Riding a bicycle and forgetting about a wedding My wife dreamed of riding a bicycle full of fruit bags and a servant carrying watermelon on his head for her. On the way she met her assumed brother. She suddenly realized she has a wedding tomorrow with me and I am coming to India today from USA. She realized she haven't done her wedding preparations. She has to do a lot of things, like makeup and hair. She started riding bicycle fast way back home. She met her own brother on the way and told him everyone is worrying about her as she didn't show up. Your wife's dream of riding a bicycle could mean that she is craving for some freedom and independence. The fruits symbolize rewards and achievements in her life. Perhaps she feels as if a certain degree of freedom can help her realize her potential. Missing the wedding also has something to do with her preoccupation about chasing her dreams. The domesticated life may be preventing her from challenging herself and exploring what else she can offer to the world.
People vanishing during an apocalypse It was the end of the world. The last day was on repeat, but one tiny thing would change each time. People were vanishing as well as my loved ones and myself. Then I had sex with an ex-boyfriend from 15 years ago and I didn't like it. Dreaming of the end of the world or the apocalypse points to a significant change. You may be on the verge of a personal transformation. Perhaps you feel the need to change your lifestyle or attitude for the sake of your well-being and maybe even a better future. Sex with your ex-boyfriend is a bad sign that an old conflict or issue will be returning to your life. Perhaps this would be the catalyst that would make you decide to leave the past behind and change for the better.
Exchanging vows with fiance My dream was about me and my fiance. We were putting rings on each other. It was me who first put a ring on his finger and recited the wedding vow. When it was his turn, he just put it on without saying anything. He realized that and asked me to take off the ring. I did so. He put the ring on my finger and this time recited the wedding vow. When he was finished, there was an old nice lady that came out of nowhere and stood next to us and she mentioned "In god's". I woke up. Dreaming about putting on wedding rings and exchanging vows with your real-life fiance reveals your readiness to commit to your significant other. However, his failure to recite his vows when it was his turn could signify possible conflicts you may have to deal with before getting married. There could even be several instances in which you may try to break up or come close to calling it quits only to change your mind and reassure each other about your lasting love and loyalty. These trials may be inevitable and part of a higher plan, as mentioned by the old woman, in order to test your true love for each other.
Photographing people at a wedding I am photographing a couple, they don't co-operate, I get annoyed and the wife leaves without posing, I get angry and start breaking coconut shells and then I start dancing alone, later the couples are getting married, I even though angry, run to get my camera and start shooting the wedding. Taking pictures in a dream could be symbolically connected to your ideals or what you consider to be model behavior. In this case, the couple does not cooperate, making it impossible to take a beautiful picture. This represents your frustration with others. You feel that there is no one you can look up to in terms of love and commitment, possibly because most of your experience has been with broken families or partners facing multiple challenges. This leads to the wedding ceremony that you take pictures of at the end of the dream, which predicts getting involved in an affair with a married person. Given the idealistic view of matrimony you seem to hold in the first half of the dream, it would be wise to steer clear of this guy to avoid hurting yourself and his marriage.
Getting married to a friend instead of boyfriend I had a dream that I was getting married, I assumed it was my current boyfriend, when I got to the altar, I saw one of my friends of many years standing there ready to take my hand. I looked out to the audience and my boyfriend was there, but didn't seem upset. He seemed relieved. I married my friend and we started our life together and were happy. I love my boyfriend, why would my subconscious put me with this person instead? Dreaming about getting married by an altar has negative connotations. It symbolizes your feelings of being upset by your boyfriend's actions. Perhaps you feel that you are not receiving the kind of attention that you deserve. Such an image is your subconscious desire of wanting to be more significant in your boyfriend's eyes. This symbolism is further reinforced by the image of you getting married to your friend. You could be sharing a special bond with your friend and it could be your strong desire to spend more time with someone you really click. It would be best to reassess the value of both these relationships and figure out what is important to you.
Tea cups as a birthday gift In a dream I was given a belated birthday gift by someone I know who shares the same birth date. Wrapped in a pretty white bag. A set of 4 copper tea cups with lids. Receiving a gift in the dream world alludes to learning new insights and perspectives from your social circle for personal and professional development. Hence, the gift itself represents a lesson or belief you may be lacking in the waking world. Because copper is usually associated with healing and connections, the copper teacups specifically allude to your need for growth in faith and spirituality. These attributes may be necessary in order to help you find your path and gain clarity about your motivations.
Honoring deceased family members My mum is at the cenotaph on Armistice day placing a poppy there for my grandad. He was a paratrooper and she is wearing his red beret. I stood watching her and feeling very proud of my mum and grandad. She turns and sees me and has the biggest smile on her face as I've arrived from overseas to surprise her. Dreaming of honoring the memory and bravery of your grandfather is a testament of your respect and admiration for him. Perhaps you are about to experience a change or transformation in the waking world and the dream serves as your anchor before you set sail into this new phase in your existence. You may be looking back to your elders and your roots because you want to preserve your values and beliefs before starting to face your own challenges. It is time for you to pursue your own path and make your mark in this world.
Marrying a Korean man I married a Korean man I didn't know. The wedding was badly organized. He was a marine. Dreaming about marrying a foreigner has negative connotations. It could portend a period of difficulties and obstacles coming your way. The notion that the wedding was badly organized further reinforces the symbolism of chaos and disorder. Also, marriage to a marine could indicate that you may lose the love and respect of your loved ones. It is probably high time for you to focus on people close to you to avoid potential difficulties and confrontations.
