Food falling out of the skies I dreamt that I was in my yard just before sunset and suddenly as I look up into the sky, I saw a big stainless steel bowl rolling from above and fell into my yard, as I looked up again, it was followed by a second, third, fourth and even big containers with cooked and uncooked food that I was catching into my hands before they reached the ground. I was calling for my family to come and see what I was seeing and my kids came out of the house and were watching me just catching all these containers. Seeing multiple containers of food raining down from the heavens could represent things being out of place in terms of your financial record keeping. Food is important and usually belongs in a certain area for storage, so seeing food falling about the yard could indicate the numbers of your calculations may be scattered to the four winds. In essence, this vision can be taken as a warning to get your finances organized and on track before something terrible happens, something like a government investigation or a gross miscalculation in what you are able to afford.
Eating earthworms I was ordering my usual dish in a dream, but in real life it wasn't my usual at all, and I always eat the earthworms, but this time I started to chew it and then I spit it out on the ground and threw up from looking at it and some unidentified people were watching me that were right next to me and they all seemed upset. Eating or chewing worms in dreams is actually a positive sign. It means that you could triumph in your current endeavors, whether a promotion you are gunning for or a new undertaking. Ingesting earthworms portends praise and appreciation being bestowed upon you. However, spitting them out implies that the accolades you could receive will leave a bitter taste in your mouth. The saying "Be careful what you wish for" is apt in this vision - a realization that maybe what you want is not what you really need.
Being exposed to food offerings laid out on tables I dreamt two of my friends were directing me to a management office. I asked them to accompany me, but they refused. They just shouted "Go in!". After that I went in, but nobody was in the management office. I found two different types of food on different tables. One was noodle and the other was a cooked big white fish that was garnished with different vegetables. I took a big portion of the fish with vegetables. I want to know what is the dream interpretation. I am a student. This dream symbolically represents giving into temptation and should be regarded as a warning against selfish, self-serving behavior. Initially refusing to enter the management office in this vision indicates a strong understanding of morals, what is right and wrong, although entering the office at your friends' urging suggests you are susceptible to peer pressure when push comes to shove. Additionally, taking part in the cooked fish indicates that your motives may be self-centered, such as being prone to initiating unnecessary competition or trying to get more than your fair share. While this behavior is often essential to get ahead of others, you may want to be careful that it does not become a habit or even an addiction.
Searching for a place to dine in I was on a bicycle with my cousin (first cousin, male) talking about an old friend. And then we search for some eating places and then settle on Momo's shop. He asks me to order. I did. I don't remember eating in this dream. To dream that you are riding a bicycle alludes to your desire to achieve a semblance of balance in your waking life. In the dream, you and your cousin are looking for a place to eat. This search for food suggests a lingering sense of dissatisfaction in some area in your life, whether personal or professional. Perhaps you have been looking for a purpose or something that will give you satisfaction. Your subconscious is advising you to reflect and ruminate over your choices to get to a state of clarity.
A girl cooking fish I saw a girl who was cooking food, after the cooking she passed me by and I saw on her plate two big fishes cooked and some other stuff. Seeing a woman you do not know cooking or carrying cooked fish points to troublesome or stressful situations that may plague your life in the near future. You could find yourself feeling disappointed and in turn disappointing people who would otherwise depend on you. Try to maintain low expectations and you may be able to deal with what life throws at you.
Cooking turtle soup from a giant tortoise I had a dream that I was catering a party and the main course was turtle soup. The turtle that was delivered was about 4 feet in diameter. My boyfriend was going to cook the soup for me. The next morning I told him about the dream and he said "I know I had a hard time getting that turtle in the pot". To dream about catering a party alludes to your tendency to place other people's needs over yours. You could be feeling a bit overworked or underappreciated in your service toward others. As turtles represent longevity and faithfulness, it is possible that your mind is trying to tell you to slow down and practice a steady pace in your day-to-day duties. On the other hand, turtle soup indicates getting involved in an exciting venture which could at the same time put you in a compromising situation. Try not to get too caught up in the moment and fail to consider the consequences of your decisions. Be wise in your choices and protect yourself from the harsh realities of life.
