A giant spider laying eggs A fat hairy-legged spider was hanging by a string upside down holding something appearing as if a mud ball in its legs. As I went closer, it came down and left its eggs in my belly, the umbilical cord curled in. Later I saw myself slightly pulling the in-turned cord and seeing the eggs, and showing to someone, I do not remember who? The eggs were three in no., small size shiny black. The spider quietly climbed the same string. I can still feel the sensation of slight hot, warm near that area. A dream about a hairy spider could be a forewarning of upcoming health problems. The fact that the spider descends down to lay its eggs in your belly might be indicative of the fact that you might suffer certain health ailments which would affect you internally. Maybe arthritis or something of a similar nature, on the other hand showing the umbilical cord to someone could pertain to the fact that you might visit a doctor for an investigation or a probe for your physical well-being. Consider this dream a timely warning and be very careful regarding issues which pertain to your health and make sure to get the correct treatment done.
A lot of cockroaches I dreamt of cockroaches. Lots of them. Dreaming about cockroaches is a good sign. You may soon start receiving stable income. This would allow you to consistently provide for your household. The cockroaches might have swarmed or grouped together in this dream. In this case, you might be paid a visit by an unexpected guest. This vision’s interpretation is also related to the way you felt during the dream. For example, you might have been bothered by the cockroaches in the dream. You might have felt that the cockroaches presented a nuisance or a problem to you. In these cases, the vision could reveal that you have a tendency to hoard or collect useless or unnecessary things. You would probably benefit from going through and throwing away things you do not really need.
Flying cockroahes and killing them I was walking and then a swarm of flying cockroaches came at me. One by one they started attacking. And one by one I killed them. By the time I woke up, there were 3 cockroaches dead and 2(?) buzzing about. I think I was with someone. Seeing cockroaches flying in a dream indicates that a person would enter your life and pose some serious competition to you at work, in your business or in your relationship. As a good sport, you would try to treat this person not as a threat but as a challenge, and try to stay ahead of the competition without resorting to dirty tactics and unfair practices, even if he or she may be getting a little bit too close for comfort. If you were killing the invasive cockroaches in your dream, it is an indication of your desire and readiness to be free from your fear of some kind of material loss you are anticipating to happen. However, it could also mean that you would do whatever it would take to eliminate the source of your fear, even if it would involve committing questionable acts and resorting to behavior which is not typically something you would do, in order to destroy the threat forever and to ensure your peace of mind. Perhaps you will be helped by someone who is close to you, such as a friend or a family member, as you envisioned in the dream.
Water from the ceiling and coming across a big spider Napping on couch on day off from work (which I was really doing). People dropped by for roof estimate I'd forgotten calling about, spouse took them round, let me sleep. Left with estimate more reasonable than anticipated. We went into the bedroom and discovered large ceiling crack leak with water raining on floor. Toweling that up, discovered a spider had been disturbed. She was light brown, furry and HUGE. Basketball sized. She had babies on her back. I was terrified of this thing, crawling everywhere, shooed her out of the bedroom but all the babies were in the air. Thanks. Dreams containing images of water dripping from the ceiling can predict coming into contact or having to deal with individuals trying to mess up your life or something important you are currently undertaking. This person or people could be standing in your way and blocking your progress, intentionally or without realizing what they are doing. Finding a giant spider in the bedroom points to possible confrontation with a con artist or an authoritative figure, possibly connected to the developments mentioned above. You could also expect being humiliated or let down by people who surround you in your waking life.
Forced to eat cockroaches, fighting with parents about untidy house My parents are cooking in my childhood home. My mom heats soy sauce in a small dish on the stove top. Small black cockroaches start appearing and moving toward the dish. Two crawl in and are cooked. I am then asked to eat this and I do. I then fight with my dad and mom about the state of the house and how disgusting it is to eat cockroaches. While we are fighting, I am feeling very angry and start organizing. I find important documents that are mine and then feel guilty for taking care of my stuff better. I start yelling more and my dad laughs and offers me more cockroaches to eat. Dreaming about feeling that cockroaches presented a nuisance or a problem to you or being outright disgusted by them could reveal that you have a tendency to hoard or collect useless or unnecessary things, not necessarily as bad as it was perceived in the dream. You would probably benefit from going through and throwing away things you do not really need. Dreaming that your or your parents' house was unclean and messy to live in could represent a possibility of moving to a new location, starting to experience financial troubles or getting a divorce. It is also a warning that advises you to take some time and re-assess the aspects of your life which might eventually lead to these possible problematic outcomes.
Insects inside a banana Was handed half a banana, opened to find a bunch of pill bugs (armadillidium) rolled up, then open and crawl out. Obviously was shocked to have seen that. The dream vision about being handed a banana filled with insects could mean two possible things, one of them is that someone recently could have acted or said something that really upset you or made you distance yourself from this person. The bugs crawling out of the banana could also represent your personal trait of becoming easily offended when criticized or made fun of, especially in front of other people. If you have had an incident similar to the one described above involving a person who may intentionally or inadvertently insulted you, chances are you will never communicate or hang out with him or her again.
Exterminating brown ants I dreamt spraying a lot of brown ants outside a house. A few were on my clothes and l managed to remove them and sprayed them again. I did not crush them but I sprayed them using an insecticide. If you find yourself dreaming about ants invading your house, you have a right to be worried. This vision may signify unfortunate events and their repercussions which could result in a possibility of an accident to occur. If you were surrounded by ants, this could be another warning that people might try to take advantage of you soon, in some way or another, whether it is extorting money from you or simply stealing you property or possessions.
Bites of black ants I was looking through the window of an uncompleted building in our former residence (back in the 80s) and being a bushy property, I noticed the sharp bites of ants. I checked and saw 2 black ants on my toes, I quickly dusted them off. Dreaming about being bitten by ants could indicate that there is a possibility of experiencing an unfortunate event in the near future. In this dream you may experience pain from the bites, which signifies becoming a victim of an accident or occurrence which you have no control over. The dream may mean something completely different and symbolize that you are about to take on some time-consuming or burdensome projects soon. This dream could have a different symbolic meaning which could mean being betrayed by someone you are very close to within your company or work facility. The trust and faith you put into this person could be used against you in order for them to come out on top and succeed in whatever goals they have in mind. Be careful of what you do and say relative to your common or shared points of interest and try to avoid the blows that may soon come your way.
Black cockroaches coming out of a phone I dreamed about small black roaches coming out of a phone. Dreaming about a great number of cockroaches is often interpreted as a positive sign. It usually indicates finding a consistent, substantial income which you can use to support your family. It may also be predict a second source of income which can be used to supplement what you already earn. However, the image of the phone indicates being tricked or deceived, which is negative in nature. Because the bugs were coming out of the phone, it may mean that you might find a source of income that does not pan out or is far more work than you were lead to believe. This dream is likely a warning to carefully consider any new contracts or extra work before taking it on.
Centipedes attacking in the bathroom I was about to use my aunt's bathroom when I realized that her bathroom was infested with small orange and green centipedes. They were falling out of the ceiling on top of me, I got stung by one on the forehead. I started to smash some of them with my foot right before coming out the house to tell my aunt what had just happened. In general, dreaming of a bathroom predicts overcoming some fear or reservations you had about some aspect of yourself. This is likely to do with a personality quirk which you saw as a bad thing in the past, but now realize that there is nothing wrong with it or you. Because you are in your aunt's bathroom, she may have something to do with your change of heart, either directly or indirectly. The centipedes seen in this vision further support this idea, as a mass of bugs represents a way of life or thinking that is emotionally draining. Being attacked and stung by said insects indicates facing some difficulties in coming around to your new state of mind, which might include opposition or bullying from people who would want to keep you down. However, successfully squishing the bugs that came after you can be interpreted as a sign that things will work out for the best in the end.
Rain and insects devouring food It started to rain reddish rain that turned ground into a mud that was uncomfortable to walk in. Weird greenish blue lightning that could strike me but didn't. Had to get food and drink from fridge outside. Then realized roaches were taking food, like whole roasts, ribs, even covered a cat. I started spraying a roach spray. There are a lot of negative signs in this vision. In particular, red rain predicts being the victim of gossip and rumors started by people who are jealous of your accomplishments or status. The roaches that suddenly appear represent worries about how these horrible and untrue tales will affect you and everything you have worked for. Seeing lightning flash is a sign that you may need to separate yourself from someone you once relied on, possibly the person behind the rumors, in order to begin putting things right. However, attacking the roaches with bug spray at the end of the dream predicts that, when all is said and done, you will find a way to deal with the situation and recover what was once yours.
A big cockroach on a chocolate cake I was standing at a table that had a whole chocolate cake on it with some of the edges of the cake eaten, crumbled. There was a 2-inch cockroach running in circles around the cake and in the edges of the frosting and I was trying to hit it off the cake, but could not catch it. It just kept going in circles on the cake. I was disgusted and repulsed by it. Frustrated that I couldn't get it off the cake. A chocolate cake, in general, signifies romantic relationships. If it was very beautiful or perfectly decorated at first, it indicates having positive, loving feelings toward your current partner. However, seeing the cake in a state of disarray, in which some parts are missing or falling apart, indicates that things are crumbling beneath the surface. You and your partner may act happy in front of others, but there are some issues that have not been openly discussed. The image of the cockroach in the cake that you cannot catch supports this idea, pointing toward issues of inequality within the relationship. Your partner may feel inadequate compared to you and the things you have accomplished, or, on the other hand, they may feel like you are not pushing yourself and, as a result, are holding them back. This dream can be taken as a warning that you need to improve communication with this person and work on fixing the issues if you want to save the relationship.
Cockroaches on the head and smelling insecticide Lots of medium brownish roaches crawling mainly on top of my head. I even woke up and smelled bug spray RAID. The image of the cockroaches crawling on your body is usually associated with danger and personal injury. The fact that they were concentrated on your head points to that being the region of your body most likely to be hurt. This could be a simple injury, like bumping your head, but it might also be something more serious, such as a concussion. You may want to take care while out and about and be extra careful if you are participating in sports or athletic training.
Killing bed bugs I was killing bed bugs (blood suckers) with my fingertips. Pressing them to the floor then blood was sputtered. Bugs were running for their lives. Dreams containing images of bed bugs can have two possible meanings. One of them could be telling you that you have recently changed your spending patterns for the worse, possibly because of some increasing demands for household necessities or due to additions to your family. Another meaning entails having people in your social circle who may be draining a lot of energy or make you irritated and tired. It seems like you have been preoccupied with finding possible ways to solve these issues, whichever apply to your current situation.
Insect eggs on the table I dreamt there were woodlice eggs on a table. The table was yellow brown wood with metal legs. Then I brushed aside the eggs onto the wooden floor. The image of woodlice eggs in this dream seems to symbolize small negative aspects of your personality and behavior. The fact that they are eggs points toward bad habits that are currently forming or already exist, like swearing or borrowing things without permission. Their placement on a table whose features stood out to you suggests you are copying the words and actions of others, possibly without critically considering what you are doing. However, brushing the eggs onto the floor is a message from your subconscious, suggesting that you should give up this course of action before things escalate.
