Tooth falling out I saw twice in 10 days: my one tooth got decayed and all of a sudden it came in my hands. This sounds like an acknowledged health issue gone untreated, likely due to very common or almost unnoticeable health defects. We feel as if it was a front tooth, seeing it in recurrence could mean that you've been feeling a bit off, but brushed it off as something minor. Decay could have something to do with intestinal issues, or over-exertion. Tooth decay can be a serious issue in dreams. If you experience this in another dream with greater frequency, it may be time for a checkup.
Going out without brushing teeth I dreamt that I have gone out of the house with brushing my teeth. We feel like you meant without brushing your teeth. If that's the case this is a good thing in a sense. It's a sign of personal growth. Caring less about appearances and freeing yourself from the societal norm. Facing the world as you are, without pretense or fear of judgement.
A baby with grown-up legs Seen my infant baby with long grown up legs. Dreaming about your baby having grown-up legs is an indication of your concerns and hope to provide the best environment and possibilities for this child to succeed. Legs are the symbol of “support” they were present in your dream as an exaggerated symbol, which means you are genuinely concerned about this child’s future and if you provide all of the necessary support and guidance, he or she will benefit immensely and achieve a lot in life.
Using a toilet in a dream Often I see toilets in the dream to pass motion. What is that? Please can you answer this dream. I am looking since long for this dream meaning but not yet got an answer. Seeing toilets repetitively in a dream is a way for your subconscious to reveal to you that there's a past experience or memory that you're trying to let go of or dispose of in some way but are unable to consciously come up with a resolution. Usually related to something embarrassing or that scared you in your past.
Defecating in public I dream this very often that not finding a suitable place I have to shit in full public view and then in the absence of water/toilet paper I find it difficult to wipe off the shit. Finding yourself defecating in public is a sign of experiencing losses, either materially or emotionally. Trying to wipe feces off your body in absence of paper. etc. is an indication that you will be faced with an uncomfortable situation, because you will expose yourself to someone whom you do not really trust. This person might find out things about you that you do not wish to reveal to others, and this may cause you problems in the future.
Long nose hair and cutting it My friend sees long hair in his nose and then he started cutting down his long nose hair. Dreams about having long nose hair can be considered a forewarning of some environmental problems, such as presence of smoke, dust when sleeping or a possibility that this person may have some type of respiratory illness. Subconscious mind is telling this person to improve these physical conditions (visions of cutting long nose hair) before it becomes a really serious issue.
Taking out lice from hair I saw myself taking out with my hands scorpion like and sized lice from within the scalp of my head out of the tangled knotted hairs. A dream in which you see yourself catching or getting rid of lice in your hair could portend some negative circumstances. It could be an indication of infirmity and ill health in store for you. These health problems could bring with them a great deal of emotional upheaval and be quite time-consuming, they may not be resolved or gotten rid of easily or right away. This dream is most likely reflecting that your body is starting to sense or detect some changes or warning signs related to these possible upcoming health problems.
A fnger cut off and warts Last two days ago I dream that my index finger was cut off the 1 inch and on the second day, I dream that I have warts on my buttocks. What is the meaning of this all about? Dreaming about finger being cut off is a sign of experiencing material or financial losses. The vision of warts on your body is usually interpreted as gaining or receiving some kind of profit or incentive. Possibly, you will be able to deal successfully with something that might prevent you from these losses.
Witnessing a torture in progress I was witnessing someone who I did not recognize, torturing themselves to death in a "Saw" film way with a chance of survival as the machine went off as he got tired and stopped working it. He would roll down various levels of torture, then decided he wanted to save himself. I have not watched any horror movies for well over a year, didn't know whether he saved himself. Thanks. I'm a female. Dreaming about witnessing a torture is a sign of an upcoming serious illness or disease. The more graphic and explicit the torture was in the dream, the more serious conditions or impacts this disease might have. If you happened to recognize someone you know in the dream who was tortured, it could signify that this particular person will be affected by possible health problems.
Being exposed while on the toilet I was inside the toilet and suddenly when I look up, I saw people and realized that the toilet has no walls and is right in front of a reception desk. I do not have a choice but to wash shamelessly and sit somewhere later. Dreaming about finding yourself being exposed while using a washroom could portend upcoming material or emotional losses and grief. In particular, you could have, or be about to expose or subject yourself to undeserving, unworthy or ill-intended people. This individual or individuals could discover things about you that you do not wish to reveal to others. They might misuse this knowledge and become a source of future problems and complications. That is, you could be about to trust someone who would compromise your secrets.
Miscarriage Having a miscarriage with lots of blood in my dream. If you are pregnant, dreaming about a miscarriage could be a warning. You would benefit from paying more attention to your pregnancy and taking better care of your body. You should avoid visiting very busy and crowded places, rest more, and follow closely every pregnancy-related advice that doctors give. This is because this is a very important and sensible period during which every little omission or lack of attention may have undesirable consequences. This specially applies to experience-based realistic dreams. That is, dreams in which the pain and the visions of blood seem and feel real. If you are not pregnant, this dream could warn you about your overall health. That is, you may be acting carelessly and recklessly, or having attitudes that put your health at risk. It could also speak of your perhaps subconscious wish of having kids and of the associated fear of losing them. Finally, a miscarriage could also symbolize failure. In particular, you may be involved in a project or activity that you truly value. You would feel that not succeeding at it would be an ultimate disaster and a great loss. That is, the dream speaks of significant losses, either forthcoming or feared to occur.
Hand bitten A grim reaper bit my hand This vision in the dream could be an indication of some powerful or authoritative person trying to control or manipulate you. If the bite in this dream was somewhat painless, you could expect that someone might try to interfere with or create obstacles in the way you are trying to undertake some important projects or activities. Be careful how you communicate with or present yourself to this individual.
Pulling objects out of head I had a dream. I pulled two or three cigarette butts and a lead pencil out of the top of my head then I woke up. What does this mean? This dream could be an indication of your worries and concerns about your well-being or privacy. You could also currently be preoccupied with solving some important dilemma or facing a difficult choice in life. Judging by the nature of the objects you saw in this dream, this could be a precarious situation which you should approach carefully and thoughtfully. It could also symbolize some out-of-the box idea related to your health, your work or your sexual life. Finally, you may be feeling that others are taking up your personal space, infringing on your freedom or over-controlling you. You would want to get ready for such undesired influence and proximity.
Blood and piece of glass, flying and falling I just dreamed I will be having a Cesarian again and I saw blood and a piece of broken glass, and I dream I fly and fall into the sea. If you are pregnant, dreaming about Cesarean could be a warning. You could benefit from paying more attention to your pregnancy and taking better care of your body. You should avoid visiting busy and crowded places, rest more and follow closely every pregnancy-related advice that doctors give. This is because this is a very important and sensible period during which every little omission or lack of attention may have undesirable consequences. The vision of blood and a shattered glass fragment is also a warning sign. It alerts you about a possible forthcoming period of sickness, feeling uncomfortable or not feeling well. Once again, this is a sign that you should be cautious about your health. At the end of the dream, you flew and fell down into the ocean. This is a promising sign. You will be able to find solutions to the problems which might be hounding your life at the moment. You will also be able to overcome obstacles along the way and achieve your goals. To achieve such positive results, you might have to plunge into your unconscious and establish a closer connection with your feelings, emotions and deeper thoughts. You might have to pay attention to your inner experiences and not get lost in everyday routines.
A tatoo with fading letters In my dream I had a tattoo on my stomach. It was of words that faded as they went down my stomach and the words were blue. At first in my dream I liked the tattoo but as time went on and I realized the words did not make sense (after I showed it to my mom). I started freaking out about it and my husband told me we could get it removed. I told him that was too expensive and then I woke up hyperventilating. Weeks before I had a similar dream only I had a dream about a vine tattoo and I freaked out about that as well. I don't actually have any tattoos and I'm deeply disturbed by this dream. Dreaming about noticing a tattoo on your body could be an indication that you could possess some natural gift or endowments which you might not be aware of. This dream is suggesting to take a closer look at your hidden abilities or talents and uncover your potential. This is especially true because you have mentioned that this is a recurring dream. The notion of your husband suggesting to remove the tattoo means he might be knowingly or inadvertently suppressing or inhibiting you when you try to express or develop these talents or predispositions.
Someone pulling hair I had a dream in which somebody pulled my hair forcefully and cut my hair. Dreaming about someone pulling your hair is a negative sign. It could portend experiencing material losses or grief caused by the person. Seeing your hair being cut in the same dream could translate loss of personal power. It could also represent the great significance of your loss or of the offense that was caused to you. The person or people that would harm you are not necessarily those that appear in the dream. However, thinking back about the relationship you had with the person in your dream can help identifying who that individual might be.
Taking a bubble bath and reflection in the mirror I was in the bath in my dream, but every time I put bubble bath in, no bubbles would appear and the water wouldn't warm up, so I decided to get out of the bath. I saw my reflection in the mirror but every time I moved, my reflection would move about 5 seconds after I moved that part of my body. You may be going through a challenging and demanding period. Your most ordinary expectations would prove to be wrong. Alternatively, you are receiving a lot of empty or unacceptable promises. Your subconscious seems to be trying to cope with such uncomfortable situation. However, its attempts have not yet succeeded. Such failure could be consequent of the existence of an inner or outer obstacle that is preventing you from making sound decisions, fulfill your desires or achieve your objectives. For example, you may tend to over-rationalize your each and every step. Moreover, dreaming about delayed mirror reflections could translate your tendency to make decisions after the occurrence of important events and of your lack of timing. You seem to be struggling with the coordination of what you plan and expect to happen with what is observed and happens. This could be responsible for your delayed or reactive decision-making process. Overall, the dream seems to suggest that you are trying and failing to take control of your life. You might benefit from temporarily suspending your attempts to control things and see what life brings as a result.
Experiencing a heart attack and being helped by a doctor Had a dream that I was in a bus and somehow the next moment on the road few minutes later the bus came back but while I was alone I dreamt I had a mild heart attack starting to get worse. The bus came. I told them they should get me to a hospital when we got to the hospital doctors where busy but I was calm until the doctor started helping me. Woke up with paralyzed arm and have real cramp in chest. My father died of a heart attack I do get mini, but never like this. Tell me what you guys think. Visions of trips involving public transportation means, such as buses, could be symbolic of new projects, journeys, endeavors or general life improvements. Dreaming about having a heart attack could reveal upcoming difficulties or anxiety. These could appear while trying to carry on with your daily activities. Alternatively, given that the heart attack occurred while on the short bus trip, these trials and fears could be experienced in relation to some new project or task you have been contemplating. The trip was short and this could suggest that you could make a mistake, postpone or even quit this project. Moreover, some loss, possible putting in jeopardy your well-being, might be experienced. The vision of a doctor trying to help you in the same dream reinforces the notion that your current state is despair. You might feel that your situation is getting worse. Help was needed in the dream, but was failing to arrive. A short synthesis of this notion is that the dream represents the fear of death, your own or your loved ones. This feeling could be provoked by a life event, such as memories of your father or simply by pain or discomfort during your sleep (for example, caused by certain health conditions, or even physical conditions in which you sleep - a bad mattress or poor sleeping environment).
Sprouting penis and strange substance coming out A young tree or flower-like substance was sprouting from my penis. I pulled it out until I got to the stem. I was worried it might damage something in my left testicle so I asked for help to open up the skin of the testis so I could remove it from the root out. I was just about leaving the house to where I assume is a hospital when I woke up. I touched the length of it and it is not embedded anywhere else on my body. Dreaming about inspecting or noticing visible changes in your penis could represent your worries and concerns about your sexual performance. You could be having difficulties finding a stable sexual partner because of your busy work schedule or inability to find potential mates. The excessive focus on attributes pertaining to your genitalia, such as its length, shape, substances coming out and its performances could also indicate your propensity to masturbate more as opposed to engage in physical sexual activities with a sexual partner. If these dreams continue to happen on a regular basis, we could explore possible interpretations if you provide additional details about these dream visions.
Hiding from danger, teeth falling out and vomiting I was at my old house I grew up in. People kept smashing the house up across the street and the car windows. While that was going on I was in the bathroom hiding because my tooth came out and then another one. I was looking in the mirror trying to put my teeth back in. My Mom and brother came to check on me. My brother told me it wasn't that bad and don't worry about it like he does with everything. My Mom said everything will be OK that we will get it fixed. I started to non-stop throw up and choke they where teaching me to breath so I wouldn't die. Also the throw up was like news paper texture. Although this is a somewhat complicated dream vision you have experienced, there are certain elements which stand out and which could be significant to reveal what's happening in your real life. Usually the vision of teeth falling out quickly is symbolic of feelings of insecurity. Not having ambitions or lacking proper guidance at the moment could be preventing you from accomplishing the goals that you are working on. You could be feeling overpowered or threatened by people competing for the same goals (and who appeared in this dream smashing and destroying things around you, which is symbolic of goals and activities which are important to you). It would help to have a long-term plan that will push you to work harder and more productively. The vision of throwing up when you family is trying to help you in this dream is an indication of your unwillingness or reluctance to take their advice or accept what they have been telling you to try to do in order to succeed, possibly because you are more comfortable with getting assistance from other sources, perhaps online or printed media (newspaper texture) or TV. Overall, you could be questioning the ways of approaching your everyday projects and goals and seem to be preoccupied with finding better strategies to succeed in life.
Having periods and a baby Most of the time I dream that I am having periods. Sometimes I have dreams of a baby. Dreaming about having periods, especially if this is a recurring dream, means that you are preoccupied with worries and concerns regarding existing or potential issues while you are dating or thinking of starting dating someone. You are most likely placing a great deal of importance on your looks and appearance or the way you act in order to keep your lover attracted to you, satisfied and happy. You could easily become frustrated and disappointed if something does not work the way you wanted it to to make your lover or partner enjoy your presence. Interacting with a baby or simply seeing a baby in a dream can mean that pleasant surprises and fortuitous occurrences are about to occur in your life. This dream vision doesn't specify what exactly, but something unexpectedly good is definitely on your horizon.
A woman having a penis and discomfort I am a woman but I had a dream that I had a penis. I would be around my friends and take it out in front of them (all girls). When I pulled it all of way out in front of them, the bottom of it looked really weird and it was really painful and then I would have to put it away, like back in my pants. Also, by the way, I'm a lesbian. Your dream visions about having a penis could represent your worries and concerns about your sexual performance or romantic life in general. You could be having difficulties finding a stable sexual partner because of your busy work schedule or inability to find trustworthy mates. The excessive focus on certain attributes pertaining to the genitalia, such as its length, shape or pain associated with it could also indicate that you lean more toward physical sexual pleasures with your sexual partner(s) rather than emotional aspects of this relationship. Also, the vision of a strange-looking penis or a penis that is unusually shaped could be the result of subconscious anticipation of a sexual encounter. You could be about to meet a new sexual partner soon.
Hair falling out Someone's hair falling out Dreaming about observing someone’s hair falling out could be an indication that someone close to you in wake life is going through some unwanted changes in his or her life. You are probably being a witness to this person’s life slowly and gradually hitting rock bottom because of some external circumstances or of their own actions. Your subconscious mind is indicating that this person’s condition is really discomforting making you feel utterly concerned. Alternatively, you could be seeing someone aging in a very fast progression because of their lifestyle, bad habits, or high levels of life stress. Note that this person could be yourself as well, as adverse or unwanted transformations of your own body and appearance could be just a projection onto some other person in this dream.
Traveling somewhere with a girl and showing tattoos to each other Me and this girl, we enjoyed each other company. Then we got in the car, my mom's car. I let her drive, she knew the way to our destination. I brought a GPS just in case, we get there and were standing outside just laughing, time passes and we are in another area by now. We just standing outside talking. She ask me if I have any tattoos and I said yes. I showed her mines, I asked her to show me hers. She shows me and then she starts to raise up her shirt, I guess she had a body tattoo, I don't know. But for some reason I look at her face and it's blurred out. Dreaming about going to a place or destination and knowing where you are going is an indication of starting to do new and exciting things you have always dreamed about doing. These future activities would be related to minor improvements in your life or some major transformations. The notion of exchanging the views of tattoos with the girl you were traveling together is suggestive of your own talents, abilities or recently learned skills which could help you make it happen. You are already making steps in the direction of these changes, but perhaps not entirely sure which one of these aspects of your personality to rely on. The dream, therefore, suggests analyzing what you are best at and applying this particular skill or aptitude in order to succeed.
A freshly-inked tattoo on the side Hi, could u please tell me... I had a dream and woke up, my mother said "Oh, look... your tattoo" and pointed to a tattoo of black birds from my shoulder down my side. And they still had the plastic on them, so they were freshly-inked but stained. Please explain I'd greatly appreciate it!! From your description of the dream, it seems that you are very familiar with the process of creating tattooed images. This dream vision could therefore be just a reflection of your recent experience which involved tattoos, such as visiting a tattoo parlor or a shop, or having a conversation with someone about getting inked for the first time or adding more tattoos. In dream interpretation, seeing yourself being tattooed means that your romantic relationship with your lover is gradually becoming mundane, uninteresting and lacking excitement for both. This situation would require either spicing up the aspects of your intimate relationship or look for more serious measures to get to the bottom of this issue.
