Cooking tomato soup and other dishes I am female. In my dream, I am cooking tomato soup in a commercial kitchen. I add caramelized vegetables and wild rice. Added next is a can of crushed tomatoes. This is done while I am teaching 2 pupils -1 female and 1 male. It is now the next day and the soup falls on the floor and is discarded. Next, I am home where I grew up and my deceased mother is there and now she is going to cook. On her menu is chicks, hearts of palm, cabbage and she has a packaged salmon she will plank before cooking. Cooking soup in the dream alludes to your nurturing personality. There will be a crisis soon and you will become essential in comforting those in need. Teaching conveys a similar dream interpretation. It means vulnerable or impressionable personalities will need your guidance to navigate their problems. Unfortunately, the symbol of a soup falling or spilling suggests people will not take your advice seriously or they will become suspicious of your motives. Tread lightly or you could be framed as an enemy. Hence, the presence of your deceased mother tells you that you need to go back to your mother's advice and words of wisdom to help you handle this situation, especially if your initial strategy ends up failing as illustrated by the soup's spillage. Chicken can be interpreted as cowardice, but chicken as a nourishing meal can also refer to improvements. So, if you recall the past lessons you have learned or any valuable life experiences from the past, you can gradually get back on track. Fortunately, salmon symbolizes intellect and perseverance, two of your strong characteristics which would help you communicate with and win over other people.
Mold on dinner rolls I dreamed of seeing pans full of dinner rolls. There was blue mold starting to develop on them. All of them had to be thrown away. Dinner rolls, and bread in general, represent kind and friendly people surrounding you in reality. You are blessed to know so many people who exude positive energy and inspire you to become more optimistic. Unfortunately, the mold on those dinner rolls point to a toxic environment which may be bringing out the people's bad side. You could be tempted to end friendships or distance yourself from them for fear of absorbing bad energy and turning confrontational like them. Unfortunately, this is not an easy thing to do and perhaps it may even be worth your time to salvage the relationships by finding common ground.
Cooking lobsters which turn to babies I dreamed I was tossing lobsters into a large vat of boiling oil, but as they landed they became my children only as babies. I was horrified and weeping inconsolable. I just kept praying to God I would wake up and it would be a dream. But the dream was very vivid. The lobsters in your dream represent strength and fortitude. You are often focused on your goals and motivated to achieve them. The drawback to this is that you often work yourself to exhaustion, forgetting to take care of yourself and perhaps even neglecting loved ones. In this context, the boiling oil means you want to take it easy for a change. Unfortunately, prioritizing leisure would compromise the success of your plans. This is illustrated by the lobsters turning into babies. You cried in the dream because of unrealized potential and failed ideas due to lack of time or other commitments. You need to find a balance between your well-being and your need to succeed, even on a smaller scale.
Unusual objects inside a cracked egg 33, female. I was cracking eggs into a bowl when I picked up one that was a little soft and had a dark patch. I cracked it carefully as I thought it might have gone off. Two yolks came out, then I placed it on the side because it looked like there was an unformed bird inside. The shell went all soft, like play dough, so the inside opened up and I saw there were objects in the egg. I could see a corner of letter, and some other things. I called for my ex to come over to look. The dream ended. This dream vision seems to represent your current state in reality. Cracking eggs is often associated with minor negative occurrences. More specifically, the two yolks and the under-formed bird suggest that you have some opportunities to make the best of a situation or get ahead in some way, but you lack the motivation or desire to do so. Perhaps some extended period of discomfort has been weighing you down, such as having to live on a tight budget or share a space with annoying roommates. This is also supported by the corner of the letter you envisioned, a sign often associated with sadness and impatience. You may need to eliminate the source of your heartache before you can begin to fix you current situation to your liking.
Not being served at a restaurant Dining out with strangers at a pizza and pasta restaurant and not getting served my food while everyone else is eating. Dining out with strangers at a restaurant suggests you are on the cusp of making decisions that may have a major impact on your life in the future. This could be anything from starting a family to moving to a new country. Very exciting and interesting propositions may soon appear on your doorstep. However, not being served in this vision does not mean you would be unable to achieve this possible future. Rather, it means you would need to step up and advocate for yourself in order to make progress. For instance, instead of just dreaming about starting a new life in a foreign country, you would need to research possible job opportunities and start learning a new language.
Eggs and salad on the table Being in the kitchen and sitting in a chair at the table with many eggs on the table. Having a salad with lettuce/tomato/cucumber in front of me on the table. First of all, the kitchen table predicts an upcoming gathering with family or friends. Somebody may be celebrating a birthday or a loved one may be sharing big news. Second, the presence of many eggs alludes to joy and a generous spirit. You are going to be overjoyed by the coming occasion and the people you care about will be happy to share their blessings with everyone. Finally, the salad represents having a reliable and loving family. This whole dream just shows you how blessed you are to have great people around you. If you have been feeling low or lonely lately, then you can look forward to a great reunion surrounded by the people you love.
Vegetarian food being offered Vegetarian versus non-vegetarian food offered. Dreaming about being offered vegetarian and regular food at the same time is symbolic of feeling lonely or not needed by others around, so you may become prone to temptations.
Peaches and nectarines Peaches and nectarines in a basket. The basket of fruits in your dream is an allusion to a bountiful blessing. Specifically, the peaches refer to happiness since the juicy sweetness of this fruit is often used as a metaphor for love and joy. Meanwhile, the nectarines depict contentment. You could fall in love and find bliss in this loving relationship or you may find emotional fulfillment in a new undertaking. The basket is also associated with the womb, so perhaps this is a prediction of pregnancy. Someone in your family could conceive and bring a bundle of joy into this world.
Avocado salad Avocado salad. If you are deciding to start a project or invest in a new business, this dream means you need the help of a powerful, capable person, who perhaps is even sharing in your aspirations.
Peppers and green onions I dreamed of seeing vertical trays of cut green peppers and green onion tops. I also saw old school girlfriend in the dream near the peppers. I only saw the peppers and onions at at glance, they were just there. The green onions and peppers in your dream likely mean you need to add more spice to your life. Perhaps you are feeling bored and you are looking for more stimulation or excitement, maybe by meeting new people or going on an adventure. The presence of the girl from your past is a symbol of an idealized past. Maybe you want to relive past experiences because of how much you dislike the present. It is also possible that you are thinking of reaching out to old friends and reconnecting with people you may have lost touch with because of changing priorities.
A frozen egg A frozen egg with a broken shell. Dreaming about an egg or eggs in a frozen condition indicate a current or upcoming period of low productivity, perhaps being unable to come up with new ideas because someone is negatively affecting your psyche.
Eating almonds Shelling and eating almonds. During this dream, if feelings were positive, then you are being praised and appreciated by someone, if you did not like it, prepare to be soon unpleasantly surprised by someone or something.
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