Smoking cigarrettes I was smoking cigarettes in my dream. You do not mention if you are a smoker in real life or not. If you do smoke, this dream may point to concerns with your health and to struggles with addiction. However, if you are not a smoker, this dream may indicate becoming the victim of gossip and ridicule, especially from people near you. You should consider evaluating who your friends are before sharing any information that could be turned against you.
Having to take pills and swallowing an egg I dreamed I was sick and had to be taking much pills. Along with those pills I had to swallow a whole egg. While repeating that process another day I couldn't, because I started vomiting. Having dream visions about taking pills, especially when perceived as on a regular basis, means that your body is becoming deficient in some important nutrients or vitamins. A recent decline in or a complete absence of one this elements in your intake could have magnified this need by projecting the image of a whole egg. You may want to analyze the reason or motivation for stopping nourishing your body the way you used to and find ways to rectify and improve this situation.
Being kidnapped by disabled people I have a reoccurring nightmare that people who are disabled or mentally incapacitated (have either down-syndrome or severe autism), and they have giant-ism, because they are taller than 6ft, are kidnapping me. It most commonly happens in grocery stores. I can't communicate with them successfully. What can this obscure dream possibly mean? Dreaming about a group of menacing giants coming after you predicts having a number of menial tasks that need to be completed. This busywork may include filling out forms, doing chores, or generally running around in a flurry of activity. While this image by itself has no negative connotations, being kidnapped suggests that putting off these tasks or not completing them in a timely manner could quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed, causing extra stress and anxiety in your life. The supermarket by itself points to upcoming changes, but does not give any indication whether such changes would positively or negatively affect you.
Performing CPR on a person I dreamt of having to perform CPR on a person. I don't remember if I did it successfully. Thank you :) Dreaming about trying to save someone's life through physical means, in this case CPR, is indicative of going through a tragic event or a series of trials. While this sounds bad in theory, the result of your journey is likely to help you grow more as a person and learn things about yourself you did not realize before. This could lead to the inner balance and peace you have been searching for some time now.
A pastor asking about vitamins My dream was about my Pastor asking me about B12 Vitamins and I was at the pharmacy. Dreaming that someone you know is asking you for a particular kind of medicine while you are inside a pharmacy represents an ill-omen. It portends complications or outright disruptions for a project or activity you are personally involved with. A deal may go wrong, you may end up spending more than necessary or maybe an important trip could end up being cancelled. Try to remain calm and make the best out of any developing situation.
Unable to see clearly I dreamt of having trouble seeing a small black cat walk beside a toilet, and then seeing was as though I would be looking through a hazy magnifying glass. A black cat has often been associated with bad luck. However, a black cat can also represent the presence of a very powerful and formidable enemy entering your life. Hence, the hazy appearance of the cat in your dream could mean this adversary's presence is not apparent to you yet. Perhaps this person is already part of your life and you have not yet caught on to his or her deceptive and cunning ways. So keep your guards up because somebody could be taking advantage of you right at this moment.
Being too sick to do anything Female. I dream very often that I am sick and can't go to school or work. Being sick in your dream is a reflection of your real-world disposition. Hence, you could be feeling down and tired in your waking life. It could also be an allusion to your actual situation, such as factors that are stressing you out or causing some anxiety. Finally, being sick may be your passive reaction to the situations that are giving you problems. Instead of fighting, you may be giving in and giving up. Perhaps the only way to recover is to face your problems by prioritizing them.
Being told of having AIDS I had a dream that I was told that I have HIV. Dreaming about having a serious disease like HIV is a highly ominous symbol associated with being involved in a toxic relationship or with a dangerous individual in wake life. Just as HIV can eventually destroy your body from within, so does finding out you have such a disease in a dream vision suggest that this situation or person can only lead to ruin. You may want to figure out who this is and remove yourself from associating with them before it is too late.
Family members affected by cancer together Great grandfather who died of cancer playing with great grandson in his room who also has cancer. Dreaming of a dead relative is typically a sign of coping with loss. These kinds of dreams usually appear during significant events that remind you of that person, in this case, the similar presence of cancer. Seeing the great grandfather and great grandson play together could be your mind's attempt to console your heart, perhaps by showing that, should things take a turn for the worst, the great grandson would not be alone. In order to alleviate some of your concerns or anxiety about this situation, it would be wise to talk with a trusted friend or family member.