Giving birth prematurely I dreamed that I gave birth to a baby boy on a sky-train. The baby was born too soon we didn't know I was pregnant. My boyfriend was freaking out trying to get a medic while I was holding on to the baby while I was hemorrhaging. This dream vision of giving birth to a baby when you did not even know you were pregnant could be a prediction of some anticipated or long-desired project, activity or possession finally starting to materialize. It could be a vacation or getaway you have been planning on taking, a house renovation or buying a new household appliance. It is also possible, that such a surprise could be coming from your boyfriend himself, and this is something you had dreamed about of having for some time now.
Pulling out drinking straws out of child's head I have had this dream before but drinking straws are in my child's head and when I squeeze them out its a straw but no matter what they keep going back. This dream about pulling drinking straws out of your child’s head signifies your preoccupation and great concerns about your child’s physical well-being or the way he or she is treated by other people. It could also be a reflection of the state of your own health because of the time and care you devote to raising this child. You could feel that you are being emotionally or physically strained trying to provide the best for the child and realizing you’re not giving enough or that your efforts are not sufficient for the happiness and well-being of your baby. Judging by the last sentence of your dream description, you have been trying to resolve this issue for quite some time now.
A tattoo on ex-girlfriend's back Ex girlfriend had a tattoo on her back (shoulders). Being focused on the tattooed image on your ex-girlfriend's back in a dream means that she has left something behind, either a physical object such as an item belonging to her or to you both when you were still together, or a memory or emotion inside you which makes you incapable of forgetting her presence. It could also mean there is an outstanding issue between you and your ex which has not been resolved to this day.
A grassy plant growing from inside the ear I dreamt my left ear was itching inside. I took an earbud and then felt something, then I wriggled the earbud and something gave way and I felt it sticking out my ear, so I pulled at it and when I looked it was a grass plant kind of thing not with roots. I showed it to some people and they looked surprised some laughed, even I laughed because I was also surprised. Dream visions about inspecting or cleaning your ears reflect your recent communication problems, you could be blatantly ignoring another person's plea for help or his or her need to talk to you about something important. You could be trying to find excuses or avoid a straightforward conversation with this person. The grassy plant with no roots you have discovered which was sticking out of your ear could be indicative of your superficial attitude, if not ignorance, towards this person, which is a combination of you not taking him or her seriously and being accepted by other people who may be encouraging you to do nothing about it.
Pregnant as a result of being raped I am a female. I was pregnant and going to have the baby soon. I didn't know who the father was. My friends told me I had been sexually assaulted. Although this dream may seem to be about negative things considering the notion of being raped, our dream interpretation sources reveal that learning about being pregnant after a sexual assault means that if you have been going through some rough times in your life but the situation is about to improve noticeably. The symbolic vision of becoming pregnant and expecting a baby after presumably being raped could mean that you have accumulated important knowledge or learnt a new skill, which would serve as a catalyst to achieving a more stable and fulfilled position in life. Additionally, females experiencing visions of expecting a baby are most likely preoccupied with similar thoughts of becoming a mother in their real lives.
Clipping a thumbnail causing it to bleed I trimmed my thumbnail and it bleeds. Dream visions about clipping your nails, and especially one nail until it bleeds, means that you are about to go through unpleasant situations within your household or outside your family and you would be the center or the cause of such disagreement or feud. You could become a target of verbal abuse or even physical attack and hostility for things you have or about to say to or share with other people involved. Clipping your thumbnail could also portend losing money or the person you are currently have as your life partner.
Fish rubbing against the body Fish being rubbed all over me. Dreaming about fish being rubbed over your body means that you interact with other people in your life, such as with your friends, family members or coworkers, in such a way that you constantly enrich yourself with positive experiences and favorable outcomes. At the same time, you provide similar kind of treatment to others by helping them get the best out of these mutually beneficial relationships.
Eyes red and swollen and black worms covering them I dreamt that my right eye was red and swollen and almost blind. I could feel something was covering it... There were two black worms which no one could pull out for me... Finally I pulled them out myself and killed both worms... My swelling stopped and my eyes healed instantly. What can be the meaning of this? Red, swollen eyes indicate being in the middle of a situation which may result in negative consequences for you if you do not carefully assess the problem and take measures to prevent things from getting out of hand. Given the distressing experience of partial blindness and no one being able to help, this could represent feelings of frustration or distress, particularly related to relationships. This might mean unwelcome advances from a member of the opposite gender or a friend or family member who is butting in to some personal issues in your life. In either case, because the dream shows that you are able to remove the problem by yourself, it might be wise to simply thank them for their attention, but politely ask them to let you handle it. Being direct about your wishes is likely the easiest way to make your wants and needs clear to the other party. Suddenly being healed at the end of the dream may symbolize your negative feelings abating once you have taken control of the situation.
Pulling hair out of mouth I had a dream of pulling strands of hair out of my mouth... It is on my tongue, not down my throat... It feels endless... I don't have long hair... I have had this dream countless times... I am curious to know its meaning... This dream vision could be interpreted from a physical and emotional point of view. Sometimes, having dream about pulling hair out of your mouth could be related to metabolism issues which cause accumulation of toxins in your body and having a condition called "hairy tongue". These subconscious visions could also be indicative of some emerging or existing respiratory problems and inhibition of breathing during sleep. Emotionally, you could be going through a period of time filled with stress and constant worrying about some ongoing issues. You need to restore your inner strength and balance in order to stop experiencing these dream visions.
Having long hair I dreamed i have long hair Dreaming about having long hair if you usually have short hairstyle in waking life, is an indication that you tend to commit reckless and thoughtless acts, either in relation to your own life, when you deem this trait as a personal flaw or weakness, or toward other people, in which case you automatically expect similar kind of treatment from others or they slowly distance themselves from you as much as possible. This side of your personality could stem from paying little attention to the consequences of such behavior or plain disregard for possible negative outcomes in the future.
Plant roots growing from the nose Pulling deep plant roots through my nostrils, they were huge and it was slightly painful. Dreaming about pulling plant roots through your nostrils could indicate emerging respiratory infection or poor environmental quality inside the place where you sleep. On emotional level, this vision could reflect that you have been overwhelmed with several issues you have to deal with at the same time. Traditional dream interpretation sources suggest that when your airways are blocked or envisioned to be, you are either living through or sensing upcoming difficult times and hardships.
Holes in patterns on the palm of the hand I dreamed that i was looking at the palm of my right hand and there were holes cut out in it in a curving line starting at the base of my hand ending at my thumb. And a single hole on the right ring finger, so I put a band-aid on that finger. Seeing a pattern on the palm of your hand could mean that you are concerned about a series of complications of difficult situations which have recently taken place in your life one after another. You could be at the stage in your life where these adverse situations are at their peak (as indicated by the symbolic vision of the pattern ending at the thumb). However, the notion that this was your right hand which you were examining could mean that you are quite capable of overcoming these existing or potential adversities. Dreams about the right hand usually show triumph over difficult, negative or chaotic situations which are casting a shadow on certain aspects of your life.
Tadpoles on the body Tadpoles were latching onto me. Dreams containing scenes of tadpoles attaching themselves to you mean that you might have some people inside your social circle who tend to exert a lot of pressure on you or leave you bewildered and confused by their actions. If you are presently dating or seeing someone with the purpose of establishing a romantic relationship, this vision serves as a warning to get to know the person better because chances are you would be greatly disappointed and hurt if you try to establish a serious relationship with the person without careful examination of their true intentions.
Being pregnant and feeling pain I dreamt I was pregnant with a baby cow and it was hurting. The doctor gave me meds for an abortion without me asking, and I was crying because I want a baby. The size of the fetus in this dream only serves as a subconscious reflection of your desire to have children, but the presence of pain perhaps can be explained as being frightened to go through the process of giving birth. This could be because you either do not have a life partner or boyfriend yet or, if he is present in your life, he disapproves this decision or is indifferent to your feelings. Refusing to undergo abortion in a dream means that you should avoid making hasty decisions and take into consideration all the possibilities before pushing through your plans of marriage, engagement or starting a serious relationship with someone.
Thick hair growing on one leg I dream that my two year old grand son has one leg that has really thick black colored hair on it. In the dream I look at his leg and notice it that's all. Thank you. Seeing somebody else's, in this case your grandson's hair, black in color and growing in an unusual place, could be symbolic of his excellent physical health and well-being. The healthy lifestyle and wise choices you and his parents provide for his well-being are probably the most likely explanation. However, the vision of the hair showing only on one of his legs could indicate that he has to endure or is subjected to opposing views on what is best for him, this could be the difference in opinions between you and his parents, or just between them. Therefore, you can expect soon going through emerging arguments or disagreements in regards to the ways to raise him the best way possible, if not already experiencing them.
Peeing with silver fish In my dream, I use the restroom to pee and 2 or 3 silver-looking fish came out of my vagina. What does this mean??? If you have happened to have adult children, since we do not know your age, silver-colored fish in this dream predicts very lucky engagement or marriage one of them is about to have and you are about to witness soon. If you do not have children, this is symbolic of similar events occurring soon to younger relatives you may have or simply being informed about such plans or intentions.
Fishes inside stomach I had a dream that I had a wound on my stomach, and when I pushed on my stomach, I could see the mouth of the fish. I then pulled it out to reveal a full and very alive fish, but there wasn't only one fish present. There were about ten. I'm not sure if it really means anything, but it bothers me a little bit. What could it possibly mean? This dream vision could be interpreted as an act of giving birth to fish, which is a warning sign about possible complications during pregnancy if you are planning on having a child or children soon or in the future. On the other hand, if you think of this imagery of fish inside your stomach as a result of swallowing fish, it is a good sign of growing personally, enrichment of your inner world and spiritual development you are going through in your waking life.
Combing out lice Hi, I would be really grateful if you could help me with my dream. I had a dream that I am having a lot of lice in my hair and I am trying to comb out all the lice. I have spread a white cloth where I see lot of lice falling on the cloth when I'm combing my hair and I am trying to kill one by one. Please help. Having a dream where you are combing lice from your hair is a negative sign associated with health problems. In particular, it points to sicknesses and conditions that take a long time to get over and heal. You may be having this dream because you subconsciously understand the workings of your body, and you can tell when you are feeling run-down or off. If you were able to successfully eradicate the lice in your dream vision, you may be able to avoid most, if not all, of the more serious side-effects of your illness.
Wood chips in the eye I dreamed of removing small pieces of wood from one of my eyes. Things that are interfering with your vision or make you uncomfortable in a dream usually point to potential problems below your face line. It could be as simple as common infection or more serious conditions, such as problems linked to abdominal areas, feet or other lower parts of the body. The notion of experiencing the nuisance affecting one particular side of the body means that you should pay close attention to what could be at risk correspondingly.
Shot and bleeding from the mouth Dreams about shot in mouth, broken tooth. Bleeding from one tooth. Call to mother, but not heard. Envisioning yourself in a dream being shot in the mouth is an indication that someone has been closely watching you recently in order to physically or emotionally attack or assault you. This dream vision serves as an advice to start paying attention to what's happening around you or be more careful with those who may start showing signs of hostility toward you. Bleeding from your mouth could also portend having serious disagreements or conflicts with your relatives or family members in regards to the rights to property, household items or real estate. This disagreement might prove to be insoluble, which would probably require some legal actions.
Blood instead of tears My niece was crying, screaming, and her eyes were filled with blood instead of tears. Dreaming about a crying girl is often a sign of experiencing events which negatively affect you in the near future. Specifically, it suggests issues with close relationships, usually significant others or best friends. These issues are normally tied to betrayal, often pointing towards unfaithful behavior or back-stabbing. The bloody tears seem to contribute two meanings to this vision. Bleeding from the eyes means that this negative situation is somewhat unexpected, either because it is truly out of the blue or because you have been denying the signs along the way. Then, continuing, the tears alone suggest feelings of regret or disappointment from the knowledge that things can never be the same between you again. You may need to completely cut yourself off from this person to begin the healing process.
Rotten teeth and a man in a house I dreamt of a rotten tooth in my mouth and an old man was burying himself in a new vacant house. Having a rotten, decaying tooth inside your mouth often represents some untreated health condition. You do not mention the placement of this tooth, but the closer it is to the front of your mouth in the dream, the more serious the illness is regarded to be. You have probably not noticed any changes yet, but it might be wise to get a check-up in case the symptoms have not become obvious. The image of a strange old man inside an empty house suggests there is an imbalance of elements in your life or that you have not been taking very good care of yourself, which may be the source of the health problem mentioned above. You may want to consider a lifestyle change or taking time to eliminate toxins from your life.
Eating scabs Eating scabs. Dreaming about eating your own scabs means that you are not happy with a certain aspect of your physical appearance or a flaw obvious to others. Even though no one actually points it you, you could be uncomfortable with some physical feature you think is embarrassing. If the dream was about eating other people's scabs, it points to your submissive nature, constant desire to please others and succumbing to their ridicule and verbal abuse.
Unable to open eyes A dream about my eyes being closed shut and unable to open eyes in my dream. Still sense of hearing, but no matter how much I rub them I can't see. Being unable to see despite rubbing your eyes represents feelings of frustration or distress, particularly related to relationships. It is possible that you have recently received some unwelcome advances from a member of the opposite gender or that a friend or family member is trying to involve themselves in your personal matters without your consent. In either case, the fact that your eyes did not clear up before the end of the vision could suggest this behavior continuing unless you stand up for yourself and state your feelings plainly.
A black dot on scalp My mother had a big black dot in between her hair strands. She turned to me and said "It is alright, I'll be fine". Assuming that what you are describing had happened to the skin of her scalp, discovering blemishes or skin coloration on other person's skin means that this person needs your help and support in something they have just started doing or going through. Even though your mother could be showing to you (and other people) that she is quite capable and independent without any additional help, your input, advice and assistance would greatly benefit her.
Having abortions from several boyfriends I am having multiple abortions and laughing, they are from several different boyfriends! Babies often embody hope and the fulfillment of dreams when seen in a dream. This indicates that you are currently working toward some goal, most likely related to school or work. However, having multiple abortions suggests you are sabotaging your own success in some way. You are probably not acting in a professional manner or have been slacking with your responsibilities. This is further supported by the multiple boyfriends, which represents spending more time on personal matters rather than focusing on your job and duties. If you do not focus your energy and work harder, you may find that your future dreams are beyond your reach forever.
Defecating with avocado pieces and not disturbed I dreamed the strangest dream last night! Help! :) In my dream I was in a port-a-potty and needed to go poop. But for some reason I didn't want to sit on the toilet. I noticed some paper cups and so instead pooped into the paper cups. When I looked down I noticed slices of avocado in the poop (cups) and that my poop was the same color also. I was not disturbed and had no negative feelings regarding pooping or seeing the avocado slices. Can you help? I've looked up everywhere and cannot make sense of this one! Thank you! Fixation on your own feces in this dream could be revealing an established trait in the way you communicate with someone on a personal level. The dream imagery of feces, when you are not disturbed by it, points to some important aspects of such communication which you either try to conceal from the person, intentionally leave them out or distort them in the way that benefits you. Seeing undigested food pieces present in your excrement and not being concerned by the fact, means you are happy with and determined to keep this communication the way that is convenient for you. Figuratively speaking, you expect to have these things to be unaltered and intact by the end of each instance of interacting with another person or other people.
Maggots inside a hole in the skin Maggots crawling around in a hole about 2cm in diameter in the skin on the back of my right thumb. None come out of the hole, but there is a white larvae still at the bottom of the hole that all the maggots are crawling around and over. The maggots are orange with brown rings around them. Dreaming about insects crawling inside your body suggests that the way you look at life in general is very dim and unexciting. You may be naturally pessimistic or have lately gone through some difficult times that have dampened your once high expectations. The extent of the psychological damage and potential outcomes of this negativity are most likely becoming alarming to you, as the orange color of the insects seen in this dream suggests. Another interpretation for envisioning large aggregation of insects involves possible presence of germs or other foreign invaders in your body which could be affecting your overall health and trigger subconscious images you have experienced in this dream.
Morphing which involved a frog and real person It was an important vision flashing of only a frog's and a person whom I know and love very much's face and it kept flashing back and forth from the person to the frog as if they were to transform into one, and they did for a second, but the person was more distinguishable and then the frog faded away and all I saw was the person's face. Dreaming about visual transformations which involve a person and a frog usually means that you could be witnessing some real-life changes occurring to this person, both internally and as far as the looks and overall appearance are concerned. Focusing more on the person's face in your dream could also be indicative of some major transformations or changes in the way this person communicates with you or treats you. You could be subconsciously expressing your concerns, if these changes are negative, or happiness and contentment, if this is something you consider to be favorable within this relationship or interaction between the two of you.
Feet replaced with metal parts Feet were removed, not gory. Feet were replaced with a hinge and primitive metal fitting shaped like a triangle. I noticed I could be just as good or even better, but it didn't look very good. While the imagery is rather quirky, the interpretation is no laughing matter. Having a dream where your feet are amputated predicts experiencing some major setbacks at work. It is likely that whatever task you are working on is going to have a problem, such a machinery failure, lack of funding, or wavering support from the higher-ups. However, replacing your feet with a prosthetic suggests utilizing either skills or experience to overcome this challenge. The impression that the new limb is functional but not good looking indicates your fix is likely to not be the most efficient or profitable solution, but it can get the job done successfully which is all that matters.
