Unwanted marriage and unable to find the lover I was about to be forced for an unwanted marriage given by the condition that my love doesn't come back on time of marriage. I called him about the current location of him and he was then on a bridge. Then after a very long time he didn't come. He was unreachable on the phone also. I was crying when everybody told me that he is no more. The dream you are describing might not be connected to marriage at all, but rather mirror your own indecisive nature. It could mean people perceive you as someone who is insecure in daily life, someone who cannot quite manage to make proper decisions. This leads you to commit wrongdoings which are the root cause of the problems and tribulations you could be facing at this moment and that will probably stick around for some time in your life, unless you find a way to become more confident and capable of facing your problems head on while making informed choices.
Missing daughter's wedding I was preparing for my daughter's wedding. It is the day of the wedding in my dream and then it seems like hours go by and I have totally missed the wedding. I felt horrible and can't understand how this happened. Weddings in dreams usually signal new beginnings, transitions and changes. Preparing for your daughter's wedding, especially if it is happening soon in reality, reveals your excitement for the upcoming event. At the same time, you may be feeling some anxiety about losing her as she enters a new chapter in her personal journey. This could be the reason why during the actual wedding day, you ended up missing the ceremony. Furthermore, it could also be an indication that you are overthinking things and stressing yourself out over outcomes and eventualities that have not even happened yet. Perhaps your subconscious is telling you to enjoy the moment instead of getting lost over details because you may end up missing important moments in your family's life.
Marrying someone who is not current boyfriend Hi. I'm 18years old female. I am head over heels in love with my boyfriend. I truly love him a lot. So much so if I were to spend the rest of my life with someone it would have to be him. Moreover he loves me too and has mutual feelings for me. Today morning I dreamt that my family was waiting for my husband-to-be's arrival for our wedding function. My parents saw him for the first time in the car and said he's not my type. But he was NOT my boyfriend. This is very disturbing for me. Marriage is a common symbol to find in dreams, but it is not always about relationships and upcoming nuptials specifically. In this case, your vision is more likely simply a sign of good things to come. Just as a wedding is usually welcomed as an auspicious occasion leading to a new stage of life, so does this vision suggest you are about to embark on some new path that would bring you much happiness and fortune. If you see some upcoming opportunities and have been wondering if you should take advantage of them, now may be the right time to try something new. With good luck and positive energy on your side you could accomplish great things.
Life being played like a movie How I have lived my life was been played in an auditorium for people to watch, and I was not in their midst but I watched it too and people were happy watching it. I dreamt that my past life up to date was been played like a movie for so many people to watch, but I was somewhere higher than where people sat to watch the video. Dreaming about a highlight reel of your life means you are in the midst of making a big decision in reality. Your subconscious is in a nostalgic and sentimental mood because you are about to enter a new phase in your life which would lead you down a path with a lot of uncertainties. The imagery of people watching in the auditorium reveals your anxiety about what people think of you. In addition, this is telling you that you need to learn how to take constructive criticism in order to improve yourself. It seems you are mentally prepared for the challenges ahead of you.
Getting married and having twins very fast I dreamed that I suddenly find myself living in another country rather than the country I am living now, I'm living with my mother only, my mother came to me and congratulated me that she found a suitable female mate for me to be married with her, I agreed immediately without seeing this mate. Suddenly I find myself already married and suddenly my mother came again and congratulated me that I got two twin babies (with the first pregnancy I get twin male and female babies). Dreaming that you are living in another country means you are about to have a radical shift in your life. You are likely feeling dissatisfied with your current existence that you are already planning to make a big change, like a career change or deciding to settle down and start your own family. This is why you envisioned your mother finding a partner as well as seeing yourself settled down with babies. It could be that you think you are being left behind by your peers, so your subconscious played out a fast forward scenario as a way of catching up. In reality, you are actually contemplating on taking tangible steps to pursue things you have always wanted to take up, yet never had the courage to chase.
Someone entering your life A man entering my life from the left. Dreaming of a man entering your life, especially if this man is a stranger to you, means you need to be more assertive in reality. You are allowing others to take advantage of you because of your submissiveness and avoidance of conflict. Alternatively, the man could symbolize repressed aspects of your personality which would suddenly emerge during a stressful or traumatic incident.
A small coffin filled with things I was at a funeral and I was carrying a small child's coffin. Then the coffin opened and there was a bottle of wine in it and then there was a poem of Winnie the Pooh on the bottle. Carrying a coffin is a positive dream symbol. It means you would be able to enjoy a new level of personal success by gaining the respect of your friends and colleagues. The bottle of wine symbolizes celebration. Since you are going to achieve something significant in the near future, you deserve to enjoy the rewards you would attain from all your hard work. Finally, the Winnie the Pooh poem represents nostalgia. The fact that you are slowly inching closer to your dreams would trigger sentimentality and make you reflect back on your past struggles.
Becoming pregnant for infertile I'm a female that had my tubes clamped 12 years ago and had a dream where I was pregnant again by my husband. For women who can no longer bear children, being pregnant can refer to the birth of a new idea. You could pursue a new business venture which would give you challenges and a renewed drive to succeed. An encounter with people and faces from the past would make you revisit goals and dreams you have set aside for the sake of your family. However, this vision could also depict an unhappy life with your husband, especially if you focus too much on your career and neglect to spend quality time with him.