Being examined and treated by an unfamiliar doctor Female. I was playing with my siblings and suddenly a handsome guy came in our home who is a doctor. He had a stethoscope and he was staying in my home. In the next moment I saw my one breast was hanging, the same guy removed his coat, took the stethoscope and reached me. I was scared to show him my breast, he covered my breast and did little examination. Then I saw my breast start growing and some drops of milk were coming out. He asked about it and I remained quiet, then he treated the nipple, cleaned it. I smiled back and then my breast was fine. This vision contains two highly powerful yet opposing images which speak of some internal struggles you may be going through. The image of your breast swelling and leaking breast milk is symbolic of health and vitality, suggesting you naturally have a lot of energy or have a strong personality. On the other hand, being cared for or treated by the doctor represents feelings of despair or hopelessness. It seems that you are finding it difficult to be content with your life even though there is nothing particularly wrong with it. Furthermore, it may point toward developing an ungracious demeanor or attitude problem. Life is what you make of it, and in order to be truly happy and satisfied with it, you have to challenge yourself and take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.
Caught in the midst of an epidemic I saw an epidemic. Everyone is running here and there and crying for help. Something is growing on everyone's body, especially on hands. I was unable to help but scared and I locked myself in a room. Dreaming about a mass epidemic which afflicts numerous people around you may portend some terrible disaster which is about to take place in your local community. It oftentimes represents physical catastrophes, like floods and earthquakes, but it can occasionally point toward social unrest as well. Running away and saving only yourself could signify your desire not to involve yourself in the conflict in the latter case, meaning you do not want to choose a side or ruffle anyone's feathers. However, you may find that sitting in the middle is impossible as time passes.
Having to carry sick mother My mother is sick and I have to carry her everywhere we go. If you see a sick parent in a dream, whether it is your mother or your father, then it could be indicative of stressful problems or unresolved issues which you could be currently facing. This burden may have been passed down to you by your relatives and is causing you a lot of worry and anxiety so overwhelming that even in a subconscious state of mind it still weights heavily on you.
Interacting with patients of a mental asylum My schoolmates and I were transported to an asylum to interact with the patients. The others got creeped out, but I however like the idea. I made friends with two kids who were mental patients. Some weird psycho was yelling at me so I punched him and yelled right back. According to the doctor, since I am the only student willing enough to interact with them, they sent me to an isolation box where there was a quiet patient. We eventually became friends. My schoolmates got scared of me. A dream wherein you see yourself and your schoolmates enter a mental asylum to interact with the patients in an indication of the arrival of difficult times in your waking life. Perhaps each of you as individuals are going through a particularly trying period which tests your faith and patience time and again. The notion that you saw yourself interacting with mentally challenged kids shows your willingness to tackle these problems head on. The presence of a psychotic person symbolizes the existence of certain obstacles. Since you successfully overpowered this person, it portends that things would eventually turn for the better. You would gain the respect of your classmates because you would emerge stronger despite all the problems which you may soon face.
Having a colonoscopy I had a dream the other night that I had to get a colonoscopy and I had no anesthesiology and was totally awake for it. I do have stomach issues and have had a colonoscopy before btw. Dreaming of medical exams or procedures typically reflects the dreamer's real-world anxieties about their well-being. Perhaps your fears and concerns about your digestive issues are bleeding into your subconscious and exacerbating your apprehensions. Sometimes, too, it can be your mind's way of allowing you to confront your fears in a safe environment to give you the courage to face it in the real world. Maybe you have been ignoring or neglecting your health lately and your subconscious is reminding you to take preventive action to avoid further complications.
Fainting under a table I dreamt I fainted in slow motion and landed under a table and then my daughter brought me a cup of coffee in a strange cup and gave me a tablet. Dreaming about fainting must be considered a forewarning. It could be an indication that you may face some health issues in the near future. This notion is further strengthened by the image of your daughter giving you a tablet and coffee. It signifies that your daughter would be the most helpful in providing you with the necessary care if you ever become ill. Make sure you give utmost importance to your well-being and carry out the necessary checkups to rule out any illness.
A friend with bleeding gums I had a dream I saw a friend of mine who had bleeding gums and looked like she was about to faint like due to some exhaustion of some sort. I looked at her and I said "Hey, why do you have bleeding gums?". Dreaming about a friend suffering from bleeding gums has negative connotations. It is an indication of upheavals and problems which your friend might face in her waking life. These difficulties would be a result of ill health. The notion of her feeling exhausted further reinforces the idea of your friend suffering from some serious health issues. It would be wise to get a complete physical done to rule out possibilities of any impending disease or inflammation. Timely action would help preserve her health and lead to a better quality of life.
A person with erect penis on a hospital bed I dreamt of seeing a large erect penis of a person (probably not known to me) sitting on a hospital bed as a female visitor to the neighboring bed was looking at it, the curtains on that side were being drawn by a person at the bedside to ensure more privacy. For female dreamers, the image of an erect penis could reveal problems with intimacy or sexuality. You could be having issues with your current partner because your needs are not being fully met. Similarly, a penis in a male dreamer's vision also alludes to sexual concerns. This may come in the form of sexual anxiety or a fear of not being attractive and desirable enough to the object of your affection. Either way, perhaps it is advisable to become more open with your significant other in order to communicate such concerns without damaging the relationship.