Pulling out a long black hair I dreamt I had a course black hair on the cheek of my bottom... I kept pulling it and beneath the surface it was white... It was 17 meters when it finally all came out. The image of a coarse and black hair growing out of your body could indicate that you have been receiving praise or being admired by others for something you have not actually accomplished. You could have made it look as if you had put a lot of time and effort into achieving a goal, task or assignment, but it was only because the circumstances at the time were in your favor. If you do have feelings of regret or shame, this dream vision could be telling you that it is high time now to come clean or put these things behind you.
Caterpillars coming out of the face I was with my husband and daughter and we were on a trip to my homeland Puerto Rico, we were in my mother's house and I had apparently gotten bitten by something under my left nostril. My husband saw it and said it was disgusting and to pop it out and when I did these huge caterpillar-looking white worms with black eyes started coming out. I pulled them out 1 at a time then 2 then finally I was pulling them out 4 and 5 at a time. It didn't hurt me and they weren't attacking, they just didn't want to get out of my skin, but I just pulled them out and threw them in a trash can in front of me. Dreaming about traveling with your family is often a negative symbol associated with loss of material possessions or capital. The caterpillars, however, give a clue as to the origin of these troubles. The first sign is the color of the caterpillars, white and black. This is almost always an indication that someone is trying to give you a message or point you in the right direction, possibly giving you a clearer idea as to the source or cause of your upcoming misfortunes. This is especially true of any written or typed correspondence, so if you have received any messages, it would be wise to check them again for something you may have missed. Additionally, the image of the caterpillars themselves suggests a single person who is trying to lead you astray or do something that would benefit them but hurt or inconvenience you. If you continue to follow their lead, your situation is likely to deteriorate further.
Salamanders coming through a cut on the body I had a dream about a mom and babies salamanders coming out of a cut on my body! Please tell me what that means! Seeing salamanders coming out of your body is a negative sign which points toward the rise of enemies in your life. These rivals would stop at nothing to bring you down and take what is rightfully yours. However, because they came out from a cut on your body, it could signal some darker aspects of your personality manifesting themselves. This means that you may, in the course of defending yourself, resort to less than legal or savory ways of dealing with these people standing in your way.
Buttocks of a Chinese lady Seeing buttocks of a Chinese woman. The erotic dream you had, which involves two exotic aspects - the images purveying sex imagery and a Chinese woman, hints that there is some kind of general insecurity about yourself, that may be not limited to your sexual life and thoughts. It most likely points to a state when your reputation is in jeopardy, low self-esteem or failures in social interactions due to hesitations and stalling. The brief description that you provided also points that in your near future pitfalls may drag you back. It signifies that you probably have preoccupations of trivial type which take a lot of your time and energy, only to be proven as useless and with little to no significance. Gossips that affect you and your social status are also possible. You could be focused on the wrong goals and tend to react to other people's comments or opinions in a defensive way.
Ears perceived to be made of bacon My ears were made of cooked bacon and I was pulling bits off like the fatty bits. Sounds silly, but it was one of the worst nightmares I've ever had! Really curious to know what it meant, thank you! Dreams focused around the ears tend to indicate too much stimulation in your life. You may be trying to do too many things at once and, as a result, feel a lot of stress and a lack of focus. For example, your job may be to write a report, but you may also be listening to music, checking and answering emails, making phone calls, and helping someone else with their work. The bacon in this vision represents upcoming health problems should you make no effort to reduce the amount of work input you are receiving or do not take time to rest and relax.
Prevented from peeing in public I was peeing in my dream, then a lady came to stop me, but I did not until another lady, more mature, came and was directing me to a toilet instead of gutter before I woke up. Peeing in a dream is often interpreted as a positive sign because it is associated with success and the achievement of dreams. Your deepest desires to hit it big and make a name for yourself are likely within reach, though not without a lot of hard work and a little luck. However, peeing on the ground suggests you may be wasting your talents or not putting the to good use. In this case, the women who guide you to the toilet are warning you not to squander your gifts. Additionally, the image of the toilet indicates you may need to work hard to change other people's impression of you, possibly because you were not on the right path before. It may take time to win people to your side, but their support may be beneficial in reaching your goals.
Trying to collect urine samples in a public restroom I was trying constantly to collect my urine sample in a public washroom, which had a lot of cubicles. But someone or the other came because I couldn't collect my own sample. Once, when I was almost successful in collecting, a friend peeped from a neighboring cubicle preventing me from collecting my own urine. Then, finally, I collected my brothers wife's urine but not mine. Dreams containing images of trying to collect your urine samples could be an indication of anxieties about your current physical and mental well-being. You may have been stressing out so much lately from having to work for hours on end, that you began to worry that this hectic schedule could eventually take its toll on your body. The vision of your friend and family members appearing in the same public place, and essentially preventing you from what you were doing, could also point toward the need to reconsider your approaches to completing your tasks by learning from other people's experiences and success stories. Overall, the dream seems to suggest that there is always room for a positive outlook and ways for self-improvement, especially when it is your health and sanity which are at stake.
Cleaning blood after a visit by a pregnant woman Dreamt of a pregnant woman in my house. She bathes, changes clothes, sending me out. After she went out, I am wiping the blood (menses). Seeing a pregnant woman in a dream vision is an ominous sign predicting troubles hindering the progress you hope to achieve in wake life. This is especially true of menial, time-consuming tasks that make it impossible to get through your daily schedule smoothly. You may have great difficulty completing a project you are working on or meeting a goal you have set for yourself. This is also supported by the image of her changing her clothes, which is a symbol for letting go. In order to garner desired outcomes, you cannot keep going down the path you are on. Finding a new, better approach toward growth is what is needed to succeed.
Being breastfed by mother My dream was about sucking my mother's breasts. Dreaming about being breastfed is an ominous sign indicating a decline in morals. It suggests you may have recently become engaged in immoral or illegal activities which would be frowned upon by those around you if they see your true colors. While you may be able to hide the darkness within yourself for the time being, your wrongdoing is destined to be revealed in the end, causing loss of trust and disappointment by all those who once believed in you.
Trying to get rid of exrements People clearing a lot of coal from a river or sea, me carrying poo in a cup, trying to get rid of it... l was thinking "I can't empty it in the river, people are already looking for the cause of infection..." Despite the story of your dream revolving around a spreading infection or disease, this vision is actually more closely related to your relationships with others. Imaging people cleaning coal and other debris from water is symbolic of becoming involved with a powerful person who influences you in a negative way. They may get you to do things you are not particularly comfortable with by justifying your actions in some way. However, your inability to get rid of the feces you were carrying suggests that continued involvement with this person could expose your actions to the public at large, bringing shame and embarrassment. Your closest family and friends are likely to be very disappointed in your behavior.
Discomfort during labor I dreamed that I went into labor and I could feel something wedged in my vagina trying to come out, accompanied by a lot of vaginal bleeding. What does this mean? The birthing process is often symbolic of change in your life, both positive and negative. This could be related to your personal life, such as kicking a bad habit or starting a new routine which is meant to positively influence you and those around you. However, bleeding is usually associated with loss of money or bad financial decisions. It is important to remember that even during times of change and turmoil, you should be careful not to overspend or go to extremes with your money,
Pulling a long hair from inside the stomach I dreamed I pulled a long hair out of my mouth that was attached to my stomach lining. Pulling long pieces of hair out of your mouth is symbolic of the imbalanced life you lead, indicating you tend to waste time doing or worrying about things that do not matter instead of focusing on tasks and plans that are relevant to your future. This is also supported by the hair's origin in your stomach, which is the center of your being. You may need to step back and plan your course of action, perhaps with the help of others who are more experienced, before deciding on a new path.
Worms inside lip area I had a bump in my lip, I opened it up and there was a black or greyish worm and it was dead. I pulled back the skin on the inside of my lower lip and there were more of the same worms moving slowly through the tissue in my lip. The mouth is often associated with conflict and insult, so a mouth that has bumps and sores may indicate you are about to get into a verbal altercation with someone in the near future. Worms are positive symbols associated with success, so it is likely you are to come out on top in this argument. However, while winning an individual argument may make you feel victorious, you may want to consider the more far-reaching effects of your words and behavior, as others may not look favorably on your tactics.
Recovering after a surgery I'd had some kind of brain surgery because I could feel the single-loop stitches around my head in various places where they drilled. Or maybe it was back surgery because they sat me up so carefully. I do remember saying that it wasn't so bad coming out of the anesthesia this time because I usually shake so violently, but not this time. Visions of surgery predict much the same in real life, namely that you may soon require medical attention in one form or another. Since it seemed to you like this procedure was a success, you may find that the procedure you undergo drastically increases your overall health and well-being. However, just because it is predicted to go well does not mean you should throw caution to the wind. It would be wise to carefully consider all your options and take special note of the pros and cons of each.
Giving birth to tiny twins as an accident I was at some beach party when I started to experience really bad pains and cramps and when I went to the restroom I ended up giving birth to dead twins. I wasn't sure what their gender was, all I know was that they were so small that they both fit in the palm of my hand. Twins are usually associated with family gatherings and celebrations, however, the fact that the twins you gave birth to were dead and caused a lot of pain can be interpreted as a sign of the opposite. This could manifest in two ways. On one hand, it could indicate a canceled event, such as a wedding that has been called off. On the other hand, this sign can also portend a gathering of family and friends under negative circumstances, for example, for a funeral or wake.
Being together with someone who is having stomach problems I was in a car with the man I have feelings for, he said I was perfect and kissed me, he had something going on in his stomach, he was getting waves of pain going up and down inside his stomach. I could see it happening but didn't know how to help him. Dreaming about the man you currently have feelings for in wake life is associated with indulging in your fantasies and desires, though not necessarily romantic ones. This could include a shopping spree or a night out with best friends. In either case, this symbol indicates soon doing things that excite you and make you happy, meaning that you are about to have another chance at enjoying life to the fullest and having a good time.
Pregnancy gone wrong Had a dream that I was pregnant and my baby stopped moving inside me? Dreaming about being pregnant is often associated with meeting new people and, in particular, being introduced to someone you find attractive. The relationship that blossoms is likely to start off much better than others you have experienced in the past, giving you butterflies and filling you with joy. However, not being able to feel the baby moving after awhile might indicate things suddenly turning sour, though the cause or reason is unclear. There may be something you can do to prevent this from happening, but it is also possible you will not want to.
Teeth falling out for a young female Every few nights I have a recurring dream in which my teeth are dropping out. I wake up in a panic. I am a female of 19 years of age with healthy teeth, so I do not understand the meaning of this. Dreaming about your teeth falling out is a fairly common vision, although the interpretation is not pleasant for the dreamer. When teeth fall or pop out in a dream, it portends experiencing hardship or great difficulty in your life. This is likely related to your life overall and not any specific aspect of it, so it may seem like everything is going against you during this time. A situation like this may cause great frustration and sadness, especially when you cannot come up with ways to reverse or amend the impact within the time available.
A baby developing inside an arm I had a dream I was pregnant, but instead of the baby growing in my belly it was in my right arm. I could see the baby moving and when it kicked my arm I could see the footprint. Dreaming of metamorphosis which involves your own body is not a positive sign, it could indicate the presence of developing malignancies or adverse health conditions. The kicking of the baby tells you that you were previously informed about the issue, but remained oblivious to the fact or paid little attention to it. The right arm signifies your dexterity and vigor to handle everyday things, so be sure to check on your health as soon as you can so you can prevent any undesirable outcomes down the road.
A fish implanted in the palm of a hand I dreamt there was a small fish implanted in my right palm with the tail part buried. As I pulled out the tail, there was a semi-clear vein that came with the fish. There were black spots like eggs inside. I kept pulling and a shrimp came out. I tried to stop that vein, but it just kept coming out. Envisioning a small fish embedded in the palm of your hand suggests you have many thoughts which are currently troubling your mind. These concerns may be making it difficult to focus on even the easiest or most mundane of tasks. The black spots which seem to be eggs, then, represent your preoccupation which such worries, meaning you spend more time thinking about your problems than you do solving them. This situation is likely to continue unless you make a conscious effort to improve your life, as the image of the never-ending vein could predict a long, drawn out period of unhappiness.
Worms coming out when in the bathroom I dreamt that I was in the loo and all that was coming out inside of me was crawly slimy worms.. I was not crying, I was just looking at this and every time I pee or poop, everything that comes out is just worms. Worms are symbolic of the wall you tend to build between yourself and the world. You may act happy-go-lucky and cheerful around friends and family, but on the inside, you may be suffering from sadness or even depression. This idea is epitomized in the common image of a worm within an apple. In this case, you are the apple and the worms represent the darkness within you. Excreting the worms from your body in the form of urine or fecal matter, then, portends accidentally exposing your true self to someone. You might fear this spontaneous revealing could affect you negatively later on, but this could be a chance to seek help and reach out to someone instead of keeping everything bottled up inside you.
Drinking orange liquid Just drinking glass full of orange liquid. Dreaming of drinking orange liquid can be interpreted as a sign that you could soon find yourself in a position to achieve something great. As long as you don't let it slip through your fingers, it could earn you the respect and admiration of your friends and colleagues. Sometimes, the same vision could also indicate dehydration in your body, for example after a night out with drinking involved or as a result of strenuous physical activity preceding this dream.
Being told to take anti-pregnancy pills I'm not sure where I was or who I was talking to. All that stands out was that I was talking to a female and she said "If you don't start taking your birth control, you'll be pregnant by or in April". This vision is likely the manifestation of something you heard or talked about in wake life, meaning you may have recently overheard someone talking about birth control pills or started such a conversation with a friend. The female speaker, however, is symbolic in that she represents some resentment or scorn you might feel at this idea. It may be that you do not want to take birth control or that you dislike having other people stick their nose in your personal affairs. In either case, this vision is more likely your subconscious trying to work out its views on a particular topic rather than a prediction of things to transpire.
Unable to get sun tan I dream I'm on holiday somewhere hot and I either do not get a suntan at all, or I am not satisfied with my tan. Dreaming about being on a holiday or vacation could indicate the need to relax or take some much needed rest. The hot climate implies being under a lot of pressure which could be consuming you or draining your energy. In that sense, the tan or suntan could represent your current duties and responsibilities, and they are perceived, both subconsciously and while being awake, as if no matter how hard you work and how much responsibility you take on, a general feeling of dissatisfaction still persists, so unless you find a way to compensate for your hard work and resulting exhaustion, you will remain being reminded of the situation in your dreams.
Granddaughter's arm being amputated and replaced with a prosthesis My dream was about my granddaughter. I walked in and they cut her hand off, put a prosthesis on and I was telling the doctor he had to put her hand back on, there was no reason for him to cut it off and he grabbed her hand and started cutting all the little fingers off of her little hand and I couldn't stop him. Then my granddaughter walked out and had a prosthetic metal contraption from her shoulder down. I can't tell you how upsetting this dream was to me. Our arms often get most of our work done. They are oftentimes symbolic of our way of life or our vocation. Hence, a vision of amputation or a loss of this particular limb indicates a loss of motivation as well as a shift in priorities. Perhaps someone close to you will undergo some struggle which will put that person on a different track. There is a possibility that somebody influential is steering your kin in another direction, hence the prosthetic arm. Furthermore, your subconscious may be telling you to be wary of manipulative people surrounding your family which will put a strain in your relationship with them.
Face melting away after washing I was washing my face and when I looked up to look in the mirror, my face started melting and I started panicking. Washing a part of your body usually symbolizes that your life is going in the right direction. The terrifying sight that you saw in the mirror, however, points to the possibility of getting involved with dangerous people in the near future. Think carefully about the choices you make in life and who your friends really are.
A worm inside an eye I dreamed I had something in my eye. When I looked in the mirror at my left pupil, it looked oblong. As I looked closer, I realized it was a worm coming out of my eye. As I fought with getting it out before it squirmed behind my eye and into my eye socket, it fell out of my lower eye lid and down my shirt. It was the most disturbing and realistic dream I have had in a very long time. The eyes are windows to your soul. A worm coming out of your eye indicates an emotional upheaval. It may be that you have been harboring tension or repressing negative emotions and you feel the need for an emotional outlet to weed out the source of anger and frustration. This dream could be telling you to free your mind from harmful and counterproductive thoughts in order to gain a clearer perspective about how you are living your life. Once you get these negative aspects out of your system, you will have renewed motivation to go on.
Being covered with blood Someone had a vision of me being covered in blood. If someone had a vision of you being covered in blood, it means they are about to learn something about you that you were trying to hide from them. It could be a good intention on your part, when you did not want to hurt them emotionally or cause a stirrup while trying to help them achieve their goals, or it could be something more sinister, perhaps things related to being jealous of their quick success or things that bother you to a point when you feel it is necessary to interfere to prove them wrong.
