Diamond earrings A pair of diamond earrings. Dreaming about any kind of diamond jewelry has negative connotations. It symbolizes a difficult and gloomy period in your life. You may soon find yourself experiencing some negativity which could greatly impact your quality of life. These events could lead to a tiff with the loved ones or difficulties in your professional life while dealing with coworkers or superiors. Make sure that you stay alert and avoid getting into direct confrontations with family members or colleagues by being open-minded and resolved.
Being asked to take off engagement ring I was asked by my supervisor to remove my engagement ring so as to be an academic success. Dreaming about someone asking you to take off your engagement ring has negative connotations. Perhaps you are going through a difficult time in your relationship and it is causing you a great deal of discontent. You may feel that breaking the bond would help you move further up the path towards success. However, such subconscious feelings could land your love life in trouble. If you do want to give attention to your better half and would like to continue the relationship, then make sure you have a detailed talk with them regarding your expectations.
A promise ring under the skin A promise ring I was given a little over a year ago. I constantly touch it or twist it to make sure it's there. In my dream I went to feel for it and looked it was gone. But not really. It seemed to have gone under my skin. Like my skin grew a thin layer over it. I slowly pulled back the skin to reveal the ring again. And I woke up. The promise ring, being the symbol of a major commitment and an important aspect of your persona, may be weighing heavily on your mind. Specifically, its appearance of being embedded into you skin could mean it has become second nature to you, hence it is starting to become a permanent part of you. Then again, it could also be a sign that it is losing its meaning or you are losing sight of what it stands for. Since you peeled off the layer of skin covering the ring, perhaps the vision conveys the latter interpretation. You may need to remind yourself of the significance of the ring in order to strengthen your resolve to follow through with your commitment or promise.
Black pearls I am a female. I have dreamt about black pearls. Black pearls, when seen in a dream vision, may allude to some dark, evil forces taking root in your life. You may notice an increase in the amount of negative energy surrounding you, either in the form of pessimistic individuals or a general lack of good luck in your own daily activities. This situation could cause some trouble if you are relying on luck for the outcome of something important to you. It would be wise to find out the cause or source of such dark energy and get rid of it before it ruins any future plans.
Wedding rings melted together I dreamed that my wedding ring and that of my husband were taken and were melted to become one ring, and was given to my husband to wear it. Dreaming that your husband's and your wedding rings are being melted to form one ring has positive connotations. It symbolizes that your relationship would go from strength to strength. It is an indication that you would enjoy a lasting and prosperous liaison with your better half. You would be the only person in his life and it would only get better with time. Be happy to know that things would be great for your marital life and also make sure that you enjoy this beautiful time which you spend together.
A bracelet given by a coworker breaking A coworker gave me an ankle bracelet, I have never taken it off, almost a year. The coworker no longer works here. I dreamed the bracelet broke, then I woke up. The anklet in your dream could be an allusion to your goals and the path you are taking. As such, the broken anklet could be a reference to unexpected events and problems about to come your way. Your plans may be disrupted by unforeseen incidents and circumstances. It is also possible that you would reach a crossroad where you are forced to reevaluate your goals and decide whether you want to stay on the same path or choose another road to take. Alternatively, the symbolism of the anklet may be attached to the person who gave it to you. Perhaps its broken state in the dream is a foreshadowing of a conflict that may tarnish or permanently sever your ties with your former co-worker.
Trying to put a diamond necklace on a vase I am a female. In my dream I was told to put a large diamond necklace on a blue vase, but I couldn't find the vase. A diamond necklace often represents pride and power. Since the diamond necklace was entrusted to you in the dream, perhaps a promotion is at hand or someone influential could open up new opportunities for you. However, this may entail complications, especially in relation to your family, as indicated by the blue vase. Maybe in exchange for your elevated social status or professional progression, you could end up neglecting some of your duties and responsibilities related to your loved ones. As such, your subconscious could be reminding you not to lose sight of your priorities.