A spider attacking a scorpion and biting I dreamed of a black spider opening up from behind and killing a scorpion, but then the spider turned a light sandy color and was jumping from the floor, making a sound like a person jumping up and down, landed on my right hand's back and bit me. Dreaming of a spider attacking and killing a scorpion is a symbolic representation of someone in your life using you to achieve their goals. This opportunist is feeding off your skills and talents in the background, using them to better their image and status. Both the spider's change in color and the loud noise from jumping indicate this person is almost finished with their leeching, meaning a change in your relationship is coming. Finally, being bitten at the end of the dream suggests major negative outcomes for you. This person who has been taking advantage of you is likely to deliver the final blow in the form of some reputation-destroying rumor, firmly securing their bettered position unless you act quickly and do damage control before it's too late.
Black worms crawling on the wall My dream was about black small worms crawling over a wall. This dream about seeing worms crawling on the wall could be a sign of soon changing your occupation or what you do for a living to begin working on some project or activity which could drastically improve your overall income. If the background (the wall) was light or white in color in this dream, it could also signify a written or typed message you have recently come across or are about to be handed, which would lead you to these auspicious developments.
A honey bee humming A honey bee entered in ear and was singing a song. When I looked the next day my face and body become swollen. Both of these dream visions contain positive connotations. A humming bee is a sign of hope and promise. This could be a favorable time for your career, project or personal endeavors to flourish because you would have better opportunities and more resources at your disposal than before. Success could be within reach, but you would have to work harder and exert more effort to actually realize your goals. Having a swollen face because of a bee is an indication that a string of fortunate and reassuring events could have happened in your life lately which made you extremely happy and pleased.
A swarm of bees coming out of the mouth I had a dream that a swarm of bees came flying out of my mouth, but it was peaceful, not harmful or scary. Seeing a swarm of bees coming out of your mouth in your dream could symbolize sudden realization of being treated unfairly by someone else. You could be interacting with someone who treats you only as an object of his or her immediate gratification, either physically or emotionally. This person does not care about your feelings and welfare and may only be after the pleasure you provide to him or her. Should you continue to be associated with this individual, you might become victimized by low self-esteem, humiliation and embarrassment. With the notion of not being scared or bothered by this image, it can also be implied that you are not overly concerned with the treatment you get from this person.
Being terrified by a spider which turns into a white crab I saw a huge white spider crawling on the canopy of my pergola while I sat down and watch it for a bit. After I got up and went inside the house it followed me, my son said "I'll get it, mom". And when he got closer, the spider spit something black at him and he said "Ewww, I won't get it". So my mom got up from her wheelchair and closed its claws, then picked it up. Note that in my dream it was a huge white spider, that's what my dreamed perception said. But when I woke up I remember the image of it being a huge white crab, not a spider at all. Strange? Dreaming about encountering a spider is an indication of presence of someone in your life who is feeding on your psyche or acts as an energetic vampire in relation to you. It can also be a sign of rigid social programming which can predetermine actions and behavior of you as an individual. Other meaning of this dream is having some type of a intellectual parasite stealing what rightfully belongs to you as far as authorship is concerned. Seeing it turn into a crab could also be telling you about presence of a despotic and authoritative figure in your life, such as strict father or your boss, who exert a lot of pressure and stress on you. This dream can be also a symbol of cunning, immediate danger, court litigation, losses in profits as well as personal problems and inadequacies because of drug or alcohol abuse.
Cockroaches laying their eggs under the skin I had a dream that cockroaches were laying eggs into my skin. Dreaming about insects laying their eggs inside your body suggests that the way you look at life is slowly becoming very dim and hopeless. You may be naturally pessimistic or have lately gone through some difficult times that have dampened your once high expectations. The notion of cockroaches under these circumstances could indicate becoming involved in a serious disagreement over domestic affairs or financial matters. Such a dispute could strain your relationship with your loved ones or with your business affiliates.
Trying to catch a blue butterfly In my dream I kept trying to catch a blue butterfly. Every time I would catch it, it would eventually slip through my fingers. I kept trying to catch it and every time I did, it would get away. Catching a butterfly within a dream usually is a good sign for your intimate life and is a favorable omen regarding your romantic involvement with someone. However, the act of trying to catch one and failing multiple times could easily mean the opposite. The color blue often represents ideas and connects to our ability to convey them. If you find yourself thinking about someone in a romantic way, it might be best to not actively pursue this person, as there is a possibility it would not end favorably for you.
An army of spiders crawling through the backyard My family and I were in the back yard and a lot of little red spiders started crawling across the yard. They were only on the ground. They didn't crawl on anyone or anything, just crawled across the yard by the thousands. No one was afraid, just watching the spiders crawl around the yard. Seeing an enormous number of spiders crawling around you and your family in this dream signifies the presence of adversaries who may negatively affect your life, or at least a certain aspect or part of your life, including ongoing projects. Your calmness signifies helplessness in the face of potential danger. Your enemies or people who dislike you could be creating a web of sinister plans around you. You may soon experience a sudden twist in your everyday life leading to negative events, over which most likely you would have little or no control. Their malicious intents are likely to become apparent to you when your peace and well-being are impacted and compromised.
A spider devouring a kitten I was looking at a huge web and then I noticed this huge solid black spider sitting on its web, probably the size of a small kitten. The spider was thick and solid black. A kitten came by and started pawing in the web and at the spider, as if to play, and then the spider bit it on its back and took a few draws of blood in from its tail area... I remember thinking it is a spider and there is no way it will eat the kitten, that it would probably not do this and let the kitten go on its way, but as I continued to watch, the spider started shoving the kitten into its mouth with its 2 front legs. The kitten was gone. Seeing a spider sitting in the middle of a web is symbolic of past experiences which still affect you negatively even in the present. This immediately points to your subconscious trying to bring you back to this time, reminding you of what happened. This is also supported by the image of the large spider, which indicates confrontation and bad outcomes for important conversations. As kittens and small cats are usually associated with love or flirtation, watching the spider eat the cat suggests that you had a bad experience with love, either a rejected confession or romantic advances gone wrong. Your subconscious may be trying to warn you not to make the same mistakes in love again.
Leeches sent down by someone to attack My dreams tend to contain adventure. In this one, my sister and I have to defeat an evil man who has sent man-eating leeches to kill us. We slay them fearlessly. Next thing I know, I am in the bathroom in my house (which is a reoccurring place), and the leeches are all over the floor but are smaller. I don't understand the meaning of the leeches? An attack by a mysterious man using leeches on you indicates that accumulation of obligations or tasks during this particular period of your life is becoming a heavy burden for you to handle. A mixture of anxiety, exhaustion and symptoms of burnout seems to be a dominant theme in your waking life. Excessive perfectionism, stressing over hard work you need to complete and alike may be contributing to fatigue that you may not even recognize or acknowledge at the moment. On the other hand, hiding in the bathroom of your home, coupled with the images of miniaturization of leeches, can be indicative of your ability to overcome this burden by relaxing and finding some free time to simply enjoy life and reducing your workflow loads to the level that doesn't cause stress.
Bees inside someone's mouth I had a dream that my niece had a mouth full of bees and I had to dig them out, then, when I did, weird things happened. Seeing a swarm of bees coming out of someone's mouth in this dream could symbolize your concerns in regards to her being treated unfairly by another family member or some other person from outside. She could be interacting with someone who treats her only as an object of his or her immediate gratification, either physically or emotionally. This person does not care about her feelings and welfare and may only be associating with her for selfish reasons. The ending of this dream also reveals that you have just started noticing the signs of bad treatment she could be receiving.
Beehives with a dead rat inside one of them 2 beehives on the roof. One is empty and the other has a rat inside, it is surrounded by bees. Reaching it with a stick to exterminate the bees and it dropped. Bees flew around me but didn't sting me. Beehives are usually connected to your work situation and seeing two in a dream vision can indicate there are many things happening at your place of work. The empty beehive suggests a lack of work or an increase in meaningless "busy" work, robbing you of the chance to work on important projects and prove yourself to the higher-ups. The rat in the other beehive could represent a co-worker or colleague who tends to get on other people's nerves. This person may have finally gone too far and now everyone has turned against them. You could endeavor to help them, but whether that would neutralize the situation or make things worse is yet to be seen.
Cockroaches eating each other I had a dream in which I saw a big cockroach eating a small cockroach, no anxiety, no fear. Just the incident happened very fast and a phone call woke me up. In this vision, seeing a cockroach could represent "hitting it big," meaning you are likely to come into a large sum of money. This could be due to chance, such as a lottery, or as the result of your efforts. In either case, seeing the smaller cockroach eaten by a larger one could symbolically represent becoming consumed by money. This could manifest as an obsession with saving it or as a tendency to judge others based on their income. This could be off-putting to others, especially if you make your thoughts apparent to those around you.
Destroying many anthills I had a dream in which I was destroying lots of anthills. Dreams where you attack and destroy a number of ant hills symbolically represent trying to put out a lot of metaphorical fires in your life. This means that through your own actions you have put yourself in a bad situation and now you must deal with the unpleasant consequences. More specifically, this vision suggests your actions were morally questionable or bordering on illegal. Because you have acted in such a way, you are now experiencing the difficult results. This should serve as a warning against future forays into unethical activities.
Bees covering the face I had a dream of 4 or maybe 5 bees on my face. They didn't sting me, I kept asking people to remove them for me, but they said no, eventually the bees flew away. Bees which touch and land on you without stinging are symbolic of encounters with a lover or the person who is meant to be your soul mate. Because there were multiple bees in this vision, it could suggest there is more than one potential match for you nearby. You may want to be more observant of the way others interact with you so that you do not miss an opportunity to connect and form a relationship.
Catching a grasshopper which turns bigger and bigger I noticed a huge grasshopper in green grass. It was a sunny warm day with friends in nature. I wanted to catch the grasshopper to show it to my friends. I could not at first, and while I was trying, it got bigger and bigger. Until I caught him, it was in a size of a dog. I caught him by the right back leg, as he was trying to get away from me. While this vision may seem happy or even funny on the surface, its interpretation could contain a warning. The green grasshopper that you envisioned in the verdant, fertile landscape suggests you might be getting carried away when it comes to spending money on social or romantic activities. You may have recently been trying to impress your friends or significant other by taking them out to fancy restaurants or bestowing lavish gifts upon them. However, you are probably starting to see the trouble this type of behavior may cause, at least on subconscious level, which is represented by your attempts to run after and catch the grasshopper (your self-control) before things get out of hand. And because the insect kept getting bigger and bigger, it could mean that these issues have been snowballing for you.
Bees coming out of the skin I had a dream that bees were slowly coming out from under my skin, like a pimple popping. Four bees came out, the fifth bee was in my knuckle of ring finger on my left hand. The skin was clear there and the bee was large, moving around but could not come out. Bees usually represent hard work and industry. Their presence in this dream means that your life is currently buzzing with energy and activity. The bees coming out from under your skin suggest that the level of activity could slowly die down as far as the work is concerned, but you would remain immersed in planning a different endeavor, possibly an upcoming wedding or some type of engagement, for yourself or someone you know well, as depicted by the large bee embedded in the left ring finger.