Giving birth to fish instead of a baby I was giving birth to dead fish.. They were rugged and had sharp teeth. There were people waiting to kill me after I was done, but I was trying to convince them there was a baby and not to hurt the baby. Dead or dying fish carries negative implications in dreams. This is usually associated with sorrow and loss. Seeing yourself giving birth to dead fish means that you could end up losing a significant portion of your material possessions and power. This unfortunate incident may end up affecting your loved ones in a negative way, and you could wind up being blamed for the disappointing turn of events, justifiable or not. Your dream also alludes to your state of mind throughout the whole affair, which is to protect your baby from harm. The baby in your dream could mean your family, or it could also be related to your business and professional ventures.
Parasites emerging from the body I had a dream that felt real. Large white parasites with sharp teeth began coming out of pockets in my skin that opened up. One being from my chest area and one from armpit region. Parasites manifesting from within the body in the context of a dream usually point toward having a negative outlook on life. This could be a general state, meaning you tend to be cynical or sarcastic, or it may indicate a recent rough patch which is causing you to look grimly on the future. In either case, it may take some time and effort on your part to get yourself in a better mood. While this can be accomplished alone, you can also ask your friends or family members to help, which may be faster and more effective.
Feathers growing on the arm I had a few black feathers growing out of my arm. I wasn't scared, but I felt comfort when I look down at them. Just as vibrant plumage is a sign of virility in the animal kingdom and prosperity among humans, so does this sign represent thriving in wake life. This is especially true given your calm reaction to such a change in the vision. It could indicate you can see yourself evolving and becoming a better person and are pleased with the progress you have made so far.
Pulling a worm out of the ankle area and being disgusted I had a dream that there was a blob or black mush on my ankle, top of my foot area and when I was pulling on it I noticed it was a worm and it broke and I wasn't able to get it all out. Then I woke up. Grossed me out, still grosses me out. What does this mean? Worms crawling over your body typically mean a desire to accumulate wealth or achieve prosperity. Hence, pulling a worm or worms out of the foot suggests that you are not interested in material wealth. Your proclivities, it seems, are more geared towards self-fulfillment and spiritual pursuits. The breaking of the envisioned worm apart can also hold a significant meaning here, because it reflects a need for direction and possibly financial assistance. Perhaps you are prone to wandering and refuse to be tied down by conventional adult expectations.
Teeth and jaw fragments falling out During my dream, my teeth started falling out and I ran to the bathroom to run water in my mouth to dilute the blood. Then pieces of the jaw bone would randomly come out with the teeth and I would continue to bleed. To dream that your teeth are falling out alludes to feelings of inadequacy or insecurity. You may be feeling particularly vulnerable and sensitive to criticism due to your current state of mind. Perhaps you lack ambition or direction and it is preventing you from realizing your full potential. Try to look within yourself and identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to push through with your goals.
Cooking but not eating feces I was cooking feces and it did not smell and later I I poured it, I did not eat it. Cooking feces could be an indication of liking to stir up trouble or get involved with gossip. While you like to share juicy details with others and tiptoe along the edge of "bad," you probably are not actually a mean or vindictive person, as is indicated by not smelling or eating what you had made in this vision. Your involvement with those who do harbor darker personalities, however, could get you into trouble in the future if you are not careful.
Throwing up with colored worms Having worms (white and green) in own vomit. As I vomited in my dream, the worms were alive and squirming. There were only two green worms and they had very bright eyes. Expecting reply as soon as possible. Worms symbolically represent trying to keep a brave face while things are falling apart around you. Specifically, this dream seems to be related to your health, as vomiting in a dream vision is usually associated with physical ailments and illness. You may feel like you are coming down with a certain condition, but may be pretending it is alright, possibly because you do not want others to worry, or you are worried about falling behind in your work. However, your health is very important and should not be ignored lest things get worse.
A head injury resulting in a huge blood loss I dreamt that I had cut the back of my head open badly. It was as if I was also watching it happen from a distance at the same time. I am a person who will faint at the sight of blood and in this dream I was crying and screaming in pain - I have no idea how I cut my head open, my mum was in my dream, she's alive, but she lives quite a long way from me. In my dream I was told that I needed stitches - something that petrifies me as I have had the experience of stitches. Lots of blood. Dreaming about bleeding from a head wound is usually symbolic of "bleeding" out the thoughts and words you would normally keep locked up in your mind. To be more specific, this sign in a dream vision often points toward acting or saying things without your usual filter, which could upset or horrify the people around you. Your inner monologue is likely darker and less positive than what you portray. The presence of your mother, in this case, could serve as a warning to temper your words and be more careful about what you say and whom you say it to.
A friend feeling pain in the groin area My friend who is also my secret love is holding his penis and when I ask him about it he said that he feels pain from it, so I ask to assist him to the clinic. To dream of a penis in this context could be reflective of potential problems in your sexual life. You may be experiencing intimacy issues resulting in a less than desirable sex life. The pain he feels could also be a reflection of your sexual frustration. Perhaps your repressed feelings are manifesting in your dream as a way to assure you or validate your desire. Maybe you feel as though you are what he needs in his life, therefore in the dream you are at the right place at the right time and in a unique position to help him with his predicament.
Testicles bleeding and wife receiving a cake I dreamt my testicles were dripping blood, then I dreamt my boss giving cake to my wife. Testicles refer to pride, power and masculinity. The dream may be indicative of your anxieties regarding your skills and capabilities. On the other hand, you could be experiencing feelings of ineptitude in terms of providing for the needs of your family. Cakes in a dream are normally associated with happiness, rewarding and pleasant experiences in the waking life. Hence, some other person giving cake to your wife reflects your own sense of inability to satisfy her. Perhaps there is a need to confront your personal issues that are affecting the dynamics within your family.
Giving birth with no pain I dreamt I was pregnant twice and never experienced labor pains, I just heard the children being born. Dreaming that you are pregnant could have contradicting meanings. Pregnancy symbolizes an unhappy life and sometimes undesirable children. On the other hand, pregnancy can also mean meeting someone new and starting a more meaningful relationship with that person. This relationship will be much better than the ones you have had in the past. If you are in a happy relationship, then this dream could be associated with personal development underway or you could be developing new ideas. The birth, in general, represents new ventures, projects and goals. So there is much to look forward to.
A female friend suddenly growing body hair Hi, I saw my friend (girl) who had black hair growing on her face and body (saw only shoulders and back). Half of her face was clean, as she had a shaver in her hand. And I helped her to shave part of her shoulder. Dreaming of having hair growing in places where it should not be growing is a sign of acceptance and forgiveness. Somebody that you have wronged in the past may forgive you for your misdeeds and could even go out of his or her way to assist you with something. It is likely that the friend you saw in your dream will facilitate this reconciliation.
Cleaning body after defecating and carrying clean water I dreamed I was passing a stool and washing my bum... There was lots of shit on my hand and I was washing it off... Then after a while I saw myself carrying a big bowl of clean water on my head, my mum helped me to put it on my head. This dream points to a process of cleansing. Defecating in the dream refers to a removal or letting go of personal dilemmas and negative emotions. If something in your life is troubling you, perhaps you feel the need to get rid of this source of turmoil. The clear water you were carrying on your head signifies better conditions and happy occasions in the near future. Your life will also be prosperous and you will be able to enjoy the finer things in life. As such, the initial cleansing goes hand in hand with peace and prosperity. Only when you find closure with the more unsavory issues you are battling will you finally get the chance to live a more carefree and fulfilling life.
Unable to use a restroom and suffocating from poop in the mouth I dreamt I was trying to find a place to poop and people kept interrupting me. I would find another bathroom and more people would come in. Somehow I ended up with my mouth being full of poop. I assume it's mine. I try to open my mouth to vomit it out, but it is stuck like peanut butter or something. I never got it out. Trying to find a bathroom but being unable to indicates that you have been holding on to an outdated set of beliefs for a long time. The other people who are hindering you from using the restroom, then, can be seen as the people in your life who want to keep you from changing your mind, most likely parents, older relatives or politicians. In this case, finding that your mouth has been filled with your poop suggests you are slowly poisoning yourself by holding onto this old way of thinking, and the only way to release yourself from the negative baggage is to force yourself to break free.
Scrotum splitting open and no one available for help I was in another country with people I know and my testicle bag split open. I kept begging everyone to phone me an ambulance, but they wouldn't. I had to crawl around looking for help, the split got bigger and bigger and I kept having to put my testicle back in the bag. I eventuality found a phone and called an ambulance, but when it turned up it was very grim and didn't have paramedics, just the driver and one of my testicles turned into a stop watch. Testicles are often associated with sexuality, masculinity and power. To dream that you have sustained testicle injuries could be a reflection of your sexual anxieties or intimacy issues. On the other hand, it may also refer to a low self-esteem and self-confidence. Perhaps you are starting to question your capability to manage your duties and responsibilities. This latter interpretation seems more apt in the context of your dream as the stopwatch in the end alludes to a need for better time management. You could be swamped with deadlines that you are having trouble to meet. The stress of your work is creeping up in your subconscious and manifesting in your dream.
Suddenly developing wounds with blood gushing I am in the hospital assisting my partner. All of a sudden my right foot and ankle open up in a wound gushing blood. Very painful. I go to get assistance and both my hands do the same. I have my son with me and all I can think is who will take care of him. They tell me it is some kind of rare fungal infection connected to issues with your cervix. Then I wake up. Being in a hospital in a dream vision is usually a fairly ominous symbol associated with unexpected and unwelcome news, most likely about health and wellness. This is coupled with the image of your hands and feet opening up and gushing blood, another powerful portent associated with a debilitating cycle of illness and exhaustion. It may be wise to seek early screening for health issues which run in your family or with which you have recently been concerned, as early diagnosis and treatment may stave off the worst of these possible afflictions.
Finding a nit after scratching the head Sitting down and I'm scratching my head, as I'm scratching I pull 1 nit only. Both scratching your head and finding lice are positive signs associated with financial well-being and prosperity. You probably already have a good financial standing and a budget, but extra help, in the form of a monetary gift or grant, may be on its way to you shortly.
Unable to cut the hair growing on the bottom of the foot I had a dream where suddenly beautiful, long, wavy light brown hair began growing out of the bottom of my left foot. There were people all around me. I knew they were there, yet I could not see them. I wanted to remove the hair because it should not have been growing there and thought of using scissors, but I was moving too quickly to be able to stop to cut it. I also thought of using a razor, but could not because of the same reason. The focus on feet in a dream symbolizes being grounded. As a counterpoint, light, wavy hair suggests a tendency to get entangled in complicated affairs. This hair that keeps growing out of the bottom of your left foot represents the increasingly uncontrollable and unpredictable consequences of a decision you have made or are about to make. This action may set into motion a series of troublesome encounters and possible problems that you would have difficulty trying to nip in the bud. Perhaps your business could incur losses which may take time to recover, or the promotion at work could be delayed due to a project's underwhelming results and issues. This hairy predicament may keep your career or personal life at a standstill because of the many complications that may transpire.
Giving birth after wanting to use the restroom I was waiting to use the bathroom at home when I told my stepson "Hurry up, I have to use the bathroom". He said "OK" and I walked into my living room to pass time when I felt like I needed to push what I thought was a bowel movement. I felt something between my legs and it was a baby's feet. I took off my pants and gave birth to a baby in the middle of my living room. Yelling for someone to come help or call 911 because my fiance was at work. The beginning of the dream where you were waiting to use the bathroom for a supposed bowel movement reveals a need to let go of negative emotions or burdens. Perhaps the scenario of giving birth in the living room reflects a reversal of your expectations. Maybe you think something bad is about to happen or that things would not go your way, instead it turns out that your apprehensions are unfounded. You could be welcoming great news, opportunities or a lucrative business venture. This pleasant surprise may be unexpected such that you would need the support of your loved ones in order to see it through and properly manage the newfound responsibility.
A man with skin resembling a fruit texture I dreamed about a man that came at my grandma's house and the man had a ripe-fruit skin. And that fruit-skin man was acting very normal to me, but I was afraid to touch his skin because I thought that my skin will be of ripe fruits, and I remember that I saw an apple, orange, pineapple, grapes, pomegranate, banana, lime, papaya. I would like if someone can explain me that dream. Dreaming about a man whose skin is like that of ripe fruit contains both positive and negative news. On one hand, the variety of fruit predicts interesting and exciting experiences which may change your perspective or way of thinking. On the other hand, this vision suggests you could be hesitant to step out of line and try something new. The negative news, then, is more of a warning or suggestion to not be afraid to be extraordinary. You never know where life can lead you if you are willing to follow your aspirations and be open-minded.
Swallowing wooden cubes Dream of two wooden cubes in my stomach. This vision is a warning to get your act together before it is too late. Wood, by itself, symbolically represents failing to make progress or get things done on time, usually due to procrastination and lack of concentrated effort. The fact that you seem to have eaten or swallowed this wood suggests that your inability to finish even minor tasks could lead to great setbacks in the near future.
Urinating after learning about someone's marriage Urinated myself in the bathroom after seeing other girl's engagement of marriage. And urinated a little in real life. My age is 29, unmarried. Searching for a girl for marriage. This vision contains two opposing symbols, but can be interpreted as being positive in regards to your future endeavor to marry. Being inside a bathroom during a dream vision is often considered bad luck which, given the other girl's engagement, seems logical. Maybe you liked her or were subconsciously thinking about asking for her hand. Urinating on yourself, however, predicts good luck and fortune. You may have more success finding a wife in the coming months.
Insects infesting a hand I had a infection in my hand. Was making the skin peel off. Wet and gross skin. Peeled it back and there were little flying bugs crawling around and laying eggs inside my hand. Dreaming that your skin peels off to reveal bugs crawling underneath and laying eggs portends the start of a new job or project. This new activity could be linked to a new mode of transportation for you. It may force you to start using the train, bus or some other method to reach your destination. It could also involve having to travel, and thus be away from home, for long periods of time.
Growing a hair patch after girlfriend leaves While talking to this girl I was ordering a product. She started looking funny at me and she left like in a hurry. I then noticed I had grown a hair patch that looked like a racing stripe down the side of my face that ended with a longer piece at the corner of my mouth that was not there when we first started talking. Dreaming about a new patch of hair growing, especially in an unusual place or with a strange pattern, is the manifestation of selfish or self-centered tendencies. This means you usually put your needs and wants before those of others, even to the point of hurting or using others to achieve your goals or desires. Because this appeared while in conversation, it may suggest that others are becoming aware of this personality trait and could start avoiding you or treating you differently if they feel wronged.
Fingers of two people attached to each other I had a dream were I was doing a report, or revising a report about fingers. After revising some of it, I saw two people with one of their fingers attached to one of the other person's finger. Fingers in dreams denote expertise and skill. Specific meanings depend on which finger was in your dream. The ring finger refers to commitment, while the index finger alludes to authority. The report on fingers in your dream possibly points to your hard work towards your specialization. Perhaps you are polishing your skills and continuously improving your craft or career path. The individuals with fingers attached to another person may mean that they share a special bond, possibly of a romantic nature. In relation to you personally, perhaps this vision is telling you that your excessive focus on work and career may be leaving no room for romance.
Going through pregnancy and being at school Had a dream I lost my virginity to my boyfriend and it hurt so bad, I got pregnant after losing my virginity. My belly was big, I was so happy I was pregnant with my own child, it was hard for me to do stuff. I realized I was pregnant when I kept getting sick, I had to pee a lot, I felt my baby's head, I was still with my boyfriend, I was at school too and walking pregnant in the hallways. I turned 18 two days after I got pregnant. Losing your virginity in a dream is often interpreted as a negative sign, which is often attributed to concerns about losing face and earning a bad reputation. However, the happiness exhibited in the dream, after you got pregnant, reveals a more positive outcome behind this event. In a way, the sexual intercourse could suggest your desire for intimacy and love. The pregnancy that occurs after the act is a validation of the positive effects of being in love. Alternatively, this vision may have just manifested due to your curiosity about the physical act of conception itself. It is a reminder from your subconscious to bear in mind the consequences of your future actions.
Pulling worms from under the feet Please, I dreamed that I am removing worms from under my feet by pulling one by one. But my left foot remained with a wound. A dream in which you are removing worms from your feet, leaving behind open wounds and lacerations, can be interpreted as a subconscious desire to achieve some kind of material or financial wealth. It is possible that you are currently struggling to reach these goals as the wounds that remain on your body seem to point to. This could be causing you undue stress and exasperation.
Receiving negative comments about body weight I have two dreams. I cannot remember the whole, but some parts of the dreams. I have been working on losing weight for some years now. When I lost about 35 pounds at first from 175lbs to 145lbs, my friends and family called said all kinds of diminishing things like, you look ugly, you look like someone whose husband refused him food, etc. I gained 20lbs, which I am working on losing now. In my dream one on the people commented on how thin I am, and I said "I don't care" and walked away. In a dream vision, when other people comment on your weight, especially in the case of weight loss, it tends to predict difficulty with your interpersonal relationships, most likely family and close friends. This seems to manifest itself literally in the vision, as you brush off other people's comments and walk away from the conversation. It may be the hostility you feel from your family concerning your weight, which brings out these feelings.
