A white cockroach on penis I dream about a white cockroach on my penis. A white cockroach portends betrayal by a trusted family member or friend. Since the penis represents pride, sexuality and masculinity, this traitor may undermine your confidence and cause a big blow to your ego. This vision warns you against personalities appearing clean and sincere in their motivations but are in fact hiding dirty, little secrets. You could end up besmirching your reputation or welcoming unneeded troubles into your life.
Leeches and earthworms Good morning, I had a dream about leeches crawling with earthworms. Can you please help? The leeches and earthworms crawling around could be considered an ill-omen. Such a sign portends the possibility of having hostile interactions with coworkers, colleagues or partners in business. This, in turn, could turn your workplace into a stressful and tension-filled environment for you. There may be some clues as to the root of your coworkers' disagreeable behavior if you are willing to look for them, but such a compromise would require a great deal of patience on your part.
Bees on relatives' names I dreamt about bees resting on the names of my nanny and brother. Dreaming that bees are positioned on the names of your nanny and brother while ignoring you can be considered a reminder that trust and respect is something that you have to yet earn. If you wish for people to admire and confide in you, then you should strive to become someone worthy of respect. In a similar way, you should not expect to be rewarded simply because you did the right thing at the right time.
Cockroaches in the kitchen I had a dream where I walked into my kitchen and there were cockroaches all over my cabinets and a few on the counter. A dream in which you see cockroaches all over your kitchen is a warning about a potential domestic dispute. The reason for this argument could be financial problems, domestic affairs such as disagreement over how to handle things at home or a more deep-seated issue. As long as you manage to properly communicate what you think and feel without being aggressive or condescending, it eventually should all blow over.
A spider turning into a cockroach I was opening gift bags that had chocolate in them. I only wanted a small piece of chocolate and went from bag to bag. I saw a multi-colored spider come out of one of the bags. As it came out, it got bigger and bigger. I realized it was not a spider, but a cockroach. I stomped on it to kill it and said "Hey everyone, I have a cockroach here". I pressed my foot harder trying to kill it, but at the same time I was thinking to myself "You cannot kill a cockroach". Then I woke up. Bags with pieces of chocolate in them represent new partnerships, in either school or workplace, which you can take advantage of to further your own agenda. This could mean working together closely with someone for a joint project or just simple networking through mutual friends or colleagues. The image of the cockroach which you cannot kill supports this idea, pointing toward issues of inequality within this relationship. Your partner or colleague may feel inadequate in your presence and, as such, cannot be utilized to their full potential for making you look good. On the other hand, they may realize your ambitions and see how they conflict with their own desires, causing them to try and sabotage your efforts directly. This dream can be taken as a warning that you need to utilize "give-and-take" approach so that everyone wins.
Cockroaches in the mouth I had a dream that I smiled and two big roaches were in my mouth and little ones were coming out between the two big ones. Seeing cockroaches of different sizes in your mouth could be considered a warning. It is possible that certain circumstances in the near future may put you in harm's way. You may suffer an accident while driving, fall down the stairs or maybe get into a physical altercation against your will. It would be prudent to refrain from any sort of behavior or activities which may prove risky to your personal safety.
A swarm of bees on the porch There was a swarm of bees on my back porch. I was standing by my screen door watching this and my dog went through his doggie door and several bees landed on him. I went out and brought him inside and the bees were trying to get in through the screen door. Then I woke up. Seeing yourself and your dog become the target of a swarm of bees in your dream could be considered a warning. It symbolizes the fact that even the best-laid plans can come crumbling down with the tiniest of mistakes. If you are working on a project or a particular endeavor, you should be very careful and pay close to attention to even the most minuscule details, you might regret it otherwise.
Cockroaches thrown at girlfriend Girlfriend has horrendous dreams of a man throwing cockroaches at her. What possibilities could this have? Thanks. Cockroaches tend to represent the wealthy individuals around you who do not treat you badly even though you may be living in two completely different worlds. In this way, when your girlfriend saw this man throwing cockroaches at her, she may actually be envisioning a symbol suggesting that someone is willing to share their wealth with her either in tangible form (lending or gifting money), or as practical knowledge and experience, something that could be just as valuable or even more so than cash. Despite the disgusting imagery, your girlfriend is likely to have a very positive experience with such an individual in the near future.