Trying to reach family during the end of the world I was running through the end of the world kinda scenario with a few snacks in a packet. I was running home and everything was in a dilapidated state. I reached home to hand over the food to my mother and brother. Everything seemed dark and gloomy. There was a snow globe amidst all this and suddenly the face of Santa Claus appeared on the snow globe. Despite the intricate details of this vision, the interpretation is rather straightforward. Being in an apocalyptic situation in the dream world often portends similar developments in waking life. There could be a number of difficult changes on the horizon or a terrible catastrophe about to take place. Similarly, seeing your house in bad condition predicts some unfortunate circumstances coming about in the near future. However, none of these events are likely to affect you directly, as the image of the snow globe represents being an outside observer of the events taking place in the lives of others. Your friends or family may experience great challenges soon, but you would only need to sympathize with their pain, not share it.
Giving birth at a funeral A friend went into labor at a funeral. Watching someone you know go through labor in a dream suggests that they could be currently experiencing some hardships. Your friend's struggles could be related to the efforts to reach her dreams. This person may be trying to prove something or make herself happier, but it is not going to be easy. Meanwhile, funerals signify endings. It could be an ending to a phase or getting over bad habits. In that sense, the scene of giving birth happening during a funeral portends that your friend, and perhaps even yourself, would have a personal transformation as a result of overcoming the challenges and trials needed to realize the full potential.
Half-naked brides In my dream I was looking at these multiple brides from a higher point (I was looking from an upside down viewpoint). They were looking to the floor with a blank empty expression in their face and their wedding dresses were only half way up, leaving them half-naked (topless). Brides in dreams generally represent union and commitment. Hence, seeing all those brides from an upside-down perspective may refer to your current state of disarray. You could be facing an important turning point in your personal journey and you are feeling unsure about how to go forward. Similarly, the half-worn wedding dress may be a depiction of eroding trust and suspicions forming in your mind regarding a romantic partner or your loved ones. Perhaps if you are considering settling down, this dream could reveal your reservations about fully committing to something or someone important for the long term.
Organizing someone's marriage I saw I was choreographing some people in for a marriage. There was a guy I was connecting to and few of my friends and known faces, my ex crush and a friend I am not talking to, but in the dream we were on talking terms. I was supposed to leave after the work but I couldn't go. There's no marriage taking place yet though. I don't remember everything properly but I was tense and scared when I got up, as marriage dreams are supposed to be bad I heard. The marriage ceremony you were coordinating, in the context of this vision, does not seem to carry a negative connotation. In this case, it portends some positive changes taking place at your work or with your career aspirations, although you may not yet be aware of what is happening. Just as you were directing the progression of the ceremony, so would your supervisor or mentor be working behind the scenes toward your success. Connecting with friends and acquaintances may mean that you should continue to rely on the beliefs and morals that have guided you in the past. However, seeing your ex-crush could indicate that the positive changes may not end up being as beneficial as you would expect. For example, you may have more responsibility or busy work to do.
A proposal and pregnancy while in college I had a dream last night that my boyfriend of 3 months proposed to me with this hideous engagement ring, and I was incredibly overwhelmed being we are both in college still. After the proposal he told me I was pregnant, and I was very confused about how he would even know that. I was incredibly stressed the entire dream. In general, dreaming about a marriage proposal is an auspicious symbol of positive encounters and events in your future. In your case, however, your negative reaction to the proposal may reveal your doubts about settling down and long-term commitment. Perhaps because of your age, you have reservations about being too serious with your current relationship, especially as you enter a new chapter in your personal journey post-college. Thus, the pregnancy alluded by your boyfriend represents your fears of commitment and preference toward personal freedom and independence in your immediate future.
Cleaning in church and funeral attendees Attending a friend's son who died, I was at the church cleaning prior to the service. Went outside and saw the limos bringing in the family. In the front seat of the first limousine was the father sitting between two men wearing a white hat! Churches in dreams are often associated with protection and support, so cleaning a church could reveal your subconscious preparation for someone entering your safe space. While you may not be consciously aware of such person, your mind seems to anticipate that such an event is inevitable. Seeing a fancy limo bringing the family to the ceremony could allude to bleeding money. You may wish to be a good host even if the other party makes you feel uncomfortable, but not sticking up for yourself could lead you to be taken advantage of if you are not careful. The person wearing a white hat also symbolizes suffering or health problems, most likely yours in the context of this vision. The stress and anxiety from letting people into your personal life and not being able to control their behavior could leave you frazzled and unwell.
Same-sex marriage I had dream about being married with the same sex. So, before the marriage I had some obstacles in my way before getting to the event, such as I was caught in traffic. After that, once I came, I was surrounded by my cousins and close family and I apologized to them for the delay and I was quite happy that we were getting married, although suddenly we were ambushed by strangers who wanted to kill us. Can someone please help interpret this dream. Dreaming that you are marrying someone of the same sex depicts your need for self-acceptance. This is especially true if you are not homosexual in reality. You may be experiencing an identity crisis and you are trying to piece together all aspects of your personality to gain a complete understanding about yourself. The ambush towards the end may be indicative of societal pressure that may be keeping you from expressing yourself fully. It could also be a representation of certain individuals who are preventing you from achieving your full potential, maybe out of envy or spite.
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