Bugs infesting the body and leaving holes behind I dreamt that I had loads of lines under the skin on my legs and bum cheeks. When I picked at the line or bumps, they moved because they were stripey bugs like caterpillars. After a while I clawed my skin to get them out of my body leaving gaping holes everywhere. Every time I ripped one of them out I crushed it and it seemed another one appeared in the hole in its place. Eventually, I got all of them out from under my skin and there were huge gaping holes in my legs where they had been. The vision of caterpillars under your skin alludes to stunted potential. Clawing them out of your skin is a reflection of your frustration and anxiety about being unable to reach your full potential. You could be stressing yourself out trying to hit all sorts of targets and standards that you have set for yourself. Being too hard on yourself, however, could lead you to self-destruction or a loss of your optimism and passion. Alternatively, the caterpillars could be individuals in your waking life who are leading you astray. The holes they leave as you pluck them out of your life refer to the irreversible damage and negative consequences of following their lead.
More fingers than usual I'm in my bed and I count my fingers and there's 12, so I know I'm dreaming. So, I scream until I "wake up", which I'm still dreaming and I keep doing it, but the more I do it seems like I'm just trying to get my parents to come and help me in my room and sometimes I wake up on the floor. Then, at some point I actually do wake up, but not screaming and that's when I actually wake up. Counting your fingers and realizing that there are too many could represent an unusual preoccupation with a particular goal or hobby you currently have. You could be dedicating more time than you should on this one particular area of your life, causing other areas, like chores, studies, or familial relationships, to suffer. Trying to force yourself to wake from this dream could suggest you are aware of this growing problem, but are not yet ready to take measures to turn the situation around. This vision could be a warning, then, that time is of the essence.
An urge to urinate while shopping So I dreamed I was is a store that had no bathroom. I had to go, so an employee took me out to a parking lot were there was 3 Porto potties, but there was a gate with lock on it and I could not get to them, but I had to go real bad. Then I woke up and had to pee what does it mean? Looking for a bathroom or toilet in your dream could be a reflection of your need for release. You may be carrying some type of burden which is wearing you down, so you want to be rid of it. Typically, searching for a bathroom or a toilet in public is associated with poor financial management. Perhaps your finances are causing you some distress and you want to be more financially-independent. On the other hand, it could also just be a manifestation of a full bladder. You physical needs communicated themselves through the dream scenario you experienced.
Needing to pee while at school I dreamed we were in our kids' school with my friend filling some forms and my friend was pressed with urine and I was trying to tell her to use the office toilets and she didn't want to go, kept pressing until the urine was out. Then she started crying until a teacher and other officials came out and took her outside and I could hear her cry. Urine is usually a positive sign, although in this case it is not related to you (the dreamer). Urine predicts fortune and success, so seeing your friend urinate could predict great prosperity in her life. The form she was filling out represents your foresight in this matter, suggesting you can see good things coming her way even if she cannot. Whether you choose to share the good news with her or not, your subconscious belief in her bright future is likely appreciated.
Unable to take a shower I don't remember much from my dream except that I kept wanting to shower but something always stopped me. Being in a dream where you suddenly feel the strong, irresistible urge to take a shower, either because you have gotten dirty or just had an intense workout, represents some deep, unusual desires you wish to have fulfilled. Because you want something unusual or rare to find, you may be putting your financial situation on the line to make these dreams come true. Fortunately, your pragmatic and levelheaded side may still be in control, as you delay making important decisions without being fully prepared.
Having deformed hands and dizziness My hands were red and swollen, with no finger definition and spike-shaped blisters and I was dizzy. Red and swollen hands in dreams suggests unexpected events which would lead to positive outcomes. Puffy hands generally refer to a lack of control over certain circumstances and yet managing to benefit from the events in some ways, possibly in financial terms. The dizziness represents confusion and being off-balance due to the unexpected nature of these events. Once you gain your footing and find your bearings, you can begin to find joy in the surprising turn of circumstances you are about to face.
Having an extra hand and warts I had a dream that I had another hand on top of my right hand. And in between the two there were many many large warts. Dreams about the right hand reveal triumph over difficulties and negative or chaotic situations. The extra hand situated on top of the other speaks of forces or individuals keeping your from achieving success or overcoming challenges. These oppressive forces are wreaking havoc in your life, as symbolized by the warts, possibly making you lose hope in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. To triumph, you need not only prevail in the presence of adversaries, but also overcome your own negative feelings and insecurities.
A needle in the forehead A lady injecting a long needle in my forehead. Needles tend to represent focused attention or a singular event, so having a needle injected into your forehead could represent the honing of higher mental abilities, such as psychic powers or visions of the future.
Seeing body through someone's eyes I was looking out to the horizon over the ocean and as my gaze lowered, I saw the sand and feet which were not mine. The view I had was through the eyes of a friend. Dreaming about having an out-of-body experience is an ominous sign associated with being rejected by friends or those in your group of peers. You may be a bit of an "odd duck" who has trouble fitting in or getting along with others, making it difficult to form and maintain long-term friendships. This coincides with looking out onto the horizon over the ocean. Oceans often represent opportunity for personal growth, but only watching the ocean could point to your lack of motivation to go forth and make those changes. Unless you put in the time and effort to get along with others, you may always find it challenging to forge those types of bonds.
A positive pregnancy test I had a brief dream where I was holding a positive pregnancy test. No one else was around just me. A dream in which you are holding proof that you are pregnant is an ill-omen. It points to certain fundamental issues in your current relationship that could eventually lead to a breakup. Having no one around you in the same vision also points to the fact that you can be the main cause, with your actions or personal qualities, of these circumstances taking place.
Cutting hair after it caught on fire My hair caught fire and I had to get all my red hair cut to shoulder length and it felt horrible, but I also seen a four leaf clover as well I think. Envisioning any part of yourself on fire during the course of a dream is highly ominous, suggesting you need to immediately reevaluate certain aspects of your life. In particular, this symbol suggests you worry too much about unimportant things while failing to act on tasks or assignments that hold weight in wake life. Cutting your hair due to the damage, then, predicts being able to move past this weakness by cutting ties with the people who egg you on unnecessarily and distract you from the important things in life. A four leaf clover at the end of the vision supports the idea that removing this person of these people from your list of social connections could have a positive impact on your existence.
Son losing front teeth My youngest son lost top two front permanent teeth. I was upset and took him to dentist. Seeing someone close to you losing their teeth in a dream could be interpreted as a subconscious representation of your fears. You may have certain concerns and apprehensions about the possibility of losing this person, in this case your son. While this could mean that he may have had an accident in the past or some sort of affliction that would make you fear for his health and safety, it could also represent the fear that all parents feel at the prospect of their children growing up and eventually leaving.
A guy leaving because of being too fat A guy that I like and who liked me back in real life met up with me and left me for some other really hot skinny girl because I was too fat for him. Your dream of being traded for a hot, skinny girl because of your weight reveals your own issues and insecurities about your body. Additionally, when other people in your dream comment or act in a certain way because of your weight, it reflects existing difficulties with your interpersonal relationships, most likely family and close friends. Perhaps you feel judged in reality because of the way you look. Your subconscious could be bringing up these issues so that you can focus on them in order to make you feel better and more confident about yourself.
Advice to hide long hair I had very long hair and there were 2 Muslim teachers in my kitchen which I know them. One of them was telling me to hide my hair and was holding my hand. I was very angry. Long hair in dreams is associated with attraction and sexuality, especially for females. Being told to hide your hair reflects limitations and conservative beliefs surrounding you. You may be feeling restricted and chastised in reality for expressing any kind of vanity or feminine sensuality. It makes you feel angry and frustrated whenever others try to control your actions and behavior. You may be in the process of trying to assert your independence and this is making your elders uncomfortable. Perhaps you need to strike a balance of getting a degree of freedom whilst respecting your traditions and values.
Strange objects inside and on the head In my dream I suddenly realized I had hairbrush bristles growing out of the top of my head. Not only that, but it was being caused by ants that were living on my scalp. When I tried to pull out these hairbrush bristles, they came out in three sections, and the bristles were rooted in some sort of machinery gear that had been built into my head, as if that's what they were rooted in. I felt embarrassed and creeped-out in my dream. The hair brush bristles growing out of the top of your head denote muddled thoughts. You could be in a state of confusion and unable to think clearly. This symbolism urges you to clear your mind of clutter which is making you unproductive. The ants living in your scalp likely point to a sense of dissatisfaction about your current situation. This frustration could be the reason why your thoughts are going haywire. Perhaps you need to be strategic about how you want to improve your current position in life. Focus on the how instead of dwelling on why.
A penis covered with feces I dreamed I was touching my husband's penis. When I looked down at it... it was covered with feces. It was even on his leg and thigh... Dreaming of a penis covered in feces means that your respect for your husband could be going down. His penis represents power and masculinity. In reality, this power and sense of pride come from his personal achievements and the ability to provide for the family. Meanwhile, feces alludes to dirt and feelings of disgust. The symbol of feces in dreams has also been associated with financial and money matters. Your husband may be having money issues in the waking world and, as a result, he may be feeling insecure about not being able to catch up with your family's needs. Perhaps you are also second guessing his capacity to get your family out of a financial rut.
Boils and blisters on the feet A painful dream! I have blisters in my feet and my feet were getting disfigured, big boils. A dream in which your feet appear to be disfigured and full of blisters could represent certain subconscious desires. You may secretly wish to achieve a level of financial or material wealth but refuse to admit it, perhaps even to yourself. Your current financial situation could be causing you undue stress and exasperation.
A breast injured by someone Someone I'm not even attracted to was making out with me and sucked in my boobs and made a hole (legit hole in my left breast), and I could see into it. My breast and some blood inside. I was running away from an ex. I woke up out of my sleep drastically... Making out or kissing someone in a dream reveals your desire for love and intimacy. It is possible that you may soon meet a handsome man. However, things may not turn out the way you expect. This man could be a womanizer who wants to take advantage of you or he could use you to gain material things. The hole in your left breast alludes to insecurity. Perhaps you feel undesirable and tired of always giving and yet not getting enough love in return.
Face and body decomposed I saw myself looking in the mirror finding my face and limbs completely decomposed with decomposer insects all over my body. Both your decomposing body and the maggots on and in it suggest that you are about to go through a difficult, uncomfortable period of time. The maggots in particular predict that the source of your troubles is within you, such as a negative feeling you have not been able to let go of. It would be wise, then, to analyze your current emotional state and try to seek a solution, so that you can move on and find happiness again.
Pulling out worms from the rear I was dreaming about two worms going out of my asshole. Then I pulled out too hard to pull using my 2 hands, then I got it. What is the meaning of my dream? Thank you. A dream in which you see worms coming out of your body's orifices, such as your anus, could represent certain subconscious feelings you have in regards to yourself and your place in the world. It is possible that you tend to build a wall around you to keep others away, perhaps without even realizing you are doing it. You may even see yourself as an outsider, and these feelings could be taking their emotional toll on you. If this happens to be the case, it would be advisable to look for advice from someone that you know you can trust. There is no shame in asking for help when you really need it.
Giving birth to fish but not panicking I'm pregnant right now. But in my dream I was lying on the couch, not in pain, but I gave birth to multiple fish. It was like a shower of fish. In my dream I wasn't frightened but calm and content. What does this mean? For pregnant women, seeing yourself give birth to fish is a highly ominous sign. It suggests having a difficult pregnancy or giving birth to a sickly child. It would be wise to pay close attention to both your and the baby's health until you give birth and avoid any unnecessary travel or physical activities that could negatively affect your pregnancy.
A small bleeding wound by a thumb I had a needle point sized spot on the back of my hand at base of thumb bleeding. This needle point sized bleeding wound on your thumb represents the possibility that you could be subjected to unpleasant or embarrassing situations in the near future. Through no personal fault or intentions you may become the target of mockery and verbal abuse. This hostility could stem from jealousy over your achievements at work or socially and could cause you undue stress and some degree of anxiety.
Losing a foot during war I was in a dark open space like a war zone where I heard someone yell something is coming, after that all of sudden I had lost my legs, but only the leg part that we slide in the shoes. Later I found my legs I pasted it unevenly, desperately not wanting to lose it. Doctors cared less too. I was taken in but not for treatment but a lockup with crippled people, all in same room. Outside was a policemen trying to catch someone, somehow I escaped. Outside someone called my name to come in again... HELP. Visions containing the images and sounds of war often predict conflicts or disagreements within your circle of friends. Likely this is a group in which you have recently become popular and well-liked. It could be that your sudden rise in status has angered current or previous members, causing jealousy to rear its ugly head. Losing your legs in the vision supports this idea, further showing how the disagreements between you and your enemies could begin to put a strain on the relationships with your friends. You and a few others may try to hold things together, but it may be better to abandon these individuals altogether and find a group with less drama and animosity.
Discovering own pregnancy I dreamed I was in the shower when I noticed both of my breasts were leaking milk, then looked down at my belly and noticed that I was pregnant. A night before I dreamed that I felt asleep in my friend's pregnant belly and that I could feel the baby move and it made me so sentimental that I started tearing because I remembered that I had a miscarriage in my pregnancy, which is actually true. I had a miscarriage 8 months ago. Then I had a dream my sister was pregnant and gave birth. I was so happy. The first vision, leaking breast milk and then noticing you are pregnant, suggests that your body has recovered from the physical stress it was under, possibly during the time of your miscarriage, but that your emotional state and your ability to connect with others, particularly your partner, may continue to suffer. Both your friend's pregnancy and your sister's pregnancy and birthing predict happiness and contentment in your future as time begins to heal the wounds. There may be other wonderful surprises in store as well.
Having menses When you dream you are on your menses what does that mean? To dream that you are menstruating means that you are approaching a period of rest and relaxation in waking life. You would finally be able to let go and release toxic thoughts and negative vibes from your life.
Cutting off own fingertips I was cutting off my own fingers in a restaurant, the very tips of each one. But left one - the index finger on my right hand. Dreams containing notions of cutting off your own fingers speak of a recent event or circumstance when you found yourself being unable to communicate a message or shut yourself off when someone asked you for help and support. For some reason, you think the person in need of you input is not deserving your time or attention. The Index finger that was spared in your dream, however, signifies your second thoughts and doubts, which hopefully will help you find the right decision as the time goes by.
Giving birth to a calf I dreamt giving birth to a calf and I could feel its legs pushing from my ass. I cried for help to people that were surrounding me as I groan in labor to no avail, later dropped a baby girl wrapped in feces from my ass on my own only for the same people to assist in wiping the baby. Please assist, it's very disturbing. A calf seen in dreams typically symbolizes immaturity. As such, this dream of hard labor with a calf ripping through your body represents real world struggles to implement an immature idea or half-baked project. You may be thinking about or are currently involved in a challenging project or venture and you could soon face a number of hurdles to keep it afloat. Eventually, as the scene in your vision of a baby girl wrapped in feces suggests, this challenging venture would eventually stabilize and open up new opportunities that would make all the sacrifices and investment well worth it, so long as you work diligently and give it the proper care it requires.
Afraid to be weighed My youth leader wanted me to weigh myself so she could see how much I weighed, but I was afraid to because it was low, so I didn't tell her. Dreams about being underweight reveal your fears and insecurities. You may lack confidence in your abilities and would rather stay in the background to avoid scrutiny. It is also possible that the weight represents your frugal nature. In particular, your frugality could manifest itself in your interpersonal relationships. You may have a tendency to treat others in a thrifty and stingy manner. Retaliations and discontentment on their side could follow.
Clear water coming from the feet I was standing at the dinner table setting food down as I heard water dripping on the floor, I thought I had spilled something. I looked down and it's this clear liquid, but where it was coming from I did not know. Then I realized it was coming out of my feet, rushing out of my feet. Food on the table is a highly auspicious symbol to see in a dream associated with happiness and joy. Because you were the one putting it on the table, it suggests you would be the author of your own destiny, choosing the people, activities and ideas which would help you make your life more enjoyable. Water coming from your body is a complicated sign to interpret, but seems to predict meeting someone who shares your same ideals. It is perhaps because you have chosen to be happy and live in a positive way that this person realizes they could share this destiny by getting closer to you.
Stabbing oneself in the heart I had a dream that I was stabbing myself in the heart with a long knife. Stabbing yourself in a dream vision, while possibly gruesome and horrific in terms of imagery, is actually a neutral symbol associated with change. The fact that you are the one doing the action further suggests change being brought about through direct action, such as deep involvement in a special project or focused attention on a singular goal. This vision is the manifestation of your thoughts and actions connected to this change you wish to make happen.
Mother's breast I saw my mom's boobs. Seeing your mother's breasts in a dream can have two possible meanings according to our sources. You could be in a phase of your life when you feel you are becoming more independent and capable of making your own decisions, but she is still exerting a lot of control and authority over you, all to your frustration and disappointment. Alternatively, you could be looking for someone as open and transparent toward your personality traits to establish a new relationship with, not necessarily sexually-based.
Being unable to urinate I had a dream that I couldn't pee to save my life and I was scared I was going to die because I couldn't go. Being unable to pee or urinate in a dream refers to existing secrets or repressed feelings. You may be feeling burdened by some shameful acts you have committed and getting stressed out in the process. Alternatively, perhaps you feel like you do not have the freedom to show others who you really are for fear of being judged or ridiculed.
