Eating leftover macaroni Please tell me the meaning of a dream about serving and eating a large quantity of leftover macaroni with guests. Macaroni, widely regarded as a comfort food, represents nostalgia and yearning for simpler times. As such, sharing large quantities of macaroni with guests likely reveals your tendency to dwell on the past. Leftovers likewise point to grudges and resentment. Perhaps your subconscious is urging you to let go of the past and make peace with things that you cannot change or have control over any more.
Roast fish being sold Seeing a roasted fish in the market and I have access to buy them. Seeing roast fish on sale in a dream is a good indication. It reflects having enough money and possessions to live a joyful and happy life. A market setting also connotes wealth and financial stability inside your household, either presently or in a short period of time following this dream. Being able to buy the fish points to your constant desire and efforts to provide for your needs as well as for others present in your household by using opportunities offered to you in your waking life.
A boiled egg stuck in the nose Swallowed a boiled egg and it got stuck in my nose. This dream vision could represent possible scarceness of money to buy basic necessities needed for everyday living. Perhaps you have been noticing signals of your extreme paucity for some time now. The hard boiled egg getting stuck in your nose could also mean that this condition would escalate to a higher level and you would feel the full impact of it. You are likely to experience this shortage of money for a while. Try to take this as a lesson learned, be wise with money and spending in the future to avoid repeating this kind of situation.
Eating peaches I was eating peaches. Eating peaches in the dream world represents a blissful existence. After all, the sweetness of this fruit is a metaphor for love and joy. More specifically, consuming this fruit could potentially be an allusion to an upcoming vacation or well-deserved getaway. This exciting journey would be more memorable because you get to spend it with your romantic partner or the object of your affection. Peaches also refer to intimacy and sensuality. In that sense, this vision may be an indication of being fully satisfied in all aspects of your life, including physical and emotional.
Salty popcorn Eating salty popcorn. Popcorn represents ideas and growth. To find yourself eating popcorn in your dream alludes to potential important ideas or a realization that would come to you in real life. However, salt depicts some hardships and difficulties. The salty popcorn may be a symbol of great things that you are going to achieve, but through some initial difficulties. If you are a person who does not like to bother others, you may need to now. You can confide in a family member, a colleague at work or a friend. This way, you can handle any upcoming challenges and emerge victorious.
Eating horrible-tasting food Eating horrible food which I cannot eat if I am not sleeping. Experiencing a dream about eating food you dislike could be a sign that you are to be affected by unpleasant events in the near future. You could experience a situation whereby you would require help but unable to receive it. The help may also come quite late at a time when you do not need it anymore. It can also be a sign of late news reaching you or not being able to locate a person you have been trying to find from your past. Overall, this dream is symbolic of being greatly displeased by a certain negative occurrence.
Eating corn and walking in dirty water I dreamt eating black corn placed on a white closed container full of white corn. I also dreamt walking in dirty water and there was a dead snake in the container. Corn is often considered a symbol of wealth in the dream world, so black corn mixed with white corn may represent alternating periods of prosperity and financial difficulty. Because each kernel of corn is relatively small, it suggests that these would appear more as minor fluctuations rather than major differences in lifestyle. The dirty water and the dead snake both reflect concerns you hold in your heart about this type of situation. However, you may be worrying more than necessary given the minor changes predicted.
Dropping eggs from a tray I dreamt of breaking some eggs I was carrying on a tray, I'm a male. Breaking eggs in the dream world alludes to self-destructive behavior. You could be feeling on edge due to stressful situations and a variety of responsibilities you need to attend to. The combination of stress and emotional fragility could lead to your breaking point. The worst that could happen is that you may be inclined to sabotage your own future and happiness for the sake of removing all expectations and burden on your back, so be mindful of your decisions, especially impulsive ones.
Tomatoes and lemons in a basket I saw some tomatoes and lemons placed in a basket. Tomatoes and lemons, as dream symbols, have an interesting interpretation when put together. Tomatoes often represent affairs or unlawful relationships, suggesting you have your eye on someone who is unavailable or are not condemning the advances of someone who is making moves on you. On the other hand, the lemons seem to indicate a desire to know why you are fine with this morally dubious situation. In a sense, you can see through these two symbols a willful, headstrong aspect of your personality and a mature, thoughtful side that wants to reflect on those feelings.
Giving mutton to a stranger I saw that I am giving away raw mutton to a stranger. The mutton is very good, from a healthy sheep. Mutton in a dream, especially when of good quality, represents success. In many cases it points to a promotion or other monetary benefits from working hard. Because you gave this meat to a stranger, it is possible that you are sacrificing your own future prosperity to help those whom you consider just as worthy, if not more so, than you. While this is both very gracious and valiant of you, it may not be in your best interests in the long run to keep putting off your own happiness.
Cooking cow's tongue I dreamt my aunt bought a cow's tongue to be prepared. I was frying it in a pan on a stove. I then prepared a staple with porridge substance. Cows tend to be positive symbols in dream visions as they usually represent prosperity and wealth. However, the tongue is often interpreted as a negative sign indicative of bad attitude or unkind words. In essence, the act of cooking the cow's tongue suggests you are not grateful for the blessing bestowed upon you or could be acting unappreciative to those who provide you with both physical amenities, such as food and clothes, and intangible things, like love and affection. The porridge your prepared alongside the cow tongue may reveal your subconscious understanding that this behavior is unacceptable and a desire to rectify any misunderstandings you may have caused.
Serving maize to people Female. I dreamt that I served white pap and maize to people. Thanks. Corn and corn-containing products are often symbols of prosperity in the dream world. Light-colored corn is especially auspicious, as it portends an increase in wealth and acquisition of objects of value. You may soon experience a noticeable increase in cash flow through new business or a gift. Furthermore, serving the corn reveals your generous nature, suggesting you would share your good fortune with friends and family.
A watermelon which is white inside Dream of cutting watermelon in half, but to my disappointment the watermelon was white inside but it was delicious. Dreaming about cutting open a watermelon signifies that you may be having some concerns about your sex life. Perhaps you are feeling dissatisfied with the way the relationship is progressing. It would be helpful if you become more vocal of your needs and desires. The notion of feeling disappointment at the color of the melon but satisfaction later on symbolizes that things would eventually work out and you would again enjoy the intimacy which you had once shared with your lover.
Grains in a sack turning to liquid I saw a big bag of white grains, looked almost like rice. But in my dream was a dog food. Then this stuff just got all watery and since it was a liquid, it spilled out of the bag on the floor. The bag was in my closet. What this means? A bag of grains in dreams generally symbolizes wealth and success. Since grains nourish living beings, it is seen as an indicator of prosperity. In that sense, having this bag of grains in your closet reveals your capability to succeed in the real world. However, its transformation into liquid form alludes to wasted potential. You may be a very smart and talented individual yet you are not using your skill set to be productive and improve your situation. Similarly, the closet may also point to the fact that you are hiding or not harnessing your full potential. Perhaps you are afraid of failure or disappointment, so you prefer staying in your comfort zone. Maybe its time to take some risk, otherwise you may miss out on once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.
Baking and eating a banana cake I and my sister baked a banana cake and ate it with two other friends. When you dream about baking a cake, it represents your hopes and aspirations, the dreams you want to come true. Things could start going your way and, since you mentioned your sister and your friends being present in the same dream, it could mean that all of them would be instrumental in order for you to accomplish your dreams and most likely find their own satisfaction as well. This means your goals are not entirely personal, but have the potential of improving the lives of others around you just as likely.
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