Healer asking to prepare food I dreamt of a traditional healer asking me to make her a soft porridge, but not on a stove. I remember stirring and putting in brown sugar. Dreaming about helping a healer to prepare potions or food is generally a positive symbol which predicts major improvements in you social status, ability to communicate with those around you more efficiently and with favorable outcomes, both for you and these people. Sweet and soft food in a dream is also indicative of drastic improvements in your overall well-being, mood and other aspects of your waking life, which would definitely help you enjoy life and company of other people around.
Eating a ripe mango I was eating a big ripe mango. Dreaming about eating ripe fruits, especially the kinds you do not consume as everyday food, is symbolic of your dreams and aspirations getting one step closer to becoming reality and "ripe for the picking". The odds are in your favor that you may soon gain success in your chosen path in terms of your career, business, project or personal relationships. Consequently, people would accord you the respect and admiration.
Eating fried fish Dreamt I was in a cafeteria eating fried fish. Being in a cafeteria can have two meanings depending on the location. If it was inside a school, it means you may be feeling stressed due to a busy schedule. If it was not in a school or if the location was indiscernible, it suggests you have recently been surrounded by a lot of people. In either case, the image of the fried fish predicts dealing with some grave illness or disease in the near future. It is likely connected to either being stressed or being in contact with other people. You may want to visit the doctor or be careful about your health in the coming weeks.
Buying nuts and giving them away Please what is the meaning of seeing a man with me buying pink and yellow cola nut. He gave out two of the cola nuts to those that begged him. He was chewing one and I woke up. I'm a female. Seeing a stranger buying and passing out food of any kind indicates that you are to receive some interesting and potentially important information soon. However, if you do not act on it quickly, others may learn of it and take advantage of the situation. This is represented by the stranger passing out the nuts to those who asked for them. The image of the stranger chewing one of these nuts at the end of the vision suggests whoever currently has this information benefits from sharing it with others, so while you want to act as soon as possible, you should also be cautious or fact check before committing yourself totally.
Being left out during dinner I dreamt I was at a church fellowship dinner. They had lots of food and extra pancakes and muffins leftover from breakfast. I went to sit and eat with my large family. I became angry that my mom ate my blueberry muffin because she "thought you didn't want it", but I hadn't even sat to eat it yet. I even went looking for another one but they were out. I was so pissed. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream to interpret, we would like to offer the following pieces of information which you may want to try putting together by yourself. Finding yourself at a large gathering, like a dinner with members of your church congregation, often represents attending such an event in real life. You may have recently been to one or there might be one scheduled in the near future. Having a conflict with your mother in a dream may suggest rising tensions in your family situation. You may have recently noticed some minor conflicts taking place, or higher stress levels. Alternatively, this symbol could portend some unlucky, unfortunate event which could negatively affect the people who are close to you, particularly inside your own family.
Eating mangos I dreamed that my sister gave me yellow mangoes which I enjoyed eating. She was carrying mangoes on her dress together with my other sisters. What does it mean? The yellow color of the mangoes suggests you are about to go through some difficult or sad period of time in the near future. However, the image of your sister giving you the fruit does not imply she is the cause of this mischief. Rather, the giving and receiving of fruit symbolizes the love between you and all your sisters. This dream, therefore, predicts that even though you may face some challenges, your family, particularly your sisters, are there to support and care for you.
Food in clear water Lots of food in clear overflowing water going downward. Both an abundance of food and clear, running water are auspicious signs pointing to both wealth and happiness. They indicate the collection and enjoyment of material possessions, as well as the peace of mind that accompanies financial security, especially from hard work. This dream is a sign to relax and reap the benefits of your labors.
Cooking with the boss and not gettting meat I dreamt I was preparing food with my boss. After that she put the dishes out and didn't give me meat, only the vegetables. Cooking a meat dish in a dream generally predicts a period in your waking life blessed with material wealth and filled with joy. However, noticing in the dream that some of the food was taken away from you, especially if it was a dish containing meat, signifies that you will be hurt or treated badly by some disrespectful and ignorant people. This dream can also be a warning of hassles and headaches coming from people who depend on you or who are your subordinates, for instance at your workplace.
