White worms crossing the road I had a dream where I saw many white worms crossing from one side of the road to the other. I was walking on that road as well, but I was trying so hard not to step on them and I did. Please help, I am very confused about this. Worms in dreams generally represent your own facade, suggesting that on the outside you are holding up and everything seems to be okay, while on the inside you could be broken and miserable. Similar to how a worm hides inside an apple, the worms allude to hiding behind the wall you have built up while allowing all sorts of abuse to happen without trying to stop or prevent these things from happening. The symbolism of these worms crossing the road while you go out of your way not to step on them similarly reveals your passive nature. Instead of calling out others on their unethical behavior, you likely choose to turn a blind eye. It may be time to take a stand on important issues.
Spiders coming out of the car There were spiderwebs being shown when RAID (pesticide) was sprayed into the air. They were straight line webs (no spider attached). Get to a used car (color was hunter green), try to start it and can't. An acquaintance from Facebook pops up out of nowhere and lifts the hood of the car and around 200+ medium spiders all multicolored typical spiders come rushing out swiftly. We close the hood without a word ever spoken. I get in the car and start it again. Starts right up with no problems. The old or used car in your dream likely represents your complacency and stagnation. Lately, your ambitious nature may have started to wane and professional development has been few and far between. Maybe even in your personal life you find yourself settling for less. This passivity, however, could make you a target of unscrupulous personalities. This is where the spiders in your dream come into play. The spiders coming out of the hood of the car symbolize enemies or adversaries present in your life who may be spreading lies and rumors that could negatively affect your social life and the quality of relationships you have with others. In order to jump start your career and improve your overall lifestyle, you may need to start becoming more proactive and observant toward those who seem to stand in your way.
Bugs coming out of eyes Dreams about bugs coming out of my eyes. Dreaming that bugs are coming out of your eyes portends the start of a new venture or project. The bugs specifically point to a new endeavor which brings you great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, while the exit location of the eyes suggests you would act as the leader or director, managing others and setting deadlines so that everyone stays on task. While you would be very happy being in charge of a project you feel strongly about, be careful not to let the power go to your head.
Being bitten in the arms by spiders I had a dream about two spiders. The first spider was large, black and very hairy, crawling on my right forearm close to my wrist, the other was smaller brown and on the inside of my right arm under the large black hairy spider. The black hairy spider bit me, but I didn't feel the bite, I just saw the marks afterwards. There was a great deal of fear in my body, the black hairy spider was also running around the room, then suddenly appeared on my right forearm just above wrist. In the dream I am frozen. In general, dreaming about spiders is an indication of the presence of someone in your life who is feeding on your psyche or acts as an energetic vampire. Spiders can also represent unscrupulous colleagues who are trying to take credit for your hard work. Consider the location of the spiders on your body. The proximity to your right arm likely means that these are trusted individuals, like the figurative right-hand man. As such, the spider bite is an act of betrayal. You would likely become the victim of treacherous attacks. It would be wise to remain vigilant to avoid taking the fall for mistakes that were not yours.
Getting the queen bee out of the house I had a beehive with a swarm of bees inside a house that I was not familiar with. To get the bees out I knew I had to catch and move the queen. I did so very carefully, but the queen was a very odd-looking insect which I caught gently and put it into a shoe box. I put the shoe box outside and within minutes all the bees were in the shoe box with the queen. I mentioned to somebody that I just moved the box and it was already filled with bees. I was not stung at all. A house swarming with bees in the dream world is usually an ill omen representing loss and misfortune. Something either devastating or extremely stressful could occur in your household sending everyone in a frenzy of activities. These unfortunate circumstances are most likely due to reasons outside your control. Alternatively, the queen bee likely represents a strong female figure in the waking world, perhaps your mother, who could be the reason behind the fuss and frenzy. Both of you could soon get into arguments or disagreements, hence catching and placing the queen bee in the shoe box is akin to pacifying this female figure. Reaching an understanding is significant for you to be able to gain the freedom you have always desired.
A spider landing on daughter I was standing with someone and a spider jumped on my daughter. I tried to brush it off and it got on me. My daughter knocked it off and we chased it down the hallway but couldn't catch it. Dreaming about a spider landing on your daughter's body has negative connotations. It indicates that she could be under the influence of an undesirable person. The fact that you saw yourself brushing the spider off only to have it land on you indicates that the influence this person has on your daughter would have similar impact on you as well. However, when you were able to chase it off signifies that you would be successful in getting your daughter out of this person's clutches. Just make sure that you remain alert towards people currently present in your daughter's life.