Various insects following and being around I had a dream about insects. A grasshopper chased me into my bathroom where it was chased away by a cockroach. The other two are just observations, but there was a humongous spider on the floor and an ant on the counter. I found an explanation for everything but there's nothing for ant. Different kinds of insects symbolize different personalities or types of people in your life. The part about a grasshopper signifies something or someone detrimental in your life that could lead you to some unfortunates circumstances, as bathrooms are usually associated with bad luck. The cockroach represents a powerful and wealthy individual who might save you out of a predicament. Meanwhile, the presence of a big spider and an ant in this situation speaks of the need to be diligent in identifying cunning individuals among those who could be posing as your friends who care about your welfare, but may have completely opposite plans and intentions.
Wasps circling around and relation to siblings I dreamed of wasps, 3 or 4 circling me, I was able to knock the closest one to the ground. At the time, my siblings and I were not on good terms. I feel totally not close to them, and feel the dream was about them. This vision of wasps buzzing around you represents the dark period you have entered in regards to your relationship with your siblings. You may have been expecting that this situation would resolve itself quickly and things would return to normal, but swatting the insects and knocking them to the ground indicates that things are probably going to get even worse, most likely due to your own poking and prodding. For now, It may be best to let the storm calm before pressing forward.
Frightened by red spiders in an urban place I was leaving work when I was suppose to still be working, then I was in a house in Manhattan where it was a girl and her mother. I sat down on the sheet on the floor, then I stood up. When I looked down, I saw a red spider, I was trying to move away, then I looked in the hallway and saw over 50 spiders crawling on the wall. The girl said we have a lot of spiders here in Manhattan, then a dog was coming my way, but it didn't do anything to me, then I left, I was riding a bike. This is a fairly complicated vision with a number of different signs. Leaving work earlier than usual suggests you have recently fallen short or not contributed enough to a shared project. Just as leaving work early suggests others are still working, so does this sign indicate that you did not hold up your end of the bargain in some group task. The presence of many spiders indicates that others are not happy with your attitude and work ethic, they may have even started to form an opposition against you, as the red color could indicate a strong, violent emotional response. You may want to do something drastic to make up for your past actions quickly in order to compensate for the trouble caused or calm down those who are most upset.
A dead cockroach inside the nose I dreamed of a dead roach in my nose, I poke my nose and it was in between all my mucus in my nose, dead. This dream contains a negative omen for you. The cockroach in your nose forewarns a possible accident or a situation in which you are placed in harm's way. This is more likely to happen while you are outside your home. Be attentive to the things going around you and try to not get easily distracted.
Bugs coming out of the crack in the wall I was looking up at this huge crack in the wall of my house, it looked like water damage, and suddenly bugs started seeping out of the crack and filling up the wall, it was terrible. A crack in the wall from water damage in this dream implies that someone in your family or social circle is experiencing some obstacles or issues and keeping it to themselves. The trouble is, if the difficulty is not dealt with soon, it could end up affecting the rest of the family members or friends, as symbolized by the bugs. Alternatively, certain individuals in your surroundings could be aware that there is something wrong, but they choose to turn a blind eye. The dream vision is showing you the greater damage you would have to fix when you continue ignoring the problem.
Being attacked by bees and hornets I was laying down and there was thousands of bees stinging my whole body. When I looked up, all I could see were bees and enormous hornets coming down to sting me. I tried to cover my face with my jacket, but there was too many. Bee stings can be interpreted as painful experience or hurtful words. There is a chance that this scene is warning you against getting comfortable or complacent in your job, as you could receive a string of dressing down for under-performing or turning in sloppy work. Take this admonition to heart if you wish to continue earning your keep. Interestingly, this could also be a good omen depending on your reaction or overall disposition while dreaming. If the stinging did not hurt or you were unusually calm during the bee onslaught, busy bees and honey-makers could be infusing you with industry and perseverance resulting in incentives and profit. Again, it could go both ways, depending on the realities you face on a day-to-day basis.
Cockroaches on the carpet in the long-sold house Dreamed of roaches in my dream coming crawling on my carpet, but it was my house I sold 20 years ago that I loved so much. Dreaming of cockroaches crawling on the floor or ground represents a subconscious fear of losing your hard earned wealth and material possessions. Since this happened in your old house, there is a chance a business transaction involving an old acquaintance could present itself. It would be ill-advised to go through with it, since it could make your fears of a financial downfall come true.
Red ants in daughter's hair I dreamt of my daughter crying for an itchy head. I was shocked to saw plenty of red ants on her head, maybe biting her. I rush her to a faucet and wash her head to remove all those ants. I am scared! Then I woke up. Dreaming about red ants is a warning that should not be taken lightly. While ants are oftentimes symbolic of diligence, they can also be a sign of possible unfortunate events in the near future. Your child being bitten in the dream signifies an accident or health issues which you have no control over. It is a reminder to keep your child out of harm's way. She may be experiencing troubles that you may not be aware of, hence your subconscious is alerting you to be extra observant.
Red ants on husband's head I had a dream about seeing a lot of red ants crawling in my husband's head on top, on the right side. It seemed they weren't biting him and he did not know. He then ran into the bathroom to wash his head out. Then I got worried if any were on my head, so I did the same as he did, washed my head. Ants, particularly red ones, are usually thought to symbolize diligence, however, they can also be a sign of experiencing hardship and difficulty. As you seemed to have taken care of the problem quickly through washing, it seems that your vision carries a little of both possible outcomes, meaning you may experience some troubles, but your work ethic and attention to detail is likely to make this a short-lived problem with only minor interference to your daily life.
Cockroaches on the arm because of food I dreamt that I had some food on my arm, when I woke up in my dream I had roaches covering and hovering on my arm. Food appearing in dreams refers to fuel, both mental of physical. Hence, the cockroaches hovering on your arm attracted by the food means that you may soon have to deal with something or someone that could drain your energy. The vision of cockroaches crawling on a part of your body is usually a forewarning that you could get into an accident or inadvertently put yourself in harm's way while you are outside of your home or place of residence. It may also point to health issues, so take heed.
A swarm of blue butterflies I had one blue butterfly appear and slowly more and more, until I was completely overwhelmed and choking on blue butterflies. Dreaming of butterflies covering your body and completely overwhelming you is surprisingly enough an auspicious sign. It represents good fortune for you in the near future. You may inherit wealth or receive a coveted promotion at work. This dream can also be interpreted as a sign of speedy recovery. If you or someone close to you suffers from an illness or affliction, it may soon be the time of receiving good and encouraging news.
Trying to kill bed bugs In my dream I was trying to kill bed bugs. The bedbugs in your dream which you saw yourself exterminating can be interpreted as a negative symbol, one which is most commonly associated with health. You may have an accident that could leave you bedridden or fall sick for an undefined period of time. This could also happen to a member of your immediate family or one of your closest friends.
Cockroaches on leftover food In my dream I went into my room to find out someone left food on my bed. When I got closer, there were hundreds of German roaches eating from it. The leftover food on the bed represents old issues and concerns that are still taking up space in your head. The cockroaches feasting on the food means that in dwelling in those negative subject matters, you are allowing even more bad vibes into the fray, making you more miserable. The dream may be telling you to move on and close chapters of your past that are no longer relevant nor helpful towards becoming a better person.
A white cockroach on penis I dream about a white cockroach on my penis. A white cockroach portends betrayal by a trusted family member or friend. Since the penis represents pride, sexuality and masculinity, this traitor may undermine your confidence and cause a big blow to your ego. This vision warns you against personalities appearing clean and sincere in their motivations but are in fact hiding dirty, little secrets. You could end up besmirching your reputation or welcoming unneeded troubles into your life.
Leeches and earthworms Good morning, I had a dream about leeches crawling with earthworms. Can you please help? The leeches and earthworms crawling around could be considered an ill-omen. Such a sign portends the possibility of having hostile interactions with coworkers, colleagues or partners in business. This, in turn, could turn your workplace into a stressful and tension-filled environment for you. There may be some clues as to the root of your coworkers' disagreeable behavior if you are willing to look for them, but such a compromise would require a great deal of patience on your part.
Bees on relatives' names I dreamt about bees resting on the names of my nanny and brother. Dreaming that bees are positioned on the names of your nanny and brother while ignoring you can be considered a reminder that trust and respect is something that you have to yet earn. If you wish for people to admire and confide in you, then you should strive to become someone worthy of respect. In a similar way, you should not expect to be rewarded simply because you did the right thing at the right time.
Cockroaches in the kitchen I had a dream where I walked into my kitchen and there were cockroaches all over my cabinets and a few on the counter. A dream in which you see cockroaches all over your kitchen is a warning about a potential domestic dispute. The reason for this argument could be financial problems, domestic affairs such as disagreement over how to handle things at home or a more deep-seated issue. As long as you manage to properly communicate what you think and feel without being aggressive or condescending, it eventually should all blow over.
A spider turning into a cockroach I was opening gift bags that had chocolate in them. I only wanted a small piece of chocolate and went from bag to bag. I saw a multi-colored spider come out of one of the bags. As it came out, it got bigger and bigger. I realized it was not a spider, but a cockroach. I stomped on it to kill it and said "Hey everyone, I have a cockroach here". I pressed my foot harder trying to kill it, but at the same time I was thinking to myself "You cannot kill a cockroach". Then I woke up. Bags with pieces of chocolate in them represent new partnerships, in either school or workplace, which you can take advantage of to further your own agenda. This could mean working together closely with someone for a joint project or just simple networking through mutual friends or colleagues. The image of the cockroach which you cannot kill supports this idea, pointing toward issues of inequality within this relationship. Your partner or colleague may feel inadequate in your presence and, as such, cannot be utilized to their full potential for making you look good. On the other hand, they may realize your ambitions and see how they conflict with their own desires, causing them to try and sabotage your efforts directly. This dream can be taken as a warning that you need to utilize "give-and-take" approach so that everyone wins.
Cockroaches in the mouth I had a dream that I smiled and two big roaches were in my mouth and little ones were coming out between the two big ones. Seeing cockroaches of different sizes in your mouth could be considered a warning. It is possible that certain circumstances in the near future may put you in harm's way. You may suffer an accident while driving, fall down the stairs or maybe get into a physical altercation against your will. It would be prudent to refrain from any sort of behavior or activities which may prove risky to your personal safety.
A swarm of bees on the porch There was a swarm of bees on my back porch. I was standing by my screen door watching this and my dog went through his doggie door and several bees landed on him. I went out and brought him inside and the bees were trying to get in through the screen door. Then I woke up. Seeing yourself and your dog become the target of a swarm of bees in your dream could be considered a warning. It symbolizes the fact that even the best-laid plans can come crumbling down with the tiniest of mistakes. If you are working on a project or a particular endeavor, you should be very careful and pay close to attention to even the most minuscule details, you might regret it otherwise.
Cockroaches thrown at girlfriend Girlfriend has horrendous dreams of a man throwing cockroaches at her. What possibilities could this have? Thanks. Cockroaches tend to represent the wealthy individuals around you who do not treat you badly even though you may be living in two completely different worlds. In this way, when your girlfriend saw this man throwing cockroaches at her, she may actually be envisioning a symbol suggesting that someone is willing to share their wealth with her either in tangible form (lending or gifting money), or as practical knowledge and experience, something that could be just as valuable or even more so than cash. Despite the disgusting imagery, your girlfriend is likely to have a very positive experience with such an individual in the near future.
