People shaving one's body unevenly In my dream I had a blond girl buzz the front of my hair. Just one spot, and I became very upset while she was laughing. Then in the same place, a guy who was very feminine used a razor blade like they do on men's faces at the barber shop and had me bend over and shaved parts of my rear end, then parts of my legs, and arms. But the same was not clean, almost like trails of hair were left on my body. Then those people disappeared and I was looking to find them so they could finish shaving me. Shaving in dreams represents transformation and self-acceptance. It can also sometimes carry sexual or intimate interpretations. In this vision, it may involve both change and intimacy issues. The blonde girl and the feminine guy symbolize the diversity of appearances and orientations you deem attractive or, at the very least, personalities that pique your interest. Having them shave various parts of your body, albeit only partially, reveals your curiosity about exploring your sexuality alongside your fears of being judged because of it. Maybe you need to learn to be fully comfortable in your own skin and to not be afraid of getting to know yourself better regardless of how others react.
Half of head hair cut badly I saw myself in mom's bedroom and I was feeling hot and I had scissors in my hand. I cut my hair half. Half my hair was still long and the other half was cut. I felt very bad as I have long hair in dream and in real life too. I was feeling upset until my mom came and told me that there is a way to cover my hair. I tried to tie it in a rubber band but my hair was badly cut (some small, some large) that I was not able to tie it. Then I tied it in a towel and went out. Then I saw my true friend after a long time (happily). Cutting your hair unevenly in the dream world is typically associated with financial problems that you may start experiencing in the near future. You may find yourself in a situation in which you would need to borrow money from someone close to you. While hardly ideal, if you swallow your pride and maintain a reasonable attitude, you should be able to get through these troubling times. Meanwhile, seeing a true friend or ally, especially if he or she is a childhood friend, alludes to a yearning for simpler and less complicated times. You may be dreaming of an idealized past because of the difficulties you face in the present. There could also be a lesson you attach to this friend which you could apply to your present or upcoming predicament.
Growing an extra finger I dreamt I grew an extra finger next to my thumb. Noticing an additional finger growing next to your thumb in a dream vision could reflect your unusual dedication to a particular goal or hobby. You could be spending more time than you should on this one specific area of your life, causing other areas, like chores, studies or familial relationships, to suffer. This dream vision may be a warning to pay more attention to other aspects of your life so that you continue to be a well-balanced individual.
Losing vision in both eyes In my dream I could not see out of my left eye. And the sight in my right eye was really foggy, I could not get around and was basically blind. Then I lasted down and tried to open my left eye because it was closed the whole time. And right before I woke up the remaining sight in my right eye transferred to my left and I was able to open it with very powerful force and I woke straight up from the dream after that. Dreaming that you have impaired vision probably reveals your tendency to turn a blind eye to the truth. You could be a bit closed-minded in certain situations, even when others bring it to your attention. In the face of criticism, you refuse to acknowledge your personal flaws and vehemently deny making mistakes. Because you are not one to admit being wrong, you end up alienating your friends and family. As such, regaining the vision in your right eye alludes to an awakening or an enlightenment. Perhaps your subconscious is letting you know that it is not too late to change your ways. Hence, you would soon recognize the error of your ways and start being open to the perspectives of others instead of merely forcing your views on them.
At a restaurant with wounded arms I was waiting in line at a restaurant and I had deep cuts on my arms that hurt really bad and a man was sitting in front of me cleaning and bandaging my wounds. Waiting in line at a restaurant in a dream usually reveals the dreamer's desire to venture outside his or her comfort zone. There may be a lot of stress or responsibilities you need to attend to in the real world, hence you are looking for reprieve and a chance to focus on your priorities. The cuts or deep wounds on your arms suggest an inability to reach out to others. Perhaps your day-to-day duties leave little time for you to maintain meaningful connections with friends and loved ones. It may also mean that you lack the capacity to take proper care of yourself. Hence, you need to reach out to others and ask for help in order to find solutions to your current problems.
Being beardless I am a bearded person. I saw that I was without a beard. Beards in dreams often symbolize a hidden aspect of yourself or represent shyness. In this case, being without your normal facial hair may represent revealing a side of yourself to others that they have not seen before. You may tell friends a secret you have been holding in your heart for a long time or you could finally break out of your shell and become more outgoing. Your friends and family would likely be surprised at the change but happy that you feel comfortable enough to be yourself around them.