A colostomy bag I'm a female, and I dreamt about a colostomy bag attached to a body. The colostomy bag in your dream may reveal your desire to get rid of some negative emotions that have been piling up inside of you. Perhaps you have not found an outlet for your anger and frustrations yet, hence you are being filled with a lot of unwanted vibes. This vision is also an allusion to your toxic environment which may be influencing your own thoughts and attitude about the world around you. Either way, you seem to be keen on retaining your optimism, which is why you are trying to find a way of letting off steam to avoid a possible outburst.
Bees on father who is sick Hi, I would love to see if you have any answers for a dream that had really resonated with me. My father has stage four cancer, and last night I had a dream about him being in hospital and myself and my boyfriend trying to save him from dying though he wasn't letting us. The main thing I remember from the dream was that there were bees present, only a couple, and I vividly remember a couple landing on a statue of his face. Thanks so much for your time! Dreaming of visiting a sick person in a hospital is seen as a prediction of discovering some unpleasant and potentially shocking news in the upcoming future. The nature of this news may cause you to change the way you view your present life situation, especially because it is your father who was involved. The presence of the bees on your father meant to display the love you have for your father and the deep, lasting connection you have with him. The bees landing on his face and not stinging him also indicate that you may have encountered people who sympathize with you, and seeing more than one of them suggests there are several individuals sharing these feelings.
Getting tested in hospital connected to school I've been having this same dream every night that I'm in a hospital that's connected to a school. I'm lying on something getting pressure tests done and all sorts of tests to see if my body is healthy enough to travel to space (Mars). The tests always make me weak, so I always walk through these doors into the school and go into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. Then the doctor gets me to have me do more tests and the dream is over. Dreaming about being treated or tested at a hospital could mean that you are having some difficulties balancing your duties, responsibilities and projects, perhaps fearing you are letting some of them fall behind while focusing too much on others. Since you were being tested by an unfamiliar doctor, this could also signal that you could be slowly accumulating feelings of despair or hopelessness during your waking hours. Similarly, dreaming of looking at yourself in the mirror could also mean growing disagreements with people around you, when you could be wasting too much energy during these conflicts.
Dying instead of giving birth Hi, I was in hospital, wearing a hospital gown. I was there to have a c-section. I was told I was pregnant but I didn't feel or look pregnant. (I'm not pregnant in real life). I'm with my family but remember my mum especially. Things feel off. Then a man starts measuring the bed and me and I ask why. Everyone looks very embarrassed. The man says it's for my coffin. My mum explains we are here to embalm me. I woke up in tears. This vision can be interpreted fairly literally and linearly. First, the image of being a patient in a hospital reveals that you are in a state of recovery in reality. In some cases, this refers to physical ailments and injuries, meaning you might be healing from an injury or infection of some type. It can also allude to mental or spiritual recovery, especially if you have recently gone through a period of great stress or hardship. This is followed by the image of your impending birth giving via c-section. This symbol suggests your recovery has or would lead to a number of major changes. The kind of changes can be specifically seen at the end of your vision. Being embalmed is often associated with the presence of individuals within your social group who do not have your best interests at heart. You would begin to cut down the number of people you associate with, limiting your interactions to those that benefit you the most or make you happier.
Pecan trees and passing a blood clot I dreamed of seeing two small pecan trees together. They were green and full of leaves. Also had a dream of passing a blood clot when I used the bathroom. There was a small object with the blood clot, like something the doctor might have left in me. The two trees that looked lush and green in front of you could refer to two major goals you have in mind for your future. You likely have a strong desire in your heart to accomplish these tasks, probably because they would improve your quality of life or earn you the love and respect of those you care about most. The blood clot, however, points to personal issues and impediments stunting your progress and undermining your confidence. You may have gone through some trials or tribulations that caused lasting emotional and psychological pain. They may have even made you doubt your capabilities, transforming you into someone riddled with insecurities. Passing the clot and other materials suggests you can overcome these challenges and achieve all that you hope for.
