given a unique opportunity to invest in a lucrative venture.
Worms and bugs in potatoes I am female. I was cooking dinner, reached under the counter for a bag of potatoes. When I lifted it up one of the large potatoes was black, and the bag had a whole bunch of little white worms and little biting bugs inside. Two or three of the bugs got out through the small holes in the bag and bit me on my hands and wrists while I was taking the bag out to the trash. Both the potatoes you intended to cook with and the worms that infested them are associated with being grounded and having a simpler outlook on life. It is possible you are integrating yourself into the community where you have settled, or perhaps you are settling down into a calmer, less exciting time of life. In addition to representing simplicity, worms also suggest potential negativity and weakness. The worms you saw in the potatoes and the bugs that bit you may be symbolic of your doubts and fears about where your life is going. These more negative feelings could be preventing you from making important decisions about your future. If there is something bothering you about your life right now, maybe you should explore your options so that you can settle down without fears or regrets.
Girlfriend with maize I saw my girlfriend near a lot of bags of maize meal. She was also covered in maize meal. The whole place was white, she looked like she was selling maize meal or owned the place. Indian corn or maize meal is actually an auspicious dream symbol because it signifies prosperity. So seeing your girlfriend surrounded by bags of maize meal indicates a deluge of blessing about to occur. As you said, it seemed like she was selling maize, so this suggests she has a sharp business acumen. This can also indicate generosity, so instead of keeping the blessings for her own pleasure, she would rather invest the money or resources into something meaningful and productive.
Cooking rice with relatives I dreamed of cooking rice at my ex-boyfriend's house and having conversations with his siblings. Then my brother joined us. This vision seems to be related to your interpersonal relations and either current or upcoming romantic encounters. For example, cooking rice is symbolically linked with the idea of responsibility. It suggests you would soon be taking on some new tasks or, as possibly indicated by the other symbols present, soon take on a new role. This new role may be related to the presence of your brother at the end of the vision. The addition of your brother predicts peace and harmony among your family and friends. This comes into play with the presence of your ex and his siblings, because talking with them in the dream world could mean you are thinking about him or comparing your current situation with how things were with him in the past. Whether you are currently romantically involved or not, your changing role in this and your family's lives could mean you are drawing parallels between the past and present which may help you make better choices down the line.
Eating favorite food at a party Male. I left a house with someone then returned and people were there. A girl and I look at each other and she says to someone else "Invite him to the party". I said "Cool, thanks!". Then I walk down a hall into a kitchen where a huge buffet was, but everyone had eaten and I was in another room it appeared. All the food was what I liked and in front of me was a plate with garlic bread spaghetti sandwiches on it. Spaghetti and meatballs in between two slices of garlic bread. I start to eat and the dream ends. Dreaming of being at someone's party means you are surrounded by a lot of people who care about you and would not think twice about supporting you, especially during your time of need. These generous, loving and trustworthy friends and members of your family would come in handy very soon as the food you saw in the dream denotes upcoming losses, difficult decisions and even sickness. Overindulgence and hedonism could get you physically, mentally and financially burdened, so you would need a little help from your loved ones to get back on your feet. Fortunately, you would not be left fending for yourself because even without asking for assistance, the people who matter would already sense that you are in trouble and act quickly before things could get worse for you.
Bread with worms and spoiled butter I saw myself in my room holding a piece of bread, but when I tried eating it I saw a lot of worms on it. And all of a sudden I started eating it. I looked back and saw butter, so I wanted to make use of the butter but it was spoiled already. I'm 22 years old. This vision is fairly ominous and contains some potential bad news related to your current job or future career prospects. Bread containing worms is a negative symbol associated with your work being sabotaged in one way or another. In some cases this refers to someone else interfering with you, but considering the location of this vision and the fact that you ate the bread, it seems more likely that you are sabotaging yourself. Perhaps you are more concerned with cheap thrills and hanging out with your friends rather than using this early time in your field to build connections, network and show what you are capable of. This could come back to bite you in the end, as the spoiled butter suggests you would be giving up future financial wealth and security to enjoy life now. This vision is a warning, then, to consider what kind of future you want and to work hard now so that you do not need to work so hard later.
Flies and fishes over the tables with food I was in a house with some folks (couldn't remember if I knew them or not). The focus of the dream was that I am seeing or witnessing the food on tables being plagued. Some of the five round tables are plagued by the usual flies. What caught my attention is this one table with food being plagued by fishes swimming or flying in the air as if they were flies. They were similar to gold fishes, only that they got extra big eyes. it was really really weird to me. Images of food plagued with various critters generally suggest the need to reevaluate some of your tendencies in reality. For example, flies on food point toward having a pushy nature, meaning you have little trouble asking for what you want or need. However, the flip side of this particular attribute could mean you are putting off some of your responsibilities on others, causing them to resent you somewhat. A similar story is seen in the symbol of the flying fish, a sign associated with a goal-oriented attitude. You probably have some desire or ambition you hope to achieve in the near future, but you may be after it for the wrong reasons, such as money or fame. In the end, both images in your vision are probably a message from your subconscious to think a little more carefully about what you want in the future and how you are going to achieve it.