A cockroach inside female genitalia A dead cockroach in vagina. A dead cockroach in a dream symbolizes the death of a wish, desire or aspiration you have been hoping to come true, but which would never be realized. The notion that the dead cockroach was in the vagina may reveal intimacy issues. Perhaps you want to find the perfect partner to settle down with or build a family together, but your personal issues are hindering you from opening up and becoming close to someone, enough for a romantic relationship to flourish.
Worms coming out of skin pores In my dream I remember realizing that I was dreaming and I was walking towards my grandmother's house and I remember seeing a big earthworm inching, then I fell down a pit and I saw a worm on my hair. Then I ended up on the top of a mountain and worms were coming out of my ears, mouth and nose. Eventually they came out of all my pores and my eyes were glowing bright green. Then I saw my spirit leave the body flying back up the pit and when I reached the top I woke up. Dreaming that earthworms are crawling or coming out of various orifices in your body suggests revelations of buried feelings and suppressed issues. Falling into the pit represents renewal and transformation. By purging yourself of long-held grudges or animosity, you would get yourself out of your rut and emerge triumphant having just slayed your personal demons. The significance of your grandmother's house is unclear. Perhaps you are trying to get back into the good graces of your family and your resentments and spite are holding you back from reconnecting with them. Once you overcome your own contempt, you would find that they are waiting to welcome you back with open arms.
A bee transforming into a wasp I can't remember too much, there were people there I just can't remember who. But one thing that stuck with me after waking up, was that a good-sized bee landed on my lips, I could even feel it. I blew it off my lips and it suddenly morphed into a wasp, it was very strange. Bees in general tend to represent love and relationships, so the bee that lands on your lips suggests sweetness in love and a harmonious connection with someone with whom you can share multiple kisses in reality. However, seeing this bee turn into a wasp is highly ominous. It shows how easily the sweetness can turn sour in these cases. If you are about to enter into a new romantic partnership, it would be wise to be careful and take things slowly before getting too far ahead of yourself.
Cockroaches inside clothes I dreamt that my old wardrobe was full of cockroaches in fact breeding inside, just too many. The cockroach-infested wardrobe in your dream refers to the flaws in the facade you are trying to project onto others. You may be misrepresenting yourself in front of friends or coworkers and the holes of your stories are starting to come out, gradually tarnishing the image and reputation you have worked so hard to build.
Being attacked by red worms while in a boat In my dream, I was on a pretty small boat. Me, my friends, family and some people that I don't know in real life, but were my friends in my dream, were using the boat to go to a fashion show party, in which WE were the models. All of a sudden these red and skinny worms started taking over the boat. We were so afraid of them that we were trying to find ways to get them off of the boat or escape. We eventually found a way to get off of the boat and back to land, although we never went to the party. Being in a boat with people you know and love is a positive portent associated with fortune and auspicious circumstances. The fact that you did not know or recognize some of them from waking life is of no consequence. Furthermore, your intention to go to a party and be models (beautiful people displaying fashionable clothing) represents the positive energy that surrounds you and your relations. However, despite your apparent happiness and good fortune, the red worms which crawl aboard the boat can be interpreted as a manifestation of your passionate desire to do and have even more. This selfishness and vanity could threaten the peace and comradery that once existed between you and others. Getting off the boat at the end of the vision points toward your ability to overcome this lapse, but you would have to abandon your designs on greatness in order to do so.
Worms following around They were like worms, but they kept following me whenever I'd go somewhere and that time I was running around screaming and hugging a person, but I don't know if it was a boy or a girl. Worms are a rather complicated symbol, as they have both positive and negative aspects. Worms that follow you tend to represent your desires and dreams. However, they also suggest that these lofty ambitions are forever beyond your reach, for example, when desiring to be a famous musician when you have never picked up an instrument before. If you have such a goal, it may be more useful and fulfilling for you to channel your time and energy into projects and dreams which are attainable and could add value to your life instead of wasting resources chasing what is never meant to be.
A white spider biting someone I dreamed about a white spider biting a man I know. Help me understand please and thank you in advance. A white spider in a dream could predict learning something disturbing or unpleasant about the man who was bitten. In addition to this, the spider bite itself may represent profiting in some way from acquiring this piece of knowledge. While it is usually associated with material gain, it could also point to moral satisfaction from propagating the gossip or sharing the information with the appropriate authorities.
Spiders on ice cream I had a dream I was getting dot's ice cream and it was covered with tiny spiders. I don't remember the color of the spiders. So, I went to another freezer to get more and there were spiders there as well. I wasn't scared nor did I stop. I pushed the spiders aside and continued to scoop. This dream involving little spiders covering your ice cream alludes to issues with self-control. The ice cream represents success, contentment and satisfaction, but it can also refer to a tendency to become too hedonistic and self-indulgent. As such, the spiders are there to hold you back from being a little too reckless or self-destructive. You may be enjoying the fruits of your labor, but getting lost in too much pleasure can also be bad for your well-being.
A hole with cockroaches coming out I had a dream that I was still living at home with my parents, although I'm married with my own children. Anyway, there was a hole in my wall with tons of roaches coming out of it. I called my dad to turn around and come home because I had just said bye to him. He said he'd come right up because he was still in the driveway. The hole was so big that you could see my brother's room through it. So, he told me to go close my brother's bedroom door because he was going to spray them. Dreaming about childhood places often reveals a yearning for an idealized past. Perhaps your current situation has become chaotic or messy, so that you feel nostalgic about being young and free of responsibilities. However, it seems that the roach-infested hole on the wall points to some familial conflict that makes you feel as if the past you have idealized is gone and you can no longer gain it back. Maybe you and your family have a misunderstanding and it is eating away at the foundations of your relationship. Maybe instead of waiting for your parents to reach out, it may be better to make the first move yourself.
A spider and wasp in the shower I dreamt I was going to take a shower when a black spider was hanging in front of me and it went up and I washed it down the drain, not to kill it but so I could take a shower. Then a floating upside-down wasp went into a tile hole and the hole sealed itself with a tile. The black spider ascending on its web in front of you points to the acquisition of material things making their way to you. These could be gifts from friends or family, or simply stuff that you decide to buy for yourself on a whim. On the other hand, the wasp floating upside down and then disappearing in the hole could be interpreted as a warning. If you are about to start a new relationship, this sign in your dream warns that you may be acting with a bit of haste. You should take things slow and make sure that every important decision is given proper consideration before fully committing to the person.
Locusts in general Dream meaning of locusts. Envisioning locusts in a dream often represents a person or group of people trying to impose their ideas or will upon you. In some cases, this is harmless and easy to avoid, such as telemarketers or sales associates. However, there are times, like peer pressure or familial obligation, where the influence is strong and giving in could have terrible outcomes. It would be wise to carefully evaluate all pros and cons before accepting these offers to be sure that you are comfortable and assured, rather than persuaded and pressured when you may regret your hasty decision in the future.
Golden beetles in the shower I had a dream that a fairly big gold beetle crawled off my leg and went into my daughters' bedroom where my daughters were sleeping. I told my husband to get the beetle and he kept saying it was OK, he will get it later that it won't hurt them. I then saw my husband staring blankly at our bathroom wall tile and he said to watch with him, so we both stood calmly watching the tile and out popped another baby beetle that was brownish or gold in color. I woke up shortly after but wondering what this means? Beetles are often thought to be the manifestation of our worst fears or situations that cause us distress. This is coupled with the gold and brownish-gold colors of the beetles in your vision, a color often associated with the idea of deception and the phrase "not all that glitters in gold." In this way, you vision seems to show your fear of someone taking advantage of either your children directly or someone using your children to take advantage of you. These types of situations can be difficult to avoid depending on the skill of the con-artist or manipulator, so it would be wise to take every precaution to protect yourself and your family.
Black ants on the bottom of the foot I dreamt that there were a lot of black ants bigger than carpenter ants on the sole of my left foot, just crawling all over the bottom of my foot. Black ants in dreams are often considered a somewhat negative symbol, often associated with short bouts of bad luck. You are likely to experience some kind of a bad day in the near future, for example, after receiving bad news or not making as much progress as you really needed to. This situation is not likely to last long, so the best thing you can do is have patience and wait for the storm to clear.
A roach and worms inside bread I found a big red Cryptocercus in my bread and was trying to catch it. I eventually got it out of the bread, but there were also white worms folded in in the bread, cocoon-like. This vision is highly ominous and suggests you should be on your guard in matters concerning your work or career. The large red roach in your bread suggests coming into some money, although it is likely to be only a small amount. This is followed by you trying to catch the roach, perhaps indicating that the money is not as easy to access as you would think. The white worms in the bread at the end of the vision further point toward someone trying to sabotage you at work in order to boost their status. It seems, then, that you should be on the lookout for tricks that promise you cash rewards but could serve as your undoing in the office.
Various insects inside parents' home I'm in my parents' house in my old bedroom. There are huge huntsman spiders hanging from the ceiling. My sister's husband goes to kill them. I hide in my sister's old bedroom next door. He shows me one that he has killed. It's downstairs on the kitchen table. I catch some kind of beetle on my pointing finger and go to let it out the front door. It sits on my pointing finger and its grip is getting stronger and stronger. I go to the front door and see a bee inside that has picked up a chip bag clip. Insects, generally speaking, are the manifestation of dark, negative thoughts putting a damper on your interactions with others. These thoughts are likely the result of others burdening you with whatever is bothering them, so their negativity is rubbing off on you in a sense. This makes sense given the location of your vision. Familiar places, your old bedroom in this case, are often associated with the heart's desire to return to a safe place or easier times. It would be wise to find the origin of this stress exerted on you, as the beetle at the end of your vision could suggest things getting worse if not taken care of.
Marching ants and an ant on son's body The first part of my dream was watching a bunch of ants in rows and columns marching or walking. The second part was my adult son as a child sitting on my lap, me singing to him and brushing one single ant off his face that was near his right eye. I am curious to know if you were to be made aware of the actual real life situation, if that would change the interpretation? What I meant was, my son who sat on my lap, we have not spoken in 6 years, so I was trying to figure out where this dream came from. Symbolically speaking, ants are workers. Alongside this notion are the values of hard work and diligence. So to see ants marching in columns in your dream means that your waking world is consumed by your career, profession or personal business. Everyday may be marked by pressures to perform your duty or do your work well, as well as to handle other responsibilities of being an adult. This is your reality and it may soon be the reality for your grown-up son. Perhaps as a parent you want to shield him from the harsh truth, this is why your subconscious brought you back to the carefree and innocent child that you raised. Brushing off the ant from his face symbolizes your protective nature. However, deep inside you know that your son would eventually be exposed to adult issues and problems, and you cannot always be there to cushion the blows.
