A phone glowing in a dark room I only remember the end of the dream. I was in a pitch black room with a girl that I have had feelings for from school. She has a smartphone that is glowing blue, and levitating above her hands. The smartphone is the only light in the room. The phone is also open and ready to be texted on. She attempts to give me the phone and says "You need to put yourself out there". I am 17, turning 18 soon. I am also male, thank you for the dream interpretation. The pitch black room is a projection of your fears and insecurities which could be holding you back. It likely points to your lack of knowledge about or experience in socializing with the opposite sex. In contrast, the smartphone symbolizes an opportunity for you to break free and widen your understanding of the world around you. It is hovering above the hands of the girl you like to illustrate the message that you have the power to make the first move in order to get to know her better, or at least meet new friends. This is your subconscious showing a way for you to have the courage to get out of your comfort zone and overcome episodic shyness.
Sending naked photos to someone I'm a lady and I had a dream about sending naked photos to another guy. I'm married, what does it mean? Sending naked photos to someone in the dream world means you may be hiding something from your husband. The secret may not necessarily be incriminating, although it does suggest guilt and shame on your part. Nudity in dreams generally refers to vulnerability and secrecy. The guy you sent the photos to in the dream likely symbolizes brewing problems in your marriage. Perhaps you are not communicating as openly as you once did and this gap is causing tension as well as doubts about each other's fidelity. Maybe you also feel like he does not listen as much and you are looking elsewhere to confide problems and find some consolation. If this communication issue is not properly addressed, it may lead to even more complications.
Husband texting someone else I was reading text messages that my husband was sending to another woman. Dreaming that your husband is cheating on you says more about your feelings than his actions. Unfaithfulness in dreams is often the manifestation of the dreamer's own doubts and insecurities. In a sense, you are projecting your own concerns onto your husband's image. If you fall prey to your own worries, you may end up believing he did something even if he is completely innocent.
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