Dreaming about tomatoes Dream of seeing tomatoes. Dreaming about tomatoes in general, without any additional details or other specific recollections, could signify growing feelings of guilt and remorse as a result of being involved in a secret affair or episodes of cheating and adultery. However, if they were envisioned as healthy plants with ripe red tomatoes, it could also be an indication of happiness and harmony inside the relationship with someone special, which could imply that the secrets about outside affairs are well-kept.
Increasing quantities of bread I went to my former school and was eager to meet some people I played soccer with, but whilst looking for these people, I bought some kind of bread and this bread became so much as more people around me were also eating it. The food never finished, but became more appealing to the eyes. This dream vision starts our positively but does contain a warning as well. Dreaming of bread that seems to be never-ending portends being happy and content with your life, especially as you get older. You are likely to have more than enough of everything you need, giving you a chance to share your bounty with others. However, playing soccer in this vision can represent the presence of someone who would like to prevent you from reaching this state, either because they want it for themselves or just out of spite. You should be wary of people who may seem to be excessively interested in your financial goals and personal welfare.
Finding and eating eggs I was running around a strange fancy house and it was like I HAD to find these eggs and eat them raw, but the one I ate turned black in my mouth and I spat it out. All the eggs where white. I would really like to know what this means. This vision is primarily concerned with your future goals and ambitions. Specifically, being in an unfamiliar but well-furnished abode suggests that now is the time to act and reach for the stars. However, despite the timing being right, taking a chance like this is still a gamble. The white eggs you are searching for represent the health and happiness you seek, but the rotten egg you happened to consume could portend a possible bad result if you are unlucky.
A toast A toast Seeing toast in dreams can symbolize different things, depending on the appearance of the bread. Lightly toasted, delicious-looking toast could represent unity and closeness among the members of your family, meaning you are likely to experience improved understanding between you and other members of household. On the other hand, burnt toast could be interpreted as an ominous sign that you might be attending a funeral in the near future.
Food appearing from the sky at will I saw a square UFO-type craft flying above the city and after that, having dinner with friends, anytime someone said the name of a food, it fell from the sky on top of their heads... Weird. Dreaming about a UFO or another strange, unrecognizable flying object could represent receiving some unwelcome, disheartening information about yourself or someone within your family. It is likely something which was hidden from you by those you trusted, which only adds salt to the wound. However, envisioning food which suddenly appears out of nowhere suggests that this secret was kept with the best of intentions and that your family and friends only want the best for you.
A woman offering fresh milk A woman giving me fresh milk. Dreams about fresh milk are most often related to feelings of nostalgia, a subconscious longing to go back to simpler, happier times. Be it a childhood friend or a particular place from your past that you have fond memories of, you might want to reach out, go back and reconnect. It could be an enriching and beneficial experience for you.
Picking peppers Dreaming of picking peppers Depending on the context, this dream could have several meanings. If you envisioned yourself picking peppers growing on a plant, it means that you are currently preoccupied with saving money and being budget-minded. You could be trying to save every penny to make your household more money-efficient. If you dreamed about picking peppers from a store shelf or at the market, it could predict having to deal with people who would make you feel irritated, uncomfortable or tired, these could be some unexpected guests or salespeople showing up at your door uninvited or when you least expect it to happen.
Dividing the shrimp up My dream was about my deceased grandma taking food (shrimp ) from me, after I split the amount of shrimp up evenly and I remember the amount of shrimp was 7, but when I split it up I split them into 4 1/2 a piece which makes no sense at all to me in real time? Portioning shrimp in this dream could be symbolic of having to divide a small pile of available money among many fiscal responsibilities. After paying your bills and buying food, you may be left with little for pleasure or even to create a safety net for yourself. However, the image of your grandmother taking the shrimp from your hands suggests you should not excessively preoccupy yourself with these things. Your family and friends are always there to help you when you need it and would be happy to support you through difficult times.
