Food sold in a forceful way Dreamt I bought a boiled egg forcefully and fried baked beans. I told the seller I don't want the egg, but he quickly crashed and gave me a white clean egg, so I ate in the dream. Both boiled eggs and beans are negative symbols associated with multiple issues occurring in wake life. While beans point toward small, insignificant nuisances getting on your nerves, boiled eggs could predict serious drought or other terrible forces of nature raining down upon you. In this way, your rejection of the food could represent avoiding a variety of disasters ranging in severity from minor to life-threatening. The clean, white egg at the end of the vision further supports this idea, showing your success in dealing with these troubles in a very short period of time.
Throwing up spaghetti Vomiting spaghetti. Seeing yourself vomiting in a dream portends the possibility that you may fall sick because of some kind of affliction in the near future. This dream could also be interpreted as a sign of declining health. Eating too much or too little, failing to take good care of yourself could mean that your overall well-being may soon take a turn for the worse.
Rice and chips that look bigger In my dream, I saw a big pile of white rice. I looked closer and I saw that it has bigger white grains and it looks delicious even if raw. Then I also saw on top of the big pile of rice, piles of potato chips and it's also bigger potato chips. It looks yummy, so I took some and ate it. It really looked yummy in my dream. What's the meaning of my dream? White rice in dreams is symbolically tied to the idea of positive energy swirling around you in wake life. While it may not be immediately apparent to you yet, it is likely to reveal itself slowly after experiencing this vision. The potato chips on top of the rice could also specifically point to where this luck could originate from. Potato-based snacks are often thought to be connected to work-related endeavors, so it could mean that you are about to get a promotion, raise or some intangible benefit from your place of work.
Eating with a musician I was eating with a musician. Musically inclined people are often thought to predict conflict entering your life. However, sharing a meal with someone related to this profession represents becoming successful or having a good life. In this case, it seems like you have the ability or desire to take a situation which is causing you grief and turn it into something really spectacular.
Eating raw chicken and arguing Was cutting up and eating raw chicken with a glass of orange juice, then remember arguing with my mother. Eating raw chicken in a dream symbolizes certain subconscious worries. These concerns could be regarding work, business or health. It is possible, however, that this worries are completely unfounded. Not only that, the orange juice that you drink alongside the raw chicken represents the possibility of achieving great things, either at work, with a particular investment or at school.
Food turning into feces I am a 30 years old guy. I had a dream that my brother and I were traveling, we decided to eat so that we could have strength to work. But after just a bite, an odor just came, then we realized that there was shit in that place. So I went to another place, it was the same because shit was everywhere. I nearly vomited the food. So, I stopped eating and paid and we left. Thank you. Traveling with a close family member in a dream, your brother in this case, suggests that you are about to go through a period of material loss or misfortune. Your brother, as seen in this vision, would be there for you during this difficult period when other friends or less reliable family members would possibly be willfully ignorant of your pain and suffering. Seeing and smelling feces in your food could predict one of two things. On one hand, it could represent becoming depressed and despondent due to your situation. On the other hand, it could predict something out of the ordinary happening which turns your situation around completely.
White rice on a plate I dreamed of white cooked rice on a plate, with greens in it. Sitting on the table, in a bright lit room waiting for me... A light like it could had been in heaven. A plate of cooked white rice is often thought to be a warning for the dreamer. It suggests that you may fall on hard times and be restricted to a limited budget. You would have to carefully manage your funds and be aware of where your money is going, especially in regards to food and basic necessities. The greens on top of the rice support and enhance this symbolic vision. If you are currently well-off, it would be wise to save some of available money for emergency use.
Indulging in eating cake with others I was at a party, everybody was eating from the same cake, I was very excited to have my turn eating the cake and it was fabulous, especially the frosting!! Very nice moist fruit cake!! Seeing a lot of people at a party in your dream symbolizes your ability to keep good relationships with your friends or people you know. The cake you partake in is also a positive sign related to social gatherings. It indicates that you are about to host or be invited to a large social function where you can enjoy a pleasant, buzzing atmosphere and eat delicious food. During the course of the evening, you may find opportunities to meet new, interesting people or network with someone who may help you later. Given your propensity for maintaining relationships, this should be a very beneficial time for you.