Eyesight disappearing and coming back I regularly dream that I can see and then my eyesight slowly becomes faint, so that I can hardly see. Then after a while my full eyesight is restored. Losing your eyesight in a dream vision may reveal a tendency to turn a blind eye to the truth. You could be a bit closed-minded in certain situations, even when others bring it to your attention. As such, realizing that your vision has been restored alludes to an awakening or an enlightenment. Perhaps your subconscious is letting you know that it is not too late to change your ways. You could admit your mistakes or try to see things from the other party's point of view.
Milk coming out of a breast I was in a very neat house, opened a fridge, ate ice cream, a guy sucked my breast and there was milk in his mouth and on my breast too. Ice cream consumed in a dream generally means that you would get involved in a passionate yet fleeting romantic affair. Likewise, the image of a man sucking your breast or drinking milk from your bosom represents superficial love. This newfound romantic prospect only wants worldly pleasure or physical satisfaction from you and nothing more. This affair could also be characterized by neediness and dependency, which could be destructive instead of being fulfilling for both of you.
Blood on hands after scratching head Dreamed of my head being itching and scratching it and when looking at my hand I had bits of chunky blood on my hands but none on my head. Started to vomit blood in a crack in the concrete outside. Mom and aunt were worried. An itchy head could be a metaphor for unfinished business or unrealized dreams. You are therefore itching to pursue certain ideas or goals, yet something in your waking world is stopping you. Similarly, since blood can symbolize passion, vomiting blood in this dream could allude to your waning motivation and enthusiasm. Perhaps you have been feeling uninspired lately and you are just going through the motions of doing your work despite the fact that you have not felt fulfilled or satisfied for quite a while.
Splinters in the feet Female. I dreamt of having huge splinters of wood in my feet that I had to pull out, varying from small to ridiculously large. Heaps of them. Getting a splinter or splinters in a dream usually suggests small annoyances and minor issues. However small those petty concerns may be, they are likely causing much discomfort and distracting you from the more important things. Your feet symbolize mobility and independence, so those splinters may be derailing you from your plans and delaying your personal growth. Maybe you are focusing too much on the little things, obsessing over details, because you are afraid of looking at the bigger picture or perhaps overwhelmed at the enormity of work yet to be done. However, nitpicking can make you lose sight of your true purpose.
Body filling up with water I had a dream that my body was filling up with water feet to my head. Water in dreams is closely related to emotions as well as consciousness in general. Seeing your body filling up with water in your dream likely predicts a possible emotional breakdown. You may be suppressing a lot of negative emotions and a lack of outlet is making all those feelings pile up inside of you. It could reach a point when you could become completely overwhelmed resulting in an outburst. You may need to calm yourself down and reduce the stress in your day-to-day life in order to avoid making regrettable decisions.
Crab-like bugs inside the leg Pulling dead crab-like bugs from an open wound in my leg. They were not full-size crabs, but they were flat and hard. I am a female. Crabs denote dependency and neediness. As such, the wound could predict an incident that would make you painfully aware of your tendency to be clingy. The aftermath of this event could trigger an inner transformation. Specifically, pulling out dead crabs from the wound suggests a firm resolve to be more independent in order to avoid getting hurt that way again.
Pulling out someone's teeth I reached into my mouth, and removed without pain, the left bottom row of teeth, only to discover they were not mine. Pulling out someone else's teeth from your own mouth in the dream suggests that you are not being fully honest. You could be preaching the views and opinions of another person because you want to be accepted or to belong to a popular group. However, soon enough you would discover that you are uncomfortable championing ideas which you disagree with. This realization would prompt an inner transformation and lead you to a path of freedom.
Holes in the stomach Hello and I want to thank you for your time. I have been seeing holes in my body in a few of my dreams. There are like 5 or 6 holes across my lower stomach, hip to hip, horizontal. They are big holes, a few inches wide. The holes go all the way through. I am an 18 year old female. Thanks again! Seeing holes in your body is a metaphor for the emotional scars you have in wake life. Only you can see the holes in your vision, just as in reality no one knows the suffering you have gone through. In a sense, your dream could be your subconscious looking at the sum of your trials and tribulations in order to either make sense of them or apply their lessons to a current predicament. If you are on the verge of making a big decision, you should consider what you have learned through past experiences.
White smoke coming from a toe I dreamed white smoke was coming from my one foot or leg. Mainly my great toe. I thought it was steam in the dream but it was white smoke. Dreaming about white smoke originating from your foot has negative connotations. Since smoke can make things appear in a haze, it may indicate your habit of trying to ignore problems, behaving as if not thinking about them would actually make them disappear. Also, the white smoke that you saw is an indication of your tendency to indulge in frequent day dreams. Thinking about the future and your happiness is normal, but too many fantasies and no action would not help you get anywhere. Try to follow through any obstacles which you face and be more assertive to make the most out of life's opportunities.
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