Spiders on ice cream I had a dream I was getting dot's ice cream and it was covered with tiny spiders. I don't remember the color of the spiders. So, I went to another freezer to get more and there were spiders there as well. I wasn't scared nor did I stop. I pushed the spiders aside and continued to scoop. This dream involving little spiders covering your ice cream alludes to issues with self-control. The ice cream represents success, contentment and satisfaction, but it can also refer to a tendency to become too hedonistic and self-indulgent. As such, the spiders are there to hold you back from being a little too reckless or self-destructive. You may be enjoying the fruits of your labor, but getting lost in too much pleasure can also be bad for your well-being.
A hole with cockroaches coming out I had a dream that I was still living at home with my parents, although I'm married with my own children. Anyway, there was a hole in my wall with tons of roaches coming out of it. I called my dad to turn around and come home because I had just said bye to him. He said he'd come right up because he was still in the driveway. The hole was so big that you could see my brother's room through it. So, he told me to go close my brother's bedroom door because he was going to spray them. Dreaming about childhood places often reveals a yearning for an idealized past. Perhaps your current situation has become chaotic or messy, so that you feel nostalgic about being young and free of responsibilities. However, it seems that the roach-infested hole on the wall points to some familial conflict that makes you feel as if the past you have idealized is gone and you can no longer gain it back. Maybe you and your family have a misunderstanding and it is eating away at the foundations of your relationship. Maybe instead of waiting for your parents to reach out, it may be better to make the first move yourself.
A spider and wasp in the shower I dreamt I was going to take a shower when a black spider was hanging in front of me and it went up and I washed it down the drain, not to kill it but so I could take a shower. Then a floating upside-down wasp went into a tile hole and the hole sealed itself with a tile. The black spider ascending on its web in front of you points to the acquisition of material things making their way to you. These could be gifts from friends or family, or simply stuff that you decide to buy for yourself on a whim. On the other hand, the wasp floating upside down and then disappearing in the hole could be interpreted as a warning. If you are about to start a new relationship, this sign in your dream warns that you may be acting with a bit of haste. You should take things slow and make sure that every important decision is given proper consideration before fully committing to the person.
Locusts in general Dream meaning of locusts. Envisioning locusts in a dream often represents a person or group of people trying to impose their ideas or will upon you. In some cases, this is harmless and easy to avoid, such as telemarketers or sales associates. However, there are times, like peer pressure or familial obligation, where the influence is strong and giving in could have terrible outcomes. It would be wise to carefully evaluate all pros and cons before accepting these offers to be sure that you are comfortable and assured, rather than persuaded and pressured when you may regret your hasty decision in the future.
Golden beetles in the shower I had a dream that a fairly big gold beetle crawled off my leg and went into my daughters' bedroom where my daughters were sleeping. I told my husband to get the beetle and he kept saying it was OK, he will get it later that it won't hurt them. I then saw my husband staring blankly at our bathroom wall tile and he said to watch with him, so we both stood calmly watching the tile and out popped another baby beetle that was brownish or gold in color. I woke up shortly after but wondering what this means? Beetles are often thought to be the manifestation of our worst fears or situations that cause us distress. This is coupled with the gold and brownish-gold colors of the beetles in your vision, a color often associated with the idea of deception and the phrase "not all that glitters in gold." In this way, you vision seems to show your fear of someone taking advantage of either your children directly or someone using your children to take advantage of you. These types of situations can be difficult to avoid depending on the skill of the con-artist or manipulator, so it would be wise to take every precaution to protect yourself and your family.
Black ants on the bottom of the foot I dreamt that there were a lot of black ants bigger than carpenter ants on the sole of my left foot, just crawling all over the bottom of my foot. Black ants in dreams are often considered a somewhat negative symbol, often associated with short bouts of bad luck. You are likely to experience some kind of a bad day in the near future, for example, after receiving bad news or not making as much progress as you really needed to. This situation is not likely to last long, so the best thing you can do is have patience and wait for the storm to clear.
A roach and worms inside bread I found a big red Cryptocercus in my bread and was trying to catch it. I eventually got it out of the bread, but there were also white worms folded in in the bread, cocoon-like. This vision is highly ominous and suggests you should be on your guard in matters concerning your work or career. The large red roach in your bread suggests coming into some money, although it is likely to be only a small amount. This is followed by you trying to catch the roach, perhaps indicating that the money is not as easy to access as you would think. The white worms in the bread at the end of the vision further point toward someone trying to sabotage you at work in order to boost their status. It seems, then, that you should be on the lookout for tricks that promise you cash rewards but could serve as your undoing in the office.
Various insects inside parents' home I'm in my parents' house in my old bedroom. There are huge huntsman spiders hanging from the ceiling. My sister's husband goes to kill them. I hide in my sister's old bedroom next door. He shows me one that he has killed. It's downstairs on the kitchen table. I catch some kind of beetle on my pointing finger and go to let it out the front door. It sits on my pointing finger and its grip is getting stronger and stronger. I go to the front door and see a bee inside that has picked up a chip bag clip. Insects, generally speaking, are the manifestation of dark, negative thoughts putting a damper on your interactions with others. These thoughts are likely the result of others burdening you with whatever is bothering them, so their negativity is rubbing off on you in a sense. This makes sense given the location of your vision. Familiar places, your old bedroom in this case, are often associated with the heart's desire to return to a safe place or easier times. It would be wise to find the origin of this stress exerted on you, as the beetle at the end of your vision could suggest things getting worse if not taken care of.