Hands with spikes in them I can't really remember my dream. All I remember is that I was with a guy I think he was a friend I can't remember his face, but we ended up in the hospital because my hand was full with big spikes. Can you please tell me what that means? Envisioning yourself as an injured patient with spikes in your hand is an embodiment of being overburdened with tasks and responsibilities in real world. Perhaps you have been overworking to the point of sickness. A friend in this dream, even if you cannot remember his face, is a representation of your busy daily life and multiple interactions with others. Conceivably, seeing this friend in your dream suggest that you need to take some personal time off and delegate some unimportant tasks which do not need your direct intervention to others, if possible.
Breasts being touched by others Random people were squeezing my breasts. It was like I was on display walking through the crowd, I was not upset by them doing that to me. Breasts in dreams have often been associated with desire and sexual energy. As such, dreaming that random people are touching or squeezing your breasts suggests your growing sexual desire which perhaps is looking for a release. It is likely that you are looking for sexual satisfaction and intimacy in the waking world. Alternatively, it can also be a reflection of your yearning to be attractive and to be liked by others. Maybe you are a people pleaser by nature.
A blood clot traveling through body I was stuck by a needle in my right leg, it then turned into a blood clot traveling from my leg to my head. My fear was that I was going to die when the clot got to my brain. Your legs help you achieve your goals and arrive at your preferred destination. As such, the needle piercing your leg and causing a blood clot likely points to personal issues and impediments stunting your personal progress and undermining your confidence. There could have been an event in the past or recently that caused lasting emotional and psychological pain. It may even make you doubt your capabilities, transforming you into someone riddled with insecurities. You can always choose to rise from this incident instead of being defined by it.
Black hair turning gray I saw my black hair in my dream turning to gray hair. Completely turned white. What does that mean? Having gray hair on your head in a dream is oftentimes an indication of misfortune. It tells you that you are about to face difficulties and trials in waking life. You may have to find a way to deal with them because it can also result in financial losses or worsening of your health condition. However, things could be naturally headed towards resolution and relief, as indicated by the white head of hair you had towards the end of the dream. It means that after all the challenges and difficulties you would face throughout your personal journey, you would gain wisdom and insight from those experiences. Those valuable lessons are key to becoming more financially stable and having a balanced lifestyle.
Fiance's penis turning black I dreamt that my finance's penis turned black and sick-looking. This vision carries an ominous interpretation for your future life with your fiance. Dreaming of a strange, sickly penis could portend extramarital affairs on your part, suggesting you would soon cheat on your future husband. This could be due to a lackluster sex life or a decline in intimacy in the time leading up to your marriage. In order to avoid this situation, you would have to focus on the good points of your relationship and the reasons you wish to marry, as well as communicate with your fiance about what you desire both emotionally and sexually.
Discovering pregnancy while menstruating I went to the hospital and I was on my menstrual and the doctor took an ultrasound and I was 3-months pregnant. Visiting a hospital is often a sign of much the same when it comes to dreams, meaning you may soon find yourself sick or injured enough to be in need of some medical attention. However, the source of your pain and discomfort does not seem to be physical, as having your period is often symbolically tied with the idea of feeling stress and frustration due to a romantic relationship. While you may not be physically ailing, you probably would feel upset enough that you would want to receive care from someone you could trust. This is followed by the discovery that you were pregnant while on your period. This symbol predicts something good coming out of this complicated situation, although the timing and degree of the good fortune are unclear.
A long and ugly toenail I dream that one of my big toe nails was long and ugly. It looked like that of an elderly person nail. Your toes, being a part of your feet and legs, represent the direction you are headed, both personally and professionally. As such, this vision alludes to upcoming leisure travels or going away for business. Meanwhile, the state of your toenail in the dream reflects your low levels of motivation and self-confidence. Perhaps you are not feeling too good about yourself and lately your drive to succeed may have been eroding. This could be due to recent disappointments or failures which is making you question your capabilities. In that case, maybe this vision serves to highlight your current confusion and uncertainty about your future.
People shaving one's body unevenly In my dream I had a blond girl buzz the front of my hair. Just one spot, and I became very upset while she was laughing. Then in the same place, a guy who was very feminine used a razor blade like they do on men's faces at the barber shop and had me bend over and shaved parts of my rear end, then parts of my legs, and arms. But the same was not clean, almost like trails of hair were left on my body. Then those people disappeared and I was looking to find them so they could finish shaving me. Shaving in dreams represents transformation and self-acceptance. It can also sometimes carry sexual or intimate interpretations. In this vision, it may involve both change and intimacy issues. The blonde girl and the feminine guy symbolize the diversity of appearances and orientations you deem attractive or, at the very least, personalities that pique your interest. Having them shave various parts of your body, albeit only partially, reveals your curiosity about exploring your sexuality alongside your fears of being judged because of it. Maybe you need to learn to be fully comfortable in your own skin and to not be afraid of getting to know yourself better regardless of how others react.
Half of head hair cut badly I saw myself in mom's bedroom and I was feeling hot and I had scissors in my hand. I cut my hair half. Half my hair was still long and the other half was cut. I felt very bad as I have long hair in dream and in real life too. I was feeling upset until my mom came and told me that there is a way to cover my hair. I tried to tie it in a rubber band but my hair was badly cut (some small, some large) that I was not able to tie it. Then I tied it in a towel and went out. Then I saw my true friend after a long time (happily). Cutting your hair unevenly in the dream world is typically associated with financial problems that you may start experiencing in the near future. You may find yourself in a situation in which you would need to borrow money from someone close to you. While hardly ideal, if you swallow your pride and maintain a reasonable attitude, you should be able to get through these troubling times. Meanwhile, seeing a true friend or ally, especially if he or she is a childhood friend, alludes to a yearning for simpler and less complicated times. You may be dreaming of an idealized past because of the difficulties you face in the present. There could also be a lesson you attach to this friend which you could apply to your present or upcoming predicament.
Growing an extra finger I dreamt I grew an extra finger next to my thumb. Noticing an additional finger growing next to your thumb in a dream vision could reflect your unusual dedication to a particular goal or hobby. You could be spending more time than you should on this one specific area of your life, causing other areas, like chores, studies or familial relationships, to suffer. This dream vision may be a warning to pay more attention to other aspects of your life so that you continue to be a well-balanced individual.
Losing vision in both eyes In my dream I could not see out of my left eye. And the sight in my right eye was really foggy, I could not get around and was basically blind. Then I lasted down and tried to open my left eye because it was closed the whole time. And right before I woke up the remaining sight in my right eye transferred to my left and I was able to open it with very powerful force and I woke straight up from the dream after that. Dreaming that you have impaired vision probably reveals your tendency to turn a blind eye to the truth. You could be a bit closed-minded in certain situations, even when others bring it to your attention. In the face of criticism, you refuse to acknowledge your personal flaws and vehemently deny making mistakes. Because you are not one to admit being wrong, you end up alienating your friends and family. As such, regaining the vision in your right eye alludes to an awakening or an enlightenment. Perhaps your subconscious is letting you know that it is not too late to change your ways. Hence, you would soon recognize the error of your ways and start being open to the perspectives of others instead of merely forcing your views on them.
At a restaurant with wounded arms I was waiting in line at a restaurant and I had deep cuts on my arms that hurt really bad and a man was sitting in front of me cleaning and bandaging my wounds. Waiting in line at a restaurant in a dream usually reveals the dreamer's desire to venture outside his or her comfort zone. There may be a lot of stress or responsibilities you need to attend to in the real world, hence you are looking for reprieve and a chance to focus on your priorities. The cuts or deep wounds on your arms suggest an inability to reach out to others. Perhaps your day-to-day duties leave little time for you to maintain meaningful connections with friends and loved ones. It may also mean that you lack the capacity to take proper care of yourself. Hence, you need to reach out to others and ask for help in order to find solutions to your current problems.
Being beardless I am a bearded person. I saw that I was without a beard. Beards in dreams often symbolize a hidden aspect of yourself or represent shyness. In this case, being without your normal facial hair may represent revealing a side of yourself to others that they have not seen before. You may tell friends a secret you have been holding in your heart for a long time or you could finally break out of your shell and become more outgoing. Your friends and family would likely be surprised at the change but happy that you feel comfortable enough to be yourself around them.
Eyesight disappearing and coming back I regularly dream that I can see and then my eyesight slowly becomes faint, so that I can hardly see. Then after a while my full eyesight is restored. Losing your eyesight in a dream vision may reveal a tendency to turn a blind eye to the truth. You could be a bit closed-minded in certain situations, even when others bring it to your attention. As such, realizing that your vision has been restored alludes to an awakening or an enlightenment. Perhaps your subconscious is letting you know that it is not too late to change your ways. You could admit your mistakes or try to see things from the other party's point of view.
Milk coming out of a breast I was in a very neat house, opened a fridge, ate ice cream, a guy sucked my breast and there was milk in his mouth and on my breast too. Ice cream consumed in a dream generally means that you would get involved in a passionate yet fleeting romantic affair. Likewise, the image of a man sucking your breast or drinking milk from your bosom represents superficial love. This newfound romantic prospect only wants worldly pleasure or physical satisfaction from you and nothing more. This affair could also be characterized by neediness and dependency, which could be destructive instead of being fulfilling for both of you.
Blood on hands after scratching head Dreamed of my head being itching and scratching it and when looking at my hand I had bits of chunky blood on my hands but none on my head. Started to vomit blood in a crack in the concrete outside. Mom and aunt were worried. An itchy head could be a metaphor for unfinished business or unrealized dreams. You are therefore itching to pursue certain ideas or goals, yet something in your waking world is stopping you. Similarly, since blood can symbolize passion, vomiting blood in this dream could allude to your waning motivation and enthusiasm. Perhaps you have been feeling uninspired lately and you are just going through the motions of doing your work despite the fact that you have not felt fulfilled or satisfied for quite a while.
Splinters in the feet Female. I dreamt of having huge splinters of wood in my feet that I had to pull out, varying from small to ridiculously large. Heaps of them. Getting a splinter or splinters in a dream usually suggests small annoyances and minor issues. However small those petty concerns may be, they are likely causing much discomfort and distracting you from the more important things. Your feet symbolize mobility and independence, so those splinters may be derailing you from your plans and delaying your personal growth. Maybe you are focusing too much on the little things, obsessing over details, because you are afraid of looking at the bigger picture or perhaps overwhelmed at the enormity of work yet to be done. However, nitpicking can make you lose sight of your true purpose.
Body filling up with water I had a dream that my body was filling up with water feet to my head. Water in dreams is closely related to emotions as well as consciousness in general. Seeing your body filling up with water in your dream likely predicts a possible emotional breakdown. You may be suppressing a lot of negative emotions and a lack of outlet is making all those feelings pile up inside of you. It could reach a point when you could become completely overwhelmed resulting in an outburst. You may need to calm yourself down and reduce the stress in your day-to-day life in order to avoid making regrettable decisions.
Crab-like bugs inside the leg Pulling dead crab-like bugs from an open wound in my leg. They were not full-size crabs, but they were flat and hard. I am a female. Crabs denote dependency and neediness. As such, the wound could predict an incident that would make you painfully aware of your tendency to be clingy. The aftermath of this event could trigger an inner transformation. Specifically, pulling out dead crabs from the wound suggests a firm resolve to be more independent in order to avoid getting hurt that way again.
Pulling out someone's teeth I reached into my mouth, and removed without pain, the left bottom row of teeth, only to discover they were not mine. Pulling out someone else's teeth from your own mouth in the dream suggests that you are not being fully honest. You could be preaching the views and opinions of another person because you want to be accepted or to belong to a popular group. However, soon enough you would discover that you are uncomfortable championing ideas which you disagree with. This realization would prompt an inner transformation and lead you to a path of freedom.
Holes in the stomach Hello and I want to thank you for your time. I have been seeing holes in my body in a few of my dreams. There are like 5 or 6 holes across my lower stomach, hip to hip, horizontal. They are big holes, a few inches wide. The holes go all the way through. I am an 18 year old female. Thanks again! Seeing holes in your body is a metaphor for the emotional scars you have in wake life. Only you can see the holes in your vision, just as in reality no one knows the suffering you have gone through. In a sense, your dream could be your subconscious looking at the sum of your trials and tribulations in order to either make sense of them or apply their lessons to a current predicament. If you are on the verge of making a big decision, you should consider what you have learned through past experiences.
White smoke coming from a toe I dreamed white smoke was coming from my one foot or leg. Mainly my great toe. I thought it was steam in the dream but it was white smoke. Dreaming about white smoke originating from your foot has negative connotations. Since smoke can make things appear in a haze, it may indicate your habit of trying to ignore problems, behaving as if not thinking about them would actually make them disappear. Also, the white smoke that you saw is an indication of your tendency to indulge in frequent day dreams. Thinking about the future and your happiness is normal, but too many fantasies and no action would not help you get anywhere. Try to follow through any obstacles which you face and be more assertive to make the most out of life's opportunities.
Colorful frogs coming out of the foot Male. A blister grew on my foot and swelled up, opened and many green and orange frogs came out of it and filled the room. I was scared, anxious and confused, stamping with my foot trying to regain control, doing so I killed the last frog and it came out of my foot already dead. Seeing frogs come out of your body in a dream may point toward a recent time or event where you were disappointed by the actions, words or behavior of those around you. Frogs are often associated with the idea that a particular person you care about has acted in a way that hurts or offends you. Seeing frogs coming out of your body, then, may point to your negative reaction to such a situation. The blister on your foot where the frogs came out could represent your desire to never see yourself or, by extension, anyone else you know acting this way again.
Lice and blood I saw that I am picking four or maybe five lice from my beloved's head in my dream. Every time when I picked a lice, on the scalp, I saw a blood spot on his head. Dark red colored blood came from his head. I am scared, what does it mean? Tell me please. Picking out lice from the head of a loved one denotes a positive turn of events in both his and your future. Lice tend to represent problems and frustrations, so removing the lice from your partner's head actually suggests that together you two would find a solution to the issues. With your help, he would be able to overcome whatever challenge or difficulty stands in his way. However, this does not mean it would be easy. As indicated by the blood on his scalp, it would require effort, trust and passion from the both of you before anything is resolved.
Hairballs in the throat Female. I have something stuck in my throat so I start to pull it out and it's a bunch of hairballs and it makes me feel like I can't breathe. Dreaming that something is stuck in your throat and having difficulty breathing because of it suggests others are trying to keep you from changing. They may not be ready to let you go because of some issues in their life or maybe they just do not like change. In either case, the hairballs indicate that being smothered is actually weakening your personal strength. You are probably losing your internal balance trying to become your future self and keep up the appearance of your past. You are in a tiring and difficult situation. It would be wise to slowly bring your concerns forward to give the other party a chance to adjust. If they cannot accept you, however, you should not hold yourself back.
Husband's penis falling off I'm a female. I was sucking my husband's dick and part of it fell off and started bleeding. Images of a penis falling off in the dream world point to emasculation or a loss of power and diminished masculinity. In the context of your dream vision, having your husband's penis detach during oral sex likely reveals your tendency to be domineering in your interpersonal dynamics. Perhaps you use your influence and feminine wiles to get your way or have him submit to your will. Alternatively, it is also possible that your nurturing and fussy side is softening his rough edges and maybe he is becoming more dependent on you in the process.
Losing teeth because of grinding them In my dream I am looking, or noticing that i am losing teeth because they've been ground down or gnawed down to gums. Dreaming about losing your teeth has negative connotations. It symbolizes the occurrence of certain events which might prove to be tiresome and difficult for you. You could find yourself in situations which would disrupt the balance and harmony of your life. The notion of losing teeth because of constant gnawing signifies that any problems which you face are the result of your own conduct. Try to adopt and maintain a calm and positive disposition to enjoy life to the fullest.
A wad of gum in the ear I lost hearing in left ear. Used a q-tip to remove the object. It was a large wad of gum that I was able to remove. And then able to hear again. Dreaming that you have gone deaf may signal feelings of isolation, although this could also mean that you may be shutting yourself down in the presence of other people. The gum or bubblegum in this dream vision symbolizes a predicament or a sticky situation. As such, if taken together, the symbols may be telling you that in order to get yourself out of a problematic situation you may need to start listening to the advice of others or open yourself up to other people's opinions.
White heads on a finger I'm a male and last night I had a dream of long white heads like the ones you squeeze from your nose, but it was coming out of one of my fingers (Index finger), and not just one, but a lot of them and when I woke up my finger was throbbing too. The index finger symbolizes authority and aspirations. The white heads may represent negative emotions building up inside of you. For instance, you may be feeling confused about which path to follow, especially in connection to your career and professional journey. Alternatively, you may be too bossy or arrogant, so that you risk losing the trust and respect of your friends or colleagues.
Having a first period My dream was about having my first period and I didn't tell anyone. Having your period in the dream world is often associated with worries or concerns that have manifested in waking life. Because this was your first period, it seems likely that this is a new issue that has only come about recently. Your reticence to tell anyone reflects much the same in reality, namely that you either do not like to rely on others or you are afraid of bothering those around you. It may be helpful, however, to allow others to share their experiences and knowledge with you so that you do not repeat their mistakes.
