Eating an egg I dreamt picking a boiled egg from my former husband's bed and eating it without his knowledge. This vision can have two possible meanings depending on the context. In some cases, eating a boiled egg can portend a rough, uneven path on the way to success, meaning you could have trouble getting the results you want in the time frame you expected. This is especially true of business endeavors and romantic relationships. Because the egg came from your ex-husband's bed and was eaten without his knowledge, it could be a sign of wanting to start a new relationship and maybe have children without his knowledge.
Mother buying beef My mother bought beef and brought it home. Beef as a symbol in dreams refers to raw and wild energy. It can also point to disagreements and animosity. So bringing home the beef alludes to a grudge your mother possibly holds over someone. She carries it with her up to now. Perhaps you need to communicate this issue with her in case this grudge is in any way connected to you because of its appearance in your vision.
Cooking ingredients Hey, I saw two different dreams. In first I saw maize flour. In second I saw fresh lady finger (okra). In real life, I am jobless and unmarried, and I am not getting any marriage proposals. Kindly interpret for me. Thanks. Dreams centered around the idea of specific foods, especially when seen in multiple visions, could predict a period of renewal in your life. This means you may get a makeover, go through a spiritual enlightenment or have a change of heart, which could drastically alter you either on the inside or outside. These circumstances could bring forth other changes, if used to your best advantage.
Carrying palm seeds in a container I saw myself carrying a basin filled with palm kernels in the dream. Dreaming that you are carrying a basin or bowl filled with seeds, palm kernels in this case, portends a period of illness and health issues. If you see any suspicious symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor. Any affliction you may end up suffering would more than likely be a temporary one.
Refusing to eat a stolen pig Me and my mother where walking on a road and saw a little pig (not a baby pig). I helped my mum take it (steal) from a man and than she sent it to someone to kill it. Later, I saw myself sitting at a table with my relatives where the pig was being served as food. I felt really guilty and didn't want to eat the pig, I started crying and couldn't help, but think of never having to eat meat ever again. Guilt was mostly coming from my love of animals and it being cute. I wanted to stop them but didn't. Pigs tend to represent selfishness and gluttony in dream visions, so stealing a pig from someone could be interpreted as the embodiment of or witnessing such characteristics, either your own or someone else's. If you feel that this is the case pertaining to you personally, you may feel you are more valuable than your circumstances show, giving you justification for behavior and actions that would, in your eyes, lift you above those around you. Seeing the pig on your dinner table later in the vision could predict that traits such as thievery, gossip or bad behavior in general do not stick to you easily. The guilt you feel in the dream vision is much the same as you would feel in wake life, meaning that while you may be tempted to take advantage of certain situations in life for your benefit, your moral and ethical standards would never allow you to proceed.
Red meat Red meat Red or raw meat represents some hardships in your path. These could be linked to a particular project you have underway or a certain goal you are working on accomplishing. As long you keep your eye on the objective, any issue that may arise shouldn't be able to stop you from reaching it.
Milk becoming yogurt First night I saw a tank of powdered milk, my close friend brought it to me, but I was confused about it because I didn't ask for it. Next day I saw that this tank of milk became yogurt. Milk on its own is a powerful symbol representing both material wealth and prosperity. However, milk that has not yet reached its full potential (like milk in a powdered form) could indicate that the skills and traits you have which could lead to an increase in your quality of living are not being utilized. Seeing the powdered milk become yogurt, a milk product, represents the development of those skills and the benefits that come from using them to your best advantage.
Eating maize I had a dream that I was eating maize. Please what is the meaning? Dreaming that you are eating maize could be interpreted as a warning. You may soon find yourself suffering some minor losses in the near future. Things such as material possessions of little value or perhaps the disbandment of a music group you like to listen to. While somewhat troubling, experiences like these would only aim to make you stronger in the end.
Drinking yogurt I dreamt about drinking yogurt and enjoying it alongside with some friends. Yogurt symbolizes cooperation and customs, usually associated with meeting new people. In the context of your dream, drinking yogurt represents a need to adapt to certain events and occasions. It is always tricky to read human beings and gauge their motivations. You could be engaging in some networking events sometime soon and this dream vision reveals your apprehensions about behaving appropriately while asserting yourself in such capacity.
Bad tasting milk given by a woman When I was cleaning my books, a woman came and gave me milk. I was drinking milk. But there was something in the milk. But i drank it. The taste of milk was bad. Cleaning books or tidying up around you in general in a dream suggests you are not taking advantage of the opportunities available to you, most likely because you are preoccupied with tedious, unimportant tasks. Sour milk or milk which has a bad taste, then, represents a period of bad luck developing from this situation. If you wish to avoid the upcoming negative circumstances, it may be wise to put yourself out there more and try to actively pursue whatever comes your way.
Being in line for food I was in a line to get free food. I was no 2 but people behind me come and take food and go. It was difficult for me to save my own food, but I ended up doing it. Being in line with people cutting to get ahead of you for food portends delayed plans and unmet expectations. You may be too lenient bordering on being a pushover. This could hurt your chances in your career if you do not learn to assert yourself. Alternatively, it could refer to the value of patience. Sometimes you just have to wait for circumstances to go your way in order to achieve your dreams and aspirations.
Men giving food Two men give me food to eat. To dream of being given food to eat is an auspicious vision. The two men represent your good luck and fortune because you may soon find yourself enjoying a happy and satisfactory period in your life. All aspects of your existence would settle down into a comfortable pace where you need not worry too much about your immediate needs.
An egg sandwich cooked wrong I was served a slice of bread and a fried egg by a maid in my service. The yolk was runny, but unbroken. I said to myself "But I taught her how to fry an egg the way I like, why did she leave the yolk raw?". Then I went to the kitchen to cook it further. But the egg fell and disappeared in a gap between the wooden floor and the wall. I looked everywhere, but I couldn't find it. The dream ended before I found it. Eggs are highly symbolic of both the ethereal world and your awareness of things beyond the physical. Dreaming that your egg is under-cooked at the beginning of your vision, then, represents your frustration with those who cannot see past their own nose, people who are selfish and cannot consider opinions and feelings other than their own. Your desire to rectify the situation is understandable, however, dropping the egg and being unable to find it reveals the truth of the situation, namely, that you cannot open someone's eyes for them. This individual or group must be willing and able to find the truth on their own.
Eating rice mixed with fruit and meat Male. I dreamt where someone very close to me gave me rice mixed with fruit and meat to eat, and I did eat it. Please, would like to know the meaning. Eating a variety of foods in a dream vision, especially this particular mix, represents a mixed basket in terms of what the future holds. Rice is generally a positive sign indicating happiness with your familial relationships. However, eating fruit is sometimes associated with the opposite situation, suggesting you may be getting along well with some members of your family but poorly with others. Meat continues this theme, further adding that the stress of your bad relationships could put a damper on other aspects of your life unless you try to make amends or appease the other party.
Eating crab meat I was with a friend and they serve as food with crab as the meat. And I chewed the crab. Please what does that mean? Thanks. Dreams which involve eating crab meat are usually good indicators of your inability or reluctance to listen to what other people around you are saying. You could be caught up in a cycle of trying to look knowledgeable and savvy in other people's eyes while making sure you prevail. However, these one-sided views and opinions could hurt your relationships with other people in the long run.
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