Chased and stung by a queen bee Male. I was almost stung by two king or queen bees while out of town then, chased by maybe eight more king or queen bees then, I was awakened by my alarm clock. Queen bees are generally thought to represent strong, independent females who you know in wake life. This includes your mother, female family members, friends, and other role models who embody the idea of a modern woman. Being stung by two queen bees suggests there are two females who are vying for your affection, perhaps by giving you small gifts or flirting with you. Being chased by other queen bees, then, reveals even more women who are potentially interested in you. You would have the luxury of choosing among any number of strong, bright women to make a good relationship with.
A plague of flies and cockroaches A plague of flies and roaches. This dream contains two opposing images. On one hand, the flies represent an upcoming illness or infirmity that would cause you much trouble. On the other hand, roaches are generally associated with meeting someone rich and powerful or becoming wealthy yourself. Together, this vision can either mean you would develop unhealthy habits due to a sudden increase in income or that you would win some amount of money due to a condition that you develop.
Bugs coming out of a child's eyes I was in a garden with a child who I think was one of my own but as a child, they call to me and when he turns to look at me I see bugs coming out of his eyes. The image of bugs coming out of someone's eyes suggests new ventures and fresh opportunities. Gardens are associated with growth and cultivation, so perhaps the new endeavors on your horizon are associated with family and maternal instincts. Perhaps you are called upon by your children to provide appropriate wisdom and guidance regarding their choices and decisions. Of course, this dream vision is also tempered with a reminder to not let your influence and power go to your head lest it sows seeds of discord and resentment in your household.
Eating a cockroach I was eating a cockroach, later I discover I started spitting it out. Dreaming of eating a cockroach suggests you may have to face the consequences of certain questionable decisions or reckless behavior. You may have been indulging in unhealthy habits or taking part in wrongful acts without fully considering the repercussion not only to yourself, but to your social connections as well. Eating the cockroach then spitting it out as an afterthought is a metaphor for cleaning up after your own mess. You could be dangerously close to making your life much more difficult if you continue being careless in your pursuits.
Cockroaches instead of eyelashes I was getting fake lashes put on by someone who wasn't very good at it. I went to take them off and when I pulled one of them, I pulled from the legs of a cockroach and a dead cockroach came out from under my eyelid? Dreams involving eyelashes are associated with fixations on appearance. For instance, you could be the type of person who likes to be in control of your image and the impression you give off to others. In that sense, the cockroach you pulled from under your eyelid may be an indication that an influential or wealthy individual can see through you. This person may appreciate the brave front you put on despite the vulnerabilities lurking underneath. Perhaps he or she would be able to open some doors for you that would lead to the fulfillment of your dreams.
Flies on the bed Female. I was eating a TV dinner in bed with my husband and there were flies all over the bed. They didn't seem to bother him, but I was telling him to get rid of them. They weren't flying around, just staying still on the bed. Dreaming about flies has negative connotations as they generally represent ill health and disease. The notion of you being bothered by the flies signifies that you could be the one who might face health issues in your waking life. Since your husband remained unperturbed, it means that he wouldn't be the one afflicted by any illness. It would be better to take care of your physical and mental well being. Try to take it easy and pay special attention to your health.
Being put in a bag and worms biting I hug this man in a dark sweater. His head is covered with a jacket and suddenly he just placed a bag on me. I started feeling something biting me up on my legs. It was worms and they were very stinging. What does it mean? Dreaming about hugging someone you do not know points towards upcoming and unexpected meetings. It could be with anyone who had once shared a close relationship with you. Perhaps a friend or an estranged family member might try and come back into your life. The notion of him dumping a bag of worms on you signifies that the person in question could bring about some problems or difficulties for you. Try to stay aware and be alert for any mishaps.
A worm quickly growing inside a bag A large worm in a plastic garbage bag that I have difficulty keeping tied in the bag due to accelerated growth. Although the worm grew larger by the second I was able to contain it in the bag keeping it from emerging out from of the bag. Worms in a garbage bag usually point to existing problems in your waking life. One large worm that grows exponentially, then, could refer to a single issue that is quickly spiraling out of control, possibly leading to great disruptions in your day-to-day existence. However, your ability to keep the worm from getting out of the bag means that you would succeed in handling this emerging issue or prevent it from getting out of hand.
Three widow spiders Three black widow spiders. A black widow spider symbolizes an oppressive and controlling individual. You may have someone in your life, possibly female, who tends to be domineering and this is giving you a lot of stress. In addition, the number three could be an allusion to the past, present and future. This could be a recurring pattern in your life in which you tend to become submissive or passive when faced with a strong and overbearing personality. Perhaps your subconscious is urging you to be more assertive, otherwise people could easily take advantage of you.
Vomiting bugs Dream of vomiting bugs and flies. In the dream world, vomiting is often associated with sickness and disease. The presence of such illness is not likely apparent at present, but would slowly reveal itself with time. The flies in your mouth that you vomit specifically refer to issues with oral health. It may therefore be wise to visit a dentist and pay special attention to your daily brushing and flossing.
Worms in poop I'm a man and I'm 27. I dreamed last night about shit on the ground and a lot of worms in it, I got scared in the dream and then everywhere I looked there were worms. Thanks. Feces seen in a dream tend to be associated with acquiring great profit or wealth unexpectedly. However, when combined with the vision of worms, it means you may be putting up a barrier that prevents you from reaching this goal. Or some existing obstacles could be taking a toll on you and causing you a lot of personal struggles keeping you far from where you want to be. If necessary, try to discuss your stronger sides and weaknesses with someone more experienced to help you move forward.
Black ants in the mouth In my dream I was walking and I felt something in my mouth and I chewed and later discovered it was ants, different types of black ants. Dreaming about ants in general is associated with the fact that your work ethics resembles the tenacity of these insects when you tend to be relentless and steadfast in achieving your goals. The presence of ants could be a fortunate sign that your hard work would be rewarded in the near future. However, since you mentioned you were chewing the ants, crushing them with your teeth, it could also mean that you are overlooking some important things in your life which could otherwise make you happier and more fulfilled, and so you must pay just as much attention to them in order to avoid possible difficulties because of your neglect. Since you already have good work principles, all you need is to be more attentive to other areas in order to be rewarded for your efforts.
Insects climbing up the hand A number of unknown insects climbed on my hand when I inserted my hand into a vessel. When insects swarm on the body in a dream, it usually portends coming into money or valuable possessions quite suddenly and unexpectedly. The source of this wealth would likely have never crossed your mind before. However, the notion that they covered your hand could mean you would have to complete some tedious tasks to receive the money, such as filling out endless paperwork or jumping through red-tape and loopholes.
Spitting black flies I was spitting little black flies out of my mouth. When you dream about having black flies inside your mouth, it could be a negative omen either directly related to your oral health, like some problem affecting your tongue or teeth, or it could be related to your personality or behavior, for example things you may or may not have said, and now you are worried about the consequences. You could be inadvertently spreading hatred or are excessively concerned about the views you want to defend and the flies are the symbolic representation of this tendency.
Killing a worm with salt I saw a long fat and long worm coming out of a bag. I put salt on it and it became dry. I am a female. Dreaming about killing a worm could mean you are about to experience a challenging period due to someone's attempts to have a relationship with you on a deeper level, most likely as a lover. The salt used in your dream could mean you would have to be calm, yet firm when dealing with this person's advances towards you and, if necessary, you would need to be reasonable if they force you to abide by their wishes. Maybe you will have to show them just how irrelevant their intentions are compared to what you are after.
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