Getting a tattoo while asleep I fell asleep nude. When I woke up I discovered someone had given me a tattoo while I was asleep. The tattoo was a black and white series of flowers that started on one butt cheek and ended at my genitals, almost as if they wanted to continue inside my body. I remember being surprised by the fact that I slept through it but really admired the work. Then I became afraid of how my boyfriend would react. Tattoos in dreams, especially if you do not have one in reality, typically mean you need to get out of your comfort zone in order to achieve your dreams. This could mean leaving your hometown or exploring other opportunities. If you already have tattoos, then this fresh tattoo portends reckless actions and unwise decisions. Meanwhile, the black and white flower design alludes to discontent and possible depression. You may be losing interest in your current preoccupations, hence your mind is looking for fresh places and possibilities to pursue in order to reignite your passion. The discontent could also be related to personal relations which is why you were afraid of your boyfriend's possible reaction in the dream.
Squeezing a pimple A dreamt I was squeezing a pimple and a long string of oil came out of my face, like 6 inches. Popping a pimple in the dream world means you could get entangled in the affairs of others. Unfortunately for you, you could be held responsible or accountable for actions or mistakes you did not commit. Despite not having part in the controversy or issue, your association with one of the involved members could get you into trouble. In that sense, the oil alludes to the amount of effort you would have to expend to clear you name and smooth things over with the disgruntled party. Alternatively, pimples reveal concerns about image and confidence. Perhaps you are also suppressing anger and negative emotions which could end badly if not handled well or resolved in a proper way.
Scratches on the palms I dreamed that both of my palms of my hands were covered by little scratches. Little scratches all over your hands could indicate future growth in your finances or improvements in your money situation. You may get a bonus, receive a monetary gift or notice an increase in the value of your investments or savings. Your focus on the hands in this vision may reveal, however, that this growth would keep you busy or preoccupied, possibly with paperwork or while finalizing deals.
Husband's penis growing Dreamed about husband's penis growing. Experiencing a dream vision of a large or small penis refers to losing or gaining authority and since you dreamed about your husband's penis getting larger, then it can mean that either he is becoming more powerful or you wish he would. An image of a giant penis can also symbolize a great character. It is telling you that you may possess some lofty ambitions. You are an achiever who will go a long way in life, whether at work or in your personal life. You have a natural knack for success which would help you attain your goals in life.
Fingers merging together I am a female. I dreamed my index and middle fingers merged together and became one. The index finger is typically associated with authority and leadership, while the middle finger represents a rebellious streak. In the context of your dream, the merging together of these two fingers could reveal your motivation to clean up your act and be more responsible. Perhaps you are about to meet a mentor who would guide you into realizing your full potential by diverting your passion, energy and creativity into more productive activities.
Unable to see someone's blood Someone's nose is bleeding, but I can't see the blood. Dreaming about a bleeding nose could signal a possible future loss of money or other kinds of personal possessions, possibly relating to projects you are initiating now. You may, therefore, be at risk of a financial failure. The best way to prevent this from happening is to take a closer look at your budget, since nose bleeding related dream visions reflect an unlucky relationship with money and finances. However, since you could not see the blood, this situation may not be imminent, but worth taking care of.
Urinating and waking up to wet bed I am male. Urinating in the dream and waiting up frantically to discover I had bed-wetted. Wetting the bed in a dream vision and finding you have done so in reality is a mixed symbol to behold. The meaning behind this sign is heavily dependent on your emotions at the time, if you can recall them. If you felt embarrassed, ashamed or upset about your loss of bladder control, it could reveal that you have difficulty controlling your emotions. You may have a loose tongue or blow up even over minor problems. On the other hand, feeling no regret or negative emotions when you were dreaming could mean you have the power within yourself to overcome a bad habit or get out of a relationship which is dragging you down in reality.
Pulling out a white string I have this reoccurring dream of pulling white string from my mouth and nose. Sometimes in my dream I'm yanking at the string with pressure but the string never ends, from neither nose or mouth. Strings can symbolize responsibilities or loose ends. The overall scenario in your dream vision seem to reveal your ambitious nature and perhaps your tendency to be impatient. The mouth points to expression and communication, while the nose alludes to curiosity, learning and search for wisdom. In that sense, pulling the never-ending string refers to your realization that learning and improving your skills is a continuous process. This may make you feel frustrated especially if the results or expectations you have are not being met in reality. Maybe instead of focusing on your goals and intended outcome, it may be more productive to find joy and satisfaction in the process of your ongoing personal journey.
Decapitating someone and having the head injured Hi, last night I had a dream I was in a haunted house, it turned out that Jason was killing everyone, so a lot of people ran away and I hid under a car. He found me and he had a knife. I grabbed it and started cutting off his head until it was completely off. I ran to the corner just like in shock. I keep having dreams with "head". The day before I had a dream I had cut my cheek open and when I asked my mom to help me stitch it up, but when I looked it was my head that was cut. It was stitched but bleeding. When you have dreams about dismembering or decapitating someone, such as cutting off Jason's head in your dream, it could be a very bad omen, meaning you could be in real danger in your waking life, such as becoming either the witness or the victim of a violent crime. Since you then dreamed about your own head being injured or cut, it could also signify a possibility of becoming sick or transmitting a serious disease. The imagery of your head being cut and bleeding is also a reflection of your daily life getting more and more chaotic, probably as your subconscious anticipates bad things to happen.
Worms and jewelry coming out of the body I was with my eldest brother and my son, worms started coming up out of my arm. I was pulling them out. Then a while later more worms came out, they came from my bottom and the base of my spine. I also found some silver chain and locket pendants from inside my body. But the worms kept coming out of my lower arm and bottom area. I was putting them into plastic bags. One I put in a clear box, sellotaped up to show the doctor. Then I woke up. Dreaming that worms are coming out from different orifices of the body reveals suppressed feelings and buried issues. Perhaps you have been holding in some secrets or neglecting to address certain issues, so your subconscious mind is looking for catharsis. In addition, pulling out worms from your rear or bottom points to the possibility of alienating your loved ones because of your control issues. You may tend to put on a wall between you and others in an attempt to keep your secrets safe. However, there is no shame in being vulnerable as long as it is with someone you trust.
Getting rid of a tick by reading Bible I had a dream I was setting up the shower for my ex (we are on good terms and still care for one another). Before he got in, he said he had a tick in his toe and the way to get rid of it was I needed to get a bible and read page 164 to him because that's how he heard to get rid of it. Ticks are symbolic of trouble and complications coming about in your day-to-day existence. This difficult situation would likely come out of nowhere, surprising you with the amount of extra work and challenges you would have to face. Seeing the tick on your ex does not necessarily mean that he is the source of your troubles. Rather, it suggests your subconscious mind is using him as a focal point because of the closeness and intimacy you once had with him. The real source may be another man you may be interested in, a person who has been bothering or agitating you in some way or the presence of men in your waking life in general. Preparing a shower in this dream could reveal your efforts to clean up this situation in a literal sense, while reading from the Bible could be the manifestation of your desire to discover the truth and identify the source of difficulties you may be going through at the moment.
Eye color changing My eye color had changed from brown to a medium blue and then back again. In the dream I was surprised and intently looked again and watched them quickly change to blue and back again. Brown eyes denote deceit, while blue eyes refer to possible roadblocks. As such, dreaming of your changing eye color, from brown to blue and back again, could represent confusion and hesitation. You may have the opportunity to pursue a long-time passion, but it would require you to do some uncharacteristic tasks. Perhaps your refusal to succumb to the pressures of society is making you miss out on a lot of opportunities.
Brushing teeth with salt Dreamt I was using salt to brush my teeth. Brushing your teeth in the context of a dream vision may reveal that you would have to make sacrifices and put an extra effort in to remain a happy, well-balanced person. There is probably a situation in your life that could be weighing down on you, causing you stress and making it difficult to treat others kindly. The source of your troubles can be seen in the image of the salt, a sign commonly associated with rejection by peers. Those you work or interact with may disagree with an opinion you hold, leading to conflict and possibly open aggression.
Killing a lizard on the body and bleeding I am a female and my dream is about a lizard crawling on my body, which I killed by cutting off the lizard's head. After that I noticed blood dropping from my body and when I checked I observed my vagina is swollen. Please what's the meaning. Thanks. When you dream about lizards, it could mean that you are on the verge of being attacked by an enemy, such as a rival at work or someone from your personal life who wishes to cause you harm. Since the vision of a lizard was connected to your body in your dream, it could also predict getting in a conflict with a past lover or partner because of some unresolved issues, someone who may have had a big impact on your sexual life but memories of whom fill you with shame and regret instead of joy.
Eyes falling out I keep having dreams where my eyes fall out, or I rip them out. Either way, my eyes come out of my head in some way. Most of the time, they come out into my hands, and usually only one at a time. Last night was the first time they both came out at the same time. Dreaming about injuring your eyes or having them fall out could mean that you are in contact with a specific person or group who intends to interfere with or create havoc in your life. You probably have some inkling in the back of your mind that you are about to be betrayed, but you may not be sure how to stop it from happening or who exactly you need to confront. You may also feel that your blindness in this situation is your own fault, which is why you rip your eyes out yourself in some visions. The dreams seem to be escalating in violence, so your discomfort in wake life may also be intensifying.
Dreads and one sprouting like a tree Someone was telling me one of my dreads was the best and special. They kept telling me. So eventually I uncover my head and they grab one in the middle and told me that one is special. So when I pulled it around, the dread split down in the middle and it sprouted like a tree. Dreads or dreadlocks in dreams reveal a rebellious streak. Perhaps you find pleasure in taking the road less traveled or finding ways to subvert established rules. Meanwhile, trees symbolize wisdom and growth. Taken together, these symbols may be an indication of your journey to self-actualization. In the process of going against the current, you would acquire unique insights and worldviews which you can use to find success in the real world. One particular path may lead you closer to achieving your dreams.
Sharp teeth growing out of normal ones Razor-sharp teeth growing out of some of my teeth. Almost if they were needles growing out of my normal teeth. When I would touch them with my fingers they would move. I started moving them out of my teeth. They would leave a deep hole in my tooth, so I freaked out trying to put them back in place. I'm a female. Been searching the Internet all day, haven't found an answer to this dream. You may be having difficulty finding a concise interpretation of this vision because there is more than one symbol involved despite the simplicity of the vision. First, the idea that your teeth were oddly shaped and extra sharp is a metaphor for a series of troubling events that may be about to take place in your life. Each extra sharp tooth represents a challenge or difficulty you would need to go through. Furthermore, your attempts to pull them out could reveal that these hardships are related to finances, as pulling out your own teeth is often associated with financial loss and episodes of hunger. If you are struggling with money, it would be wise to watch your spending carefully and to seek assistance earlier rather than later.
Bleeding from the forehead I am a female and my dream was about me looking at my forehead in the mirror and then when I touched my forehead with my fingers blood hit the mirror and covered it. Then my hands and my whole body was covered in blood. The forehead is associated with intellect and rationality. This symbol in your dream may reveal your level-headed nature. However, the presence of blood means your subconscious is warning you of a threat or danger lurking ahead. While you may see yourself as calm and pragmatic, a particularly difficult event or period could occur which may bring out your more turbulent and emotional side. Since your whole body was covered in blood in this vision, it means that this troubling time may leave you physically and emotionally drained. Perhaps you need to strengthen your social connections so you would have trusted individuals who can help you out when you are too weak to carry on.
A bleeding finger and half of the foot falling off I dreamt last night that while sitting on a couch I cut my left index finger, but did not know what from, it bled a lot before I was able to get the bleeding to stop by applying pressure. When it finally stopped, I stood up to get a band-aid and fell over. Upon trying to stand, half of my left foot fell off, there was no pain and very little blood. I freaked out a bit and my friend Dave taped it back together for me but while he was helping me get in the truck it kept slipping and I was afraid it would reattach crookedly before we got to the hospital. Dave was very calm and just laughed it off and kept telling me it would be ok. At the hospital the doctor examined the portion of my foot that fell off and explained I was very lucky, only the toes showed signs of gangrene and I should have had it checked out months earlier. He seemed baffled when I explained to him that the injury only occurred 15 minutes ago? It was a really bizarre dream and I'm only a few weeks away from traveling abroad by myself for a year and worrying this dream might be an omen of some kind! Please help!!! First of all, the image of cutting your index finger refers to losing your authority or credibility. It means you could lose your current position at work or opportunities that are available to you at the moment. Meanwhile, injury to the left foot, such as when half of the foot fell off, alludes to a lingering sense of imbalance or instability. You could be at a crossroads in your personal journey right now and yet you remain indecisive and uncertain about which path to take. Furthermore, the tape and band-aid both symbolize temporary solutions. While you may opt to do something with your time and your resources, they are not enough to deal with long-term effects. It is possible that you are trying to avoid pressing issues in your life by distracting yourself with escapist pursuits. For instance, traveling to new and exotic locations may seem like the right thing to do, even a productive use of your time, however, the problems and baggage you would leave at home are still going to be there when you return. This dream vision could be your mind's way of telling you that you need to weigh your options more carefully and prioritize accordingly because there may be immediate issues that you need to deal with before they become more serious. Ignoring or setting aside those issues may only serve to make things worse. This could cause a lot of headache later on when you do decide to face any existing problems left behind.
Two cuts on the hand Jun. 23, 2017. Female. Two deep cuts in my hand with no blood. Cutting your hand in the dream world may be the symbolic representation of loss, particularly that of someone you were once close too. Just like friends and family are sometimes considered an extension of yourself, so does this vision suggest you are about to go through a separation or even a complete cut off from someone you know. The idea that you did not bleed, however, can be taken as a sign that this distance would probably be good for you in some way. Perhaps the absence of this individual would make your life easier or allow you to do things you never thought you could before.
Milk from a breast of an old woman I saw in dream the mother of our old neighbor (she is maybe near 70-80 years old now). I see her breast bare an went toward her and sucked her breast, after that I drink a few of her milk. I felt her milk in my mouth. She is now in other town and I did not see her for a long time. I was playing with her children when I was a kid. And she was a religious kind woman. Consuming breast milk is a fairly common symbol with a positive interpretation in the dream world. If you are a man, this vision may be an indication that your wife or future partner would have a safe pregnancy. Your child would also benefit by being both happy and healthy during their first years of life. If you are a woman, drinking breast milk is a sign of good health and vitality. If you are sick or become sick in the near future, you are likely to recover quickly and fully from what ails you.
Legs tired and aching I dream that my legs are very tired. I usually need to get somewhere but the destination is unclear and it doesn't seem desperate that I get there but I'm on a journey. My legs are so tired, they ache and one step feels as if it gets nowhere. Male, 62, bad back and sciatica in real life. Your legs represent your physical and emotional state in dream visions. They can also refer to confidence and control. As such, your dream vision likely reveals your weakening resolve as a result of your own physical limitations. The weakness of your legs and the resulting tiredness could be a reflection of your real-world health problems. Perhaps you have also been feeling under the weather or stressed out lately. This current condition could in turn be affecting your mental state. Maybe your health is not as robust as it used to be and this is making you feel blue. There may still be a lot of things you want to accomplish, yet your body can no longer bear the brunt of the physicality needed to attain those goals. On the other hand, this may also be an indication of your growing frustrations about your health. Maybe you think you have been doing everything necessary, yet you cannot find a reprieve from the pain. Your mind could be telling you not to stress out over things that are out of your control. Instead of dwelling on things not going your way, it may be in your best interest to focus on what is within your powers to change.
A penis turning into a navel I wanted to have sex with my BF, he was washing his penis, as I tried to hold his penis, it started to shrink until it turned into his navel, as it was shrinking a small amount of bloody sperm came out before it looks like his navel. I was not angry this happen or shocked. Just like a penis falling off or getting cut off, a shrinking penis in dreams alludes to emasculation. Since this scenario in your vision lacks the violence of the usual castration dream, it could be an indication that his weakening sense of masculinity comes from an internal battle rather than a result of external factors. As such, whatever problems you may be dealing with in your relationship, they may have something to do with his personal crisis. After all, the navel represents the self, so perhaps in order for him to satisfy your needs or to become a better boyfriend, he may need to find himself first or become the man he needs to be. Alternatively, the navel also sometimes refers to a person's relationship to the mother. Maybe a maternal figure is controlling your boyfriend's actions or putting a strain on your relationship.
Giving a massage and finding bedbugs I'm female. In my dream I was giving one of my closest female friends a massage because her neck is bad and I started finding engorged ticks on her in her hair, but even though they looked like ticks, they were bedbugs in the dream. Bedbugs as dream symbols are usually associated with health issues. As such, finding bedbugs in your friend's hair means that your friend could catch an illness in reality and you would be one of the first ones to notice her sickly pallor or lethargic behavior. On the other hand, giving someone a massage symbolizes persuasion. It is possible that you are trying to persuade your friend to agree with you on certain issues, so finding the bedbugs may be an indication of your clashing opinions. Maybe instead of an actual illness, you may view your friend as a non-conformist who may infect others with what you think are radical opinions.
Someone's fingers missing In my dream I went to shake this girl's hand (a girl I know in real life), but all of her fingers were missing, what’s that mean? Missing fingers allude to indifference and unresponsiveness. A hand shake is a friendly gesture, so seeing that her hand lacks fingers means she may not be too forthcoming with you. It does not necessarily mean that she does not like you, perhaps it just takes a while for her to warm up. Alternatively, this can also signify a communication issue between the two of you. Maybe you do not see eye to eye on certain issues because of your personalities of different beliefs. It is possible that you would offer a truce, but she would not readily accept it.