A cockroach inside female genitalia A dead cockroach in vagina. A dead cockroach in a dream symbolizes the death of a wish, desire or aspiration you have been hoping to come true, but which would never be realized. The notion that the dead cockroach was in the vagina may reveal intimacy issues. Perhaps you want to find the perfect partner to settle down with or build a family together, but your personal issues are hindering you from opening up and becoming close to someone, enough for a romantic relationship to flourish.
Worms coming out of skin pores In my dream I remember realizing that I was dreaming and I was walking towards my grandmother's house and I remember seeing a big earthworm inching, then I fell down a pit and I saw a worm on my hair. Then I ended up on the top of a mountain and worms were coming out of my ears, mouth and nose. Eventually they came out of all my pores and my eyes were glowing bright green. Then I saw my spirit leave the body flying back up the pit and when I reached the top I woke up. Dreaming that earthworms are crawling or coming out of various orifices in your body suggests revelations of buried feelings and suppressed issues. Falling into the pit represents renewal and transformation. By purging yourself of long-held grudges or animosity, you would get yourself out of your rut and emerge triumphant having just slayed your personal demons. The significance of your grandmother's house is unclear. Perhaps you are trying to get back into the good graces of your family and your resentments and spite are holding you back from reconnecting with them. Once you overcome your own contempt, you would find that they are waiting to welcome you back with open arms.
A bee transforming into a wasp I can't remember too much, there were people there I just can't remember who. But one thing that stuck with me after waking up, was that a good-sized bee landed on my lips, I could even feel it. I blew it off my lips and it suddenly morphed into a wasp, it was very strange. Bees in general tend to represent love and relationships, so the bee that lands on your lips suggests sweetness in love and a harmonious connection with someone with whom you can share multiple kisses in reality. However, seeing this bee turn into a wasp is highly ominous. It shows how easily the sweetness can turn sour in these cases. If you are about to enter into a new romantic partnership, it would be wise to be careful and take things slowly before getting too far ahead of yourself.
Cockroaches inside clothes I dreamt that my old wardrobe was full of cockroaches in fact breeding inside, just too many. The cockroach-infested wardrobe in your dream refers to the flaws in the facade you are trying to project onto others. You may be misrepresenting yourself in front of friends or coworkers and the holes of your stories are starting to come out, gradually tarnishing the image and reputation you have worked so hard to build.
Being attacked by red worms while in a boat In my dream, I was on a pretty small boat. Me, my friends, family and some people that I don't know in real life, but were my friends in my dream, were using the boat to go to a fashion show party, in which WE were the models. All of a sudden these red and skinny worms started taking over the boat. We were so afraid of them that we were trying to find ways to get them off of the boat or escape. We eventually found a way to get off of the boat and back to land, although we never went to the party. Being in a boat with people you know and love is a positive portent associated with fortune and auspicious circumstances. The fact that you did not know or recognize some of them from waking life is of no consequence. Furthermore, your intention to go to a party and be models (beautiful people displaying fashionable clothing) represents the positive energy that surrounds you and your relations. However, despite your apparent happiness and good fortune, the red worms which crawl aboard the boat can be interpreted as a manifestation of your passionate desire to do and have even more. This selfishness and vanity could threaten the peace and comradery that once existed between you and others. Getting off the boat at the end of the vision points toward your ability to overcome this lapse, but you would have to abandon your designs on greatness in order to do so.
Worms following around They were like worms, but they kept following me whenever I'd go somewhere and that time I was running around screaming and hugging a person, but I don't know if it was a boy or a girl. Worms are a rather complicated symbol, as they have both positive and negative aspects. Worms that follow you tend to represent your desires and dreams. However, they also suggest that these lofty ambitions are forever beyond your reach, for example, when desiring to be a famous musician when you have never picked up an instrument before. If you have such a goal, it may be more useful and fulfilling for you to channel your time and energy into projects and dreams which are attainable and could add value to your life instead of wasting resources chasing what is never meant to be.
A white spider biting someone I dreamed about a white spider biting a man I know. Help me understand please and thank you in advance. A white spider in a dream could predict learning something disturbing or unpleasant about the man who was bitten. In addition to this, the spider bite itself may represent profiting in some way from acquiring this piece of knowledge. While it is usually associated with material gain, it could also point to moral satisfaction from propagating the gossip or sharing the information with the appropriate authorities.
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