An enemy adding vegetables I am a 29-year old lady and I had a dream about a friend whom I consider an enemy come to me and add her vegetables in my meat (steak) while I was cooking. Cooking meat in the dream world is often thought to signify others getting the upper hand in reality. It could equally predict you gaining some new opportunities while dealing with your enemies, perhaps even this particular frenemy. The vegetables added to your meat dish could be an indicator that this individual has more to offer than just being an adversary. In fact, it may be that by interacting with her you can grow and become a better version of yourself. In this sense, this friend is someone who challenges you and does not let you get by with the minimum. In order to keep up, you must be your best version of yourself. So while you may not get along or like this woman, she may be adding a lot to your life without you being aware.
Pouring water into coffee I was with my family and I was pouring water into their coffee cups. Pouring coffee for your family in the dream world is a negative symbol associated with pain and embarrassment. Specifically, making coffee predicts unfortunate developments in your plans and goals, perhaps leading to a setback or major loss. The act of pouring water to make the coffee, then, suggests you would be the cause of your own problems, meaning it is likely you have put yourself in a compromising situation through your own actions. If you are currently engaged in an activity that would bring shame to your family or cause you to lose something you have worked hard for, like a scholarship, promotion or special role, now may be a good time to give it up before it is too late.
Unable to choose food and three doors I dreamed I was at outside feast, there were plates of food to choose from. I couldn't decide which I wanted, there was roast beef and hundreds of other foods. I was putting food on my plate, but could not decide which I wanted. For some reason, I left 3 pieces of poop right in the roast beef and walked away. Also, I dreamed of seeing 3 doors, one of the white doors had a brown wooden handle. I remember telling someone to use the wooden handle door. This vision seems to be a metaphor for an upcoming celebration you would soon be part of in reality. For example, the symbol of the outdoor feast specifically predicts and upcoming family event, such as a wedding or birthday party. It is also possible to include the marriage or celebration of a close friend or friends in this category. Moving forward, the roast beef could represent your own spirit and energy. Therefore, being unable to decide what you wanted may refer to mixed feelings about the event in question. Perhaps you have a tense relationship with one of the other attendees or maybe you have not seen the hosts for a long time. In either case, suggesting that another person use the white door may be your subconscious reminding you that you can bridge the gap that exists between you and these other individuals by simply being open to entering into the same space they are while accepting that some things change with time.
Someone choking on lettuce I dreamed of being out somewhere, and there were people around. I did not know them. Somebody needed CPR and I stepped up to help. There was already a guy doing the CPR, so I cleaned out the airway and mouth. The mouth was full of green lettuce and it was stuck down his throat. I pulled on it, but could not pull it out. Only bits broke off. After that we tried to save this unknown man, we could not. I did not know any of them, might have been a restaurant, or store, just tried to help. Dreaming of being surrounded by strangers means you will take part in a big decision-making activity. The decision of the majority of your loved ones would ultimately have life-changing effects on everyone. Think of it as the end of a chapter and a beginning of a journey for all those involved. The CPR suggests a tragic and tumultuous event. It is a crisis that you and your loved ones need to go through. You also need to come together to resolve it. While this may seem like negative thing, in the end it will actually be a necessary journey from which you will gain invaluable lessons to get you closer to self-actualization. As for the green lettuce, it seems others like to shove their opinions on you, and all you really want is to live a simpler and peaceful existence.
Receiving sausage meat from ex-boyfriend Receiving fresh packed sausage meat from ex-boyfriend. A sausage can symbolize monetary gains and prosperity, but it is also a phallic symbol. As such, receiving a sausage from an ex means while the relationship already ended, you will gain a lot from it. In terms of material wealth, your combined finances allowed you to increase your social standing and perhaps you also pushed each other to become more successful. Alternatively, you have become wiser and more worldly after the ups and down you experienced together. So, you can start a new relationship with a more mature attitude.
Wine glasses and a cake Red wine glasses nicely arranged on a table in a hall and there was a red velvet cake. The dream symbols in your vision all point to auspicious developments. In particular, red wine indicates a celebration of success. Your current projects and undertakings will therefore bear excellent results. Wine glass also suggests luck, prosperity and good health. Fate will be on your side, so you can fully enjoy the fruits of your labor. Although, there is also a cautionary message symbolized by the red velvet cake which alludes to indulgence. Instead of being wasteful with your blessings, take time to also share your wealth and channel it into productive pursuits.
Oysters on the plate In my dream I was walking with my boyfriend and I saw many opened oysters on the plate, I showed them to my boyfriend and he said they taste like meat but we did not eat them. My boyfriend was wearing a red T-shirt. All the oysters had an orange pearl on them. The oysters in your dream are closely associated with sex and primal urges. Although, oysters can also denote wealth and refinement, while the pearls on the oysters symbolize perfection and purity. Simply put, you are going to be surrounded by a lot of desires and opulence which are out of your reach. You want a lot of things that you cannot achieve on your own and your boyfriend cannot provide for you as well. Despite these shortcomings, you are secure in the fact that your boyfriend loves you very much, as represented by the red shirt he was wearing in your dream.
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