Bees landing on the eyes and face I was standing in a bush and bees began to fly around me. Two landed on each of my eyes and there was an older man on a bike that wouldn't help me get them off. I left them there scared to move them that I would be stung. Then two more landed on my forehead. As I stood still they began to move off of me. And I calmed down. To dream of bees landing on your face without stinging you is symbolic of encounters with a lover or the person who is meant to be your soul mate. Since your dream involved multiple bees, it could suggest there is more than one potential match for you nearby. Also, be discerning about potential partners, even if it is not the romantic kind, as you may be prone to being blinded by your feelings for them and you would end up being hurt. As in the dream, stay calm and keep your wits about you because some overly-charming individuals could be waiting to pounce when your guard is down.
A lot of baby spiders I was in someone's apartment and the person was giving us instructions of how he wants to fix the house. But there was a lot of stuff on the floor. Out of nowhere I saw a big brown spider. I alerted my dad who went and held it to put it outside, but as he held it, the spider released baby spiders. I am not sure if we got all out of the house, but we threw most out of the window. They climbed the wall and went in my neighbor's yard. Spiders are smart creatures that are good at spinning a web of lies. As suggested by this dream, it is in your best interest to get to know individuals well before divulging sensitive secrets or letting them into your inner social circle. Someone in the waking world may have the potential of betraying you, but the act of fixing the place points to a possible other persona who may be turning this fellow against you and your family. This latter character may be the bigger threat, as the baby spiders reflect his significant influence on your community. If left undetected, this individual would continue manipulating clueless members of your social group.
Killing a wasp and a wasp nest I dreamed of seeing a wasp, and then beside the wasp was a nest of wasps. I sprayed the single wasp with bug spray, and sprayed the nest, killing all of the wasps. It seemed I was in a hospital or somewhere and wanted to make it safe for everyone. Wasps you want to exterminate in a dream symbolize all things dark and dreary. Trying to kill them represents your efforts to get rid of the difficulties which have taken over your life. The dual imagery of wasps in a hospital setting actually points towards the current state of your emotional health. It epitomizes the measures which you have taken to keep your friends or family members safe from all these difficulties. However, in doing so you have stretched yourself too thin and are almost on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Make sure you keep yourself calm and focused to take better care of the loved ones in waking life.
A scorpion turning into a bee I had a dream that a scorpion was on me and I was scared and screaming. It went to sting me, but before I knew it, it turned into a harmless bee. There was no sting, no pain, and above all no more worry as I watched the bee fly away. Can you tell me if this dream means anything? Or was it just a dream stirred up from my subconscious? Seeing a scorpion transform into a harmless bee symbolizes some difficult, challenging association becoming relatively painless or even enjoyable. In many cases, this type of dream points toward an enemy becoming a friend or a tough mentor revealing their pride in your accomplishments. The cause of this shift is unclear, but it is likely due to coming to some sort of understanding on a point which has caused you trouble in the past.
A crab eating a cockroach I dreamt about a crab grabbing a cockroach from its back and eating it. Dreaming of a crab eating a cockroach represents your ongoing personal transformation. You may be trying to get rid of certain undesirable traits or attitudes that are holding you back from realizing your full potential. The crab is a representation of your sheer will and determination to succeed, especially if you are currently finding yourself immersed in some competitive or contentious environment, such as a new job or circumstances which require poise and concentration.
A spider in a cup of orange juice I was drinking a cup of juice and noticed a dead spider in it, so I threw the cup in disgust and a huge black spider ran away into the woods. This dream contains two highly contrasted images. Drinking orange juice usually means that you would be able to achieve something great in the future which could lead to a boost in self-esteem as well as recognition and admiration from those near you. On the other hand, the image of spiders, both dead and alive, may allude to others feeding off your sudden rise to fame, possibly dragging you back down with them if their actions get out of hand. If you are successful, you should make sure that you do not inflate the contributions of leeches.
White worms crossing the road I had a dream where I saw many white worms crossing from one side of the road to the other. I was walking on that road as well, but I was trying so hard not to step on them and I did. Please help, I am very confused about this. Worms in dreams generally represent your own facade, suggesting that on the outside you are holding up and everything seems to be okay, while on the inside you could be broken and miserable. Similar to how a worm hides inside an apple, the worms allude to hiding behind the wall you have built up while allowing all sorts of abuse to happen without trying to stop or prevent these things from happening. The symbolism of these worms crossing the road while you go out of your way not to step on them similarly reveals your passive nature. Instead of calling out others on their unethical behavior, you likely choose to turn a blind eye. It may be time to take a stand on important issues.
Spiders coming out of the car There were spiderwebs being shown when RAID (pesticide) was sprayed into the air. They were straight line webs (no spider attached). Get to a used car (color was hunter green), try to start it and can't. An acquaintance from Facebook pops up out of nowhere and lifts the hood of the car and around 200+ medium spiders all multicolored typical spiders come rushing out swiftly. We close the hood without a word ever spoken. I get in the car and start it again. Starts right up with no problems. The old or used car in your dream likely represents your complacency and stagnation. Lately, your ambitious nature may have started to wane and professional development has been few and far between. Maybe even in your personal life you find yourself settling for less. This passivity, however, could make you a target of unscrupulous personalities. This is where the spiders in your dream come into play. The spiders coming out of the hood of the car symbolize enemies or adversaries present in your life who may be spreading lies and rumors that could negatively affect your social life and the quality of relationships you have with others. In order to jump start your career and improve your overall lifestyle, you may need to start becoming more proactive and observant toward those who seem to stand in your way.
Bugs coming out of eyes Dreams about bugs coming out of my eyes. Dreaming that bugs are coming out of your eyes portends the start of a new venture or project. The bugs specifically point to a new endeavor which brings you great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, while the exit location of the eyes suggests you would act as the leader or director, managing others and setting deadlines so that everyone stays on task. While you would be very happy being in charge of a project you feel strongly about, be careful not to let the power go to your head.
Being bitten in the arms by spiders I had a dream about two spiders. The first spider was large, black and very hairy, crawling on my right forearm close to my wrist, the other was smaller brown and on the inside of my right arm under the large black hairy spider. The black hairy spider bit me, but I didn't feel the bite, I just saw the marks afterwards. There was a great deal of fear in my body, the black hairy spider was also running around the room, then suddenly appeared on my right forearm just above wrist. In the dream I am frozen. In general, dreaming about spiders is an indication of the presence of someone in your life who is feeding on your psyche or acts as an energetic vampire. Spiders can also represent unscrupulous colleagues who are trying to take credit for your hard work. Consider the location of the spiders on your body. The proximity to your right arm likely means that these are trusted individuals, like the figurative right-hand man. As such, the spider bite is an act of betrayal. You would likely become the victim of treacherous attacks. It would be wise to remain vigilant to avoid taking the fall for mistakes that were not yours.
Getting the queen bee out of the house I had a beehive with a swarm of bees inside a house that I was not familiar with. To get the bees out I knew I had to catch and move the queen. I did so very carefully, but the queen was a very odd-looking insect which I caught gently and put it into a shoe box. I put the shoe box outside and within minutes all the bees were in the shoe box with the queen. I mentioned to somebody that I just moved the box and it was already filled with bees. I was not stung at all. A house swarming with bees in the dream world is usually an ill omen representing loss and misfortune. Something either devastating or extremely stressful could occur in your household sending everyone in a frenzy of activities. These unfortunate circumstances are most likely due to reasons outside your control. Alternatively, the queen bee likely represents a strong female figure in the waking world, perhaps your mother, who could be the reason behind the fuss and frenzy. Both of you could soon get into arguments or disagreements, hence catching and placing the queen bee in the shoe box is akin to pacifying this female figure. Reaching an understanding is significant for you to be able to gain the freedom you have always desired.
A spider landing on daughter I was standing with someone and a spider jumped on my daughter. I tried to brush it off and it got on me. My daughter knocked it off and we chased it down the hallway but couldn't catch it. Dreaming about a spider landing on your daughter's body has negative connotations. It indicates that she could be under the influence of an undesirable person. The fact that you saw yourself brushing the spider off only to have it land on you indicates that the influence this person has on your daughter would have similar impact on you as well. However, when you were able to chase it off signifies that you would be successful in getting your daughter out of this person's clutches. Just make sure that you remain alert towards people currently present in your daughter's life.
Scared of a blue spider I was being released from a police station. I saw a blue spider on the wall. Ran out to get away but it followed me. I looked around and it was gone. Then I looked up and it was falling on me. I froze and screamed myself awake. Dreaming that you have been released from jail or a police station symbolizes gaining freedom from abusive or oppressive relations. You may have been living under the restrictive rules of an individual for a long time, causing you much stress and hardship. However, this symbol suggests you would soon find an opportunity to break free. Unfortunately, the blue spider that follows you around likely represents deep-seated issues you have acquired during your stay with this abusive personality. The emotional damage may have become so much a part of yourself that you begin attracting the same destructive personalities.
Eating moths Dreamt someone gave me a bag of moths to eat saying to me to see if I was honest and true of heart. I told him those insects cure cancer and ate one. He said "All of them", so I eat all of them, mouthful sweet taste. Dream meaning? The bag of moths symbolizes your fragility and flaws. Thus, being asked to eat the moths alludes to a need for you to acknowledge your shortcomings in order to find a way to strengthen you character. In addition, the whole scenario about testing your honesty likely reveals your cowardice. To be able to feel free and unburden yourself of the shame or guilt you have been carrying all this time, you need to go through a period of personal transformation. This process would require you to take a long, hard look at yourself and be prepared to work on eliminating unsavory parts of your attitude and beliefs.
Bumblebees and spiders in a tent In my dream I'm camping in the woods. I'm sleeping in my tent when all of a sudden I hear crawling, but ignore it. I wake up to find bumblebees dead all over the floor of the tent. I feel a sting on my stomach, so I check and find a web attached to me because a spider bit me. Going camping in the dream world likely reveals your yearning for some rest and relaxation. You may want to go back to a simpler or more grounded way of life. Similarly, the dead bumblebees allude to a less hectic lifestyle should you decide to leave your current occupation in favor of a more laid-back existence. However, if you do decide to take this path, the spider bite suggests that some domineering persona in your waking world could exert his or her influence to try to manipulate your decisions. So you could either trudge along in your busy world or risk falling into the web of influences of this controlling individual.
Butterflies inside the house Early in the morning, could have been 5:00am, I dreamed two butterflies flying around in my living room, they weren't any butterflies, they were monarch butterflies. Then they landed on a tall plant or small tree, I do not have any plants in my living room. I went to put my hand close to one of them and it went on my hand and I felt a tingling sensation on my hand from the butterfly. Then the dream ended. Two monarch butterflies in the dream world carry a very positive message in relation to your special someone. They represent a blossoming romance and a prosperous marriage. You may be on your way to affirming your commitment to each other in a formal engagement. Consequently, indoor plants symbolize settling down or domestication. Your subconscious may be illustrating your readiness to take your relationship to the next level. Perhaps you have gone through enough trials and challenges to be certain that you want to spend the rest of your lives together.
Bees covering genitalia I was standing outside my workplace. Had bees all over me. Mostly the bees were gathered on my vagina. A dream wherein you see bees on your body is an indication of starting a new love affair or sexual relationship. Perhaps you are about to meet a new person with whom you may indulge in a passionate affair. The notion that you saw the bees gathered on your vagina represents sexual intimacy which you would experience with this particular person.