Dying from a heart attack I was somewhere and heard that I would be "called back home. I was needed there". It was clear that this meant I was going to die. There was a bunch of mundane "stuff" all while wondering if it could possibly be true. Then... I had a heart attack. It was so real... Felt as if my heart was being squeezed painfully. I was already in a hospital, found a doctor who did a scan of my heart. She showed me all of these spots on the monitor, and said that they were tiny holes, and with so many there was no way to fix them all. If there had been only a few, then maybe. But there were far too many, and there was nothing that she could do. I asked if I was going to die today, she said yes. I then immediately started thinking about my daughter, (she's 9, but was an infant in the dream) making sure that everything was in order for her. Then I went to my house to make sure that everything possibly embarrassing was gone... all while chasing kittens, knowing that it could happen at any time. I could die at any time. And, somehow there was a reason behind the death. It was determined by something greater than myself. (The kittens make sense, as we are fostering three little terrorists). This vision is full of contradicting ideas and themes, suggesting a lot of turmoil or confusion in reality. It is also possible that you are on the cusp of some great change or shift in dynamics, causing a feeling of imbalance and unease. For instance, the first symbol in your vision is that of being called home or preparing to pass on to the next life. While this may seem like an ill omen, it is more so associated with new offers, opportunities or potential paths for greatness. This is opposed, however, by the almost physical pain of the heart attack, a sign closely related to difficulty and distress. In particular, this symbol suggests that your current state of affairs is causing you much trouble or grief, possibly due to a mistake you made some time ago. With that in mind, you may be having trouble reaching the next stage of your career, relationship or life in general due to this obstruction. Unless you are able to rectify the mistake, either by repair or apology, you may be stuck in the same place for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, your preparations for your daughter's comfort and your desire to get rid of any embarrassing bits from around the house could point toward an inclination to make amends to those who were hurt or affected by your past decisions.
A tumor represented by a baby I had a dream about a guy I had sex with, he has asthma but in the dream it was tumor. We were in his house and at one point I saw a grave and asked him who it's for, he says it's for his baby tumor. Then he later tells me some woman performed some rituals on him and they didn't work. Then there was this baby (not sure where it came from) which had powers to heal him and he did, but now the tumor comes out of his body as a baby, and I see the baby alive but its grave is outside. Although the idea of tumors is scary in reality, in the dream world they are auspicious symbols connected to wealth and prosperity. Dreaming that someone you slept with has tumors, then, may refer to some beneficial developments in your love life. It is possible this would be with the man you envisioned, but it is equally possible that he is simply the manifestation of some yet unknown male. In either case, the baby that comes out as a tumor but whose grave is outside seems to represent some suspicions you have regarding this situation. Perhaps you think this man would be too good to be true, leading to feelings of suspicion and distrust. While this vision does not necessarily suggest his motives would be suspect, a bit of healthy caution is surely in order at first. If you are planning to enter a relationship with someone or have already done so, it might be time to do a little more investigative work into his past. Doing so would alleviate your fears and allow you to truly enjoy the happiness you would find if the partnership is all it should be.
Dying from plague I am a female. I was in front of a church next to a tree. Around 4 feet away from the tree I picked up an old wooden pencil. I then died from the black plague. I felt like it was during 14th century. The church in your dream symbolizes guidance and enlightenment, while the tree refers to wisdom and growth. A big issue is weighing heavily on you and you are contemplating the best course of action. The pencil represents your impact on this issue or situation. Finally, the plague points to societal issues affecting a large group of people. As such, you have the opportunity to influence others and this is a responsibility that you take very seriously. You are likely very concerned about what your stand is going to be because committing a mistake entails not only the death of your own credibility and integrity, but would also affect the well-being of a lot of people involved.
Detoxing with orange and black pills I dreamed I was detoxing. I took two orange pills. Then I see I detoxed 2 piles of poop outside that was orange in color and looked like piles of sweet potatoes. Then I had 2 more pills to take that were black. I just took one of them, and nothing more came out. The orange piles of poop were all there was. I felt totally detoxed. I'm sorry, the dream was crazy, but I am curious to know. Pills are symbolic of people in reality who get under your skin, often with the intention of using you or forcing you to do things you usually would not. The colors take on a special meaning under these circumstances, as one color was excreted while the other remained. The orange pills point toward success and achievement, suggesting that a period of short-lived success may be upon you due to the influence of someone else on your actions, like a new friend or some influential personality. However, once the initial honeymoon period of this relationship has run its course, you would have to deal with the permanent sadness and frustration their involvement causes, as is witnessed by the lack of excretion caused by the single black pill. In essence, this vision is a warning to watch out for those whose motives are unknown because they may quickly reveal themselves to be leeches rather than true friends.
Being offered a cigarette Being given or collecting cigarettes in a dream? Receiving a cigarette from someone in dreams is a negative dream symbol often associated with a false sense of security. On the surface, it seems that a person is being generous by helping you with your problems. Lending you money or helping you with referrals, for example. However, there is a deeper, more selfish motivation behind this person's actions. By gaining your trust, they will end up making you pay more than your owed debt with favors and deals that will place you in tough situations.
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