Trying to cook and eat baby elephants My mother has seen this dream. She has seen 3 newly born baby elephants. She has fried three of them and she has eaten one of them and thrown away it because of feeling, an unpleasant feeling, and has poured water to the other two. Then they were alive again. Elephants on their own represent dissatisfaction in your communication with others, so the birth of three elephants at one time suggests that not only is it a recent situation in her life, but it is not limited to one person. This is followed by her frying and trying to eat one of the elephants, which predicts a disruption to the balance and harmony in her life. This might mean that the communication issues she is having are not with strangers but with people she is quite familiar with. This situation may lead to some embarrassment, as pouring water on the elephants at the end of the vision suggests, as healing the breach in the relationship might reveal some aspect of your mother's character she may better keep undisclosed.
Candy turning into cockroaches Eating a bag of chocolate-covered raisins and they drop from my hand and burst into cockroaches and swarm my room. In general, chocolate in a dream represents propensity to or obsession with luxuries and vices. Eating a bag of chocolates implies that you may be indulging too much in unhealthy habits or activities that are slowly getting out of control. Not surprisingly, the swarm of cockroaches appearing as a consequence, warns you that these actions and behavioral traits need to be addressed and dealt with before things start getting out of hand.
Ice cream perceived to be enormous in size In my dream I was in a giant bowl of ice cream and my giant boyfriend was going to eat me. But just before he did, a whole bunch of giant balls of candy sprinkles were coming at me like mount-size boulders, they were going to squish me, then I woke up. Dreaming about unusually large food items predicts upcoming losses in your life, particularly in regards to material possessions and money. This is likely due to your own issues managing the responsibilities you have been trusted with or difficulties following through on important tasks. This is supported by the grotesque image of your boyfriend looking larger than in wake life, which represents a recent increase in the amount of work you have or the amount of stress you are under. In this situation, you may have suddenly gained power, but are struggling to maintain it and be productive, leading to a precarious situation for you and possible negative outcomes in your progress at work.
Being served with a strange-looking burger I was at McDonald's and when I ordered my sandwich, they gave me a burnt miniature-sized top bun with regular sized patty. This dream of a less-than-stellar burger is emblematic of your personal appetite. You might have lingering feelings of dissatisfaction in some areas of your life, whether physical, emotional, intellectual or even spiritual. Perhaps you feel like your life should be better than its current state. This disappointment is reflected in the mini top bun covering the regular-sized patty, suggesting that you feel you have more to offer, but life is not giving you the right bun to complement the meat, so to speak. However, all It takes is the right opportunity at the right time to help you reach your potential.
Food eaten by a teacher I arrive at the dining table and my father tells me joyfully that my favorite dish has been eaten by my teacher (my favorite teacher). Dinner is usually symbolic of an end of a phase or a situation. To dream that someone eats or takes away your food or favorite dish is a sign of separation from your loved ones, or in extreme cases a treason or betrayal. It could be that you are about to embark on a journey that takes you away from your family for an extended period. The happy disposition of your father and the presence of your favorite teacher are both positive references to the nature of your pending travel or the new chapter you are entering.
Tacos inside the head My dream was that I was in a place and had a head full of tacos. Dreaming of tacos signifies possibilities. Try to recall the type of tacos sitting on your head because these details could allow you to come up with more specific interpretations of this symbol. For instance, if the taco shell is hard and crispy, then your approach to such opportunities will be tough and uncompromising. If the shell is soft and limp, then it implies flexibility and adaptability. If it is a palace and not a generic place that you find yourself in, then this corroborates the taco symbol because palaces are associated with luxury and grandeur. The tacos serve as your crown in the dream or the opportunities that may ensure your rise to prominence.
Eating fruits in a rushed manner I was eating some fruits quite hastily. It was a moment I really wanted to gobble them up one after the other. Dreaming about eating fruit in a dream vision usually points toward a decline in moral behavior or you internal ethical values and standards. You may have recently learned or seen something which really affected your view of your fellow humans. You could say you have lost faith in the good nature of people. The vigor with which you consumed the fruit could also point to this being a recent event, though that does not change the seriousness of the frustration you may currently be experiencing.
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