Catching a grasshopper which turns bigger and bigger I noticed a huge grasshopper in green grass. It was a sunny warm day with friends in nature. I wanted to catch the grasshopper to show it to my friends. I could not at first, and while I was trying, it got bigger and bigger. Until I caught him, it was in a size of a dog. I caught him by the right back leg, as he was trying to get away from me. While this vision may seem happy or even funny on the surface, its interpretation could contain a warning. The green grasshopper that you envisioned in the verdant, fertile landscape suggests you might be getting carried away when it comes to spending money on social or romantic activities. You may have recently been trying to impress your friends or significant other by taking them out to fancy restaurants or bestowing lavish gifts upon them. However, you are probably starting to see the trouble this type of behavior may cause, at least on subconscious level, which is represented by your attempts to run after and catch the grasshopper (your self-control) before things get out of hand. And because the insect kept getting bigger and bigger, it could mean that these issues have been snowballing for you.
Bees coming out of the skin I had a dream that bees were slowly coming out from under my skin, like a pimple popping. Four bees came out, the fifth bee was in my knuckle of ring finger on my left hand. The skin was clear there and the bee was large, moving around but could not come out. Bees usually represent hard work and industry. Their presence in this dream means that your life is currently buzzing with energy and activity. The bees coming out from under your skin suggest that the level of activity could slowly die down as far as the work is concerned, but you would remain immersed in planning a different endeavor, possibly an upcoming wedding or some type of engagement, for yourself or someone you know well, as depicted by the large bee embedded in the left ring finger.
Various insects following and being around I had a dream about insects. A grasshopper chased me into my bathroom where it was chased away by a cockroach. The other two are just observations, but there was a humongous spider on the floor and an ant on the counter. I found an explanation for everything but there's nothing for ant. Different kinds of insects symbolize different personalities or types of people in your life. The part about a grasshopper signifies something or someone detrimental in your life that could lead you to some unfortunates circumstances, as bathrooms are usually associated with bad luck. The cockroach represents a powerful and wealthy individual who might save you out of a predicament. Meanwhile, the presence of a big spider and an ant in this situation speaks of the need to be diligent in identifying cunning individuals among those who could be posing as your friends who care about your welfare, but may have completely opposite plans and intentions.
Wasps circling around and relation to siblings I dreamed of wasps, 3 or 4 circling me, I was able to knock the closest one to the ground. At the time, my siblings and I were not on good terms. I feel totally not close to them, and feel the dream was about them. This vision of wasps buzzing around you represents the dark period you have entered in regards to your relationship with your siblings. You may have been expecting that this situation would resolve itself quickly and things would return to normal, but swatting the insects and knocking them to the ground indicates that things are probably going to get even worse, most likely due to your own poking and prodding. For now, It may be best to let the storm calm before pressing forward.
Frightened by red spiders in an urban place I was leaving work when I was suppose to still be working, then I was in a house in Manhattan where it was a girl and her mother. I sat down on the sheet on the floor, then I stood up. When I looked down, I saw a red spider, I was trying to move away, then I looked in the hallway and saw over 50 spiders crawling on the wall. The girl said we have a lot of spiders here in Manhattan, then a dog was coming my way, but it didn't do anything to me, then I left, I was riding a bike. This is a fairly complicated vision with a number of different signs. Leaving work earlier than usual suggests you have recently fallen short or not contributed enough to a shared project. Just as leaving work early suggests others are still working, so does this sign indicate that you did not hold up your end of the bargain in some group task. The presence of many spiders indicates that others are not happy with your attitude and work ethic, they may have even started to form an opposition against you, as the red color could indicate a strong, violent emotional response. You may want to do something drastic to make up for your past actions quickly in order to compensate for the trouble caused or calm down those who are most upset.
A dead cockroach inside the nose I dreamed of a dead roach in my nose, I poke my nose and it was in between all my mucus in my nose, dead. This dream contains a negative omen for you. The cockroach in your nose forewarns a possible accident or a situation in which you are placed in harm's way. This is more likely to happen while you are outside your home. Be attentive to the things going around you and try to not get easily distracted.
Bugs coming out of the crack in the wall I was looking up at this huge crack in the wall of my house, it looked like water damage, and suddenly bugs started seeping out of the crack and filling up the wall, it was terrible. A crack in the wall from water damage in this dream implies that someone in your family or social circle is experiencing some obstacles or issues and keeping it to themselves. The trouble is, if the difficulty is not dealt with soon, it could end up affecting the rest of the family members or friends, as symbolized by the bugs. Alternatively, certain individuals in your surroundings could be aware that there is something wrong, but they choose to turn a blind eye. The dream vision is showing you the greater damage you would have to fix when you continue ignoring the problem.