Being asked to heal testicles I am female from Uganda. In my dream I saw a known man giving me his swollen testicles and he told me to treat them with herbs such that his testicles get back to normal. I charged him 40,000 money and he said he will manage to pay me 35,000 money. Testicles are often considered the symbolic representation of masculinity, so swollen testicles may refer to a male in your life who is overcompensating for their lack of male prowess. Whether it is the particular man you envisioned or not, this could mean that a certain man is interested in getting your attention and is doing so by metaphorically showing their peacock feathers. However, the idea that this man would give you less money than you requested suggests that you should not fall for his pomp and circumstance. He is likely less than you would ideally want in a man, unable to provide for you physically or even offer solace and companionship.
Deceased husband's penis falling off Had same dream 5 times. Husband's penis falls off while having sex. Husband passed away 8 years ago. Thank you. Dreaming that your dearly departed husband's penis has fallen off during sex may be a metaphor for the intimacy issues you are currently facing in reality. In a sense, this vision is suggesting that you are having trouble connecting with others both emotionally and physically after his passing. While this it is completely normal to experience hesitation and confusion in the wake of major life changes, your subconscious may be hinting that you need to open up more emotionally, if not to family and friends then to a counselor or trusted adviser. They may be able to help you get over whatever is holding you back.
A frog and a snake coming out of an arm In my dream a frog came out of my arm and right after that a purple colorful snake came out of my arm. This dream has a negative connotation and seems to center around some negative feelings you are going through in reality. The frog that comes out of your arm suggests disappointment and dissatisfaction, particularly when it comes to relationships. You may have recently had a falling out with a friend or became annoyed with someone in your family group. The snake that comes out second, however, suggests that whatever upset you probably was not such a big deal. In essence, you have made a mountain out of a mole hill and are probably worried that your behavior and actions have somehow hurt your interpersonal relations, which explains why these creatures came from your arm and not other body parts. While you should not worry about long term repercussions, it may be better to express your remorse for your actions and gratitude for the friendship sooner rather than later.
Having one eye and no mouth I was in my bathroom looking at my eyes in the mirror, they were brown-amber, but mine are green, my iris started to grow to the full size of my eyes. Then I looked at myself again and I only had one, big purple eye. I don't think I had a mouth, but I can't be certain. I never blinked, possibly because I couldn't... Dreaming that your eye color is different from your actual eye color means you need to be more open minded. A fresh perspective could be essential for strengthening your friendships and even your relationship with your significant other. Specifically, green eyes represent envy. Instead of being thankful for your own possessions and achievements, you may tend to feel envious of friends and contemporaries who seem to be better off than yourself. The missing mouth also represents resentment. You think you are being stifled and not allowed to express your opinions freely. Ultimately, purple eyes indicate love and generosity. An incident would take place that would make you realize how selfish and self-centered you may have become, prompting you to re-evaluate your priorities and change your perspective.
Sores with raspberries instead of blood I don’t remember what happened before, but I was content and happy, maybe with friends, but then I looked down at my arm and there was a sore which was infected. I felt a bit scared and it looked horrible with puss. When I started to touch it and open it up to clean it, raspberries fell out instead of blood. I had to pick the last couple out but then my skin was fine with just a small mark. I was so relieved but a little bit creeped out. I found another one of these sores on my tummy and leg. Body sores indicate negative feelings that are festering inside you. You could be holding a grudge against someone and your inability to express your resentment is causing mental and emotional strain. The raspberries where the blood should be illustrate the sensitive nature of your personal issues. It means you should handle this problem in a delicate manner or else it could escalate into something worse. The locations of the sores provide more specifics about your frustrations. The arm represents social connections and your ability to reach out to others. Your stomach refers to your ability to put up with others or deal with difficult situations. Finally, the leg symbolizes courage and being able to stand up for yourself. Altogether, having sores on these body parts means you are burdened and distressed by a close friend or a loved one. You are possibly just putting up with their toxic presence and constant negativity, so the only way for you to regain your sanity is to cut this person out of your life. However, as indicated by the raspberries, this needs to be handled carefully or else it could backfire and make you look like a bad person.
Cells inside a finger I popped a clear circle in my index finger. It then opened up a hole where I could see inside of it. I could see a tunnel inside my finger with white-looking cells and pointy cells lying in the tunnel. I have no idea what this means. The index finger usually points to a threat or danger lurking in your life. Since a hole opened up in your index finger, it means that you may be a danger to yourself. Specifically, the tunnel leading inwards represents a lack of self-awareness or introspection. There is an aspect of your personality or subconscious which you do not understand or you refuse to acknowledge. You could have a tendency to shift the blame to others when you know perfectly well that you are the one responsible. Another incident or error would highlight this side of you and it would be the perfect opportunity for you to be accountable for once.
Poop at the end of a slide Well I was in a car and somehow I'm scared and trying to hold on in the back and end up going into and down a water slide that is like a tube and ends in poop, but there are people there with water hose rinsing us off at the bottom and my friend is waiting for me and we walk away laughing and hugging on each other. Envisioning yourself as a passenger inside a car, especially when you are feeling scared, means you lack control of your own life. Instead of actively making decisions, you tend to let other people decide for you. Similarly, the water slide symbolizes your habit of going with the flow. The poop or excrement at the bottom of the water slide can suggest financial issues or a negative turn of events, while the people hosing you down refers to family and friends who would bail you out when times get tough. So every time you get into trouble because of your carefree ways, you do not absorb the gravity of the consequences because of your safety net or supportive loved ones willing to clean up the mess.
Insect eggs inside the neck My neck was itchy and it was bulging. I went to the doctor who lanced my neck and dozens of small long-shaped blue bug eggs came out of the hole with blood from my neck. They did not hatch. Afterwards in my dream I had wished I had videoed it. The neck is a highly intimate location, so dreaming that it is itchy and bulging could be a sign that you would soon be betrayed by someone you have never before had a reason to suspect. The danger this individual poses to you and your self-esteem may be extremely serious. The blue bug eggs that were removed from your neck may refer to potential luck and good fortune that would come once this man or woman has been found out and dealt with. This is only a possibility, however, much like the unhatched eggs extracted from your body.
Someone shaving legs My male friend was shaving my legs for me, romantically. Then we attend one of my family parties, we would make love after he shaved my legs and only once they were shaved. He would then disappear, I wouldn’t be able to find him then, when I did find him, he would disappear again. Dreaming that someone is shaving your legs reveals your tendency to depend on others when you are in trouble. It can also signify being clingy and insecure. In the case of your vision, watching your male friend shave your legs means you are likely relying on him too much to bail you out or help you solve your problems. The intercourse suggests he is trying to encourage you to become more independent, either because he wants to see you achieve your full potential or he can no longer support you since he has issues of his own he needs to manage. So the next time you run to him for assistance, he would no longer be as available as he used to.
Tongue falling out My tongue fell out. Dreaming that your tongue fell out means you are going to say something you would regret. You are about to utter a thoughtless remark or hurtful words before stopping yourself. Unfortunately, the damage would already be done by the time you realize your mistake and you need to deal with the punishment. So you should get your temper and emotions in check before you make matters worse with your sharp tongue.
A finger popping out of the hand I dreamt I looked at my right hand, then I was aware that my finger came right out of its socket from my palm like I pulled it and it popped out. No blood, like it was just clicked in as though it was prosthetic, strange. Dreaming that a finger pops out, falls off or separates from your hand symbolizes resignation. The right hand usually represents assertiveness and willpower, so losing a finger reflects a sense of hopelessness or a belief that you cannot do anything to change a situation. You could be working on a project or venture which would take a negative turn and instead of finding a solution or using your resourcefulness to work around a problem, you would end up being defeated by your circumstance. The same dream could also signify upcoming legal issues in reality. You may have to participate in a court litigation in order to resolve legal disputes. Your relatives may file claims about properties or assets which would force you to hire a lawyer or reach an amicable resolution through a settlement.
A long hair on the leg A long hair that looks 50cm long on my leg that I was pulling out and took it out. Long hair on your leg suggests idleness and lack of confidence. You tend to overthink and over-analyze things which often result in stagnation. Fortunately, dreaming that you are pulling out the hair represents your willingness to take more risks and inject spontaneity into your life. Being overly cautious has kept you from experiencing more out of life and this realization would finally propel you into action.
A wound filled with food remains I am a man of 31 years from Tanzania, I dreamed having a wound in my right hand, like a blister, and when I pressed the wound a lot of food remains eaten in the past come out and after that the hand returned into normal size and got healed. The wound in your right hand represents a problem that is obstructing your plans. You are unable to pursue your goals with full focus and determination because of this barrier. Since the wound closed up and healed when the food came out, then your past food intake is the source of your stagnation. All those food remains represent excess and hedonism. Your wasteful and careless ways have derailed you from your path, so now you have to cleanse yourself of bad habits so you can chase your dreams with a sound body and a clear mind.
Discharging sperm I discharged sperm in my dream after confusion. Masturbation, ejaculation and sperm are all dream symbols referring to impatience. Instead of waiting patiently for your hard work to bear fruit, your impatience would tempt you to take shortcuts and bend rules at work. Unfortunately, once your superiors find out about your unprofessional conduct, they will punish you accordingly.
An eye turning completely black Hello, I dreamt that I was looking in a mirror and my right eye was black with no white, only black and large. This is the second time that I had dreamt this dream. I was afraid the first time but not the second time I dreamt this dream. The second time I have dreamt this dream, I wanted to ask my mother (deceased) who was in bed to look at my eye and I woke up. Dreaming of a pitch black eye reveals your fear of your future. You are entering a period of uncertainty and you are feeling pessimistic about how things would turn out. Since this is a recurring dream symbol, then it means you do not like change. So whenever there is a big shift in your situation, moving to a new place or a loved one moving away, your subconscious projects your apprehensions into your dream through the symbol of a black eye. Fortunately, since you were no longer afraid in the second dream, this indicates your acceptance of the fickle nature of life. Changes happen without warning, so soon enough you would learn how to adjust to your new reality.
Unable to move the body My body is very heavy. I can't move my body, but my mind is fully awake and aware of what is going on around me. Dreaming that your body is too heavy to move even while your mind is alert and active suggests you currently hold two ideas or beliefs that are opposed to each other. In a sense, your body is weighed down by the irrational, opposing thoughts that cloud your mind. This type of vision is commonly seen when someone thinks a certain action is fine for them but not for everyone else. For example, if you drive over the speed limit because you are late for an event it is justifiable, but if someone else is speeding then they are a bad driver. This vision should be taken as a sign that you need to re-evaluate some of your notions and maintain a more rational, open-minded point of view.
Legs frozen Many times I have the same dreams when my legs are frozen from walking and I fall down on the floor. A dream where your legs freeze up and you are unable to walk has negative connotations in the dream world, as it suggests that things are not likely to go your way in the near future. You may have difficulty accomplishing tasks that where no problem before, such as household work or tasks related to making your basic living. Your troubles would have a negative impact on your mental well-being, making you feel depressed and frustrated. Now may be a good time to step away from unessential responsibilities so that you can focus your energy on the things that matter most.
Grass growing from under the skin Skin on my body sprouted grass. Tried removing them one by one, but they grew so fast I started pulling them out by handfuls, which ripped tufts of my flesh along with it. Male. Grass sprouting on your skin reveals your tendency to compare yourself with others. The state of your skin in dreams reveals how you present yourself to the world as well as issues which tend to get under your skin. So in this context, you are prone to feeling envious about the achievements of others and the only way you would feel better about yourself is to acquire the same worldly belongings or accomplish the same feats which you see from your peers. Fortunately, your efforts at trying to rip off the grass signifies your self-awareness. You want to stop allowing social comparison to dictate the way you live your life, but in doing so, you would have to admit your own shortcomings and confront your frailties because that is the only way you can truly find your rightful place in this world.
Giving birth through butt Birthing a child out of my butt. My mom being so happy I did it so easily. (Side note, I have been married over 10 yrs, no children, nor do I want any....too old now), I am 47. A quick and painless birth in dreams represents relief and happiness. Your loved ones and social connections are finally going to ease up the pressure of urging you to become a mother. They would finally respect your decision not to have any kids. Instead, you can look forward to lucrative and fulfilling undertakings which would also make them proud of you. Birthing through your anus in this case symbolizes a release of insecurities, self-doubt and other negative emotions which are holding you back from achieving your full potential.
Being chased by a boy's leg I was with my mum and my younger sister and we went to a train station and a little boy's leg chased me through the train and my mum and sister got off and left me on the train. When I got off, the leg followed me and rolled onto the train tracks and a train ran over it. The train station in this dream indicates a dilemma. You are faced with a difficult decision and you are running out of time. The boy's leg could be a symbol of youth and freedom. One of your choices requires giving up control and a little bit of freedom. To move closer to your dreams, you need to put your trust in people who have more knowledge and experience than you. Of course, this does not mean that you become passive. At the end of the day, you get to decide what you want to do with your life, but a little guidance would not hurt.
Boyfriend with a prosthetic leg I saw my boyfriend's leg is replaced by a prosthetic leg. Despite that I love him. Dreaming that your boyfriend has a prosthetic leg means that he is going to go on a different journey. You would have to be supportive as he adapts to a new situation or even a new job. Alternatively, a prosthetic leg can also reveal your impression of him. A part of you sees him as unfocused and at times incapable of standing on his own two feet, but this is okay because you are there to boost his confidence and allow him to explore his true potential.
Cooking poop I was cooking in a big casserole a pile of soft poop and I'm asking a foreigner if it is still smelly because I smell the odor of the poop. And I'm thinking that was for the dog. A pile of poop symbolizes immense wealth or unexpected profit. The smellier the poop, the more impact this financial gain is going to have on your life. Meanwhile, cooking in a big casserole means you are going to take on a lot of responsibility. It will be difficult, but the rewards you reap from all of your hard work would benefit not just yourself, but a lot of other people depending on you. Furthermore, rather than feel burdened by your obligations, you actually consider this a privilege. Your generous nature rejoices every time you are able to provide for your loved ones.
Green mud on the face Dreamed I went to a mirror and saw I had green mud on my face. Having a dirty or covered face is often thought to represent untruthful or misleading behavior on the part of the dreamer. Perhaps you have recently misrepresented yourself to someone else by embellishing your talents or taking credit for someone else's hard work. The green color of the mud further suggests this is related to money or financial issues. If you have not been completely honest with someone about the wealth that either you or they possess, this vision may be a warning to set the record straight before the situation gets out of hand.
Stubby feet I dreamed that I and other people in my dream had chewed up, stubby feet. I don’t remember faces or anything else. Just that I was annoyed by it, but I could still walk and had no other issues. Stubby feet is a bad omen in the dream world. This unfavorable symbol portends a period of hardships that would take its toll on you, both financially and mentally. The good news is that you will survive this trying time and you will not be the only one trudging through it. The fact that other people also had chewed up feet means the challenging time is an economic or societal problem negatively affecting many people.
A gush of blood My dream was a literal loop in which I would stand up off a couch, my IUD came out, followed by a gush of blood, and then the actions repeated. Blood gushing out of your body suggests you are struggling to keep your emotions in check. You are probably exhausted from all your personal and work-related obligations that you are craving for some time off in order to recuperate and regain balance. Furthermore, the IUD means source of your stress could be predominantly related to your partner or significant other. You think you are being pressured to be this domesticated, motherly figure, when you have a different view of who you are. On the other hand, an IUD can also reveal fears of pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Maybe you are worried about certain physical symptoms, so you may want to get yourself checked out just to be sure.
A locust inside vagina Female. I had a dream that a locust was trapped inside my vagina. I could feel it. I kept touching my vagina because I could feel it moving. Finally it flew out. It was so nasty. A locust generally refers to an individual imposing ideas upon you. So, finding a locust in your vagina means you are starting to succumb to this person's maneuverings. After repeatedly trying to get you to agree with them, your defenses are slowly eroding. If this person wears you down even more, you may even be completely convinced that you share the same interests in the first place. Hold tight to your opinions and principles because they are going to be heavily challenged soon enough.
Being kissed by giant lips My lips were kissed by giant lips. Big lips often refer to a big romance or a great love. As such, being kissed by giant lips indicates an encounter with someone capable of showing you unconditional love. On the other hand, this could also refer to self-discovery. Meaning, you would soon go on a journey into your own soul. After years of insecurity and self-doubt, an incident will inspire you to finally learn to love yourself. By extension, embracing who you are wholeheartedly could attract an individual with whom you would create a healthy and beneficial relationship.
Pooping out fish I was pooping different sizes of fish. This particular vision has two different interpretations, depending on your situation. If you are ill or injured, pooping fish of various sizes could be an indication that your symptoms would get worse before they got better. A cough or cold could become worse than it was, or you may once more injure a part of your body that was already under great stress or strain to bad effect. This may cause you some embarrassment or shame, especially if what you caught is normally not talked about, like a sexually transmitted disease or infection. Another possible interpretation suggests pooping fish is related to conflicts in wake life, meaning you could find yourself on the wrong side of an argument in reality.
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