A spider attacking a scorpion and biting I dreamed of a black spider opening up from behind and killing a scorpion, but then the spider turned a light sandy color and was jumping from the floor, making a sound like a person jumping up and down, landed on my right hand's back and bit me. Dreaming of a spider attacking and killing a scorpion is a symbolic representation of someone in your life using you to achieve their goals. This opportunist is feeding off your skills and talents in the background, using them to better their image and status. Both the spider's change in color and the loud noise from jumping indicate this person is almost finished with their leeching, meaning a change in your relationship is coming. Finally, being bitten at the end of the dream suggests major negative outcomes for you. This person who has been taking advantage of you is likely to deliver the final blow in the form of some reputation-destroying rumor, firmly securing their bettered position unless you act quickly and do damage control before it's too late.
Black worms crawling on the wall My dream was about black small worms crawling over a wall. This dream about seeing worms crawling on the wall could be a sign of soon changing your occupation or what you do for a living to begin working on some project or activity which could drastically improve your overall income. If the background (the wall) was light or white in color in this dream, it could also signify a written or typed message you have recently come across or are about to be handed, which would lead you to these auspicious developments.
A honey bee humming A honey bee entered in ear and was singing a song. When I looked the next day my face and body become swollen. Both of these dream visions contain positive connotations. A humming bee is a sign of hope and promise. This could be a favorable time for your career, project or personal endeavors to flourish because you would have better opportunities and more resources at your disposal than before. Success could be within reach, but you would have to work harder and exert more effort to actually realize your goals. Having a swollen face because of a bee is an indication that a string of fortunate and reassuring events could have happened in your life lately which made you extremely happy and pleased.
A swarm of bees coming out of the mouth I had a dream that a swarm of bees came flying out of my mouth, but it was peaceful, not harmful or scary. Seeing a swarm of bees coming out of your mouth in your dream could symbolize sudden realization of being treated unfairly by someone else. You could be interacting with someone who treats you only as an object of his or her immediate gratification, either physically or emotionally. This person does not care about your feelings and welfare and may only be after the pleasure you provide to him or her. Should you continue to be associated with this individual, you might become victimized by low self-esteem, humiliation and embarrassment. With the notion of not being scared or bothered by this image, it can also be implied that you are not overly concerned with the treatment you get from this person.
Being terrified by a spider which turns into a white crab I saw a huge white spider crawling on the canopy of my pergola while I sat down and watch it for a bit. After I got up and went inside the house it followed me, my son said "I'll get it, mom". And when he got closer, the spider spit something black at him and he said "Ewww, I won't get it". So my mom got up from her wheelchair and closed its claws, then picked it up. Note that in my dream it was a huge white spider, that's what my dreamed perception said. But when I woke up I remember the image of it being a huge white crab, not a spider at all. Strange? Dreaming about encountering a spider is an indication of presence of someone in your life who is feeding on your psyche or acts as an energetic vampire in relation to you. It can also be a sign of rigid social programming which can predetermine actions and behavior of you as an individual. Other meaning of this dream is having some type of a intellectual parasite stealing what rightfully belongs to you as far as authorship is concerned. Seeing it turn into a crab could also be telling you about presence of a despotic and authoritative figure in your life, such as strict father or your boss, who exert a lot of pressure and stress on you. This dream can be also a symbol of cunning, immediate danger, court litigation, losses in profits as well as personal problems and inadequacies because of drug or alcohol abuse.
Cockroaches laying their eggs under the skin I had a dream that cockroaches were laying eggs into my skin. Dreaming about insects laying their eggs inside your body suggests that the way you look at life is slowly becoming very dim and hopeless. You may be naturally pessimistic or have lately gone through some difficult times that have dampened your once high expectations. The notion of cockroaches under these circumstances could indicate becoming involved in a serious disagreement over domestic affairs or financial matters. Such a dispute could strain your relationship with your loved ones or with your business affiliates.
Trying to catch a blue butterfly In my dream I kept trying to catch a blue butterfly. Every time I would catch it, it would eventually slip through my fingers. I kept trying to catch it and every time I did, it would get away. Catching a butterfly within a dream usually is a good sign for your intimate life and is a favorable omen regarding your romantic involvement with someone. However, the act of trying to catch one and failing multiple times could easily mean the opposite. The color blue often represents ideas and connects to our ability to convey them. If you find yourself thinking about someone in a romantic way, it might be best to not actively pursue this person, as there is a possibility it would not end favorably for you.
An army of spiders crawling through the backyard My family and I were in the back yard and a lot of little red spiders started crawling across the yard. They were only on the ground. They didn't crawl on anyone or anything, just crawled across the yard by the thousands. No one was afraid, just watching the spiders crawl around the yard. Seeing an enormous number of spiders crawling around you and your family in this dream signifies the presence of adversaries who may negatively affect your life, or at least a certain aspect or part of your life, including ongoing projects. Your calmness signifies helplessness in the face of potential danger. Your enemies or people who dislike you could be creating a web of sinister plans around you. You may soon experience a sudden twist in your everyday life leading to negative events, over which most likely you would have little or no control. Their malicious intents are likely to become apparent to you when your peace and well-being are impacted and compromised.