Milk and pumpkin being cooked on the stove It was a day dream. I saw milk container on the stove. Milk was boiling and was partially covered with a lid. On lid, a half pumpkin was placed, so it was cooked by bottom only. Meaning? Milk that is boiling on the stove and becoming unusable later indicates past actions coming back to haunt you, especially actions that were done without thinking or for illogical reasons. A pumpkin could represent facing setbacks because of these past decisions, particularly in regards to your finances. You may have to do a lot of work and make painful sacrifices to turn this situation around.
Boiled eggs in a bag I had a dream about 100's of boiled eggs in a bag, but they were all peeled! Hard-boiled eggs in a dream represent drought and, to some extent, famine caused by the lack of water. The great quantity of eggs speaks of the severity of the issue, although it is unclear whether this vision is meant for you specifically or whether it could affect your community at large. The notion that the eggs were peeled could point to some existing extreme conditions you are already noticing around you. In either case, you should take measures to preserve water and encourage others to be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Dropping cooked rice and a sad friend I had a pot with cooked rice in it and suddenly it broke and contents fell on to a prayer mat.. Before that I also dreamed of a friend whom I lost contact with, he was extremely sad in the dream. Cooking rice is symbolic of new responsibilities in your life, some of which may not be immediately apparent to you. Seeing the pot that you were using to cook the rice fall and break spilling the contents portends the possibility of failure regarding these new responsibilities. Try to be careful with the tasks that you may soon be assigned and you should be fine in the long run.
Increasing quantities of tiffins A relative (female) with a tiffin and a bag. Later, as the bags open, there are more tiffins showing up, 2 more tiffins. What can this dream possibly mean? Seeing tiffins increase in numbers is an auspicious sign associated with being treated well and hospitably by others, particularly those in the service industries. If you are about to go on a business trip or vacation, you can expect excellent service and, depending on your luck, a possibly upgrade to your accommodations.
Being impatient while cooking food Dreamt of making food, food taking long. God told me "Son, don't worry, the food will be done soon". To dream of preparing or cooking food is a warning about troubles that may affect your personal life or a possible conflict you are about to go through in order to get your point across. You may be having trouble communicating and using a roundabout method to argue your side, but eventually you will be able to convey the message. Or you could be waiting for a project to wrap up or a deal to be closed. While things may take longer than you expect, they will eventually go your way.
Spitting out rotten apples and throwing them away I have dreamed that I entered in a garden full of fruits an I picked up one apple fruit and ate just once, I found the apple was full of worms and I spit and threw the apple, and also one goes inside my back side of my mouth, but forcefully I spit it out. Please tell me what that could mean? An apple infested with worms foretells falsehoods you would soon encounter. These circumstances may misguide you or take you off the path leading to your goals. The garden full of fruits point to different opportunities that may be present in your future. However, choose the tree well, because those offers that may seem too good to be true may end up being rotten inside and leaving you with no room for career or personal growth. So choose well.
Trying to buy fish at a restaurant In a busy restaurant, saw a pair of fresh fish, I was there to buy cooked fish. Initially, I was denied as everything was sold, however, I got few pieces of fried fish. Please summarize. Looking for fried fish in your dream points to heart-related issues which could afflict you in the future. Your calorie intake may be high, you could get temperamental too often or there may be a history of similar afflictions in your family. In any case, it wouldn't be a bad idea to get a physical examination, better to be safe than sorry.
Apples stuck in eyelids preventing from sleeping I was trying to go to sleep but stacks of red apples were between my eyelids, keeping them open. If I closed my eyes, a castle would crumble to pieces. While a little strange and quirky, the meaning behind this vision should be taken seriously. Red apples represent opportunity and blessings, so seeing them in the context of a dream vision is usually very auspicious. The same holds true for the feeling you experienced about the castle crumbling if you close your eyes. This means that if you do not keep working hard using the opportunities you have been given, you may find that your future plans have dried up before you have a chance to use them. It is a warning to keep doing your best and to not get complacent.
Eating food with a rival I dreamed I was having dinner with my rival, we were eating white rice. To dream that you are eating white rice with a rival is a promising sign. This could be a foreshadowing of reconciliation or future collaboration. There may soon be a shift in your relationship from competitive to collaborative. The white grains represent nourishment and cultivation of ideas, at least in your professional capacity, which may transform into an unlikely friendship.
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