Fried eggs, oil and bread I was sitting at a table with other people and a waitress brought a plate of fried eggs to the table. She then proceeded to mop up the oil on the plate of eggs when one of the guests leaned forward, took the plate and poured the oil onto a slice of bread on his plate in front of him. For a male dreamer, visions involving fried eggs may be associated with masculinity and sexual prowess. You may be concerned about erectile dysfunction or impotency. Alternatively, perhaps you feel your dating game and appeal to women need improvement. The oil being dumped onto another plate alludes to slick style and smooth moves that typically draw or attract certain women to men who show confidence and remain in control. Maybe this is a preoccupation you have in the waking world in an attempt to find a romantic partner.
Sister cooking beans and tomatoes I dreamed something so real. My sister was cooking beans and spicy tomatoes and I could taste the food. A dream about your sister cooking for you signifies the deep and profound connection you have with her. However, the fact that you envisioned her cooking beans along with spicy ingredients foretells the amount of insignificant problems you might find yourself surrounded with. Perhaps those problems pertain to your sister and you getting embroiled in petty quarrels or episodes of misunderstanding. However it's important to keep in mind that you should only pay attention to things which actually matter to make sure the bond between you and your sister remains intact.
Greens on church tables I am dreaming about greens, all I see is greens at every table at church. Being inside a church in your dream could be a fortuitous omen. It represents protection for you and and the people you hold dear to your heart. Even though certain events may take place which would make you worry about those close to you, it is likely that things are simply taking their course and nothing serious could affect your or their lives, as symbolized by the greens on every table you perceived in this dream.
Helping buy and transport food I dream of my uncle (mum's bro). He bought a basket full of food from wet market saying going to visit the 5th aunt. So I help him carry and try getting taxi, but no cab. Then I went to look and wanted to buy a shopping roller bag, but not suitable. Buying or carrying large quantities of food either predicts a well-off existence or that someone favors you and respects your opinion to a great extent. In your dream, being unable to load those purchased food products into a cab or a roller bag likely points to unrealized potential or a lucrative idea that did not quite take off yet. Perhaps you and your uncle are sitting on a great business venture or concept and you merely need the right vehicle or the right investors to properly implement it.
A coworker washing hands in soup I gave food in a house, food for my workmate and he washed his hand with water and soup. Giving food or offering some food to someone, in your case your colleague, is a symbol of sacrificing your time and effort. You may have a kind and generous nature and tend to give too much love in order to help someone. The downside of this is that you could end up covering up for someone else's mistakes as a gesture of friendship or loyalty. In such scenarios, being too giving could get you in trouble. Others may also take advantage of your good will.
Taking food from neighbors I dreamed of taking food from my neighborhood. Envisioning yourself taking food from your neighborhood is a warning. It suggests that you could be harming your business or projects because of low quality bookkeeping. This may include inaccurate entries or misleading records of expenses. If this is the case, use caution and take action to improve the quality of this area that is harming your work and jeopardizing your future.
Filling bags with rice and spilling it My aunt and my cousin were throwing rice over from bags to fill other bags in her shop. My cousin leaves, so my aunt asks me to continue, so I was filling up bags with rice, but 1 of the bags was burst and while throwing over, some of the rice went on the ground. Grains of rice generally allude to wealth, happiness and stability. As such, filling bags or sacks with rice to full capacity denotes your hard work and industry in trying to achieve your dreams. Once you put your heart and mind into reaching your goals, positive and agreeable circumstances would be your rewards. Interestingly, the bag that burst and the rice falling on the ground could be a metaphorical representation of the opportunities you have missed out on. Perhaps in focusing your mind on one thing, your passion for your dreams would start to dwindle, and you could end up wasting or disregarding valuable lessons that may help you succeed later on.
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