Cockroach poop I swipe the poop of a cockroach. Both fecal matter and cockroaches are powerful symbols which allude to wealth, prosperity and financial security. While excrement by itself is often associated with money in a tangible sense, such as cash or property of a valuable nature, the cockroach usually refers to powerful, gracious individuals who would take care of you and your wants. Together, these symbols suggest you would meet someone willing to lift your financial burden, although the cost of their generosity is unclear.
A venomous spider attacking A spider was attacking me shooting venom. Then I see a spider in my face trying to bite, I'm dodging every single hit. Woke up like slapping my pillow in the end. Trying to fight off a spider attack in the dream world often alludes to career growth in reality. In a sense, you are dodging all the obstacles put in the way by your competitors and overcoming the challenges provided by your superiors. As long as you continue to show good work ethic and effort, you are sure to receive admiration and incentives from those around you.
Pregnant cockroaches Two pregnant roaches. In this vision, the two cockroaches seem to represent both yourself and someone influential in your life, like a friend, teacher or mentor. Cockroaches are often symbolically connected with the idea of benefiting from relationships with those who are higher on the social ladder than yourself. In a sense, your friendship or partnership with this person would boost your own status. Continuing with this theme, the idea that the cockroaches were pregnant suggests your newfound status would allow you to support or lift up those lower than yourself, meaning the cycle would continue.
Being bothered by a bug I was with some old friends and a bug wouldn't leave me alone, and no matter how much fuss I made over it, no one else noticed the bug. Female. Dreaming about being with friends is a manifestation of events which have recently taken place in your waking life. The notion of enjoying a day out with your buddies could be a reflection of a similar gathering in the waking world. The idea of being bothered by a bug could be taken as a sign of you being uncomfortable around a certain individual belonging to the group. Also, since no one else was aware of the bug annoying you, it could indicate that it is only you who may be experiencing bad vibes emanating from this person. It would be better to re-examine whom you consider to be true friends and keep yourself away from negative people.
Chased and stung by a queen bee Male. I was almost stung by two king or queen bees while out of town then, chased by maybe eight more king or queen bees then, I was awakened by my alarm clock. Queen bees are generally thought to represent strong, independent females who you know in wake life. This includes your mother, female family members, friends, and other role models who embody the idea of a modern woman. Being stung by two queen bees suggests there are two females who are vying for your affection, perhaps by giving you small gifts or flirting with you. Being chased by other queen bees, then, reveals even more women who are potentially interested in you. You would have the luxury of choosing among any number of strong, bright women to make a good relationship with.
A plague of flies and cockroaches A plague of flies and roaches. This dream contains two opposing images. On one hand, the flies represent an upcoming illness or infirmity that would cause you much trouble. On the other hand, roaches are generally associated with meeting someone rich and powerful or becoming wealthy yourself. Together, this vision can either mean you would develop unhealthy habits due to a sudden increase in income or that you would win some amount of money due to a condition that you develop.
Bugs coming out of a child's eyes I was in a garden with a child who I think was one of my own but as a child, they call to me and when he turns to look at me I see bugs coming out of his eyes. The image of bugs coming out of someone's eyes suggests new ventures and fresh opportunities. Gardens are associated with growth and cultivation, so perhaps the new endeavors on your horizon are associated with family and maternal instincts. Perhaps you are called upon by your children to provide appropriate wisdom and guidance regarding their choices and decisions. Of course, this dream vision is also tempered with a reminder to not let your influence and power go to your head lest it sows seeds of discord and resentment in your household.
Eating a cockroach I was eating a cockroach, later I discover I started spitting it out. Dreaming of eating a cockroach suggests you may have to face the consequences of certain questionable decisions or reckless behavior. You may have been indulging in unhealthy habits or taking part in wrongful acts without fully considering the repercussion not only to yourself, but to your social connections as well. Eating the cockroach then spitting it out as an afterthought is a metaphor for cleaning up after your own mess. You could be dangerously close to making your life much more difficult if you continue being careless in your pursuits.
Cockroaches instead of eyelashes I was getting fake lashes put on by someone who wasn't very good at it. I went to take them off and when I pulled one of them, I pulled from the legs of a cockroach and a dead cockroach came out from under my eyelid? Dreams involving eyelashes are associated with fixations on appearance. For instance, you could be the type of person who likes to be in control of your image and the impression you give off to others. In that sense, the cockroach you pulled from under your eyelid may be an indication that an influential or wealthy individual can see through you. This person may appreciate the brave front you put on despite the vulnerabilities lurking underneath. Perhaps he or she would be able to open some doors for you that would lead to the fulfillment of your dreams.
Flies on the bed Female. I was eating a TV dinner in bed with my husband and there were flies all over the bed. They didn't seem to bother him, but I was telling him to get rid of them. They weren't flying around, just staying still on the bed. Dreaming about flies has negative connotations as they generally represent ill health and disease. The notion of you being bothered by the flies signifies that you could be the one who might face health issues in your waking life. Since your husband remained unperturbed, it means that he wouldn't be the one afflicted by any illness. It would be better to take care of your physical and mental well being. Try to take it easy and pay special attention to your health.
Being put in a bag and worms biting I hug this man in a dark sweater. His head is covered with a jacket and suddenly he just placed a bag on me. I started feeling something biting me up on my legs. It was worms and they were very stinging. What does it mean? Dreaming about hugging someone you do not know points towards upcoming and unexpected meetings. It could be with anyone who had once shared a close relationship with you. Perhaps a friend or an estranged family member might try and come back into your life. The notion of him dumping a bag of worms on you signifies that the person in question could bring about some problems or difficulties for you. Try to stay aware and be alert for any mishaps.
A worm quickly growing inside a bag A large worm in a plastic garbage bag that I have difficulty keeping tied in the bag due to accelerated growth. Although the worm grew larger by the second I was able to contain it in the bag keeping it from emerging out from of the bag. Worms in a garbage bag usually point to existing problems in your waking life. One large worm that grows exponentially, then, could refer to a single issue that is quickly spiraling out of control, possibly leading to great disruptions in your day-to-day existence. However, your ability to keep the worm from getting out of the bag means that you would succeed in handling this emerging issue or prevent it from getting out of hand.
Three widow spiders Three black widow spiders. A black widow spider symbolizes an oppressive and controlling individual. You may have someone in your life, possibly female, who tends to be domineering and this is giving you a lot of stress. In addition, the number three could be an allusion to the past, present and future. This could be a recurring pattern in your life in which you tend to become submissive or passive when faced with a strong and overbearing personality. Perhaps your subconscious is urging you to be more assertive, otherwise people could easily take advantage of you.
Vomiting bugs Dream of vomiting bugs and flies. In the dream world, vomiting is often associated with sickness and disease. The presence of such illness is not likely apparent at present, but would slowly reveal itself with time. The flies in your mouth that you vomit specifically refer to issues with oral health. It may therefore be wise to visit a dentist and pay special attention to your daily brushing and flossing.
Worms in poop I'm a man and I'm 27. I dreamed last night about shit on the ground and a lot of worms in it, I got scared in the dream and then everywhere I looked there were worms. Thanks. Feces seen in a dream tend to be associated with acquiring great profit or wealth unexpectedly. However, when combined with the vision of worms, it means you may be putting up a barrier that prevents you from reaching this goal. Or some existing obstacles could be taking a toll on you and causing you a lot of personal struggles keeping you far from where you want to be. If necessary, try to discuss your stronger sides and weaknesses with someone more experienced to help you move forward.
Black ants in the mouth In my dream I was walking and I felt something in my mouth and I chewed and later discovered it was ants, different types of black ants. Dreaming about ants in general is associated with the fact that your work ethics resembles the tenacity of these insects when you tend to be relentless and steadfast in achieving your goals. The presence of ants could be a fortunate sign that your hard work would be rewarded in the near future. However, since you mentioned you were chewing the ants, crushing them with your teeth, it could also mean that you are overlooking some important things in your life which could otherwise make you happier and more fulfilled, and so you must pay just as much attention to them in order to avoid possible difficulties because of your neglect. Since you already have good work principles, all you need is to be more attentive to other areas in order to be rewarded for your efforts.
Insects climbing up the hand A number of unknown insects climbed on my hand when I inserted my hand into a vessel. When insects swarm on the body in a dream, it usually portends coming into money or valuable possessions quite suddenly and unexpectedly. The source of this wealth would likely have never crossed your mind before. However, the notion that they covered your hand could mean you would have to complete some tedious tasks to receive the money, such as filling out endless paperwork or jumping through red-tape and loopholes.
Spitting black flies I was spitting little black flies out of my mouth. When you dream about having black flies inside your mouth, it could be a negative omen either directly related to your oral health, like some problem affecting your tongue or teeth, or it could be related to your personality or behavior, for example things you may or may not have said, and now you are worried about the consequences. You could be inadvertently spreading hatred or are excessively concerned about the views you want to defend and the flies are the symbolic representation of this tendency.
Killing a worm with salt I saw a long fat and long worm coming out of a bag. I put salt on it and it became dry. I am a female. Dreaming about killing a worm could mean you are about to experience a challenging period due to someone's attempts to have a relationship with you on a deeper level, most likely as a lover. The salt used in your dream could mean you would have to be calm, yet firm when dealing with this person's advances towards you and, if necessary, you would need to be reasonable if they force you to abide by their wishes. Maybe you will have to show them just how irrelevant their intentions are compared to what you are after.
Being bitten by a white spider I had a dream that a white spider bit me on the face. And I touched my face and it was on my finger and I shook it off my finger to the floor and I stepped on it. What does it mean? A white spider in a dream could be a metaphor for something unpleasant you see in yourself and try to fight off, that being the reason why you shook off the spider and attempted to kill it, but you are still unable to understand how exactly you can change into a better version of yourself. The spider acts as a wake-up call to make you realize that this change is necessary and you should reflect on your behavior before something negative happens as a consequence of the way you have been acting so far.
In a dark room with bees inside the head I'm a female, I had a dream that I was in a dark room or space, not sure which, but I had a bee go inside my head and bees tangled up all in my hair. But the bee inside my head was trying to come out of my head through the back of my head, skull literally. I was alone, no one was there, I couldn't see any detail of anything, like I didn't know if I was around other things or people, it was completely pitch black. But I could see me, the bees and could see and hear the buzzing of the bees. I awoke scared to death. A dark room in dreams often alludes to anxieties over uncertain outcomes. There may be aspects of your existence that are giving you a lot of stress, such as a responsibility or a complicated relationship. Similarly, the bees all tangled up in your hair and inside your head point to being busy. Perhaps you are dealing with a lot of duties and difficulties further aggravating your already anxious state. Unfortunately, your inability to manage everything on your plate may have adverse effects on your physical and mental state. Maybe your mind is telling you not to take on more than you can handle, otherwise you may experience burnout. Alternatively, this may signify your need to delegate tasks and ask for assistance instead of carrying the burden by yourself.
Bees inside the house Man. A bee in the kitchen and a bee in the living room. Having a bee inside your home is not a very positive omen. It could mean that you were expecting to receive some sort of pleasant news or perhaps waiting for a particular project to come to fruition, but you may soon become disappointed and forced to think about alternatives. A bee in a dream is usually a sign of discomfort and frustration and, since you mentioned it was flying around your living space, it could mean you could experience negative outcomes over something related to your domestic and family life.
