Red lice in the hair I am a girl. I wanted to know the meaning of the dream I had one day back. It started from my boyfriend, who was taking me to my home and I was introducing my family to him and after sometime he left and after that I see myself with some stranger (a girl) and my brother preparing to go somewhere. I start combing my hair and I saw small red lice here and there in my hair, I was trying to get rid of them and I ended up in front of a mirror, getting rid of even bigger red lice clinging to my hair tightly. All three scenarios in your dream are pointing to a bountiful future. First, introducing your boyfriend to the family reveals your desire to make your parents proud. The boyfriend represents your personal decisions and general path in life, so showing him off to your family also represents your pride in what you have achieved so far. Second, the stranger is the embodiment of prosperity. You and your brother are going to stumble upon a million-dollar idea which will propel you into a very exciting and lucrative adventure. You only need to stick together and avoid letting superficial concerns between the two of you, so you do not end up dragging each other down. Finally, all those lice in your hair symbolize wealth which could stem from an inheritance or an untapped resource. They also refer to things that are bothering you. Your subconscious is basically telling you that you are missing something. All the assets and ideas idling away inside your head need to be tapped for huge returns.
Mother bitten by spiders I dreamed my mom was bitten on the arm by something. When she turned box upside down, 2 big gray spiders fell out the box fighting. Envisioning that your mother was bitten by a spider may reveal your subconscious feeling that she is being taken advantage of in reality. Your perception may be based on her traits or personality rather than any overt evidence of foul play. For example, the gray spiders that fall out of the box and fight could mean your mother is overly kind or forgiving. Perhaps others in her circle use this knowledge to obtain favors or information from her. The best thing you could do in this situation is to be on the lookout and caution her against certain individuals with less than good intentions.
Bees in the hair I had a dream last night that a swarm of flying insects (similar to bees) landed on my head and was in my hair, I then ran and jumped into a swimming pool to get them out and so that I didn't get killed by them. I then sat pulling dead bees or insects out of my hair in clumps. I managed to remove them all and had one sting me on the back of my neck. Please help me understand. Thank you. The swarm of insects on your head and in your hair reveals the state of frenzy in your life. You are probably so busy at work and in your personal life that you are starting to get panic attacks and experiencing sleepless nights. In this context, jumping into the swimming pool means you need to take care of your mental health. Stop taking on too many projects, responsibilities and commitments if you know you can no longer handle all of them. Perhaps delegating some of the tasks to your colleagues or asking friends and family to shoulder some errands from time to time will free up some hours which you can dedicate to self-care. Finally, getting stung on your neck means being overworked is not worth it if your home life suffers, especially because you will probably not get a big bonus or overtime pay anyway for your extra efforts.
Killing cockroaches Killing cockroaches in my home. I'm a female. Your home is a reflection of the current state of your life. Therefore, seeing a bunch of cockroaches in your house may represent a rise in the number of fights or disagreements among the members of your household. If you are married, your spouse may refuse to do an equal amount of work around the house. If you have roommates, there may be conflict over who does the dishes or how the bills are split. Killing the cockroaches, then, represents both your responsibilities piling up before you and your attempts to stamp them out one at a time. You would likely feel overwhelmed and frustrated during this period of time.
A grasshopper coming out of the breast I dreamt I had a pain in my left breast. I looked down at my nipple and a long skinny insect leg was poking out of it. So I pulled it, and an entire very large grasshopper came out. It was greenish yellow and slimy. The grasshopper in your dream represents freedom and independence. You probably feel constrained and you want to break free from expectations. In traditional dream analysis, breasts represent nourishment and femininity. Breasts nurture life, hence the pain reveals your reservations about your own gender. Perhaps due to societal expectations, you feel that your gender is an obstacle to being totally free and uninhibited. It could also mean that you are not ready to settle down and would rather chase your dreams as an individual. On the other hand, grasshoppers can also be a metaphor for good luck. In this case, your subconscious may be telling you that blessings will come if you learn how to embrace your femininity and become empowered.
Squishing fire ants I dreamed I was sitting maybe at a restaurant with my husband and son. There was a little pile of something on the table. Then 3 fire ants started walking out of the pile. My husband's finger squished them. Then one more came out, I told my son to squish it, he did. I didn't feel any sort of way, just that they had to squish the fire ants. We got up and left. I went out the door, then there were 2 more doors to exit. There was 3 doors to the outside, I opened 2 of them and went out. Regardless of the kind of restaurant you were in, in general this scenery is suggestive of financial troubles in the near future. You may lose a source of income or have to deal with an unexpected expense that you have little to no savings for. The fire ants represent the other issues that would pop up due to this situation. For example, having to suddenly repair something expensive could mean you do not have enough money to pay a certain bill or afford all your groceries. Squishing each ant literally refers to the little fires you would have to put out in order to make it through this month and even the next. Leaving the restaurant may mean you would find a solution to your issue on your own, such as by selling something or cutting expenses elsewhere, or that you would receive help from someone who supports you in reality.
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