Collard greens for Christmas dinner I've dreamt of someone opening a can of collard greens in my house which was for Christmas dinner. Although this is a very specific dream vision which is difficult to interpret based on the exact image you had experienced, in general, opening a can containing food is symbolic of going back to old relationships or rekindling forgotten friendships. At the same time, the setting in which this dream took place could also indicate that it might not be something you really want to go back to, or this person or these people would not be interesting and exciting, the way it used to be in the past, and you may just find ways to brush off their advances.
Discovering a spider on a plate halfway through a meal I had a dream today hat I was very hungry and had dinner prepared for me on a big plate. I was eating it and it was so delicious and good until I ate almost half of it. Then I saw a big fat fuzzy spider with long legs spread out laying on my plate mixed with food together. I completely stopped eating and lost my appetite, I started shaking. Someone said "What's wrong? Do what? Eat it, it is the same kind of protein that we eat every day". But I left. And I woke up. Being very hungry at the beginning of your dream is a positive sign associated with meeting new people who you can bond with deeply and form a lasting connection with. This person or group of people is likely to have a strong influence on you, teaching you important life lessons or helping you make beneficial changes in your life. Losing your appetite suggests that they fit seamlessly into your life as it is, meaning you may already be aware that they exist but have not taken advantage of their presence, possibly because you feel embarrassed or shy. The spider on your plate in the middle of the dream, however, indicates a period of misfortune which may force your hand, in this case, causing you to rely on their support whether you want to or not.
Bothered by fish appearing on the menu I dreamt I was in a diner and two of the same kind of fish were on the menu listed twice but misspelled the second time. It bothered me terribly. Fish as a meal item indicate a lack of attention to detail, especially in relationships. You may not be paying as much attention to your partner's wants and needs as much as you should or, if you are single, a person you are interested in may not feel like you take their feelings into consideration when choosing activities. The misspelling of the name of the second fish represents the failure of some venture you are currently undertaking, most likely the relationship you are currently in or pursuing. Unless you can change your ways, you may not be able to hold onto this other person for a long time.
Worms in chicken soup I was cooking chicken soup and found little worms in it. Dreaming about cooking chicken soup represents being in a happy, calm state of mind. Things in your life are probably relatively peaceful and drama-free at the moment. However, finding worms in your pot is an ominous sign predicting this serenity may not last much longer. Specifically, envisioning worms in soup indicates the rise of a powerful enemy from somewhere nearby, such as your place of work or in your community. This person is willing to go to extremes to surpass you or take what is rightfully yours because of jealousy and envy. You should keep a watchful eye out for those who may seek to overthrow you in the future.
Snatching a small watermelon and being caught In a clean swimming pool I pick up a small watermelon, put it in a bag, but one person becomes nosy and checks my bag, pushes it and the watermelon has one crack and a little water comes out. Dreaming about a cut or cracked watermelon could be telling you that you are not experiencing real pleasure from your sexual life and this is causing you much dissatisfaction. Most of the time, you are forced to fake being satisfied just to avoid hurting your partner's feelings. This could also be occurring because of suspicions of infidelity or cheating, as the nosy person in this dream signifies.
Eating bacon appearing from a hand I just had a dream that there was like these strips and strips of cooked bacon coming out of my hand. I used to love bacon but, now only eat it by spells. Since the dream spells have been a little less up until about a month ago. I started eating bacon again in spurts. The symbol of bacon in traditional dream interpretation has been connected to survival, just as it has been a staple food for many in reality. Dreaming about it signifies that you may have some concerns about your livelihood, maybe you have recently lost a job or are unsure about your future. Bacon in dreams can also have a close association with money, which could mean you are dissatisfied with your earnings or unable to provide enough for yourself or members of your family. These worries and concerns could be generating the images of bacon you experience in your dreams.
Gathering fruit from a tree In my dream, I saw a big Soursop tree and I harvested and gathered many Soursop fruit and I was so excited. To dream that you harvesting fruits from a tree symbolizes that you are being rewarded for all of the determination that you have shown in your daily work. It could mean finalizing a deal which would bring you a considerable monetary incentive, or increasing profits from applying unconventional strategies and approaches which will help you improve your personal life situation.
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