Meeting someone from a dream in reality So about a year ago I had a dream about this guy and in the dream he was the love of my life and In my dream I looked back at memories of us and how much I loved him. I remember what it was like hugging him in my dream. Then a couple days ago I had the same exact dream. Then the very next day I had met the guy in my dream and it was insane because the guy in my dream had a birthmark on his right cheek and the guy I met in real life also had the same one and it was bizarre. I am a female. Usually, envisioning a stranger as the love of your life reveals dissatisfaction with your current state of existence. So, when you first dreamt of this man a year ago, you were probably looking for this type of guy as the ideal person to be in a relationship with. In other words, your subconscious was trying to attract this personality in order to start a romance. Often, strangers in dreams are not total strangers at all. Usually, these are people we encounter during the waking hours, in the streets as well as the different content we consume in different media or platforms. Such that when you dreamt of this guy again, there is a high chance that your subconscious clocked in his presence through a random encounter which imprinted his image in your head and manifested in the dream. In rare occasions, this can signal the meeting of like-minded souls being brought together by fate and circumstance. Even if this does not turn out to be romantic, this recurring dream about the same person encourages you to make a connection so you can figure out the reason why you are being brought together by fate.
Friend's marriage interrupted by a death Being at my friend's marriage who recently lost her husband only for it to be cancelled due to a death notice of a child in my friend's family. While this vision centers on one particular friend, possibly due to her husband's passing and prominent place in your mind at present, it seems more likely that this is about someone else close to you in your social circle. In particular, dreaming of a cancelled marriage suggests you believe this friend has done something wrong. You may think they are behaving badly or have made an entirely bad decision. The dead child sheds a little more light on this situation, pointing towards a sick or mistreated child. Perhaps you suspect a child you know is not being cared for properly, or maybe the child is physically fine but you do not agree with the parenting style, even if it is completely valid. Stepping in may cause friction in your relationships if you give unneeded advice, so think carefully before you stick your nose in someone else's business.
Giving birth on a birthday On my last birthday, I dreamed that I gave birth to a baby girl on my birthday. Giving birth generally refers to major changes, transformation as well as a new chapter in your life. A baby girl similarly points to something surprising that would give you an opportunity to change up your routine and embrace an exciting adventure. Now combined with your birthday, this life-changing moment has to do with self-love. To live a life you can be proud of, the first step would be to be more accepting of yourself, no matter how imperfect you are. Do this and the blessings will follow.
Lover getting out of prison Dreams about my man getting out of prison. I am a woman. Dreaming that a loved one gets released from prison is an auspicious symbol. Specifically, it means that you can expect all your troubles and major causes of stress to go away or get resolved. This is also an indication of your eventual triumph over adversities. So, whatever problems you are currently facing, you can breathe easy knowing that with a little faith and determination, you have the constitution to rise above any obstacle.
Finding out about not being pregnant I had a dream I had just found out I was pregnant, I went to the doctors for a scan only to find out I was no longer pregnant, I felt relief, then I had to choose between ex boyfriends to be with? Dreaming that you are pregnant is a bad omen about a prospective husband. You could either experience a miserable marriage or bear unappealing children. Fortunately, this negative forewarning is negated in the same dream when you found out you were no longer pregnant. Perhaps this is all a reflection of your own anxiety and uncertainty about your future. In fact, choosing from your ex boyfriends reveals your inability to break your old, destructive patterns and sabotaging your own chance of experiencing a healthy and loving relationship. This could be your subconscious encouraging you to stop dwelling in the past and embrace a brighter future by moving on from past boyfriends.
Getting married, a tattoo and a pentacle I was at my own wedding and got a tattoo beforehand of a skull with horns but after the session was done I could not see any ink but just proceeded to walk down the aisle of the church and was standing across from an unknown figure and said "No" to marrying the person. Then when I got home a pentacle marking lit up with purple light on our floor and my mom yelled out not knowing what was happening and then the same pentacle that was on the floor was also lighting up on my chest. Being at your own wedding in the dream realm suggests you would soon have to make an important decision in wake life. This decision, likely between two completely different options, would significantly affect the current trajectory of your life. Getting a tattoo is often associated with a tendency to act before thinking things through. Perhaps in this case it is a warning to carefully consider the choices being presented to you, especially considering the weight this decision holds in the overall scheme of your life. The design of the tattoo, the skull with horns, represents a threat. However, rather than a physical threat to your body, it means making a poor choice could affect you mentally or emotionally for a long time to come. This vision, then, suggests you need to slow down and weigh the options carefully instead of rushing into something that could turn out badly.
A wedding reception in red color I had a dream I saw a very nice wedding reception colored in red, and there were red wine glasses on the tables. A wedding reception refers to a significant change about to happen to someone close to you. This development in their life will require your support, either in financial terms or physical effort on your part. For instance, this person may be moving to a new home and you would need to help transport their belongings. The color red is auspicious and usually foretells triumph in the face of adversity. Wine glasses are equally auspicious. So, if you are ever needed for relocation or perhaps someone needs to borrow money from you, do not hesitate to help. This good deed will be repaid in full, if not more.
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