Marching ants and an ant on son's body The first part of my dream was watching a bunch of ants in rows and columns marching or walking. The second part was my adult son as a child sitting on my lap, me singing to him and brushing one single ant off his face that was near his right eye. I am curious to know if you were to be made aware of the actual real life situation, if that would change the interpretation? What I meant was, my son who sat on my lap, we have not spoken in 6 years, so I was trying to figure out where this dream came from. Symbolically speaking, ants are workers. Alongside this notion are the values of hard work and diligence. So to see ants marching in columns in your dream means that your waking world is consumed by your career, profession or personal business. Everyday may be marked by pressures to perform your duty or do your work well, as well as to handle other responsibilities of being an adult. This is your reality and it may soon be the reality for your grown-up son. Perhaps as a parent you want to shield him from the harsh truth, this is why your subconscious brought you back to the carefree and innocent child that you raised. Brushing off the ant from his face symbolizes your protective nature. However, deep inside you know that your son would eventually be exposed to adult issues and problems, and you cannot always be there to cushion the blows.
Bees landing on the eyes and face I was standing in a bush and bees began to fly around me. Two landed on each of my eyes and there was an older man on a bike that wouldn't help me get them off. I left them there scared to move them that I would be stung. Then two more landed on my forehead. As I stood still they began to move off of me. And I calmed down. To dream of bees landing on your face without stinging you is symbolic of encounters with a lover or the person who is meant to be your soul mate. Since your dream involved multiple bees, it could suggest there is more than one potential match for you nearby. Also, be discerning about potential partners, even if it is not the romantic kind, as you may be prone to being blinded by your feelings for them and you would end up being hurt. As in the dream, stay calm and keep your wits about you because some overly-charming individuals could be waiting to pounce when your guard is down.
A lot of baby spiders I was in someone's apartment and the person was giving us instructions of how he wants to fix the house. But there was a lot of stuff on the floor. Out of nowhere I saw a big brown spider. I alerted my dad who went and held it to put it outside, but as he held it, the spider released baby spiders. I am not sure if we got all out of the house, but we threw most out of the window. They climbed the wall and went in my neighbor's yard. Spiders are smart creatures that are good at spinning a web of lies. As suggested by this dream, it is in your best interest to get to know individuals well before divulging sensitive secrets or letting them into your inner social circle. Someone in the waking world may have the potential of betraying you, but the act of fixing the place points to a possible other persona who may be turning this fellow against you and your family. This latter character may be the bigger threat, as the baby spiders reflect his significant influence on your community. If left undetected, this individual would continue manipulating clueless members of your social group.
Killing a wasp and a wasp nest I dreamed of seeing a wasp, and then beside the wasp was a nest of wasps. I sprayed the single wasp with bug spray, and sprayed the nest, killing all of the wasps. It seemed I was in a hospital or somewhere and wanted to make it safe for everyone. Wasps you want to exterminate in a dream symbolize all things dark and dreary. Trying to kill them represents your efforts to get rid of the difficulties which have taken over your life. The dual imagery of wasps in a hospital setting actually points towards the current state of your emotional health. It epitomizes the measures which you have taken to keep your friends or family members safe from all these difficulties. However, in doing so you have stretched yourself too thin and are almost on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Make sure you keep yourself calm and focused to take better care of the loved ones in waking life.
A scorpion turning into a bee I had a dream that a scorpion was on me and I was scared and screaming. It went to sting me, but before I knew it, it turned into a harmless bee. There was no sting, no pain, and above all no more worry as I watched the bee fly away. Can you tell me if this dream means anything? Or was it just a dream stirred up from my subconscious? Seeing a scorpion transform into a harmless bee symbolizes some difficult, challenging association becoming relatively painless or even enjoyable. In many cases, this type of dream points toward an enemy becoming a friend or a tough mentor revealing their pride in your accomplishments. The cause of this shift is unclear, but it is likely due to coming to some sort of understanding on a point which has caused you trouble in the past.
A crab eating a cockroach I dreamt about a crab grabbing a cockroach from its back and eating it. Dreaming of a crab eating a cockroach represents your ongoing personal transformation. You may be trying to get rid of certain undesirable traits or attitudes that are holding you back from realizing your full potential. The crab is a representation of your sheer will and determination to succeed, especially if you are currently finding yourself immersed in some competitive or contentious environment, such as a new job or circumstances which require poise and concentration.
A spider in a cup of orange juice I was drinking a cup of juice and noticed a dead spider in it, so I threw the cup in disgust and a huge black spider ran away into the woods. This dream contains two highly contrasted images. Drinking orange juice usually means that you would be able to achieve something great in the future which could lead to a boost in self-esteem as well as recognition and admiration from those near you. On the other hand, the image of spiders, both dead and alive, may allude to others feeding off your sudden rise to fame, possibly dragging you back down with them if their actions get out of hand. If you are successful, you should make sure that you do not inflate the contributions of leeches.
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