A spider web around the head I dreamt with spider web around my head which I tried to clean. Dreaming about having a spider web wrapped around your head and trying to break free from it could mean that you are feeling very preoccupied with something that is having a detrimental effect on your daily life or relationships with other people. In order to fix that, you should wait for the right moment and make an effort to deal with whatever internal conflict or outside issue you may be having at the moment.
Children catching a moth My two-year old son caught an albino moth (not white). Him and my 7-month old daughter were sitting in the hallway, he told me he caught a moth for our new house, then my daughter spoke and said "Yeah!". He opened the box and there was a big albino moth in the box. I really need revelation to this dream. Moths in dreams generally allude to flaws or imperfections. In the context of your dream, the vision of your children catching an albino moth likely represents an unseen problem or a developing issue. Maybe in the frenzy of trying to attend to day-to-day duties and appointments, you may have overlooked a problem or concern inside your household. This problem could be associated with your house, such as plumbing issues or a weak foundation. Perhaps your subconscious is reminding you to be extra observant in order to avoid dealing with much bigger issues.
A maple tree and being stung by hornets My gender is male. Me and my two younger brothers are out in the front yard walkway heading toward the old maple tree that borders the yard from the woods. As me and my two younger brothers walk I look over at the red rose bush with the other two on its left, when I look and bend down next to it, I get swarmed by hornets as well do my brothers. Garrett is the first one to fall from all of the stings. As Zac, the oldest of the two of my younger brothers, is no place to be seen and I get pulled away. The maple tree in your dream, especially if it is growing near your house, refers to success and financial prosperity. This auspicious dream vision means your luck is about to turn and your hard work would be amply rewarded. However, being attacked by hornets denotes painful experiences and difficulties. On the one hand, you could be strongly chastised or dressed down by your superiors due to lapses in your work. On the other hand, the swarm of hornets may refer to being infused with productivity and industry which would propel you and your family to success. The presence of the maple tree could mean that the message of your dream is veering on the more positive interpretation.
Insects coming out of books I was walking with my old schoolmate, then we entered into someone's house. On the verandah I saw a lot of old students' exercise book packed on the verandah but just behind it there is a door that leads to outside, so I tried opening the door and a lot of small beetle-like insects came out of the books attacking and stinging me. But I observed one on my cheeks as it stings into my skin it brings out only fat from my body. According to your dream, you seem to be suffering from some kind of anxiety that you associate with your former school life. The bugs that attacked you could mean that you are stressing yourself out, possibly because you are trying to achieve a variety of different targets and standards that you have set for yourself but that are actually leading you toward self-destruction. You seem to be lacking optimism and passion, which could stunt your future potential.
Cockroaches on the lower body I was sitting down and there were cockroaches crawling on my butt, and bottom of my legs but not on the top. I felt fear and then eventually with that fear I got up and wiped them away. They fell and disappeared and I just walked away. In general, dreaming that a cockroach is crawling on your body is a warning. You may be involved in an accident or a situation which would put you in serious danger. Since there were many cockroaches crawling on your lower body, it could be a reference to self-destructive habits and unhealthy vices. Certain tendencies involving addictive types of behavior may end up clouding your judgment and give you further problems both physical and psychological. You may have to reflect on your bad choices and make a concerted effort to clean up your lifestyle in order to avoid putting more strain on your body.
Removing wings from a grasshopper Dreamt about grasshoppers that my sister had in a bag, so she was telling us to help her remove the wings. I removed the wings, so had to leave this grasshopper move without wings. Thanks. Grasshoppers in dreams are symbols of independence and spontaneity because they are often seen as carefree creatures. In the context of your dream, removing the wings from a grasshopper could be an allusion to settling down. Perhaps you are being pressured by your loved ones to have a little more stability instead of constantly going around on adventures or hopping from job to job. They could be concerned about your future, so they are advising you to be more practical and responsible not only in terms of your financial standing, but also in terms of putting your skills to good use.
Killing ticks with poison Dreams about trying to kill fat ticks that were in holes in the outside walls of my deceased mother's house. I attempted to kill them with poison in order to safe my small dogs. Finding and trying to kill ticks in this dream predicts soon having to go through some complicated and troubling time. These negative circumstances are likely to cause havoc in your everyday life or work situation and could require some time to fully recover from. The notion that these insects were found in the walls of your mother's house could also mean that there are some eroding or compromised aspects inside your family circle which should be restored in order to prevent worse things from happening.
Cutting mangoes and being attacked by bees A dream about cutting mangoes and then my stick hits the bee house that was attached to the mango tree. They attacked and entered my clothes. They didn't bite but I jumped out of bed feeling very scared. Dreaming about harvesting mangoes is symbolic of wanting to fulfill your desires. You may be hoping to reap the rewards of your hard work and enjoy the fruits of your labor with your family members or friends. Unfortunately, agitating bees and being attacked by them likely reveals some future disappointments on your part. Perhaps the success and victory you hope to achieve from your activities may not give you the satisfaction you expected. You may find yourself wondering whether the path you have chosen is the right one for you.
Wasps coming out of ears Female. I dreamed I was with my sisters and children, when wasps enclosed in pink transparent sacks (cocoons) started coming out of my ears. It didn't hurt, but there was pressure as they exited, and then relief. Only one of my sisters made any comment about it, she just said "These are wasps! What the hell? That's so weird". Wasps are generally a contradictory symbol associated both with good news and harmful gossip. Envisioning wasps forming in cocoons and flying out of your ear may reveal that you would be the source of one of these outcomes. This means you could use your influence to share some positive, uplifting information about others, or you could spread malicious rumors intended to hurt and degrade others. The presence of your family in the dream could suggest the scope of these circumstances, perhaps involving your extended family or a close group of friends. You may want to be careful if you have already shared some information with those around you.
Being stung by a swarm of wasps I'm in my house living room with my relatives. Was peaceful until a wasp entered and a swarm of wasps or bees suddenly appeared. My grandad and dad tried to use me for cover but I ducked and covered myself. I got stung at the shoulder area near to my back and neck. Seeing a swarm of wasps in dreams often reveals the dreamer's admirable work ethic and integrity. Although it can also mean getting involved in a tricky situation at work or at home. You could be tasked to do something that is against your values and principles. In the context of your dream, the latter interpretation may be more appropriate since you ended up getting stung by a wasp. The symbol of getting stung by a wasp usually points to a parting of ways. Perhaps friends, colleagues or even family members are pressuring you to do something questionable and this could force you to stand your ground at the risk of gaining the ire of your loved ones.
A black widow spider and protecting kittens I dreamed I was on the floor listening through the window to someone gossiping next door. While on the floor there was a round brownish or reddish spider not moving. I threw the rug on top of it, but it started to run, so I picked up something and smashed it. The spider had reddish or brownish blood coming out of it. It looked to be a black widow, but brown or red color. I also dreamed of carrying 2 small cats, one gray, one very small black around, protecting them, wherever I went I picked them up. The red or brown spider in your dream represents an overbearing individual in your life. Just as the spider caught you eavesdropping on a conversation, the person this spider symbolizes may be constantly hovering, monitoring your behavior and trying to control your actions. Perhaps this is a loved one who has good intentions, unfortunately this person may also tend to go overboard to the point of being oppressive. Meanwhile, those tiny cats or kittens represent your own curiosity and innocence. As such, the two dreams may be connected because you are trying to preserve your freedom and child-like wonder despite an autocratic presence. Ultimately, both of you may have the same objective of bringing out your full potential. Perhaps it is just a matter of reconciling your differences to achieve a shared goal.
Green cockroaches in scalp In my dream I had large greenish cockroaches embedded in my scalp hiding in my hair. I was asking my partner to remove them off my scalp in my dream. Second time I’ve had this very same dream. What’s it mean? Cockroaches in dreams usually represent filth, but the green hue in this case brings out their positive attributes. In particular, green cockroaches could mean growth, vitality and longevity. Perhaps this is an allusion to your innate resilience and resourcefulness. In addition, finding them embedded in your hair and scalp could indicate nagging thoughts and feelings that you are trying to eliminate from your system. If combined with the symbolism of green cockroaches, it seems that you may be suppressing your true nature and your natural instincts. It is possible that you view your spirited or feisty side as undesirable or grating to others. Alternatively, you may be trying to become more calm and composed instead of always being stressed out and riled up whenever issues come up.
A spider that looks like a crab I dreamt a big spider crawled on the wall but kept turning into a shell like a crab. Crawled toward my boyfriend and was spread out on a glass door or window in front of his face. I kept telling him, but he wasn't listening to be careful, the spider was going to jump on his face. I was very scared. I woke up then. Dreaming of a spider on the wall is a harbinger of misfortune, as it predicts being unable to solve the problems that are plaguing you in reality. Just as a crab has a hard outer shell, so does the image of the spider turning into a crab reflect the difficulty you would have getting to the root of the problem. While the actual source of your troubles is unclear, it is possibly related to your boyfriend. It is possible that he is either part of the problem you need to fix or that he is completely unaware of the issues you both face, such as money problems or relationship troubles. You may need to have a frank conversation with him about listening and exploring all your options when it comes to decision making.
Getting flies off the bed I dreamt so many flies on my bed, so many that I would touch them and hit them onto the ground. A swarm of flies means some malicious individuals in your social circle would spread rumors about your personal life. The bed symbolizes safety, comfort and privacy, which means your own privacy would be invaded by gossip insinuating your involvement in some controversy. You would have to deal with people questioning your integrity or even those who are actively seeking to discredit you and tarnish your reputation.
A bee inside a toe What it means when you see yourself making a cut in your toe skin to release a bee crawling inside you in your dreams? The bee crawling inside you represents some kind of bone disease or bone issue manifesting itself within you. You may soon suffer from some breakage or other problem that hurts your skeleton and causes you pain and suffering. This would obviously make your day to day life very difficult and possibly affect your mobility and comfort. However, this medical problem may not necessarily appear in your leg. You could develop this disease or injury in either your back, arms or neck instead or your legs.
Driving through a desert and a scorpion I was driven by no one to this dark house in the desert but I didn’t feel alone, many souls were present. Only for daylight to quickly approach. I was transported from the front to the back with nothing but desert all around. I then saw a diamond covered scorpion crawling through the desert sand that no one was afraid of, and it let itself be known and latched onto my hand. I pulled it off but it felt like Velcro, as if it was stuck. It didn’t sting or bite, I then saw a strange water spout an awoke? The desert, as the main symbol in this vision, sheds light on some trouble you may soon have in reality regarding certain members of your social circle. A friend may leave you high and dry suddenly, without any explanation or clear reason for doing so. Your loss of this individual's support would likely cripple your ability to succeed in something you are currently working on. This is seen in the image of the scorpion covered in diamonds, a symbol that is associated with both difficulty achieving personal goals and suffering due to a friend's betrayal. Perhaps your friend was also a partner, and their sudden departure has ruined your chances of completing your project or meeting your deadline. In any case, the water that spouts at the end of this vision has neither a good nor a bad interpretation. Rather, it suggests this would all come about rather suddenly, casting a shadow over your life much like the dark house you witnessed at the beginning of your vision.
