Being bitten by a white spider I had a dream that a white spider bit me on the face. And I touched my face and it was on my finger and I shook it off my finger to the floor and I stepped on it. What does it mean? A white spider in a dream could be a metaphor for something unpleasant you see in yourself and try to fight off, that being the reason why you shook off the spider and attempted to kill it, but you are still unable to understand how exactly you can change into a better version of yourself. The spider acts as a wake-up call to make you realize that this change is necessary and you should reflect on your behavior before something negative happens as a consequence of the way you have been acting so far.
In a dark room with bees inside the head I'm a female, I had a dream that I was in a dark room or space, not sure which, but I had a bee go inside my head and bees tangled up all in my hair. But the bee inside my head was trying to come out of my head through the back of my head, skull literally. I was alone, no one was there, I couldn't see any detail of anything, like I didn't know if I was around other things or people, it was completely pitch black. But I could see me, the bees and could see and hear the buzzing of the bees. I awoke scared to death. A dark room in dreams often alludes to anxieties over uncertain outcomes. There may be aspects of your existence that are giving you a lot of stress, such as a responsibility or a complicated relationship. Similarly, the bees all tangled up in your hair and inside your head point to being busy. Perhaps you are dealing with a lot of duties and difficulties further aggravating your already anxious state. Unfortunately, your inability to manage everything on your plate may have adverse effects on your physical and mental state. Maybe your mind is telling you not to take on more than you can handle, otherwise you may experience burnout. Alternatively, this may signify your need to delegate tasks and ask for assistance instead of carrying the burden by yourself.
Bees inside the house Man. A bee in the kitchen and a bee in the living room. Having a bee inside your home is not a very positive omen. It could mean that you were expecting to receive some sort of pleasant news or perhaps waiting for a particular project to come to fruition, but you may soon become disappointed and forced to think about alternatives. A bee in a dream is usually a sign of discomfort and frustration and, since you mentioned it was flying around your living space, it could mean you could experience negative outcomes over something related to your domestic and family life.
A spider web around the head I dreamt with spider web around my head which I tried to clean. Dreaming about having a spider web wrapped around your head and trying to break free from it could mean that you are feeling very preoccupied with something that is having a detrimental effect on your daily life or relationships with other people. In order to fix that, you should wait for the right moment and make an effort to deal with whatever internal conflict or outside issue you may be having at the moment.
Children catching a moth My two-year old son caught an albino moth (not white). Him and my 7-month old daughter were sitting in the hallway, he told me he caught a moth for our new house, then my daughter spoke and said "Yeah!". He opened the box and there was a big albino moth in the box. I really need revelation to this dream. Moths in dreams generally allude to flaws or imperfections. In the context of your dream, the vision of your children catching an albino moth likely represents an unseen problem or a developing issue. Maybe in the frenzy of trying to attend to day-to-day duties and appointments, you may have overlooked a problem or concern inside your household. This problem could be associated with your house, such as plumbing issues or a weak foundation. Perhaps your subconscious is reminding you to be extra observant in order to avoid dealing with much bigger issues.
A maple tree and being stung by hornets My gender is male. Me and my two younger brothers are out in the front yard walkway heading toward the old maple tree that borders the yard from the woods. As me and my two younger brothers walk I look over at the red rose bush with the other two on its left, when I look and bend down next to it, I get swarmed by hornets as well do my brothers. Garrett is the first one to fall from all of the stings. As Zac, the oldest of the two of my younger brothers, is no place to be seen and I get pulled away. The maple tree in your dream, especially if it is growing near your house, refers to success and financial prosperity. This auspicious dream vision means your luck is about to turn and your hard work would be amply rewarded. However, being attacked by hornets denotes painful experiences and difficulties. On the one hand, you could be strongly chastised or dressed down by your superiors due to lapses in your work. On the other hand, the swarm of hornets may refer to being infused with productivity and industry which would propel you and your family to success. The presence of the maple tree could mean that the message of your dream is veering on the more positive interpretation.
Insects coming out of books I was walking with my old schoolmate, then we entered into someone's house. On the verandah I saw a lot of old students' exercise book packed on the verandah but just behind it there is a door that leads to outside, so I tried opening the door and a lot of small beetle-like insects came out of the books attacking and stinging me. But I observed one on my cheeks as it stings into my skin it brings out only fat from my body. According to your dream, you seem to be suffering from some kind of anxiety that you associate with your former school life. The bugs that attacked you could mean that you are stressing yourself out, possibly because you are trying to achieve a variety of different targets and standards that you have set for yourself but that are actually leading you toward self-destruction. You seem to be lacking optimism and passion, which could stunt your future potential.
Cockroaches on the lower body I was sitting down and there were cockroaches crawling on my butt, and bottom of my legs but not on the top. I felt fear and then eventually with that fear I got up and wiped them away. They fell and disappeared and I just walked away. In general, dreaming that a cockroach is crawling on your body is a warning. You may be involved in an accident or a situation which would put you in serious danger. Since there were many cockroaches crawling on your lower body, it could be a reference to self-destructive habits and unhealthy vices. Certain tendencies involving addictive types of behavior may end up clouding your judgment and give you further problems both physical and psychological. You may have to reflect on your bad choices and make a concerted effort to clean up your lifestyle in order to avoid putting more strain on your body.