A spider devouring a kitten I was looking at a huge web and then I noticed this huge solid black spider sitting on its web, probably the size of a small kitten. The spider was thick and solid black. A kitten came by and started pawing in the web and at the spider, as if to play, and then the spider bit it on its back and took a few draws of blood in from its tail area... I remember thinking it is a spider and there is no way it will eat the kitten, that it would probably not do this and let the kitten go on its way, but as I continued to watch, the spider started shoving the kitten into its mouth with its 2 front legs. The kitten was gone. Seeing a spider sitting in the middle of a web is symbolic of past experiences which still affect you negatively even in the present. This immediately points to your subconscious trying to bring you back to this time, reminding you of what happened. This is also supported by the image of the large spider, which indicates confrontation and bad outcomes for important conversations. As kittens and small cats are usually associated with love or flirtation, watching the spider eat the cat suggests that you had a bad experience with love, either a rejected confession or romantic advances gone wrong. Your subconscious may be trying to warn you not to make the same mistakes in love again.
Leeches sent down by someone to attack My dreams tend to contain adventure. In this one, my sister and I have to defeat an evil man who has sent man-eating leeches to kill us. We slay them fearlessly. Next thing I know, I am in the bathroom in my house (which is a reoccurring place), and the leeches are all over the floor but are smaller. I don't understand the meaning of the leeches? An attack by a mysterious man using leeches on you indicates that accumulation of obligations or tasks during this particular period of your life is becoming a heavy burden for you to handle. A mixture of anxiety, exhaustion and symptoms of burnout seems to be a dominant theme in your waking life. Excessive perfectionism, stressing over hard work you need to complete and alike may be contributing to fatigue that you may not even recognize or acknowledge at the moment. On the other hand, hiding in the bathroom of your home, coupled with the images of miniaturization of leeches, can be indicative of your ability to overcome this burden by relaxing and finding some free time to simply enjoy life and reducing your workflow loads to the level that doesn't cause stress.
Bees inside someone's mouth I had a dream that my niece had a mouth full of bees and I had to dig them out, then, when I did, weird things happened. Seeing a swarm of bees coming out of someone's mouth in this dream could symbolize your concerns in regards to her being treated unfairly by another family member or some other person from outside. She could be interacting with someone who treats her only as an object of his or her immediate gratification, either physically or emotionally. This person does not care about her feelings and welfare and may only be associating with her for selfish reasons. The ending of this dream also reveals that you have just started noticing the signs of bad treatment she could be receiving.
Beehives with a dead rat inside one of them 2 beehives on the roof. One is empty and the other has a rat inside, it is surrounded by bees. Reaching it with a stick to exterminate the bees and it dropped. Bees flew around me but didn't sting me. Beehives are usually connected to your work situation and seeing two in a dream vision can indicate there are many things happening at your place of work. The empty beehive suggests a lack of work or an increase in meaningless "busy" work, robbing you of the chance to work on important projects and prove yourself to the higher-ups. The rat in the other beehive could represent a co-worker or colleague who tends to get on other people's nerves. This person may have finally gone too far and now everyone has turned against them. You could endeavor to help them, but whether that would neutralize the situation or make things worse is yet to be seen.
Cockroaches eating each other I had a dream in which I saw a big cockroach eating a small cockroach, no anxiety, no fear. Just the incident happened very fast and a phone call woke me up. In this vision, seeing a cockroach could represent "hitting it big," meaning you are likely to come into a large sum of money. This could be due to chance, such as a lottery, or as the result of your efforts. In either case, seeing the smaller cockroach eaten by a larger one could symbolically represent becoming consumed by money. This could manifest as an obsession with saving it or as a tendency to judge others based on their income. This could be off-putting to others, especially if you make your thoughts apparent to those around you.
Destroying many anthills I had a dream in which I was destroying lots of anthills. Dreams where you attack and destroy a number of ant hills symbolically represent trying to put out a lot of metaphorical fires in your life. This means that through your own actions you have put yourself in a bad situation and now you must deal with the unpleasant consequences. More specifically, this vision suggests your actions were morally questionable or bordering on illegal. Because you have acted in such a way, you are now experiencing the difficult results. This should serve as a warning against future forays into unethical activities.
Bees covering the face I had a dream of 4 or maybe 5 bees on my face. They didn't sting me, I kept asking people to remove them for me, but they said no, eventually the bees flew away. Bees which touch and land on you without stinging are symbolic of encounters with a lover or the person who is meant to be your soul mate. Because there were multiple bees in this vision, it could suggest there is more than one potential match for you nearby. You may want to be more observant of the way others interact with you so that you do not miss an opportunity to connect and form a relationship.
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