Bees and ants in the room I am a girl aged 29, and I have dreamt twice a swarm of bees in the corner of my room and many ants on the walls of my room on one side. I got so frustrated with them to such an extent that I was crying and wanted to change a room in the dream. A swarm of bees refers to unfair treatment. Someone in reality is taking advantage of you, in part because you may be afraid of this person and he or she is using this fear to make unreasonable demands. Meanwhile, the ants on the wall allude to a sense of being powerless and helpless to the changes happening around you. It could also refer to your passivity whenever big things occur that could affect you personally. You tend to go with the flow or let others dictate the path you are going to take. Both bees and ants are also associated with hard work and industry. This means that whatever is troubling you and giving you a lot of stress is likely connected to your work. Your boss could be so demanding that you are drowning in tasks and responsibilities, yet you do not have the courage to push back or say no. Instead, all the anger and frustration just keep building up inside you. You could even be contemplating on resigning and seeking employment offering a better work and life balance.
A wasp and a bee nest I dreamed I happened to see a wasp nest with wasp inside it, there was also a bee nest next to the wasp nest, with bees in it. I moved away from both, and did not disturb either. Nothing happened, the wasp and bees stayed in their nests, I just moved away from them. In the realm of dream visions, a bee nest represents contentment and satisfaction with your career, work life or daily happenings. On the other hand, a wasp nest usually predicts great distress or misfortune, suggesting things would not go well for you at your job or that something major would disrupt your daily schedule. It seems, then, that your vision is manifesting the two possible outcomes to a situation you are currently dealing with in reality. In fact, your actions in the vision could represent exactly what you should do, that is, step away from the problem and analyze it from afar. By doing this, you would remove the chance to react irrationally and perhaps save yourself some serious trouble in the future.
Centipedes in the bedroom Female. Dreamed there were all sized centipedes covering my entire bedroom. I looked at my room from the doorway and felt alarmed and panicked to figure out a way to kill them without them scattering all over the house or going all over me. I told my mom in the house so she would be aware and she was extremely angry with me as if I was causing a disruption even though it wasn't my fault. The dream ended with no resolution. I was left feeling panicked and to resolve alone even though it impacted everyone. Dreaming of centipedes in your bedroom means you are experiencing overwhelming fear and insecurity about your own capability to succeed. Your mother's dismissive attitude about the centipede infestation likely mirrors her dismissal of your personal concerns in reality. She could be expressing tough love because she knows you have it in you to overcome the obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals. In addition, your mother's indifference to your issues is making you feel neglected and isolated, so your subconscious is telling you to find the courage and determination within yourself to triumph during this adversity to prove to everyone that you can step up when needed.
Ants coming out of the body I am a female. I dreamt that tiny ants in a large number are coming out of my body. Dreaming that ants are crawling out of your body means you are juggling too many commitments and responsibilities. You are on the brink of a burnout or an emotional breakdown due to the amount of stress you are trying valiantly to manage from all the different areas in your life. Since you have a lot on your plate at the moment, your subconscious is basically encouraging you to slow down and try to be more realistic with your goals and your workload.
A hornet's nest I dreamed I was outside and came upon a cone-shaped nest. I peeked inside the cone and realized it was a hornet nest. I quickly backed away. There were actually four of the cone-shaped nests. I went inside a building nearby, and 4 or 5 of the red hornets were following me. I ran and shut the door and waited till they left. A hornet's nest symbolizes a threat in your environment. Most of the time this is a warning for the dreamer to take precautions in order to avoid getting entangled in a conflict or confrontation. In your case, the image of multiple hornet's nests means several people, or a group of people, are going to try to provoke you or rile you up for their own selfish reasons. In addition, the red hornets following you symbolize anger. These individuals are going to project their anger and frustrations on you because they do not know how to deal with their own issues. Fortunately, your mind has sensed these troublemakers and so this vision is advising you to steer clear of contentious topics or antagonistic personalities because you could become a target of their hatred.
Disturbing fire ants I dreamed I was outside with someone. There were fire ant hills. The top of one hill was covered in a ball of red fire ants. As I was looking at them, I disturbed a mound, and fire ants got into my shoe, and were biting me. I told whoever was with me "Move away, fire ants are in my shoe biting me!". In the context of this vision, disturbing an anthill means you are about to find yourself in some serious trouble. The fire ants themselves specifically refer to getting in some type of accident or becoming ill, meaning it is likely to cause problems for your health and well-being. You may soon get into an accident while moving about your city or come down with a serious disease that would require professional medical care. Considering the large number of ants present and your warning to keep the man or woman in your vision away, it is possible that you are the only one who would suffer at this time. If you are feeling unwell, it would be wise to check with your doctor quickly to make sure that it is nothing serious or permanent.
A fly in someone's nose Someone throws out a fly from their nose in my dream. The fly in the nose of someone in your dream vision may predict future situations that are dangerous, difficult or otherwise risky in one form or another. You could find yourself gambling with your life in a physical sense, like climbing a mountain doing extreme sports, or in a figurative sense, such as putting all your money into one basket or dropping everything to make a huge change in your lifestyle. While most people would become stressed and miserable under such circumstances, the person blows the fly out of their nose, meaning you would have little trouble avoiding the worst pitfalls and troubles associated with your journey. However, this does not mean you can be careless. Your success in this matter is closely tied to how cautious and observant you are during the trial itself.
Ants in a drink I was drinking a cup of water and when I looked down it had a bunch of ants in it? Dreaming that there are ants in drinking water means you have a lot of things on your mind. These concerns are likely a combination of work responsibilities and personal commitments. While most of them are well within your capability to handle, the amount of issues you deal with on a daily basis is starting to tire you out. Alternatively, you could be feeling anxious about annoying or petty things happening around. Instead of focusing on the big picture and important tasks, you are restless, antsy and easily riled up by things that are beyond your control.
A mother scorpion with offspring A yellow mother scorpion got rid of her black baby scorpion in the pack for sluggishness. I observed closely while the rest were all going in a circle with the yellow mother scorpion. Then I went to get a broom to kill them. On arrival I saw the whole place has turned to a different room. Scorpions generally refer to fake friends and insincere colleagues who wish to advance their goals at your expense. The mother scorpion represents the ones leading the pack of gossip mongers and actively trying to find your flaws and weaknesses, while the baby scorpion symbolize those unwilling to do their bidding against you. Fortunately, you are a fighter who refuses to take things lying down. Killing the scorpions represents triumph over your enemies. Your rivals are doomed to fail as their plans would backfire thanks to your foresight and quick wit.
A spider in the room I saw a spider hanging on a thread of weed from the ceiling. I wanted to kill it but I couldn't for some reason. My wife was also in our bedroom on the other side of the room and did nothing. The presence of a spider in your dream means there is someone in your life who is sucking all your energy. Either this person is feeding off your weakness and insecurity to bolster their own ego, or it could also be possible that this person is taking credit for your hard work. If it is a thread of weed instead of web that the spider is hanging on to, then it means you feel rejected and overshadowed. You need to stand up for yourself or else you are just validating this person's sense of entitlement.
Cockroaches crawling from under skin Last night I dreamt about a cockroach that kept on appearing on my hand, and then one emerged from my mouth. I then looked at my hands and there were 2 large lumps on the both. Another person made an incision on my hands, one by one different sized cockroaches walked out. I could feel every single one crawling through my arms trying to escape. A really large one burst some flesh on my hand and about a dozen came out afterwards rapidly. Very vivid and very real I could feel it. A cockroach emerging from your mouth is considered a bad omen. This is a warning that you are going to be in harm's way, getting involved in an accident or injuring yourself. You need to be extra watchful and cautious about your surroundings to avoid getting physical trauma. Meanwhile, the imagery of cockroaches on your hand denotes toxic relationships and communication problems. You and your closest friends could soon get into an altercation over issues that have been brewing for years. The incision suggests a pivotal event or encounter which would force all those issues to surface. You need to finally fix whatever problems you have with each other, or part ways to avoid further problems.
A hairy spider on the window I dreamed of a long hairy spider with no end on my window and when I was going to close the window it jumped in. What does this mean? A spider generally represents a person who drains you of your energy or feeds on your weakness to feel good. So, finding a spider on your window means you better be careful because an unscrupulous individual will do whatever it takes to snatch a great opportunity from you. This person could smear your credibility and reputation or badmouth you around your friends. Get your guards up and choose your friends wisely because you do not want to be kicked out of your social group.
White worms on the body Saw white worms crawling up my body. I couldn't even get rid of them as I felt weak. Woke up. Dreaming of worms crawling on your body reveals your internal desire to prosper and become successful in your chosen field or career. Unfortunately, the worms also indicate a struggle to attain your lofty goals and ambitions. Your physical weakness and inability to brush the worms off of you symbolizes your worldly ways and tendency to focus on material possessions. Sadly, your financial capacity is not enough to pay for your wants and other luxuries. Ultimately, this is your mind telling you to control your spendthrift ways so that you can afford the necessities.
Fleas and lice on the head Interpret my dream: I have so many fleas and lice on my head, I am female. While the content of this vision may be bad in reality, in the dream world it suggests much happier developments. In particular, lice and fleas centered on the head and hair portend improvement for your financial situation in wake life. For instance, this vision is usually seen in combination with events or actions that increase your earning potential, particularly getting a raise, starting a new job or going into business for yourself. If you have been considering self-employment or looking for work, now may be the right time.
A child covered with ants A small child covered in ants, blocked airways. No one was helping except me. Ants are normally considered a symbol of diligence and responsibility, and they shed light on your tendency to be a hard-working, reliable individual. However, in this vision the ants are suffocating a young child. This suggests you are working very hard to the extent that other areas of your life are suffering. Perhaps it is your relationships that have been neglected as you try to get everyday tasks accomplished in reality. Your efforts to help the child in your vision further speak of your desire to jump in and take on more work. In this case, the best thing you can do is to concentrate on your loved ones and not overwork yourself so that you can be fully present in their company.
An insect coming out of vagina And so in my dream, an insect came out of a vagina and stung the middle finger of my left hand. In dreams visions, insects often referred to negative or pessimistic thoughts. Therefore, envisioning one coming out of the vagina could be indicative of you succumbing to those troubled thoughts. Instead of letting them roll off your shoulders and moving on, you are likely holding on to those unhappy emotions. Furthermore, receiving a bite to the hand in the dream world is synonymous with losing something important to you in reality. Perhaps your unhappiness would spill over into how you treat others. For example, you may be less effective or helpful at work than you normally would be, or maybe you would be more inclined to treat family members with less love and respect than they deserve. This vision, then, may be a warning to be careful that you do not take your own bad mood out on others.
Cobwebs in the house I'm a male. My mum was cleaning cobwebs in my house in my dream. I don't live with my mum. I live with my wife. Cobwebs, much like their counterparts in reality, represent lack of care and despair. As such, they suggest you are possibly living under a bit of a cloud at present, more prone to moodiness and negative emotions. Envisioning your mother in your house, then, points towards success and a lifting of your mood, meaning you may soon get favorable results from something you have been working on recently. You would feel great relief and happiness once events begin to turn in your favor and everything falls into place for you.
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