Removing wings from a grasshopper Dreamt about grasshoppers that my sister had in a bag, so she was telling us to help her remove the wings. I removed the wings, so had to leave this grasshopper move without wings. Thanks. Grasshoppers in dreams are symbols of independence and spontaneity because they are often seen as carefree creatures. In the context of your dream, removing the wings from a grasshopper could be an allusion to settling down. Perhaps you are being pressured by your loved ones to have a little more stability instead of constantly going around on adventures or hopping from job to job. They could be concerned about your future, so they are advising you to be more practical and responsible not only in terms of your financial standing, but also in terms of putting your skills to good use.
Killing ticks with poison Dreams about trying to kill fat ticks that were in holes in the outside walls of my deceased mother's house. I attempted to kill them with poison in order to safe my small dogs. Finding and trying to kill ticks in this dream predicts soon having to go through some complicated and troubling time. These negative circumstances are likely to cause havoc in your everyday life or work situation and could require some time to fully recover from. The notion that these insects were found in the walls of your mother's house could also mean that there are some eroding or compromised aspects inside your family circle which should be restored in order to prevent worse things from happening.
Cutting mangoes and being attacked by bees A dream about cutting mangoes and then my stick hits the bee house that was attached to the mango tree. They attacked and entered my clothes. They didn't bite but I jumped out of bed feeling very scared. Dreaming about harvesting mangoes is symbolic of wanting to fulfill your desires. You may be hoping to reap the rewards of your hard work and enjoy the fruits of your labor with your family members or friends. Unfortunately, agitating bees and being attacked by them likely reveals some future disappointments on your part. Perhaps the success and victory you hope to achieve from your activities may not give you the satisfaction you expected. You may find yourself wondering whether the path you have chosen is the right one for you.
Wasps coming out of ears Female. I dreamed I was with my sisters and children, when wasps enclosed in pink transparent sacks (cocoons) started coming out of my ears. It didn't hurt, but there was pressure as they exited, and then relief. Only one of my sisters made any comment about it, she just said "These are wasps! What the hell? That's so weird". Wasps are generally a contradictory symbol associated both with good news and harmful gossip. Envisioning wasps forming in cocoons and flying out of your ear may reveal that you would be the source of one of these outcomes. This means you could use your influence to share some positive, uplifting information about others, or you could spread malicious rumors intended to hurt and degrade others. The presence of your family in the dream could suggest the scope of these circumstances, perhaps involving your extended family or a close group of friends. You may want to be careful if you have already shared some information with those around you.
Being stung by a swarm of wasps I'm in my house living room with my relatives. Was peaceful until a wasp entered and a swarm of wasps or bees suddenly appeared. My grandad and dad tried to use me for cover but I ducked and covered myself. I got stung at the shoulder area near to my back and neck. Seeing a swarm of wasps in dreams often reveals the dreamer's admirable work ethic and integrity. Although it can also mean getting involved in a tricky situation at work or at home. You could be tasked to do something that is against your values and principles. In the context of your dream, the latter interpretation may be more appropriate since you ended up getting stung by a wasp. The symbol of getting stung by a wasp usually points to a parting of ways. Perhaps friends, colleagues or even family members are pressuring you to do something questionable and this could force you to stand your ground at the risk of gaining the ire of your loved ones.
A black widow spider and protecting kittens I dreamed I was on the floor listening through the window to someone gossiping next door. While on the floor there was a round brownish or reddish spider not moving. I threw the rug on top of it, but it started to run, so I picked up something and smashed it. The spider had reddish or brownish blood coming out of it. It looked to be a black widow, but brown or red color. I also dreamed of carrying 2 small cats, one gray, one very small black around, protecting them, wherever I went I picked them up. The red or brown spider in your dream represents an overbearing individual in your life. Just as the spider caught you eavesdropping on a conversation, the person this spider symbolizes may be constantly hovering, monitoring your behavior and trying to control your actions. Perhaps this is a loved one who has good intentions, unfortunately this person may also tend to go overboard to the point of being oppressive. Meanwhile, those tiny cats or kittens represent your own curiosity and innocence. As such, the two dreams may be connected because you are trying to preserve your freedom and child-like wonder despite an autocratic presence. Ultimately, both of you may have the same objective of bringing out your full potential. Perhaps it is just a matter of reconciling your differences to achieve a shared goal.
Green cockroaches in scalp In my dream I had large greenish cockroaches embedded in my scalp hiding in my hair. I was asking my partner to remove them off my scalp in my dream. Second time I have had this very same dream. What does it mean? Cockroaches in dreams usually represent filth, but the green hue in this case brings out their positive attributes. In particular, green cockroaches could mean growth, vitality and longevity. Perhaps this is an allusion to your innate resilience and resourcefulness. In addition, finding them embedded in your hair and scalp could indicate nagging thoughts and feelings that you are trying to eliminate from your system. If combined with the symbolism of green cockroaches, it seems that you may be suppressing your true nature and your natural instincts. It is possible that you view your spirited or feisty side as undesirable or grating to others. Alternatively, you may be trying to become more calm and composed instead of always being stressed out and riled up whenever issues come up.
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