Breaking a diamond ring while running a race I'm a girl, age 20. I dreamed about running a race. At first I was at first position, then suddenly my diamond ring which I wear got broken. The diamond is broken into pieces and I'm trying to fix it. Your dream indicates that at one time you had great hope for your future and may have been close to achieving all of your goals. For some reason, however, you may now be stagnating and frustrated with your lack of progress. Diamond rings usually refer to wealth and blessings, but yours was broken, and you were trying to fix it in the dream. Symbolically, this could mean you are taking the necessary steps to get back on track, but you may not have found the right way to fix things yet.
Ex-lover molding a ring to fit on the finger I am a female. I was given a ring by an ex-lover. However, the ring was tight, so he used his hand to expand it to fit my finger and I was so glad to receive it. Your dream could have been a reminder of why your ex-lover was not suited for you in the first place, although you felt happy receiving the ring. Because you mentioned the ring was too tight when he first gave it to you, that could either mean that you were not ready for a commitment at the time or that you simply were not compatible with your ex-lover, yet you still tried to hang on to the relationship. Either way, this dream is not a call for you to get back together, rather it can be an illustration of why you would not work well together.
Earrings made of sea shells and diamonds I dreamed of earrings made of pretty oyster shell with a small diamond. There are conflicting symbols in your dream vision. The diamond in the earrings may convey negative connotations. Specifically, it symbolizes a period of difficulties and depression. You could experience obstacles which would have adverse effects on your emotional well-being. Perhaps there would be a conflict with your loved ones or challenges at work in terms of dealing with coworkers or your superiors. On the other hand, the oyster shell alludes to beauty and prosperity. The oyster combined with the diamond as a dream symbol points to the possibility that your subconscious is telling you that success or happiness and satisfaction in general often comes after you overcome life's hurdles and obstacles. They can also come hand in hand, so that you must be willing to deal with the bad times in order to better appreciate the good times.
Giving jewelry to a lover Tying rakhi to my lover. Giving such a familial gift as rakhi to your lover in the dream world could reveal a few things about your relationship. On one hand, it sheds light on the closeness and understanding that prevails in your connection. The two of you probably understand and acknowledge each other on a deep, almost primal level. On the other hand, it could also refer to a cooling of romantic, lustful feelings and an increase in platonic ones. That is not to say you do not love each other any more, just that the feelings of love are closer to that of a family member than a physical lover. In either case, now would be a good time to re-examine your relationship and decide how you two would carry on in the future.
Regretting selling a gold watch I saw that I had a gold watch. It was really beautiful and looked extremely expensive. I decided to sell it because I wanted my own money. I went to a jeweler with my son and she really liked the watch and she gave me $15,000 in exchange for it. I came home but as soon as I got home I was thinking that I should have asked her for more money because the watch was really beautiful. A gold watch is oftentimes interpreted as a negative symbol in the dream world, as it tends to predict loss of property or declining value of property in reality. In essence, the beautiful, expensive appearance of the watch conveys the opposite meaning, namely upcoming troubles with money and your valuables. However, selling the gold watch could mean you are removing such a possibility. This could be either through proactive means, such as buying insurance or selling off high value items for cash, or that you are no longer attached to those physical objects. In either case, your second thoughts are clearly a manifestation of your mental state, suggesting you are not sure whether you should give up those items or feelings. It may take time to come to terms with your decision, so you should go slow and only part with the items you feel most comfortable giving up.
A ring with pearls A female. I dreamt that someone gifted me a ring with pearls. Being gifted with a ring is often symbolic of peace and harmony in close relations. This type of vision is usually seen by those with a partner or lover, but a close friend may also be possible under the right conditions. You may soon see a point of conflict resolved or go through an experience which brings you and this individual closer together than ever before. Furthermore, the pearls on the ring represent success and wealth, suggesting a prosperous and fruitful future for you and this man or woman.
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