Scared of a blue spider I was being released from a police station. I saw a blue spider on the wall. Ran out to get away but it followed me. I looked around and it was gone. Then I looked up and it was falling on me. I froze and screamed myself awake. Dreaming that you have been released from jail or a police station symbolizes gaining freedom from abusive or oppressive relations. You may have been living under the restrictive rules of an individual for a long time, causing you much stress and hardship. However, this symbol suggests you would soon find an opportunity to break free. Unfortunately, the blue spider that follows you around likely represents deep-seated issues you have acquired during your stay with this abusive personality. The emotional damage may have become so much a part of yourself that you begin attracting the same destructive personalities.
Eating moths Dreamt someone gave me a bag of moths to eat saying to me to see if I was honest and true of heart. I told him those insects cure cancer and ate one. He said "All of them", so I eat all of them, mouthful sweet taste. Dream meaning? The bag of moths symbolizes your fragility and flaws. Thus, being asked to eat the moths alludes to a need for you to acknowledge your shortcomings in order to find a way to strengthen you character. In addition, the whole scenario about testing your honesty likely reveals your cowardice. To be able to feel free and unburden yourself of the shame or guilt you have been carrying all this time, you need to go through a period of personal transformation. This process would require you to take a long, hard look at yourself and be prepared to work on eliminating unsavory parts of your attitude and beliefs.
Bumblebees and spiders in a tent In my dream I'm camping in the woods. I'm sleeping in my tent when all of a sudden I hear crawling, but ignore it. I wake up to find bumblebees dead all over the floor of the tent. I feel a sting on my stomach, so I check and find a web attached to me because a spider bit me. Going camping in the dream world likely reveals your yearning for some rest and relaxation. You may want to go back to a simpler or more grounded way of life. Similarly, the dead bumblebees allude to a less hectic lifestyle should you decide to leave your current occupation in favor of a more laid-back existence. However, if you do decide to take this path, the spider bite suggests that some domineering persona in your waking world could exert his or her influence to try to manipulate your decisions. So you could either trudge along in your busy world or risk falling into the web of influences of this controlling individual.
Butterflies inside the house Early in the morning, could have been 5:00am, I dreamed two butterflies flying around in my living room, they weren't any butterflies, they were monarch butterflies. Then they landed on a tall plant or small tree, I do not have any plants in my living room. I went to put my hand close to one of them and it went on my hand and I felt a tingling sensation on my hand from the butterfly. Then the dream ended. Two monarch butterflies in the dream world carry a very positive message in relation to your special someone. They represent a blossoming romance and a prosperous marriage. You may be on your way to affirming your commitment to each other in a formal engagement. Consequently, indoor plants symbolize settling down or domestication. Your subconscious may be illustrating your readiness to take your relationship to the next level. Perhaps you have gone through enough trials and challenges to be certain that you want to spend the rest of your lives together.
Bees covering genitalia I was standing outside my workplace. Had bees all over me. Mostly the bees were gathered on my vagina. A dream wherein you see bees on your body is an indication of starting a new love affair or sexual relationship. Perhaps you are about to meet a new person with whom you may indulge in a passionate affair. The notion that you saw the bees gathered on your vagina represents sexual intimacy which you would experience with this particular person.
Cockroach poop I swipe the poop of a cockroach. Both fecal matter and cockroaches are powerful symbols which allude to wealth, prosperity and financial security. While excrement by itself is often associated with money in a tangible sense, such as cash or property of a valuable nature, the cockroach usually refers to powerful, gracious individuals who would take care of you and your wants. Together, these symbols suggest you would meet someone willing to lift your financial burden, although the cost of their generosity is unclear.
A venomous spider attacking A spider was attacking me shooting venom. Then I see a spider in my face trying to bite, I'm dodging every single hit. Woke up like slapping my pillow in the end. Trying to fight off a spider attack in the dream world often alludes to career growth in reality. In a sense, you are dodging all the obstacles put in the way by your competitors and overcoming the challenges provided by your superiors. As long as you continue to show good work ethic and effort, you are sure to receive admiration and incentives from those around you.
Pregnant cockroaches Two pregnant roaches. In this vision, the two cockroaches seem to represent both yourself and someone influential in your life, like a friend, teacher or mentor. Cockroaches are often symbolically connected with the idea of benefiting from relationships with those who are higher on the social ladder than yourself. In a sense, your friendship or partnership with this person would boost your own status. Continuing with this theme, the idea that the cockroaches were pregnant suggests your newfound status would allow you to support or lift up those lower than yourself, meaning the cycle would continue.
Being bothered by a bug I was with some old friends and a bug wouldn't leave me alone, and no matter how much fuss I made over it, no one else noticed the bug. Female. Dreaming about being with friends is a manifestation of events which have recently taken place in your waking life. The notion of enjoying a day out with your buddies could be a reflection of a similar gathering in the waking world. The idea of being bothered by a bug could be taken as a sign of you being uncomfortable around a certain individual belonging to the group. Also, since no one else was aware of the bug annoying you, it could indicate that it is only you who may be experiencing bad vibes emanating from this person. It would be better to re-examine whom you consider to be true friends and keep yourself away from negative people.
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