Being attacked by bees and hornets I was laying down and there was thousands of bees stinging my whole body. When I looked up, all I could see were bees and enormous hornets coming down to sting me. I tried to cover my face with my jacket, but there was too many. Bee stings can be interpreted as painful experience or hurtful words. There is a chance that this scene is warning you against getting comfortable or complacent in your job, as you could receive a string of dressing down for under-performing or turning in sloppy work. Take this admonition to heart if you wish to continue earning your keep. Interestingly, this could also be a good omen depending on your reaction or overall disposition while dreaming. If the stinging did not hurt or you were unusually calm during the bee onslaught, busy bees and honey-makers could be infusing you with industry and perseverance resulting in incentives and profit. Again, it could go both ways, depending on the realities you face on a day-to-day basis.
Cockroaches on the carpet in the long-sold house Dreamed of roaches in my dream coming crawling on my carpet, but it was my house I sold 20 years ago that I loved so much. Dreaming of cockroaches crawling on the floor or ground represents a subconscious fear of losing your hard earned wealth and material possessions. Since this happened in your old house, there is a chance a business transaction involving an old acquaintance could present itself. It would be ill-advised to go through with it, since it could make your fears of a financial downfall come true.
Red ants in daughter's hair I dreamt of my daughter crying for an itchy head. I was shocked to saw plenty of red ants on her head, maybe biting her. I rush her to a faucet and wash her head to remove all those ants. I am scared! Then I woke up. Dreaming about red ants is a warning that should not be taken lightly. While ants are oftentimes symbolic of diligence, they can also be a sign of possible unfortunate events in the near future. Your child being bitten in the dream signifies an accident or health issues which you have no control over. It is a reminder to keep your child out of harm's way. She may be experiencing troubles that you may not be aware of, hence your subconscious is alerting you to be extra observant.
Red ants on husband's head I had a dream about seeing a lot of red ants crawling in my husband's head on top, on the right side. It seemed they weren't biting him and he did not know. He then ran into the bathroom to wash his head out. Then I got worried if any were on my head, so I did the same as he did, washed my head. Ants, particularly red ones, are usually thought to symbolize diligence, however, they can also be a sign of experiencing hardship and difficulty. As you seemed to have taken care of the problem quickly through washing, it seems that your vision carries a little of both possible outcomes, meaning you may experience some troubles, but your work ethic and attention to detail is likely to make this a short-lived problem with only minor interference to your daily life.
Cockroaches on the arm because of food I dreamt that I had some food on my arm, when I woke up in my dream I had roaches covering and hovering on my arm. Food appearing in dreams refers to fuel, both mental of physical. Hence, the cockroaches hovering on your arm attracted by the food means that you may soon have to deal with something or someone that could drain your energy. The vision of cockroaches crawling on a part of your body is usually a forewarning that you could get into an accident or inadvertently put yourself in harm's way while you are outside of your home or place of residence. It may also point to health issues, so take heed.
A swarm of blue butterflies I had one blue butterfly appear and slowly more and more, until I was completely overwhelmed and choking on blue butterflies. Dreaming of butterflies covering your body and completely overwhelming you is surprisingly enough an auspicious sign. It represents good fortune for you in the near future. You may inherit wealth or receive a coveted promotion at work. This dream can also be interpreted as a sign of speedy recovery. If you or someone close to you suffers from an illness or affliction, it may soon be the time of receiving good and encouraging news.
Trying to kill bed bugs In my dream I was trying to kill bed bugs. The bedbugs in your dream which you saw yourself exterminating can be interpreted as a negative symbol, one which is most commonly associated with health. You may have an accident that could leave you bedridden or fall sick for an undefined period of time. This could also happen to a member of your immediate family or one of your closest friends.
Cockroaches on leftover food In my dream I went into my room to find out someone left food on my bed. When I got closer, there were hundreds of German roaches eating from it. The leftover food on the bed represents old issues and concerns that are still taking up space in your head. The cockroaches feasting on the food means that in dwelling in those negative subject matters, you are allowing even more bad vibes into the fray, making you more miserable. The dream may be telling you to move on and close chapters of your past that are no longer relevant nor helpful towards becoming a better person.
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